Y&R Best Lines Thursday, August 10, 2023

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Audra: You know, given your eagerness to push this forward, I think you need me as much as I need you.

Adam: Oh, yeah? Do I?

Audra: I’m willing to take the risk and call your bluff. I’ll help you if you promise me that–

Adam: What do you mean? Like, a pinky promise? Like cross my heart, hope to die?

Audra: In writing that I will maintain a power position within the new company’s structure. Otherwise, I’ll take my chances.

Adam: You know, you’re negotiating when you have zero leverage.

Audra: Actually, I have a few cards up my sleeve to help deal with the fallout if you do decide to release the damning information about tucker and me.

Adam: So, you’re giving me the go ahead to go public with this?

Audra: If you release those emails, you’ll make tucker an enemy for life. Now, do you really wanna do that? You know, when it can all be so easy for you if you just give me what I want.


Tucker: Wow. Well, this takes remote work to a whole ‘nother level. Running the company from a bar? What do you got there? Vodka tonic?

Billy: Actually, Tucker, it’s a club soda. As I wait for my food to come back from the kitchen so I can take that and then go back to the office to continue to work. Not that I have to explain anything to you. Let me guess, you two got ousted from the detente conversation?

Diane: No, we chose to leave to give Ashley and jack privacy so they can hopefully work things out.

Billy: Mm, that was big of you. I’m glad that they’re trying because I’m sick and tired of the fighting. I’m sick and tired of… jack sacrificing the well-being of jabot in defense of you, Diane.


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