Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, August 9, 2023

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Lucy: Whatever you want. This trip’s all about you.

Daniel: So, you are checking up on me.

Lucy: And I’m bringing my coolness to brighten your day.

Daniel: It does brighten my day. Now look, I’m gonna– I’m gonna say this again. I’m fine.

Lucy: Fine. Then, we’ll just have fun. Maybe mom will need some support because she’s stuck between Christine and Phyllis. There’s gonna be a trial soon, right?I


Chance: Hm. Do you really think they’re just gonna let her walk?

Christine: I hope not. Heather accused me of going after phyllis as if I have a vendetta.

Chance: I mean, you two do have a history, but I’m sure you were nothing but fair, as always.

Christine: Of course I was. I mean, you know this case. It’s been very unnerving. And then, I– I just left the courthouse and I… I noticed that I had a voicemail from Paul.

Chance: Oh, yeah? Is he still in Portugal?

Christine: Yeah, he wants us to talk.

Chance: All right. When’s he coming back?

Christine: Not here. He wants me to go to lisbon.

Chance: Oh. Right in the middle of a case?

Christine: Chance, look I need to make time for this once phyllis is sentenced. He, um… he wants to talk about our future and I have to say, his tone didn’t sound very positive.

Chance: Hm. Well, I guess the question I have for you is how do you want all of this to end?

Christine: My marriage?

Chance: No. Phyllis.

Christine: I’m torn. I want her to have to pay for her crimes for once and not out of vengeance. Because it’s what’s right. It’s what I stand for as the D.A.

[ Christine sighing ] But at the same time, I– I do want what’s best for Phyllis’ kids, you know? What would make it easiest for them to just move forward.


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