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[ Knocking on door ]

Nate: I didn’t think you’d be back from L.A. ’til tomorrow.

Victoria: Well, you know, once I closed the deal, I– I had nothing else holding my interest.

Sharon: You wanted the truth. There it is.

Phyllis: Okay, let me see if I have this straight. Um, if I manage to stay out of prison and accept Adam’s offer to make me the chief technology officer at your company, you want assurances that I’m contrite about blowing up my life?

Sharon: Phyllis, this is more than just a business deal for me. Cameron Kirsten was a hateful man.

Phyllis: Who left you a company.

Sharon: And that’s why I really want to see something good come of this, and I thought that was something that you could appreciate.

Phyllis: What, well, ’cause I’m poison, right?

Sharon: Well, actions do have consequences.

Phyllis: And karma’s a bitch.

Sharon: Listen, I am not trying to be gratuitously hurtful or anything like that. No, I think that you and I, we have gotten to a place of peaceful coexistence. I really thought that this would be a good opportunity for you to change. To learn something. To grow up.

Phyllis: Yes, I want all those things. Uh, hopefully, I can manage to stay out of prison.

Summer: Hey. Can we please just be civil about this?

Daniel: By this, you mean our mother, who has not only dragged you into this mess, but now has you in the D.A.’s crosshairs?

Summer: Look, Christine’s not gonna come after me. She was just making noise to rattle Mom.

Daniel: Is that what Mom told you? ‘Cause Christine wasn’t playin’ around. She was serious about her offer.

Summer: What are you talking about?

Daniel: Well, I assumed you already knew, since Mom is so eager to share everything else with you.

Summer: What offer, Daniel?

Daniel: Christine may not prosecute you if mom pleads guilty to all the charges.

Summer: She’s not gonna do it, is she?

[ Knocking on door ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Tucker: I’ll tell you, it is hard to believe that someone as smart and capable as you could make us such a monumentally stupid mistake!

Audra: Is this your idea of a compliment? Because that would explain why Ashley has been so slow to come around and forgive you now.

Tucker: On the other hand, maybe you did it on purpose.

Audra: Did what?

Tucker: You left something linking me to that singer issue, knowing full well the damage it could do to me if it ever got out, which it has. So, I’d like you to tell me, are you truly that incompetent or did you deliberately try to screw me over? The company goes to the firstborn, Audrey.

Audra: How am I supposed to know how to respond when I have no idea what you’re talking about?

Tucker: A singer signed to the McCall label, who, it turned out, was getting involved with underage girls on the road. Ringing any bells? He went to jail for statutory rape when the tour was finished.

Audra: Yeah, because the PR department decided to cover it up. Yes, I– I remember.

Tucker: Yeah, and do you remember that I asked you to clean up this mess, so it would not come back to haunt us? I fired everyone on that PR team and told you to take care of the rest!

Audra: I did take care of it. I– I deleted all the information relating to that decision. I averted all crisis.

Tucker: And then decided it was a good idea to email me the progress. Emails I never got because they went to my junk mail.

Audra: Okay, so what? Okay, Tucker, that was years ago. And– and didn’t you wipe the system when you sold the company?

Tucker: Of course I did, Audra. But apparently the junk mail remained on one of the servers and guess who has found it. Adam freakin’ Newman.

Audra: How?

Tucker: How do you think? He is in charge of the company now, is he not? He has access to everything, does he not?

Audra: I know that, okay? What does this all mean, exactly?

Tucker: Well, he needed some leverage over me, so he went digging until he found it.

Audra: And you believe him?

Tucker: Let’s see if this sounds familiar. “Singer problem remedied. Hands clean.” You got careless, and now you’ve put us both in jeopardy, and now you’re gonna fix it.

Adam: Hey, I couldn’t help but overhear your, um, your, your–

Sharon: Our discussion.

Adam: Discussion.

Phyllis: Grim assessment of my character.

Sharon: That’s not how I meant it to sound.

Phyllis: Sharon is, um, nervous that I am going to experience some, I don’t know, karmic payback for my recent actions and that my bad juju…

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: …might affect your plans merging these companies.

Sharon: I was just encouraging Phyllis to do a little introspection.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Adam: You know, it– it’s good to get this all out now. You know, some honest give and take before we embark on this venture together.

Phyllis: Mm. Well, not all of us are as confident in this collab as, um, some of us are.

Sharon: I never said that. I didn’t say that. I just felt it was important to express some of my concerns.

Adam: And I fully support that. But I would encourage you to focus on the positives, and not dwell on the worst-case scenario. I don’t think Phyllis has to worry about karma playing any cosmic jokes on her. She’s in a better place now.

Sharon: Do you know something we don’t?

Adam: No, I just– it’s just a gut feeling. I expect big things from her as our CTO.

Phyllis: Yup. And that’s what I intend to give you, if I have the chance.

Sharon: Well, Adam sounds confident.

Adam: Mm-hmm. So, we proceed accordingly. We be optimistic, we plan for success. And if we are to take you at your word that you’re gonna walk the straight and narrow, our media powerhouse is gonna be run by a team of veritable angels.

Sharon: I’m all for optimism, but that might be pushing it a little too much.

Daniel: I hope Mom does take the deal that Christine’s offering.

Summer: Do you even hear yourself? That deal means guaranteed prison time for Mom. You really want her to do that for my sake?

Daniel: No, Summer. I want her to do it because it’s the right thing to do. I– do you really feel like there should just be no consequences?

Summer: My god, we have been over this so many times. Stark manipulated her. He threatened to kill her!

Daniel: This is Mom’s chance to prove that she’s serious about having changed, about wanting to live differently and do the right thing, but you know what my gut tells me? My gut tells me that she’s willing to let you be punished because she’s more interested in protecting herself.

Summer: I’m not gonna let her do this.

Daniel: What– summer! You are not helping her by buying into this. You’re enabling her worst instincts. You know I’m right.

Summer: You know what, Daniel, you don’t need to understand the bond that I have with our mom, and you– you don’t need to understand why I’m not gonna let her do this! You just need to back off!

Audra: Look, it’s not my fault that you decided not to check your spam folder–

Tucker: Your job was to make this disappear completely!

Audra: Okay, if that’s all Adam has, it’s not much in the way of leverage.

Tucker: Do you think he’s just gonna stop digging? He could contact the PR team who was responsible for the cover-up. For all we know, he already has.

Audra: He just has a couple of cryptic emails. Let’s– let’s not overreact.

Tucker: Oh, no, let’s not overreact. Sure. No, you’re right, I’m sorry. He’s just in a position now to derail all my plans, but no, let’s– let’s not overreact.

Audra: What do you want me to do?

Tucker: I think I’ve made it clear. You need to fix things with Adam. You get him to back off. ‘Cause your future depends on it, you know.

Audra: My future?

Tucker: No, that’s right. I’m gonna handle my end of things.

Audra: Why would you put it that way?

Tucker: Let me see if I can explain it to you. Adam runs a media company under the Newman umbrella. You run a media company under the Newman umbrella.

Audra: I know.

Tucker: Yes! And do you think Adam is going to be content to peacefully co-exist?

Audra: Victor said that he doesn’t wanna merge Newman Media with Adustus.

Tucker: Oh, did Victor say so? Oh! Hallelujah, ’cause Adam always does his father’s bidding to the letter.

Audra: Oh, my god.

Tucker: Do you wanna keep your position at that company? If so, you manage Adam and you make this go away.

Audra: You know, you said that you’d handle your side of things. So, Adam isn’t the only problem you’ve got, is he? Who else knows about this?

Phyllis: In all sincerity, Sharon, I really want this to work and I really want to be part of making this new company a success. I really do. I hope you believe me.

Sharon: Yeah, yeah, I believe you right now. While you’re in this place and everything’s hanging over your head, but you know, I know you. I’m a realist.

Phyllis: Well, that is fair. That is fair. Yeah. I have to walk the walk.

Sharon: Look, the reason that I needed to have this honest conversation with you is because this is really, really important to me. But I also– I see this as a good opportunity for everyone as well.

Phyllis: So, don’t screw it up, Phyllis, right?

Sharon: Well, I wouldn’t put it that way, but yeah.

Phyllis: [ Scoffs ] ‘kay. I’ll do my best, all right? I really want this. I– I do. I– I see it as a really great business opportunity and… I mean, I heard, Adam told me, that you and Nick weren’t really happy to learn that, um, he had offered me the job, so…

Sharon: Oh, well, that had more to do with how it came about. It should have been a joint decision.

Adam: Well, I let my enthusiasm get the better of me.

Sharon: Still, you know what? Nick and I, we would have never agreed and gotten on board if we didn’t think it could work.

Phyllis: Right. Okay. Well, may– it may be a little awkward, you know, given our history, of course. I mean, even the four of us. But, uh, you know, I think we can make it work. I mean, hey! We had some good times at Restless Style, remember?

Sharon: For a time, yeah!

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah!

Adam: Yeah! And I remember when it went from fashion to a gossip rag and I was a regular target.

Sharon: Oh, well that was really more Billy, not us.

Adam: Oh, no, Nick and Phyllis, they got their digs in at me as well.

Sharon: Okay, well…

Phyllis: Um…

Sharon: Why don’t we just all agree that it won’t be anything like that? I mean, we’re all on the same team, right, Phyllis?

Phyllis: Yes, we are. We absolutely are.

Victoria: So, I wanna know how things went while I was away.

Nate: Oh, you weren’t gone that long.

Victoria: I know, but Dad’s in Europe and you and Mom were running things. Did the two of you get along?

Nate: We did. She invited me out to lunch, actually.

Victoria: Really? Well, what prompted that?

Nate: Uh, she wanted to have a frank conversation about you and my intentions.

Victoria: Oh, god.

Nate: Well, it’s– it’s fine, it’s fine. She’s protective of you. I respect that.

Victoria: So, what did she say?

[ Nate chuckles ]

Nate: Well, uh, she talked about my ambition… Nick’s belief that I have some kind of agenda, but it all came down to one question. What is it that I want?

Victoria: Well, what did you say?

Nate: Told her the truth. In the most direct, respectful way I could. That, in an ideal world, you and I would run Newman side by side.

Victoria: Oh, wow. That must have surprised her.

Nate: Well, she was surprised that I was that honest. I was just as honest with her when she asked about my feelings for you.

Victoria: Oh?

Nate: I told her how much I admire and respect you. That we have a rare understanding. That, uh… the foundation of our relationship is a deep friendship.

Victoria: You know what? That’s a perfect description. I approve.

Nate: I also said that things hadn’t progressed to what you’d call serious, but that I could see that happening.

Victoria: If we’re being honest…

Nate: Please.

Victoria: I don’t know if I’m capable of having a– a serious, committed relationship with anyone again.

Nate: I get that. I know what Ashland put you through.

Victoria: But not just Ashland. After so many failed attempts, I just… I feel like I’m in a good place, you know? Like, a stable place.

Nate: I wasn’t saying it to put any kind of pressure on you. I’m not there either, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it did happen. That’s how much of a connection I feel with you.

Victoria: I like what we have together.

Nate: Because it’s amazing.

[ Victoria chuckles ]

Nate: Spending time together like this, while being able to work together, feeding off each other the way we do. Planning global domination.

[ Nate chuckles ]

Nate: It’s all I could ever really ask for.

Victoria: I feel the same way. I don’t wanna rush things.

Nate: We won’t.

Sharon: Well, this is a nice surprise!

Mariah: Tessa and I have some news that we just couldn’t wait to share.

Sharon: Good! What is it?

Mariah: Well, I know that there was a time we thought it was never gonna happen, but we finally found the perfect babysitter for Aria.

Tessa: Everything we were looking for in a caregiver.

Sharon: Oh, that’s great. I know what a relief it is to feel confident you’re leaving your daughter in good hands.

Tessa: Mm-hmm. Which leads us to the next part of what we came to tell you.

Sharon: More good news. I can tell by the looks on your faces.

Tessa: Well, I can’t wait to see the look on your face.

Mariah: Tessa and I have been talking a lot about this, and we’ve finally come to a decision, which was made easier by the fact that we now have a first-class caregiver for Aria. I’m gonna leave Jabot and come work for you at the new company.

Sharon: Oh, Mariah.

Tessa: There it is!

Sharon: This is wonderful news, the best news.

Tessa: Right? I just love the idea of you two working together.

Sharon: I know how proud you are of the work you’ve done at Jabot and I know that it’s a big deal for you to walk away from there after everything you’ve accomplished.

Tessa: Well, I encouraged Mariah to do what was best for her. I mean, staying at Jabot and navigating all that tension, or going to work for someone who’s gonna welcome her with open arms and endless brownies?

Mariah: Which was, uh, excellent advice.

Tessa: Mm-hmm.

Mariah: So, I know things are moving very fast with the new company, so I am ready. Whenever you need me.

Sharon: Uh, now. Immediately.

[ Both chuckling ]

Tucker: Hi.

Phyllis: Wow. Breaking into my hotel room.

Tucker: Is this your room? [ Scoffs ] I’m sorry, I thought it was my room. They all look so similar.

Phyllis: Don’t you have people for that? You know? I’m sure it’s hard finding competent people to sort of cover up your messes, isn’t it?

Tucker: Phyllis, I have to admit, you and Adam really got the better of me this time.

Phyllis: Hmm. Well, I’m sure you’d rather eat glass than admit that.

Tucker: No, no, no, I’m impressed, really. ‘Cause I did not see it coming. Although, I feel like I have to make a couple of things clear.

Phyllis: Oh, okay, if you must.

Tucker: Uh, the singer in question who was–

Phyllis: Um, sorry. Singer. Um, is that– hmm, that’s– it’s the guy who was interested in the underage girls? Charged with statutory rape, and then finished out his lucrative tour? That’s right, that– that singer, right?

Tucker: Hmm, yeah. I had nothing to do with the cover-up. That was the PR team in place at the time, uh, and I fired everyone on that team when I discovered they had covered it up, so–

Phyllis: And got rid of all the evidence, right? Or so you thought?

Tucker: Yeah. And that was a foolish oversight on my part. But cleaning up the mess, that’s just good business, you know. Gotta protect the company.

Phyllis: Protect yourself. Gotta protect yourself. Hey. This little ambush? Obviously, you, uh, created it to throw me off of my game, and it hasn’t, so… why are you here?

Tucker: I’m prepared to make you an offer.

Phyllis: Yeah. You know, I’ve had my fill of being threatened and manipulated by you.

Tucker: Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but I’m the one currently being threatened here, so– uh, if I get proof that Adam has erased any and all evidence implicating me in this scandal and I’m assured that he’s not seeking any more, I will give you whatever you need to be exonerated.

Phyllis: I need Carson.

Tucker: Yes, your star witness who will claim to have seen you act in self-defense.

Phyllis: I did act in self-defense and he did see it.

Tucker: That’s right. Sure. I– it doesn’t make any difference to me. Plus, I’m not the one you have to convince. And once I’m satisfied that you’ve handled your end, I will let you know where I’m keeping him. And no games.

[ Phyllis scoffs ]

Phyllis: How can i take your word for it?

Tucker: Mm, I can understand why you wouldn’t, but it’s just the way it’s gonna have to be. And one more thing. Uh, if you want his testimony, you have to be the one to pay for it. I’m out. I’m not gonna spend another dime on it.

Phyllis: What about Jack? And throwing Diane off her game to destabilize Jabot?

Tucker: I no longer need you for that. Ashley’s been warning me all along you’d let us down anyway, so–

[Phyllis chuckles ]

Phyllis: Oh, really? That’s rich. This coming from a woman who’s trying to undermine her family’s company by screwing over her brother?

Tucker: You didn’t want anything to do with it from the beginning, remember? And now, I’ve given you the key to your freedom. God. You’re really holding on to so much anger, Phyllis. You know that?  [ Chuckles ] I think you need to work on opening up your chakras. Hey.

Summer: What are you doing here?

Daniel: So, Christine is talking like she might be willing to make a deal with Mom in order to protect Summer.

Heather: What kind of deal, exactly?

Daniel: She will leave Summer alone and Mom would have to go trial as long as she pleads guilty to all the charges.

Heather: What the hell? Is she cutting me out of the loop because of things with my father or is she doing it because she knows this is a very sketchy way to handle this?

Daniel: I think she should take the deal.

Heather: Which is why you’re not a defense attorney. It’s not gonna happen, Daniel.

Daniel: Okay. Yes, Christine is close to crossing some lines, and–

Heather: It’s coercion.

[ Daniel scoffs ]

Daniel: It’s a way to keep Summer from being punished for crimes that our mother committed.

Heather: No, no, no. It’s a brazen tactic. Christine is boxing your mom into a corner. I– I won’t allow it.

Daniel: Summer knew that Mom was still alive. She didn’t say anything. She let Diane sit in jail. I mean, she could be charged with obstruction. With aiding and abetting and god knows what else. All because my mom played on her emotions and manipulated her into keeping quiet.

Heather: Does Summer know about the offer?

Daniel: Told her about it.

Heather: And?

Daniel: She doesn’t think Mom should take the deal, and, you know, Mom’s got her brainwashed. Summer’s the only one who understands her. It’s the two of them against the world. Mom is only lookin’ out for herself. You have to get through to her.

Heather: Phyllis is my client. It’s my job to protect her.

Daniel: Even if it means Summer taking the blame. You’re gonna let that happen?

Heather: Daniel, I know you wanna protect your sister, okay? But she doesn’t want protecting. So my advice to you is, leave this one alone.

Tessa: Things won’t be the same without you at Jabot, but this is a dream situation. You’re working with your mom.

Mariah: And with Phyllis! Yippee!

Sharon: Hey, if I can do it–

Mariah: How are you managing that?

Sharon: Very carefully.

Mariah: No, I’m serious.

Sharon: Well, we’re all in different places now. You know, we’ve all grown up and changed. I will be keeping a close eye on things. You know, everyone has signed onto this for their own reasons. But we all needed to work.

Tessa: So, this partnership is outrageous, full of quirks. This speaks to me.

Sharon: It has its challenges!

Mariah: Well, I know that you’re working on old relationships, but I hope you don’t ignore the new one, with Chance?

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Aren’t you smart? Yeah. You know, I really am enjoying my time with Chance. And I have been super busy with work.

Mariah: Well, don’t neglect that relationship. It seems like there might be something there.

Sharon: Yeah. There may be.

Adam: Well, that didn’t take long. Come on in.

Audra: Tucker thought it was important to share this latest development with me as soon as possible.

Adam: What? The proverbial sword hanging over his head?

Audra: You know, it’s, um, it’s terrible. What happened at McCall, all those years ago. But the way the PR team covered up for that singer, none of which Tucker was privy to.

Adam: Mm, not when it was happening, but after the fact.

Audra: There’s no need for this to get acrimonious. I’d like to make a deal.

Adam: Well, I am listening.

Audra: It’s as much in your interest to keep the scandal buried as it is for me and Tucker.

Adam: Oh, yeah?

Audra: Mm.

Adam: And why is that?

Tucker: I was just checking in on your mom, asking her how the case is going.

Phyllis: Yes, and I– I said it’s going great.

Tucker: She said it’s going great.

Summer: Hm.

Tucker: It’s– it’s wonderful to see you feeling so confident.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Tucker: You’re welcome.

Phyllis: Yeah, um, uh– I’ll see ya. Bye-bye.

Tucker: I’ll see you. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Summer: What the hell is going on?

Phyllis: I don’t know. I mean, he is–

Summer: Mom!

Phyllis: I mean, anything could be going on with that guy.

Summer: Is this about messing with Diane again?

Phyllis: Listen. Honestly, I want nothing to do with that woman.

Summer: Okay, that’s not what I asked. Daniel told me that he has seen you around with Tucker. Is– is he pressuring you, somehow? Mom. I have been the person that has stood by you through all of this. The person that understands everything that you’re going through.

Phyllis: I know. I know, babe. And I am so grateful to you.

Summer: Okay, well, Daniel also told me about the deal that Christine offered you?

Phyllis: He did, did he? Really? I can’t wait to hear what he said to you, given the way he feels about me right now.

Summer: Just please tell me that you’re not considering it.

Phyllis: Of course I’m considering it! I’d do anything for you.

Summer: That is what Christine is counting on, Mom!

Heather: It’s coercion.

Christine: Ugh, look, Phyllis completely exaggerated our conversation.

Heather: Okay. You circumvented counsel, went directly to my client and tried to leverage her into pleading guilty.

Christine: She came to me. She asked me to stay away from Summer. She was the one who was trying to leverage things.

Heather: How exactly did she do that? She didn’t, she couldn’t. She doesn’t have any leverage.

Christine: Ah, she was trying to intimidate me. You know, Phyllis, the force of nature, who has to have things her way. I– I just refuse to put up with that anymore.

Heather: I’m sure there are witnesses to this intimidation?

Christine: Okay, look, I– I understand your obligation to Daniel. And Phyllis is Lucy’s grandmother, but once you set aside those emotional complexities, this is not a woman you want to go to war for.

Heather: Christine, she’s innocent until proven guilty.

Christine: Do you really want Phyllis Summers on a stand? The public has a long memory and it would be a jury of her peers.

Heather: And now you’re trying to bully me?

Christine: I’m stating facts, Heather– uh, look. I respect you, okay? And I appreciate the connection we have through the law. You believe in justice.

Heather: And I always thought you did, too. I know the history that you, my father, and Phyllis share. But the Christine I know would never wage a personal vendetta against someone on trial.

Christine: I don’t have to. I’m letting the evidence speak for itself. Uh, I have to say, you’re starting to sound as desperate as Phyllis.

Heather: Uh…

Victoria: Do you want to get a coffee to go?

Nate: Yeah.

Tucker: Do you guys live up there together now?

Victoria: Well, here you sit, all alone. Clearly, you have way too much time on your hands.

Nate: While we have a company to run. So, if you’ll excuse us.

Tucker: Hey, speaking of your company, I have some advice for you.

Nate: Nothing of value, I imagine.

Tucker: Ah, that’s too bad. Imagination is such a valuable tool in the business world.

Victoria: Ugh, what is it, Tucker? I mean, please.

Tucker: I have a feeling that Adam is preparing to make a move to acquire Newman Media. I know Pops told him it was verboten, but you know Adam.

Victoria: Oh, well, if he’s foolish enough to make that kind of move, then we’ll just deal with it.

Tucker: Well, that’s just it. You’ve got Audra Charles running Newman Media at the moment and she will be on the front line when the onslaught begins.

[ Tucker sucking teeth ]

Tucker: Are you sure she’s up to the task?

Audra: Tucker was not involved in the cover-up.

Adam: Well, he definitely covered up the cover-up. More specifically, he had you do his dirty work. You did exactly what the boss told you to do. I mean, now that is loyalty.

Audra: Yeah, it’s what any other management team would have done to protect their business.

[ Adam scoffs ]

Adam: That is exactly what Tucker said. I mean, it’s a very compelling argument. But you have to consider the source.

Audra: Listen to me. There is no need for this to blow back on any of us.

Adam: You know, the real problem is there’s no proof that you and Tucker weren’t involved from the very beginning. And now, that’s the kind of thing that could cause a scandal that you never recover from. So to me, you and Tucker have the most to lose. So, I have an offer for you. (Wheezing)

Audra: What do you want?

Adam: Isn’t it obvious? I want Newman Media.

Audra: It’s not mine to give.

Adam: Well, that is why you have to convince my father.

Audra: Oh.

Adam: That merging it with my new company is a smart and lucrative idea.

Audra: How do you expect me to do that?

Adam: Oh, come on. I am sure with all your years with Tucker, you’ve honed your skills. Very nicely.

Nate: I have total confidence in Audra to handle whatever’s thrown at her.

Tucker: Uh, your confidence is endearing, Nate. Really. Although, I suspect Victor might have a different word for it.

[ Tucker chuckles ]

Nate: What happened, Tucker? Did Audra get fed up with all your games and tell you she’s done with you? So, now you’re gonna try to undermine her?

Victoria: That’s awfully vindictive of you, Tucker.

Nate: I’d say it’s beneath you, but clearly, it’s not.

Daniel: Hey, there.

[ Tucker sighing ]

Daniel: Hey, Tucker.

Tucker: Hey.

Daniel: You know, man, I’m not really sure what your game is with my mother, but do me a favor. Stay away from her.

Phyllis: I’m not just going to blindly accept some plea deal from The Bug. I mean, she only said that she would– well, she might consider not pursuing charges against you.

Summer: And you don’t trust her.

Phyllis: What? I’m not gonna bargain my life away without protecting you.

Summer: Mom, don’t listen to Daniel. I don’t need you to protect me.

Phyllis: You know, this makes me so sad. That you and Daniel are at odds again.

Summer: I know. But you’re gonna keep fighting this, right?

Phyllis: Of course. It’s what I do. I keep fighting, of course.

Summer: Mom, I– I need you to tell me the truth. Everything.

Phyllis: Okay, yeah.

Summer: This has all felt a little too convenient. Carson, the EMT coming back and turning out to be the only person that could possibly exonerate you. And now, you’re in the mix with Tucker? I–

Phyllis: Yeah, it– listen, listen. Tucker, you don’t have to worry about him.

Summer: I’m not worried about him. I am worried about you. Okay? You came to me for help, right? And now, I need you to be honest with me about everything. Seriously, Mom. No more lies.

Christine: I resent you making these accusations about me. It’s hurtful and I actually feel like you owe me an apology. As an attorney and as someone I thought I had a bond with.

Heather: I was speaking to you on behalf of my client, one professional to another, but now you’re going to invoke our connection to manipulate me into backing down–

Christine: Heather, you know that’s not what I’m doing. You don’t owe Daniel’s mother this kind of blind faith.

Heather: I was really wanting to believe that you wouldn’t take advantage of a situation to settle an old score, but I have lost all confidence. This is– this is bordering on the territory of prosecutorial misconduct.

Christine: Oh, my god, that’s ridiculous, I– you’re serious?

Heather: Dead serious. Christine, I’m going to the judge with a motion to have you removed from the case.

[ Christine sighing ]

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