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Sam: Wow. [ Laughs ]

Scout:  I had so much fun, Mommy! Thank you for taking me to my swim lesson.

Sam: You’re welcome. You did so good, sweetie.

Scout: Did you see me do the butterfly?

Sam: I did.

Scout: Daddy said it’s getting better.

Sam: Well, I think he’s right. You’re doing great. It’s good.

Scout: Mommy, I miss Daddy.

Sam: I know, sweetie. I miss him, too.

Scout: We can miss him together.

Sam: Yeah. Come here.

Gladys: Oh, that just breaks my heart.

Sam: Yeah, I bet it does.

Salon worker: May I help you, sir?

Cody: No. Uh, thank you, though. Hi, Ms. Miller? Yeah, your assistant let me know where to find you.

Diane: Well, that’s the last personal information she’s going to give out about me.

Cody: Are you still Sasha Gilmore’s lawyer?

Diane: Mr. Bell, this is neither the time —

Cody: Listen, I just — I just needed to let you know that I will not be pressing charges, and I won’t cooperate with the PCPD if they go after Sasha.

[ Door opens ]

Mandy: Good morning.

Sasha: Good morning.

[ Door clangs shut ]

Mandy: I hope you slept better last night, Sasha.

Sasha: I’m sorry. I — I can’t remember your name.

Mandy: I’m Mandy. How are you feeling this morning?

Sasha: [ Sighs ] Um, confused. A little scared to be here.

Mandy: It’s not unusual.

Sasha: I-I feel like I am missing something important. Like I’ve — I’ve lost a-a chunk of time.

Mandy: Let me get you some water and maybe some breakfast.

Sasha: I think what would help is if I could talk to my guardian. My mother-in-law.

Mandy: Let me see if I can get in touch with her.

Sasha: Thank you so much.

Nina: Hi, my name is Nina Reeves, and I’m calling about your venue for my wedding. Um… no, we haven’t actually picked out a date, but we were thinking Valentine’s Day.

Sonny: Thanks for meeting me.

Brick: Always. Always good to see you. You know that.

Sonny: Yeah. So, you got something good for me?

Brick: I always have something. We’ll see how good it is.

Nina: Thank you. Uh, I-I will be in touch.  [ Chuckling ] Okay, bye. Ohh, okay, planning this wedding, I think, is going to drive me crazy.

Olivia: Really, Nina?

Nina: Oh. I’m so sorry, Olivia. I know that you’re dealing with so much more with Ned. I — I’m sure that he’s going to come out of this.

Olivia: Well, he’s not out of it now. My husband is running all over town all night. I have no idea where he is or what he’s doing.

Nina: Yeah, but when things like this happen, sometimes it’s just —

Olivia: Things like this? Things like my husband thinks he’s Eddie Maine?

Nina: But the bottom line is, Ned — he loves you.

Olivia: Yeah. Sonny loved Carly, and now he’s marrying you.

Gladys: I remember you. You were shopping for dresses at Logan’s.

Scout: You had that pretty coat on you didn’t want me to touch.

Gladys: Well, kid… [Chuckles] I mean, it was couture.

Sam: Oh, my god.  Come on. Let– let’s take a picture by the pool so we can show your dad when we visit.

Gladys: Oh, it must be so hard. How are you doing with your Daddy in the slammer?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sam: You know what, Scout? Why don’t you go over to the chair and grab a snack out of the bag? I’ll be there in a minute, okay?

Spencer: I’ll get it.

[ Knock on door ]

Valentin: Morning, Spencer. May I come in?

Spencer: Why are you alone? Where’s my grandmother and Kevin?

Valentin: They’re still looking for your father.

Anna: Where do you stand with the WSB?

Robert: [ Irish accent ] Ah, top of the mornin’ to you, too, lass.

Anna: Oh. Good morning.  Where do you stand with the WSB?

Robert: [ Normal voice ] Well… since I became DA, I’ve had very little contact with them. Anyone that was there during my era has either been fired, put out to pasture, transferred — y-you name it.

Anna: Don’t you think it’s suspicious?

Robert: [ Chuckles ] I think anything to do with The Bureau is suspicious — in particular, their arresting you for treason.

Anna: Yeah, well, I mean, that’s over now.

Robert: Is it?

Nina: I didn’t realize that you were still so upset.

Olivia: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to come out like that, okay? But it must have occurred to you that your situation with Sonny, where he fell in love with you while he thought he was Mike might cross my mind given my current situation with Ned.

Nina: Yeah, and you still resent the fact that I didn’t tell anyone.

Olivia: I know that it’s in the past, but the whole situation with Sonny is shoving it right back up in my face.

Nina: Well, you know, it’s a little different with Ned, right? He’s here in Port Charles with his family.

Olivia: Yeah, but he doesn’t realize that we are his family. I-I thought, honestly, that this whole thing was gonna be over very quickly, that I would just stick around, I would wait, I would talk to him. I would be with him. Honestly, I look in Ned’s eyes, it’s like he’s not even there.

Nina: Well, you just — you know, you just keep trying, you’ll get through to him.

Olivia: I thought I was making a little progress yesterday. He — he — he asked me to make a breakfast, and he actually asked me to tell him a little bit about my past, and so I did.

Nina: Sounds like progress.

Olivia: No, but — but it wasn’t Ned. It was Eddie, and Ned already knows all of the things that I told him. Eddie — pbht. No.

Nina: Okay, you just take one step at a time.

Olivia: He was out again all night last night. I didn’t even bother to check to see if he came home in the morning. For all I know, he’s out there falling in love with some other woman, just like Sonny fell in love with you.

Brick: We’ll start with the little fish.

Sonny: Good.

Brick: I’m sure you recognize her.

Sonny: Ava’s favorite nanny.

Brick: Betty Rutherford, 26, no criminal record. She actually worked as a nanny briefly.

Sonny: I’m not surprised about the “briefly.”

Brick: [ Chuckles ] She also worked as a receptionist at a trucking company. Would you like to venture a guess as to where that was?

Sonny: Pautuck.

Brick: Bingo.

Sam: What the hell is wrong with you?

Gladys: Oh. What? Hey, her dad’s in prison. She needs to learn the world is not always a safe place.

Sam: I will decide what my daughter needs to learn and when, and if you say another word to Scout, I will throw your ass in that pool so fast you will not know what happened.

Gladys: Okay, all right. Maybe I got carried away. I mean, being here is really bringing back the horrible memory of Sasha stabbing Cody.

Sam: [ Scoffs ]

Gladys: The look in her eyes was… she wanted to kill him.

Sam: I don’t believe it for a minute. What really happened that day, Gladys?

Gladys: Well, after she stabbed him?

Sam: No, before. Who drove her to do something like that?

[ Knock on door ]

Sasha: Did you get in touch with Gladys?

Mandy: I called the contact number your mother-in-law left on your admission form, but unfortunately, I got voicemail.

Sasha: Did you leave a message?

Mandy: I did. I said you were asking for her.

Sasha: Thank you, Mandy.

Mandy: Is there anyone else you’d like me to call?

Sasha: Yes, please. Cody Bell.

Cody: Ms. Miller, did you hear anything that I just said?

Diane: Loud and clear.

Cody: Okay, well, Sasha shouldn’t be in Ferncliff, and I will not do anything or say anything to help keep her in there.

Diane: Okay, Mr. Bell. At the risk of sacrificing the one hour I have to myself today, I will engage. But you’ve got to settle.

Cody: Okay, yeah. I’m — listen, I’m sorry for barging in here like that. Please don’t fire your assistant. It’s just Sasha needs help as soon as possible.

Diane: And you don’t think she’s gonna get that help at Ferncliff?

Cody: Yes. N-no. [ Stammers ] Something is wrong about everything that’s going on with her. And the look in her eyes when she… stabbed —

Diane: Allegedly stabbed you.

Cody: Yes. That wasn’t Sasha. At least not the Sasha I know. Something else is going on, and I’m really worried about her safety.

Diane: What do you mean? And you got to give me something specific.

Cody: And I will give you something specific as soon as you get me into Ferncliff to see Sasha.

Spencer: What happened in Chechnya?

Valentin: We found the Cassadine house, and there was a new owner and there was no sign of Nikolas anywhere.

Spencer: And you just left them there?

Valentin: No, no. We left Chechnya for Prague, and that’s where Kevin and Laura decided they wanted to continue the search on their own.

Spencer: Where?

Valentin: Cassadine Island, but there was no trace of Nikolas there, either.

Esme: Maybe you can’t find him because he’s dead.

Anna: We can’t talk to Frisco because he left the bureau.

Robert: And the person who’s replaced him thinks that the way to clear up the bureau image is to fire everyone.

Anna: By disgracing and then distancing themselves from so many former agents.

Robert: ‘Tis the way of bureaucracy, my dear.

Anna: Erase the past. Just convince everyone that it was all bad, and then it makes the new regime seem so much better. At least that was the impression that I got when I was in London after the whole Greenland fiasco.

Robert: The late, not-lamented Victor.

Anna: [ Sighs ] You know, the debriefing — it was… just so weird. Like, the entire process. I-it was orchestrated in a manner that I-I just didn’t recognize. It just all felt so alien to me, and I’ve been debriefed more times than I care to count.

Robert: And this is the only reason you came charging in here?

Anna: No, there’s another reason. What do you know about Pikeman?

Valentin: Good morning, Esme. And good morning to you, Ace. Wow, he is getting big, isn’t he?

Esme: Do you think his father could be dead?

Valentin: I’ve seen no evidence that Nikolas is dead.

Spencer: Well, we don’t seem to have any indication that he’s alive, either.

Valentin: That is true, also.

Spencer: He’s just hiding the same way that he did when he had us convinced that you had killed him. I spent three years grieving that man.

Esme: Look, Spencer, we — we don’t know if —

Spencer: Don’t you see that this is just what he does? He makes a mess of his life, and then he runs away from it, and he has certainly made a mess this time, getting his son’s girlfriend pregnant.

Valentin: You think he’d abandon Ace?

Spencer: Well, he abandoned me, didn’t he? That’s who our father is. He’s a coward. My grandmother’s off searching for him. She’d be better off just coming home, not wasting time. He’s better off gone for me and for my brother.

Dr. Montague: Mandy, in the future, could you please consult me before you make any calls for Ms. Gilmore?

Mandy: Of course, Dr. Montague.

Dr. Montague: Thank you. Hello, Sasha.

Sasha: Hi, Dr. Montague.

Mandy: I thought I could maybe help Ms. Gilmore get more comfortable and remove her restraints.

Dr. Montague: I think that’s a good idea.

Sasha: Oh. Thank you.

Dr. Montague: Is that better, Sasha?

Sasha: Yes.

Dr. Montague: Good. Thank you, Mandy.

Mandy: I’ll be back later, Sasha.

Sasha: I-I hope she’s not in trouble for calling my mother-in-law.

Dr. Montague: No, no, of course not. But I’m curious, why did you ask to speak to Cody Bell?

Sasha: Cody is my friend. He has helped me before.

Dr. Montague: Under the circumstances, you didn’t think that would be awkward?

Sasha: [ Sighs ] Because I’m in this place?

Dr. Montague: Because you tried to kill him.

Diane: I appreciate your desire to help her. But even if I thought this was a good idea, I have no power to authorize a visit to Ferncliff. Only her guardian can do that.

Cody:  Oh. All right. Well, I’ll find another way ’cause Gladys wouldn’t lift a finger for me. And I wouldn’t trust her if she did.

Gladys: How dare you accuse me of doing something to hurt my daughter-in-law.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. I didn’t accuse you of anything. Unless, of course, you think there was a reason I should, then…

Gladys: Of course not. But after you grilled me in the fitting room about my relationship with Selina Wu, it was crystal clear that you are out to get me.

Sam: No, what’s clear to me and Sasha’s friends is she was perfectly fine and handled a very difficult situation at Home & Heart without a problem. What doesn’t make sense is what happened after.

Gladys: Maybe it would make sense if you paid more attention to your “friend” Sasha and less to snooping around about me.

Brick: Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt, 48, no criminal record. Graduate of New York State University Buffalo and Great Northern Medical School. Came to Port Charles soon after delivering Maxie Jones’ baby, in the woods, no less. They had a brief relationship. He’s currently dating who?

Sonny: Ava.

Brick: Related to the Quartermaines on his father’s side.

Sonny: Edward’s bastard son, Jimmy Lee Holt, was his father.

Brick: We can move on to this guy.

Sonny: I met him. Then he got whacked.

Nina: The little I know of Eddie, he doesn’t seem like the type that would go out and fall in love with someone.

Olivia: Great, maybe he could cut a swath of one-night stands through Port Charles. Wouldn’t that be great? Don’t think that that hasn’t crossed my mind.

Nina: Listen, Olivia, if Sonny and I are causing you to overthink things, we can just keep a low profile.

Olivia: Mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh. No, no, no. This is my problem, not your problem. I have to deal with it, and I will. [ Chuckles ] You know… Leo actually likes Eddie.

[ Both chuckle ]

Olivia: And then he asks me where his father is, and I don’t know what to tell him, and it breaks my heart.

Nina: Maybe you should go home, Olivia. I could take care of things here.

Olivia: No. Brook Lynn is taking Leo to class and she’s taking him to the stables, and Tracy can drive someone else crazy today. I came here so I could get my mind off all things Quartermaine and Eddie Maine, and… and I think that I have found the perfect thing to focus on to get my mind off of it.

Nina: [ Chuckles ] The books?

Olivia: I’m gonna plan your wedding.

Sam: Wow. Why are you so paranoid, Gladys? I think if I did some real snooping, I’d find some big trouble.

Gladys: [ Sighs ] All I’ve ever done is try to take care of Sasha. She’s family to me.

Sam: Right.

Gladys: You know what? I saw the look on your face at the hospital when Sasha wanted my guardianship rescinded. You thought it was a good idea.

Sam: Yeah, I certainly did.

Gladys: Can you not see that my love and concern is exactly what Sasha needed? Look what ended up happening.

Sam: According to witness testimony, she had no idea what happened.

Gladys: [ Sighs ] That’s my point. You and all the rest of her so-called friends thought she was fine. I was the only one who saw the truth. I was the one who wanted to take care of her.  Her friends couldn’t see it because some people managed to conceal their feelings and hide what’s really going on.

Sam: Oh, there you go. I think you’re — I think you’re right about one thing. Some people are really good at hiding things. Sasha isn’t one of them.

Gladys: You know what? That’s ’cause you don’t know her the way I do. And you never will.

Sam: Hmm.

Sasha: I already told you, I don’t remember stabbing Cody.

Dr. Montague: But you did stab him, Sasha. In front of a lot of people. You very nearly killed him.

Sasha: [ Sighs ] I guess that’s why I’m in here.

Dr. Montague: Yes. To get the help you need. So, why don’t we start with what you do remember?

Sasha: Everything was going well. I mean, some days were more difficult than others, like when someone tried to upset me on Home & Heart. But I handled it, and I was proud of myself for being able to handle it.

Dr. Montague: But it’s clear now that you weren’t dealing with it.

Sasha: I was. I think it started happening after I took those pills you prescribed me. I-I took them for a few days, and — and I-I started to feel groggy and paranoid and… and I started hallucinating a-and hearing voices.

Dr. Montague: The pills I gave you weren’t causing your hallucinations, Sasha. And they aren’t what caused your violent behaviors.

Sasha: But I was fine before I started taking them.

Dr. Montague: Sasha. We found these in your purse. It’s what caused you to try to kill Cody Bell.

Nina: Are you sure you’re thinking clear– I mean, you… you don’t think this is gonna be too painful for you?

Olivia: I love Sonny. We have an amazing son, a spectacular grandson. I want him to be happy. And you seem to make him happy.

Nina: What about Carly?

Olivia: She’s my best friend. That ain’t gonna change. And deep down, I think she wants Sonny to be happy, too. Even if we aren’t on the best terms right now.

Nina: Oh.

Olivia: She still believes that Ned turned her and Drew in and got Drew sent to prison.

Brick: Gordon Stevens, 52. You met him?

Sonny: Briefly. Took him for an ex-con.

Brick: Good eye. Five years in Pentonville for grand larceny. No wife, no kids, no family. Worked for a trucking company in…

Sonny: Pautuck.

Brick: And finally, we have this guy. Mason Gatlin.

Valentin:  Well, I’m sorry that I-I couldn’t bring better news for all three of you. What do you say, Ace? You remember me? Can I hold him?

Esme:  Yeah.

Valentin:  Spent a lot of time together in Greenland, didn’t we? Good for you, Spencer. Not every brother would step up the way you have.

Spencer: Well, it’s not Ace’s fault that our father’s a coward.

Valentin:  You’re doing a good job. Look at you. After everything we went through in Greenland, you’re still a happy and well-loved young man, aren’t you?

Esme’s taken a lot of the responsibility. She’s determined to make sure that Ace has everything that he wants. She’s a good mother.

Esme: Thank you, Spencer. Although I can’t quite figure out how to give him a bath without winding up drenched myself, so… [ Chuckles ]

Valentin:  You’ll figure it out. Ace, you are a credit to your brother and your mother, aren’t you?

[ Ace coos ]

Robert: Pikeman is an independent defense contractor. Been around forever. But then again, you should know that. So what are you really asking me?

Walsh: I’d like to ask you about the Greenland incident. Before you arrived here in London, I went over several reports about Greenland, and I have a few questions.

Anna: Yes, of course. Whatever you need.

Walsh: What possessed you to go rogue, run interference, and ignore the very specific mandate Agent Hursley gave you?

Anna: Well, with all due respect to Agent Hursley —

Walsh: You provided him no respect whatsoever.

Anna: I have to be honest with you. He didn’t seem to grasp the fact that people’s lives were at stake and that there were extenuating circumstances.

Walsh: There always is, Ms. Devane. Particularly with you. It says here that after your arrival, you sought out Valentin Cassadine. As you’re well aware, the bureau has been keeping track of him for several years, and there appears to be a discrepancy in your reporting on pages 6 and 12.

Robert: Anna. Earth to Anna. Why are you talking about Pikeman?

Anna: Oh, I’m sure it’s nothing. Thank you. You’ve been very helpful.

Robert: I didn’t do anything.

Nina: Carly blames Ned for what happened to drew?

Olivia: Carly came to the hospital when Ned was in the ICU. We didn’t know if he was gonna make it. I was a complete wreck and I bit her head off. But it seemed like she still believed that Ned did it, and I know that he didn’t. You know, before this whole thing went down, Ned swore to me that it wasn’t him, and I believe him, Nina. Somebody else turned in Carly and Drew.

Nina: And you haven’t spoken to her since?

Olivia: No, I haven’t. I don’t know what she believes now, but you know what? We’re gonna get through it. She and I have been through a lot worse.

Nina: Well, Olivia, if you’re sure about this, yeah, Sonny and i would be honored if you want to help us plan our wedding. Yes, um, I-I called a couple of venues, and —

Olivia: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m gonna stop you right there.

Brick: Again, no criminal record. Austin’s cousin on his mother’s side, a trucker, worked for the family business.

Sonny: The same business that Betty and Gordon worked for?

Brick: Oh, are you doing my job for me now?

Sonny: Well… you think he’s the biggest fish?

Brick: So far. Company was bought two years ago through a very well-hidden LLC. No record of his “occupation” since.

Sonny: Blackmail.

Valentin: All right, buddy. Your cousin charlotte and i are not gonna be strangers. I promise you that, Ace.

Spencer: Listen, I haven’t had the chance to thank you yet for Greenland.

Valentin: No, you don’t have to thank me.

Spencer: No, if you hadn’t shown up… Uncle Victor was gonna use that pathogen on me and Trina, and I wouldn’t have been able to face losing her.

Valentin: Oh, we all did what we had to do.

Spencer: I’m trying to say thank you, and I’m trying to tell you that I was wrong about you.

Valentin: No, you weren’t. Spencer, my father’s dead. Nikolas is gone. We Cassadines have a rare opportunity to reinvent our family.

Spencer: You think?

Valentin: Yeah. You, Ace, Alexis, her daughters — you’re good people.

Spencer: Well, I’m not sure that i deserve to be included in that, but, uh, I’ll keep my nose clean if you will.

Robert: And Mr. Bell sought you out?

Diane: He did indeed, and I did not engage. Okay, well, I engaged a little bit, but only after he made his intentions perfectly clear.

Robert: And?

Diane: And he is not going to press charges against my client, Sasha Gilmore, and he steadfastly refuses to cooperate in any police investigation into the matter.

Robert: She stabbed him.

Diane: Allegedly.

Robert: In front of witnesses.

Diane: Robert, he’s not going to press charges and he’s not going to cooperate. You have no case. So I request that all charges against Sasha Gilmore be dropped immediately.

Robert: I’ll talk to the ADA.

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Robert: Uh… you didn’t come all this way to tell me that.

Diane: No, I didn’t. I came to invite you to the Port Charles auto show this weekend.

Robert: I love the car shows.

Diane: [ Chuckles ]

Robert: It’s a date.

Diane: No, no, no, no. It’s not a date. It is simply two colleagues going to look at cars because you need a new one desperately.

Robert: I love my car. I’ve had it forever.

Diane: Precisely my point. It’s not good to hold on to things forever, unless, of course, you like being stranded by the side of the road.

Robert: Oh, well, not particularly.

Diane: Mm-hmm. And that’s what happens. You hold on to something forever, and you get stranded by the side of the road again and again and again. Whereas a new model, very dependable, could also be exciting. Of course, you never know until you try.

Walsh:  It says here that after your arrival, you sought out Valentin Cassadine.

Anna: We can’t talk to Frisco because he left the bureau.

Robert: And the person who’s replaced him thinks that the way to clear up the bureau image is to fire everyone.

Sonny: I’ve been working with a high-powered security firm lately. You know, you ever heard of Pikeman?

Walsh:  You sought out Valentin Cassadine.

Sonny:  Okay, go ahead.

Anna:  You’re not to speak to anyone new. If your contact person is to change, do not proceed until you’ve spoken to your original contact first. Does that make sense?

Sonny:  Yeah.

Anna:  [ Exhales deeply ]

Sam: Hi, uh, my name is Sam McCall. I was hoping I could visit my friend Sasha Gilmore today.

Janice: Only approved visitors are allowed to see Ms. Gilmore.

Sam: Approved?

Janice: Yes, you would have to have the permission from her guardian, Gladys Corbin.

Nina: If you change your mind about helping Sonny and me with the wedding, I completely understand.

Olivia:  No, no, no, I haven’t changed my mind about anything. What is this crazy talk about other venues? There is only one venue, and you and I own it.

Nina: Olivia, don’t you think that people are going to —

Olivia:  People — people are gonna what?  They’re gonna read all about the preparations on every website known to man. They’re gonna be dying to have the wedding here. They’re gonna bring in all kinds of business. Come on, Nina. You can’t possibly be selfish enough to deny the Metro Court all that free publicity, not to mention the fact that you will have a beautiful, spectacular wedding yourself.

Nina: Well, yeah. As co-owner of the Metro Court, I guess that makes sense.

Olivia:  Yeah, if you had your wedding anywhere else, everyone would wonder why, and there would be cancellations all over the place. It can’t happen. It can’t happen, okay?

Nina: Okay. Okay.

Olivia:  So when’s the date?

Nina: Well, we haven’t picked an exact date, but we were thinking Valentine’s Day.

Olivia:  Oh, ooh, la, la. Romantic. Uh, it’s a great idea. Uh, several months away. I could plan Harry and Meghan’s wedding in less time.

[ Both chuckle ]

Nina: Thank you.

Brick: This bastard’s blackmailing you?

Sonny: Ava.

Brick: Because of the connection to his cousin? Why don’t we just take all three of them out and be done with it?

Sonny: Can’t. ‘Cause he has Nikolas Cassadine’s body.

Brick: So he didn’t run. He’s dead.

Sonny: Ava killed him. But she says it was an accident.

Brick: Wait a minute. So he has her ex-husband’s body?

Sonny: I got to protect her because she’s the mother of my child, so we can’t do anything until we get the body back. Hands off. He lives until we get that body back.

Esme: Is Valentin gone?

Spencer: Yeah.

Esme: Oh, well, I wanted him to see Ace’s new outfit. Oh, well. Next time. He liked you, huh, Ace? He didn’t seem so bad.

Spencer: He’s not.

Esme: It was kind of you to say that I’m a good mother.

Spencer: You are.

Esme: It’s just nice to hear. Guess it’s not hard to be a good mother to this guy. Sometimes I think I couldn’t love him more, and yet every day, I do. Maybe it’s ’cause you get cuter every day, huh?

Spencer: That’s true. You are a very good-looking kid, little brother.

Esme: [ Chuckles ] Why don’t we take some pictures?

Spencer: Yeah, sure. Can never have too many of those, right?

Esme: Very true. [ Chuckles ]

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Spencer: That’s a really sweet smile in that one. Maybe we send this one to Grandmother?

Esme: Yeah.

Spencer: Actually, Ace, we probably just send all these to Grandma. She’ll love to see you.

[ Chuckles ]

Sasha: No, no, those aren’t mine. I-I haven’t been using. Someone must have planted them in my purse.

Dr. Montague: But you know exactly what these are, don’t you, Sasha?

Sasha: I stopped taking them.

Dr. Montague: Your blood work says otherwise. You’ve been taking these for months.

Sasha: No, no, no, n– I went through rehab. I beat my addiction.

Dr. Montague: You must know how common relapses are. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Sasha: But I didn’t take them.

Dr. Montague: Sasha, if I’m going to help you, I need to deal with the facts that I have. And you need to accept them, too. We need to get those drugs out of your system, and this will do just that.

Cody:  Hi.

Janice: Can I help you?

Cody:  Uh, yes, I’m here to see Sasha Gilmore.

Janice: What’s your name? I’ll need to make sure you’re on the list of approved visitors.

Cody:  I’m sure I’ll be on the list. Sasha was married to my — my late cousin, Brando Corbin. I’m Dante Falconeri.

Janice: Sasha talked about her husband, Brando.

Cody:  Yeah, his, uh — his death was a blow to all of us, really, but particularly for Sasha, obviously. That’s why my family’s really worried about her. Can I please see her?

Brick: You take good care of your exes, that’s for sure. First, you make sure to protect Carly’s new beau in prison. Now Ava. What’s next?

Nina: Hey, Brick, Sonny.

Brick: Hey, gorgeous.

Nina: [ Chuckles ]

Brick: And another gorgeous.

Olivia: [ Chuckling ] Hey, Brick.

Nina: Everything all right?

Brick: It will be.

Sonny: How come it seems like you guys have been up to something?

Nina: Well, Olivia graciously agreed to help us plan our wedding here at the Metro Court.

Sonny: Really? You know, that — that means a lot to me, Olivia.

Brick: You live a charmed life, my man.

Janice: If I could just see your driver’s license, Mr. Falconeri.

Cody: Uh, yeah. I must have left it in the car.

Janice: I’m sorry. No one gets in to see Ms. Gilmore without the consent of her guardian. If you want to run back to your car and get it, visiting hours are until 7:00 P.M.

Cody: Yeah, no, I-I parked pretty far away.

Mandy: But, Janice, he’s family. A cousin-in-law.

Janice: But it wouldn’t matter if he were her brother. Ms. Gilmore’s guardian was very specific.

Cody: Yeah, I bet she was.

Mandy: Isn’t it time for your break, Janice? I can cover the front desk for you.

Janice: I couldn’t ask you to do that. I’m sure you have patients to check on.

Mandy: Always do. See you later.

Cody: I’m sure you can understand how concerned we are about Sasha.  Really, I just need a few minutes.

Janice: I think I made it pretty clear what you would need, Mr. Falconeri. I’m sorry. I have to follow the rules. The only way you’re getting in here is if you have an id or you’re a patient.

Cody: Have a nice day.

Janice: I intend to.

Scout: What’s wrong, Mommy?

Sam: Nothing’s wrong, sweetie.

Scout: You have that look on your face.

Sam: Hey, what look?

Scout: The look you get when I’m in trouble. Did I do something bad?

Sam: No, sweetie. Come here. You didn’t do anything wrong. Someone else did.

Gladys: No, it’s not “too young” for me.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Gladys: Everything okay?

Dr. Montague: Yes, I have everything under control.

Gladys: How’s my daughter-in-law?

Dr. Montague: Oh, don’t you worry. She’s doing just fine.

Sasha: [ Breathing shakily ] [ Shivering ] Please… I don’t want to be here.[ Crying ] I want to go home.

Diane: Oh, you suddenly don’t seem too enthused about the prospect. Never mind. I’ll take Alexis.

Robert: Alexis doesn’t appreciate cars.

Diane: Right, but she appreciates spending time with me. Adios.

[ Door opens ]

Anna: Valentin linked to Sonny. Sonny connected to Pikeman. What is Valentin’s link?

[ Door closes ]

Valentin: Hey, what’s going on?

Anna: I think I know who shot at me. And I think you know them, too.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Brook Lynn (to Cody): When you say it like that, it sounds like somethin’ shady’s goin’ on.

Martin: You sure you made the right decision?

Anna: Are you keeping something from me?

Elizabeth (to Finn): Are you having second thoughts about this?

Cyrus: Just tell me you did it as I asked.

Tracy:  It’s time to have Ned committed.

Sasha: I never meant to hurt you!

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