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[ Abby chatting indistinctly ]

Abby: If you’ll excuse me, one second. This isn’t good for you, mom. You have to let it go.

Ashley: I’m trying. It’s not that simple.

Abby: Uncle jack and diane, they’re already married. There’s nothing you can do about it now.

Ashley: Well, there’s a lot that I plan to do about it, abby.

Abby: Why?

Ashley: Oh, my god, we have gone over this.

Abby: I guess, I just– I don’t understand why them marrying each other is such a big deal to you.

Ashley: Are you really that naive?

Abby: I guess I am. So, please enlighten me.

Ashley: Well, jack and diane’s decision to get married today was not some madcap romp to the courthouse so those two crazy kids could tie the knot. It was a bullet aimed directly at me.

Abby: Okay, but they have been engaged since the gala and so much has happened since then. None of this is about you–

Ashley: Abby, please. They were trying to make a point. Well, point taken. I’m gonna show them they can’t shoot me down so easily.

Daniel: Hey.

Lily: Hi. I have a surprise for you. Hurry up.

Chance: Hey.

Summer: Oh, hi.

Chance: We seem to keep uh, meeting like this.

Summer: I know, are you following me or something?

Chance: Uh, no, just getting some coffee.

Summer: Sorry, dumb question I guess.

Chance: It’s all good.

Summer: It’s been a long day. Thank you.

Chance: Yeah, I can tell. You know, I’m happy to listen if you want to talk.

Summer: Uh, I– I don’t, actually.

Chance: Okay. Does that mean you don’t wanna talk to me or you don’t want to talk to a cop?

Summer: Well, it’s kind of the same thing, isn’t it?

Chance: I can tell something’s bothering you. And whatever it is, I’m guessing it has to do with phyllis.

Adam: Phyllis. What a surprise. Um…

Phyllis: Housewarming gift.

Adam: What? Okay. Um, you shouldn’t have.

Phyllis: I know.

Adam: Come in. Okay. Well, since you already have the job if you want it and you’re not exactly a housewarming gift type, to what else do I owe the pleasure?

Phyllis: Wow, adam. You know me so well.

Adam: Well, I could say the same to you.

Phyllis: Well, think of this housewarming gift as a, um, symbol of our future collaboration.

Adam: A symbol?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm, yeah. A symbol sort of, you know, prickly and never dies like you. Or bitter resentment.

Adam: Whose?

Phyllis: Yours. Towards certain members of your family. Um, in particular… nick. Listen, let’s just cut to the chase. How was nick when you told him that I might be working with you? Was he okay with it or was it like a grenade that blew up in his face? To 50 years with my best friend.

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Adam: Nick and sharon were definitely not happy that I offered you a job.

[ Phyllis laughing ]

Phyllis: So, it’s a dead issue?

Adam: No, their reaction was more at me not running it by them. When they thought about it, they came on board.

Phyllis: Just like that?

Adam: Phyllis, why don’t you have a seat?

Phyllis: Okay.

Adam: You know, I did have to do a little singing, a little dancing.

Phyllis: To convince them to work with someone like me?

Adam: Well, someone who has skills and experience of tremendous value to the company.

Phyllis: At a reasonable price.

Adam: No, I also told them that you need to turn your life around for summer and daniel. And nick paid particular attention to that part. I think that’s what ultimately sealed the deal. He wants things to be okay with you and your kids.

Phyllis: Wow, that’s very nice. I appreciate that. Hey, listen, um… I really want this to work. With as little chaos and– and drama as possible.

[ Adam laughing ]

Adam: Are you being serious?

Phyllis: Yeah, I’m being serious. You know I’ve had enough of that to last a lifetime.

Adam: I– I understand, but the four of us, we have a long history of stirring up conflict. So, if you’re looking for peace, calm, and serenity, I can’t guarantee that.

Phyllis: Hey, well, I’m going to do my part to keep the waters calm, so.

Adam: Fair enough. You know, I actually believe you. And I actually believe that the right people are in the right positions and this crazy idea just might work. So, why don’t we just get to the point?

Phyllis: I thought I had.

Adam: Phyllis, you told me on the phone that you have conditions for taking this job. Now, you have already brought me the cactus, you’ve asked about nick. So, what is the real, real reason that you’re here?

Phyllis: I need you to find something to take tucker mccall down.

Abby: When will this war end, mom?

Ashley: When somebody wins. And it’s gonna be me.

Abby: But the family loses, then we all lose.

Devon: Yeah, I think that abby’s right because lily and I went through something similar recently, as you guys know. And we said a lot of things that hurt and became public knowledge. And then by the time we made up and came back together, we realized that it was a mistake to fight in the first place.

Tucker: Maybe that’s not quite a fair comparison.

Devon: Why not?

Tucker: Well, because neither you nor lily introduced the kind of chaos into chancellor-winters that jack is into jabot by pushing diane into it. And despite his claims that he’s pursuing love, that’s just bs. It’s nothing but a willful disruption of the family business, nothing more.

Ashley: Exactly, that woman is going to destroy everything we have spent years building.

Abby: Okay, so if jabot is your biggest worry, then why did you walk away?

Ashley: I couldn’t stay there. I couldn’t watch while jack let diane burn jabot to the ground.

Abby: So, you left the family company to start a competing business with someone that uncle jack doesn’t like or trust. How is that any better? If you really want to protect the abbott family business legacy, then stay at the company. Fight the battle from the inside.

[ Daniel humming ]

Lily: Surprise! [ Laughing ]

Daniel: Yeah, surprise. What is all this?

Lily: This is relaxation. I thought I could help take your mind off your mom’s troubles for a while.

Daniel: Yeah, but, um–

Lily: Yeah, and I know how much you love doing art and that you go to this very special place when you are. So, that’s what we’re gonna do.

Daniel: We’re gonna draw?

Lily: Yes, you’re gonna draw. Still life with fruit bowl.

[ Lily chuckling ]

Summer: Chance, I would love to be able to talk to you about this, but–

Chance: I’m a cop and your mom’s on trial for murder. Yeah. But, you know what? You have confided in me before and that didn’t go anywhere else.

Summer: I know. But the thing is I don’t trust my instincts anymore ’cause I keep on screwing things up, so I think I’m just gonna sit with this one, miserably.

Chance: I’ll make you a deal. You shoot me straight. Tell me everything on your mind and I will sit here and I will stay, and as long as it doesn’t involve any kind of future crimes, I will be here for you, as your friend.

[ Summer chuckling ]

Summer: I would really love to believe that chance, I would.

Chance: You can trust me. You have my word.

Summer: I think that my mom is not being completely honest with me and daniel.

Chance: Why do you think that?

Summer: It’s just a feeling that I get. Plus, knowing her and how she operates.

Chance: Well, fair enough. What do you think she’s hiding?

Summer: I don’t know, but it’s big. Even bigger than the charges that she’s facing right now.

Chance: Well, you don’t get much bigger than murder.

Summer: Maybe not bigger then. Maybe, it’s just more complicated. But whatever it is, I’m just afraid that it’s gonna make this whole nightmare even worse, if that’s even possible.

Chance: Have you tried talking to her?

Summer: Yeah, but she’s on this redemption tour with me and daniel, so she doesn’t want to drag us into her problems and she keeps on apologizing and–

Chance: Oh, I’m sure that’s genuine.

Summer: Sure, might be. But it doesn’t answer the question of what’s really going on. And I’m actually starting to get worried that christine is gonna look at me as an accessory too. And I just feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. And the hard place is actually looking a lot like prison. Type 2 diabetes?

Daniel: It’s a nice idea.

Lily: I mean, yeah, I thought so.

Daniel: A little odd maybe.

Lily: Odd?

Daniel: Yeah, I… [ Sighs ] I don’t really see how drawing a bowl of fruit is gonna ease my mind all that much.

Lily: Well, I mean, you won’t know until you try. It could be a good distraction.

Daniel: This just isn’t speaking to me.

Lily: Oh, it’s not speaking to you? [ Laughing ] Okay, um, I mean, what about– what about these flowers?

Daniel: Oh, definitely not.

[ Lily laughing ]

Lily: Wow, someone’s picky. Okay, you know what? If still life is not working for you, I do have another idea. I’ll be back.

Abby: You know, I’m starting to think you want diane to bring jabot down, just to prove that you’re right.

Ashley: You know what, abby? That’s a terrible thing to say to me.

Abby: I’m sorry. That’s just the feeling that I get.

Ashley: You can’t tell me that you trust diane any more than I do. Even billy’s had enough. He’s come around to my side of things.

Abby: That’s the thing, okay? I don’t want to pick sides between you and uncle jack. There should be no sides.

Devon: Okay. Hey, I have an idea. There’s a wedding coming up soon, right?

Tucker: Yes.

Abby: Yes, yes, thank you. I love you.

Devon: I love you. How about we put a pin in all the family drama and we focus on something a little more positive?

Tucker: Yes. Let’s, uh, plan a wedding. Yes?

Ashley: Okay.

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: Okay.

Abby: Yeah.

Chance: I can talk to christine.

Summer: I’m– I’m not asking you to do that.

Chance: You don’t have to. And I think I can convince her to leave you alone.

Summer: How?

Chance: Well, by appealing to her sense of fairness. You know, I think everyone can agree that you’ve been through more than enough since the gala. And I think I can convince christine that any actions that were taken to help your mother were taken under extreme duress. Plus, I don’t think she has a really strong case against you.

Summer: You don’t?

Chance: Mm-mm.

Summer: Even given everything I knew and when I knew them?

Chance: I mean, what witnesses would she have that could testify that you helped your mother while she was on the run?

Summer: Kyle.

Chance: Oh. And you think he’d be willing to take it that far?

Summer: Yeah, I think he’d be all too willing.

Chance: Hm. Okay, well, then I can make the argument that kyle has his own agenda. You know, he’s mad about what his mother went through, which he has every right to be. But, summer, you have been through hell too. And I would say enough is enough.

Summer: I wish that you were the D.A.

[ Both chuckling ]

Chance: Yeah, that is, uh, well above my pay grade.

Summer: Hey, thank you for talking me off the ledge just a little.

Chance: Oh, just a little? That’s all?

Summer: Well, I’m still not out of the woods yet. I mean, kyle is still so angry at me. There’s no telling how far he would go to make me pay and whatever happened to me, I would deserve it.

Chance: Stop. No, you don’T.

Summer: I do.

Chance: No, you don’t, summer. Period. Look, summer, I have been around a lot of people who have been in jeopardy, right? A lot of people who have been in the middle of a conflict just like this. And just like you, they acted impulsively. They were unable to even imagine the consequences. Summer, you were trying to protect your mother. That is human nature. So, people might not approve of it, but they should at least understand the instinct. And anyone who doesn’t, I tell you, they are just flat-out heartless.

Adam: I have to hand it to you, phyllis. When it comes to laying waste to your enemies, you are in a class by yourself.

Phyllis: Hey, don’t sell yourself short.

Adam: Well, compliment accepted. But in this case, I would advise against it.

Phyllis: Why?

Adam: You’re facing very serious criminal charges.

Phyllis: I’m innocent.

Adam: Right, which is all the more reason to act like a model citizen until the trial is over.

Phyllis: Hey, this isn’t just about vengeance on tucker mccall. It– it’s a necessity.

Adam: Why?

Phyllis: It just is.

Adam: Okay, I get it. He has something that you want. Would you care to share that?

Phyllis: Hey, can you just trust that I know what I’m doing, without any questions asked?

Adam: Normally, I would say yes. You know, we’ve given each other the benefit of the doubt over the years. But in this case, I can’T.

Phyllis: You can’t? Since when have you understood the concept of caution?

Adam: I am under victor’s microscope. Not to mention nick’s and sharon’s, okay? I need this new company to work and that means I can’t get involved in any shady enterprises with our ace chief technical officer. So, I’m afraid the answer is no, phyllis. I don’t want any part of this. Postmenopausal women with hr+ her2-

Phyllis: Well, this is completely unexpected. Um, not to mention disappointing.

Adam: Okay, I get disappointing, but unexpected? Really?

Phyllis: Yeah, since when have you marched to your family’s tune? When did that happen?

Adam: I’m looking out for my future.

Phyllis: Then you understand, so am I.

Adam: Yes, but at the moment, I am free and clear of any obstacles and I intend to keep it that way, particularly when they’re not mine.

Phyllis: Uh, since when have you walked the straight and narrow where your family is concerned? In particular, your father and nick? Do I need to remind you that you stirred the family pot, even when you were on good terms with your family?

Adam: Well, people can change.

Phyllis: Yeah, but that’s ordinary people. That’s not you. What’s going on? What is your game now?

Adam: You keep forgetting, I’m not the one with the problem. I’m not the one asking for a favor. Because so far, all you’ve asked me to do, phyllis, is trust you and that’s a big ask these days.

Phyllis: What do you want?

Adam: I want you to tell me why you need to take down tucker mccall and what he has on you. And why does it need to happen right now?

Abby: Peace?

Ashley: What is it?

Abby: Well, it is everything I’ve been putting together for your wedding. I’ve been wanting to go over it with you, but we keep getting distracted. So, can we do it now, please?

Ashley: Of course.

Abby: Thank you.

Ashley: Let’s go. Excuse me, honey.

Tucker: God.

[ Devon chuckling ] Thank you so much.

Devon: For what?

Tucker: For changing the subject. All this jack and diane business. Man, it’s got her down in the dumps. It’s got me down in the dumps. It’s really nice to have her focused on something more positive. At least, temporarily.

Devon: Oh, yeah. I’m happy I can help, but I feel like we’re gonna need a referee at this wedding to keep the abbotts from tearing each other apart.

Tucker: No, you have my word. It will be a war-free zone. Okay?

Devon: Right.

Tucker: And I’ve already said it, but thanks again for letting us have it here.

Devon: Yeah, absolutely. This is– this is always gonna be katherine’s house no matter who lives here. So, it’s our family home, and you belong here as much as anybody does.

Tucker: Oh, thank you. Um…

[ Chuckling ] I got another favor to ask you. It’s kind of a big one.

Devon: Is it?

Tucker: Yeah. Would you do me the honor of being my best man?

Summer: I really want to believe that what I did for my mom can be forgiven, or at least, understood. I mean, kyle crossed the line too. So, if I deserve to be forgiven, does that mean that he does too?

Chance: I obviously can’t answer that.

Summer: No, I know. It just pisses me off how easily he moved on. I mean, one minute, we’re fighting, and the next minute, he’s in bed with audra.

Chance: If you’re looking for advice on forgiving a spouse for sleeping with someone else, I’m not the right guy.

Summer: Oh, my god, chance. I am so sorry.

Chance: No, it’s fine.

Summer: No, I wasn’t even thinking about you and abby, I–

Chance: Summer, it’s fine. Really. Look, our marriage, it was dying. I didn’t know it then, but I know it now. We weren’t meant to go the distance. So, I sympathize with you. I know exactly how you’re feeling because I have been there.

Summer: That’s the thing. I really thought that kyle and i were meant to go the distance. We’ve overcome so many problems in the past. But maybe– maybe, that’s it. Maybe one couple can only handle so many problems before there’s just no… fixing it again.

[ Summer sighing ] I want to be where you are. Accepting, forgiving. Seriously, chance, how– how did you do it?

Chance: I don’t know, time… distance, work. Sometimes, a little too much work. My friends and family wouldn’t let me stay in that dark place. And it’s not just one thing that’s just gonna fix your life like that. Which means, there’s not one thing that can break it either.

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Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Summer: You’re a very wise man. Do you know that?

Chance: Now, you’re just making fun of me, aren’t you?

Summer: No, I’m not. I really do wish that I had, um, your sense of clarity and calm. I mean, what, were my mom and i out of town when they were passing those things out?

Chance: There you go, being hard on yourself again.

Summer: No, I– I’m just all out of solutions, chance. I mean, my mom too. She’s panicking, I can tell, even though she’s trying to hide it.

Chance: Well, she’s in a tough spot. There’s no doubt there.

Summer: I love her and I’M… so glad that she’s home. I want her to be safe. But I really did think that when she got back here, that kyle and i would have a chance to heal. That’s just not how it turned out. I– I don’t know how to accept it and move on. I don’T.

Chance: I’ll tell you how. You just take it one day at a time. Sometimes, one hour at a time, all right? But you’re gonna get there. I know it.

Summer: It’s hard. I feel like I’ve got a million things in my head and I can’t even focus on any of them.

Chance: Well, summer, maybe it’s time you let your mom deal with her life and you focus on yours.

Phyllis: You, of all people, should understand why I am reluctant to give you any personal information about myself. You know, something that you could possibly hold over my head.

Adam: Well, knowledge is power.

Phyllis: That you use as a sledgehammer, so…

Adam: Okay. Okay, well, feel free to find somebody else to help you dismantle tucker mccall. I mean, again, I don’t even know why you’re asking for help, phyllis. God knows, you have the resources to get this done on your own.

Phyllis: Yeah, but you so generously pointed out that I need to keep my nose clean for my kids, for my family, for your business partners.

Adam: Oh, I get it, okay. So, when you say you need help, what you’re really saying is you need someone else to do the dirty work, and take the risk.

Phyllis: No.

Adam: Which makes it a lot less appealing.

Phyllis: Of course, of course, of course. But you don’t even need to get your hands dirty. I mean, I just need some information on tucker. That’s all I need, you know? Like there’s got to be some dirt on him when he was running mccall and you own that company now.

Adam: Yeah, that’s true. I do own the company.

Phyllis: All right, so, didn’t you do a deep dive?

Adam: Of course, I did a deep dive. I mean, there’s not much there though. You know, poor management is not gonna help your cause.

Phyllis: How deep did you go?

Adam: How damaging do you need it to be?

Phyllis: This is the thing. I’m not trying to destroy him. I just need the means to do it.

Adam: You want the sword hanging over his head?

Phyllis: Yes.

Adam: Well, then, that can only mean one thing. That what he has over you, it’s life or death.

Abby: Obviously, the catering is taken care of. Society is going to do all of that, but we do need to know how many people you’re inviting. Do you have a head count yet?

Ashley: Um, no, not exactly. But, we want it to be small.

Abby: Small? Okay, so are you thinking like, 5 people, 50 people?

Ashley: We haven’t really talked about that quite yet.

Abby: Okay, um, do you have a date yet?

Ashley: Date? Oh.

Abby: A date. For your wedding.

Ashley: Oh, no. Not– not yet, no.

Abby: Okay, well, that’s– that’s a really good place to start.

Ashley: Yeah, well, you know, we’re gonna figure it out for sure. What?

[ Abby sighing ]

Abby: Do you even care about this wedding?

Ashley: What kind of a question is that? Of course, I do.

Abby: Because I’m starting to get the feeling that you marrying tucker is the exact same thing you’re accusing uncle jack of. A way to get back at your enemies.

Tucker: Listen, I know it’s a big ask and if you decide to turn me down, I totally understand. It’s just that when I was thinking about the wedding and– and who I would like to have up there with me… there was only one answer. But you know, think about it.

Devon: Well, hey, I don’t need any time to think about it. I– I have my answer for you. With new scope squeez mouthwash concentrate,

Lily: Wow, that’s nice.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Thank you.

Lily: I mean, you have potential.

Daniel: It’s kind of hard to miss when you have such a perfect subject.

[ Lily chuckling ]

Lily: Okay, it’s your turn. So, do you wanna take your own clothes off? Or do you want me to take them off?

Daniel: Hm, I think you can take them off.

Lily: I think that’s a good choice. [ Laughing ] Oh, wait, wait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on. I have to draw you. I have to draw you, remember? Hold on, hold on. Okay. Okay. This is gonna be good. All right. Hold on. Oh, gosh. Oh. Yep. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. This is definitely, harder than it looks.

[ Daniel chuckles ] Okay, smiling, yes. Muscles, okay. [ Chuckles ] What do you think?

Daniel: I think that is worthy of a prize.

[ Lily chuckling ]

Phyllis: You know what? I’m gonna make you a deal.

Adam: Mm-hmm. This is gonna be really interesting.

Phyllis: I’m gonna work for you for free. For six months. Then, after that, my rate kicks in.

Adam: That’s very generous of you.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. It is, it is. Considering my rate, it is.

Adam: I thought you were very desperate for the money?

Phyllis: I’m very desperate to stay out of prison.

Adam: You know, I think I figured this out.

Phyllis: What did you figure out, adam?

Adam: You and tucker, and what he has on you. You know, I always thought this, um, emt guy, it was a little too coincidental that he just comes out of a very safe nowhere to save your ass. So, what’s the story, phyllis? Was he lying? Was he paid off? Or did tucker pay him off and that’s the hold he has over you?

Phyllis: What if it was?

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Well, if it’s true… it changes… everything.

Abby: Am I right, mom? Is this wedding just another way to get under uncle jack’s skin?

Ashley: No, you’re not right. And please don’t compare us to that sham of a marriage.

Abby: Really? Because uncle jack and diane, they seem in love. They do, and I highly doubt that they are spending their evening thinking about ways to bring you down.

Ashley: Don’t bet on that.

Abby: I offered to have this wedding here, I did, and I wanted to. But if this is just another way for you to get back at uncle jack, I want no part of it. You can take it somewhere else.

Devon: Tucker, I would be honored to be your best man.

Tucker: Ah. Thank you, devon. That just means the world to me. Thank you.

Devon: Yeah, I– listen, I believe you when you say that you’ve changed and I believe that the love that you and ashley have is the real deal. So, let’s do this.

Tucker: Fantastic. Well, you have no idea how nervous I was to ask you.

Devon: Oh, yeah?

Tucker: Yeah.

Devon: Tucker mccall gets nervous?

Tucker: Yes, he does.

Devon: Does he?

Tucker: Yeah, ’cause you know, there have been times in the past few months I felt like I had just hit a wall in trying to earn your trust back and your respect. I know I’m not 100% there. That’s fine. But having you as my best man, it just feels like a big step forward for us. All right.

Devon: Come here.

[ Footsteps departing ]

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Tucker: Thanks for the wonderful lunch.

Devon: Absolutely. Glad you guys could come by.

Ashley: Sure.

Tucker: And thank you for, you know.

Devon: Hey, it was my pleasure, my pleasure.

Ashley: Um, I’ll call you tomorrow.

Abby: Sure.

Ashley: Abby?

Abby: Yes.

Ashley: Never mind, um… I’ll call you.

Devon: Take care, guys. That was kind of chilly between you two.

Abby: I am just so angry with her.

Devon: Why are you angry? What did she do?

Abby: You know, I think my instincts were wrong about tucker. He’s not pushing this feud between my mom and uncle. She is. And if she pushes too far, there’ll be no coming back.

Summer: I know that at some point, I am gonna have to set some stronger boundaries with my mom. I mean, at least, if I want to live a sane, somewhat normal life. But it’s not gonna be easy.

Chance: Well, of course. It’s your mother and you love her.

Summer: At what cost though, right? I think that I’m finally, realizing that she’s not gonna change, ever. So, I– I’ve got to be the one that finds a better way.

Chance: You’re gonna figure it out. I got no doubt in my mind. And if you ever want to talk, I will be here to listen.

Summer: Thank you. I really needed to get all of that stuff out.

Chance: Yeah, and look at that, you didn’t once admit to anything sounding like a future crime.

[ Both chuckling ]

Summer: So, this really was all friend-to-friend, right? Not friend to cop?

Chance: Friend to friend.

Daniel: Wait.

Lily: What?

Daniel: Don’t move. I want to draw you just like this.

[ Lily chuckling ] Thank you.

[ Lily chuckling ]

Lily: You’re welcome.

[ Pencil scraping ]

Adam: So, tucker mccall… literally, has your freedom in his hands.

[ Phyllis sighing ]

Phyllis: Yes. And if I go to prison, you know, that’s really bad for you, because then, I can’t work for you. And you know there’s no one better.

[ Adam laughing ]

Adam: You know, phyllis, I have always admired your ability to, um, keep playing poker even though you’ve just revealed you have a pretty lousy hand.

Phyllis: Are you gonna help me?

Adam: I have to think about it.

Phyllis: Don’t think too long.

[ Adam sighing ]

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