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and I’ve been dealing with a high-level security firm lately. Have you heard of pikeman? Yes, I’ve heard of pikeman. You don’t want anything to do with them. Too late. What do you mean? How involved are you with them? Well… hey, I heard you two were out here. Dante, hi. Hey. Am I, uh, interrupting? It’s always good to see you. I realize I haven’t seen you since, uh, your boy dex there called about a dead body in the alley outside of G.H. I am so happy that you’re having a sleepover with me and donna and I have someone to make cookies with. Because donna’s too little to bake. She is.

[ Knock on door ] Mommy! Ava: Hi! Hello, sweetheart, hi. Mommy, why are you here? I’m spending the night with mama carly and donna. That’s a good question, ava. What’s going on? Well, I just wanted to see my little girl. That’s all. Hey. Gregory: Hey, don’t tell me. Uh, you called me here because there’s a big story about to break, or maybe a-a scoop you can’t trust anyone else with? So what is it? Political? International? Nothing like that. Well, don’t keep me in suspense. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. It’s not about work. Well, then, what’s it about? You. It’s about your als. Someone else knows. Moll? I’m home, baby. Hi. Hey.

[ Chuckles ] Wow. What’s all this? I thought we could use a relaxing dinner with a nice malbec. Oh, you spoil me. Thank you. How are you holding up? Oh. Here. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Today’s been good for a lot of reasons. Good. Let’s hear one. Okay, I’ll give you two. My foot is feeling so much better. Great. And… this.

[ Both laugh ] Where is the doctor and that gurney? We need them in the library now. Cyrus, come on. Stay with me. Stay with me. Come on, man.

[ Eerie music plays ] Uh… oh. What the…

[ Rattles ] No, no, no. This is wrong. I don’t belong here. Woman: Of course you do. This is exactly where you deserve to be for eternity.

Why is dex — I mean, this kid is literally — he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time again. Dex was just throwing something away in the dumpster in the alley at G.H. He sees a-a body. Can you imagine? Yeah. That’s what he said. A body? And then he — you know what? He was a good citizen. He made a call. Yeah, like I said, he said the same thing. But the thing is, normally your people don’t call my people, so it’s just a little weird. Oh. [ Laughs ] We do what we can. I just hope that you — you find whoever did this. Well, I got chase working on it. I’m working on some other things. Hey. Hi, dad. Hi. Hi. Mwah. Hey, anna. Hi, kristina. What are you two doing here together? Oh, did dante bring you here? Yes, ugh. My car broke down on my way home, even though i just had it fixed. So, yeah, I called dante to give me a ride, and he offered to buy me a drink. So here we are. I just had to make a quick call. The waitress at charlie’S. Everything alright? Yeah. All good. Well, I’m just glad that he was there to pick you up. Yes. Yeah, maybe, you know, kristina just has to figure out what roadside assistance is. Oh, that is hilarious. Come on, let’s go to the bar, get you a drink. No, wh– the bar’s crowded. No, it’s — let’s just pull up a chair and sit with dad and anna. Okay. Right? So have you two figured out why you almost got shot? I love that after 11 years, I’m still learning new things about you. Tell me, how did this reunion between you and… valiant. Valiant. Can I? Mm-hmm. How did this reunion between you and valiant happen? My sister. Sam? No, kristina. What are you talking about? Tracy quartermaine called me. Yeah, I had — I had dinner with tracy tonight. It was pleasant. We didn’t fight, got along pretty well. Not sure why she would have called you about me. Because when you went to pick up the check, she noticed that your hand froze or shook and you weren’t able to pick up the card from the table. Yeah, I, uh, passed it off as a symptom of old age. Too many years writing on a blackboard. Well, unfortunately, she wasn’t convinced. She’s very self-absorbed, but she’s blunt, and she doesn’t miss a trick. She called me and specifically asked me if there was anything wrong with you.

[ Sighs ] This is a surprise, ava. You here to pick up avery? I want to stay. Please, mommy? We just made cookies, and donna and I are gonna watch the movie “frozen.” Of course you can stay. Thanks. I won’t steal you away from your movie. Thank you, mommy. You’re welcome. I love you. I love you, too. Here you go. Share with donna, okay? Okay. Enjoy the movie. I-I’m sorry for dropping by unannounced. I just — I-I needed to see avery. What’s going on? Does this have anything to do with avery’s new nanny? Okay, he’s lost consciousness, but he’s still got a pulse. How long until the doctor gets here? We got a partial lockdown. A fight broke out in c-block, and the doctor can’t get through. Okay, come on, cyrus. It’s okay, man. Hang in there. No, this isn’t real! I-I — it can’t be. I’m — I’m hallucinating. You’re not hallucinating. You’re dying, cyrus. No, I won’t accept that! I am not done! Not even close! You spent your whole life wanting your own way and using any means possible to get it. But there are some things that you can’t control. No matter how determined or powerful or ruthless you may be, in the end, we’re just mortal. This can’t be the end. Not like this. You built this prison, cyrus, from your own selfish ambitions and your cruelty to other people and your lust for power. You know, if you didn’t want to see this as you were passing from one world to the next, you should have made different choices. Oh, but, sister… I tried.

Tequila soda, please. You got it. I’ll have a bourbon, neat, please. Thank you. I’ll have another club soda. I’m good, thank you. Thank you.Alright. No problem. Be right out. Thank you. Okay, I am going to go freshen up, but you two are not off the hook. I want to hear everything you know when I get back.

[ Laughs ] Okay. She’s not gonna let up, you know that. I-I — you know, she’s a force of nature. I like that. Yeah, she’s got good instincts, too. Were you two here talking about the shooting? Did you learn something new? No, we’re just — we’re just throwing things around. We didn’t arrange to meet or anything. I was having a couple of glasses of wine and your father joined me. Well, it’s as good a time as any to talk about the fact that the wsb might want you dead or someone else wants to kill you. Hey, trish. Hi. My brother and my dad were exactly where you said they would be on the terrace. Thank you. Of course. Just doing my job. You’re very good at it. You are an excellent host. And I’m not just saying that, either. I know. I’m in the hospitality industry. That’s right. You work at charlie’S. Yeah. Are you gonna be able to work at charlie’s when you open up this youth center? I mean, that is what you’re doing, right? You’re opening up a youth center for lgbtq+ kids? And what did you tell tracy? I told tracy that as far as I know, you are in good health, which we both know is a lie. Yeah. I’m — I’m sorry. I know you’re not comfortable with the situation, but I appreciate you covering for me. Gregory, how much longer do you think you’re gonna be able to cover this up? I just wanted to give my daughter a kiss good night, and now that I have, I’ll be on my way. Oh, come on, ava. Sonny calls me out of the blue and asks me to take avery for the night — which is no problem, I love having her, but the timing of this coincides with sonny’s random decision to get avery a new nanny, which doesn’t make any sense, because pilar is capable of taking care of both girls. Carly, there was an incident at the park involving pilar, and sonny and i decided to replace her. Yes, I know what happened at the park. Sonny told me. Pilar’s a wreck about it. She — she feels awful for taking her eyes off avery. Okay, so avery told me about her new nanny, betty. She said she’s really nice. She is. Really? Because josslyn ran into her at the pool and she doesn’t agree. So who’s telling the truth? How’s he doing? I can’t get a pulse. Alright. I’m starting cpr. We need a defibrillator to get his heart started. Please get one. I tried to be better for you, laura. For you. You know how you used to quote those bible verses? They contain so much wisdom, wisdom about what really matters in life. Do you remember the one… “the greatest of these is love”? Of — of course. It’s 1 corinthians 13:13. How many times did you quote that? Oh. A lot. And did you understand it? Really understand it? Because you were given so many opportunities to love and be loved and you threw them all away. The one I regret throwing away the most… was you. I wanted to love you. That’s me before dawn powerwash. Soaking, scrubbing…that’s life. Was life. Now, powerwash gives me the power of an overnight soak in minutes. I’m sorry, minutes? With 3 cleaning boosters… not found in traditional dish soaps that help break down, loosen and lift away food and grease… so much faster! Tougher mess? Let the suds sit a few minutes before wiping. Even cleans… the grill! Thank you! New ziploc stay open design. The only bag with a fold line and patented stand-up bottom. So you can fill it up, zip and parent. Unlock a second set of hands. Unloc life. Sc johnson. Meet gold bond healing. A powerhouse lotion that moisturizes, heals, and smooths dry skin. With 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins, you can pay more but you can’t get more. Gold bond. Champion your skin. Open talenti and raise the jar to gelato made from scratch. Raise the jar to flavors from the world’s finest ingredients. And now, from jars to bars. New talenti gelato and sorbetto mini bars. I cannot imagine why josslyn doesn’t like betty. A-avery thinks she’s great. Do you? Do you like betty? Yeah. When I saw you in sonny’s office earlier, you seemed really tense, and you don’t seem any more relaxed now. This is really none of your business, carly. Sonny made it my business when he called me. You know what’s intriguing to me? I’m sure you’ll tell me. You and sonny didn’t appear to be fighting, and, man, that — that says a lot. You have something to say, carly? Why don’t you just say it? You and sonny aren’t fighting. You brought in a new nanny who no one likes, and instead of avery spending the night with the new nanny or you, sonny wants avery to stay with me. You know what that tells me, ava? That you’re up to your old tricks. Your father came up with an interesting theory. Oh, yeah? Let’s hear it. The releasing of my wsb files, along with all the information about me being a double agent, could be more than just a sick, posthumous revenge tactic of victor’S. But we got to figure out what more there is to it, because victor was hell-bent on revenge. Yes. He — he was the director of the wsb for a lot of years. He had access to your file, which is when he obviously could have read it. The timing feels too convenient. How so? Maybe it’s somebody who’s currently in the wsb who released all that information to make her look bad. They want her out. She’s a good agent and they don’t want her looking around. Well, that explains a lot. Yes. Yeah. I-I’m starting up an lgbtqia+ youth center here in port charles. The idea is to provide temporary housing. Why do you ask? Oh, nina was telling me about it. Nina? Oh, yeah. She brags about you all the time. She thinks the work that you’re doing is amazing. I-I-I didn’t know she felt that way. For what it’s worth, nina and your dad are really proud of you, and I think what you’re doing is great. I mean, all the lives that you’re gonna touch and save? I-I don’t know about saving lives, but thank you. I’m just — I’m — I’m hoping I can create a safe space where people can just be themselves. You know, they don’t have to worry about being bullied or judged or worse. I wish a place like that existed for my brother. Your brother? Yeah, his name is teddy. And when he was 15 years old, my parents threw him out of the house. Oh, my god. That’s terrible. Do you mind if I ask what happened? No. I mean, he was guilty of being himself. And then one day, my parents caught him fooling around with a boy, and my dad went ballistic, and he said, “teddy, no son of mine is gonna be gay.” And they forced him out of the house. Oh, my god. At — at 15? That is — that’s terrible. D-do you know where he ended up going? Oh. [ Sighs ] He took off for the city and we never heard from him again. Last I heard, he was living on the streets, and I don’t know if — if he’s safe or if he even has money for food. So this is why it’s incredible that you’re opening up this center, kristina. It’s so important. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Okay, I got to get back to work. Yeah, totally. Kristina? Mm-hmm? Thank you for doing this. Thank you. I mean, for all the teddys of the world, and it personally means so much to me. So good luck to you. Thank you. And don’t forget, invite me to the opening. Yes, you got it. Okay. Of course. Thanks. I know kristina is not your favorite person right now, but she really seemed to be trying. It was — it was nice of her to come over a-and check on me. I can tell her visit brightened your day.

[ Chuckles ] It did. It was really nice to just hang out together again. Did she ask you about being our surrogate? No, not a word. We just — we talked about old times together and — and the youth center she’s starting. But you were thinking it, weren’t you? I’ll admit, I’ve been… I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things, and I want to talk them all through with you, because whatever happens next, we have to be on the same page. Come on, man. Come on. Don’t do this, cyrus. Fight! You need to get the lockdown lifted and let the doctor through. We need a defibrillator in the library! That is unacceptable! If we don’t get it down here, this man will die! I was so careful, laura. I made sure to leave you bread crumbs that I knew you were smart enough to follow, and they all led straight to me and the realization that I was your brother. Well, you and martin. Yeah, and marty. He was always the good son, but he had his faults. We all do. But marty never made the big mistakes, the life-altering ones, like you and I did. I definitely made my share of mistakes. Yes, and the more I dug around in your history, the more I felt like… we were kindred souls. You and i are so much alike, and if you could just recognize that, then maybe I wouldn’t feel so alone anymore. I’d have someone to confide in, someone who cared about me. And — and in return, I could have someone to take care of, my — my little sister. W

But you could have just told me that I was your sister. Instead, you manipulated me because you wanted to control the situation. But those manipulations led to your ruin, and eventually, they led you to hold me hostage. But I would never have hurt you, laura. Cyrus, it’s just the two of us now. There’s no need to lie here. There’s no point anymore. You created all of this with your pride, with your anger, with your hurt feelings. Right?

[ Exhales deeply ] Right? Isn’t that really what’s at the bottom of all of this, is all of that pain… oh… …all of those hurt feelings? Because hurt people lash out and hurt other people. But nothing like you’re capable of. The night I held you hostage, there was a moment where I-I-i thought I was going to die. And, uh… I was gonna take you with me so I didn’t have to be alone. But then I looked at you. I couldn’t do it. I knew the police were out there and I gave them the opening, and they stopped me. I did for you. You told me weeks ago what might happen to you — the cramping, the slurred speech, the muscle imbalance. I’ve already seen evidence of those things. I know you have. No matter how hard you try to cover this up, your body is starting to betray you. So how much longer do you think you can hide this? I’m right, aren’t I? You’re in trouble, and sonny’s helping for avery’s sake. How far are you gonna push this, carly? Come on. You stop by just to say good night? You’re gonna tell me that’s all this is? You know, if the only way for me to end this interrogation is to take avery home, then I will go and get my daughter. You do that, and I’ll tell sonny you came by and grabbed avery. The girls will be disappointed, but hell, they’ve seen “frozen” a thousand times. Go ahead. Take avery. Only thing we know for sure is that gun that was used should have been locked up at a wsb facility in berlin. And the only people with access to it would be inside the agency. Okay, well, there we have it, then. It’s got to be an inside job. Yeah. Whoever, they knew victor had your file. Maybe they’re even the ones who gave it to him. They knew once the file was released that anna would be disgraced and arrested. Well, they got one part right. I was certainly disgraced. Yeah, but you weren’t arrested. You got out in front of it. You resigned from the wsb. I was forced to. Be that as it may, you’re walking around free. I-I don’t know if looking over your shoulder every five minutes is free. Right, but that explains the shot at you. Whoever it is considers you a threat. They either took the shot themselves or hired someone else to do it. Did what themselves? Take a shot at anna?

Be honest. How are you feeling about all this? Do you really want to be a father? Yes or no? More than anything, yes. Do you want the child to have your dna? Baby, I would love our child no matter what, and you and I will make the best parents any kid could ask for, regardless of their dna. I know that you would love our child no matter what, but you didn’t answer my question. Do you want our child to have your dna? Would that be my preference to have our child be biologically mine? Yes, I’d like that. And — and how soon down the road are you thinking? A year, two, maybe three? I’m ready now. I’m ready now. I am, too, to all of it. I-I want a baby. I want you to be the biological father. And… the sooner the better. Which means we need to find a surrogate. Which leads us to our next question. Will it be kristina? You’re right, alexis. My symptoms have gotten more frequent and they’re getting more severe, which makes whatever time I have left that much more precious before chase and finn find out I have als. Gregory, you have one son who’s a doctor and you have one son that’s a detective. How long do you think it’s gonna be before they figure it out? This may be my last days, maybe weeks before they notice and they have to start being afraid of me. They’re not gonna be afraid of you. They’re gonna love and support you.

[ Scoffs ] Once they know, all they’re going to see is my disease. But right now, they look at me, they still see their dad, not someone whose terrible decline is looming on the horizon, wondering if my end is near. If it makes you feel any better, for what it’s worth, none of us really know how much time we’ve got left. Yeah, you’re right. But I just want to enjoy what little time I have left with them without them worrying about it getting cut short. And my ending will be terrible, so I just want to stop and savor these good times while I still can, while I’m still able to. Is that so wrong? Uh, we were just speculating. Kristina, can I — can I talk to you for a second? Yeah, sure. So what’s going on? If I hadn’t happened to run into you guys, something tells me you weren’t gonna call me and fill me in. Fill you in on what? Speculation? We’re supposed to be working together. We will… when there’s something to work. I thought there was some– I thought you wanted to be the bait. You wanted to try and draw out the shooter. I don’t know. I think I’ve reconsidered. I’m not on a mission, dante. I’m not undercover. I don’t have a badge. I’m a private citizen, and I happen to be one that can protect herself. Are you sure about that? What happens if my old man’s theory is right and it is someone inside the wsb, someone that wants you out of the way? So here’s — here’s the thing. I-I have a problem with you driving a car that’s not reliable. Dad, it’s fine. It’s — it’s in the shop. It’s getting fixed. It’s all good. Okay, here’s what I’m gonna do for you. I’m gonna buy you a new car, okay? So you don’t have to worry about it breaking down. No, dad, you’re not. You’ve already done enough for me as it is. You’re getting the youth center up and running, and that is way more important to me than a new car. So, no, I am not letting you buy me one. You let the police shoot you for me? I didn’t want anything to happen to you. I-I-I-I… I needed to protect you from me. You don’t believe me, do you? I do believe you. You made a very brave choice that night to let both of us live on. Thank you for that. And in doing so, you gave us both the opportunity to do better.

[ Laughs ] You don’t need to do better, laura. Of course I do. Of course I do. I was angry with you and I-I let my anger blind me at times. I-I was quick to judge you, and I turned my back on you when instead, I should have been reaching out to you and trying to help you, so that leaves a lot of room for me to do better. B-b-but you couldn’t have redeemed me. T-that doesn’t fall on your shoulders. I know that now, because in the end, we all have to save ourselves. But do you want to? Because you’re the only one keeping you locked in here. Don’t go, laura. Please don’t go.

[ Gasps ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Hey, there he is. There he is. Come on. Come on, cyrus. Hang in there. The doctor’s on his way. Okay, man? Alright. Alright. Alright.

It wasn’t fair of me to put you in a position to have to keep my secret. It wasn’t fair of me to put you in a position to have to tell me your secret when you weren’t ready. Hey, listen, you know, it’s your diagnosis. You tell someone whenever you’re damn well ready. I appreciate that. And I intend to tell chase and finn soon. Promise? I promise. But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy every minute I have left living a normal life. Alexis, I’m grateful for your confidence and our friendship. You know, I’ve — I’ve thought about this a lot, and I-I talked it through with my mom. Okay. I don’t want to ask kristina to carry our child. Are you sure? Yes. And although I’m — I’m certain she would do it for us, I just — I don’t think she fully understands the demands or the commitment that it would be for her. I’m relieved, honestly. Kristina doesn’t need the added weight of being our surrogate while she’s trying to get the youth center started. I think it would be better for all of us if we registered with a service, work out the legal and monetary arrangements, and start interviewing candidates who actually know what to expect. How do you know so much about this? Well, I started doing some research just in case we ended up going this route. Why didn’t you tell me? Baby, I didn’t want to pressure you with this right away. I-I don’t feel pressure at all. We both want this, and that makes me feel hopeful. So… we’re having a baby.

[ Both laugh ] We’re having a baby? Yes! Valiant, you hear that? We are having a baby. We’re having a baby!

[ Both laugh ] We’re gonna have a baby. Whoo! Did you know nina’s been bragging about me? No, I didn’t know that, but it doesn’t surprise me ’cause she’s proud of you. Yeah, she told trish about me starting up the corinthos-davis house. Well, see, now, nina can see for herself that, uh, you’re gonna change the world. I kinda think I’m starting to see that for myself, too. I mean, admittedly, I still have my doubts, but… everybody has doubts, but you know what you do with doubts? You just move through it. Dad! That was a good one.

[ Chuckles ] If sonny’s right and i am being targeted by someone on the inside of the bureau, then a bodyguard’s not gonna do me any good. Why not? Because no one can beat the big, bad wsb? No. ‘Cause they’ll never come at me the same way twice. I’m gonna take kristina home tonight. Thank you for, uh, you know, bringing her by. Thank you. Yeah, yeah, no problem. Anytime. Bye, sonny. Bye. Bye. Bye, anna. Alright, I’ll see you later. If I’m being targeted, then the shooting at the pool was a one-off. If it had worked, fine, I would be dead. But it didn’t work. And if my enemy is indeed inside the bureau, then they’re not gonna want to call attention to themselves, and they’re gonna go to ground and wait months, a year, maybe, before they try again. You really want to be glued to my side for that amount of time? Yeah. You know, it’s gonna play havoc with your job, not to mention your personal life. Alright, anna. You’re driving this point home pretty good. I think I get it. Okay, well, here’s another point. Hmm? As I mentioned, they won’t use the same method twice. Bureau’s got a lot of dirty tricks up their sleeve, and it’s impossible to safeguard against all of them, even if someone was glued to my side 24/7, which we’ve now agreed that you won’t be. Alright. I’ll stand down. But if something changes, you got to let me know. Yeah. You’ll be my first call. You have my word. You know what I think? I think sonny wants avery here because she’s safe, and so do you. We paused the movie. Donna and I need more cookies. Okay, alright. While carly is getting you those cookies, why don’t you give me the biggest hug ever? Ever? Ever! Ooh, there it is! Oh, big enough that I could take it home and keep it all night. Oh, sweetheart, do you know how much I love you? How much? I love you so much. I love you, too. I would do anything for you. Okay. Here you go. Alright, no more. Whatever you and sonny are up to, I hope you know what you’re doing. Thank you, carly.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] I’ve called ahead to G.H. They’re expecting him. Let’s go. Man’s alive because of you. Not just ’cause of me. I mean, you could have refused to let me help him, so you had a big part in that, too.

[ Cellphone rings ] Yes, uh, paramedics just took him to G.H. Got it. Where do you think you’re going? What do you mean? You were busted for fighting. I’m taking you to solitary. Are you kidding me right now? I was defending myself! The guy came at me with a shiv! I was just trying to stay alive!

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