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At least it’s not Nicole. That’s all you’ve got to say about the idea that your brother is fathering a child with a woman like Sloane Peterson? No, I know you don’t know her. I’m just telling you that she seems like bad news to me. I just, I don’t want him to end up in the same situation that Brady is in with Kristen, okay?

Yes. Yes. Call him. Honey, look, I’ve gotta go. Uh, John is due home soon. He’s home.

I love you. I’ll talk to you soon. Hello. Good luck.

I didn’t even hear you open the door. I’m still stealth. God, I miss you. I miss you. But that trip to L. A. worked miracles because we’ve got our Abraham back now.

I am so happy to see you. I’m happy to see you. I can’t believe I’m going to see Abe again. I know what you mean. When they wheeled him off the elevator, I, I felt such a sense of relief. I bet. So how’s he doing? Well, we’re going to release him from the hospital today. He finally gets to go home.

Oh. Oh.

Hmm. Oh. I wonder if I should have said, uh, Welcome home, Mr. Mayor. Well, we don’t know if that remembers being the mayor. Oh, you’re right, you’re right. And I’m the only one who calls him Abraham. Maybe, maybe I should have just put Abe on the banner. Oh, does it look a No, no, it’s fine. Everything looks great.

Oh, here I am going on about a banter when you just spent your last day here getting this place fixed up. Roman and Kate actually did most of the work. Oh, I want everything to be perfect for your daddy. And it is.

I can’t remember being so happy. Well, my Abraham’s alive and he’s finally coming home. Oh my

God, Abe! I was here last night, but they said that they were doing all kinds of tests, so I didn’t get to see you for myself. But, it’s really you. It’s really me. I brought these for you. Oh, thank you. Whoa, look at it. They’re a favorite. Wow. Mmm. Mmm. Delicious. Do you remember Bear Claus?

I remember you.

Crazy about Abe, huh? Unbelievable. Wow. But that poor man went through because of that crazy woman. Speaking of crazy women, where the hell is Kristen? She’ll be here. Yeah, yeah. Maybe she lost her phone. Maybe she has no idea that the judge wanted to see us today. Maybe she’ll miss the meeting altogether. Or maybe she just likes to make an entrance.

Or maybe she’ll miss the meeting and the judge will realize how irresponsible she is and then we’ll just keep everything the way it is. Brady, Kristen negotiated this rotten deal. You better believe she’s gonna see it through. The best thing you can do is accept that. Oh my god, I’m right here. You, you are late.

Yes, I was at a wedding and, uh, that’s when I got the call from the judge’s office. It was actually two weddings, my brother and my nephews. Dimitri and Stefan. You’re all about family. Okay. There’s… It’s not a problem here, is there? I mean, Brady and I did sign the request for the shared custody.

You may be seated. I want to thank you for appearing here on such short notice. It’s no problem. Your Honor, I mean, I’d do anything for our daughter. I’m glad to hear that because Rachel’s best interest is my first priority. I’ve looked over your request to amend your current custody arrangement, and I wanted to talk to you about…

Wait, no, no, no. Um, Brady and I want shared custody now. Um, we both signed the papers that you have, and as soon as you approve them, then we can… I’m sorry, Ms. DiMera. I can’t do that.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

What do you think, Theo? Do we have enough? Isn’t my dad supposed to eat all that? No. I just want to have everything he likes here. Um, just in case. In case what? Food can trigger memories, uh, you know? Oh, like personal metal lines. Yeah, that. Excellent example. Abraham could take one bite of the right thing and it could all come back to him.

But what if I’m missing the right thing? I think you got it covered. You sure? I mean, uh, what’s his favorite thing that your mama made? Well, my mom didn’t really cook that much, but um, they loved this clam pizza with red sauce. I will go, I’ll go call and order one. Uh, Paulina? Uh huh, what? Dad didn’t really know who Lonnie and I were, so, I’m just saying.

I don’t care how long it takes. I am not giving up.

Oh wait, and so while we’re here is this. Oh, she’s gonna be so happy that you recognize me. Oh, Chanel. Yes, yes, that’s me. I’m Chanel. I’m your stepdaughter. I know, I know. You came to visit me right after my surgery. You showed me pictures of us on your phone. Yes, of you and Mama on your wedding day. And then you confused Mama with Whitley, that nurse.

And then I was here when you came too. And you were really confused. And that woman, she took advantage of you. But that is all over now. Doesn’t matter anymore because you recognize me. I don’t know. I recognize you from coming to visit me. After my surgery, not before. And that’s, that’s where all my memories start.


Look, you seem like a, you seem like a very nice young woman. I’m very sorry. Yeah. Me too.

I’m sorry, your honor, but I don’t see what the problem is here. Um, with all due respect, Rachel’s father has already agreed to shared custody of our daughter. Now, if there’s a question of my fitness, as a parent, it’s with Mr. Black’s fitness.

My fitness? Your honor, my client is a devoted father. I’m not questioning Mr. Black’s feelings. It’s his actions that give me pause. I refer specifically to a police report that states you were recently arrested and charged with aggravated assault against your child’s mother. Your Honor, that was a misunderstanding.

Why don’t you help me understand, Mr. Black? Did you or did you not point a loaded gun at Ms. DiMera in the presence of your child?

Neat and tidy! Your father likes things picked up. Yeah, I heard that a lot when I was a teenager. Everything’s ready for him to come home. Ugh, except me. Ugh. With all the cooking and cleaning and decorating, I, I didn’t take the time to change into something fancy or put on some makeup. Helena, you look perfect just the way you are.

Really? You sure? I am totally sure. And look at all the stuff you’ve done for Dad. You waited with him while he was in the hospital. You never stopped looking for him when he went missing. I mean, this is what he loved you for, Paulina. Your heart. Oh, bless your heart for being such a comfort to me. As you have always been to your father.

No, you know, more than a comfort. A source of pride. And when your dad gets his memory back… He is going to remember how damn proud he is. Hmm. Come here.

I hope it doesn’t make you feel too pressured. You know? Everyone wanting you to remember. Especially Mama. Paulina. The real Paulina. When they told us you drowned. You didn’t see what it did to her. What it did to everyone who loves you. I heard that. Yeah, she was like a, a different person, but she’s herself again, and she is making sure that everything is ready for you when you come home.

She got up at 5 a. m. this morning, and she started cooking and cleaning, and she hates all that, but she didn’t mind it today, because you are coming home to her. I mean, I, uh, I don’t want anyone making a fuss over me. Not Paulina, or you, or my sons, or my, my friends. I mean, they’ve had all this trouble all because of me.

Because of what happened to you. Man, well, you’re just gonna have to deal with the fuss because, uh, Paulina, she is a force of nature and she is crazy in love with you. I’ve been told by a lot of people that… I love her just as much.

You don’t know what I would give. Feel that love right now.

Has he remembered anything at all? No. His memory starts right when he woke up from surgery. Oh, wow. Afraid to have to see all those people telling him how happy they are that he’s alive. And he doesn’t recognize any of them. I know. Marlena thinks that it’s an emotional block. She tried hypnosis, but it didn’t work.

I mean, I know Abe is so frustrated. I mean, he really wants to remember.

So the hypnosis didn’t work? No. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot that we don’t know about the workings of the human brain. Maybe we just need to give him a little more time. Yeah. Maybe that’s right. At least he’s gonna be surrounded by people who really love him now. Yes. And everybody has to be patient.

And they have to accept reality. What reality? It may not be a matter of time. Abe may never get his memory back.

Your Honor. Port is correct, but there are extenuating circumstances here. I can’t think of a single circumstance that excuses your behavior, especially with your daughter in the room. Oh, no, no, no. I didn’t know my daughter was in the room. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know where my daughter was at all.

You see, I had gotten a call that she had run away from camp. And I knew that Kristen was behind that in some way, so I was desperate to make her tell me the truth about it. With a gun? I have learned through experience That you cannot reason with Kristen or appeal to her sense of decency, it just doesn’t work.

If you looked into her background, you would understand. We’re talking about your background now. Your Honor, Ms. DiMera has agreed not to press charges. That is not the point. Then what is the point? This isn’t the first time you’ve committed a crime involving your daughter, is it? You had her kidnapped last year.

No, there were no charges ever brought up. Charges or no charges, that’s what you did, Mr. Black. Your Honor. Rachel’s grandmother Marlena Evans and two other women had come down with this very mysterious virus. Kristen was the only person in the world that knew where this rare orchid was that was the only source of treatment that could save their lives.

An orchid could save their lives? You expect me to believe that? Yes your honor, it’s the truth. The only way to force her hand was to was to scare her. Into saving Marlena’s life. And you used your daughter to do it.

Hey, Doc, I just heard that whoever did this to Abe is in court today. Colin Bedford, yes. That’s right. Yeah. Well, Steve and I, we brought back Whitley. He’s an accomplice who’s from L. A., so he’s enjoying the hospitality of the Salem PD right now. Good work. You know, at least, though, the kid knew that what he did was wrong.

He gave us a full confession. Yeah, I heard he was an actor. That is why Whitley used him. She wanted to pass him off as Eve’s son, Theo. You got this. Look, I know you can handle this without me, bro. Right, right. Yeah, you too. Alright, talk soon. Well, I just finished straightening up the kitchen, putting on a little makeup.

Even though you said I look perfect, bless your heart. You always look beautiful, Polina. Oh, you always know the right thing to say. So, uh, what time does your flight leave, honey? I’m actually going to cancel it. What? I just got off the phone with JJ, told him I’m not going to be back just yet. I want to be here to help you, Thad.

You’ll do no such thing. But Paulina No arguments! Now, as much as I like having you here, you, you need to go back to Johannesburg and close that deal you’re about to make with, uh, your company. It just, it doesn’t feel right going back the same day that Dad’s getting out of the hospital. Theo, darling, darling, as soon as your dad starts to remember you, I promise you.

I will call you, and, uh, he will make it clear to you that he wants you to live your life fully, and even if you’re a thousand miles away, he knows he’s in your heart, just like you’re in his.

Okay? And that lowlife little actor posing as Theo. Confusing Abe more than he already was. I really hope Melinda Trask throws the book at that punk. Well, at least he finally folded. And he told you that Abe was still alive and where he was. I mean, if he hadn’t done that, the police might not have gotten to Whitley’s apartment in time.

Yeah. So what’s the latest update on the nurse of the year? Well, as it turns out, I mean, this is no excuse for her behavior. But she had a, uh, traumatic event last year. How so? Her husband died suddenly. From carbon monoxide poisoning from a malfunctioning space heater. She feels responsible for it. In fact, she hasn’t been able to handle it.

So she kidnapped herself a new husband? Marlena thinks she had a break with reality. And yet she was able to function here as a nurse. Crazy, huh? Yeah. So you really think she had this break? Or did she decide that a stint in Bayview would be easier than doing a hard time in prison? Marlena says she’s not faking it.

Well, you know what? I don’t care how traumatized her crazy nurse king was. The fact is, she had the wherewithal to kidnap Abe and make his friends and family believe that he was dead. She replaced his world with a world full of lies. And worst of all, she might have cost Abe the chance to ever remember who he is.

You need to remember your life here, Abe. I just know it. When you get home, and you see Mama, something is gonna happen. And you are going to remember how much you love her. I sincerely hope you’re right. And if I’m wrong? Well, let me tell you something about your wife. There is no quit in Paulina Price. So she will move heaven and earth to make you remember.

Either that… Or… She’ll just make you fall in love with her all over again.


Oh my God. It is so damn good to see you, buddy.

It’s really good to see you.

So here, you’re going home today. That’s what they tell me.

I’m guessing you don’t know who the hell we are. Huh? Uh. I’m supposed to though, right? Hey, don’t you worry about it. We’ll take you any way we can get you. That’s a fact. Alright, Abraham Carver, my name is John Black. And I’m Steve, Steve Johnson. And the three of us, the three of us, Abraham Carver, Steve Johnson, and John Black, the three of us have been good friends for a very long time.

Yeah, the best. And we’re so, we’re so happy to see you, man. We’re really happy.

Hey, partner. Hey. Now, we would have been here last night to hang with you, but we just, we just flew in from L. A. Yeah, we, uh… We chased down that kid who was pretending to be Theo, and we turned him over to the cops. Is, is he in a lot of trouble? Hell yeah, are you kidding me? He lied to the police. You know what he did?

He was the one that told the cops that he saw you walk off the dock, into the water, and you never came up. He’s the one that planted all the evidence. The hospital bracelet, your blood on the dock there, so, so Whitley King could convince everybody that you were dead. But you found her. We sure did.

The, um, woman, uh, your wife, the psychiatrist, I, uh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I heard her name just No, no, no, no. That’s right. Marlena, the psychiatrist is Marlena. I call her Doc. May I see? That’s why she found me. It was because of you. Yeah, we knew there was something bogus about how you supposedly died. I thank God we did, because, partner, you have got a hell of a lot of life left to live.

And we feel really blessed that we’ve been a part of that life. And we will be for years to come. That’s right. All right, now here’s how we’re gonna play this thing here. Steve and I, We’re gonna annoy you, we’re gonna, we’re gonna bore you, we’re going to frustrate you, but most importantly, we’re gonna do our damnedest to remind you.

Until you remember on your own just how much you mean to us.

Well, I hope John and Steve could maybe, you know, spark something in Abe. I mean, nothing has so far. Are you sure it’s okay for Abe to go home today? Well, there’s no reason to keep him. Other than his memory loss, I mean, his head injury is healed. The drugs that Whitley gave him are out of his system. He really has a clean bill of health.

So, physically, he’s okay now. Are you concerned about his mental health?

Look, we all want Abe to remember us. And he doesn’t. So I’m sure that… Must be causing him some pressure I’m just I’m afraid that if he feels pressured he he won’t know where to turn To get some help or support. I bet you two could tell me a whole lot about my life Well, we could And we will when you’re ready to hear it And we got stories.

Well, I’ll tell you, but right now, we just want you to know that you’re safe here. And you’re only going to be surrounded by people who love you and who respect you, Abe. That’s right. Good to know. Yeah. Alright, so listen, we’re going to get out of here, and um, and like you once told me, partner arrest is a weapon.

We’re gonna let you get some rest. And hey, remember, our numbers are in your phone. Steve Johnson, John Black. And you call if you need anything at all. That’s right. We’re gonna catch up, let you get home, get all settled in because trust me, you are in good hands with Paulina. That’s what I’ve heard. My dad is coming home, and I want to spend time with him.

And Theo, honey, you will. But for now, you need to go back to Johannesburg and take care of business. And I promise you, I promise you, I’ll call you the minute he starts to remember things, and then you can come back. The Abraham that we both remember and love would want you to. Are you sure about this? Who do you think you’re talking to?

I don’t do self doubt. Especially with people that I love. So, what if we, we both, we go to the hospital together and you can say your goodbye and I’ll finally be able to bring my man home.

Your Honor, my daughter Rachel was never in any kind of jeopardy whatsoever. She was actually with her uncle Eric and his partner at the time. What bothers me is that you have a pattern of using Rachel against her mother. No. No, that is actually Kristen DiMera’s pattern. And if you looked into her background, you would see that that was the case.

Have you looked into her background? Of course I have. I have reviewed Ms. DiMera’s criminal record and it was unsettling. But, since she received her pardon, her record is clean. Your Honor, she’s the one that took Rachel from camp. She hid her in the attic of the DiMera house, for God’s sake. Your Honor, I had no idea she was there.

That’s what the report says. It seems reasonable to me that given your behavior towards Rachel in the past, that Rachel was hiding from you. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever… That’s insane that you would even… Sorry. Calm, calm down. Be quiet.

I… As you know, I have had the opportunity to interview Rachel. And her love for her mother is unwavering. That fact and your behavior today, Mr. Black, have convinced me that my ruling is in Rachel’s best interest. I am awarding full custody of the minor child, Rachel Black, To her mother, Kristen

DiMera. This can’t be happening. Your Honor, listen to me. This woman is going to turn my daughter against me. Alright, I don’t care how well behaved she has been since she’s been out of prison, but she has not changed a bit. She will make Rachel’s life miserable, I’m telling you this. I know that’s how you see it.

But your own life is hardly above reproach. You were implicated in the apparent homicide of Philip Kiriakis. Your Honor, if I may address… I am speaking, Counselor. Children Rachel’s age are normally awarded to their mothers. Especially female children. The rulings against Ms. DiMera need to be corrected.

May I ask a question now, Your Honor? You may. Did Rachel tell you that she wants to live with her mother and only her mother? I mean, did she say that she wanted nothing to do with her father? Not in so many words, but her behavior speaks for itself. She tried repeatedly to get to her mother. She went so far as to take a rideshare to Statesville Prison in an apparent attempt to evade Mr.

Black’s control. My ruling stands and it will take effect immediately. Please deliver Rachel to Ms. DeMera by tomorrow. Court is adjourned.

We came here for shared custody, Kristen. Okay, only because I wouldn’t press charges against you for threatening me with a gun.

You know Rachel loves me. You know she needs me in her life. You know that. Brady, I know that. I know how you’re feeling right now. I know what it feels like to be kept from our daughter. Right, so please, tell the judge. Look, I’m not finished. I’m not finished. I’m not finished. I also know what it felt like to watch you try to replace me in Rachel’s life with Chloe Lane.

Oh my God, Chloe. I did not do that. And, uh, you and I don’t agree on much. But we do agree on what’s best for Rachel. Now, I listened to the judge lay out your case against you, and as much as I once loved you, I had to agree with her. Now I’m going to abide by her ruling. You’re going to listen to me now. I am going to abide by her ruling.

And I hope that you do too. And please do not worry, you will get to see your daughter. Your visits will have to be supervised. Of course.

Okay, Kristen, Kristen,

Abraham, I know your mind is all jumbled up right now, but please believe me. Okay. I am your wife and I love you very much. You’re awake. Hey there. My son, Brandon, right? No, um, no, I’m Theo. Hello, Abe. You probably don’t remember me, but I’m Dr. Kayla Johnson. Are you my doctor from before? Yes, I was. But I’m also a very close friend of yours.

And so is my husband, Steve.


son. Wait, does that mean No. I’m sorry, I didn’t remember you. Or anyone else yet. You will. Um, I came to say goodbye. I wish I could stay a little bit longer, but I own this small company, and we’re in the middle of these big negotiations, and my partner says I have to be there. Of course you do. But, I am only a phone call away.

So you say the word, and I will fly back. Thank you.

Um, could I, would you mind if I hugged you?

Just so you know, you’re the best father I could ever have.

That’s so nice of you something? Sure.

I’m scared. Of what?

You know, I’ve been told that I have, uh, A full life. Loving wife. Children. Grandchildren. Good friends.

But I’m, uh, I’m afraid that

I might never remember that life.

In your professional opinion, do you think that I should keep Abe here longer? Well, that wouldn’t change anything. Well, I mean, maybe we could protect Abe from the pressures of the people who love him. Well, possibly, but I do think he’ll have a better chance of getting his memory back if he’s at home. I think we have to manage our own expectations and not put too much pressure on Abe.

I’m not so sure Pauline is going to be able to do that. But you know what? I think calling this love is going to be very good for Abe right now. But, patience is not Pauline’s strong suit. Ah! Hey! Somebody!

I’m here to take my Are you going to handle this or am I? Perfect.

I’m so excited to take Abe home! Well, what? What? Why do you look so sad? Oh, oh, I I I’m not sad. Um, I I just, I know you know this, but I just want to remind you that we don’t have any guarantees that Abe is gonna get his memory back. Well, I can make him remember. But it doesn’t work like that. Well, it’s gonna work that way this time.

I am determined. I’m glad that you are determined. And I don’t… I don’t want to discourage you from your task. As if you could. As if I could. I will just remind you that, well, patience. Patience is a way to get what you want. Marlena, I’ll be both patient and determined. I promise you that and I also promise you that I will have my Abraham back.

The Abraham that remembers how much he is loved. Especially by me.

This is the first time you ever said you were scared. But I used to tell you that all the time. Were you afraid a lot? I was. But you helped me. So much. Do you know what you used to say? No. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. It’s what keeps us alive. But don’t let being afraid stop you from living. Oh, glad I was capable of a bit of wisdom.

More than a bit.

Yeah. Well, if it helped you, then I’m proud of both of us. Me too.

Okay, well, I gotta go, but I will call you all the time. I will look forward to that. And you can call me too. Okay? Whenever you want.

I’ll just remind you that, well, patience. Patience is a way to get what you want.

So! How do you feel about blowing this joint? I would like that very much.

You got any extra room in your hand luggage for some goodies? I will make room. You sure you don’t want me to drive you to the airport? I already got a car service. Don’t you have a bakery to run? So did you see Abe this morning? Yeah, me too. I told him that he can call me anytime, but I don’t think he’s actually going to.

So if he needs me, will you let me know? You have my word. I wouldn’t worry too much though. Mom is going to take real good care of him. Marlena

says that the best way to help Abe is to stop pressuring him to remember. Okay, got it. What was it like to see him? It was hard. But I got a few glimpses of the old Abe. Yeah. He’s alive, sweetness. Our prayers have been answered. Yes, they have.

I made that banner for you this morning. Thank you. Well. This is it. Uh, you’re home.

Anything look familiar to you?

Oh, Brady. Hey kid, what’s wrong? I

lost her.

Judge awarded. Full custody of Rachel too, Kristen.

Is that the ruling that awards me custody? Yes. You’ll get your own copy.

Oh my god. I just can’t believe it. I won. I won and Brady lost. You know, any decent mother would know that Brady’s not the only one who lost today. So did your daughter. Big time.

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