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[ Knocking on door ]

[ Sally chuckling ]

Nick: I missed this. I missed you.

Sally: I missed you.

[ Sally laughing ]

Nick: Are you, uh, glad you went?

Sally: I am. I feel like spending time with my sister and my grandmother did me a lot of good. Change of scenery, even quick, definitely made me see things more clearly.

Nick: See things more clearly in smoggy L.A.? Come on.

Sally: My sister, coco, grams and i spent a lot of time talking about everything that happened, and dealing with loss, coping with grief, and even though, I definitely have a long way to go, I feel like spending time with them gave me a huge head start to my healing. At least, I feel like it did.

Nick: Well, you look great.

Sally: Thank you.

Nick: I mean, you always look great, but you seem more– I don’t know, more at peace from when you left, you know? It looks good on you.

Sally: Thank you. Okay, enough about me. What did I miss? What’s the latest in genoa city?

Nick: Yeah, I mean, there are some news, but did I mention again, how much I missed this part?

Sharon: You know, our supper club was supposed to be about us trying new restaurants and different cuisines, yet, here we are at the same restaurant we’ve both been to 1,000 times before. But well, I was craving the empanadas.

Chance: I ordered something I’ve never had before, so that kind of counts, right?

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Chance: Yeah.

Sharon: You know, I’m surprised, though, that you haven’t tried everything on the menu, given that abby, oh, um–

[ Chance chuckling ] I’m sorry, I didn’t–

Chance: No, no, no, it’s fine, it’s fine. I’m not going to avoid the best restaurant in town just because my ex-wife owns it.

[ Laughing ] So, abby and I, were on good terms. Our new arrangement with dom’s going well, so all’s good.

Sharon: Glad to hear that.

Chance: Yeah, so I think we got a little sidetracked from the dessert menu. I want to hear about this new company, kirsten, mccall…

[ Imitates bang ]

Sharon: Adustus, which, I have to be honest, I’m really not that thrilled about the name.

Chance: Yeah, I think I’m with you. It’s rough. I think that’s latin for burned, right?

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Chance: Yeah, adam’s clearly, trying to send a message. I’m just not sure how many people are going to get it.

Sharon: I don’t think adam cares who gets it. He just amuses himself with his own inside jokes.

Chance: So, you still think this is the right move? Joining forces with adam?

Adam: Hey, chance. Why don’t you stay out of it, okay? It’s got nothing to do with you.

Tucker: So, the infighting has begun.

Ashley: Yeah, exactly as we were hoping. Diane wants to quit her job at jabot and jack doesn’t wanna let her. It’s kind of entertaining. Somewhat.

Tucker: Hm, sounds like I missed the good stuff.

Ashley: Mm-mm. You missed the best part. Jack said, in order to keep the peace, he wants to let me have his share of jabot. I can run with it wherever I want, to paris, across the street, whatever.

Tucker: That’s good news, isn’t it? That means we don’t have to go to war with them, we can just– away we go.

Ashley: Tucker… not so fast. That’s not how I want this to end.

Diane: Oh, god.

Jack: You’re not going anywhere.

Diane: Jack.

Jack: We are not giving in to her extortion. You want your part of jabot? Fine. Take it.

Diane: No.

Jack: I will sign whatever papers are necessary.

Diane: Jack, I won’t let you do that.

Jack: It is done.

Ashley: Are you serious?

Jack: I am dead serious.

Ashley: You’re so disgusting, jack. That you would actually give away such a large portion of the company you spent your whole life building because of her? Keeping her at jabot?

Jack: I will say it’s a hell of a lot better than tearing apart the family company.

Ashley: Just stop, jack. You’re actually willing to do this for diane.

Jack: I would do that and a lot more for the woman I love. What is wrong with you? All of this to get her out of the company, out of the family? You want war? I’m ending it right now.

Tucker: Hi. What’s going on?

Ashley: Jack’s caving.

Diane: No, he’s not.

Jack: Diane.

Diane: I will not let you throw it all away for me, I’m out.

[ Footsteps approaching ] You’re mad at me for telling ashley that I’ll walk away from jabot.

Jack: I’m not–

Diane: Yes, you are. It’s like I let you down or something. Look, I know we were excited to work together at jabot, but me stepping down as chief talent officer is the only thing that makes sense at this point. I can’t let you break apart your family company just to stop ashley.

[ Jack sighing ] Mmm, popcorn. With cirkul, your water is deliciously flavored at the turn of a dial, with zero sugar and zero calories. And c

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…she wants a chunk of jabot, she can we have no guarantee wn.

Jack: Come here. Sit down. Sit down. I don’t want you thinking you have to sacrifice your happiness to appease my sister.

Diane: Well, if it gets her to back off–

Jack: We have no guarantee that it will. She is the one who should feel guilty and ashamed for the way she’s treated you, the way she’s treated us. You’re no threat to the family company or to my father’s legacy. She wants a chunk of jabot, she can have it. Maybe, she’ll back off then. As long as she has tucker weighing her down, her chances of success are a lot slimmer than she thinks they are.

Diane: Yeah, but what if they are successful with their new venture? Especially, if they take ashley’s patents and research with them? No, jack, I’m not going to let you throw away any part of this company for me. It means too much to you and to me. It’s– it’s where we met. It’s part of our love story.

Jack: Ashley and I have done this dance before. Look, best case scenario, history repeats itself and we find our way back together.

Diane: Okay, well, what’s the worst case?

Jack: Worst case, the two of them implode. Their business goes down in flames and jabot gets everything back.

Diane: Hm.

Jack: Hey, this is my decision to make.

Diane: Well, I’m making a decision too. I’m not letting you walk away from this fight.

Ashley: I’m not backing down from this fight, tucker. If jack tears jabot into pieces, then I’ve accomplished nothing. I’m not going to risk my father’s legacy just for the hell of it.

Tucker: But don’t you think if jack hasn’t had an epiphany about diane up to now, he’s never going to? So, I say we just pull whatever assets we can from jabot, which would really give us a nice little foundation for our venture, and we let diane drag jack and jabot into the mud. That’s a winning strategy, my dear.

Ashley: Mm, is it really?

Tucker: Mm-hmm. You can’t save a man who’s determined to drown.

Adam: What’s going on here? I’m picking up on a different dynamic between you two.

Sharon: Um, what are you talking about, adam?

Adam: [ Laughs ] Come on. I asked you about your interest level in chance not that long ago, and you gave me the “we’re just friends” card. I mean, I would hate to think you weren’t being honest with me, sharon. I mean, I thought that we were friends. And I have to say, I’ve noticed you glowing every time you see this guy, and now, here you are dining together.

Chance: Friends can have dinner, adam. And not to mention, it’s really none of your business.

Adam: None of my business?

Chance: No.

Adam: But it’s your business to try to talk sharon out of working with me?

Chance: Well, I was just simply giving her my opinion as a friend, and I’ll tell you right to your face, I think she’s asking for big trouble partnering with you.

Adam: Based on what?

Chance: Well, for starters, the name of your company. I mean, that basically, says it all, doesn’t it? You’re bitter about being under your daddy’s thumb. You’re looking for sharon’s sympathy, and I don’t think you are capable of letting go of your anger. I think you’re gonna weaponize this new company and use it against victor somehow.

Adam: Those are a lot of assumptions based on hearsay, detective.

Chance: I know you pretty well.

Adam: Well, you did. A little, maybe, in the past, but you have no idea what’s going on inside my head right now. I could have accepted the fact that my father has my best interest at heart, and maybe, this move is for my benefit.

Chance: Yeah, that is possible. Not very likely.

Sharon: Let’s just give adam the benefit of the doubt. Besides, nick and i can keep him in line.

Adam: Oh, I don’t doubt that you will try.

Nick: So, I’m out. Nate’s in. And I told you, uh, dad has asked me to join forces with adam at the new, reinvented mccall unlimited.

Sally: So, you’re gonna go along with it.

Nick: You know, at first, I was annoyed that I was being shuffled around like one of dad’s chess pieces, but then, I saw the potential of the mccall thing. And then, when you pair it with kirsten’s old company, and then, sharon joining the team, I agreed to jump on board.

Sally: But I thought you liked working with your mother and your sister.

Nick: I do, very much. But newman enterprises is a well-oiled machine. The impact I could have there compared to what me, sharon and adam could do with this new thing, it’s a no-brainer. Now, I’m not happy that nate is the coo, but that’s not my problem, that’s victoria and dad’S. I’m focused on the future. And I’m very… very excited about that. Sweet pillows of softness!

Nick: The idea of turning two companies into one wildly successful entity is very appealing. Plus, if I could turn cameron’s blood money into something positive, I think it would do some real good.

Sally: Well, I love the enthusiasm. But what about the adam factor? So, you could get along and work side by side?

Nick: Well, sharon will be there to referee. Hopefully, she’ll prevent us from killing each other. Adam seems to be on his best behavior when sharon’s around, so we got that going for us. Plus, I’m really looking forward to working with sharon again. You know, we ran the coffeehouse a million years ago. We worked at newman and at restless style, so we make a good team. And I think our history and our mutual respect for one another will keep things running smoothly.

Sally: Well, if you are excited, I’m excited.

Nick: I’m excited.

Sally: I’m also really hungry. Would you like to go downstairs and get something to eat?

Nick: Yes.

Sally: Okay.

Victor: Thank you.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Oh, phyllis. You’re looking damn good for a dead woman. You know, I may have been thought of having died two or three times, but I’ve never deliberately tortured my family with that notion. You, on the other hand, allowed your daughter, summer, my granddaughter, to plan a memorial for you. I mean, who does that? Are you kidding? No one. You know that her marriage is in shambles. That’s because of you.

Phyllis: Yeah, I– I know that, I– I– I am very sorry for that. I already talked to summer about it.

Victor: And yet, she still wants to help you. She wants to… ask me to help her find that carson fellow who apparently, is the only one who can save you from going to jail.

Phyllis: Uh, well, don’t worry about it. He’s been found. You weren’t able to do it. Somebody else did it. So, excuse me, excuse me.

Victor: Phyllis. What you have done to my granddaughter… is unforgivable. And you will pay for it.

Tucker: Bravo. Uh, you want to stay for another one or go home and see what the nut jobs are up to?

Ashley: Hm. Both sound so much fun, but I think one behooves our future more than the other, so…

Tucker: Home it shall be.

Ashley: Yes. Oh, hi, phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey.

Tucker: How’s it going?

Phyllis: It’s going great. Where is he? What have you done with him?

Tucker: Where’s who? Oh, carson? Don’t worry about him. He’s fine. He’s safe and sound in a new location. I gotta tell you, I was not thrilled hearing that you had conceived a plan to put him in some kind of protective custody to keep him away from me.

Ashley: That doesn’t sound very fair.

Tucker: And not to mention, violating the terms of our arrangement.

Ashley: Does this mean we can’t trust you? Not that shocking, but…

Phyllis: Your fiancé is holding me hostage, do you know that? He’s trying to make me fight a war I don’t want to fight anymore. I want to move on from that. It– it seems like you’re part of it and you’re getting some sort of joy out of this.

Ashley: Listen, phyllis, you can’t begin to understand.

Jack: All right, I’m with you. We don’t let ashley win, but you don’t leave jabot either. My sister wants war, we will give her a war. She wants to fight dirty, I can fight dirtier.

Diane: No, no, no, jack, I don’t want you to do that–

Jack: We may not have an option here. Look, if we decide not to give in, if we decide to really fight, I guarantee you tucker mccall is gonna pull out every dirty trick he can even think of.

Diane: I’m sure you’re right, but I have a plan. “Look at this skin, baby.

Phyllis: What is this? Do I even want to know what’s going on here?

Tucker: Well, well, well, seems you might be done with the war, phyllis, but the war isn’t done with you.

Diane: Okay, call billy, and tell him that we–

Jack: I’m sorry, hold on. My assistant just sent me a link, said I need to check out leanna love’s website.

Diane: Ugh.

Leanna: What will the surprise resurrection of the former mrs. Jack abbott mean for the future mrs. Jack abbott? The two women share more than taste in men, apparently. Both have a penchant for faking their demise. Latest to do it, was phyllis summers, who had bride-to-be, diane jenkins, charged with murdering her one time rival, before it was revealed that reports of miss summers’ death were wildly exaggerated.

Jack: I’ll bet ashley is just eating this up.

Diane: Oh, yeah, and she’s gonna run with it.

Leanna: The deception is having wide repercussions, we hear. The abbott family is taking sides on who’s right and who’s wrong in this saga. With jack and diane’s son, kyle abbott, and his wife, phyllis’s daughter, summer newman-abbott, on opposite sides. Things have gotten so bad, supposedly, that both have divorce lawyers on speed dial. And on the business front, jack abbott has given his fiancée a top executive job at family company, jabot.

[ Laughs ] And not everyone is happy about that. Phyllis has turned herself in for her crimes and is awaiting trial, while diane can look forward to a wedding, sumptuous digs in the jabot executive suite, and a luxurious lifestyle in the abbott mansion. Miss summers is almost certainly on her way back to the slammer, where she’ll see her family only on visiting days. And that’s leanna love coming to you live. Don’t forget to tune in each day for more tidbits.

Tucker: Wow. Leanna made some good points here, phyllis. Ones you might want to consider, given that you were willing to betray the one man who would keep you out of prison. I don’t know, I think my– my confidence in you is shot. You might have to do something for me if you want to win it back.

Sharon: You didn’t say a word the whole walk back from dinner. Is it adam? Did running into him bother you?

Chance: You know what? Let’s not ruin a perfect night by talking about adam newman, okay? I’ll leave it with this, I’m willing to follow your lead and give this guy the benefit of the doubt, even though, I don’t think he deserves it, it’s fine. I’ll do it.

Sharon: I appreciate that.

Chance: Yeah.

Sharon: I think.

[ Both chuckling ]

Chance: I know you can handle him. I don’t think you should have to, but that is beside the point. Now, can we please, can we stop talking about adam newman and can we just get back to the more important things?

Victor: My boy. Join me. Please have a seat.

Sally: Thank you.

Victor: Sally. I want to offer my deepest condolences, okay? For you and my sons who have lost a child. That’s tough.

Sally: Yeah. Wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

Victor: Yeah. I’m very, very sorry. Um, but I’ve got to tell you that I admire the way you’ve handled yourself.

Sally: Thank you.

Nick: Where we going with this, dad? Somedays, I cover up because of my moderate

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Why do dermatologists

choose dove?

Phyllis: Do I even want to know what you have in mind?

Tucker: I don’t even know yet. I’m sure I’ll think of something though. Or maybe I’ll just drop the whole thing. Let you take your chances in court.

Ashley: Look, I’m not trying to be mean here, but it– it is kind of like karmic justice, isn’t it, phyllis? Because stark never would have come to genoa city if it hadn’t been for you.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Much to consider. Shall we?

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: Okay.

Ashley: Well.

Tucker: Good evening, phyllis. Hey, adam, how’s it going? It’s funny. I would never peg you for a jazz guy I would think country, you know. Here I am crying in my beer over my dog and my woman. That kind of thing.

[ Both laughing ] Hey, I’ll see you.

Ashley: Bye.

[ Adam clears throat ]

Phyllis: Thank you.

Adam: Oh, ooh. You’re looking a little frazzled, phyllis. Guess that’s to be expected given what you’re facing.

Phyllis: I’m not in the mood for you.

Adam: Yeah, from what I read, your, uh, situation is looking pretty dire. Key witness comes out of nowhere. Now, that screams payoff. I mean, if you did, I’m not throwing any shade. You know, I definitely would have done the same thing. But I don’t have a decades long history with the D.A. Who would love nothing more than to throw me in jail. But if anybody can do it, it’s you, phyllis. So, I have faith in you.

Phyllis: You need to stop talking. Shut up. Stay out of my business. Stay out of my life.

Adam: Are you sure that you want me to do that?

Phyllis: Yeah. [ Laughs ]

Adam: Because I was just about to make you an offer.

Victor: I have a proposition for you. I understand that jill has contracted your design firm to do some work on chancellor-winter’s headquarters and some of the other offices.

Sally: That’s right.

Victor: Well, I have a better offer. We would like you to create a new design division under the umbrella of newman enterprises. Money is no object. You’ll have all the office space you need.

Sally: Well, I really appreciate the offer, mr. Newman, it’s–

Victor: The reason I’m making the offer is because of my own past experiences. Whenever I have… suffered some loss or gone through some tragedy, as you obviously have, I’ve always found it best to plunge into a new task, new challenge. Do some hard work. Best therapy there is.

Sally: Well, I will need some time to think about it.

Victor: Of course.

Sally: Yeah, I would want to just bail on chancellor-winters. I would like to fulfill the commitment that chloe and I have there.

Victor: Well, you take all the time you need, okay? But just know, if you accept the offer, you work for no one else but newman enterprises.

Chance: I know you’re too smart to put yourself in a bad position. Thank you. And I actually do have faith that you and nick can keep adam in line, but that being said, I still don’t trust the guy.

Sharon: Well, thank you for trusting that I am fully in control of my life.

Chance: I just want you to be happy. And successful. Whatever that means to you.

Sharon: It’s been a while, but… I have a feeling that I am on my way to finding both.

Diane: People are bound to gossip and– and leak information. There’s nothing we can do about it.

Jack: Leave it to leanna love to be the one to air our family’s dirty laundry. In the past, she would have let me know before she pulled a stunt like this. Or not. No, we were always pretty good at using each other. Well, I guess I got the wrong idea. I thought this was going to be a business meeting.

Leanna: Did I say that, jack?

Jack: No, come to think of it, I guess you didn’T.

Leanna: Even if it were a business meeting, no need to be all stuffy, is there? Take your jacket off. Get comfortable.

Jack: Uh, where are you going?

Leanna: I’ll be right back. I have something to show you.

Jack: Nice digs. Life’s going well.

Leanna: Ta-da!

Jack: Why, miss love, if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you were trying to seduce me. You’re right. We need to focus on the things we can control. Now, tell me about this plan of yours and how billy fits into it.

Diane: Okay. I know your brother is just as determined to protect your beau from ashley and tucker as we are. The difference is, billy’s not adverse to getting his hands dirty. No, I– I know that you would do whatever it takes for jabot. But why not let billy take the lead this time? I think he’s willing and able to do it.

Jack: He didn’t seem that concerned about jabot being in jeopardy.

Diane: Well, I think he was just advocating for more benign scenarios for your sake. He cares deeply about you, jack, and he doesn’t want to push too hard so that you were maybe forced to do something that’s not in your best interest.

Jack: That’s exactly how I feel. He just recently got back on his feet. He’s got his balance again. I don’t want to put him in an untenable situation and you still haven’t told me what his plan is.

Diane: Billy becomes our trojan horse. (Wheezing)

Tucker: Diane, jack. Uh, regarding this very smart, very generous decision, when can we expect paperwork giving ashley her fair share of jabot?

Jack: Actually, I have changed my mind. I can’t bring myself to tear my father’s company into pieces and I won’t be firing diane.

Tucker: See, I told you.

Jack: She won’t be resigning either. So, if you’re determined to fight me, hit me with your best shot.

Tucker: He’s beyond salvation. You’re just wasting your time trying to deal with him.

Jack: How about this? How about stop trying to deal with me? How about stopping all of this? You want to walk away? Fine. Walk away. You know, like brother and sister. Fine, let’s have a sibling divorce, shall we?

Ashley: Are you really doing this? I mean, if there was ever any question before, there isn’t now. You are willing to put her above everybody else in your life, including your own family, jack? You are pathetic.

Jack: I’m not the one trying to tear our family legacy in two. Last chance! You ready to be reasonable? Or are we going to turn this into an abbott family war?

Ashley: Bring it on.

Phyllis: I don’t like you. I don’t want to know you.

[ Laughs ] So, I’m not interested in anything you might offer.

Adam: Are you sure? It’s a legit opportunity and it’s something you would be really good at. And you know me, I am all about second chances. Okay, I need someone to build and run an it team at my new company. And I need someone that’s up to date on the bells and whistles that can make the infrastructure impenetrable.

Phyllis: You afraid? Someone’s after you?

Adam: You never know. But the most important thing for you is nick is my partner in this. So, it might be a great way to get back in his good graces.

[ Phyllis sighing ]

Phyllis: I’m not interested in anything you’re offering. I’ll just leave it at that. Um, I’m just not even interested in employment. I just– I’m trying to save my life, adam.

Adam: Fair enough. You know how to get in touch with me. Good luck.

Nick: Sorry if my dad put you on the spot.

Sally: It’s fine. Really. He expressed his sympathies and he offered me a job. It’s not really a bad evening with the great victor newman. But, you know, I am getting a little tired, so why don’t we say we maybe we just go back upstairs and order room service. That way I can just fall into bed.

Nick: I love it. Why don’t you go up? I’m gonna say goodnight to my dad.

Sally: Okay.

Adam: It wasn’t that bad at newman media, was it?

Sally: We had our moments.

Adam: We can have them again. But this time on our own terms, answering to no one.

Sally: We were lightning in a bottle, adam.

Adam: You can’t tell me that you don’t want that again.

Sally: I want different things now. And I have made my decision. There isn’t a newman alive who will ever sign my paychecks again.

Victor: Okay. Talk to you later. Bye. Where’s sally?

Nick: Uh, she went up to the room.

Victor: Oh.

Nick: Just, uh, trying to figure out what’s going on here. Seems like this may be a manipulation of some kind. Are you doing this just to keep sally away from me while I work with adam? Or do you just want her somewhere where you can keep an eye on her?

Victor: Son, I just made the woman in your life an enormous offer to create her own design company under the newman enterprises umbrella.

Nick: Did you?

Victor: Yes. Why must you always question my motives? I would like you to create a new design division under the umbrella of newman enterprises. Money is no object. You’ll have all the office space you need.

Adam: So, you have a no newman clause in your contracts?

Sally: It’s not exactly in writing, but…

Adam: I mean, clarify this for me. Is it the name? Genetics? Is it anybody with newman dna or is it everyone in– in the family of which you’re about to be a part of?

Sally: It’s you and nick. For obvious reasons.

[ Knocking on door ]

Adam: Sally, are you in there?

Nick: What are you doing here?

Adam: Nothing. If you’re still having bladder leaks,

[ Soft music plays ]

Your body’s my weakness

I can’t walk away

a taste of your sweetness

and I’ve gotta say

lower the lifeboat

I’m sinking down

take me to heaven

[ Adam sighing ]

Let me drift around

drift around

Sally: Thank you. All right, so the room service is on its way. And I do not want to talk about your father’s offer tonight. Because I honestly have no idea how I feel about it.

Nick: Yeah, cool.

Sally: In fact, I do not want to talk about anything.

[Song resumes]

Lower the lifeboat

[ Diane sighing ]

Jack: Billy, it’s jack. Can we meet first thing tomorrow morning? Diane and I have a plan to stop ashley from destroying jabot.

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