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[ Brook lynn laughs ]

So take a look into my eyes see my world

[ Laughs ] What are we doing out here? Well, there was no room to dance in the restaurant, and all I want to do… is dance with you.

See my world, so many things have come and gone

just to meet you you know, I could get used to this. That’s the plan. Oh, we can’t be here. We got to go.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hello, you handsome man. Mmm! Now, I could have swore I told you to stay off the cellphone. Babe, I found a new website. This one from harvard. I think I might be onto something. Please stop. What are you doing? Saving you from yourself. Dr. Finn. We’re all set for you. Oh, thank you. Here — here we are. Thank you. You’re welcome. I’ll send your waiter right over. Thank you. You look stunning. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] It’s busy here tonight. Yeah, it’s a beautiful summer night. I mean, who wants to be inside?

[ Chuckles ] Oh, I-I-I could ask and see if we could get a table outside if you’d prefer that. I mean, it’s — oh, no, no, no. I didn’t mean — no, I meant — I’m good. I’m — I’m good. Are you good? Yeah, we’re fine in here. Yeah?

[ Laughs ] I don’t know why I’m nervous. It’s not like we’ve never had dinner before.

[ Breathes deeply ] If it makes you feel any better, I’m nervous, too. Are you? I am. Does that mean we’re finally on the same page? Sounds like a really nice way to start over again, to be on the same page. To being on the same page. Hey.

[ Siren wailing ] Hey.

[ Wailing continues ] Sonny. Hello. No, no, you’re not interrupting. I-I’d like you to meet betty. She is the potential nanny for avery I was telling you about. Mr. Corinthos, betty rutherford. What a pleasure to meet avery’s father. Very nice to meet you. Um, you’re going to have to reach a high bar when it comes to my daughter because, uh, there’s nothing more important than my daughter. Of course.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Uh, you’re going to have to excuse me for one sec. Remember our deal. You either sell me to avery’s dad that I am the perfect nanny for her, or someone you love dearly will pay the price. I’m in the middle of something. This better be important. Unfortunately, it is. What’s going on? Boss…we have a problem.

As a reminder, I’m going to need full access to sonny’s penthouse. Now, I’ve done my part — I’ve provided you with a flawless résumé. You even have a number of references to vouch for my perfect work as a nanny. You just need to convince sonny that I’m the ideal candidate to take care of avery. Because if you don’t sell me… that phone call to delia will be the last time you ever hear your mom’s voice again. Uh, I hope you’re clear on how you’re going to handle this. Okay, great. Call me with an update. Sorry about that. Uh. [ Sighs ] Where were we? No need to apologize, mr. Corinthos. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to be interviewed by you. From everything ms. Jerome tells me, becoming avery’s nanny sounds like… the perfect fit for me. Don’t worry. I’ve worked with non-married parents before. I’m used to making sure that both mom and dad are always happy with my work. Well, I’d love to hear what you’ve already discussed about avery and her needs. What can I say? It was really one of the most memorable interviews I’ve ever

[Chuckling] Conducted. Can I start you off with any cocktails? Perhaps a bottle of wine? A bottle won’t be necessary, but I would love a glass of cabernet. And, uh, I’d like a sparkling water, please. And thank you. What — for ordering a glass of wine? For ordering what you want. You know, sometimes it’s awkward for a non-addict to be out with a recovering addict. You feel like you need to abstain somehow. Ordering a glass of wine will lead to temptation for me. But I don’t want any special treatment, and I appreciate you not treating me that way. And I also don’t want to spend the evening talking about me not drinking, which is exactly what I’m doing, isn’t it?

[ Both chuckle ] How about if tonight is just about us spending time together? ‘Cause I think that’s the point of what we’re trying to do. I’ve missed spending time with you. I’ve missed you. Curtis, all these websites that you’re trying to get medical information on, you don’t know if this information is true or not.

[ Scoffs ] Well, I didn’t want to just sit here helpless, guessing what comes next. Medical website after medical website.

[ Monitor beeping ] I thought you’d at least be trying to check the scores of the baseball games

[Chuckling] Or something. Honey, this isn’t healthy. Yeah, well, baseball scores didn’t really seem all that important at this point. You’ve been glued to this phone for almost 24 hours straight, and I know that it’s probably got to be making you a little bit — a little bit crazy. You know what’s driving me crazy — is taking test after test for the last 24 hours and not getting any news on the results. Good or bad, not a damn thing.

[ Sighs ] All I know is that I can’t move my legs. So, yes, I am finding the internet a little bit more helpful than my doctors. Your doctors, they just don’t want to give you a premature diagnosis, curtis. Some information is better than none. I know that. Okay. But the information you’re getting online — I mean…

[ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs ] Isn’t it better to talk to a doctor with an actual medical degree? Yeah, right. Look I-I don’t mean the doctors’ protocol. You know, I — I feel like I’m being handled. Do you think that’s helping me? I understand what you’re saying. I really do. And I-I know the situation, it…

[ Sighs ] I don’t know how you feel, but I can imagine that… you’re feeling like your life is out of control.

[ Sighs ] And I know you, and I know that’s got to be hard for you. But going on the internet, looking at all these websites — can’t you see that you’re — you’re torturing yourself? It’s my phone. It’s my injury. It’s my choice.

[ Breathes deeply ] I want my phone back.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Okay. I-I’ll give you your phone back… under one condition. What? Why would they close the pool on such a beautiful night?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know.

[ Sighs ] I mean, I guess I can go inside, see if they have any tables available. Or we could stay out here and pretend like we didn’t see the sign. I’m a police officer. Who’s off-duty. Yeah, but I’m still a cop. It’s literally my job to follow and enforce rules. Yes, but I am a quartermaine, and we break the rules. Besides, my uncle sonny’s fiancée owns half the metro court, and the other half is owned by my dad’s wife.

[ Breathes deeply ] Even though my dad doesn’t currently remember who he is or even admit it. How is the eddie maine situation?

[ Sighs ] Whether or not my dad knows who he is is — is not going to be solved tonight, okay? Tonight is just for us. So in light of my special standing with the metro court owners, will you please just break the rules with me just this once? Betty has a degree in early childhood development. Her references are — are excellent. And like she said, she has experience working with kids who split their time between parents. So she — she understands that the rules might be a little bit different in each home. Sounds good. Yeah. Yeah. She’s warm and friendly, and I’m confident that she will be a very good fit for avery. Did you talk to her about avery’s hobbies? Yes, of course. Yes. We talked about how avery loves crafts of every kind, that she’s a bit of a budding artist herself. We — we’ve already talked about, uh, potential outings to the children’s museum. Well, you know, uh, I know that avery is going to miss pilar, but this confidence you have in betty really goes a long way to persuading me.

[ Laughing ] Dex. So you’re the one who called in a dead body. Well, I’m not totally sure that he’s dead. Oh. I didn’t want to touch the body, but he seems dead to me. Mm-hmm. Where is he? Follow me. Yep, it’s a dead guy. Okay. Well, we’ll need, uh, forensics down here and a cid unit. I’m on it. So what do you think, dex? Recognize him? Do you think he could be a known associate of sonny’s?

The last people you have listed here — why did you stop working for them? Lovely family. Their youngest child went into junior high, so there was no job left, really. Oh, that makes sense. Um, I don’t want to seem pushy, but another family has already expressed interest in hiring me. But how often do you get a chance to live in a castle on an island?

[ Both chuckle ] Yeah. Uh, you know what? Avery’s mom and I have a few things to discuss. Um, thank you for your time. It was great meeting you. Of course. May I ask if there’s a time frame for you both to make a decision? Yeah. We’ll call you tomorrow. Alright, then. Right. It was terrific meeting you both. Right. Mr. Corinthos. Ms. Jerome. Mm. Ava: Good night.

[ Both sigh ] Ava? Yeah? What the hell’s going on? I’ll give you your phone back. All you got to do is agree to have dinner with me… right here in this beautiful hospital room.

[ Laughs ] You want to eat this bland hospital food? No, of course not. I’m talking about ordering some takeout from our favorite little italian spot.

[ Sighs ]

[ Monitor beeping ] Yeah. Uh, you know, that sounds nice. I got to be honest with you.

[ Breathes deeply ] I’m just not feeling it.

[ Sighs ] I see what you’re doing, and I appreciate it, but…

[ Beeping continues ] …I can’t fake a good mood.

[ Sighs lightly ] Look, I understand your frustration… and there are so many things about this situation that are — they’re out of our control. But there are some things that we can control, and one of those things are what we’re going to have for dinner tonight. So what’s it going to be? Your choice. A delicious pasta pomodoro or rubber chicken from the cafeteria? Pomodoro? Rubber chicken? Hmm? Hmm? You know I can’t say no to pomodoro. Good. Thank you.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs, chuckles ] I’m going to go order it right now, okay? Oh, oh, and a promise is a promise. Here is your precious, precious phone back.

[ Laughs ]

[ Beeping continues ] So I walk into a patient’s room, and I find amy changing a bedpan. Isn’t that what orderlies do? Yeah, that’s what I said. And then she explained that she had been gossiping about dr. Gatlin-holt and his new romance with ava jerome, and she knew it would get back to me and that I would just put her on bedpan duty, so she thought she’d get a head start and just do it anyway.

[ Both laugh ] It’s okay. You can see if the babysitter texted you. Oh, um, no, I’m being silly, right? I mean, if there was a problem, she’d call me. Finn, it’ll make you feel better. I don’t mind that you check your phone. Yeah? Yes. Okay, let me just…

[ Laughs ] One. One text from the babysitter. Um. “Violet went right to bed and didn’t ask for any extra stories.” See? Don’t you feel better? No. No, not really. I mean, this is the time of night where violet starts negotiating to stay up a little later or some extra stories. For her to go to bed just like that and not ask for anything — there’s something going on. Hmm, nothing from jake or aiden either. Mm-hmm. Wait a minute. Did you tell violet that we were having dinner tonight? Yes, I did. What about the boys? I didn’t tell them, but I have a feeling violet might have. Chase: Did you know I’ve never had an old-fashioned? Mmm. It is one of my favorite summertime drinks. Whoa, that is good. Mm. Mmm. This is so nice, isn’t it? Having the pool all to ourselves like this. Yeah, as long as we don’t get busted. I got to ask your dad the next time I see him. Ask him what? Were you always such a rule follower? Then I’ll ask ned if you were always such a rule breaker. And I bet that he would say that I was. Now that I think about it, both of my parents encouraged me to break the rules, in their own ways.

[ Sighs ] You know, I actually went through a rebellious stage. Oh, I’m going to need a lot more details, or it never happened. Oh, I can prove it. I had a motorcycle.

[ Scoffs ] I used to go skinny dipping in a lake, and then I would spend all night at a local casino.

[ Laughing ] Wait a minute. You — you did what? You heard me. Okay. You on a motorcycle — that’s very hot. The gambling, I could take it or leave it. But, uh, the skinny dipping? I-I don’t believe that for a second. Scout’s honor. Oh, yeah? Prove it. Nothing is going on. I told you — I haven’t been happy with pilar. And I just — I’m trying to find a nanny that we can agree on — that’s all — stop right there, ava. Who’s that betty woman, and what does she have on you?

[ Monitor beeping ] Curtis: “Unfortunately, there’s no way to reverse damage to the spinal cord. Treatment can improve a person’s quality of life, but this condition can’t be cured.”

[ Door opens ]

[ Singsong voice ] I have our dinner.

[ Normal voice ] And I know that it is piping hot because I waited at the front door for the delivery guy to drop it off. Here you go. I’m sure they thought that I was [Chuckles] Waiting for an ambulance with a patient in it.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, well, I’m, uh, sure the patient is… sad he didn’t wind up with you as his doctor. Oh, honey.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Beeping continues ] Mmm! Looks so good. Yeah. Hm.

[ Beeping continues ] It’s delicious. Good call, babe. Much better than the hospital food.

[ Inhales deeply ] I feel better already.

[ Exhales deeply ] So you think violet told jake and aiden that we were on a date tonight? Yeah. Look at this text from jake. “Enjoy dinner, mom.” Seems pretty innocent. I didn’t tell him we were having dinner. I just said I would be home later. Ahh, so violet texted jake and aiden, telling them that we were out to dinner and for them to be on their best behavior so we wouldn’t have any reason to end the date early.

[ Chuckles ] Ohh. Those boys would do anything for her. Ahh. But to give them fair credit, ever since cameron went away to college, they have…gotten really good at taking care of themselves. How bad are you missing cam? I try not to focus on him being gone. It’s not like he was home much anyway, you know, between soccer and working at kelly’s and dating josslyn. The good news is, is that he’s thriving at school, and every text I get, he sounds incredibly happy. So I think it’s fair to say that he’s living his best life.

[ Chuckles ] I’m really glad cam’s having a good time. But you kind of glossed over my question. I miss him so much it physically hurts.

[ Camera shutter clicking, siren wailing ]

[ Police radio chatter ] So, dex, does this guy work for sonny or not? Man, come on. You’ll have to ask your dad yourself. Okay. How did you wind up in this alley? Well, I was leaving general hospital, and I was walking home. Through an alley? Well, I was cutting through the alley. I went to throw my cup away in the dumpster, and I saw the guy’s feet sticking out. And that’s when you called the police? No. I decided I should get some more details. And I took a closer look, saw the man’s body, saw that he wasn’t moving, and that’s when I called it in. So, tell me, dex, what were you doing at general hospital? You’re scared — I can tell. And it takes a lot to frighten you.

[ Sighs ] You know, I really thought I was covering it a little better than that. Well, for most people, but not for me. Why do you think I was playing along with saying how perfect this — this nanny was? Well, I’m glad you did. Who are they threatening? My biological mother, delia. She lives in manhattan.

[ Sighs ] They said they would target her if I didn’t get this betty a position with access to your penthouse. Son of a bitch! I’m sorry, sonny! I didn’t really have a choice! I need more answers from you. Why are they making these threats against you? What does it have to do with me? And more importantly, if it involves my daughter, why am I hearing about this now?!

What do you mean, “prove it”? Well, if you’re telling the truth and you’re so comfortable skinny dipping, then you should have no problem getting in the pool and doing it right here. What?

[ Laughs ] Look, there’s nobody here except for me, and I’ve already seen it all. So, go for it, bad boy. Okay, I’ll do it… if you’ll join me.

[ Laughs ] No, this is — this is your thing. Chicken. I’m not chicken. I’m just being a lady. Okay. I have a better idea. How about a little, uh, friendly competition? Loser has to jump in the pool… buck-naked. You know I love a good challenge. What’s the bet?

[ Laughs ] As much as I miss cameron, I know being in california is so good for him. Having his first love break his heart was painful. He needed to start over. And now he’s on the soccer team. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Doesn’t mean you don’t miss him. Yeah. And I’m already thinking that it’s not that far away that jake’s going to be in college, and I can’t even imagine aiden leaving me.

[ Sighs ] They’re growing up. They’re becoming more independent by the day.

[ Chuckles ] You did an amazing job raising them. Thanks. I’m really super proud of them. It does make me sad that cameron’s childhood is basically over, and soon jake and aiden’s will be, too. I’m just really grateful this head nurse position came about when it did because it’s going to keep me busy. Mm-hmm. And now you have less free time than anyone I know.

[ Laughs ] Can I ask you a question? Of course. Tell me all the things you’d do if you had all the time in the world. See? It’s good, isn’t it?

[ Chuckles ] It’s kind of making me regret letting my cooking skills slide as much as I did over the years.

[ Sighs ] I don’t think I realized how much you enjoyed cooking. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Especially when trina was younger. I would arrange my work schedule so that I could be home in time to make dinner almost every single night, barring some sort of emergency. And then, when trina got home, she would sit at the dining-room table and she would do her homework while I cooked. It was kind of our time to connect and tell each other about our day.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I’m just realizing that maybe you don’t want to hear about trina’s childhood because you weren’t there and… aah. No, portia, I’m not feeling that way at all. I’m eager to learn about how trina was growing up. It makes me happy to know that you guys have such a special connection, and… I want to know all there is to know about my daughter. Good. I’ll be glad to tell you everything that there is to know about trina’s past. Because I know that you and trina, you are going to work out your future together. Yeah. I know that, too. There’s a man… mason gatlin. Gatlin as in austin gatlin-holt? Yeah. Huh. Apparently he’s austin’s cousin from pautuck.

[ Chuckles ] And he’s been pressuring me — by pressuring, I mean threatening me to get information about you and this — this company, pikeman. There’s got to be more to the story than that. Let’s go. Well, that’s the problem. I don’t know anything more. I mean, apparently mason is just following orders from whoever is really pulling the strings. Mason told me to search your penthouse. The only time I was left there alone, I tried, but of course, you’re — you keep your — your home office locked. And then pilar showed up, and that put an end to any potential snooping. I-I told mason I couldn’t give him what he wanted, and then he came up with the idea to replace avery’s nanny with a nanny he could control. So this mason’s making threats against you to get information on me. Can you just fill me in on one more thing?

[ Sighs ] Where does your boyfriend, austin… fit into this? Chase: We are going to use this bowl of nuts for our competition. Whoever can toss and catch more peanuts in their mouth wins. And the bet is the loser has to get in the pool nekkid.

[ Laughs ] Did you just say “nekkid”? You are so immature. I can’T. We are two grown adults making a bet to go skinny dipping in a pool of one of the nicest hotels. I think all of this is a little immature. Not to mention breaking the rules. I already told you I could break the rules. Okay. Let’s do this. Ladies first. Easy peasy. Alright. Do you practice this at night?

[ Laughs ] Oh! I got eight in a row. You’re up. Oh. Oh, we’re in the groove. Oh.

[ Sighs ] I got nine in a row. Nine beats eight. So it looks like you’re going in, brook lynn.

[ Sighs ]

The driver’s license in his wallet said the dead guy’s name is gordon stevens. We’re running his prints and doing a record check to see if he has any prior arrests.

[ Police radio chatter ] Anything else? We’re still waiting on the official autopsy report. Alright. Let me know what comes back from that records check, alright? Absolutely.

[ Police radio chatter, siren wailing ] Am I free to go? Uh, no, dex, you’re not free to go. You still haven’t answered my question. What were you doing at G.H.? I was there checking on curtis ashford. Trust me, sonny, mason’s been pressuring and blackmailing austin, just like he’s been doing to me. Austin doesn’t want to have anything to do with his cousin, but so far, he hasn’t found a way to get out from under him. I-in fact, austin’s been scrambling to help me. It was austin who conveniently found avery, who got lost at the — at the park, right?

[ Sighs ] And you weren’t just a — a — a concerned mother. You immediately insisted that she was kidnapped. Well…

[ Sighs ] Austin orchestrated the whole thing as a way for you to lose faith in pilar. I had no part of the plan. He did it on his own. I had no knowledge of it whatsoever. So his goal was to get pilar fired so she would be replaced with a plant from mason. Is that right? Yeah. Oh. Okay. And believe me, I was furious about it, too. But — but please keep in mind that avery was never in any actual danger. She wasn’t even frightened. She just ran off after a balloon. Yeah. Yes. That — that’s why it makes sense that pilar got that — where she thought she got that call from her grandmother.

[ Breathes sharply ] You know what? Whatever differences we’ve had in the past, I know you would never endanger our child. No. No, of course not. Why did you not tell me about this the minute you heard they were thinking of planting a nanny to take care of our daughter? Now, I don’t know if my pomodoro was as good as the one that we just had.

[ Chuckles ] But it was still really good, if I do say so myself. Mm. Cooking for my loved ones always made me so happy.

[ Chuckles ] I can see that.

[ Sighs ] You know, I think when trina went off to college, that’s when I stopped cooking. My work schedule, it just got so busy. And then I became more and more reliant on takeout. And those food delivery apps — they’re just a little too convenient.

[ Monitor beeping ] But, um, now that I’m going to be cutting back on my hours at work, I can make it a priority to be home in time to make dinner. Why exactly are you cutting back on work hours? I think we should make it best two out of three.

[ Clears throat ] Why? I already won. Why would I mess with that? Are you saying you’re convinced that you won’t beat me again? No, I’m saying I already won. Why would I gamble on a sure thing? Unless you’re saying you’re not willing to live up to what we agreed upon. Of course I’m not saying that. A bet is a bet. And I never back out of a bet. What about the security cameras out here? You weren’t so concerned about security cameras when you thought

i was the one that was going to be doing the striptease. Oh, that’s what you expect of me? A strip show? You’re damn right. Well, in that case, I’m going to need some inspiration. Don’t move. What are you doing? You won! Let’s just say… I’m willing to pay for your debt. Because that kiss was more than worth it.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Water splashes ] I don’t let myself think about it very often because there’s just not enough time. But every now and then, I think about going back to painting. Yeah? You like to paint? Yeah. Yeah, I did it for years, and then I got back into it when I fell in love with franco. Oh, that was weird. Was that weird? Sorry. [ Chuckles ] No, no, don’T. Don’t apologize. It’s — it’s not weird. I — it’s not weird at all. I mean, uh… I know it’s hard to believe, but I-I-I’ve had past relationships, too.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, I know. Yeah. But still, sometimes, it’s — it’s hard to shake those histories, right? I mean…you loved him. He loved you. I can see why. Sorry to interrupt, uh, but the kitchen is closing soon. Would you two care to order dessert? The kitchen’s closing? I… oh, my goodness. We’re the last people here. Oh, I’m — I’m so sorry we kept the staff late like this. It’s not a problem, dr. Finn. You can have the table as long as you want. It’s up to you. Would you like dessert? I would love that.

[ Water splashes gently ] Would you look at that? Detective harrison chase has a wild side.

[ Water splashing ] I told you I could prove it. Thanks for the towel.

[ Chuckling ] Well, I appreciate what you did, and that view was spectacular — not to sound possessive, but I would like to keep that view for myself. I don’t need the metro court guests getting an eyeful. Not to mention, if you had gotten caught skinny dipping in the pool, the hotel would have called the cops, also known as your colleagues, and that would have been really embarrassing. No, that’s actually — that’s just a misdemeanor.

[ Chuckles ] But now you know… that I’m willing to break the rules — for you. Oh, this — this is so decadent and not like me at all.

[ Chuckles ] Are you talking about the dessert? The dessert. Being the last people in the restaurant. Keeping the waiter late.

[ Chuckles ] What? Are you all done? You don’t want any more? Yeah. I want more. I’m cutting back on my hours at work so I can spend more time with you here at the hospital.

[ Monitor beeping ] And I know how eager that you are to get home, but I think we both need to face the fact that your recovery is going to be a process.

[ Beeping continues ] Your prognosis hasn’t been determined yet, and we just don’t know so many things. We don’t know if you’ve lost the use of your legs in the short term… or maybe longer. But either way, we’re going to adapt. You sound like you have some very specific thoughts in mind. Well… as much as I love our beach house, there’s a lot of stairs in that house, and maybe it would better suit us to rent someplace that’s all one level. Then you don’t have to deal with any stairs at all. I don’t want us to give up our home. I’m just trying to plan for our future, babe.

[ Sighs ] You know — you know what we can do? Okay. We can hire a contractor. A contractor can come, and he can modify the house, and he can make it more livable for you. No. That’s not what you’re going to do. What do you mean? Look, if I’m never going to walk again — we don’t know if that’s the case, curtis — but it’s a likely possibility. And if that is the case, you’re not going to remodel our home. What you’re going to do…

[ Breathes sharply ] …Is let me go. Josslyn and i were in the park with trina the night curtis got shot. We took her to the hospital. And, look, trina’s been so worried about her father, and she’s joss’s best friend, so I just wanted to see how curtis was doing. Wow. That’s — that’s really nice of you, dex. I was convinced that you were doing something for sonny at the hospital. Falconeri, heard back on the records check on the victim. Wait here. Well, I guess you’re — uh, you’re free to go, dex. If we have any more questions, we know where to find you. Actually, you know what? This guy — guess he was from pautuck — did time at pentonville. Any of that ring a bell to you? If this mason character has been threatening you for months, especially when you knew it involved our daughter, why didn’t you come to me? I-I thought that I could handle it myself. I don’t buy it! S-sonny, I — no, this mason guy has something on you!

[ Sighs ] He has leverage! What is it? What does he know that I don’t?! What? Mason knows that I killed nikolas.

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