Y&R Best Lines Thursday, July 20, 2023

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Diane: Good morning.

Ashley: And to you.

Diane: Nice jeans.

Ashley: Nice, um, shoes. Mrs. Martinez made muffins. Fresh out the oven if you want one in the kitchen.

Diane: Well, that’s very kind of you to let me know.

Ashley: Of course. Busy day?

Diane: It is. And– and you?

Ashley: I think it’s gonna be a really good day.

Diane: Is it?

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Did you hear the news?

Diane: Well, I’ve heard a lot of news. Um, let’s see, there’s a city council election coming up. A sale at Fenmore’s. Oh. Oh, that’s right. There’s a possible thunderstorm moving in.

Ashley: Actually, the biggest storm of all has already landed. Well, Phyllis is back. I’m sure you heard.


Tucker: Sweet mystery of life. All right, ladies, let’s lay some ground rules. Biting, scratching, hair pulling, those are all legal.

Diane: Nice try, tucker, but I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of a cat fight.

Tucker: Hmm. All right, you– you take the first shot.

Diane: You know, I don’t– I don’t think any– any shots are needed.

[ Diane sighing ] Welcome home. You’re looking fabulous.

Phyllis: Thank you very much, Diane.

Diane: Yeah. When I first found out what you did, I was furious, but not surprised. You know, the truth is that you and I were victims of similar circumstances. We both fell prey to jeremy stark. And he had the power to make people sink to their absolute lowest level and make the absolute worst decisions.

Phyllis: Well, that is true.


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