Y&R Best Lines Monday, July 17, 2023

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Chance: Hey! Oh, no. Am I too late? I see you’re closing up.

Sharon: Good eye, detective.

Chance: Yeah, well, I understand if you wanna turn me away, but I’ve just come from booking Phyllis.

[ Sharon gasping ]

Sharon: You finally caught her?

Chance: No. She came in on her own. I figured you’d be interested.

Sharon: Are you kidding me? For that, I will keep the place open.

Chance: [ Laughs ] All right.



Adam: Nick, I haven’t decided anything, okay? I’m not even sure it’s a good idea.

Nick: From no angle is this a good idea. Have you forgotten how many times over the years you have put Sharon though hell?

Adam: How is this any of your business, nick? Or is it all just part of a, “hey, let me show my brother what an ass I think he is?” I mean, shouldn’t you be with sally right now, helping her heal?

Nick: Sally’s strong. She is resilient. She doesn’t need me hovering to help her with her issues. She knows I will be there for her as much as she needs me.

Adam: But your ex is defenseless and needs you to save her from the big, bad wolf, is that it?

Nick: Stop, Adam, just stop it. This is not about the women in our lives. As usual, this is about us. Why is it that we can’t trust each other? Why is it that we can’t remain civil with one another for longer than five minutes? I mean, why do we even try? Let’s just quit pretending. Let’s just stop forcing this issue of us being brothers.


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