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Adam: Hi.

Sharon: Good morning, adam. Or is it?

Adam: Have you had a chance to think about my proposal?

Sharon: I have.

Adam: Okay, well, here is how I see it. I’m walking away from adustus, no matter what. I’m through doing my father’s bidding. But if I join you at kirsten’s company, we could dominate the market and we could turn victor’s master plan into a pile of dust. What do you think?

Sharon: I think you’re not going to like my answer.

Victor: So, I’ve made it clear how I want things to run from now on. Any questions?

Nick: I mean, it’s a lot to process. We’re gonna need more than a day to let it all sink in.

Victoria: I don’T. I’m completely on board.

Victor: Well, I’m glad to hear that.

Victoria: And knowing that it knocks adam down a few notches is a lovely bonus.

Victor: Well, let me make one thing perfectly clear. This is not against adam, this is not for you. This is how I’m gonna run my company from now on. I will call the shots.

Audra: Excited for your first day?

Kyle: I celebrated last night. Ready to go this morning.

Audra: Well, don’t be intimidated by the stack of work I put on your desk.

Kyle: Oh, I sketched up a few ideas I wanted to run by you after the video conference.

Audra: Good. I can’t wait to hear them.

Kyle: Yeah. I’m energized.

Audra: This is gonna be fun.

Summer: Kyle. Is now a good time to talk? Since I know that were busy last night.

Kyle: Yeah, actually, it’s– it’s not a good time.

Audra: Oh, it’s okay. You two can go ahead and talk. Um, I will head to the office. Don’t be late.

Kyle: Not a chance. This won’t take long.

Phyllis: Seriously. I mean seriously, it’s like a perp walk coming in here.

Daniel: Well, what did you expect? You’re lucky you’re even out on bail.

Phyllis: Those women, right there, their eyes are practically bugged out of their head when they saw me.

Daniel: That’ll all blow over.

Phyllis: Not soon enough.

Daniel: Really? Since when do you care what people think about you?

Phyllis: I don’t care what people think about me. But right now, I kinda do. I feel shamed, you know? And I don’t want to feel shamed, it’s a waste of energy, but I’m drowning in shame. You know, I survived this. I’m alive, it’s great. I just want to fix what I broke.

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Adam: If you’re turning me down, you could have just sent it in a text. I mean, it would’ve saved us both a lot of time.

Sharon: Stop it, adam, okay?

Adam: What? Am I missing something?

Sharon: Yeah, you’re doing exactly what you always do. Anytime something doesn’t go a hundred percent in your favor, you take it as a personal affront. How do you expect to partner up with someone if you get angry and storm off before a conversation even happens?

Adam: Okay. [ Laughing ] I’m still standing right here.

Sharon: I know you’re disappointed with your father’s decision and this may seem like old news to you, but I actually do see the logic in victor’s point of view.

Adam: Okay, that’s a– that’s a scary premise.

Sharon: Your father doesn’t want you taking something that could be a good opportunity and turning it into a tool for revenge against victoria.

Adam: Okay, that’s not what this is about.

Sharon: Oh, really? I didn’t just hear you say you want to turn victor’s plan into some pile of dust?

Adam: Sure. That– that was a figure of speech.

Sharon: Attacking newman media is attacking a division of the parent company.

Adam: Yeah, and then it would be survival of the fittest. What’s wrong with that?

Sharon: But why, adam? You’ve already worked hard turning mccall unlimited into adustus international. Your business plan has great promise. Why walk away from it now just because victor won’t let you destroy newman media?

Adam: Okay, wait. This isn’t about destroying anything. This is about me having some autonomy in my life. It’s about me not being at the mercy of my father’s mind games, which are never ending and always turn out badly for me. Okay, look, what I’m offering you, sharon, is my services with your new venture.

Sharon: I’m not interested in going to war with victor. What I was looking at is a merger. A joint venture of two complementary companies. If I just bring you into my company, it makes me look weak. It’s as if to say I need adam newman’s help to turn kirsten incorporated into something productive, which is certainly not the case.

Adam: Okay. I hear you. Well, then, I guess we’re done.

Sharon: I’m gonna ask you to stand there a little while longer. For your sake just as much for mine.

Victoria: I warned you from the beginning that handing adam a shiny new company to run would be trouble.

Victor: And if you had bought mccall under the umbrella of newman enterprises as I had suggested, none of this would be a discussion right now.

Victoria: Adam will always be adam, it doesn’t matter who’s signing the check. And you will always be you, dad, giving him another opportunity he does not deserve.

Nick: Let’s focus on the present instead of rehashing previous indiscretions.

Victoria: Nothing changes, nick.

Nick: Neither does the argument, so let’s switch things up.

Victoria: You’re suddenly on adam’s side?

Nick: No. I’m on the side of accepting reality and trying to make things work.

Victor: Your sister seems to think that it’ll only work under her terms.

Victoria: He is a spoiled, rotten brat. He needs a strong hand to guide him, which is why I think it’s a great idea to send nicholas over to adustus to keep an eye on him.

Victor: I run this company, as I’ve just made clear to all of you.

Summer: I hope that I’m not making you late for work.

Kyle: Not a problem. I can catch up.

Summer: I’m sure my grandpa’s happy to have you at newman media.

Kyle: It’s nice to feel wanted.

Summer: Kyle, can we please have a conversation without getting angry?

Kyle: I’m not angry.

Summer: You are. And I– I don’t blame you, but I’m– I’m trying to make things right so that we can give each other another chance.

Kyle: I don’t see that happening.

Summer: Kyle, please, just open your heart. Just a little bit so that we could talk and– and find a way to get back what we lost.

Kyle: Your betrayal hurts, summer. You lied and– and snuck around and held the key that would release my mother from a jail cell, yet you said nothing. Exactly how do you expect me to get past that?

Summer: It’s an interesting word choice. Betrayal. I protected my mom. The same as you have done. Yes, I did some things that I’m not proud of. I’m sorry. But kyle, there was no malice involved. I never wanted to hurt you. I guess for me, a betrayal, it’s more of a– of a conscious act. Intentionally hurting someone that you claim to care about.

Kyle: What’re you implying?

Summer: You tell me.

Kyle: I haven’t got a clue.

Summer: That’s a lie.

Kyle: What do you want, summer? Tell me what you’re fishing for.

Summer: I want an honest response.

Kyle: That’s funny coming from you.

Summer: I still have hope for us. I do. Maybe that’s naive, maybe– maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I really do believe that we can fix this. Unless you tell me that there definitely is no chance. Unless you’ve already crossed the point of no return. So yeah, yeah. I need you to be honest with me right now because I’ve shared my truth with you. It’s your turn.

Daniel: Yep. They’re still looking. You kinda make it difficult not to. Do you– do you want to leave?

Phyllis: No. I would like to stay at this establishment, thank you, and have some– some coffee with my son. That’s what I would like to do. I mean, all those gossip columns are gonna start saying I’m either flaunting my freedom or running from the press. I mean, I can’t win.

Daniel: Well, as of right now, you’re just sitting at a table having breakfast with your son. And I for one am glad that you’re out on bail.

Phyllis: I am too. I’m glad I’m sitting with my son. And I shouldn’t be shameful about that. I should be happy about that. And the emt agreed to give his testimony that stark was violent and I was terrified of him, and I killed stark in self-defense. So, that’s all good. You know, they took away my passport. As if I would skip town or something.

Daniel: Well, I mean, you kind of did that already.

Phyllis: Well, that was a different circumstance.

Daniel: No, no. And I’m just pointing out of the obvious here.

Phyllis: Okay, thanks.

Daniel: Okay. I– I get what you’re saying and all that, right, but you seem rattled.

Phyllis: I seem rattled?

Daniel: Yeah, it’s not like you. And it wouldn’t be noticeable to most people, but I know you. And this is different. I mean, you seem different. So… come on, what going on? You can talk to me. I– I– I’m not gonna judge you. I will just sit here and listen.

Phyllis: You do know me. You do. We’re like this. It’s a curse. Something I’ve been trying to avoid my whole life. I don’t want to hide from my kids. Hey, listen, I’m used to people pointing fingers at me. I get it. And in my life, I’ve been, sort of, you know, an agent of chaos. That was never my intention, by the way.

Daniel: Never?

Phyllis: No.

Daniel: No?

Phyllis: No. It wasn’T. I mean, listen, everything I’ve done, I’ve been able to justify for the greater good. Even with stark, I’m able to justify what I did. But now, I can’t justify and make amends at the same time.

Daniel: Make amends to who?

Phyllis: To you. And your sister. And kyle and jack. Diane. Make amends to diane. I don’t know if she’s going to forgive me, but I just wanna tell her that I am deeply sorry.

Daniel: You know, no one’s looking right now, mom, so is this for real or is this for show?

[Sfx: Oven ding]

Victoria: Daddy, no one is disputing that this is your company. You created it out of nothing and it will continue to live on, but you know that the reason you put me in charge, deep down, is because I will always do what’s best for the business. That hasn’t changed.

Nick: I’d like to say something.

Victor: Sure, go ahead.

Nick: Last night, I reluctantly agreed to move over to adustus to help run the company. What I do not appreciate is that while I am babysitting adam, you gave nate my job.

Victoria: So, now you’re gonna back on the deal?

Nick: What I’m saying is I have reasonable reservations about that.

Victor: And I happen to agree with you. But I still think that nate can be a valuable asset.

Victoria: He already is. Why are we even questioning that?

Nick: You’re right. It doesn’t matter. My opinion doesn’t count for much around here anyway.

Victor: No, son, let me hear what you have to say.

Nick: It’s just, dad, you’ve already moved all the chess pieces around. You gave nate my job. And while I’m off making sure adam doesn’t blow anything up, you have once again orchestrated it so that your adult children are doing exactly what you want, when you want it. I mean, well played.

Victoria: Well, I am making the active choice to go along with this deal. And if you can’t do that, you should say so now.

Nick: Well, of course, you’re okay with it, because it works out to your advantage. But I know adam doesn’t want to go along with this, and I’m not happy. What am I supposed to do with that?

Victor: You’ll get over it.

[ Nick laughing ]

Nick: Of course, I will. I’ll get over it for the family. Newman family unity, right?

Victor: Newman family unity. It’ll be achieved, even if I have to force it.

Adam: For the record, I’m well aware that you don’t need me for this company to be successful. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea, though.

Sharon: You are so stubborn.

Adam: So, I’ve been told.

Sharon: Victor is just testing you. He’s doing what he always does and you are reacting the way that you always do, with hurt and anger and a need for payback.

Adam: And what am i supposed to do? Am I supposed to just sit back and let him dictate the rest of my life?

Sharon: Make a different choice. Pass the test. Imagine what we could do with kirsten and adustus together.

Adam: Need I remind you that nick is being forced down my throat in this deal? Or that victor plans to take all of it and fold it under the newman umbrella, which means, ultimately, we will have to answer to him and victoria. How do you feel about that?

Sharon: That is not an issue for me.

Adam: Sharon, zero autonomy.

Sharon: Unless we prove that we deserve it. Unless we win by becoming so successful that they have to leave us alone.

Adam: What, success is the best revenge?

Sharon: Why not? And nick can be a big asset. Imagine what the three of us can accomplish together. Building something so good and so strong that no one can take it away from us. It could be a new beginning for all of us. Think about that, adam. Think about how good it will feel to get real payback this time by proving everybody wrong.

[ Knocking ]

Chance: Hi.

Sharon: Hi, chance.

Chance: This a bad time?

Adam: Uh, no. No, we were just finishing up. Um… you’ve given me a lot to think about, so… I’ll be in touch.

Tucker: Whoa! Yeah. I know this look. Success. Something’s paid off.

Audra: It’s not the, uh, destination, it’s the journey.

Tucker: Journey.

Audra: Right. Didn’t you tell me that little cliché when you came down your little mountain or whatever? Well, it’s safe to say that the journey is going fabulous so far. How about you?

Tucker: Things are still going shockingly well.

Audra: Hm. I doubt much of anything shocks you anymore, tucker.

Tucker: And you’re still trying to turn a boy into a man, are you? Easier said than done.

Summer: Kyle, are you going to talk to me or not?

Kyle: You know, I am getting late for my first day.

Summer: Damn it! Just admit that you slept with audra! You can give me that much at least.

Kyle: I am not doing this here.

Summer: Just yes or no. Say it!

Kyle: Summer–

Summer: Tell me the truth!

Kyle: I did. I slept with audra and now you know for sure.

Summer: What an idiot. Oh, my god. What a fool. I believed that there was still hope for us. I was trying to talk to you, I was trying to fix it and you’d already moved on and you didn’t even have the guts to tell me? I guess I’m glad that I know now. There never was any hope for us.

Kyle: I guess not. So, are we done here? My late father-in-law lit up a room,

Sharon: Thank you.

Chance: So.

Sharon: So…

Chance: Last night was–

Sharon: I wanted to call you, but–

[ Chance chuckling ]

Chance: I haven’t stopped thinking about you all day.

Sharon: Me either.

Chance: I just finished my shift. Can you get out of here? Maybe we can go and grab some lunch? Go to the park? Something like that?

Sharon: I would like that very much.

Chance: Oh, no. I hear a “but” coming. How do I stop it?

Sharon: I think your best bet is that I just delay my answer.

Chance: I just– mm. I really wanna kiss you again.

Audra: You flatter me.

Tucker: How so?

Audra: Well, I know how terribly smitten you are with, um, ashley, yeah. But then you still have, you know, time to fixate on my fresh, new friendship. It’s so sweet of you to care.

Tucker: Actually, the only thing I’m fixated on is ashley’s happiness and our new business venture, of course.

Audra: Of which, there can be no doubt, I’m sure.

Tucker: I’m very confident things are gonna turn out exactly how I want them to.

Audra: And just how many rules and laws are you gonna break to make that happen, huh?

Tucker: You really enjoyed our drink last night, by the way.

Audra: It’s all right.

Tucker: Okay. Well, you enjoy your new, little friend.

Audra: Oh, I am. And you enjoy your little, uh, whatever that is.

Tucker: Ciao.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. Oh, hey! There you are! Yay!

Summer: Sorry. I got hung up.

Phyllis: All right. No problem. What’s wrong?

Summer: Nothing.

Phyllis: Is it kyle?

Summer: Mom.

Phyllis: Is it kyle? What did he say to you? Are you all right? Did he say something about me?

Summer: No! I’m fine! I– I’m fine. I’m sorry. I– look, can we just focus on you right now? I mean, you’re free, our family’s together. Let’s make the most out of that.

Phyllis: Okay, well, hey, listen. I’m not gonna be free until these charges are dropped.

Daniel: That’s right. They need to drop them altogether.

Phyllis: Well, fat chance that’s gonna happen with the D.A., Bug.

Daniel: You were feeling pretty positive just a few minutes ago.

Phyllis: Oh, don’t get me wrong.

Daniel: Especially with carson showing up right–

Phyllis: I understand and I am so grateful that he’s gonna testify on my behalf. I’m so grateful. But, there’s no guarantee that christine is gonna go along with it and it’s gonna be enough for her.

Summer: It– it has to be. You’re innocent.

[ Phyllis sighing ]

Phyllis: Guys, um, you didn’t see christine at the arraignment. I mean, she’s wanted to put me in prison since she’s known me and it would be her greatest dream realized to have me spend my life behind bars, you know, so I don’t know how this is gonna play out, with or without carson’s testimony.

Daniel: I don’t know why you suddenly seem so worried when everything’s finally going in the right direction for you.

Phyllis: Yeah, but it may not go in the right direction, is what I’m saying. I may live my life in prison away from my kids. And unless these charges are dropped, it’s ridiculous to think otherwise.

Nick: Dad, you can’t force unity, all right? It’s either there or it’s not. Clearly, you can’t make adam do anything he doesn’t want to do. Based on what happened last night, I’ll bet you anything he’s worked himself up into a full blown rage at this point.

Victor: He’ll calm down.

Nick: But you have tried to shoehorn the three of us into working together in the past. It doesn’t work. What makes you think it’s gonna work this time?

Victor: You will make him listen to reason, son.

Nick: And you expect me to do that?

Victor: You bet.

Nick: And you don’t see the absolute insanity in that?

Victor: I understand your concerns, but I have faith in your ability to make him see the bigger picture.

Nick: How can I do that? I don’t see it myself.

Victor: I said I have faith in you.

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: Okay. It’s been fun. Catch you guys later.

Victor: All rig. Not you, darling. I want you to stay. With the freestyle libre 2 system.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. What can you do with sensitive skin?

Victoria: You’re annoyed with me, aren’t you, dad?

Victor: Why would you think that?

Victoria: Just this entire morning. This entire conversation. I’m sorry if it upset you that I so easily accepted this deal.

Victor: I’m very happy that you accepted the logic of it.

Victoria: Well, who’s to say it wasn’t my plan all along?

Victor: Well, if it makes you happy to think it was your plan all along, then go ahead.

Victoria: Like father, like daughter.

Victor: Yeah, but be careful. Sometimes, you won’t like the reflection in the mirror.

Victoria: It’s who you raised me to be. Even if we don’t always agree, I am still the ceo who learned it all from you.

Victor: Come here. I’m proud of you, okay?

Victoria: Thank you.

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: Adam! Hold up! How’s it going?

Adam: Is that a serious question?

Nick: Still sulking about last night.

Adam: Okay. Well, I’m gonna let sulking be your words.

Nick: Come on, man. It’s just dad being dad. He pretends to listen and then does whatever the hell he wants anyways. You can’t possibly be surprised by that.

Adam: No, but I mean you seem pretty chipper for someone who just got their job yanked away from them and given to victoria’s new boyfriend. I mean, shouldn’t you be more furious than I am?

Nick: Let’s call it a close second.

Adam: Okay, well you put on a good act then.

Nick: See, that’s the difference between you and me. What you see as an insult, I see as an opportunity.

Adam: What do you mean? Babysitter-in-chief? Is that what your dreams are now, nick?

Nick: No. But just because dad suggested it, it doesn’t mean it’s the worst idea in the world. Look, adam. You have a company to run and you have somebody who can help keep you in check while you run it. Now, you can either go off and throw the tantrum that everybody expects you to throw or you can take a step back and think about it and consider all the possibilities.

Daniel: Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, all right? You cannot assume the worst.

Phyllis: Well, I can’t assume the best when all of my hopes and dreams can just be smashed in my face.

Summer: Mom, daniel is right. This can’t all have been for nothing.

Phyllis: I’m sorry what I did to you and kyle.

Summer: It’s fine.

Phyllis: No, it’s not fine. I’m going to make it up to you, I promise you, summer.

Daniel: Okay, okay. Let’s just concentrate on the next steps. Once you tell your story and once carson corroborates it, then christine will, you know, have to accept that you were coerced into committing those crimes.

[ Tucker sighing ] What was that?

Phyllis: What?

Daniel: That. Between you and him.

Phyllis: Nothing. I was just nodding. I just said hello. What are you doing? Why would you think that there’s anything going on between me and that guy?

[ Daniel chuckling ] Moving forward with node- positive breast cancer

Phyllis: So now, summer, I wanna hear about you.

Summer: No, please.

Phyllis: Please, please let me help you. This is all my fault. I just wanna help you and listen, but I can only listen if you– if you let me.

Summer: I am actually late for work.

Phyllis: Okay, summer, don’t shut me out.

Summer: Or what? Or what, mom? You’re gonna pretend to die in front of us and ruin our lives? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I– I didn’t mean that. I really didn’t mean it. I’m happy that you’re back, I really am. I gotta go.

Daniel: Hey, you know she didn’t mean that.

Phyllis: Oh, I know. I know. I mean, she’s just upset about kyle and she’s taking it out on– I understand. Oh, gosh. I wish there was a 12-step problem for people like me who like to control things and have everybody in their life get what they want. I can listen to my kids, I can be there for my kids, I can love my kids, but I cannot fix their problems.

[ Phyllis sighing ] I can only fix myself.

Daniel: Who was that?

Phyllis: What?

Daniel: That. You, right there. Sounded very evolved.

Phyllis: I am evolved.

Daniel: No, no.

Phyllis: Yes, yes. I am evolved. This whole ordeal changed me. It did. I mean, in ways you cannot imagine, daniel. And I screwed up and I know I did, but I am going to do better. I will and I have. Whatever it takes.

Chance: I hope I wasn’t out of line asking you to ditch work like that.

Sharon: I thought it was a great idea.

Chance: But.

Sharon: I can’T.

Chance: Why not?

Sharon: I have so many calls to make.

Chance: It’s okay.

Sharon: It’s gonna take some time to appreciate cameron’s company. We have to streamline the divisions.

Chance: Hey, hey, hey. Rain check.

Sharon: Thank you. And next time will be soon. I promise.

Chance: I can’t wait. So, do you– did you take my advice? Talk to adam about coming on board?

Sharon: Yeah, we talked.

Chance: I know you were kinda reluctant.

Sharon: Yes and I told him that. I was completely honest with him, that bringing him on board as a partner makes it look like I don’t have the confidence to run this business on my own.

Chance: What did he say?

Sharon: He still wants the two of us to work against newman, but I will not have this business, my dream, become collateral damage in adam’s endless war against victor.

Chance: Good.

Sharon: I told him that merger’s the only thing that makes sense. That’s good business. But I don’t think that adam can see anything beyond his anger towards victor.

Chance: Yeah, I get that. Adam acting rationally instead of emotionally. That’s some heavy lifting. I’m being honest with you, I don’t think he’s got it in him.

Adam: You know, calling my opinion a tantrum, that’s a pretty lousy sales pitch.

Nick: Adam, I’m not gonna coddle you and I’m not gonna beg you to do this. Lord knows I’ve walked away from newman enterprises more times than I can count, but now is not gonna be one of them.

Adam: You’ve seen the light, huh?

Nick: I’ve seen the future. You can either choose to be& a part of it or not. Look, you’re not gonna turn mccall unlimited around overnight just because you changed the name. I’ve seen the numbers. It’s gonna take a lot of effort and a lot of planning and merging with sharon’s company is gonna be essential for that.

Adam: Yeah, well we’ll be under dad’s thumb again and we’ll be waiting for him to pull the strings.

Nick: Dad’s gonna want this deal whether you’re a part of it or not. Let’s just say you go off and do your own thing. Go it alone yet again. You wanna know what’s gonna happen? Sharon and I are gonna end up running the company and we’re gonna be able to use all the power and influence that newman enterprises has to offer. And you will be on the outside, once again, playing the victim. Dad usually does things like this for his own amusement, but this time, I can actually see a point. Now, we can not do it. We can try and delay this deal, create as much chaos as we want. Or we can decide to work together and do the damn job. And if you ask me, turning around two sinking companies is gonna be a hell of a lot easier than trying to outmaneuver victor newman.

I have type 2 diabetes,

[ Daniel sighing ]

Daniel: Listen, I gotta get to work. You sure you’re gonna be all right?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. I’m gonna finish my coffee.

Daniel: I can wait.

Phyllis: Mm. Don’t worry about it. I’ll call you later.

[ Phyllis chuckling ]

Daniel: All right. Bye.

Phyllis: All right. Mwah.

Tucker: How was the family reunion?

Phyllis: What are you doing here?

[ Tucker chuckling ]

Tucker: I’m free to come here. I can see that you’re not very willing to express any gratitude outwardly to me and that’s fine. I’m not offended. But, since I am the reason that you are out and about, I need to know what your plan is. Our arrangement, phyllis. I need some reassurance that you’re actually going to follow through.

Phyllis: I told you I’d follow through.

Tucker: Yes, you did. But I can also imagine all the, uh, escape hatches you’re devising and my advice to you is don’T. Carson hasn’t given his testimony yet and I can sway it. It can either be an impassioned defense of you or I can make him disappear again, which would put you in prison for many years, would it not?

Phyllis: Yeah, you don’t have to remind me.

Tucker: Then, I’ll ask you again. What are you doing to make jack forgive you? What are you doing to get under diane’s skin? What’s your plan?

Chance: You know, I heard that when adam got back from vegas, you were the only one that could get through to him.

Sharon: We’ve had a complicated relationship. He feels I’m one of the only people he can trust.

Chance: And my point is, you and adam and nick, you make a really great team, but they need you more than you need them. Don’t you forget that.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Son of a bitch.

Nick: I know that tone. Frustrated acceptance, but acceptance nonetheless.

Adam: Look, you’re right. We could waste time raging about the old man or we could just do this.

[ Adam chuckling ] Oh, you, me and sharon working together.

Nick: Yup.

[ Adam chuckling ]

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