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Justin and Bonnie return home to the Kiriakis Mansion as Bonnie complains about how close that was because she got flustered and wonders how many more times she can run in to Xander before she tells him the truth. Bonnie talked about trying to avoid him in the town square. Justin points out that she managed not to tell Xander about Sarah being pregnant with his baby. Bonnie worries that Xander knows something is up. Bonnie remarks that at least she said something while Justin stood there quiet. Justin responds that he has learned the best way to keep a secret is to keep your mouth closed. Maggie then walks in and asks what secret.

Chloe finishes a call with Belle as Xander comes home and they kiss. Xander mentions running in to Bonnie and how she was acting weird again. Chloe notes that Bonnie and Justin seem really uncomfortable around Xander lately and she doesn’t get it. Xander then presents Chloe with what he calls an anniversary present.

Stefan and Gabi go to their bedroom where Stefan says he knows their anniversary is not until next week but he got her an early gift. Stefan reveals that he and EJ finally took her advice and brokered a truce which Gabi calls a great gift. Stefan adds that they were going to kick Dimitri out of the house but Kristen stopped them. Gabi questions what’s great about that. Stefan responds that for once, Kristen was right that it’s best to keep Dimitri here where they can keep their eyes on him. Stefan relates it to keeping friends close and enemies closer. Gabi then responds that she just came from getting up close and personal with one of their enemies.

Li goes to the bar to meet his date and talks on the phone with his matchmaker about how he’s supposed to know what she looks like. Li thanks the matchmaker and says he’ll be on the lookout for a woman in a blue dress with dark hair as he hangs up. Li then sees that his date is Melinda Trask and says you’ve got to be kidding me. Melinda questions what the hell Li is doing here. Li argues that she doesn’t understand. Melinda asks Li to go to another bar because she’s meeting someone and doesn’t want them to see her with someone on Salem’s most wanted list. Li then reveals that the person she’s meeting is him.

Chad puts the kids to sleep in their new apartment then rejoins Stephanie in the living room. Chad praises Stephanie for the work she did in setting up the kids’ room. Stephanie says she wants them to be happy here. Chad assures that they are and he is too. Stephanie thanks Chad for getting her flowers. Chad says they’ve been so busy moving that they haven’t had a whole lot of time for romance as they kiss. Stephanie says she had the same thought. They are interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Stephanie says that she ordered dinner and suggests Chad pour some wine. Stephanie then answers the door to see a shirtless Alex. Chad questions if this is what it’s going to be like living across the hall from him and asks if he’s ever heard of a shirt. Alex asks if that’s any way to talk to his new neighbor. Alex asks if they have hot water because he doesn’t. Chad tells him to go back to his apartment and call it in. Alex complains that he did but he can’t get a plumber out until tomorrow morning. Chad thanks him for the update and says they were just about to have dinner. Alex says he’ll get out of their way then. Alex then stops and asks if he can grab a quick shower.

Chloe opens Xander’s box and it’s a new large dartboard. Xander explains that it’s an upgrade from their old one which he claims was throwing off his game. Chloe comments that it sounds like he wants a rematch. Xander tells her that the anniversary is that it’s been 3 months since she buried a dart close to his heart. Chloe says she’s really sorry about that. Xander says he’s not because it was like cupid’s arrow as he fancied her from that moment on as they kiss.

Bonnie tells Justin to tell Maggie. Justin claims he was just speaking hypothetically. Bonnie claims they were just talking about the weather and dinner. Maggie questions that leading to advice on how to keep a secret. Bonnie jokes that Justin is always helping her with her big mouth. Maggie thinks they are keeping something from her and says she has a good idea of what it is. Maggie guesses that it’s a family matter. Bonnie questions who told her. Maggie reveals that he told her himself. Bonnie asks if she talked to Rex. Maggie asks what Rex has to do with this. Bonnie says nothing and it’s just that Rex is in Chicago with Sarah. Maggie guesses what they are keeping from her has something to do with Sarah. Bonnie asks why they would know a secret about Sarah. Maggie says that’s what she’s trying to figure out. Bonnie insists that it’s not about Sarah. Maggie points out that Justin’s only said one sentence since she walked in, so she feels like he’s giving her the silent treatment. Justin questions why he would do that. Maggie says she doesn’t know but meant before that she heard from Alex, so now she’s guessing the secret is about Alex and that Bonnie is trying to cover for Justin. Maggie guesses that Justin must be furious with her because she is the reason that Alex moved out of the family home.

Chad tells Alex that they don’t want him to take a shower and suggests he go back to his own place and take a cold shower. Chad tells Alex to just go home. Alex complains that he and Brady have a meeting tomorrow with a very important client at 8 AM and he can’t afford to screw up another job. Stephanie tells Alex to be out in five minutes. Alex promises to be quick, thanks them, and heads to the shower. Stephanie tells Chad that she’s sorry but she didn’t want Alex to ruin his meeting. Chad questions Alex getting to ruin their evening instead.

Xander tells Chloe to order a pizza while he hangs the dartboard and they will play while they wait for the pizza to arrive. Xander jokes that this time, when it’s her turn, he will know to duck.

Stefan can’t believe Gabi went to talk to Li on her own and argues that they had talked about this. Gabi says it was just driving her crazy to let him get away. Stefan says they have proof of how dangerous Li is. Gabi explains that she gave Li a taste of his own medicine and says they talked but she was getting through to him, so Gabi then reveals that she pulled a gun on Li.

Melinda complains that this can’t be happening and can’t believe that she and Li hired the same matchmaker. Li says the feelings of repulsion are mutual. Melinda argues that she’s the district attorney so she can’t be seen having drinks with a man who is going to prison. Melinda declares that she’s going to make the matchmaker give her money back. Li argues that she’s just trying to make a living. Melinda questions how anyone could think they are a match and complains that they have nothing in common. Li says he wouldn’t go that far and points out that they were both collateral damage in the affair between Gabi and Stefan. Melinda reluctantly admits that he has a point. Li suggests she sit down since he ordered a very nice bottle of wine and they can drink to Stefan and Gabi and the misery they deserve. Melinda insists that they are not in the same boat as she sits down. Melinda admits she had a thing for Stefan at one point but Li has a psychopathic obsession with Gabi. Li argues that he loved her and still does, but he’s not a nutjob. Melinda brings up brainwashing Harris in to killing Stefan. Li says she can’t prove that. Li argues that Melinda wanted Stefan way more than she lets on. Li reminds Melinda that he walked in on her which Melinda insists was all staged for his benefit. Li calls it an idiotic idea because she’s a beautiful, intelligent woman and she let Stefan use her. Li tells her that has to hurt.

Stefan cannot believe Gabi did such a stupid thing and asks what if Li got the gun away from her or used it on her. Gabi insists that she wasn’t going to shoot Li and just wanted to scare him away from coming after Stefan again. Gabi says she can’t lose Stefan. Stefan asks what about him losing her and again asks what if Li got the gun away from her. Gabi argues that her brother is a cop, so she knows how to handle a gun. Stefan complains that she is so hellbent on stopping Li and Megan from coming after him that she keeps putting herself in danger. Stefan declares that it has to stop.

Chad tells Stephanie that Alex has been longer than five minutes. Stephanie says she knows and she’s sorry. Stephanie worries about their dinner getting cold. Chad says they should just go ahead and eat. Chad adds that when Alex comes out, he’s kicking him out and he needs her to back him up this time which Stephanie promises to do. Chad declares that they are still going to have their romantic evening. They kiss until Alex comes out of the shower in Chad’s robe which Chad complains about. Alex argues that Chad told him not to come around in just a towel. Alex then teases removing the robe then but Chad warns him that if he drops the robe, he’s dead.

Xander hangs the dartboard and kisses Chloe. Chloe jokes that she would hate for the dartboard to fall when she hits her first bullseye. Xander praises his hanging skills while Chloe jokes about taking advantage of his ego. They decide on a bet and Chloe says if she wins the game of darts, Xander must give her a shoulder massage. Xander responds that if he wins, she must give him a foot massage but Chloe says that’s too far and she does not touch feet. Xander asks if she’s not that confident then. Chloe decides she is and that’s her motivation so they begin to play darts.

Justin tells Maggie that he’s not giving her the silent treatment. Maggie knows he has to be disappointed that Alex moved out. Justin confirms that he liked having him there, but he’s not angry with her. Justin understands that Maggie and Alex are now working for competing companies, so it only makes sense that they live in separate places. Maggie brings up firing Alex while Justin points out that Alex turned down Maggie’s generous offer to rehire him. Justin mentions hearing that Alex has got himself a great new apartment. Maggie is glad to hear and says she doesn’t resent Alex staying at DiMera, noting that she hired Chad in his place and she’s very happy with that. Justin asks if they can consider the air cleared then which Maggie agrees with. Maggie adds that she’s still wondering why Bonnie brought up Rex and Sarah. Bonnie claim that she meant to say Alex when she said Rex and then it just got confusing. Maggie points out that they weren’t talking about Alex when she walked in, but about keeping a secret. Bonnie decides she can’t take this anymore. Justin tries to stop her but Bonnie insists and says Maggie is the perfect person to tell. Bonnie then reveals to Maggie that Sarah is the one keeping a big secret and she’s the one who happened to find out what it is. Justin asks if Bonnie really wants to do this. Maggie questions what Sarah is not telling her. Bonnie tells Justin that if Sarah was her daughter, she’d want to know. Bonnie starts to tell Maggie but stops herself and instead, says that Sarah is just seeing Rex again. Maggie questions how she knows. Bonnie explains that she went to see her granddaughter and that Sarah was there in Rex’s apartment. Maggie argues that it doesn’t mean they are together like that but Bonnie insists that a woman knows these things and points out that Sarah was not expecting her to see her there with Rex. Justin says that’s when Sarah made Bonnie promise not to tell anyone, including Maggie. Maggie questions why Sarah doesn’t want her to know. Bonnie suggests it’s because Maggie has a soft spot for Xander. Maggie responds that Sarah and Xander are divorced, so she questions what he has to do with this.

Xander and Chloe play darts. Xander points out that she only has one dart left and mocks her chances. Chloe tells him to stand back. Xander says he’s really going to enjoy her rubbing his feet. Chloe tells him to be quiet as she concentrates.

Gabi understands that Stefan is upset but argues that she had to face Li and make him understand that there will never be a chance of them getting back together. Stefan remarks that Li is never going to believe that no matter what because he’s obsessed. Gabi says not anymore because Wendy convinced him to move on. Gabi adds that Li even hired a matchmaker and she saw the profile on his laptop. Gabi says he swore that he had a date tonight, so maybe he will meet the woman of his dreams and they can finally move on with their lives.

Melinda tells Li that she doesn’t have to explain herself to him and threatens to end their date. Li asks why he’d want to be with a woman who wasn’t good enough for Stefan DiMera. Melinda warns him not to insult her when she could still up his charges to conspiracy to commit murder and for being an ass in the first degree. Melinda gets up to leave but sees the Lost Love bottle of wine that he ordered. Li asks if she knows it. Melinda confirms that she does and tells him to pour her a glass and she will tell him the story.

Alex remarks that he doesn’t see what the big deal is that he took Chad’s robe when Chad took his job at Titan. Stephanie calls that unfair. Alex promises to wash and return the robe tomorrow. Chad tells Alex to go ahead and keep the robe if he moves out of the building. Alex questions why he would move out when they have a gym and a pool. Chad argues that he took the apartment because it’s right across the hall from them and he knows that Alex is still hung up on Stephanie. Alex asks Stephanie to tell Chad that they are just friends now. Stephanie confirms that to be true. Alex argues that he moved out because he couldn’t live with Maggie anymore and it’s a coincidence that he landed across the hall. Alex knows he and Chad don’t like each other much but suggests they could be good neighbors. Chad complains that Alex is showing up half naked when his daughter is in the other room. Alex apologizes as he hadn’t even thought of that. Chad argues that Alex doesn’t think. Stephanie tells Chad that they have everything they want, so they can afford to be a little understanding. Stephanie asks Chad to let this go, so they can get back to their night together. Chad agrees and decides to welcome Alex to the building. Alex then sees their dinner and notes that it’s from his favorite restaurant. Alex takes a bite of one of their spring rolls and asks if they could let him stay for dinner.

Xander is shocked as Chloe hits a bullseye on the dartboard. Chloe tells him that she’s ready for that shoulder massage which Xander then gives. Xander jokes that maybe he doesn’t mind losing much after all as they start kissing and begin to undress.

Maggie argues that Xander is with Chloe now and he and Sarah split up months ago. Justin says it hasn’t been that long and they know Maggie was very supportive of their relationship, so it must be difficult to see them with different people. Maggie acknowledges that Rex has history with Sarah and wants her back, but he’s not her first choice for her daughter since he cheated on her and hurt her. Maggie suggests that’s why Sarah doesn’t want to tell her, because she’s forgiven him but she doesn’t know if she can. Bonnie compares it to Mimi not telling her that she was pregnant with Rex’s baby. Justin intervenes that kids grow up and make their own decisions. Maggie decides she will call Sarah after dinner and maybe she’ll open up to her. Maggie thanks Bonnie for telling her and says she wishes that Sarah had as she then exits the room. Bonnie tells Justin that it worked out okay while Justin decides he needs a drink.

Melinda explains to Li that the summer before law school, she had a few weeks off and decided to take a bike trip through Napa. Melinda adds that she didn’t know a thing about a wine, so she tried to become an expert. Melinda notes that she graduated law school first of her class but she had never done a trip like that before and she just felt so free. Melinda mentions that the last winery she stopped at was Lost Love Vineyards and they had just released a wine that she thought was the most exquisite wine she had ever tried. Melinda talks about pasting the wine labels in her journal but she forgot to take that one and she couldn’t remember the name of it, so she put it out of her mind and focused back on work until tonight, she saw the bottle and it all came back to her. Li asks if she felt that free feeling again. Melinda confirms that she did.

Stefan tells Gabi that he feels sorry for the woman who gets paired up with Li. Gabi hopes Li falls head over heels in love so they can stop worrying about him. Gabi decides she doesn’t want to talk about Li anymore as their anniversary is next week and they are finally getting married so it’s going to be one of the happiest days of her life. Stefan stops her and says he doesn’t know if that’s going to work for him. Gabi questions if he’s saying he doesn’t want to marry her. Stefan asks what if he decides to get reckless like she did and meets Megan in an alley with a gun, shows up at Dr. Rolf’s lab with a crossbow to attack him, or at one of Li’s blind dates with matches and gasoline. Gabi states that he made his point. Gabi promises to never go after any of their enemies again but Stefan doesn’t believe her because she’s always going to want to bring the fight to anyone who hurts them. Stefan asks her to just take him with her next time. Stefan says she’s not invincible and he doesn’t want to lose her any more than she wants to lose him.

Li gives Melinda the label from the wine bottle. Melinda says now she would just have to find her journal since she lost it. Li suggests she start another one which makes her laugh. Li suggests she smile more often. Melinda acknowledges that they do have something in common in that they both love this wine. Li invites her to stay for dinner and finish the bottle with him which she agrees to do.

Alex finishes dinner with Chad and Stephanie. Stephanie tells Alex that it’s time to go and wishes him luck with his meeting tomorrow. Alex thanks them for everything and exits. Stephanie tells Chad that she’s sorry about his robe. Chad asks who needs a robe when he gets to live with her as they kiss.

Xander and Chloe lay on the couch after having sex. Chloe says if someone would have told her three months ago that she’d be on the couch making love to him, she would say they are nuts. Xander comments that life is full of surprises. Chloe jokes that except when it comes to them playing darts since she always wins. Xander wants a rematch to save his dignity, so Chloe tells him to set it up again. The dartboard then falls off the wall which Xander blames on an earthquake while they were making love. Xander asks how they will pass the time until their pizza arrives now that they can’t play darts. Chloe is sure there’s some ideas as they start kissing again.

Bonnie calls Sarah so that she will have an explanation when Maggie calls. Bonnie hangs up and informs Justin that Sarah is going to back her up about her and Rex, but she still doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s pregnant with Xander’s baby. Justin questions Sarah still being determined to keep that secret. Bonnie still says that secrets have a way of coming out, especially when that secret is a baby.

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