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okay, sasha, I spoke with the crimson journalist who’s going to be interviewing you about the tone of the piece. Elyse happens to be a good friend of mine, and she’s very sympathetic to your situation. Not to mention, she loves a sob story with someone coming back from being down and out. Not that you’re a sob story. Nope. I am just a thief. No, you’re not that, either. You’ve just had a rough last couple of years. And in the interest of transparency, you want to tell your side of the story about what happened at logan’S. Right. I am coming forward on my own volition to take responsibility for my actions and to speak about my recent mental health issues. Um…maybe say “journey,” unless you think that’s too woo-woo? I like it. Okay, then maybe not. I’m gonna say this one last time — you do not have to do this interview. The story that broke was a blind piece about a model shoplifting. Nobody knows it was you. Well, not yet, anyway. Sasha, I trust your impulse to get ahead of the story

[ Sighs ] Thank you for your faith in me, gladys. I just pray that everything goes smoothly. I’m gonna be right by your side to make sure it does. Ohhh, great. Cody bell is the last thing we need right now.

[ Keys jingling ] What are you doing? Hi. I-I’m glad you texted. Hi. I was already gearing up to ask you for some advice. Well, I’m always here for you. W-what’s going on? Uh, I applied for the wrong building permit. Mm. Yeah, I thought that I filed it correctly, but it turns out I didn’t, and no one bothered to let me know, so now I am in violation of title 7.3 of — of some thousand-page indecipherable law. Okay, you got to take a breath. I know, I’m — I’m trying, but just like everything else in my life, it feels like my foundation is just being ripped out from under me.

[ Knock on door ]

The role of molly lansing-davis is now being played by brooke anne smith. Hey. Hi, sam. Thanks for letting me stop by. Of course. You’re always welcome here. I’ve just been spending so much time at G.H. Waiting for updates about curtis, and on top of that, kristina just has to make everything so much harder than it needs to be. But really, does that surprise anyone? What now? Oh, come on. Don’t tell me mom hasn’t clued you in. Um, well, mom stopped by last night, but I don’t know if what she told me is what you’re referring to. Oh, well, kristina has decided that she’s gonna be the surrogate for tj and my baby, and then she discusses it with you and mom without even bothering to tell us. So now, as usual, tj and i were the last to know. Hey. Good morning, dad. Good morning.

[ Smooches ] Thanks for asking to meet you for breakfast, but I can’t stay long, um, because I-I-I got to go back to the hospital. Trina, I know it’s important for you to be there, but you got to eat, honey. Yeah, I know, I just… I feel guilty when I’m away from the hospital. I-I feel like I should support mom and…uh… curtis because it feels like he may never wake up. Come on, curtis. It’s time to wake up. We’ve all been here waiting for you. Trina is here, your dad, your aunt stella. Even your girl, nina.

[ Chuckles ] She was here. We all love and miss you so much.

[ Monitor beeping ]

So sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude. Trina’s not here. She went to have breakfast with her dad. If it’s important, you can give her a call. Thanks, um… okay. I’ll get out of your hair.

[ Sniffles ] Morning, portia. Any change? Nothing, no, no. All we can do is — is wait. Meanwhile, spencer, of all people, decides to stop by, so… I’m sure he was just looking for trina, so… yeah, yeah, he was, but I-I-I told him that she was having breakfast with her dad, so thankfully, he left. Mm, not exactly. He’s sitting right out there in the waiting area. And it don’t look like he’s leaving anytime soon. I promise you, you are gonna get through this crisis. It’s A…

[ Exhales sharply ] It’s a hard lesson learned. And I hate that you’re learning it at such a young age, but you need to understand you have a whole family that loves and supports you. You don’t have to go through this on your own. But I can’t help but feel like… in being here with you, I’m — I’m giving up on curtis. I’m sure that trina is enjoying breakfast with her…dad. I was just gonna wait for her here… unless you’d like me to leave, in which case, I can. No, no, no, I want you to stay because there’s something that I need to say. And I need you to hear what I’m about to say. When did mom come by last night? Was it before or after I saw her at G.H.? After, but I-I promise you, mom wasn’t trying to keep anything from you. We didn’t know that you overheard kristina saying that she wanted to be a surrogate for you and tj. We were trying to stop her from saying anything insensitive or hurtful.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, I just wish that idea had worked because tj was furious. Well, molly, kristina was just really trying to help you two out. Oh, by swooping in with this grand plan? Would you ever have done that? No. No, of course you wouldn’t, because you understand that tj and my fertility issue is a private topic. It’s our problem to figure out, not hers. Okay, look, you have every right to be angry. “Angry”? “Angry” hardly describes it, sam. I-I don’t know if our relationship as sisters will ever be the same. In my experience dealing with these big shot types, you got to be patient ’cause it’s not easy ’cause they — they — everything has to be exact. Yeah, I’m just — I’m so mad at myself for making such a stupid mistake. Kristina, have you done this before? No. Then why do you think you have to be perfect right out of the gate? You’re learning on the job. Do you have any bright ideas on how I can fix it? Yeah, I’ll make a few calls and take care of this. Uh, no. Actually, no. I’m gonna — it’s my mess, so I’m gonna fix it myself. Okay, so then you have to own your mistake and make it clear what it is you need to fix it. And do it in person. Oh, yeah, of course. Okay, great. Thank you. Any time. Your mom mentioned that, uh, you might need some support. Oh, did she? So mom’s been talking to you about me behind my back. Um, there — there were some…boxes, so I thought I would put them in your office, and then when I picked one of them up, one of the lids fell off and — no, no, no, no. I wasn’t asking you for an excuse. I was asking you for an explanation. I-it’s not an excuse. I was just…trying to be more proactive like you asked. And by “proactive,” you interpreted that to mean that you could comb through my documents? Well, I never would have done it, except, I mean, they’re all about me. Are you researching me? Is that why you hired me in the first place, so you could do some story? I’m gonna go get rid of cody. Gladys, no. He has every right to be here. But he’s clearly a distraction. Do you really need that right now? This interview has to go perfectly. We said smoothly. You stay here. I will talk to cody. Thanks, maxie. Honey, you’re going to do great. But, um… are you keeping up with your meds?

[ Sighs ] What would I do without you?

[ Sighs ]

[ Gasps ] Geez. Hi, cody. I swear I didn’t know you guys were here, okay? This is my day off. Yeah? Well, can you at least do us a favor and stay away from sasha? She needs some space. I promise I won’t bust in on your brunch by the pool. This is a little more than a brunch. Sasha is telling her side of the story about what happened at logan’S. I didn’t know the story came out. There was a blind piece in the sun. Okay, well, if it didn’t mention sasha by name, then why is she coming forward? Won’t that just make things worse? Maybe maxie was right. Maybe this is a bad idea. But…what? You said I-I should do it. Pbht. What — what do I know about publicity? Well, maybe there’s still time to cancel. Sasha gilmore? Elyse taylor. Ready to tell your story?

Elyse, um, aren’t you a bit early? Because maxie is supposed to be here for this. [ Chuckles ] Don’t mind sasha. She’s just a little out of practice. We can push back the interview if you need more time to prepare. No, no, let’s do it. Besides, I’m an open book. No need to prepare when you’ve got nothing to hide. Look, cody. Sasha felt she owed the public an explanation, and i respect that. Yeah, yeah, hang on. Who — who’s that with sasha now? Damn it! I wanted to make those introductions. Okay, whatever you do, do not come over to our table. And would it kill you to put a shirt on or something? At the pool? Look, whatever, okay? Just don’t come over to our table. I’m not going to. Just take care of sasha. Time after time, I have made allowances for kristina’s feelings that somehow, her younger sister overshadowed her. All — all of my achievements have made kristina feel less-than. So what did I do? Huh? What did I do? I apologized for not being sensitive enough or that I was too uptight to understand her path. But now, I’m — I’m wrestling with something difficult and painful and maybe even life-changing, except what — what is our family doing again? Right, we’re all tiptoeing around kristina’s feelings. Molly, I never really thought of it that way. Yeah, because none of us do. Because kristina has to make everything about her. Except this time, I’m the one with the health condition, not kristina. Yet, what are we all talking about, hmm? We’re all talking about kristina wanting to be the surrogate for me and tj. Molly. Molly, molly, molly. Stop. Look, I-I know you are upset, and I really want to be there for you, but maybe it’s not kristina that you have a problem with. In what world is kristina not my problem? Because you’re talking about a family dynamic that has obviously been bothering you for a really long time, so maybe your issue isn’t with kristina, and maybe it’s more with me and mom because we take you for granted and we spend more time focused on kristina. Any chance that that’s what’s making you so upset? She hinted that there’s something going on with you… “she hinted.” …It’s your story to tell, and that she doesn’t want to betray your confidence. Did she or did she not ask you to come and talk to me? Alexis suggested that we have a conversation. There’s no harm in that. No, of course. It’s just — it’s so obvious that no one trusts me to make decisions about my own life. This year has been so, so crazy, and I just don’t think I’ve been making enough time for you. Well, it’s kind of hard to make time for your dad when you’re being held hostage in greenland by some maniac. But ever since I got home, I-I just feel like all of my energy has been focused on figuring out my relationship with curtis, and I just feel like we haven’t been connecting the same way. Not since we got those dna test results back. It’s a fair statement. But we promised each other before we got those results that nothing was going to change between us, and I think we just need to be honest. We’re struggling with this, aren’t we? I know that trina has been here since curtis was shot. And I know that I should have been here to support her. I really do wish that I could have… visited more. Yes, I-I mean, I haven’t seen much of you. I wanted to respect trina’s boundaries. Not to mention your extremely complicated home life. You know, it was one thing for you to be living with esme while laura and kevin were supervising, but now that they’re gone looking for nikolas… it’s not just me and esme. And the only reason that I’m living there is so that I can help take care of my little brother ace. And that’s got to be a lot of responsibility. Oh, yes. More than I ever could have imagined. But I’m very lucky because trina has been incredibly patient and supportive of me. Yeah, that sounds like my daughter.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah? I mean, she’s always been one to see the best in anyone. That’s right. Even the people who don’t deserve it, like me. But I can promise you, dr. Robinson, that no matter what happens with my little brother, I could never hurt trina because she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Really? Yes, without a doubt. Well, then, can you answer me this? Can you honestly say that you’re the best thing that’s happened to trina?

I hope you know that. Yeah, well, you might be the only one. You got to help me out, okay? Because if — if this is not about the foundation, if this is some personal issue, I’m flying blind here. You got to give me some details and tell me what — what’s going on. It’s — let’s just say I… had an idea to make — make an offer to help molly. Help how? What do you mean? I can’t — I-I can’t say exactly, what do you mean? I just — I-it would have been a really big deal for both of us, and I told mom and sam about it the other night, but they completely shot me down. They said that molly wouldn’t want me to interfere and I didn’t think this through and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Did you know what you were getting into? No. But I would have figured it out. I mean, I would have. And that’s not even the problem. The problem is, molly found out what I wanted to do, and it turns out mom and sam were right because for whatever reason, me offering to help molly, that was the worst thing that i have ever done in my whole life. This isn’t about you and mom. It’s about kristina. From her warped perspective, all she has to do is offer to be my surrogate, and all my problems are solved. It’s like she’s saying, “oh, let me have a baby for you and tj, and everyone will congratulate me for being the savior to this poor, barren couple.” And then once again, kristina is the center of attention! No. You need to take a step back because that is not at all the way kristina presented her idea of being a surrogate for you and tj. She was just really focused on wanting the two of you to be parents. Was it an impulsive idea? Yeah, probably 100%, yes, but not for a second — I don’t — I don’t doubt that she had good intentions. You’re taking her side?! No, I am not taking her side! You’re both my sisters. I’m just trying to understand. But no way would kristina ever want to hurt you. She might not have wanted to hurt me, but she really did. Okay, but you weren’t there for the entire conversation, molly. By the end of that conversation, kristina had agreed to wait to see if you and tj wanted to decide to explore surrogacy or not. And if you didn’t want to do that, then kristina would have been totally fine with that. You don’t think it would have become something about me rejecting her, me not trusting her? Come on. I don’t know, molly. I-I can’t predict the future, but I’ve got to say, I am really surprised by your attitude right now. Oh, you’re surprised that I’m angry? No, I’m not surprised that you’re angry. It doesn’t make sense that you’re directing all your anger at kristina. Because having a kid isn’t a big deal to her! She doesn’t even want a kid! But I do, and I can’t have one. But she can. In what world is that fair? [ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I don’t have to explain anything to you, let alone why I choose to choose any document from the archives. And as much as your curiosity is piqued, it doesn’t give you the right to rummage through my office. Move! I cannot believe I’m having this conversation with you. I-I’m sorry. I haven’t exactly had a job before. You’re kidding. I would never have guessed. Okay, so, um, what happens now? Are you gonna fire me, or…? Not that you deserve an explanation, but these documents aren’t about you. I have a reporter that wants to do a retrospective on heather webber and ryan chamberlain’s reign of terror in port charles. My biological mother and father. And I requested the material as a matter of due diligence. I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to approve the retrospective or not. Please, I am begging you, do not publish that story. That’s not how I run a newspaper. But I thought you, of all people, would understand how I feel. Elyse! Hey, girl, so good to see you. As I’m sure sasha was just explaining, um, there were a few misunderstandings about what happened at logan’s that we all want to clear up. Uh, see, we recently adjusted the details in the loaning contract between logan’s and deception, and sasha’s been out for a while, so she wasn’t quite caught up. So actually, this whole thing is just some big non-story. [ Chuckling ] Sasha’s just a little confused, that’s all. Sasha just wasn’t clear on the terms of the agreement, that’s all. Makes sense to me. But, you know, I was really hoping that sasha would speak for herself. Not just about what happened at logan’s, but about how you’re coping with the return to the spotlight. Sasha, you have been through so much. Loss of your husband, the loss of your child, and you had a very public breakdown on the home & heart shopping channel. With all that pain, our readers really want to know, how do you keep going? I wouldn’t say we’re struggling. Okay, yeah. I’ve been holding back a bit. You know, I knew you had a lot going on. I didn’t want to be a burden. But you’re not a burden. When I was angry at mom for lying to me when I was trying to sift through my feelings with curtis, I just… I assumed that she would always be there for me. Because that’s the truth. There’s nothing you could say or do that would change how I feel about you. Besides, you know, it’s that time in your life where you’re going through that spending less time with your parents, it’s natural. You’re growing up, you’re finding your way in the world. Tough time for a parent, but, you know, even though we know it’s gonna happen eventually. But this is different with us. I’m not growing up, right? I’m — I’m — I’m trying to understand where I came from and who I am. Well… the person to help you do that is curtis. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to trina. You’d have to ask her. But I certainly know that I’m not the worst thing. Really? Because from what I recall, some of the worst moments that were in my daughter’s life, they all have one common denominator, and they all happened because of you. Where are you going?

[ Chuckles ] My daughter was arrested for creating revenge porn of her best friends, josslyn and cam. And who was the real guilty party? It was esme. Who brought esme to port charles? It was you. Trina was almost kicked out of pcu. She was put on trial, and if she was convicted, that would have haunted her for the rest of her life. I’m not disagreeing with anything that you’re saying. But trina and I, we’ve made a real effort to work past those things. Really? Y-you’ve worked past those things? Or has trina simply overlooked them? What about the fact of her following you on that boat and — and being trapped by your insane great uncle? And the only reason trina is alive is because curtis saved her, not you. Trina should probably run as far away from me as she possibly can. But what is so amazing is that she hasn’T. She’s chosen not to. Despite everything that has happened, your daughter has stood beside me. And I think that we’re good for each other. And I think that I make her happy. How can you even say that with a straight face? After everything that you’ve put my daughter through, you still chose to move in with esme, the person who caused my daughter all that pain, so no, spencer, no, absolutely not. I don’t think you make trina happy at all. Curtis is tough. He’s gonna pull through. I hope you’re right, because I don’t know what I’d do if I lost the chance to get to know him.

[ Sighs ] I got to get back to the hospital, but… I love you, dad. Yeah, me too. Nice to know that I can count on you. Always. See ya. You not being able to carry a child is not fair at all. And kristina just throwing it out there like that, that she could carry a child for me. It’s like kristina is just…

[ Sniffles ] She’s clueless about how sad I am, and that tj is equally as sad, because we both thought that I’d be pregnant one day, and that there’d be sonograms and maternity clothes and… tj would put his hand on my belly when the baby kicked.

[ Sniffles ] Hey. None of that’s gonna happen now. Kristina knows that you’re having a hard time. Or maybe she doesn’t understand all the reasons why. Have you talked to her about it? Before we blew up? Hardly. I guess she’S… it just makes her uncomfortable, so she goes on and on about her foundation. Okay, well, you need to talk to her and just, like, be direct with her. No! Not — I’m not doing that! I am so tired of always being the bigger person. Kristina needs to figure this one out on her own. You know I love you, right? Yes, of course I do, dad. Okay. That’s not the issue, though. Yeah, well, I don’t seem to know what the issue is exactly, but here — here’s what I’m gonna say to you — go — go — you need to have a conversation with molly. I wish I could. I wish it were that simple. I wish we could just say “weapons down” and have a sister heart-to-heart. But that’s not gonna happen. I know the way they see me, dad. To molly and tj, it’s like doctor and lawyer versus the college dropout. That’s just the way it is. They think that I’m irresponsible and I’m self-serving and that I just fundamentally cannot be trusted. I don’t know. Maybe they’re right. Okay, you know what? You’re beating yourself up. I’m gonna go ahead and leave just because I don’t want to pile on — I don’t want you to pile on. That’s not what I’m asking. I just don’t know what to do! Well, you know what? You said it — it was an impulsive decision to help molly. You need to figure out why you’re so willing to help her. Because I wanted to help! There’s — there’s no other reason? What about the foundation? You said you — you, uh — you know, you wanted to make a difference in port charles, huh? Right? But then you wanted to be in charge of something. You said you wanted some flexibility, and then you wanted something creative. You see what I’m saying? It wasn’t totally self-sacrificing, but doesn’t mean that your heart wasn’t in the right place, so what you need to do is figure out why it’s so important to do that. And have a conversation. You know why? Because you two love each other. It’s too important, and I don’t want anything to come in between the two of you. I keep going because, um… because I have to. I have friends and family. They’re supportive, and they give me the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other. You know, it’s really important to have access to… what is cody still doing here? I thought you were gonna get rid of him. It’s a public place. Look at — he’s fine. Says you. I’m gonna go talk to him. Whatever.

[ Exhales sharply ] Poor thing. And weren’t you involved with that criminal cyrus renault for a time? Oh, elyse, that was the past. We’re focused on the present. I thought you said no holds barred. Within reason. Beat it, cody. Excuse me? Sasha doesn’t need you here distracting her. Not when she’s trying to concentrate on an important interview. That was such a long time ago. You don’t have to talk about cyrus, okay? Nobody wants to talk about him. I thought we had an understanding. Because you’re just a toxic, horrible little gnome! Oh, this is precious — life advice from the trash of port charles.

Esme is my brother’s mom. I don’t like living with her, either, but I’m kind of stuck with her right now. Yeah, you are. But does trina need to be? That girl tormented my daughter, and you’re living with her. Esm– esme is different — you’re right. It’S… it’s a complicated situation.

[ Scoffs ] Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’T. Look, I’m not gonna turn my back on my little brother. And I get that. But if you really care for trina the way that you say that you do and you are stuck with esme, wouldn’t you want to spare trina from having to continually see her? I mean, wouldn’t the selfless, mature thing to do be to just let trina go?

[ Footsteps approaching ] Oh, spencer, you’re here. Hi.

[ Monitor beeping ] Marshall: Curtis? Curtis? Can you hear me? Curtis? Curtis. Oh, spencer. I just had breakfast with my dad at kelly’S. I didn’t know you were coming by. It gave us a chance to chat. Portia, come quick! I think he’s waking up.

[ Gasps ] Oh! Look, all I am asking is for you to have a little heart. I mean, you’re — you’re a cassadine, right? So you know what it’s like to be judged by your relatives even though you’ve done nothing wrong, and I am just trying to explain — I’m gonna stop you right there. That comparison is not only inappropriate and false, it’s really irritating. I am a cassadine, and my family is very complicated, which is why I did the work to confront my past. I worked really hard to establish myself as my own person, apart from my family. So a cassadine doesn’t define me, nor — nor I them. But you… on the other hand, you claim that you don’t remember your past. I-I don’T. Which doesn’t mean that you don’t have one. You do. And you have done nothing to earn that clean slate, which is why I’m sure the stories about your biological mother and father frighten you. Esme, I have worked really hard to try to be civil to you. But I don’t trust you, and nor does anyone else. Now, if you want to change that, I suggest that you take a really good, long, hard look at yourself, your past, and face what you did. Because other than that, this box, that box… that’s the least of your problems. Gladys, just calm down. You’re making a scene. I know you want to be seen… but not like this. Maxie: Sasha, are you — are you okay? Yeah, yeah. I just thought I saw someone I knew. Okay, you know what, elyse? We’re gonna reschedule this interview. I think sasha’s had a little too much sun. No, no, I-I want to tell my story. I really have no idea why you want to bother a troubled young woman. Okay, what happened? Sasha was doing great, as far as I could tell. Oh, well, “far” being the operative word. You weren’t there, so how would you know? Yes, I have been through a lot, um, like many people. Probably like many of your readers. My experience is not uncommon, and the stigma of mental health issues is still so… you haven’t spent any time with her, so quit acting like…

You know I’m always here for you, right? I do. Thank you. Sometimes I just feel so alone in this family. It’s nice to know someone has my back. You’re not alone. We’ll see. Think about what I said. I will, I promise. All right. I love you. Love you, too. Thanks, dad. Look, you may not remember your past, but you can’t pretend that it didn’t happen because it will find you.

[ Cellphone ringing ] I need to take this. Hey, sonny. What’s up? Oh, s-she came to your house. Good. Can you hang on for a second? Esme. Why are you still here? Esme. Shut the door. So if kristina doesn’t say the right thing to you, what does that mean for the two of you? I don’t know. Maybe we need some time apart.

[ Knock on door ] Hold that thought. Oh, thank god you’re home. You are not going to believe what — molly. Curtis, honey, can you hear me? I swear I saw his fingers move. It could have just been a muscle twitch. It doesn’t mean that he’s waking up.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Trina gasps ]

[ Chuckles ] Welcome back, my love.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Sasha, what’s wrong? Do you hear me? I don’t want you anywhere near sasha. Yeah, okay. I think you and i both know that you’re not in any position to give me orders.

[ Scoffs ] You don’t intimidate me.

[ Chuckles ] I’d really prefer if you didn’t touch me. Oh, yeah? You gonna stop me? Are ya? Gladys, listen. Elyse: Sasha, are you all right? Let me go! For the last time, I asked you not to touch me! Uhh! Sasha…why?

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