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Damn it, that was close. Not to mention nerve wracking. And that’s because I got so flustered and blabby. Justin, how many times can I run into Xander before I end up telling him the truth? And boy, did I try to avoid him this time. When I saw him coming across that square, I turned around so fast… That you nearly knocked over that woman with the stroller.

Yes! It was like fate conspired for me to practically run over that baby so I would be forced to tell Xander that Sarah was pregnant with his baby. But you managed not to. Just barely. He’s gotta know something’s up, man. The way I just rattled on about having hot wings for dinner. In the really hot weather.

I know. I was there. Well, at least I said something. You just stood there, quiet as a graveyard. Because I have learned that the best way to keep a secret… is to keep your mouth closed. What secret?

Well, thanks for the update, Bell. Okay, talk soon. Oh, hey, couldn’t hear you come in. Hey there. Hmm.

Hmm. Oh, what a lovely greeting. Hmm, and you’re nice and warm. What did you run home or something? I just walked through the park, actually. Ran into our old friend, Bonnie Lockhart. Oh, was she acting weird again? Very. Banging on about whatever came into her head. Hot wings in hot weather, stuff like that.

She’s so strange. She and Justin seem really uncomfortable around you lately. I don’t get it. It makes two of us. What’s in the package? Ah. This is your anniversary present. What anniversary? Open your present and you’ll find out.

So, I know it’s not our anniversary until next week. What? Got you an early gift. I don’t, I don’t see a gift anywhere. Oh, it’s not a thing. It’s, it’s, it’s something I did. What kind of gift is that? Well, EJ and I, we finally took your advice. We broke her to truce. Oh, that is a great gift. And there’s more. We were gonna kick Demetri out of the house, but Kristen stopped us.

What’s good about that? Because for once, she was right. Best to keep Dimitri here, where we can keep our eyes on him. Guess you’re right. Friends close, enemies closer. Speaking about that, um, I just came from getting up close and personal to one of our enemies.

Yeah, I just sat down. How well do you know what she looks like? Okay. I’ll be on the lookout for a woman with long dark hair wearing a blue dress. Thanks again.

You gotta be kidding me. What the hell are you doing here? Don’t you have a bail hearing or something? You, you don’t understand. Could you please just go to another bar? I’m meeting someone and I don’t want him to find me here with a guy who’s on Salem’s most wanted list. This someone is a, uh, date, right?

How do you know that? Because I have the misfortune of being that poor bastard.

The kid’s finally settled? Yeah, Charlotte is. Thomas made me let him, uh, let him read for a half hour. He’s, um… I’m so pumped about his room. You did such a good job on it. Well, I want him and Charlotte to be happy here. They are. So am I. Thank you for the beautiful flowers. Yeah. Well, we’ve been so busy with the move, we haven’t had a whole lot of time for romance.

I had the same thought. Another delivery? The good kind. Dinner for two from Foo’s walk in. Yeah. You want to pour some wine while I get the door? Yes.

Howdy neighbors, so is this what it’s going to be like living across the hall from you? Ever heard of a shirt?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Now is that any way to talk to your new neighbor? Come on in. Hey, do you guys have hot water? Yep. Not me. I’ve been running that thing for like 15 minutes. Well, then go back to your own apartment and call the super. I did. You can’t get a plumber here until tomorrow morning. Thanks for the update. We were just about to have dinner.

Oh, okay. I’ll, uh, get out of your way then. Right on my mind. Hey, do you think maybe, if it’s, uh, cool with you kids, if I grab a quick shower? Hmm.

Did you get me a pizza? It’s not a pizza, Chloe. Oh, darn. I was hoping it was. I’m starving. I’ll get you a pizza. Just open this box. Okay.

There we go. This is a

dartboard. And, and, a new set of darts. Wow. Well, we already have a dartboard o. It’s not there anymore. What happened? Yeah, that one was for amateurs. It was starting off my game. Yeah, blame it on the dartboard. This is a huge upgrade. That one was just bringing me bad luck. This is pub quality. Sounds to me like someone is eager for a rematch.

I’m chomping at the bit. And since you’re wondering what anniversary this celebrates, you believe it’s been exactly three months since you buried a dart worryingly close. To my heart. I’m really sorry about that. I’m not. It was like Cupid’s arrow. I fancied you from that moment on.

Um. Oh, well. Hiya, Justin Teller. I was just speaking. Hypothetically. Yeah, we were just talking about how hot the weather’s been lately. And what we had for dinner. Stuff like that. Oh, and that led you to give Bonnie advice on the art of keeping a secret? Oh, you know, Justin, he’s, uh, he’s always helping me with my big mouth.

And I do so appreciate it, honey, because you know this thing’s got me in some pretty big jams. Mm hmm. I think the two of you are keeping something from me. And I have a good idea what it is.

It’s a family matter, isn’t it? Oh, my God, who told you? He told me himself. You talked to Rex? What does Rex have to do with this? Nothing. No, not a thing. Um, it’s just that he’s in Chicago with Sarah. Uh, they’re in Chicago. Well, of course you know that because, uh, your daughter lives in Chicago and how could you not know where your daughter lives?

Or what’s going on in her life? So I guess the thing that you’re keeping from me has something to do with Sarah.

What? No! Why would we know a secret about Sarah? That’s what I’m trying to find out. Well, it’s not about Sarah, okay? Right, Justin? Justin, you have said one sentence to me since I walked in. I get the feeling you are giving me the silent treatment. Why would I do that? I don’t know. Look, before, uh, when I said I’d talk to someone, I meant Alex.

Oh, so now I’m thinking that… The secret that you don’t want me to know is about Alex and you’re trying to cover for Justin. Am I right? Huh? What? What? What do you mean? What? Huh? Justin, you have to be furious at me, aren’t you? I mean, you know that I’m the reason that your son moved out of the family home.

Look, Alex. Alex, we don’t want you to take a shower here. We want you to go back to your own place and take a cold shower. It’ll probably do you some good. Yeah, that’s the thing, man. The cold shower just won’t cut it. I just came back from a workout, and I smell like a goat. I don’t care. Go home. Listen, Brady and I have a meeting tomorrow morning with a very important client at 8 a.

m. God only knows when this plumber’s gonna show up, and I really can’t afford to screw up another job.

I want you out of here in five minutes. I will be quick, I promise you. And don’t turn the bathroom into a pigsty. Oh, you guys are the best. Hey, thank you so much, babe. Nice shirt.

Okay, I’m sorry. I just, I didn’t want him to screw up his meeting. Right, so he gets to ruin our meeting instead?

I know exactly where to put this. Okay, you know what? I think I should hang that because, as I recall, you’re pretty lousy at hanging things. That’s only because I didn’t have the drywall, but I’ve got them now, so I’m going to be brilliant at it. You’ll see. Okay. Yeah, so you order the pizza and I’ll take care of this.

Okay, fine. The usual? Meat with more meat and extra meat on thin crust? That’s my girl. And while we’re waiting for it to arrive, it’s game on. Although this time, when it’s your turn. I’ll remember to duck.

Gabby, I cannot believe you went to talk to Lee on your own. We have talked about this. I know but he was that we were letting him get away with it. We weren’t doing anything about it. Because we have proof of how dangerous he is, Gabby. Lee and Megan want me dead, you know that. That’s exactly why I did what I did.

And what was that? I just, I sort of gave him a taste of his own medicine. I hate to even ask what that means. We talked. Okay, we were talking, and then I could tell I wasn’t getting to him, so… I did something to make my point. What something? Stephen, I pulled a gun on him.

This cannot be happening. We, we did not hire the same matchmaker. A lady named Cheryl Angel? Promised you a match made in heaven, right? Yeah, instead I got the blind date from hell. Okay, just so you know, the feelings of repulsion are mutual. If I I was meeting you, I would have had the florist put extra thorns on that rose.

I am the district attorney. I cannot be seen having drinks with the man who is going to prison. You’re leaving? Yeah. Cheryl Angel knew exactly what she was doing. Either she’s going to give me my money back, or I’m going to bring her up on charges. She doesn’t know about me. What, you think she reads the police blotter?

Give her a break. She’s just trying to make a living. Then she’s an incompetent. How could anyone think that we would be a match? We have absolutely nothing in common. I wouldn’t go that far. Name one thing. In the train wreck known as the affair between my ex wife and Stefan DiMera, you and I are both collateral damage.

I hate to say this, but you have a point. Then, why don’t you sit down. Back when I was hopeful about tonight, I ordered a very nice bottle of wine. We can drink to the happy couple. Wish them all the misery they so richly deserve.

Fine. But for the record, we are not in the same boat, okay? True, I had a thing for Stefan at some point, but you, on the other hand, have a psychopathic obsession with Gabby Hernandez. I loved her. I still do. But I’m not a nutjob. Mm hmm, because only a sane man would brainwash Harris Michaels into killing his ex wife’s lover.

Okay, this is a charge you cannot prove. Give me time. Back to the main topic of you and Stefan. Uh, we were never on that topic. You wanted him. Way more than you let on. Oh, really? And you know this how? Why else would you get in bed with him and moan and groan so I’d think he was screwing you instead of my wife?

You can’t deny what you did. I walked in on you. Oh, for God’s sake. That was all staged. For your benefit. Well, whoever’s benefit it was for, it was an idiotic idea. You were an intelligent, beautiful woman. And you let Stefan DiMera use you. Be honest, that has to hurt.

I cannot believe you did such a stupid thing. What if Lee had gotten the gun away from you? What if he had used it on you? He doesn’t have the cojones to do something like that. Just tell me the gun wasn’t loaded. Stefan, what good’s a gun with no bullets in it? I can’t believe this. You… I wasn’t going to shoot him.

I just wanted to scare him. I wanted him to know that if he ever came after you again, I will get him, and I will. I am not going to lose you again. I can’t. What if I don’t want to lose you, Gabby? You thought about that? What if you’re wrong about Lee? What if he had gotten the gun away from you? My brother is a cop.

I know how to handle a gun. You are so far off the deep end right now. You are so hell bent on stopping Lee and Megan from killing me that you keep putting yourself in danger. It has to stop.

It’s been a lot longer than five minutes. I know. I’m really sorry. You don’t have to keep saying it. I should have put this in the oven. It’s getting cold. No, what we should do is just go ahead and eat. But when he comes out, I’m kicking him out. I need you to back me up this time. I will. I promise. We’re still gonna have our evening.


Spring rolls? Yes. Hmm. We’re having a romantic evening. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Hey there, lovebirds. Thanks for the shower.

That’s my robe. I know, you got a little something on ya, pal. Uh, but you told me not to come out in a towel anymore, so… I didn’t tell you to take my robe. I couldn’t fit it all in a Stephanie’s, that’d be much worse than a towel. But, if you insist, I mean… No! You drop that robe, you’re dead.

Well, if I do say so myself… It’s very well hung. Said the chorus girl to the Archbishop. Yeah. There’s a reason I like you. You’ve got a filthy mind and a terrible aim . You know, let’s hope that that board stays up there, because I would hate for it to fall the moment I hit my first bullseye. If a massive earthquake, what a hit, Salan, and that wall started to crumble, our dartboard would stop it from falling.

You think? I know. That’s a bearing wall. It might save the whole building, thanks to my expert installation. I think you really believe that. Why? You love my big ego? I certainly like taking advantage of it, that’s for sure. Oh, so you’re feeling pretty sure of yourself, huh? You want to make this interesting?

Yeah, I do. If I beat you, you have to give me a shoulder massage. Hmm. Well, if I win, you have to give me… A foot massage. No, no, no, no, buddy. That’s a lot to ask. We are three months in. I do not touch feet. Oh, so not so confident after all, huh? Oh, no, I am, and the thought of touching your feet is motivation enough, so.

Step aside, please.

I am not giving you the silent treatment. You have to be disappointed that Alex moved out. I am. I liked having him here, especially after Sonny moved out. But, I’m not angry with you. You and Alex are now working for competing companies, so it only makes sense that you live in different places. He’s working for DiMera because I fired him.

And then you generously hired him back, and then he turned your offer down. Alex is a grown man. He makes his own decisions. In fact, I just learned that he found a new apartment and a building with all sorts of amenities. Oh, good. Good, good, good. I’m glad. Listen, I don’t resent Alex’s decision to stay on at DiMera.

I mean, as you know, I hired Chad in his place, and I’m very happy. A good choice. Fantastic. So, can we consider the air cleared? Yes, we can. Whew! But, um, I’m still wondering, uh, why you brought up Rex’s name and Sarah’s. Oh, um, well, I meant to say Alex when I said Rex’s name. I just got confused because, you know, both of their names have X’s in them.

And then I brought up Sarah because you thought I brought up Rex. They live in Chicago. Yeah, but you weren’t talking about Alex. When I walked in, you were talking about keeping a secret. For Pete’s sake, I can’t take this anymore. Bonnie. No, no, I gotta do something. I can’t. I can’t just keep this between you and me, alright?

And who better to tell than Maggie? Well, then what is it? Tell me what it is. You wanna know if this is about Sarah, right? Yes. Well, it is. Sarah, your daughter, is keeping a big secret from you. And I’m the poor schmazo who happened to find out what it is.

Bonnie, do you really want to do this? What isn’t Sarah telling me? Maggie’s not just Sarah’s mom, she’s a really good mom. And if Sarah were my daughter, I’d want to know about this. About what? Sarah is, Sarah’s, Sarah’s,

Sarah’s seeing Rex again. She is? Yes. How do you know? When I went to visit my little grandbaby, it was Rex’s week with her, and then Sarah was in the apartment, Rex’s apartment, when I walked in. But that’s, I mean, they’re together. Together. Bonnie, a woman knows these things, alright? Sarah’s expec was not expecting to see me and her with Rex.

And that’s when Sarah made Bonnie promise to not tell anybody, including you. So Sarah’s with Rex and she doesn’t want me to know. I wonder why. Probably because she knows you have a soft spot for Xander. Xander and Sarah are divorced. What does he have to do with this?

Oh, you might as well throw in the towel, love. You’ve only got one dart left. I can still win if I hit Cork. Well, you’re throwing that dart. It’s more likely to end up landing in County Cork. Ha. Stand back. Don’t have to tell me twice. Oh, God, I’m really gonna enjoy watching you rub my feet. Quiet. I am concentrating.

I get it. Look, I, I get why you’re upset, Stefan, but I had to face Lee. Don’t, don’t you see? I had to look at him in the eye and make sure he understood that there’s no chance I will ever get back together with him. Lee has never… You’re going to believe that, Gabby. No matter what you say or do, the guy’s obsessed.

Not anymore. No, no, really. The only person he listens to is his sister, and Wendy convinced him to move on. He even hired a matchmaker. Huh. You’re kidding. No, no, really. I saw the profile that he wrote for himself on his laptop. Look, I didn’t really believe it, but he swore that he has a date tonight, so maybe he will meet the woman of his dreams and finally we can get on with our lives.

I don’t need to explain myself to you, Mr. Shin. And I’ve wasted enough of my night, so don’t be offended if I end our date permanently. You’d be doing me a favor. Why would I want a woman who wasn’t good enough for Stefan DiMera? I would not insult me if I were you. I can still up the charges against you to conspiracy to commit murder.

And for being an ass in the first degree.

Lost Love Chardonnay? That’s what you ordered? Do you know it? Well, yeah, I know it. Pour me a glass and I’ll tell you the story.

You happy now? Do you see me smiling? Wow, I really don’t get what the big deal is. Yes, I took your robe. You took my job at Titan. Alex, that’s not fair. Hey, I’ll give the robe back tomorrow, I promise you. I will even wash it. As long as you’re okay with the cold water because that’s all I got. I’ll make you a deal.

Keep the robe. Looks great on you. Oh, thank you, Chad. That’s right neighborly of you. Silly part of the deal. You move out of the building.

Why would I move out of this great building? I’ve got the gym, I’ve got the pool. Don’t even get me started on the location. Yeah, and that’s your favorite part, isn’t it? You took the apartment because you could be right across the hall from Stephanie and me. Actually, I was talking about my five minute drive to my office.

Dude, I know you’re still hung up on Stephanie. Dude, I’m in the room. Stephanie, please, tell this guy that we are just friends now. It’s true.

Buddy, I moved out because I couldn’t live with Maggie anymore. And yes, coincidentally, I landed a place across the hall. And I know that we don’t like each other that much, but maybe… We can learn to be good neighbors. Good Neighbors? Good Neighbors, you’re showing up half naked when my daughter’s in the other room.

Whoa, uh, I’m sorry, I didn’t even think of that. You don’t think? Chad, a word? You and I have everything we want. We can afford to be a little bit understanding. Oh, come on. No, you come on. Please, why don’t you let this go so we can get back to our night together?

You alright?

Alex, welcome to the building. Thanks, man. Who’s walking in? Oh my god, that is my favorite place. Are you kidding me? The spring rolls. Have you tried these yet? Oh

my god. Do you think maybe you guys could let me stay for dinner? Neighbors.

I can’t believe it. Ha ha ha, believe it. I’m ready for that shoulder massage. Uh huh. Ooh.

Ooh. Oh yeah, that feels good. Maybe I don’t mind losing so much after all. Oh my god, did I ever tell you

that you that you have the greatest hands?


Um, Um, Um, Um, Wanna play beat the beat,

son? Xander is with Chloe now. He and Sarah split up months ago. From what I can see, about six months. Sorry? What Bonnie is trying to say is that it hasn’t been that long since Sarah and Xander split up. And since we know that you were very supportive of their relationship, it must be very difficult to see them with other people.

True. True. And Sarah has history with Rex. And he’s made it very plain that he wants her back. He’s just not my choice for my daughter. He cheated on her and hurt her very badly. Maybe that’s why she feels she can’t tell me. Because she’s forgiven him, but I don’t know if I can. Oh, honey, it hurts when they keep me on the outside.

I mean, Mimi didn’t tell me that she was pregnant with Rex’s baby until she was like five or six. But kids grow up. They make their own decisions. Yeah, yeah. Well, I’ll call Sarah after dinner. Maybe she’ll open up to me.

Thank you, Bonnie, for telling me. I, I wish Sarah had.

That worked out okay. I need a drink.

The summer after law school. I had a few weeks off before I started my job. In the spur of the moment, I decided to take a bike trip through Napa. Stop at a lot of vineyards. Mind you, I didn’t know a thing about wine. But you know, when I’m ignorant about something, I, it drives me crazy, so I just dive in and I try to become an expert.

Also served you well in law school. Graduated first in my class. Editor of the Law Review. But I’d never done a trip like that before. And I just felt… so free. Anyway, um… The last winery I stopped at was Lost Love Vineyards. And they had just released this vintage. I took one sip and I thought it was the most, oh, exquisite wine I had ever tried.

And I was keeping a journal. I’d peel the labels off each bottle I tried and I pasted it in my journal next to my notes. But that day I, I was so lost in the wine and that free feeling. I forgot to take the label. I tried to remember the name later, and it just wouldn’t come to me. So I, I put the trip and the wine out of my mind and I became a workaholic again.

Until tonight. I saw that bottle and it all came back to me.

You felt that free feeling again? Yeah. I did.

Wow. You know, I feel sorry for the poor woman who gets paired up with Lee. That guy should come with a warning label tattooed across his forehead. I could care less about that chick. I just hope Lee falls head over heels in love with her and just, we can stop worrying about him. Yeah, maybe. I don’t want to talk about him anymore.

Our anniversary is next week, and we’re finally getting married. It’s going to be one of the happiest days of my life.

Except I have to tell you something.

What? I don’t know if that’s going to work for me.

What’s not going to work for you? Are you saying you don’t want to marry me? I’m saying, what if I decide to get reckless like you did, and I go meet Megan in a back alley somewhere with a gun? Or what if I show up to Rolf’s secret lab with a crossbow and I attack him for brainwashing me? Or better yet, what if I show up to one of these blind dates with a matchbook and a gallon of gasoline?

Okay, you’ve made your point. Have I? Yes, I get it. And as one of my pre wedding vows to you, I promise I won’t ever, ever go after any of our enemies again. I don’t believe you. What? Gabby, you’re always going to want to bring the fight to anyone who hurts us. All that I’m asking is that next time, take me with you.

Okay? You seem to think you’re invincible. But you’re not. And I don’t want to lose you any more than you want to lose me. I know. I promise.

Thank you. Now I just have to find the journal. You don’t have it? You lost it.

Well then you’ll just have to start another one.

Just try smiling more often.

At least I learned that we actually do have something in common. We both love this wine.

Why don’t you stay for dinner? Finish the bottle with me. Oh, what the hell.

You guys got any more of this wine? Uh, no more wine. And it’s time for you to go. Take some mooshu pork. Oh, thank you. That’s breakfast tomorrow. Great. Good luck with your meeting tomorrow. Ah. Okay. Well, um, thank you guys for everything. Why?

Uh, sorry about your robe. Eh, who needs robe when I get to live with you.

What are you thinking about? I’m thinking that if someone would have told me three months ago that I would be on this couch making love with you, I would have said that they’re nuts. Life is certainly full of surprises, isn’t it? Yeah, it is. Except when it comes to darts and Chloe versus Xander, because clearly I always win.

Wait, so I don’t even get a chance to save my dignity? Okay. Set him up again.

Wow. That was not my fault. Right. No, I’m serious. When we were making love before, I definitely felt the earth move. Oh yeah? An earthquake? Yeah, must have been. Now we can’t play darts. How are we going to fill the time until the pizza gets here? I’m sure you can think of some ways.

Okay, so when your mom calls, you’ll have an explanation? Okay, honey. Thanks. You’re a doll. Bye.

So, Sarah’s not upset? Well, she’s gonna back me up about her and Rex. But she still doesn’t want Xander or anyone else to know she’s pregnant with his baby. She’s still determined to keep the secret? Oh, for sure. I still say secrets have a way of coming out. Especially when that secret’s a baby.

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