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Devon: Hey, pretty lady.

Abby: Hi.

Devon: So many good memories here.

Abby: Yeah. This penthouse will always hold a special part of your heart.

Devon: Yes, it will. And you know, you are a big reason for that.

Abby: Mm.

Devon: ‘Cause this is where we both realized we’re in love with each other.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: I’ll never forget that. And now, it’s lily’s turn to make brand new memories.

Lily: Okay, can I tell you a secret?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Lily: So, I have always envied devon’s place and now I get to live there.

Daniel: You’re really excited about this move, aren’t you?

Lily: Yeah. I’m really excited, I am.

Daniel: I bet you have a million new decorating ideas.

Lily: Uh, no, actually. I’m gonna leave it the way it is for now. Devon’s leaving it furnished, he’s not taking anything to chancellor mansion. But, um, I’ll add my own personal touches to it.

Daniel: Okay. But if you do need any help visualizing, you know, I can always work up some, uh, sketches for you.

Lily: Floor plans and a video of my own likeness? How did I get so lucky?

Daniel: Well, you are queen liliana, remember?

Lily: That’s right.

[ Lily laughing ] Well, you’re very generous, thank you. I wish you didn’t have your meeting later, you could come with me to grab the keys.

Daniel: Ah, it’s okay. I’m sure I’m gonna see your new place very, very soon.

Lily: Okay, good.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Yeah. Part of me does care about my brother.

Sally: Hmm. Wasn’t so hard to admit, was it?

Nick: He is my brother and that is never going to change. Now, it doesn’t mean I trust him because I don’T. Not even a little bit. I wish I did, but he has let me and the family down so many times.

Sally: Yeah, he definitely has a knack for letting people down. But somehow, he makes people want to help him. I don’t know if it’s because we’re hoping that he eventually becomes the person that he’s really supposed to be.

Nick: I mean, if only we knew who that person was.

Sally: Well, he has moments of actual change, but they never last long.

Nick: Doesn’t stop my dad, though. He is never going to give up hope, and I respect that as a father.

Sally: So, you think you can do it? Work with adam?

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: I mean, it’s what my dad wants, and vic is clearly trying to squeeze me out of newman. Kind of think I have to consider it.

Sally: I agree with your father.

Nick: Wait, what? What’d you say?

Sally: I think your brother could use your sturdier, more positive influence. If you can handle it… I think you should say yes.

Adam: You’re proposing a merger?

Sharon: That’s right. Your new company with the company that cameron left me. We could run them together.

[ Adam chuckling ]

Adam: Seriously?

Sharon: Kirsten incorporated is a tech company. They create the kind of technology used by companies like mccall. It’s a perfect symbiosis. A win for both of us.

Adam: Okay, um, let’s hold on a second. Let’s just– let’s back it up. Cameron left you his company. Why?

Sharon: I’ve given up on trying to figure that out.

Adam: And you decided that you want to keep it and you want to merge it with my new company?

Sharon: Smart move, right?

Adam: Okay, um, let’s just hold off. Where is this idea coming from, and why in a million years would you think it’s a good idea for the two of us to partner up?

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Sharon: After everything that happened with the cameron ordeal, I just feel like I need a change. A new focus.

Adam: I mean, I– are you sure you don’t want to just sell it and be done with anything and everything that has to do with that psychopath?

Sharon: That was my first instinct. To get far away from anything connected with cameron as fast as I could. But now, I’m looking at the whole thing from a new perspective. Maybe that madman leaving me his company was some kind of a sign.

Adam: Right. Right. It was a sign to go with your first instinct.

Sharon: I’m sure he felt that he could keep his grips on me from beyond the grave, but it could be a sign that I’m supposed to try to make something good out of the bad. It’s almost as if that creepy weird move he made has galvanized something in me. Something that’s been bubbling for… a while now.

Adam: And that is?

Sharon: I don’t know. A new sense of purpose, something to feel passionate about. Maybe it’s something that I’ve been yearning for since rey died, but I was never willing to let it come to the surface. Or maybe this recent horrific event has shaken that loose. There must be something I can do with cameron’s company to make it useful.

Adam: I guess anything is possible.

Sharon: Just think. I could be a job creator on a grand scale. Really give something back to the world. Make a difference.

Adam: Sounds like you are really serious about this.

Sharon: I know it’s a bit different than my specific business experience, but the parallels are there. The way to run any successful business is to assemble the right team to support it and maintain a focused mission.

Adam: I mean, you could make kirsten incorporated a force for good, all on its own. Don’t need me, or any other company to do that.

Sharon: Your company’s product is media. Mine is the technology that carries that product to the consumer. We could be more effective, more efficient, and certainly more lucrative, together. Don’t you see how this could be good for everyone?

Abby: Have I told you lately how special you are and how much you mean to me?

Devon: I never get tired of hearing it.

[ Abby chuckling ]

Abby: I know this move is a big sacrifice. But here you are, doing it for dominic, with no regrets.

Devon: Of course. I’ll always live my life for dominic, you know that. And plus, I’m happy that he gets to have a connection to his great-grandma, just by livin’ in that house. It’s special for him.

Abby: Yeah, but this place will always have a special part of his heart.

Devon: Oh.

Abby: And mine as well.

Devon: Not changing your mind, are you?

Abby: No, I’m not changing my mind, I just–

Devon: Are you sure?

Abby: This is the first place that we lived together as a couple, and– I don’t know, there’s a lot of memories here. I’m just happy that we can come back and visit lily any time we want.

Devon: That’s right. Worked out well for everyone, didn’t it?

Abby: Yeah.

[ Abby sighing ]

Devon: Oh. You ready?

Abby: Yeah.

[ Abby chuckling ]

Devon: Bye for now.

Chloe: Hey, this is huge. Taking over as creative director at marchetti? I mean, this is a big get for you. You deserve it. You really deserve it, though. You are so talented. And just think, with you in that position, maybe I could get some deals with marchetti, and, well, you know that home line that phyllis started a while ago? Maybe then sally and I can get some deals on her products, and then use the line for our interior design business. Ugh! This is so great. I mean, mostly– mostly for you, but– but for me, too.

Billy: And just like that, you gotta say yes. For chloe’s sake, if not your own.

Chloe: Huh?

Nick: That is a switch.

Sally: Huh. When you first came to me with victor’s proposal, I was adamant that adam didn’t need any help, least of all from you.

Nick: So, what happened to make you change your mind?

Sally: I have just been so furious with adam. This deep, agonizing anger and fury that just compounded my own pain.

Nick: But there must have been some catalyst for this change of heart, sally.

Sally: I read adam’s letter. And I have to admit, it… touched me.

Nick: I thought you threw it away.

Sally: Well, I did. Until I didn’T. I’m afraid my curiosity got the best of me.

Nick: Ah. I don’t need to read that. Most important thing is how you felt after you read it.

Sally: It seemed like a cry for help. You know, he wanted to meet with me and work together through this pain, like two parents who shared a common loss.

Nick: So, did you meet with him?

Sally: I couldn’t bring myself to do it. But you know, the more time I thought about it, I started to see… a different perspective about what adam has been going through. Yes, I’m still angry, and I don’t know if I’m ever gonna be able to accept his decision to not fight for our little girl, but… it cost adam, too. He took a hit and suffered a loss as well.

Nick: Well, I’m glad you finally see it that way.

Sally: Yeah, it’s a profound and life-changing experience to live with. I think he needs someone, nick. And that someone could be you. Sometimes jonah wrestles with falling asleep…

Adam: Look, sharon, I have a very broad vision for the company. But it does not include a partnership. I’m sure that you can find the right partnership for what you’re looking for. I mean, maybe you could, uh, hook up with nick. Evidently, he’s been squeezed out of newman. You could probably hire him as a consultant.

Sharon: Well, that’s not what I’m interested in. This is about a partnership. A merger. An opportunity for both of us to strengthen our companies. And we’d have to run the numbers, but from what I can discern, this is a cost-effective move. Why are you not interested?

Adam: It’s– it’s not what I have planned.

Sharon: Well, you’re a visionary, so open your mind and envision this. You and me, working together, balancing each other out.

Adam: Oh, so on my own I’m unbalanced, is that what you’re pointing to?

Sharon: You’re just looking for a reason to be offended. I meant that you would balance me out.

Adam: Listen to me, come on, sharon. I know you, okay? I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to save me from myself. This is about ava and it’s about sally, but I don’t need anyone’s pity, okay? Definitely not from you.

Sharon: No pity. I promise. Just partnership.

Adam: Listen to me. Think– think this through, sharon. If I feel you’re trying to manage me, I’m gonna be difficult and I’m gonna be argumentative. I’m gonna question every move you make. I’m gonna second guess every look you give me. This evolving friendship that we’ve managed to maintain, it’s gonna be blown to hell. Are you willing to risk that? Because I’m not. Not when you’re one of the only friends I have in this town.

Chloe: You know, I was just giving my friend a career pep talk and I was going quite well without you intrusion.

Billy: Pep talk, right? Uh, to me it sounded like you’re doing a bang-up job explaining what’s in it for you. Truth be told, I’m– I’m on her side. I think it would be a great opportunity for you. It’s bold. It’s big picture, and with your talent, I think you’d knock it out of the park.

Chelsea: Thank you. I’ve been thinking about it, too, you know? My time with omegasphere is almost over and I need a new direction. Working on the game has been helpful and cathartic, but I need to focus on the future and I love fashion design. And I’ve run my own business before. I know both sides of the industry.

Chloe: I can vouch for that.

Chelsea: I mean, wouldn’t it be cool? Wouldn’t it be great? This company that’s already established, already so big, they already have funding. They already have support.

Billy: So? Go for it.

Chloe: It would be a great new challenge for you.

Chelsea: I think you’re right. I think I have to do it. Well, I– I just have to run it by the boss first.

Chloe: Ah. Connor.

Chelsea: Yeah. We thought he was bouncing back. He was acting like his old self again and now he’s just shut down. I think he had gotten really used to the idea of having a baby sister. But maybe my exciting new job news will help break him out of his shell.

Summer: When I saw mom, all I wanted to do was hug her. I mean, obviously, I love her, and I– I miss her so much, but at the same time, I am so mad at her for everything that she’s done.

Daniel: Yeah. Well, that’s mom. Frustrating as hell.

[ Summer sighing ] What’s the plan? Is she ready to stop living on the run?

Summer: I think she wants to, but we’ve gotta find that carson guy, get him to testify to what a psychotic menace stark was.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Yeah, the emt.

Summer: Yeah. And the problem is, he’s apparently, like, fallen off the face of the earth. No one can find him, so mom is relying on michael to track him down, and when he does that, maybe then, she can come home without going directly to jail.

Daniel: That’s a lot of ground to cover.

Summer: Mmm. Yep. I want mom to come home. I do, but there’s still a part of me that–

Daniel: You’re mad at her. Like, I get it.

Summer: Yeah. Yeah. And she– she was apologizing to me for everything that she’s put me through, and I– I just told her, flat out. She should be.

Daniel: Yeah. I’m sure that landed well.

Summer: She started promising that when she gets back, she’s gonna fix everything for me, as long as she’s not behind bars.

Daniel: Oh. Mom unleashed and ready to solve all of your problems, that just sounds like a dangerous combination.

Summer: Yeah. It is the last thing that I want, but I just gotta tell myself that there is gonna be time to fix all of this emotional stuff. Right? When she’s home, and safe and free, you know? Can’t really do any real healing until this nightmare’s over.

Daniel: Maybe that feeling will lead to some forgiveness between you and kyle.

Summer: I can’t force kyle to forgive me. He– he’s barely speaking to me as it is. He’s already moved on to a new job at newman media.

Daniel: Really? That was fast.

Summer: I know. Not to mention audra charles is now the acting ceo there and she’s a shark. She learned everything that she knows about business from tucker mccall. I don’t trust her. Not for a second.

Daniel: Mm, kyle’s smart. He’s a good businessman.

Summer: I’m just afraid that he’s making rash decisions. To prove a point that he– he’s not ready to hear anything like that from me.

Daniel: It’s– that’s gonna take time. You’re gonna have to give him time, but I’m sure– I’m sure kyle’s gonna get over this.

Summer: Maybe. Maybe once mom is home, he’ll be more receptive. Right now, he’s not listening to me at all. I just feel like we’re in this… holding pattern. Right now, all– all I can do is… let it go. Choosing a treatment for your chronic migraine –

Abby: Hi, hello!

Devon: There she is.

Lily: Hello. Hi. Did you leave my place in good condition? Hm?

Devon: Oh, that depends on what you consider good.

Abby: We even left a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge for you.

Devon: I did. Just a little something to christen the place.

Lily: Wow, thank you guys.

Devon: Of course. Thank you for keeping the penthouse in the family. It means a whole lot, you being there. And I even went ahead and I left some of dad’s photos and his favorite albums for you.

Lily: Thank you. That means a lot. Yeah, I am very ready to move on from my place with billy.

Devon: Yeah?

Lily: Yeah.

Devon: I have a feeling you’ve already moved on from billy.

Abby: You are gonna need someone to share that bottle of champagne with.

Devon: Mm-hmm. Wonder how much time daniel’s gonna be spending in the new spot?

Lily: Um, I don’t know.

Devon: That’S…

Lily: I’m just, you know, I’m along for the ride. I’m enjoying the journey.

Daniel: I know this is hard. Letting go is hard, and seeing kyle move in a different direction, away from your marriage, it has to be heartbreaking. Now, I know, because I dealt with the same thing with heather.

Summer: We’ve both made mistakes that cost us people we love.

Daniel: I couldn’t get my act together in time to save my relationship.

Summer: I hope that it isn’t too late for me and kyle. I mean, I am gonna try again, I am, once this whole crisis is over. I’m gonna remind him of how much we love each other. How no matter what we go through, we always end up together. I’m just– I’m just struggling so much right now. I mean, everything with marchetti, with mom, trying to make sure that harrison’s life isn’t turned upside down again.

Daniel: Definitely sounds like you have your hands full.

[ Summer sighing ]

Summer: Daniel, promise me that you’re not gonna let any of this stop you. It seems like you’ve got a really good thing going with lily and I don’t want to see you screw that up.

Daniel: I swear. From now on, I will do whatever it takes to hold onto everything and everyone I love. And I am never gonna regret not doing enough again.

Nick: Well, my gut feeling is telling me that adam’s letter is yet another subtle attempt at playing with your emotions.

Sally: Subtle? Hardly. He definitely reached out in a very definitive way. But it didn’t seem manipulative. You know, when I read it, I could feel how real and raw his emotions were.

Nick: Yeah, adam is usually neither of those two things.

Sally: I just feel really bad for the way that I brushed him off. I was so angry and upset that I just ignored his reaction to everything that happened, you know? He’s been going through all this pain with no support from anyone.

Nick: Yeah, adam brings that on himself.

Sally: Yeah, I can’t deny that adam can be his own worst enemy. But I suspect, with this whole merry-go-round, that he could go into that dark place that everyone thinks he can, and I just don’t want that consequence on my conscience, do you?

Nick: So what are you saying? You’re gonna reach out to him? See if you can save him?

Sally: I don’t know if I’m ready for that. But I do know that it is not a good thing that he is out there on his own, all alone, with those thoughts spinning in his head.

[ Sally sighing ] He needs someone, nick. These hands used to hold me as a little girl.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Nick: All right, I’m going to think about stepping in at mccall temporarily. I guess it’s better me than you.

Sally: I can handle myself. But I do not want you making any decisions about your future, or your career, based on what you think is best for me.

Nick: Well, it won’t be the only reason. What would be so wrong with that?

Sally: Look, I know that you want to be supportive and protective, but it’s– it’s not necessary. Give me a little more credit. And just try not think about the worst with adam. He needs you. Maybe now more than ever.

Nick: Well, I know my brother has issues, but I don’t think he’s needy.

Sally: Okay. Then what about you? You said that you need a safe place to land if you don’t go back to newman. You and adam got to a better place at one point. You think you can get there again? If you do it for adam, or you do it for you, good. But just please don’t do it because of me.

Abby: So, have you decided if you’re gonna make any changes to the decor at your new place?

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Lily: Uh, no, nothing major. I mean, I’ll add my own touches to it here and there, you know.

Devon: Well, make sure you know that you can change whatever you want. You can repaint, you can get new furniture ’cause it’s completely yours.

Lily: Well, thank you. It’s pretty fabulous as is.

[ Both laughing ]

Devon: Well, good. Um, I guess all that’s left is the, uh, ceremonial passing of the keys.

Lily: Ooh!

Abby: Ta-da!

Lily: Wow! Thank you, guys.

Devon: Congrats.

Lily: Oh, honestly, I’m so honored. I really am. And to be honest, I’m actually really excited for you two as well.

Devon: Oh, yeah?

Lily: Well, yeah. I mean, going to the chancellor mansion, I mean, that’s– it’s a big deal. You know? And you’re gonna make all these great memories, with dom, and have all these parties, and family events, right?

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: I’m excited to be part of the adventure with you two. I am.

Devon: Well, thank you.

Lily: You’re welcome. Anyway, I’m gonna go and check out the albums that you left me, so thank you.

Devon: Please do.

Lily: And I will see you guys later.

Abby: Bye!

Devon: Enjoy yourself!

Lily: Okay. Bye.

Abby: Well, you certainly put her on the spot.

Devon: What do you mean on the spot?

Abby: About daniel?

Devon: Oh. She’s fine. If anything, I just gave her a little nudge.

Abby: Hmm.

Sharon: I understand. You know, you’ve been through a lot of transitions lately, and emotional trauma, and I can see why you would be concerned about keeping our friendship intact.

Adam: Okay. But you see, see, it’s– it’s that kind of language that makes me think that you’re acting out of pity.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. Enough, adam. You have got to get over this assumption that caring is pity or that needing help is a sign of weakness. We know each other far too well for that.

Adam: Okay. Since you know me so well, you know why I’m concerned about rocking the boat on our somewhat fragile relationship.

Sharon: I don’t think this is nearly the risk to our friendship as you seem to think that it is. After everything that we’ve been through, we’ve still managed to get here now. I don’t think that being business partners is gonna change that. Won’t you at least give it a shot?

Adam: Look, I’m– I’m not a mess. And shutting down or falling apart or whatever everyone’s expecting of me. I don’t need saving from myself, it’s just– it’s how I feel.

Sharon: Adam, won’t you at least–

Adam: Look. Listen. I’m not saying no.

Sharon: I know that we’re gonna be terrific partners.

Adam: Okay. Not yet. However, I can see there might be some value in kirsten’s company. And I owe you. A lot. So if I can be any use to you, I have to consider what you’re suggesting.

Sharon: That’s all I ask. This isn’t charmin!

Abby: Cheers.

Devon: Cheers.

Adam: Well, look at this. What’s, uh, what’s the occasion?

Abby: Um, devon and i are moving into the chancellor estate and lily’s moving into the penthouse.

Adam: Well, I’ll assume that you didn’t force chance out against his will, so I guess congrats are in order?

Devon: Thank you.

Abby: Yes, you assumed correctly. It was actually chance’s idea for us to move.

Adam: How civil of him. Well, what’s lily doing with her old place? I, uh, I’m looking for a new base of operations.

Devon: She didn’t say what she’s gonna do with it, but you should reach out to her.

Adam: I will do that.

Devon: Yeah. How’s everything going with tucker’s company? You guys figured out a strategy to get it back on its feet?

Adam: Oh, come on, don’t tell me that you regret not taking it after you had your chance.

Devon: Oh, no. Not at all. I’m just curious.

Adam: Well, uh, since you asked, I’m in the middle of downsizing and trying to refocus our assets and divisions. Trying to streamline it into a top media corporation and gobble up the smaller ones. Like newman media. And there would only be two real media companies in this town, my company and chancellor’s media divisions.

Devon: That’s– that’s pretty ambitious, considering I’ve seen mccall’s books. You guys have a lot of work to do.

Adam: Oh, trust me. I am on it. Things are already falling into place.

Devon: Okay.

Adam: And I’m sure that you and lily will get a sense of, uh, satisfaction to see newman media eliminated. Be kind of, um, karmic justice to nate and audra for what they tried to do to chancellor-winters.

Lily: Oh, what? Excuse me, how did you get in here? And– oh, my god, how did you do this?

Daniel: Well, you know, believe it or not, I’ve kinda got an inside track with the previous owner.

Lily: Oh, that’s what devon meant when he was asking about you coming over. I thought he meant in the future.

Daniel: Well, at least he was able to keep my secret. Look, I just– I wanted this place to feel like home for you right off the bat. It’s a new beginning and it’s one you deserve.

Lily: Thank you. I love your optimism. It is so contagious. And I love that you’re always able to see the silver lining in things. Okay, should we christen this place now? Properly?

Daniel: Let’s do it.

Lily: Right?

Billy: There he is.

Chelsea: Oh. Hey! So, how did it go?

Billy: Did you score?

Connor: Yeah. Once.

Chelsea: Wha– that’s great!

Billy: It’s good!

Chelsea: That beats not scoring at all, right?

Billy: How ’bout a little ice cream to celebrate, huh? What’s your flavor?

Connor: I’m fine.

Billy: Really?

Connor: Yes.

Billy: Okay, well, I’m gonna go check and see what they got just in case you change your mind, all right? I’ll be back. Good job.

[ Chelsea sighing ]

Connor: Why do I get the feeling you want to talk? Is this about the baby? Don’t tell me you want to talk about that again.

Chelsea: Only if you want to. Connor… a lot of things have happened lately and I’m sure you have mixed feelings about everything, so if you– if you want to talk, I–

Connor: No, I don’T. Is that it?

Chelsea: No, actually, um, I have some exciting news to share with you. I– well, I hope you’ll find it exciting.

Connor: Okay.

Chelsea: I have been asked to be the new creative director at marchetti. It’s kind of exciting, right? See, you just never know what opportunities life is gonna throw at you. You just gotta take a chance. Right?

Connor: Sure, mom.

Chelsea: But I would never take this job without talking to you first. Because it will impact us both. My hours will be longer, which means I’ll have less time to spend with you. I may not be home when you get home from school. Would you be okay with all of that? Because connor, you always come first.

Connor: Don’t worry, mom. I’m fine. You sound all excited, so yeah, you should go for it.

Chelsea: Are you sure? Maybe you should take some time to think about it, make sure it’s how you really feel.

Connor: No, really. It’s cool. We should celebrate with pizza later. Yolo, right?

Chelsea: Yolo?

Connor: You only live once.

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah, no, I– I– I know what it stands for, I just, um– I– well, yeah. That sounds like fun.

Connor: Okay. See you later, then. I’ve gotta get back on the field.

Chelsea: Okay. I love you.

Connor: I love you.

[ Chelsea sighing ]

Billy: Seemed like it went well with connor.

Chelsea: Well, he seems okay with it. Still a little shut down though. I will take care of him, but for now, I am gonna contact summer.

Billy: Yes!

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Billy: That’s exciting. Very excited. I’m glad to see you happy.

I have type 2 diabetes,

[ Billy and chelsea laughing ]

Summer: Chelsea! I hope you have good news for me. Is that why you texted me to meet?

Chelsea: Uh… I’ve reconsidered your job offer. And I’m very, very interested now.

Summer: Ah! You are? Oh, that’s amazing! Oh, finally. Something is going right.

Nick: So, I’m considering taking dad up on his request to work with adam, so I can keep an eye on him and prevent him from going down the rabbit hole.

Sharon: That’s great, nick. And you may have an assist on your mission. I asked adam to help me turn cameron’s company around. I pitched a merger of our companies. I’m hoping that he will embrace the positive spin that I would like to bring to it.

Nick: Look at you.

Sharon: Imagine. If we merged, mccall’s media assets and cameron’s technology. We would be an amazing powerhouse. It’s such a great solution. I hope adam says yes. I mean, why would he not?

Nick: I mean, it sounds pretty good to me.

Sharon: And if you agree to work with adam, that means that it’ll be the three of us. Win, win, win! Unless you two kill each other.

[ Nick sighing ]

Abby: I’m ready. Are you?

Devon: Ready for what, exactly?

Abby: Well, to get dom and go home and start this new phase of our lives.

Devon: I am very ready and I’m very excited for this bold new future we have.

Abby: Ooh, it is pretty bold, isn’t it?

Devon: It is.

Abby: Let’s go.

Devon: Okay. Let’s go. Adam.

Adam: Hm?

Devon: Real quick, man. Um, I know that you have, like, kind of a history of going to war with your family over the years. I’m sure you have your reasons for that, but I just– I don’t want you to think that lily and i wanna do that same thing with nate. Or that we’ll be happy if you take him down in some way. We don’t want that kind of energy out there.

Adam: Sure. Okay.

Devon: Yeah.

Adam: Whatever you say.

Devon: Thank you.

[ Adam clears throat ]

Adam: Hey. Did you get the changes that I sent you? Good. Good. Good. Good. Good.

[ Adam chuckling ] No, newman media won’t know what hit ’em.

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