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Victoria: Nicholas. This is a surprise.

Nick: Yeah, I wasn’t sure if you deactivated my security badge or not.

Victoria: Uh, yes, and i also handed out your photo with a red line through your face. Do not admit. It’s not like you ever needed an id. You always charmed your way into the building. So, what brings you by?

Nick: My support team that you disbanded. I wanted to make sure they landed on their feet after you pulled the rug out from under them.

Adam: Okay, then I suggest you give them a business lesson because the only way for a company to grow is for the dead parts to be cut away. Tucker did not mind hemorrhaging a fortune. I’m not interested in running a non-profit. Layoffs are a necessary part of life, so if our company is ever gonna grow, heads will roll. C’est la vie.

Summer: Mom. Mom.

Phyllis: Is it safe?

Summer: Yeah, I’m alone.

Phyllis: Okay. Did anyone follow you?

Summer: No. I was really careful, okay? One hug won’t doom us, right?

Phyllis: I know. Oh, it feels so great to hug you, summer.

Summer: I’ve missed you so much.

Phyllis: I’ve missed you too. I miss you too. All right, here. Let me take a look at you. What’s going on, summer?

Summer: Let’s just– let’s run away. You know, you and me, we could do– we could do mother-daughter travel and fashion vlogs from countries without extradition treaties with the us. I mean, it’s not like there’s anything keeping me here anymore.

Phyllis: Still no luck with kyle.

Traci: So, why is it every time someone calls a family meeting, I’m filled with dread.

Billy: Yeah, you’re not the only one.

Traci: I– I go down my list of possible crimes and I wonder what I’ve done.

Billy: I feel like we’re being summoned to the principal’s office.

Traci: Yeah.

Diane: Hi. Uh, there’s cinnamon rolls in the kitchen, if you’re tempted.

Billy: Uh, I am fine. Thank you. They’re literally buttering us up with buttery pastries. This is not gonna be good.

Traci: No.

Diane: Nothing sinister. We just thought we’d save time if met face-to-face.

Jack: Perhaps we should get right to the heart of the matter. Have a seat.

Traci: Uh, we can’t have a family meeting until the whole family’s here and I think we’re down a few.

Jack: The critical ones are here. Let’s– let’s start it.

[ Billy sighing ]

Ashley: Hi.

Tucker: Hi.

Ashley: I’m so sorry to keep you waiting.

Tucker: That’s it, the wedding’s off.

Ashley: Ha. Did you notice anything odd when you left the house today?

Tucker: Always. Why?

Ashley: Well, jack and diane’s behavior, like they’re up to something.

Tucker: Ugh, no doubt.

Ashley: Right?

Tucker: Every time you walk into the room, their conversation suddenly stops.

Ashley: Exactly.

Tucker: And they’ve got these little tight-lipped smiles on their faces all the time. Then they gotta do something else in another room whenever you come in.

Ashley: I guess we shouldn’t be that surprised considering that bomb that we dropped on them yesterday about us starting our whole new company.

Tucker: I love dropping bombs.

Ashley: Yeah? I never noticed that about you.

Tucker: In fact, I have a little bomb myself to drop. That is a secret weapon. You can also consider it your wedding gift. Lactaid is 100% real milk,

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Sharon: Your regular to go.

Adam: Well, hey, if you want me to go, sharon, just say so.

Sharon: Sounds like your new company’s keeping you pretty busy.

Adam: I would not have it any other way.

Sharon: Making sweeping decisions, just putting people out of work like that?

Adam: Well, it is easier if you think about them having faces or names. They’re just numbers in the hopper and when they’re numbers up…

[ Clicking tongue ]

Sharon: But you’ve not even met them. You barely know what their day-to-day jobs look like.

Adam: Look, business isn’t pretty and it’s not for everyone. I’m doing what is necessary to get mccall ready to take over newman media.

Sharon: You’ve barely gotten your seat warm in your new company and you’re already prepping to take over another one?

Adam: Look, I’m not gonna bore you with all of this, sharon. I’m sure that you have something sweeter to do.

Sharon: You wanna grab your family’s media company.

Adam: Yeah, and I want to fold it into my new enterprise: Adustus international.

Sharon: Hm. Interesting.

Adam: What is?

Sharon: Like you said, business and baking, totally different things. If you wanna make bread, for instance, you take your time. You wait and let your ingredients rest. You let them show you what they’re capable of. You care about every detail and you understand how every essential ingredient goes into making the final outcome. Wow, I just thought of that just now.

Adam: That is very fascinating. Well, thank you for the baking lesson.

Sharon: You can come out now.

Victoria: It’s not as if I demanded your team’s resignation after you took your leave of absence.

Nick: Disbanding my team should’ve been a conversation.

Victoria: Well, if they have any grievances, they’re welcome to take it up with human resources. We’ve often restructured when a top executive leaves, for whatever reason.

Nick: And what happens when I come back?

Victoria: We’ll burn that bridge when we get there. Oh, come on. I’m kidding. I would’ve thought that a little time off would’ve at least given you your sense of humor back.

Nick: Not everything bounces right back, vic.

Victoria: Yes, I know that, which is why your staff has been given other duties in your absence so that you can have time. Time to recover and to help your family heal without the added pressure of coming back.

Nick: Well, what would I do without you?

Victoria: This isn’t some nefarious plan that I set in motion, you know that, right? Dad doesn’t have a problem with it.

Nick: Just because he’s silent, it doesn’t mean he agrees. It just means he’s busy.

[ Victoria laughing ]

Victoria: Doing what?

Nick: Doing the matchmaker thing again with me and adam. He wants us to brother up at the reinvented mccall.

Traci: So, ashley’s absence is intentional.

Billy: So, this isn’t a kinder, gentler plea for family harmony like traci tried a few days ago.

Jack: If you’re preparing a lecture about abbott family unity, I direct your attention to ashley, who announced her betrayal to the press before telling her family that she had started a company behind our backs.

Traci: Yeah, yeah, not the most tactful way.

Jack: I can think of better descriptors.

Traci: Jack, she has to know the kind of push back she’s gonna get from you.

Jack: So, the family’s the last to know because she’s a coward?

Traci: Am I going to have to say this? Okay, fine. Jack, you didn’t call us together for a family meeting when you announced diane’s promotion to the press.

Diane: That’s hardly the same thing.

Traci: Oh, really? Tell me how.

Jack: This is the second time in recent memory that ashley has chosen to play dirty. She’s not discussing this with any of us. She’s not answering my questions. If she’s determined to keep us in the dark, we have to protect jabot at all costs.

Traci: Oh, I hate to ask, what does that mean?

Kyle: Hey.

Diane: Kyle, hi.

Traci: Oh, hi, sweetheart.

Kyle: Family meeting minus ashley and me. Got something to tell me, now would probably be a good time. With downy infusions,

Sally: I’ve been meaning to thank you for the card and the flowers. It was very thoughtful, especially in light of everything you and nick and faith went through.

Sharon: Well, we all went through quite an ordeal that night.

Sally: Yeah, they should really make “I heard you were a badass and I’m glad you didn’t explode” cards.

Sharon: That would be… quite a niche market.

Sally: Thankfully.

Sharon: But you and adam, you lost your baby and I know how difficult that is. People grieve in many different ways, but they say if the parents can manage to grieve–

Sally: Together.

Sharon: Yeah, I– I don’t mean to overstep or suggest that you do something that makes you uncomfortable.

Sally: Thank you.

Sharon: It’s just sad to see both of your hearts broken like that.

Sally: Yeah, well, adam’s fine. He’s back to wheeling and dealing.

Sharon: You heard him on the phone.

Sally: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: Yeah. He’s, um, firing people left and right like it’s a game.

Sally: Mm-hmm. He’s playing god with people’s lives.

[ Sally sighing ] Anyway, if you can support him in any way, I’m sure it’d be much appreciated by his family and his employees, but I… don’t owe him anything and I have given all I plan to give. Thanks again.

Ashley: A wedding gift? Isn’t that just slightly premature?

Tucker: Okay, an engagement gift. What can I tell you? I’m a giver and a lover. That’s my curse.

Ashley: Yeah, we talked about this though.

Tucker: Inside that box is your fondest wish come true.

Ashley: Oh, I find that hard to believe. In a box? One that small? I think I need to give you a little refresher course on my hopes and dreams because, um, a phone number, really?

Tucker: Yes.

Ashley: And whose is it?

Tucker: It’s a gentleman I know who is the key to bringing phyllis home for good.

Ashley: Oh, and phyllis is the person that could get rid of diane once and for all. This guy’s gonna make my dreams come true?

Tucker: Yes.

Ashley: How’d you find him?

Tucker: Let’s just say he is closing in on the emt who survived phyllis’ ambulance crash.

Ashley: Okay, you’re not toying with my emotions, are you?

Tucker: No, I overheard michael talking with… michael talking with phyllis’ kids yesterday.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: And from what I’ve gathered, this carson guy, this emt, is the key to making her self-defense claim stick.

Ashley: That’s not gonna be enough to get her off the hook completely.

Tucker: Eh. Baldwin has been known to pull some rabbits out of a hat and she’s got you and nikki newman to vouch for her.

Ashley: Oh, I hate to get my hopes up. It hurts so bad when they crash and burn.

Tucker: I understand, but if I can bring this emt in on a platter, that’ll keep phyllis out of lockup. She would be beholden to us, would she not?

Phyllis: All right, tell me, where does it stand with you and kyle?

Summer: I got a room at the athletic club.

Phyllis: You did? Oh, no. What about harrison?

Summer: Harrison, he’s confused. He’s sad. He’s trying to act like he’s brave and it just sucks because I– I mean, I love him like he’s my own.

Phyllis: I know, but this is horrible.

Summer: Yeah, kyle hates me and I– I don’t know if I can turn it around.

Phyllis: Don’t say that! Of course you can turn it around. Hate is as strong as love. It’s an emotion that is as strong as love, okay? It’s filled with passion, so just step back and let kyle sort of go through what he has to go through and he’ll come around.

Summer: I don’t think I can talk myself out of this one.

Phyllis: God, I– I feel horrible that this is happening to you. I– I– I feel like I’m kind of responsible for this.

Summer: Well, yeah. You absolutely are.

Diane: Your father wanted to discuss the landscape that ashley and tucker are creating.

Jack: Yes, we’re discussing the family company. Clearly, not a concern of yours as you refused my offer to have you stay on at jabot.

Kyle: And I was co-ceo once. Ran marchetti. I had a seat at the table making decisions, and then you choose summer and expect me be okay with scraps?

Jack: You chose to chart your own course. I am trying to respect that. You can’t have it both ways.

Kyle: Is that the new motto? Family, you’re either in or you’re out? Is that right?

Diane: No, jack.

Traci: Let’s just take a moment and everybody just– just step back.

Billy: I don’t see the big deal, okay? Better or worse, we’re family here. Let him stay.

Diane: I know. Can we just talk about this?

Kyle: No, no, no, no, no. The great and all-knowing jack abbott has spoken. Let his will be done. At least I know where I stand.

Traci: Jack, don’t let this happen.

Jack: He’s made his choice.

Traci: You did not give him any choice! Sweetheart, look at me. Look, your place is here with all of us. It is. Please, just stay.

Diane: Jack, don’t do this.

[ Traci gasping ]

Kyle: Okay.

Traci: Really?

Diane: Kyle. We always had questions.

Sharon: Victor, where did you come from?

Victor: Hello, sharon. Well, that’s a long, complicated story.

Sharon: Well, I’m glad you’re here. I need some information.

Victor: Concerning?

Sharon: Your sons.

Victor: That is privileged information.

Sharon: What’s behind your push to have nick and adam work together?

[ Victor chuckling ]

Victoria: Dad’s playing matchmaker with you and adam… again.

Nick: You think he would’ve learned his lesson by now.

Victoria: Well, there is a crazy sort of logic to it, I suppose.

Nick: Said the sister who couldn’t wait to get rid of me.

Victoria: Oh, come on. That’s not true. You know how much I love you.

Nick: Then talk to me. I mean… [ Sighing ] You wanted me out of here, so you made it happen. You can’t even be honest about it. Why?

Victoria: I’m just trying to give you time to deal with your personal life. Stop trying to make me feel guilty.

Nick: What did it have to be nate? Why didn’t you replace me with him?

Victoria: He’s more in line with the way that I work now.

Nick: Oh, ruthless?

Victoria: Admit it. You’ve never had the stomach for that.

Nick: Who’s gonna be the voice of reason for you now?

Victoria: I don’t need one. I’m in a good place. The company’s in a good place. Look, if you wanna put your abilities to good use, then maybe you should go work with adam. If anyone could use a voice of reason, it’s definitely our brother.

Phyllis: I made so many mistakes. I put you through so much, summer. I’m so sorry. I– I didn’t even realize that you still needed me.

Summer: Look, daniel and i shut you out and I– I know how much that hurt you.

Phyllis: I know, but look what I put you through. I– listen, I’m gonna work this out. I’m gonna find a way to work this out for you–

Summer: No, mom. I don’t want you to get anymore involved in my marriage than you already are.

Phyllis: No, no. Listen, listen. I’m gonna talk to kyle–

Summer: No, please!

Phyllis: I’m gonna get him–

Summer: No. Look. I know your intentions are good and I really appreciate that, but this is just something that I need to work out on my own, okay? Uh, michael said that you might be ready to stop living on the lam?

Phyllis: Uh… yeah, yeah. He’s gonna try and find carson so I can come back to town and make everything up to everyone.

Summer: I’ve been saying that we should find carson and you shot me down. I mean. What– what’s changed?

Phyllis: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe he knows a little more than we thought.

Summer: Why would you think that?

Phyllis: I don’t know. Michael’s gonna find him. Listen, you just worry about kyle, okay?

Summer: I told you, mom, it might be too late for me and kyle.

Phyllis: Nope, nope. No. It’s never too late for love. Never. Love always finds a way.

Audra: Yeah, we can– we can look into that. You know, maybe it’s time you broke away from the family. The family business. You know, grab some freedom. It’s so much easier and cleaner when you go after what you want when you want it. And to hell with expectations.

Kyle: It’s quite an offer. I’m intrigued. Newman media is going places, that’s for sure. But, uh… it’s not really a decision I can make in the spur of the moment.

Audra: Hm. It’d be a lot more palatable than working with your estranged wife. Yeah, no, I’m excited about the possibilities. Uh, let me run it by my partner and see what he has to say. Oh, yeah. I’m looking forward to growing a relationship as well. Yeah, let’s stay in touch.

Kyle: This partner, anyone I know?

Audra: Possibly. About 6’2″, eyes I can drown in and kisses that can put the curl back in my hair.

Kyle: It’s kind of bold of you to assume, isn’t it?

Audra: That you’re dying to come work with me. Um, I’m just manifesting our future.

Kyle: Hm. Well, let’s talk about my future. Your job offer. I’m interested.

Audra: See? It pays to be bold. People call it the biggest smalltown festival in minnesota.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. What can you do with sensitive skin?

Traci: I know that you’re upset with ashley.

Diane: But you can’t take it out on kyle.

Jack: He is old enough to face the consequences of his actions!

Diane: He’s hurting because of what happened with summer.

Jack: Yes, and this house is whole lot sadder without her here. He chose this course. We need to focus on jabot.

Billy: Pivoting to business, yeah? I suggest that we bump up the release of the teenage fragrance line. Marketing is ready to go, puts emphasis on what we actually do as a company.

Traci: Do you really think that ashley is that big a threat right out of the gate? I mean, aren’t they gonna need months to get this off the ground?

Jack: We don’t know if they’re building this from the ground up or if they bought a company that’s ready to market her products. She hasn’t told us and I probably don’t have to remind you, the last time she split from jabot, she took her patents and left us scrambling.

Billy: And this is assuming tucker’s behind this.

Jack: Oh, he has somehow seduced her into turning her back on us and make no mistake, his end game is jabot.

Diane: Then they’re both out of their minds.

Billy: Okay, we don’t have to worry about them. They can’t do anything to hurt jabot. They’ll have fun for a couple months, they’ll get bored and then they’ll be over it.

Jack: I wish I could be that nonchalant.

Traci: And I didn’t ever think I would ever live to see the day that billy is the calm and rational one. No offense, honey.

Billy: None taken.

Jack: We can’t just wait and see what ashley does. We have to act. Now. I suggest we see to it that our sister is removed from the jabot board immediately. Who’s with me?

Kyle: You like this, don’t you? Tempting me.

Audra: Oh, you like it too. You want more.

Kyle: Hm, I do.

Audra: You can have all you want, kyle. You know, I think we’ll work well together.

Kyle: How do you know that?

Audra: Intuition. You know, we have so much that we could teach each other, you know? And, uh, newman media needs us.

Kyle: Could be dangerous, mixing business and pleasure, don’t you think?

Audra: You know that feeling you get right under your skin when we’re together?

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Audra: Imagine if you could infuse that electricity and energy into our company.

Kyle: That sounds like we’d be spending a lot of time with the doors locked. You know, putting our heads together.

Audra: Tell me what you want, kyle. Just say the words and it’s yours.

Kyle: Newman media.

Audra: Mm. Music to my ears. How soon can you start?

Kyle: Oh, no. She thought this was gonna be easy. No, I’m gonna make you work for it. I may take my time, make you wait. Watch you lose all your chill.

Audra: You wouldn’T.

Kyle: No?

Audra: You know, we should have a rule: No looking at me that way when we’re in a public place.

Kyle: What is that?

Audra: Like you wanna take me upstairs and finish what you’re starting.

Kyle: Mm. Can’t do that.

Audra: Now that– that would be bad.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Audra: I have a company to run and you, uh– you know, it would be so much better if we run it together.

Kyle: Okay. What’s the pay like?

Audra: Negotiable.

Kyle: I have demands.

Audra: You silver spoon in the mouth types are just used to having it your way, right? Tell me. How do I make you mine?

Sharon: I know that you would do anything to make adam happy, including risking the happiness of your other children, but here’s my question: Moving nick to mccall, is that to save adam or is that for your own benefit? Hoping that the boys would have some kind of sibling breakthrough working together?

Victor: What makes you think I can’t achieve both things at once?

Sharon: That’s an admirable goal. Nick can balance things out, as long as adam doesn’t feel resentful for the interference and add fuel to the fire.

Victor: Nick can handle himself.

Sharon: That’s true. But is it fair to put nick in that position? Where an already tense relationship could be made worse?

Victor: You have another solution?

Sharon: Hm… I don’t know. Maybe. I might.

[Stomach growling]

Nick: I know I upset you earlier when I was talking about working with adam.

Sally: You should be able to talk about adam whenever you want. So, I promise I will try and make space for that.

Nick: Good because I could really use your advice.

[ Nick sighing ]

Sharon: Good, you got my message.

Adam: Yeah. You said I forgot something?

Sharon: Your manners. You didn’t say goodbye.

Adam: Uh, sorry. I– I have a new company to run.

Sharon: Yeah, so do I. Exciting, isn’t it? Putting all the right ingredients together. Figuring out what works, what gives us the best outcome.

Adam: Wh– what company are you talking about?

Sharon: Kirsten incorporated. Cameron left it to me in his will. So now, as a new business owner, I have a proposition for you.

Tucker: Looking a gift horse in the mouth is considered bad form.

Ashley: I very much like my wedding gift. It was very thoughtful of you, actually.

Tucker: This is– this is the guy that can keep phyllis out of prison.

Ashley: I know, listen, I realize that I’m the one that said that phyllis is the answer to our– our diane problem, but she could be creating a whole new phyllis problem. I’m not sure we should get her involved.

Tucker: Well, she won’t be involved, per se. She’s just A… she’s like a battering ram. You just gotta wind her up and point her in diane’s direction.

Ashley: Problem is she doesn’t have an off switch. If she goes rogue, bad things happen. The last time she went rogue, jeremy stark ended up threatening my family. It wasn’t good.

Tucker: Well, look at it this way. Phyllis is an apex predator and now that stark is dead, phyllis is the top of the food chain.

Ashley: Yeah, she doesn’t know how to stop. She never does.

Tucker: Well, how much harm can one person do, really? And plus, she’s there for reinforcement. She’s an added level of attack.

Ashley: It’s very risky.

Tucker: But you like risk, don’t you?

Ashley: I do. I like it a lot, actually. When it comes to business. Not so much diane and definitely not where phyllis is concerned.

Tucker: Okay. How about we not point her in diane’s direction? We point her at jack’s?

Kyle: I’ll need you to be flexible. I mean, what I need in a partner may change moment to moment.

Audra: Done. What else can I do to make this transition smooth?

Kyle: It’ll take a lot to get me to put jabot in the rear view.

Audra: Well, I promise to make you forget and give you something to…

Summer: Hi. I’m glad that I found you. Unless I’m interrupting something.

Audra: Uh, no, not at all. I was actually just on my way to the office. It’s good to see you, summer.

Summer: You too.

Audra: Oh, kyle, uh, we’ll be in touch about that other matter.

Kyle: Counting on it.

Audra: Ta.

Summer: Ta.

Billy: I’m sorry, jack. You wanna remove ashley from the board of directors?

Traci: I can’t believe you’re even suggesting that.

Jack: I don’t see how she can possibly stay. She has just created a company in direct competition with jabot and there is a chance she could take her patents and run.

Billy: We don’t know if she can do that or if that’s her intention.

Traci: We didn’t oust her when she started her own company in paris.

Jack: She didn’t have tucker dripping poison in her ear at the time.

Traci: No, I am so sorry. Daddy wanted us all to have seats on the board for a reason. I’m with billy. Ashley stays.

Billy: It’s our decision, jack.

[ Jack sighing ] Diane, you’re practically family. I assume that you’re gonna stand with your fiance? Go with jack?

Diane: Actually.

Jack: Wait, actually what?

Diane: Well, we already talked about this. Ashley and tucker can only hurt us if we let them.

Traci: And that is how those of us on the high road get the majority, which is as it should be. Jack, please don’t make this worse. Hasn’t this blood feud gone on long enough?

Tucker: Imagine what diane’s reaction would be if phyllis could get jack to forgive her?

Ashley: Yeah, but phyllis, she’s just too unpredictable. I mean, she has no censor at all. I mean, she basically despises and distrusts everybody.

Tucker: Those are all positive qualities when it comes to using her. How is she the wrong person for this job? Are you just afraid that the other side is gonna retaliate?

Ashley: Well, they will. Jack is never going to forgive phyllis. She put diane in jail.

Tucker: I don’t know. I just– I trust phyllis to find a way. And phyllis’ freedom– actually, her very existence is an affront to diane. And she can get diane off her game in ways that we never could, so.

Ashley: Okay, look, if we decide to do this, you promise me that phyllis isn’t going to get arrested, she’s not going to go into hiding, she’s not gonna get dead again.

Tucker: Nobody gets dead in this one.

Ashley: You think it’s gonna work? This operation get rid of diane?

Tucker: Just need the right players. And a yes from you. You know I love to hear you say it. Say it. Tell me to find this carson guy.

Ashley: Okay.

Tucker: Okay.

Ashley: Let’s do it. Let’s get rid of diane once and for all. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Phyllis: Hi.

Michael: Oh– we have got to stop meeting like this. No, I mean it. Because if we don’t, you’re gonna get locked up. I mean, some internet detective with a drone up there or a police officer out on a stroll and your life on the run comes to a screeching halt!

Phyllis: Okay, listen to me. Listen to me.

Michael: What?

Phyllis: I’m running out of time. Summer’s whole life is imploding. Her entire marriage is falling apart, okay? I mean, I guess I could turn myself in, but I would never see daylight again. I have to help my daughter. I have to. At least, I have to try.

Michael: Because of your track records with relationships before? I mean…

Phyllis: I need your support. Michael, seriously. I need you. My daughter thinks that I’m to blame for her marriage falling apart.

Michael: All right, I hate to have to break this to you, but this might require more work and determination than even you possess, my friend.

Phyllis: I have to give it a try. I have to. I mean, I can’t have my daughter worried that I’m going to jail and worried that she’s gonna lose her husband at the same time. I can’T.

Michael: All right. I shouldn’t raise your hopes, but–

Phyllis: You gotta give me something. You do.

Michael: Listen to me, listen to me.

Phyllis: You gotta give me something. Did you find carson?

Michael: We are so close. If you could just hang on, just a little longer.

Summer: Could I ask what you and audra were talking about?

Kyle: She wants me to come work at newman media. Say it. Whatever it is.

Summer: Didn’t waste a minute.

Kyle: Who? Me or audra? My job as ceo of marchetti was sacrificed for you.

Summer: I’m the one that got the job at marchetti after the woman you had an affair and baby with threatened me. I left my home to protect your relationship with harrison. And– and you followed me to milan after I begged you not to. Do you remember that?

[ Summer sighing ] After I told you that we would never work together, that we didn’t belong together, you ignored me because you knew that deep in your heart that we did.

Kyle: No, no, no. Okay, okay, I’m not– I’m not doing this. Not here.

Summer: You know what? Fine. Fine. Fine. I’m gonna let you figure out where you belong now. I– I just want to remind you that audra is my brother’s ex. And he doesn’t trust her. She doesn’t seem– I don’t know, sketchy to you? Like she’s up to something?

Kyle: Maybe I do have a type after all.

[ Summer exhaling ]

Summer: You just want to hurt me and that’s fine, I get it, but I’m just trying to–

Kyle: I don’t– I don’t need anything from you, summer. I wish you the best with your choices because I’m doing just fine with mine.

Sally: So, I’m assuming this dilemma has something to do with victor asking you to join adam at mccall.

Nick: Yeah.

Sally: Okay. So, what would it look like if you did not go back to newman?

Nick: Well, vic would be overjoyed. She wants someone who’s more in line with her priorities.

Sally: Someone who brings out her vicious side?

Nick: Yeah, that is definitely not me.

Sally: And what happens if you take door #2?

Nick: If I went to mccall, I would just be a pawn in another one of dad’s games. But, if I’m being honest, it might be the best place for me right now, and if I did it, I wouldn’t be doing it for dad.

Sally: Why then?

Nick: I mean, you’ve seen adam. He’s got no one to talk to about what he’s gone through and he’s just gonna try and bury himself in his work and that will never work. Then, he’s gonna turn into the old adam again and then none of us is safe.

Sally: Wow. That was unexpected.

Nick: What?

Sally: You really care about your brother. Maybe more than you’ve ever admitted to yourself.

Sharon: You should see the condition cameron left his company in. It’s a mess, but it’s my mess. To be honest, it’s something that I never thought I wanted, but it’s funny how life throws you a challenge, something you didn’t expect, and you just figure it out.

Adam: Are– are you proposing that I buy this company from you?

Sharon: No, no. Not at all. I have the perfect recipe for success. We merge. We put it all together and turn it into one powerhouse company. We do this thing together.

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