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[ Radio chatter ] Boss, I made sure brook lynn made it home safe and sound. Good. How about I take you home now? No, I’m not going anywhere until I get an update from dex at general hospital.

[ Radio chatter continues ] How about you, anna? Are you ready to go home? No. I can’t stop thinking about curtis. It’s the worst that he was caught in the middle of all of this. I mean, the shooter was aiming at one of us. Either you or me. And curtis got in the way. I really appreciate you taking this parenting class with me. I know you didn’t want to. I did it for my little brother. There is nothing that I would not do for ace. What’s this? Hanging out after class? You did great tonight. Well, I learned from the best. Epiphany always told me that I need to learn how to compartmentalize, put my fears and doubts aside and just do my job. She would have been really proud of you. The way you stayed focused on your patient, despite all the chaos. Not know ing if the shooterwas still out there, whether he was going to shoot again. You helped keep curtis alive. We did it together. Yeah. We did, didn’t we? I’m so happy that you could join me tonight. And for once, we will not squabble about the check — you paying.

[ Laughs ] My pleasure. Been a long time since we had a night out, just the two of us. I agree. Even after all these years, there’s only one thing that would make it even better. And that’s if there were three of us here. I know. Thinking about your sister, irene. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. Irene was so full of life. Just like curtis, huh?

[ Both laugh ] Boy.

[ Monitor beeping ]I’ll be right back. Trina: He’s going to make it, isn’t he? Tell me! Trina, honey, you’re in shock. The doctors and nurses are doing everything that they can to help curtis. That’s right. I’ve called in dr. Barnsdall, the neurosurgeon, who’s on his way.

[ Breathes sharply ] I’ve worked with him before. He’s the very best at what he does. But what if something goes wrong? Didn’t he just say that the surgery is complicated because the bullet is near his spine?

[ Voice brea king ] Does thatmean that he could be paralyzed? Yes. Yeah, there is — there is a risk. But because curtis is unconscious, he can’t speak for himself, so we have to speak for him. And the curtis ashford that I know — he would do anything, anything at all to be with the people that he loves. Anything.

[ Crying ]

I know you have curtis’s best interests at heart… …and I totally trust your judgment. It means so much to me that you have that much faith in me. Dr. Robinson. I have curtis’s family’s blessing. Do everything you can to save curtis’s life, no matter the risk. We’re going to do everything we can.

[ Sniffles ] You’re so strong, sweetie. Honestly?

[ Voice breaking ] I don’t feel so strong, mom. I’m so scared. I’m scared, too, honey. I’m so scared, too. It’s okay. You know, if irene were here, she’d tell us, “don’t dwell on the past, but look to the future.” Amazing, isn’t it? I came here looking for a son, and I found a whole family.

[ Both chuckle ] Marshall? Everything was good at curtis’s birthday party. Has something changed? It seems curtis and portia are still working it out. Okay. And what about you? What about me? What about me? You don’t think I know what losing epiphany johnson meant to you? I-I got a chance to know her. She was a fine woman. We even hung out a little bit at curtis’s nightclub. She cared about you. And you don’t have to tell me that the feeling wasn’t mutual, because I know better. Stella, I, um… I got this memory. Yeah. Right here. Right here. Just before epiphany was going off to take her mcats, she — she kissed me. Now that kiss, that — that one kiss is going to have to last me forever. Oh. Marshall, I’m so sorry. You think it would help if you talked to somebody? A professional, maybe? Like a shrink. I already have. Josslyn, I didn’t see you there. Obviously. Your girlfriend’s downstairs. Is something wrong? Trina’s dad, curtis, was shot tonight. I don’t understand why someone would take a shot at curtis. He left that violent world behind him when he traded in his P.I. License and bought the savoy. Do you think his old life followed him? An enemy from the past? I, uh — I-I-I talked to dante for a moment at the scene, and there were three shots fired. And he thinks that curtis was hit with the ricochet of one of them. So he wasn’t the intended target? Seems that way. In a way, that almost makes it worse. The randomness of it. If you and I had been at the pool instead of the restaurant… both: It could have been you. It’s no secret that my past has finally caught up with me.

[ Radio chatter ] I should have taken someone spray painting the word “murderer” on my door a bit more seriously. I just wanted to believe that it was a teenage prank. Maybe it wasn’T. Ma ybe it was a warningabout worse things to come. Three shots at long range lacks a personal touch. Yeah, you’re right. I mean, it’s military — paramilitary. Which isn’t exactly your world, is it? I-I know that you and valentin have gone into some kind of business venture together, which he hasn’t told me anything about. I didn’t for a second think that it was charitable work. Is that what this shooting has been about? Hey. Hi, sonny, anna. I came as soon as I heard about the shooting. Thank god you’re okay. Both of you. There was a shooting. You just — you need to go home. I’ll have frank — frank. No, absolutely — absolutely not. This is my hotel. How would it look to my staff and my guests if I just went and hid? My presence helps send a message that things are safe here. Besides, I’m not going anywhere until I find out if anyone was hurt. Somebody was hurt. Who was it? Sonny, please. Who was it? Just tell me. It was curtis.

Curtis was shot? Oh, my god. Is he alright? Finn and elizabeth were here. They were able to help him before the paramedics — they — they rushed him to G.H. And, you know, we’re just waiting for an update. How bad is it?

[ Radio chatter ] He was hit in the back. Oh. Was anyone else hurt? Nobody else was hurt. Well, I’m grateful for that. But who would shoot curtis? Was it someone from his past with a score to settle? Please, sonny, if you know anything, you do not have to protect me. Just tell me. It is just conjecture at this point. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s it. So someone else was the target? Did they mean to finish what they started and tried to kill you? Is that it? I know life is fragile. Pretty much learn that the first day of nursing school, if you didn’t already know it. And at G.H., We see death every week in all its forms. Sometimes it’s a shock. Other times, it’s almost a relief when you see a patient struggling with a long-term disease. You know, in med school, they — they teach us that we have to build an armor against it. Because if you don’t do that, you can’t do your job. But when it’s somebody you know, someone you care about, someone you… you know, we all wake up every morning thinking we have all the time in the world. But we don’T. What tonight taught us is we should never waste a single second. Marshall ashford, I am so proud of you for seeking help. Did talking to the therapist give you closure and help you deal with the pain of losing epiphany? It helped to talk about it. But then, stella, things got even more personal. Okay, well, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t you think I kept enough locked up inside me? Huh, stella? Yeah. Did you talk about your diagnosis from way back in the day? Yeah. Yeah. He said I’ve been off my meds long enough, so they have a better sense of my behavior and my biochemistry and all that. Did the psychiatrists agree with portia? Is there any chance that you were misdiagnosed with schizophrenia over 40 years ago? Stella, there’s more than a chance. It seems almost certain it was something else. Where downstairs is trina? First floor with her mom near the trauma room. Thank you. Call a rideshare to get home to ace. Josslyn: Oh, esme. Where do you think you’re going? We’re going to have a little chat.

That I just found out that curtis is my father, only to maybe lose him. Like, this doesn’t feel right. No one said that you’re going to lose him. You can’t think like that. You have to think positive thoughts. Mom, you don’t have to be brave for my benefit. You just told me that you were terrified. Yes. Yes, honey, I am. I am terrified. But I also have hope. Your father’s a strong man. And as much as you want him in your life, I know that he wants to be there for you.

[ Gasps ] Trina. Hey. Hi. I don’t think you and I have anything to talk about, josslyn. Oh, that’s where you’re wrong. You see, spencer may have done his part for his little brother. He might have come with you to this parenting class. But right now, trina is going through hell, and he needs to be with her. Well, then, I guess it’s lucky for trina that you knew where to find us. Do you stalk all of your friends? Oh, it’s not luck, actually. My grandma runs all of the educational classes here at G.H. She told me that spencer was in this class, and I think it’s a good thing that I showed up when I did. I’m on to you, esme. Oh. You’re on to me? What — what does that mean? It means I saw that tender little moment between you and spencer. What was that? Your homework? The instructor tell you to get closer with ace’s brother after class? Okay, that so-called “tender moment” that you saw was literally just me thanking spencer for coming to a class he didn’t want to go to. Oh. That is all. Yeah. Yeah. I saw exactly how you thanked him. Okay, look, I have apologized to you, but that was who I was. I am not that person anymore. That’s not good enough! Okay — you took things from me that I can’t ever get back, and you have yet to pay for them. Look, I am so sorry, but I don’t know what you expect me to do to make you believe me. You can turn yourself in. So, if the psychiatrist thought you were wrongfully diagnosed all those years ago with schizophrenia, did he say what he thought was really wrong with you? Of course not. All he said was he didn’t want to speculate without reading the original file that was written by whoever diagnosed me 40 years ago, back before computers even documented everything. Even if I was able to track down a hard copy of the file, I got a feeling I already know — or at least I think I know — what’d be on that file. You’re thinking it’s what led portia to the same conclusion? Bingo.

[ Cellphone rings ] Portia. Portia, hey. Look, I’m in the middle of something right now. Can I call you back? I’m sorry, stella, but this can’t wait. I have been trying to get ahold of marshall, but I’m not getting a response. Do you happen to know where he is? I’m sitting with him at the haven bistro. What’s wrong? Curtis has been shot. Oh, dear god. Stella? I’ll tell you everything when you get to G.H. They’re about to take him to surgery. Oh. We’re on our way. Where are we going? Just pray for curtis and come with me. You know, I was working on adrenaline tonight. And after they took curtis away and my job was done…

[ Breathes deeply ] …All I wanted was to be with you and to see your face and to hold your hand and to know that you were out of danger. I felt the same thing. I just wanted you to be okay. I learned the hard way, life isn’t always fair.

[ Sighs ] Sometimes it’s very cruel, and…bad things happen to really good people. Sometimes good people do bad things. Hey.

[ Breathes sharply ] We’ve all made mistakes. Can’t keep beating ourselves up for bad decisions we made in our past. You know, either we can’t move past them or… or what? Or we have the — the courage to admit they were just that — they were mistakes, but not failures. And we’re brave enough to move on. Maybe — maybe a little bruised, you know, but — but not beaten… …and hopefully a hell of a lot smarter. Nina, I got my share of — of enemies, but there’s no reason to believe that I’m the shooter’s target. No. Right? Exactly. It could just as easily have been someone aiming at me. Anna. No. You risked your life bringing aunt liesl home in time to save willow. Do you really think there are people out there still loyal to victor cassadine? Not mercenaries that were on his payroll, no. I doubt any of them would care to honor his memory by seeking revenge. But now that my sordid past has been publicized around the world, it’s just as likely that it was someone from my past looking for payback.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Ringing continues ]

[ Ringing stops ] Dex. Any news? Yeah, uh, curtis is hanging in there. The bullet is lodged near his spinal cord, so there’s a lot of concern around that. They’re about to wheel him into the O.R. For surgery. Anything else? Look, I’m not a doctor, but from my battlefield experience, it, uh… it feels like the odds are stacked against curtis. What about josslyn? Is she with trina? Yeah, she’s here at the hospital. Alright, listen, stick close to joss. And let me know if anything changes. Anything? W-what we know right now is curtis is alive, and — and they’re going to take him right now to surgery. Okay. Alright. Well… that’s good news. It is good news. And the way you said that, I mean, if there’s good news, there’s bad news, too, right? And I don’t have to guess what that is.

[ Breathes deeply ] Do I? Curtis. Dr. Andy: We’re taking curtis up to surgery. We’re going to do everything we can, portia. I know you will.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

And people tell me I’m the dangerous one? When you hurt someone the way you hurt me, they pay for it. I learned that from my family. Oh, and who taught you that? Your ex-stepdad, the mob boss? I’m here to protect my friend, trina. Alright? No more, no less. You don’t have any friends, so I can see why that might be hard for you to understand. Look, I-I don’t know if spencer considers me to be his friend or not. Uh-huh. But he is ace’s brother. And because nikolas decided to skip town, spencer has been helping me with ace, and I really appreciate that. But that is all he is to me. No more, no less. Yeah, that might convince some people. I mean, it should, because it’s the truth! Look, I know all of the lies that I allegedly told you, but this isn’t one of them. And I am not the old esme. Then who are you? Because you’re still abrasive. And I wonder which psychopath did you inherit that from? Ryan or heather? How dare you?! We should not all jump to conclusions. All dex said is curtis is being sent to surgery. He — we both know he’s a fighter, right? Yeah. I have to get to the hospital. Okay, gabe. We’re going to have gabe take you to the hospital. We’ll all go. Let’s — no, no, no, no. You and anna — you and anna were witnesses. Maybe you can help the police track down whoever did this to curtis. Okay, frank.

[ Radio chatter ] Need you to take her to the hospital. Yes, sir. We’ll talk soon, okay? Okay. Alright. Take care, you. Take care. You take care. What nina said before about someone finishing what they started — what does she mean by that? You know what? She — nina always worries that I’m going to be in the line of fire, and… …it just goes with the territory.

[ Radio chatter continues ] Trina. It’s going to be okay. Come here. Come on.

[ Voice breaking ] You don’t know that. Okay, I don’T. But until the doctors give ussomething to worry about, let’s stay positive, okay? You and curtis, you guys are cut from the same cloth. What do you mean? I mean, look at the way that you snuck onto the haunted star. You stared death right in the face. You survived

everything thatmy uncle victor threw at you, and that was a lot. Where did that will to live come from, if not from curtis?

[ Crying ] On the boat and in greenland… when we were in our darkest times…

[ Breathes deeply ] …And I didn’t know if we were going to make it… …I knew that curtis was fighting for me. Well, now it’s your turn to keep fighting for him. Portia. Oh, god.

[ Breathes deeply ] Where’s my son? When can we see him? They took him to the O.R. Just a little while ago. But the surgery — it — it’s going to take some time. Oh. Oh, oh. When I got

the call,I was hoping I could see him because I never got a chance to tell him how much…

[Crying] …How very much…

[ Sobbing ] He knows. He knows, aunt stella. Don’t ask me how, but he knows.

[ Breathing deeply ] Okay.

[ Sobs ] Trying a second time… it makes me think about… when I would take the boys to the pool at the park. I remember when each one of them was finally big enough to jump off the high dive. They were fearless, you know, ’cause they had never done it before. But after that first time, especially if they had belly-flopped… yeah. They knew that jumping off was a risk.

[ Chuckles ] I know that feeling. Standing up there, looking down, thinking about… everything that can go wrong… thinking about how much it might hurt. Takes a lot of courage to takethat plunge a second time. Kind of like… when you confronted your parents after all those years. That was a pretty risky thing to do, but you seemed pretty fearless to me. I guess I was. So, tell me. Are you ready to take the plunge again? Are you?

“how dare I” what? You took a shot at my ex-stepdad. I can’t say anything about your nutjob parents? I remember the sociopath you were before you lost your memory. Josslyn. What’s going on? Is there a problem? Nothing I can’t handle. Anyway, back to what really matters. How’s curtis? They’re taking him to the O.R. For surgery. Okay, so there’s a chance. There’s always a chance. Alright, good. I’m so glad she has spencer to lean on. I should go. Um, I need to go get my child and relieve the babysitter. Um, but can you please tell trina that I’m thinking good thoughts for her and her dad? What was that all about? And why is she asking me to deliver a message to trina? Because she knew I wouldn’t do it. But I think I just caught a glimpse of the real esme. It’s just so hard for me to wrap my head around. Curtis was shot by the metro court pool? It just doesn’t seem real.

[ Voice breaking ] I wish it wasn’T. And curtis is the most alive person I know. And to think… no, no, no. Don’t think it. Just sweep those negative thoughts right out of your mind. He needs us to think good thoughts now. You have to think about how much life you have yet to share with your father. My father. I wish I knew that sooner. You can’t change the past, baby. But the fact is, you know that he’s your father now, and he knows that you’re his daughter. And, honey, if there is any justice in the world, this isn’t the end of that journey, but just the start. I wish I believed that.

[ Breathes deeply ] You don’t have to be dr. Robinson right now. You’re just a part of this family.

[ Sniffles ] My family… I never knew how much that meant to me until right now.

[ Chuckles, crying ]

[ Elevator bell dings ] Portia, I am so sorry. I heard about curtis. Thank you so much for coming. No, you — you don’t have to thank me. I just need to know that he’s going to be okay. You know curtis. You know that he’s not going out without a fight. Yeah. That’s exactly right. Alright, so nina might have bought it, but you can’t fool me.

[ Radio chatter ] You’re on someone’s hit list. I thought we had an unwritten rule. We do? Don’t ask, don’t tell. Oh, that rule. I mean, I’m not going to ask you for a list of people, you know, who could be targeting you, and I would, uh, want the same kind of courtesy. Yes, boss? We’re just about to leave. Can you get the car? Right away. Yeah. Thanks.

[ Radio chatter continues ] God. Is it worth it? Worth what? This life you’ve chosen. You know. The one that chose me. Because every single choice that we have ever made in our lives has brought us to this moment — this moment tonight, this situation — I mean, from different directions, yes, obviously, but we have to face the exact same violent conclusion — that we always have to watch our backs. Let me ask you a question, anna. If you could turn back the clock and start over… …would you do things differently? I’m not sure. Would you? I think tonight’s a reminder of just how precious life can be. Curtis didn’t go to the metro court thinking he was going to get shot, just like… portia never expected she was going to have to try to save his life. None of us get promised another sunset… another sunrise. All I know is if we don’t take this chance, we may never get another one. Do you really think we can? What? You and me? Make it work? I don’t know.

[ Chuckles ] All we can do is try.

I should get home to the boys. Yeah, I’m sure… violet’s probably talked the babysitter’s ear off at this point. She’ll be waiting up for me to read her a story before going to bed. Do you have any plans for tomorrow night? No. No plans. Huh. It’s funny. I-I don’t, uh… I don’t have any plans, either. Um… could I… could I take you out? We can stay in. I would love to cook you dinner. Do you like lasagna? Lasagna? I really love lasagna.

[ Laughs ] I-I mean, um… I really like it.

[ Chuckles ] But I’m sure anything you make would be amazing. Well, then, I’ll surprise you. Okay. Why haven’t they given us any news? It — it seems like a long time since they gave us an update. Yeah, mom. You work here. Can’t you pull some strings or something? I-I know curtis is in surgery, but they can tell us something, right? Like it’s going well, or it’s not going well. Why haven’t they told us anything? I know that you’re scared. We — we all are. But the most important thing for them to focus on right now — it’s the surgery. Whatever they need to do to give curtis the best possible care — that’s the priority. So the only thing that we can really do right now is — is pray… yes, yes. …A-and be patient. Okay. Uh, let me see if I can figure something out. My family has donated a great deal of money to this hospital here — this isn’t about your family or their money. You’re so right, dr. Robinson. I’m sorry. Thank you. I know that you’re just trying to help.

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Elevator bell dings ] Trina. I just heard about curtis — or your dad. I am so incredibly sorry. Thank you. Spencer and I were in this parenting class when josslyn found us and broke the news. Spencer and I, I mean — we are both just so devastated for you. Alright, let’s go. Hey, wait. Are you sure you’re okay? As long as I’ve known you, you’re normally pretty rock solid, okay? I’ve — I’ve never seen someone get under your skin like that. Well, that’s what esme does. She finds all of your buttons, and she presses every last one of them. What are you saying? That she’s pretending to have amnesia? I don’t know. I mean, her dad is ryan chamberlain, and her mom is heather webber, so… and even before we knew that, we knew that she was a sociopath. I’m more convinced than ever that that jealous, spiteful esme is in her and just waiting to come back out. Esme, I thought that you were heading home because you were so anxious about leaving ace with a new babysitter for the first time. Yeah, I just spoke to melanie, who assured me that ace is sleeping like a rock. But I’m headed home now. Um, you guys seem preoccupied, but is there a message you want me to pass on to your little brother? No, just that I’ll be home soon and that I love him. Thanks. Okay. Sounds good. Um, and when I tuck ace in for bed tonight, I promise to say a prayer for your dad. I’m not the type of person who spends time second-guessing. But when I was washed up on that river and I ended up in nixon falls without a memory of who I was or what I did… …I created a — a — a life for myself. Cowboy mike, the bartender.

[ Laughs ] And then, um, when I got my memory back, though, I-I still had a little piece of mike inside my heart. But at the end of the day… I’m sonny corinthos. Love it or hate it… …that’s the life I chose — or it chose me. I don’t — I mean, either way… …it’s my life. And I’m okay with it. I see. I’m going to go home. I’d offer to, you know, get you a ride or… except you know better. Yeah, I do. You know what? If — if you change your mind, the offer still stands. I appreciate that. You take care. Nobody loves their life as much as curtis loves his.

[ Chuckles ] And I know that because he said those exact words. He did? Do you mind telling me what he said? Oh, of course. So, we were talking a while back, and he said that he loves running that club, loves it, especially when his family can join him at night, when you and trina go there to unwind after a long day at work and school and when his dad can be there, enjoying [Chuckling] The live music and maybe singing along. And then aunt stella joins…yeah. …When we’re lucky enough to have her in town. And he said all thiswith a big smile on his face. Oh. Amen to that. Yeah. That’s a — that’s a beautiful sentiment, nina. I’m still kicking myself. All them years. All them years I wasted, staying away. I wish I had my aunt stella’s faith. Well, you might not havethe same faith in god that she does, but you can, at the very least, trust that I’m not going anywhere.

[ Breathes sharply ]

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