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Uh, hey. This is Tripp, is, uh, is Wendy here?


Oh. Uh, well, do you, uh, do you know where she is?

Yeah. She’s out at the station visiting her brother

June one.

So happy to see you. Don’t, don’t what? Don’t pretend everything is normal, like you didn’t brainwash someone late, which is crazy enough on its own. You brainwashed them to take out your romantic rival, Jim Wayne, you don’t understand. Of course, I understand you didn’t want me to attend Stephanie and Gabby’s engagement party.

Remember? You tried to stop me cause you ordered Harris Michaels to crash the party and commit murder.

3, 2, 1. Open your eyes.

How do you feel? I’m just frustrated. We’ve been working at this for hours. Doesn’t seem like we’re making any progress. Well, I, I know this kind of, the programming takes time. You’ve gotta be patient with the process and with yourself. Maybe hypnotherapy isn’t working for me

objectively. I know it’s wrong. But I still have this overwhelming urge to kill Stephan Damara.

So is Stephan on his way? I haven’t told him what happened yet. Well, he doesn’t know that you were attacked. It’s just a few scratches, but I’m sorry, I, I can’t believe that Dr. Wolf jumped me. You know what? Next time that bastard’s not gonna be, so No, no, no, no, no. Next time. Do you hear me? No. Okay. And since, uh, that old bastard and Megan are still out there, maybe you ought stay with me at least till we catch ’em.

No. Okay. That it. Thank you. But don’t underestimate me big bro. Okay? I can handle this. Plus I just wanna relax. I wanna be home in the arms of my loving fiance. God, what the hell is wrong with you?

Where the hell is Rafe? He’s at the hospital checking on his sister. Then who is in charge down here? Uh, well that would be me, obviously. Is there a problem? Yes. Ms. Trask? Yes. Can you tell me why the divers are packing their gear up? Uh, maybe because they’ve searched every inch of the river and there’s no sign of mega deira or will hem wolf.

They’re clearly gone. So I’m calling it to search. You can’t do that? Uh, actually I can, and I just did. Detective Brady, do I smell alcohol on your breath,

like sand through the hourglass? So are the days of our lives.

Alcohol. Like why would I have alcohol in my breath? I’m on duty that you are detective.

What is this? But that, um, I don’t, it just, um, like I, I dunno, you see this makeshift memorial right here? People have been dropping all sorts of things off from Mayor Carvers. So, uh, I maybe they pour one his on or right. So if I take this down to the station and have it dusted for print, the results won’t come back.

Reading for a certain Sean Douglas Brady, uh, Be my guest. If you want to waste apartment’s, time and money, that’s on you. But I’m not gonna find my prints on that then I guess we’re gonna have to wait and see.

You know, Wendy was, uh, just pretty upset with her brother last night. How was she today? Still in shock. I wish there was something I could do for her. You know, I think you’ve done quite enough.

What’s that supposed to mean? What the hell were you thinking Johnny dragging? When did your family’s party, I mean, thanks to you, she could have been killed,

Jing. One. I would never put you in danger, but you did, Lee. You let me walk into a situation that could have gone very wrong. People could have died, including me as I told Gabby and Stephan. I believe Megan, setting me up. Just stop. Stop. Okay. I know it was you, Harris Michaels said so himself. And do you know how horrified I was when I heard that I was trying to defend you, but my godly Your actions are indefensible.

No. No. You’ve got it wrong. You know, when you decided not to fight Gabby on the divorce, I felt so proud of you because I thought you were finally taking the high road, you know, trying to make up for all your past mistakes, be a better person. But obviously that was all an act, and now instead of pride, I feel shame.

I’m ashamed that you’re my brother.

I’ve been in this situation before, thanks to Megan the last time the i s a used e c t to deprogram me and it works. So why don’t we just try that again.

I don’t think we need anything that risky. I think that we can try something else. Have another resort. Because your, your programming wasn’t as ingrained as it was before, but what does it feel like? That it has a vice grip on me. I understand. We’ll try something else. Please just get the electrodes and zap the hell out of me.

Nobody’s getting zapped on my watch.

Okay. Then what?

Something new and you’re going to have to trust me.

We are using hypnosis. To go back to the moment when you returned,

I want you to remember back to the moment when you were kidnapped. Can you do that? Mm-hmm.

Tell me, tell me where you are.

I’m, I’m in a lab.

Okay. Look around. Tell me what you see.

I’m strapped down to a gurney. I’m trying to get free, but I can’t. I feel groggy. Just everything’s blurry and off. I must have been drugged. Is there anyone in the room with you?

No, but I hear voices, muffled voices. What are they saying? I can’t, I can’t make it out. I think they’re out in the hall. Wait, someone’s coming. Who is it? It’s Lee Lee. Listen carefully. Commander, your mission is to go to Stephan and Gabby’s engagement party. Once there, you will find Stephan Demara and eliminate him.

Commander, you will stop at nothing to fulfill your mission.

You lied to my face. You said you were not gonna confront Megan, that you were going straight home, and now I find you here. Well, technically I didn’t use those exact words. I only led you to believe that I was listening to your advice. Do not get cute with me right now. Now is not the time. Had you listened to me, you would be home safe and sound.

And instead you got attacked by Rolph and handcuffed to Megan’s bed. I don’t even know why I bother with you anymore. Okay, Stefan, you’re upset right now and I get it. And I agree with you because what Gabby did was reckless and dumb. Excuse me. But the important thing is she’s all right. Yes, she is. She’s also standing right here.

Yep. Trying to help you. Gabby, after you jumped Michael’s, I saving your life. Let me finish. After you dropped Michael’s, you promised me you were gonna take these risks and more. You could have gotten yourself killed. How do you not see that? You know what? I’m you. I’m not gonna sit here and get scolded like a little girl who didn’t eat her vegetables.

I’m going home Good. Unless that’s another one of your lies. And I’m gonna get a phone call later that I don’t know. You went to question Hannibal Lecter and ya ended up in the bottom of a freaking well. Oh yeah. Well, the woman who spoke to Lecter and went after the killer, she’s a hero of this story. She saved the day and rescued that woman from the.

Does that mean what I think it means?

Does that mean what I think it means? You don’t wanna know.

Don’t you think? You’re being a little harsh. Mui moi. What happened to family loyalty? Family loyalty. Lee, you’ve lied to my face. You told me you were moving on. You even said you hired a matchmaker and then you attempted murder.

Wait a minute. That day I overheard part of your phone call. You said something about a big plan.

When I asked you about it, you claimed you were talking to a matchmaker, but you weren’t. You were talking about planning to kill stuff. It, look at me. Look at me.

What is wrong with you? When did you become so unhinged, so venal that you would go to such extremes to get what you want? Why couldn’t you just let Gabby go? Who are you to lecture me about letting go? You’ve been stringing along two poor stops for months.

Okay, back up. First of all. I didn’t drag Wendy along to that party. She was happy to come along with me. And second of all, how was I supposed to know that her crazy brother was planning to assassinate my Uncle Stephan? Please, you know damn well that putting someone in a room full of de mayors is like dropping them in a shark tank at feeding time.

Are you even listening to me? Wendy’s brother Lee Shin hired a hitman to kill my uncle. Stephan Demara, you know, the victim and all this. Selma doesn’t keep up with current affairs. What are you talking about? Your aunt Megan Demara was also apparently involved and now she’s on the lamb.

Maybe it’s slipped your mind, Misra, but we have more pressing matters to attend to, such as Megan Demara being on the loose, and yet you. You’re more concerned about, uh, a stupid empty liquor bottle. Yes, I am a hundred percent concerned detective. So maybe I’ll just take this out to the police lab and find out if it’s really yours.


Fine. It’s mine. Are you happy now? No, I’m not happy. Why the hell would I be happy about a police officer drinking on the job? Actually, I’m a detective and currently right now I’m doing nothing. I’m just standing around waiting for the divers to report back. It’s not. It’s not like I’m in some high speed pursuit.

It’s not a big deal. Of course, it’s a big deal. You are an on duty cop. You are carrying a gun. You can’t have your judgment impaired. Does it look like my judgment is impaired? Yeah, actually it does. Why else would you prematurely call off a search for a a dangerous psychopath and her evil sidekick? Hey.

Nobody wants to find Megan more than I do. Okay? Nobody. But look around. She’s gone. And even if I, whatever, if I’ve had a few, it’s not like I can’t spot a submarine. I mean, for all we know, she’s sailed off into the land of blue meanies. You know what? Maybe you’re right. Maybe it doesn’t make a difference whether or not you’re drinking on the job.

Matter of fact, maybe you should have started knocking them back sooner. Maybe if you had a few, you would’ve been so quick on the draw when you shot your own father. Don’t

go to hell.

I want you to listen to my voice and accept what I’m telling you.

Lee Hin was the one who wanted you to kill Stephan. He put that idea in your mind and you did not want to do it.

Just keep saying it over and over. And over. It’s getting to me. It’s getting into my head. I understand. You have to ignore that. Don’t listen to it. Don’t listen. Can you do that?

Okay. Okay. Okay, good. Let’s go over this one more time. But this time you’re an observer, not a participant.

Listen carefully. Commander, your mission is to go to Stephan and Gabby’s engagement party. Once there you will find Stephan Deira would eliminate him. Commander, you must stop at nothing to fulfill your mission. Furthermore, you will believe it was who gave you the orders? Not me. If anyone should ask why you want to kill Stephan?

You are to blame Lee Hin.

It wasn’t Lee,

Dr. Wolf and Megan did this. They framed him.

You compare. My being indecisive with what you’ve done. Oh my God, Lee, do you do, do you even realize how insane that is? You have to judge me for being conflicted about not being able to choose between two guys for you to judge me for anything. I was only trying to point out that most of us are somewhat irrational when it comes to matters of the heart.

Yeah. Irrational doesn’t even begin to explain your behaviorally. And as for whom I choose to be with, I am not stringing anyone along. Okay. I, I am trying to figure out responsibly who is better suited for me. I am in the rare position of having two great guys wanting to be with me, and yes, it is flattering.

It’s so confusing. And difficult,

but I will make my choice at some point. And unlike you, I won’t be committing any crimes along the way. I didn’t commit a crime, Wendy. I told you that I was set up. Why the hell won’t you believe me? I dunno what to believe about you anymore, Lee. Well believe this.

I care deeply about you, J one, I think the world of you, and I only want you to find happiness, so will you at least allow me to offer my. Further Lee perspective.

Sure. Knock yourself out. Okay. I think you do know, maybe not consciously, but on some level, which one of those young men you are more drawn to, which one of them will give you what you need,

but because of your big heart. You’re reluctant to hurt the one that you’ll eventually have to reject, and that’s why you’re vacillating. Am I right?

I’ll take your silence as confirmation, and so I advise you, my precious sister not to procrastinate any longer. Take the stress off yourself. And relieve those young men of their uncertainty, their need to compete for your affection. Make that choice.

Wow. Yeah. I knew my aunt had locked my dad and Aunt Kristen in the basement, but I didn’t know she was trying to have my uncle’s stuff and killed. Yeah, just more proof that your family’s dangerous. So if you really care about Wendy, you’ll keep her away from them being awfully judgmental. Don’t you think I have a good reason to be judgmental?

I mean, I’m a victim of your crazy family too. Remember? That had me kidnapped. Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah. I do remember. I remember because it was right after your crazy mother kidnapped my grandma Susan, who is now dead because of your mother. So, I don’t think you get to criticize my family when yours is just as messed up.

My mom has a mental illness. Yeah, I heard about that. I bet she’s faking it. Just like she’s faked everything else. You best watch your mouth hear me. You’re the one who started this taking shots at my family, but I don’t think that’s what it’s really about. Your anger. See, I think it’s about Wendy and I think that you’re afraid.

That you’re gonna lose her to me.

Coast Guard’s gonna be keeping an eye out from Megan’s submarine. I’ve already alerted Isa. They’re gonna be checking international waters. Hopefully we catch a break. Thanks for the update, commissioner. No problem. Anything else? I’ll be in my office. Actually, there is one more thing. You need a fire Detective Brady over there for drinking on the job.

Look, first I gotta say that I’m getting really, really frustrated and kind of embarrassed in this little ridiculous competition we have between us. And although a part of me would just prefer just back out all together and just tell Wendy that I am done humiliating myself to try to prove that I’m more worthy of her devotion than you are for another part of me knows that’s do.

That would be to give up on her,

huh? I feel the same way actually. Okay, then okay, then let’s just. Stop with the, oh, I’m better for Wendy than you are. I’m, I’m closer to her than you are. I spend more time with her than you do. It’s just all juvenile and petty, don’t you think? I do think. All right, so given that we both don’t want to be petty or juvenile about this anymore, I say we both just do our best to be mature.

And dignified through all of this. Stop trying to prove who, who’s gonna make Wendy the happiest or who’s the better person. Just be ourselves. Let Wendy make up her own mind. I’m all for that. Me too. Let’s hope Blake like hell. You chooses me. You, you couldn’t give mature and dignified much of a shot.

Could you? Come on, man. I’m kidding. I’m, but really, I, I think the best thing we can do is just give Wendy her space and be patient. Yeah. Patient. Patient. You know, I’m trying to be patient with you, Lee, allowing you to weigh in. About my left life when it is totally irrelevant to why I’m here right now. And as I’ve said before, there is no comparing my indecisiveness to you committing a felony brainwashing someone to have someone else killed.

Why do you continue to accuse me when I never admitted that I did either? But clearly you want the moral eye ground and I will happily conceded to you.

You know, instead of being glib, maybe you should start figuring out a way that you’re gonna get out of this mess you’ve made for yourself. And if by some miracle you do find a way out, maybe consider this a wake up call. Because it would be a shame to throw your entire life away over a woman who has made it abundantly clear.

She doesn’t want you

top three. And he confirmed Pento means exactly what I thought it meant. I am not an ungrateful ass, coulda fool me, really? So I’m the bad guy here for caring about you, for worrying about your safety. Huh? For getting upset that you deliberately put yourself in harm’s way for no good reason. I had a good reason Steph and Megan has to pace.

She tried to kill you, and in turn you almost got yourself killed. Well, I’m still here. One piece. Why? Why are you being so stubborn about this? Why are you being so angry about this? Because you scared the hell outta me. Do you have any idea how freaked out I was when I heard what happened to you? I’m fine, but you almost weren’t.

It could have been so much worse

if Megan really was the one who wanted me dead, she would’ve had no problem knocking you off too,

and I never would’ve forgiven myself.

You are my entire world. Get me. You’re fine too.

Why are we fighting? Because we’re good at it, but we’re good at other things too.

I mean, it, it’s, it’s all coming back to me. Lee Chen didn’t order me to kill Stephan was Dr. Wolf. I, I, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even see Lee in the lab, but Wolf wanted me to think so. So I would blame Lee,

now that you remembered all that. When you see Stephan Damara, how do you feel?


I, I don’t, I don’t feel anything

and those thoughts of wanting or needing

to kill him are gone.

Dr. Evans, I think you did it.

Well, it must be some sort of mistake. I have worked with Detective Brady for a long time, and there’s no way that he would ever drink on the job. Down at the docks, I smelled alcohol on his breath. At first, he tried to deny that he was inebriated, but when pressed, he admitted it. Is this true? Shawn?

I think that we, uh, we should discuss this in private commissioner, what is there to discuss? Detective, you drank on the job endangering the public commissioner. This man should be fired immediately. Yeah. To ask, this is my department and I suggest you focus on your own. Oh, I would much prefer to do that, but.

I can’t prosecute criminals if you can’t catch them. Mm-hmm. Maybe it would help if you didn’t have a bunch of drunks and losers on the payroll. Oh, well, as I recall, we actually have a suspect in there right as we speak. So maybe instead of worrying about my job, you should focus on yours and prosecute Lee Chen.

Now, if you excuse me, I have to take this. Hi, Marlena. Yeah, well, how’s it going with Michaels? What? Well, that’s great news.

Hey. Sorry, I yelled. I’m sorry too that I lied. Made you worry. I guess I just felt like I needed to take control of the situation. You. Take control of a situation. No, it’s, it’s so outta character. Stop. I’m being serious. Ever since Michael just showed to our party, I stopped thinking about how I could lose you again.

You don’t know what that’s like, lose here thinking that you’ve been gone forever. You’re right. I, I get it. I guess I’m the lucky one, huh? I didn’t have to live without you. Hard to have your heart broken when you’re in a coma, huh? Yeah, but easy to have it ripped outta your chest, literally. Hmm, true. Good point.

But hey, you didn’t have to suffer the way you did.

I mean, it was so stupid leaving your side that night to help my mother escape. That was such a bad decision. Obviously, and I suppose that tonight I made a similarly bad decision, one that could have torn us apart again. Okay, so how about we make a pact from here on out? We work as a team. After all. We are getting married in what, two weeks?

You’re right. No, you’re right. And then we’re going rogue. So we work together. We have a deal. Deal.

So you believe that leash Chen is innocent? I like if he was involved. I have no way of proving it. I, I never saw him. Mm-hmm. But what I do know is Dr. Rolfe implanted the idea that Lee was behind everything.

Okay. Well if you think of anything else, please let me know. I will brave. Now that he has been successfully deprogrammed, is it all right for him to go? You’re absolutely sure that he’s no longer a threat to Stephan or to anyone else. I will verify that myself and, uh, I’ll also testify in court that he was not responsible for what he did, and I can even submit a, an official report if that’s what you would like, I would.

Thank you. Does that mean I’m stuck here In the meantime?

Well, if Dr. Evans says that you are fine, then um, I’m not gonna argue with her. Listen, not. I wanna be keeping a close eye on you. And if for any reason that I deem you are a threat to anyone in Salem, I’m gonna slap these things right back on you. Understood. Yes, sir. Okay.

I have nothing to say to you. Not without my lawyer present. You don’t have to say a word just. Listen, Harris Michaels is changing his story. He, um, is walking back his accusation that you were the one who. Sent him to murder. Stephan Damara. Hmm. Told you I was innocent. Well, I’m not so sure about that, but lucky for you.

The only other people that can confirm or deny this new revelation have fled Salem in a submarine.

Does this mean that? I’m free to go.

So if you, uh, don’t mind. I’m gonna hang around for a little bit. Wait for Wendy to come home. What happened to give her space? Oh, you’re not doing that because I happened to live here, which is an unfair advantage, as you well know. And, and what happened to, you know, being mature about all this? Okay. Being mature doesn’t mean I’m willing to have you barging in here whenever you want to.

Putting your feet up on our coffee table.


Look, this is my apartment. I share it with Wendy. If you wanna hang out with her, you do it on your own territory or at least neutral territory. Fine. I’ll leave, you know, you know what I’ll do is I’ll, um, I’ll just call Wendy, invite her over to my mansion, uh, where our private chef is cooking up a delicious dinner tonight.

We’ll have a nice evening. Wow. Are you really going to start out how freaking wealthy your family is? Do you really think Wendy give the damn that you live in a mansion or that you have a live-in cook? I don’t think she minds it. Maybe she doesn’t mind it, but she also doesn’t give a rat’s ass, and she’s not a shallow jerk like you are.

You know, she cares about things that matter, like character intelligence. Oh, okay. So, so what you’re saying now is that, that you’re smarter than me, that you have more character. Well, guess what that is cool. Just, just go, man, disco. All right. Like I, I, I really thought that we could get past this whole teddy craft, but clearly I was wrong.

So just, just leave. Nah, I think I’ll stay. Hell, you will get outta my car. I can do that. Wait, Wendy, like that man. What, what is going on here? Uh, Wendy. Hello? I just was, uh, coming by to see how you were doing. Yep. And clearly she’s fine. So we’ll be seeing you, Johnny. Mm-hmm. Although, actually before you got here, uh, Johnny and I decided to be mature about this and not.

Petty and obnoxious and juvenile, but clearly he’s incapable and I don’t blame him.

Actually, I, uh, don’t blame neither of you for hating this. I stringing you both along, so it’s time to put an end to it.

Dr. Evans, thank you. I’m in your debt. Not at all. I am glad I could help though. And after everything you’ve done for me, I. I hate to ask for another favor. Oh, all right. What is it? I want you to have me committed to Bayview.

Thank you for letting me know. Yeah. Talk soon. My brother, apparently Michaels had a breakthrough and remembers that he wasn’t. Taking orders from Lee that, that this was a lie that Dr. Wolf implanted in his head. So EJ and Kristen were remembering accurately. They were telling the truth that Megan set Lee up.

Maybe I just can’t help shake the feeling that Lee’s and involved somehow, Wendy said Lee freaked out when she said she was coming to our party. He had to have known something. And if Lee ends up going free, he’ll definitely come after you again. I can’t let that. I mean, we can’t let that happen. That’s right.

We’re a team now.

No match for us.

So as a verdict, I spoke with Commissioner Hernandez and he confirmed that Harris Michaels can’t place you at the lab that he was being held, and he clearly remembers Dr. Rolf. Instructing him to put the blame on you. So you have nothing on me. You have to let me go for now, but I wouldn’t get too comfortable Mr.

Shin. So I’ll have my eye on you cuz I don’t like people that get away with crimes. Didn’t you decline to press charges against Talia Hunter when she poisoned half the town, including you? That young woman was in an emotionally abusive relationship. You know what my decisions are of no concern of yours.

Some might say I was in a emotionally abusive relationship with Gabby Hernandez. You really are an arrogant son of a bitch. An arrogant son of a bitch who’s free to walk outta here. Correct? Right after you get someone to uncuff me. This is the second time you’re slipping through my fingers, Mr. Shin, and I promise you next time you won’t be so lucky.

Hey, man. Um, thanks for having my back with Trask. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Well, I don’t take my orders from Trask. But I can’t ignore the fact that you have been drinking on the job. I, I promise it’s never gonna happen again. Oh, it’s just a one time thing, right? Except that it wasn’t right. What do you mean, Shawn? Come on.

Trust isn’t the only one who has noticed that you have been off your game. You’ve been late to work, your work’s been sloppy, you’ve been distracted. I mean, look, I’m trying to cut you some slack cause I know you were upset about your father. But I can’t look the other way anymore. Not anymore. What are you saying?

I think you need to take some time to get your act together. So until further notice, you are suspended from the force.

Johnny Trip. Look, I like you both a lot, but hitting you guys at the same time, it isn’t fair to anybody.

So it’s time for me to finally make a choice.

You mean like right now? I think it’s for the best.

Okay. Uh, Well then who is it gonna be? Is it gonna be me or…?

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