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Phyllis: Hello, stranger.

Tucker: Hey.

Ashley: What?

Tucker: No, no, no. Right over here.

Ashley: I heard you the first time.

Tucker: So you’re ignoring me.

Ashley: Kind of. I’m trying to get together a list for the recruiter so that when you actually meet with them, you’ll have something to–

Tucker: Yeah. I’m trying to capture the perfect image of you. Look over here.

Ashley: I’m right here. Have at it.

Tucker: Give me something. Oh. Yeah, that’s hot.

Ashley: Great.

Tucker: Come on. Come on.

Ashley: Stop it! You’re the worst.

Tucker: Yeah. And the best thing that ever happened to you.

Ashley: No. Vice versa.

Tucker: All right. We’ll call it a draw. There it is.

Ashley: All right. Let’s call it a draw.

Diane: Ugh! Oh, for the love of god, get a room.

Ashley: Ah.

Daniel: Jack.

Jack: Daniel, how are you?

Daniel: Suddenly feeling optimistic, thank you.

Jack: I’m not sure what I did, but you’re welcome.

Daniel: You’re talking to me after everything my mother did to disrupt your family, so I’ll count that as a blessing.

Jack: You are not responsible for your mother’s actions. And I got enough good things going on in my life. I am not gonna waste my time worrying about what phyllis is up to.

Daniel: I suppose if you fake your murder, you have to deal with the fallout.

Jack: But she stays away and she’s not doing that, right?

Daniel: [ Chuckling ] And the longer she stays away, the worse she’s making things.

Jack: I know this has been very difficult on summer. You are keeping an eye on your sister, aren’t you?

Daniel: You know how she is.

Jack: Oh, she loves to battle. Tells you she has it, and often she does.

Daniel: Sometimes she needs help.

Jack: I feel a whole lot better knowing you’re there when necessary.

Daniel: Doing my best.

Jack: You’re a good man, daniel.

Daniel: I had first-rate role models.

Jack: So other than this ongoing issue, your life is good? Daniel? I’ll take that as a yes.

Daniel: Hm?

Billy: No, I agree with you. It goes without question that ashley should have notified the board of her decision to leave the company before it was leaked to the press. I have not talked to her yet, but I’m sure I’ll learn more in the next few days and I will, uh, I’ll keep you in the loop, okay? All right. Thank you. And just like that. See, that’s what happens when the press and the board members have your cell phone number.

Summer: Oh, I guess you’re gonna have to change it then. Wish every problem had such an easy solution. Hey, could I bounce some ideas off of you?

Billy: All due respect, summer, I’m up to here with ashley’s departure from the company. So whatever it is, if you– if you don’t mind,

Summer: Wait. Seriously, you can’t deal with more than one problem at a time? Billy, do you want an overview of what I’m dealing with right now? I– I think you can spare me five minutes.

Billy: Okay. Sure. What is it?

Summer: Marchetti.

Billy: Kyle’s out. You’re now taking over the ceo chair and you need a new creative director.

Summer: What did chelsea say after I offered her the job?

Billy: I don’t think she’s ready for that step yet.

[ Summer sighing ]

Summer: Any other suggestions?

Billy: What about italy? Is there anybody there that you trust that has similar sensibilities?

Summer: No. Nobody that I would trust in this position.

Billy: Okay. Well, maybe you need to go back there, where it all began. Try and find the right person.

Summer: That’s not a real suggestion. That’s an evasion. Wow, you really must not have time for me.

Billy: Summer, you gotta be kidding, right?

Summer: No. I mean, kyle wants me gone. Maybe you’re doing the whole united front thing and freezing me out. Why not? It’s not like I’m family anymore. Febreze!

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Lily: I didn’t know you were gonna be here. Hello.

Daniel: Esther told me where I could find you.

Lily: Oh, are you stalking me? Is this ’cause of the video conference about the gaming division that I had?

Jack: Judging from the smile on her face, I think you’re about to get some good news.

Daniel: That is not why I wanted to find you. I have my own selfish reasons.

Lily: Okay.

Jack: Okay. I’ll bite. How’s the gaming division?

Lily: [ Laughing ] I think we should order some champagne.

Daniel: Are we celebrating?

Lily: It is official. Omegasphere has caught fire in south america.

Jack: Wow.

Lily: Yep.

Daniel: Okay. Well that– that is great news.

Lily: Yeah.

Jack: That’s fantastic. Hey, congratulations all ’round. Uh, how’s that feel?

Daniel: Um, I don’t know. I’ll– I’ll let you know when I land. This is incredible.

Lily: I know. I mean, I knew it was gonna happen, right? It takes one person to love it. They spread the word and it spreads like wildfire.

Jack: Well, you two clearly have a lot to celebrate. I’ll leave you to it. I wish you the best.

Daniel: Thank you.

Lily: All right. Bye, jack. Well, I’m very happy that current events haven’t damaged your relationship with jack.

Daniel: I suppose he’ll always have a place in his heart for me as his stepson.

Lily: That’s nice. It’s good to have people like that in your life.

Daniel: It is. It is. And, you know, when you find those people, you should let them know how much they mean to you.

Lily: Are– are you talking to me? Have I let something go unsaid?

Daniel: I have.

Ashley: What are you doing here, diane?

Tucker: Yeah, diane. What are you doing here? Don’t you have a job?

Ashley: Yeah. Shouldn’t you be at jabot exploiting your position and the title that you definitely don’t deserve as you slowly grind away at my father’s company?

Tucker: Ooh, I love it when you use the word grind.

Diane: Ugh! You two are ridiculous.

Ashley: What?

Diane: You know what? And I am sick of your accusations about me and my intentions and my position at jabot. Everything I have, I’ve deserved.

Ashley: [ Chuckling ] Right.

Diane: You know what, ashley? You just hate me because you can’t admit to yourself that you still hate him.

Tucker: Yeah, ashley.

Ashley: She’s right. I hate you. I hate you so much.

Tucker: I hate you too.

Michael: Is this what people on the run do for thrills these days? Hide in plain sight?

Phyllis: Well, I was going stir crazy. Um, I needed a little fresh air and sunshine.

Michael: Oh, you know who else likes fresh air and sunshine in this park? Christine, the da who’s dying to drag you into court and see you wither way behind bars.

Phyllis: Christine. Listen, I can see christine a mile away.

Michael: Well, the police officers are looking for you too. So, if your freedom’s worth anything, stay hidden until you come to your senses.

Phyllis: Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. All of this hiding in the shadows and sneaking around, it taught me something. I know where I belong.

Michael: Look at me.

[ Michael grunting ] I’ve seen that look in your eyes before. It’s never good.

Phyllis: Daniel texted me. He said that summer and kyle broke up because of my beef with diane.

Michael: I’m sorry to hear that.

Phyllis: Oh, that’s the man of her dreams. All ruined because of diane’s resurrection. But you know what? It’s time for restorative justice.

Michael: What does that mean exactly?

Phyllis: That means I can’t do anything and fix anything hiding under a rock.

Billy: Look, I’m not gonna pretend to know what’s gonna happen between you and my nephew, okay? But even if we’re not family–

Summer: What? We’ll always be friends?

Billy: I was gonna say business partners, but sure, friends works here too. Look, yeah, I told you to go back to italy, but I don’t want you to leave. I’m not trying to banish you.

Summer: Could I get that in writing?

Billy: Get it notarized. Summer, you need to surround yourself with the people who know you best, okay? Before all this mess with phyllis screwed with your confidence. Everyone back in italy that didn’t make the jump that you did, they’re still talking about you. They’re raising a glass to you. Probably sharing the legend of the american girl that saved the company, that saved their jobs, okay? That’s not a small feat.

Summer: What good is it if I can’t even save my own marriage?

Billy: You’re a leader, summer, and you’re a damn good one. Go back to doing what you do best. Find a creative director. Run marchetti like the powerhouse you are. I believe in you. So does everyone else.

Summer: I screwed up, billy.

Billy: Yeah, you did. But you’ll fix it. And trust me, if I can change, so can you. Hi.

Jack: Hey. Got a full house. Anything I need to know? Please tell me now so I don’t have to read it in a press release.

Summer: Just bouncing some ideas for the new creative director at marchetti off of billy.

Jack: Sounds like the wheelhouse of our new chief talent officer. If you need a c-suite employee, diane’s the one to talk to.

Summer: Um, I wanna handle this hire myself.

Jack: Okay. Whatever you need.

Summer: Great. Thanks, jack. Thanks.

Billy: See you.

[ Billy exhaling ] Well, feels like we’re only a few steps away from doomsday. Whole thing’s about to go.

[ Imitates blasting ]

Jack: Feel like a day at the races here? Try spending some quality time at the abbott house.

Billy: Let me guess, ashley and tucker.

Jack: I am trying, billy.

Billy: Yeah.

Jack: If I could harness that strength and patience it takes not to give ashley a piece of my mind every time I see her, I could power the city of chicago. How could you walk away from the company like this? No word, no warning, no conversation. What has she become? Dupixent helps you du more with less asthma.

Daniel: Just a rough cut. Kind of my favorite distraction. But I– I thought you might like to see it.

[ Daniel sighing ] You might wanna say something before this gets real awkward. No, no.

[ Laughing ] Oh, come on. Don’t look at me like that. You’re gonna make me blush. Do you like your birthday gift or not?

Lily: Do I like it? The all-knowing, multi-talented, multitasking queen of everything that grows and business. Is that me?

Daniel: Queen liliana.

Lily: Aw. I’ve never had anyone create an entire universe for me.

Daniel: It’s surprising because you deserve all that and more.

Lily: I am honored. Thank you.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Lily: [ Chuckling ] Uh, excuse me. My game is on that tablet, so that’s mine now.

Daniel: No, no, no.

Lily: What are you doing?

Daniel: Your gift was that you got to see it.

Lily: I order you. I– I order you to give that back to me.

Daniel: Nice. Yeah. You know, you play your cards right maybe I’ll hire you to do the voiceover for the final product. But until then, queen liliana belongs to me.

Lily: Okay. What do I have to do to get a copy?

Daniel: Well, I thought you’d never ask.

Billy: And it’s been like that all day. Nonstop messages, request for interviews, the whole thing. I mean, I literally had to shut my cell phone off.

Jack: Take it up with our sister.

Billy: Yeah. No, thanks. That’s on you. I don’t know what she’s thinking. I mean, she leaves the family company without notifying the family? Not even a sticky note in the fridge saying, “adios, jabot, I’m outta here. Have fun.”

Jack: She wanted to punish me, billy.

Billy: Is there any way for her to take her patents and run? The way she did last time she tried to undercut the company?

Jack: No, I think we took care of that when we merged the two companies before, but legal’s looking into it just to be sure.

Billy: What is this thing they’re building? How long have they been working on it behind our backs?

Jack: Who knows? Did they buy an existing company or starting from scratch?

Billy: Good questions. No good answers.

Jack: When ashley gets angry, she gets quiet and sneaky. And she is furious right now.

Billy: And she has the perfect partner in tucker. Poster boy for unhinged and unpredictable. You look in his eyes and you know that there’s nothing he won’t do.

Jack: Which means this could get very ugly.

Tucker: Hey.

Ashley: Huh.

Tucker: Look at the happy couple.

[ Ashley mumbling ] What happened to you? Where’d you go? You disappeared the second diane left.

Ashley: She loathes seeing us together.

Tucker: Oh, yeah. Makes her skin crawl.

Ashley: Yeah. I loathe seeing her in my home. I wish she would just go somewhere. I mean, anywhere but here.

Tucker: As much as I would love that for you I don’t see it happening.

Ashley: Why not?

Tucker: Why not? Because she’s got the perfect life now. She’s got a corner office of jabot and the adoration of a powerful man who will give her whatever she wants. She’s here for keeps unless something changes.

Ashley: Well, we were not effective.

Tucker: You’re just too polished and refined to get in the dirt with diane. And that’s where this game needs to be played.

Ashley: Yeah. Actually, there’s only one person that could finish this off once and for all. Phyllis.

Michael: Well, I’ve talked to diane and assorted witnesses, and now it’s time to talk to, um, you, the actual murder victim.

Phyllis: You wanna know everything?

Michael: From the day you met stark to the day he died. Every embarrassing, self-centered, disgusting detail.

Phyllis: Disgusting? Seriously, what do you think I’ve been doing?

Michael: Oh, you are capable of many things, my friend. The majority of them good. Look, why don’t you just give me a timeline and maybe I’ll be able to give you something that will help strengthen your case.

Phyllis: Get your ducks in a row?

Michael: Precisely. But one– one question. Why didn’t you trust me? Come to me when all this started?

Phyllis: It’s complicated. I needed to do this alone. Seriously. And I didn’t think that I had anybody to turn to.

Michael: Me. Always for anything.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, there were things I needed to do alone. I couldn’t involve anybody. But now it’s time to change. And I know I can’t do that without you.

Michael: Change into what, may I ask?

Phyllis: Into a new phyllis. A good phyllis. A– a better, new improved phyllis.

[ Phyllis laughing ]

Michael: You have all my faith.

Phyllis: [ Laughing ] Great. And I can’t do it without you.

Michael: No, you can’T.

Phyllis: I love you.

Michael: I got you, beautiful.

Phyllis: Okay. So… do you wanna know the whole story? Okay. Well, this is the story of how I died.

Trelegy for copd.

Jack: Hey, if you have real solutions for how to mitigate the effects of ashley’s latest move, now’s the time to speak up.

Billy: We need a secret weapon. We need something big. We need to push up the release date. How about the teenage fragrance line? It could be good. We’re what, a month or two away from marketing?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. That’s feasible.

Billy: Well, ashley and tucker talked about using social media stars in their new venture. So we go bigger, right? Bigger names, bigger celebrities, sponsor concerts, do the whole thing. And for our more established customers, we go classic and iconic. Whatever ashley does, we do bigger and better.

Jack: I’m glad one of us is able to think strategically.

Billy: You can’t take this personal, jack.

Jack: Yeah, that’s exactly what it is though! A basic disrespect for each other and a profound dislike for our respective future spouses.

Billy: That is fine, but we we have a business to run, okay? And as far as these battles, the merchandising and the marketing, I can handle those with my hands tied behind my back. But the hurt feelings, the distrust, the resentment among the soon to be newlyweds, I’m out. That’s all you.

[ Jack sighing ]

Daniel: So the birthday girl wants a copy of the game I’m working on.

Lily: I’m royalty now, so I’m not gonna negotiate.

Daniel: Oh. Well, what will you do if you don’t get your way?

Lily: Psh. I’m gonna, you know, I’m– I’m gonna stop time. Yeah.

Daniel: What would we do with all that time on our hands?

Lily: I don’t know.

[ Laughing ]

Summer: Uh, excuse me. Would it kill you to check your messages?

Daniel: I’m sorry, I was busy. I shut my phone off. Is there an emergency?

Summer: Did you get the messages from michael? He wants to meet with us now. I’m sorry, lily.

Lily: No, no, no. It’s fine. Um, I have to get back to the office, so thank you again.

Daniel: Hey, hey. Before you go… part of your present. Some might say the best part.

Lily: Thank you. And call me. We’ll keep celebrating.

Daniel: It seems like there’s always something to celebrate when you’re around.

Lily: [ Laughing ] Okay. Bye.

Summer: Bye.

Daniel: Right. Okay. Um, what do you think this meeting with michael’s about?

Summer: I don’t know. I’m guessing he talked to mom and maybe he wants to prepare us for the next part when she turns herself in.

Daniel: Look, I know that this whole thing is scary. When you lose a spouse, you feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself, and then it’s you against the world. Every day’s a battle.

Summer: You know what, daniel? I’m fine. And you make a lousy shrink anyway.

Daniel: Well, I mean, you were spinning out earlier.

Summer: My company is going through a major upheaval right now. So, what do you– what do you want from me? It’s– it’s not bad to have emotions. It’s not like I’m running around punching walls or anything. I just wish that I could talk to kyle about all of this. I wish that I could tell him how much I love him, how much our marriage means to me. I just wanna show him that I can be better because I can.

Daniel: I know.

Summer: If he would just let me in, you know, let me love him. Just everything feels wrong when we’re apart, you know? Look, I– I know that I did a bad thing. I know. And I’m– I’m sorry for it, but he hates me. He used to say that we belong together, and now it’s like we’re complete strangers. I just… wish that he would let me fix it. I don’t think I’m gonna get another chance though.

Phyllis: Again with your watch. My goodness. Are you meeting lauren?

Michael: I’m meeting your children.

Phyllis: Oh, you are?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Really? Can I go? I’ll hide. They won’t even know I’m there.

Michael: Phyllis, stop. It’s only sheer luck that’s kept you out of police custody.

Phyllis: Yeah. Someone up there likes me.

[ Clicks tongue ]

[ Chuckling ] We’re like this. You like me too. You like me too. You’re a good friend, michael.

Michael: I’m the best friend. Even if I weren’t your attorney, all your secrets would be safe with me.

Phyllis: Just the ones you know about.

Michael: Including the fact that you’re nervous about coming home and not just about the charges against you.

Phyllis: Nope.

Michael: You have got a lot of making up to do. Go on an apology tour. Do good works.

Phyllis: Ugh!

Michael: Yeah. Expect nothing, but be grateful for every little bit of forgiveness you get. But toy with my emotions, I’m your friend. I’m your buddy. I’m used to it. But when it comes to your family and the people who trust you…

Phyllis: Well, when it comes to the people who trust me and my family, of course, I owe them an apology and I will tell them everything that happened the night I died, and when jeremy stark tried to finish the job.

Michael: You ready?

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, I just, um, I wanna just sit here for a bit, you know, and just breathe the air and feel the sunshine, you know, before the wrecking ball sets in.

Michael: The situation will be easier once you face it. You want more time, I’ll give you more time, but even my patience is waning.

Phyllis: Yeah. I just– I just wanna sit here for a bit, you know, and relax. I– I’ll– I’ll call you when I’m– I’m ready to get rid of my disguise.

Michael: Don’t make me wait too long.

Diane: Phyllis!

[ Diane scoffing ]

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Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Diane: Wow! You’re not even trying to hide anymore.

Phyllis: Diane, I was just–

Diane: Why, why, why? Trying to have a few minutes of normalcy before your bestie holds your hand all the way to jail? That’s a lot more than I got. I was dragged away from your phony memorial so fast, I didn’t even have time to say goodbye to jack and kyle.

Phyllis: You survived.

Diane: You know what? I should call the police right now and have them take you away. So why don’t you say your goodbyes, phyllis? Who first? Michael and lauren who defended you even though you didn’t deserve it? Or what about daniel, who will be so relieved not to have your drama in his life? Or– or maybe summer. How could you say anything to her after your actions have ruined her life?

Phyllis: Listen, I will fix this. I will make amends to my children.

Diane: No, not to them. And not to jack.

Phyllis: Jack?

Diane: Yeah.

Phyllis: You know what? He will open his eyes to you because somebody will show how dangerous you are. I just wasn’t able to do it.

Diane: No, you sure weren’T.

[ Chuckling ] You know, what a disappointing end for you. No family, no friends, no witnesses. If you disappeared right now, people would just think you pulled a phyllis and ran away like the coward you are.

[ Phyllis sighing ]

Billy: That sounds great. Just run it by pr, please. Thank you. Well, there’s our newest hire, our chief talent officer. What do you think about ashley’s betrayal? Because let’s call it what it is, right?

Diane: Well, since I’m the reason that ashley’s gone into overdrive, I took the liberty of issuing directives to hr and legal.

Billy: Busy day for the corporate lawyers. I tell you that much.

Jack: They’re well paid.

Diane: It is imperative that we shore up our team. We need to make sure everybody has signed non-disclosures and non-competes. If they’re not satisfied, we make them that way. If they’re already happy, we make them happier. Our goal is to make sure that no one flips and joinsof fools.

Jack: It’s all right. I appreciate the loyalty.

Billy: Like I said, jack, diane and I can handle it until you get caught up. But we can only go so far without you ad infinitum, right? What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. It’s gonna hurt. There’s gonna be some growing pains, but we take a pill and we move on. And with that, excuse me, you two need to talk.

Diane: Okay.

Jack: Why is our happiness such a threat to almost everyone I know and love?

Summer: No sign of michael. Has he sent you any more messages?

Daniel: Like behind your back?

Summer: Uh, I’m not being paranoid. Chance told me that the minute that they find mom, they’re gonna come after me. So, yes, I’m worried with good reason.

Daniel: Well, don’t be mad at me. You let her put you in this position.

Summer: I was put in this position the day that I was born. I mean, how do you– how do you do it? You just stop being her child. How– how do you not care what happens to our mom?

Daniel: Oh, I care. I do care. I care within certain boundaries.

Summer: You know what? Yes. I helped her without hesitation. You wanna know why? Because she would’ve done the same thing for me and for you. Daniel, we turned our backs on her before. Before this half brain plan that she hatched with stark. And look at how that turned out.

Daniel: I know. I wasn’t there.

Summer: No, you weren’t there for me and you never are.

[ Summer exhaling ] I have risked it all for mom. I’m this close to losing everything that I have ever wanted in life. I’m the one that’s paying the price for her death. You wonder why I’m spinning out?

Phyllis: “To summer, daniel, michael, lauren, all my family and friends, and you know who you are. This time away has not been easy and you are the ones who have suffered. Listen, I apologize for that. I’ve made mistakes, but I’m learning from them. Um, I’m turning it around, making changes. And it’s– it’s time I realize that I’m defeated. There’s no way I’ll get my life back or have any peace. I guess I need to face it. Diane won.” Feeling sluggish or weighed down?

Summer: Michael, what’s the news? How’s our mom?

Michael: Brace yourselves. I think she’s ready for her comeback.

Diane: I say let ashley and tucker spread their misery. Who cares? Who cares? We have a wedding to plan. I have a fantastic new job. And I am not going to let anything overshadow that.

Jack: Wow. Look how good you are at turning things around.

Diane: Mm. Well, I’ve eaten prison pizza. I can survive anything the two of them dish out. And so can jabot. We’re strong. And competition only makes us stronger, especially when it comes from someone who knows our weaknesses. We stand guard.

Jack: I like seeing this side of you.

[ Diane laughing ] Marry me now.

Diane: What?

Jack: Yeah. I mean it. Tell me what you want and let me make it all come true.

Diane: It doesn’t matter where or when. All I want is to be your wife. Aw.

Ashley: You know, when I think about what I heard that phyllis had died, I mean, completely blew my mind. As annoying as I’ve always found her, thinking of the world without phyllis in it was just insane to me and I’m so glad I was right.

Tucker: Still missing in action though.

Ashley: Yeah. She can’t stay away forever.

Tucker: Yeah. But even if she comes back, she’ll be so busy fighting the charges against her, she won’t have time to rid genoa city of diane.

Ashley: Is there a plan going on in there? What, huh?

Tucker: Well, we could certainly ramp up the pressure on diane. A few more of those, uh, public displays of affection. A little more intense. Um, constant chatter about our new venture. Connubial bliss.

Ashley: Yeah. We already tried that, tucker.

Tucker: Ah, hot tub.

Ashley: What? You wanna drown her?

Tucker: No, no. I wanna sit naked in it with you while we have a constant stream of whatever music she detests, uh, playing loudly. Uh, while we, uh, laugh obnoxiously and smoke cheap cigars, the aroma of which will waft into her sanctum sanctorum. Doesn’t that sound nice? I can hardly wait to get started. It’ll be my wedding gift to you, my dear.

Ashley: What a glorious gift. Thank you so much. But maybe we should start just a little smaller, something you can actually guarantee, like the headhunter that we need. I want the best in the business. And if we have to go after somebody from jabot, so be it. If you can make that happen, I’ll be the happiest bride in town.

Tucker: Ah, how lucky would I be to be the guy that– to make you the happiest bride in town. Ugh!

Ashley: What?

Tucker: Thanks very much. You’ve made me late. I’m so mesmerized by you, I lose track of time.

Ashley: Yeah. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Tucker: Yeah. Well, wait ’til you hear me waxing poetic about you and smooth jazz while I sit naked in a hot tub.

Ashley: I like the naked part.

Tucker: Wait ’til tonight.

Ashley: Bye.

Tucker: Bye. Overactive bladder? I’ve been there.

Jack: I mean it. I have never wanted to just run away more than I do right now.

Diane: Where would you go?

Jack: Anywhere with you. I just– I don’t wanna stay here where people can’t be happy that we are happy.

Diane: So where would we go?

Jack: Private islands, places you’ve never dreamed of, the south pacific. We could build a lifetime of memories in the sand.

Diane: We can’t do that.

Jack: Sure we can. Why not?

Diane: Because. Anyway, running jabot is excitement enough. Jack, all I want is you.

Jack: You have me. Any time zone, any hemisphere, any climate.

Diane: Sweep me off my feet, why don’t you?

Jack: I have waited for this part for a long, long time. I get the girl and I get to ride off on the sunset with her.

Diane: You are irresistible.

Jack: It’s my curse.

[ Diane laughing ] What do you say? Will you come with me? Will you be my girl?

Phyllis: Defeated? Diane won? No. What are you doing? Who am I? No, phyllis. Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete. Diane won. Uh-uh. No more hiding. This is done. I’m coming out of hiding. Ready or not, here I come, guys. And this time, guess what? I’m gonna finish what I started.

Daniel: Have you managed to work out some kind of deal with the da?

Michael: Not formally. Turning herself in now was phyllis’s idea.

Summer: Why now?

Michael: You. She feels guilty and not about stark. That was undeniably self-defense. She feels responsible for the state of your marriage. She wants to help. But with any luck, I’ll be able to prove that phyllis was the victim of coercive control. Stark manipulated her into fleshing out his plans to get revenge on diane and to get his hands on phyllis’s fortune.

Daniel: And how will you do that?

Michael: Carson, the emt, he dealt with stark. He knew what a psycho he was. He knew exactly how far that man would go.

Daniel: Great. Where is he?

Michael: That’s a good question. Even victor hasn’t had any luck yet.

Summer: And I mean, even if we do find him, it’s gonna be difficult to convince him to come forward because of the charges that he might be facing for the part that he played.

Michael: It’s a tall order.

Summer: We have to try. This is mom that we’re talking about. We need to fight for her the way that she would for any of us. No one is untouchable. We will find carson. Somehow. We have to.

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