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Zeke. So this is why you’re not taking my calls, huh? On a little date with jordan? Portia, that’s not what’s — what else did valentin say to you? Gun! Everybody down!

[ Gunshot ]

[ Indistinct shouting ] Get down!

[ Shouting ] Down! Down! Down!

[ Gunshot ]

[ Woman shouts ] I’m here, boss!

[ Gunshot ]

[ Indistinct shouting ] You ready to dance? Thought you’d never ask. You guys coming? Uh, mom and I are gonna wait for kristina. Yeah, I’ll be there in one second. I just have to… okay, well, don’t be too long.

[ Dance music plays ] Well, I’m glad. It looks like molly’s feeling a little better. Yes, I’m very glad that she’s given herself a break from all the pressure she’s put on herself. We just have to really make sure that molly knows that she’s not alone in this. Molly knows that we all have her back. Of course. I just — I know that it’s their decision, but selfishly, I really hope that they move forward with having a baby. Well, I mean, so do I. But if that’s what makes them happy. We’re t going to pressure them into anything, right? No, of course. Of course. Yeah, I know. I just — I just wish there was something we could do to help them make this decision easier. That’s it. Why didn’t I think of that before? It solves so many problems. I m– I mean, it’s perfect. I shudder to think. What? Wait. What’s your big idea? I can be molly and tj’s surrogate.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Dance music continues ]

[ Suspenseful music plays ] Molly. C-can we sit somewhere separate? Like, as isolated as possible? Okay, but why don’t you want to be around your mom and your sisters? Because I may have to kill my sister. God, I missed this. I feel like all I do is run from one disaster to the next, trying to figure out who’s mad at who.

[ Chuckles ] I feel like we haven’t even done something like this since high school. Things sure were a lot simpler back then. Yes, they were. For one thing, we didn’t have boyfriends who couldn’t stand each other.

[ Exhales deeply ] You’re late. I know. I’m sorry. I got held up at work. How’s ace? He was asleep when I left. Hey, I can’t wait for your grandmother and kevin to get back from searching for nikolas. I’ll feel way more comfortable rather than leaving him with a strange babysitter. Melanie is one of the quartermaine nannies. She’s doing this as a favor to me, and her credentials are impeccable, esme. But my child has already been kidnapped once by your demented relatives, so forgive me if I’m a little overprotective.

[ Chuckles ] It is complete fine with me if we bail on this class. This was your idea.

[ Sighs ] This is detective chase with the pcpd. Yes. Three shots wer e firedat the metro court pool. No, I wasn’t present at the shooting. I-I’m in the restaurant. I don’t know if anyone was hit. Gabe, can you see the shooter?

[ Crowd gasping ] No sign of movement. Somebody already called it in? I’m outside by the pool where the shots happened. Sounded like it came from above, from a hotel room. I’m going in. Copy that. Chase! Hey. What happened? We heard gunshots. Oh, thank god. Uh, I need your help. Come with me. I’m with the pcpd. I need everyone to stay right where you are.

[ Crowd murmuring ] Curtis? Good. Swat’s on the way? Curtis?! Curtis?! Zeke: Wait, wait, wait! Portia, portia, portia! Curtis! Wait, wait, wait, wait! Zeke, curtis! No. No, no, no. No, no, no. No.

[ Breathing heavily ] No!

Portia. No, no, no. Portia, what can I do? I need towels to stop the bleeding.

[ Breathing heavily ] No, curtis, come on. Ay with me. Come on, let’s go. Let’s go! Move, move, move! Stay here. Gabe, did you see where the shots came from? I didn’T. I was in the entranceway on guard. I ran out by the pool area as soon as I heard that first gunshot. Okay. No, don’t do this. No, no, no.

[ Whispering ] Here, portia. There’s so much blood. I don’t know the damage that the bullet did.

[ Breathing shakily ] Come on. Stay with me. Stay with me, curtis. Please, stay with me.

[ Sobs ] Portia? Portia? It’s finn and elizabeth. Let us take over, alright?

[ Sobs, sniffles ] It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay. Jordan, what happened? Portia, it’s okay to let go. Alright? We got this. Trust me.

[ Crying ] Okay. Okay? Alright? It’s gonna be okay. He’s gonna be alright, I promise you.

[ Crying ] Ready? Let’s go.

[ Portia crying ] The entry wound is in his back.

[ Crying continues ] I know it’s rare for me to defend spencer, but his dislike of dex started out because… I handled my breakup with cameron very poorly, and I should have broken up with him… before I started seeing dex. It just — it started the night I was attacked by the hook, and emotions were running high, and I wasn’t thinking.

[ Breathes sharply ] And it’s not an excuse. But I think that spencer just wants to have cameron’s back, and I think that that’s a good thing. His bad impression of dex is really about me. And besides the whole cameron situation, I think that spencer is just intimidated by dex. Really? Why? Well, spencer throws his wealth around, and it also makes him defensive about being dismissed as a spoiled rich kid. He has always wanted to come across just as tough and just as smart as anybody else. And dex works for his uncle sonny. You know, I think that spencer just wants to prove that he’s just as tough as dex. Yeah, I think you may be right. To be clear, I’m not okay… with how spencer’s been acting towards dex. But dex can defend himself, you know? As far as the fake evidence goes, I think that spencer really took what you said to him to heart because he’s taking a whole new approach with esme. What do you know about his new approach to esme? My suggestion that we take this parenting class was genuine. I really want us to work together as a team, and I want us to be able to cooperate for ace’s sake. But it doesn’t seem like you want to cooperate with me. What do you think I’m doing here, esme? This is me cooperating. I am the one who’s here. You’re the one who just said that you don’t want to be here. Whoa, I never said that. I said that I was uncomfortable leaving my son — something that you can never understand because ace is not your son! Sounds like you two are here for the parenting class. Come on in. As soon as molly was diagnosed with endometriosis, I immediately made an appointment with my ob. Do you have it, too? No, I just thought that — I don’t know. I thought maybe it was hereditary. But I am happy to tell you that I am in excellent health. Plus, I’m the right age, and I share dna with molly. I’m not currently in a relationship, and I don’t have any immediate plans to have a child of my own in the near future. So that puts me in the perfect position to carry a child for molly and tj. Sweetie, I know that you want to help your sister, but I think offering to be a surrogate at this juncture is — is a bit premature. What did kristina do now? How do you know it was kristina? Because she’s the one that pushes your buttons. I’ve never heard you threaten to kill sam. I wouldn’t actually kill kristina, either. I just feel so out of control these days, that I-I could see myself losing it on her and tearing into her and doing damage that would be irreparable. Why would you be tempted to do that? Because she wants to be our surrogate.

I think the shooting stopped. No, we don’t know that. Um, but — the shooter could be waiting for one of us to come out. I’m gonna try and pull up a floor plan, see if we can figure out where they are. Good idea. Sonny! Damn it, dad! What are you doing?! I’m ending this! Come on!

[ Breathes sharply ] We need to be careful here. The entry wound is near his spine. There’s heavy bleeding that I’m trying to stop. I don’t understand. Who would want to shoot curtis?

[ Siren wailing in distance ] I don’t think he was the intended target. Grandma bobbie told me she saw spencer and esme had signed up for a parenting class together at G.H. Does your grandma teach the class? No. No. She just oversees all of the outreach classes there, and she saw their names. She mentioned it to me the other day. She said it looked like spencer was starting to make an effort with esme. It remains to be seen whether or not she’ll reciprocate.

[ Scoffs ] I just hate the thought of spencer spending even more time with esme.

[ Chuckles ] I agree. Evening, ladies. Oh. Can I offer you a cold beverage? I brought iced lattes. That sounds wonderful.

[ Chuckles ] Perfect for a hot summer night. What are you doing here? You told me to swing by when I got off work. I did, didn’t I? Welcome to the class, everyone. And first, might I say congratulations on signing up. Plenty of people will tell you parenting comes naturally and you shouldn’t need instruction. And in fact, this is not a “how to” class, because there is no magic formula. No strict regimen on how to parent. What works for one child doesn’t necessarily work at all for another. Yes? You have a question? Yes. I’m sorry. Um, if this isn’t a “how to” class, then what are we doing here? Good question. This class is about strategies for cooperation between parents — how to communicate, how to make room for each other’s opinions, and, yes, even sometimes learning to compromise. Now, it doesn’t mean always getting along. It means being able to negotiate, to avoid ultimatums because children can sense tension. And when the parents are at war, the one who suffers is the child. First of all, um, it was only a few months ago molly wasn’t even certain that she wanted to have a child. And sadly, uh, that option to do it biologically has been taken away from her, and she’s devastated. They’re both devastated. But I’m pretty certain that this is not a good time to make any rash decisions or any grand gestures, right? Because they need to regroup, they need to heal, they need to figure out even if they want to have a family, and what that family may look like, and maybe it’ll be a surrogate, maybe it won’T. But now is not the time to do anything. I could not disagree more. And why did I think you were going to say that? What if there’s less time than they think? I know that kristina wants to help, that she thinks that she’s helping, but what she’s really doing is just throwing it in my face that she has viable eggs and a healthy uterus and I don’T. That she can get pregnant and carry a baby, no problem. And she’ll get to experience all of it — the life growing inside of her and pregnancy and labor and giving birth, and I won’t experience any of it. And once again, it’ll be the “kristina” show. Not even the worst thing that’s ever happened to me gets to be about me. It’ll all be about her. Not to me.

[ Radio chatter ] I can’t believe how fast the swat team got here. They had to declare the building safe before the paramedics could come in. I’m his wife. I want

to ride in the ambulance, please. Let’s go. Let’s go. Ready to go? Ye. Let’s go. I can give you a ride to the hospital if you want. We’re crime scene witnesses. We need to stay and give our statements. What? No, no. Hold on a second. Uh, excuse me, detective? I re ally want to takms. Ashford to the hospital, and I want to be there for my sister, portia. Can we give you our statements later zeke, it’s okay. No, no, no, no, it’s fine. Well, did you see the shooter, or do you have any information about the shooter that could help us? No. Then you better take her to the hospital. Okay. Thank you.

[ Radio chatter ] Chase, anything? Hey, you realize that was reckless? You shou have stayed hidden, the way your son directed you to. I don’t know what you were thinking — stepping out in the open like that. You made yourself a target. It was a calculated risk. I assumed the shooter was gone, and that was the quickest way to prove it, so that the paramedics could help curtis. I came up to the pool to talk to my dad. I-I saw a rifle barrel. I yelled for everyone to take cover, and a shot went off around the same time. Do you know which room the shot came from? Well, I don’t know what room it is, but it’s that window right there. We got to search the whole building. We already did a preliminary sweep of the building to make sure it’s safe to allow the paramedics in. Our team’s clearing the hotel, room by room. Well, I heard three gunshots. Yeah, I heard one hit the water, one hit here, and the other one hit this way. And I think curtis got hit by a ricochet. Okay, dex, you can have my spot on the blanket. Wait, where are you going? Are you still mad at me about punching spencer? No, no. You ha– you have to stay, please. I want my best friend and my boyfriend to get to know each other better, please. See, I like that idea. Please. Why don’t you tell me one of the many things that you know about joss that I don’t?

[ Sighs ] Well, if you’ve ever seen her play volleyball, you know how competitive she is. Oh, I sure do.

[ Laughter ] That’s true. That — that is true. Yeah. [ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] It’s work. I need to take it. Ugh. Alright, fine.

[ Ringing continues ] Gabe, what’s going on? I need you to alert the rest of the team. There’s been another ambush at metro court pool. Wait. What? Where’s sonny? Is he okay? I think he was the target, but I can’t be sure. There was one person who was shot, though. Uh, yeah. Thanks for letting me know. Hey. Everything okay? What’s wrong? There was a shooting at the metro court pool. Oh — oh, my god. Is everyone okay? Uh, one person was shot… curtis ashford. Remember, people, this is not a test. It’s just an exeise to see how your expectations match up with your partner’S. If one parent wants the child to go to bed at 6:00 and the other wants them to stay awake until they fall asleep naturally, that’s going to be a point of friction. The goal is to answer honestly. Truth is the best starting point. What? I put 7:00 P.M. That’s your rule, right? What — that’s what time you put ace down. Well, it’s — it’s not exactly m-my rule. It’s what the books recommend. But honestly, in filling this out, I realized that I never asked your opinion. So… what time do you think ace should go to bed? Isn’t what’s happening to molly a cautionary tale of what happens with the mistake of waiting too long? By the time she was diagnosed with endometriosis, it was already too late — her eggs were no longer viable. All because she waited too long. Please never, ever make that argument to molly. No, of course not. I’m just — my point is, I’m healthy now. I’m single now. I’m at a place in my life where i can carry a child. And I don’t know how I’m going to feel in two years. Maybe I’ll have met someone by then. God willing, I will have met someone by then. I just — I think if I am going to do this for my sister, the sooner the better. You know, over the years, I’ve witnessed kristina’s tendency to make things all about her. When you achieve something, it’s almost like clockwork that she has a crisis to refocus the family’s attention on her. So whether we choose to have a child or not — and how we go about that — that’s a decision for us to make together. Kristina will have nothing to do with it.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Monitor beeping ] What do we got? Gsw to the back. Bp 70, palp. Pulse 140. Lost a lot of blood. Glasgow coma score 1/1/1. Let’s get him into trauma one. Did you use spinal precautions? Yes, and there was a physician on scene.

[ Beeping continues ]

[ Portia sobs ] The shot went this way. Oh, dante. Oh, I’m so glad you’re okay. Hey. Yeah, yeah. I heard that someone was shot. I’m just glad it wasn’t you or your dad. Um, yeah. Yeah. Curtis ashford, unfortunately, wasn’t so lucky. He was shot in the back. Oh, that’s horrible. Yeah. He’s at G.H. Doctors are looking after him now.

[ Sighs ] What are you doing here? This is a crime scene. No, I know. I-I just gave a statement to a cop in the restaurant, and she said it was safe to come out here. Look, I know that you’re working, okay? And I-I promise I’m not going to get in your way. I just — I had to see you. Keep my eyes on you. With the other thing that’s going on with my dad and now this shooting tonight, I just — I want you to know how much you mean to me, okay?

[ Nitor beeping ] Okay, team. Patient has a gsw to the back. We’re going to continue spinal precautions. We were in the restaurant when we heard a gun fire, and detective chase asked for our help. And when we got out here, we saw… curtis ashford lying on the ground unconscious because he had been shot in the back. Alright. Thank you. If we have any more questions, we’ll contact you. Thanks. Oh, hey, I wanted to thank you for your help before the paramedics got here. Anytime. You guys are free to go, okay? Thank you. Thanks, dante.

[ Radio chatter ] You know, if curtis lives, it’ll be because of your quick actions. No. I couldn’t have done it without your help. Let’s just pray that it’s enough. It was such a beautiful summer night.

[ Radio chatter continues ] Can we get out of here? Yeah.

[ Radio chatter continues ] Move him on my count. One, two, three…

[ Grunts ] Based on his vitals, we need to initiate code massive transfusion. Start a second line, give two units o neg, two units of cross matched, four units fresh frozen plasma, a platelet, and cryo. Let’s start with a dic panel, cbc, cmp, and blood gasses. We need a stat x-ray and ct of the back. Yes, doctor. Dr. Robinson, we can’t have you in here. No. No. I know — I know you’re — you’re scared, but — but you need to stay out here. Okay? We– we’ll — we’ll update you as soon as we know something. That’s my husband. Please. I’m depending on you to save him. Please. That’s — that’s the plan.

[ Crying ]

[ Sniffles ] I didn’t know you had such strong opinions about kristina. Does kristina have the classic jan brady syndrome as the middle child who wants all of the attention all the time? Of course she does. But I know her to be funny and incredibly generous. You know, a person can be both selfish and generous at the same time. Kristina is living proof. But our baby situation is not happening to her. It’s happening to us. At the very least, I should put the idea out there to molly and tj so they know they have options. No, no, no, no. Before — wait, wait. Before you do that, you need to really think about what being a surrogate actually means. Oh, she’s absolutely right. I mean, you really need to think about what carrying someone else’s child means to you. And then the third shot hit right here. And sonny and i were hiding behind the bar. That last shot was… I mean, it could have been aimed at either one of you. One of you two is the target here.

[ Radio chatter ] Hey, uh, can I talk to you privately? Yeah, sure. Excuse me.

[ Radio chatter ] Okay, I talked with hotel security. There’s only one room on the 11th floor with a pool view. It was unoccupied. Let’s go check it out. Okay.

[ Door closes ] Hey, portia. Portia, have there been any updates? Oh. He’s in the trauma room now, and they’re prepping him for surgery. They just have to find the exact location of the bullet. Alright. I-I think we should find a seat to sit on. I think we’re going to be here for a while. No. No, no, no. I-I-I’m fine here. You would think this would be easier for me because I’m a doctor, right? I know what they’re doing in there. I know every step that they’re taking. But I also know that doctors are human, too. And sometimes everything you can do… is not enough.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Trina! Trina… mom! I heard about curtis.

[ Voice breaking ] I-is he, um… they’re working on him now. Curtis is alive — and he’s fighting.

[ Exhales deeply ]

The first time I was pregnant, I was not at all prepared to be a mother. It was jason who offered to help me raise sonny’s baby. But as the pregnancy progressed, it affected me profoundly in ways that I would have never, ever anticipated. So by the time my daughter lila was stillborn at birth… …I mean, it shattered me. So I guess my — my point is, I thought I knew what it meant to be pregnant, when in reality, I-I could not have been more wrong. You’re right. This is happening to both of us. And I’ve been shutting you down and pushing you away. And… this is my loss, but it’s also your loss, too.

[ Voice breaking ] And I’m sorry. And… I wanted to give you a child —

our child. I wanted to car that baby and give birth with you by my side. I had all these dreams that I just took for granted because I just thought that they would happen someday when we were ready. And now I know that they’re never going to happen. And I’m grieving, but in my grief… I forgot to ask what your dreams were. Jordan? How are you doing? I’m okay. You don’t need to worry about me. You should be with your sister. No. Portia knows I’m here if she needs me. But for right now, her best comfort is her daughter. If you don’t want to talk about it, I totally understand, but, um… what happened tonight? I’m still processing everything, really. It all happened so fast. I was at the pool with jordan and zeke, and I saw curtis — I saw him come in. And then we heard a gunshot. From where? I-I-I-I don’t know.

[ Sighs ] But then, jordan told us to take cover, and then I heard two more gunshots.

And then I look over at curtis and he’s down on the ground, face down. So I run over to him, and I try to stop the bleeding as fast as I could, but… wait. [ Exhales deeply ] Who told you? How do you know that curtis was shot? What are you looking for? Spencer. Trina needs him. And I think I know wherto find him. Uh, spencer and esme.

[ Whispering ] Yeah? Hmm. You have the exact same answers. So either you two are both perfectly in sync, or you’re reading from the same parenting guide.

[ Chuckles ] We’re reading from the same parenting guide. Well, you’re both very young. I assume this is your first child? Oh, uh, no. Ace is my baby. Spencer is his brother. And, um, baby daddy’s not in the picture. How’s that working out? Uh, surprisingly well. Spencer and I may not have always gotten along, but I do have to admit that, um… spencer always comes through for ace. Esme’s a devoted mom. She found this parenting guide, and I think that she found it helpful, so she had me read it as well, and, um, she found this class for us because she wants what’s best for ace. And I want the same thing. It sounds like you make a good team. I’m just so grateful that you’re not hurt. Of course, you, too. Oh, no. I appreciate that. Thank you. It’s just — it’s times like these that I realize just how dangerous chase and dante’s jobs really are. You know? Anyway, I’m no good to anyone just standing here wringing out my hands, so I’m going to head home. Nope, no, no. Gabe? Yes, boss? Make sure she gets home safe. No, you don’t need to do that. You’re in bad shape. You’re not going to drive home by yourself. Thank you. Okay?

[ Radio chatter ]

[ Exhales deeply ] That was really nice. Depends on your perspective. If I’m the shooter’s target, then I got to bear some responsibility for what happened here. Yeah. Well, I-I mean, judging by where the bullets hit, I uld say you were being targeted. Have there been any other incidents lately? Is someone trying to kill you?

[ Radio chatter continues ] Hey, you, uh — you find anything in there? We’ve swept all the rooms. No sign of the shooter. Ah, the hotel staff says this is the only room that wasn’t occupied. I want to take another look. Be my guest. So the shooter may be gone, but maybe he left something behind. Yeah, I’m gonna check the rooms. Okay. Hey, chase! I found something. Yeah? What is it? Come take a look.

Oh, mom! I am so sorry about curtis. I know. I know, baby. All we can do is pray right now. Listen, if you guys need anything, we’re here to help. Thank you. I’m — I’m so sorry. I-I don’t remember your name. Uh, dex. Josslyn’s boyfriend. If you need anything, I’ll be right over here. Thank you. Hey, listen, um, can you stay with trina? I’ll — I’ll be back in a minute. Of course. You’re right. I didn’t really think this through.

[ Breathes deeply ] I-I think I was just so busy focusing on my sister and helping her, I didn’t really think about how this would affect me. And — and being pregnant for nine months, giving birth — that’s a lot. For molly and tj, too. Surrogacy isn’t something I should just do on impulse. So don’t be so hard on yourself. It was a loving impulse. I guess it’s a good thing I only blurted that idea out to you two and not molly and tj.

[ All chuckle ] Stop. Yeah. Mm.

[ Exhales deeply ] Even if I never said it out loud… I guess I also dreamed for you to carry our child. And… so, yeah. I’ve been grieving the loss of that dream, but at least on my end, I know that I’d still like for us to have kids. And how and when that happens, that is all up for grabs. Things we can figure out when we’re ready. Okay. Good. Because I still want to have kids someday, too. Although, if we were to go the surrogacy route, kristina is healthy, and I do share dna with her. She might actually be our best choice. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this. I’ve assisted in plenty of gunshot wounds. Well, you know, you do your job, right? Then the emergency passes and the adrenaline fades… and we have the same fears as everyone else. And you look down and you see that victim. And he’s bleeding. That’s your friend. That’s curtis. That’s portia’s husband. I just can’t stop shaking.

[ Breathes deeply ] It — it’s possible that I’m the shooter’s target. I’ve been experiencing some “friction” with a newer business associate lately.

[ Radio chatter ] You don’t have to speak in code, sonny. I’m not affiliated with law enforcement now in any capacity. Well, your “fall from grace” is pretty new and very public, and somebody was upset enough to spray paint “murderer” on your front door. You think maybe… those shots weren’t aimed at you? Those bullets were meant for me? This is detective chase. I’m at the metro court hotel. We believe we found the rifle used in tonight’s shooting. Would you send a forensics team over? Thank you. You know what we’re going to find with this gun? Absolutely nothing. No prints, no way to trace it back to the shooter. It’s a ghost gun. S-same thing with the shell casings and the rest of the room. We’re not going to find anything. This person was a pro. Yeah, maybe a pro… but to tell you the truth, this also feels like it could be an intelligence op. You never did answer my question. What time do you think ace should go to bed?

[ Sighs ] Well, I’ve been a late night guy for as long as I can remember. Hmm. Uh, when I was little, I used to sneak out of bed because I had this whole gaming set-up.

[ Laughs ] I know — I had this whole gaming set-up in one of the spare rooms at wyndemere, and I thought that I was being really slick, getting away with it. But it turns out that my dad knew the whole time, so I guess it was nice of him to turn a blind eye. You know, I think that’s the first positive thing I’ve ever heard you say about your dad. Hmm. Yeah, well, we were close when I was younger. I mean, ace may never know his father, but… he does have a really great older brother. Okay, set it up. I’ll be there shortly. Um, I don’t know if you cod use an attorney, but just so you know, I’m willing to help out any way I can. I am the acting deputy mayor now. And with mayor collins out of town, I am the highest-ranking city official. Yeah. So I have to do a press conference about the shooting and reassure the public that they’re safe. So… I’ve [Exhales deeply] Got to go do that now. Well, could I at least walk you out?

[ Sighs ] Sure. Okay. Thank you. Is there an update on curtis? Is my dad going to be okay? Curtis has been stabilized, but he’s still unconscious. He’s going to need surgery to remove the bullet, which is complicated by the fact that the bullet is lodged against curtis’s spine.

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