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So what do you think of this one? Well, I, um, it’s the best one we’ve seen. I agree, and it’s perfect for the kids. There’s a park right across the street. It’s close to the kids’ school. Each of them would have their own room, and we’d have enough space in our bedroom for a king-sized bed, our bedroom.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. I like the sound loud.

I think we should take it. Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Then welcome home.

Yes. Well, we we’re gonna need the answers by next week. Sure. Um, actually, let’s not discuss the details over the phone. Okay. You know, how sensitive these deals can be. Yes. Right. Okay. I’ll see you then. Bye. You going on a trip? No, I’m moving out. Oh,

there. Hello. Wow. Do I not even get a Chloe? My wee Bonnie Las. It’s wonderful to see you. Okay. That was a bad impression. I sorry, Lauren. Not in a very jolly mood today, I’m afraid. Oh no. Oh yes. How year to date revenues are down 30% and that’s taken into account the Saxon deal. You closed. No wonder you’re not in a jolly mood.

Well, maybe this will help. Well, how could that possibly not help a flying cactus and a cowboy hat? One of the big travel websites is doing a promotion for Southwest getaways, and I’ve sold them on a huge ad buy-in for our online edition. The ad agency gave me this to work on a printed version. When you say huge buy-in, oh, why don’t you see for yourself?

Boom. Oh, that is definitely substantial, and I’m. Very relieved and back to my jolly old self. Oh, I thought you might be, have I ever told you you are absolutely fantastic at your job? Is that the only thing I’m absolutely fantastic at? That’s definitely not the only thing.

Okay. Easy there, cowboy. Did you not have enough of me this morning before work? I cannot have enough of you.

Okay. Okay. Not here. Can’t here. Come on. Why not? I mean, we’ve done it in your bedroom. We’ve done it in my bedroom. We’ve done it in every conceivable place in our apartment. Variety is a spice of life. So why don’t we shake things off a that then do it in the office.

So you accepted Dimitri’s proposal. Mm-hmm. It looks like you and I are going from friends to family, auntie Kristen. Ah, yes. Uh, congratulations. I suppose my, you are thrilled, aren’t you? I know why, though. You are surprised at how fast this is all moving.

Are you sure you don’t have a problem with me using Gwen to get what I want? No, actually, I’m not surprised at all.

I’ve got you now. Z Yvonne Ner

Sarka. How are you doing in my room? What am I doing? I am about to expose you for the delicious swindler You are? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. The jig is up. D v L. You’re only marrying Gwen to get your hands on this money. That’s preposterous. Yeah, we’ll see about that. Where do you think you’re going to tell Gwen everything and there is nothing you can do to stop.

Thank you. I think there is.

Like Sands through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

Speaking of home bedrooms, we could go Chris, on this one. Oh, well we don’t have a bed. Well, that’s never stopped us before. Mm-hmm. True. Maybe we should sign the lease first. I’ll just text the realtor really quick.

So then, oh, hi. Hey, hey, hey. What’s up? Hey, Stephanie. I’m. I came to check this apartment out. I’m looking for a place for me and Rachel. Uh, too late. Sorry, Chad and I just decided to take it.

Xander, this is really not appropriate. We are at work. That’s right. And I’m your boss. You have to do what I say, which makes it even less appropriate. All right? Unless I say yes, and I say yes. It’s a definite. Definite, yeah. Mm-hmm.

So you’re not surprised that Dimitri and I got engaged so quickly? No. No. I am not, because I know how much you wanted to move on from Sander. This is not about Xander.

Dimitri, as corny as it sounds. Sort of swept me off my feet. Really? I’m sure he did. You see, my nephew can be very charming. Not to mention persuasive. I do hope your future mother-in-law’s imminent. Return to tasteful doesn’t put a damper on your impending nuptials. I wish you and Dimitri all the best.

Gwen. I really do. Thanks.

Ow. Ah, ow. Ow. Yourself. I think I just broke my hand on that cheekbone. And where were you smiling at? You were smiling at me. I was simply smiling back. I wasn’t smiling at you. I was smiling because I was right about you. I know what you’re up to. D V L. You think if you just kiss me and press that hard body of yours up against mine, that you can persuade me to indulge in the pleasures of your flesh in exchange for my silence.

You think if you get me into bed and satisfy every single one of my wanting desires, I won’t tell Gwen what you’re up to. So am I. Right.

That’s odd. Usually in by now.

Oh my God.

What the hell is going on here? We were just going over Chloe’s new Abbi. To me, it looks like you were just going over Chloe. Okay. You know what, I’m gonna go get some coffee. Does anyone want anything? Yes, please. I’d like you to get the hell out of here. Thanks. Oh, look for the first time you and I want the same thing except for me, obviously.

I’m so sorry that sounded so much funnier in my head. See you soon.

Sandier, your cactus is looking a bit pricker from the last time I saw it. I wanna have a doctor have a look at it. There’s nothing wrong for Mike. Cactus.

Sorry, you had to see that you’re not nearly as sorry as I am and not because I’m jealous. Mind you. No, not in the least. See, I don’t care if you are having sex with Chloe Lane or Lady Gargo, or Miss Bloody Piggy for that matter. You know why? Cause I’m quite busy myself, actually. Yes. Giving an amazing man the most amazing sex that a woman can give him.

So there

No. No sir. Despite whatever rumors you may have heard. To the contrary, I am not that easy, and now that I know for sure that you’re just marrying Gwen so you can cash in on your inheritance. She needs to know the truth.

Wish she doesn’t know can hurt her. Sorry, not interested.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Maybe I would be interested if you hadn’t just made my best friend an offer, a trove. And if you weren’t just some douchey straight guy trying to take advantage of my insatiable sexual appetite, Leo. What? I’m not, not what? Engaged to Glen. I’m not straight.

Well damn. Then I’m having a really hard time solidifying a place here. I just lost one to Xander and Chloe, and I’m gonna have to fire my real estate agent because I’m always coming in late to these listings. I don’t like it. Oh, well I could refer you to our, she’s really good. I would actually very much appreciate that.

Doesn’t, uh, enjoy your place, um, and enjoy your new job. Uh, I don’t have his new job. How’d you hear about it? Alex told me and Chad, he, uh, he wasn’t too happy about it.

Yeah. You’re moving out. Why? I’m just not that comfortable here anymore, auntie. I haven’t been sleeping well. Well, you have one in the nicest rooms in the West Wing. You’re welcome to choose another. I mean, if it’s the mattress, I’m sure Henderson can find one more to you. Liking. No, no, no. It’s not the mattress or the room that’s making me feel uncomfortable.

It’s you.

What do you mean? Megan escaped? Well, ej, why wouldn’t I be worried that satis had us tied up in the secret room for weeks? You know, I, I wouldn’t be surprised if she just takes us all out one by one. Oh my God. Okay. Okay. No, I, I appreciate the heads up. All right. You just watch your back.


Megan, don’t you come near me. I’m warning you. I armed. I’m not Auntie Megan.

Honey, whoop. Oh my God. Oh, sweetheart.

We’re gonna need a lot of furniture, huh? Couch. Coffee table beds, dining table. It’s a lot of shopping. Oh. Oh, perfect. Our realtor’s coming over with keys and some paperwork we need to sign. She’s gonna be here in an hour. Okay, that gives me time to, uh, run over to Maggie’s and let her know my decision.

Good luck.

I’ll be back soon,

Shirley. Surely you can understand that I just don’t wanna live in the same house with the woman who fired me. You are the one. Who signed with Titan’s biggest competitor. You stole a client, a huge client away from me, auntie Mag. That is just not what happened. Mm, nope. I’m sorry. I get it. That is how you see the deal that I made with Yuri.

That’s not how I see it. That’s what you did. Well then we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree on that. But I’m sure there’s one thing that we can both agree on and that this living situation isn’t healthy for either of us. Did you at least say goodbye to your Uncle Victor? No. He was taking a nap. I didn’t wanna wake him.

I’ll see you around Auntie Alex. Hi. Whatever has happened between us, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re, we’re still family and we always will be. Yeah. Family.

So, uh, where are you gonna live? I will let you know when I find a place. I’ll see you around.

Hey. Hi. Got a button? This one. Oh, uh, I was running late this morning. Yeah, how are you? Ah, um, okay. I don’t say I’m a little frustrated. I’ve been trying to find a, find a place to live for Rachel and me. I just lost another one to Stephanie and Chad and I don’t know, I was hoping to find a place before Rachel came back from camp.

Well, I’m sorry, this is her camp. She probably wants more credit on her camp account or something. Hello? Yeah. What do you mean missing? When what? Well, where the hell could she have gone?

Oh my baby girl. I have missed you so much. Oh, mom, stop, honey. Sue, I, I’m just so happy to see you. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a minute. What? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at camp. What do you care? You never even came to see me before I left. You never even said goodbye, honey. You know what that is?

Because mean old auntie Megan had me locked up in the basement. Wait for real? Yes, sweetheart. For real. Oh sweetie. There’s nothing else that could possibly have kept me from seeing you off. Oh God. Oh honey, I am so happy that you came to see me, but um, I’m gonna have to take you back to camp. No. No way

you, you’re seriously going to look me in the eye and tell me that you are queer with a straight face, a very straight face. That is what I’m telling you. Okay, so we have very quickly moved on from you thinking I have absolutely no scruples to you thinking I’m just playing stupid. Oh no. I don’t think you’re stupid Leo, but you want me to believe that you’re gay?

I am. But you’re sleeping with Gwen. You proposed to her? Yes. Only to get access to the money in the bomb. Was she cosol? And since, as we have established you are anything but stupid, you have known all along that I’ve had an ulterior motive. And now you know what that is.

We’re listen. I overheard Dimitri Van Loser bragging about proposing to you and I, I suppose I can even see why you might be attracted to him, even though we both know that blokes from Northwest and Europe are more your time. Oh, that is ridiculous. But even if he is an amusing distraction for you, Gwen, that insufferable man’s so full of himself, how can, how can he possibly have room in his heart left for you?

I mean, why would you even consider marrying such a narcissistic, pompous jerk? Excuse me. But Dimitri is none of those things. He’s actually very caring, generous, and loyal, wonderful person who happens to be head over heels in love with me as I am with him. And I’m not contemplating marrying him. I’ve said yes to Dimitri.

I am marrying him. And you know what? I cannot wait to be his wife there.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. It’s not the marrying Gwen, so you can get your grubby hands all over your family’s money thing. It’s the gay thing. I have excellent gay and from you. I haven’t gotten a single ping. I had a lifetime at practice not giving up pings. But it’s not just that you’re stripping. Gwen, you also had that flinging with Billy Reed.

I was playing Agent Reed as well to get my hands on the Almanian peacock. Yeah. Now you’re playing me to get up my. Subterranean peacock. No, it’s not like that. Then what is it like? And keep in mind I am neither stupid nor gullible, nor naive, nor a pushover, though the last one may be a little, which I hate, but I’m working on it.

Right? Well, that’s good for you. Look, um, I am imploring you to reveal neither my intentions nor my sexual orientation to anyone, and I’m willing to give myself to you as a means to that end. But you should also know that I don’t consider it any kind of sacrifice as I am very much looking forward to it, giving myself to you.

That is, well, strike me pink. Are you trying to tell me that you’re attracted to me? For someone who asks. We have established is not at all stupid. That sure took you a minute, Leo? Yes. Yes I am.

Gwen, are you sure this is a good idea? You just met this guy. You know the horrific things he’s done.

Okay. Sure. Yeah, I know he hasn’t led an exemplary life, but you know what he says that I bring out the best in him,

and you will know how I like bad boys. I’m no angel myself. Am I

what? What are you thinking? Just say it. I just can’t help but wonder if maybe this has less to do with you being in love with Dimitri and more to do with me getting together with Chloe. Oh God, look, there it is again. Usual, massive ego. No, no, it’s not. It’s not about that. And you know what? Even if it was so what?

You’ve moved on from me, haven’t you? I would very much like to move on from you, so I would actually say this is a very positive step in the right direction. Wouldn’t you share with us, Dimitri? Can you just stop please? Why can’t you just be happy for me? Zander. Jake cheated on me. Chad was in love with Abigail and you, you never really got over.

Sarah, did you? And now for the first time in my life, there is a man who wants to be with me and only me.

I wanna be with you, Leo Stark. Since when? Since the first time I laid eyes on you in Arizona. Oh, please. The way I remember it, you were totally into Billy Reed and totally annoyed by me all the time. And then I stole your emerald and you wanted to kill me. I never wanted to kill you. If anything, any antagonism that you felt for me was just my attempt to hide my desire for you.

But the truth of the matter is, Leo, I have always found you attractive. I think you are so interesting. You’re smart and witty. That definitely smile and that expressive eyes and that sassy little walk of yours. My walk. Mm-hmm. No one’s ever commented on my walk before or thought my eyes were expressive or thought that I was witty.

Funny, yes, but never witty, which is just a smarter version of funny, right. Well, you are all of the above and everything I just said that I liked about you, just the tip of the iceberg. But besides all that, and perhaps most importantly, Leo, I think you are so hot now. I understand that you don’t wanna betray your best friend, but really is it any better than betraying your own desires?

This hate between us, it is undeniable. This pole, it’s a gravity that neither of us can fight for much longer. I know I certainly can’t.

Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Okay. I will give myself to you, but you have to promise me one thing. Anything. You’ll be gentle. Oh, I’ll good. Because I won’t

Yeah, well, you, you do that. Okay. Thank you very much. God, wait, so Rachel’s missing. Yeah. She left camp. Yeah. Yeah. And unlike those incompetent counselors I have. Pretty good idea of where she went to see Kristen. Yeah. Odd are She’s with her mother right now. Mama Kim is so stupid. I wanna stay here with you.

Oh, honey, honey, honey, I wish you could, but there’s a lot going on with this family right now and it’s very, very complicated. And besides, you know that your daddy has full custody of you and he’s the one who gets to make the decisions. In fact, I need to call him right now. I thought we were fighting that he’s having custody.

I’m trying. It’s been very, very hard, Rachel. I need a lawyer to help me and. No one wants to take my case. There has to be somewhere that we can be together. Mama isn’t there, please.

Ah, Chad, what can I do for you? Well, um, I came to give you my decision. Oh, well. Oh, I hope you decided to come to work for me at Titan. I think we could do great things together.

I think so too.

Living room. Ivory white paper. White. White. Dove. Too many choices.

Hey Alex, what are you doing here? Well, I was hoping to move in.

It’s true. What is, you do have a magic penis. No, no. I, I thought I’d seen it all when you made it levitate with that thing you did at the end.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. No, no. Uh, this can’t go on. Not like this. Gwen is my best friend. So what are you saying? You mean we can’t see each other again? Oh, hell no. That is definitely not what I’m saying. But you cannot marry her. You have to walk back that proposal. And yes, she will be hurt, but she would be way more hurt being the wife of a gay man and I can walk her through that misery and help her.

And how are you going to help her when you’re involved with the man that’s just turned his back on her? Well, maybe we can leave that part out. My involvement with you, it doesn’t matter anyway, because she’s already said yes to my proposal. What. When, just earlier today we’re at Mother’s Bedside in the hospital and she hadn’t said yes yet, but then we had this strong connection, this, this bonding of sorts and so and so.

She said, yes. Damn Leo. I genuinely like Gwen, but it’s you that I want badly. So if we could, you know, have more times like this, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, what are you suggesting that you marry Gwen and keep me as some sort of side piece? That is not happening. D v L? No way. No. How do you know what’s at stake here?

I will lose a staggering amount of money if I’m not married by the time I turn 40 and I turn 40 at the end of the month. Oh, right. Damn well, I would hate to see you lose all that money, but this situation we find ourselves and it does beg a major question. Mm-hmm. What’s that? Okay, so the Cota Soul says that you have to tie the knot before you turn the big 4.0 to inherit the V millions.

Mm-hmm. But does it say anything specifically? About tying knot with someone of the female persuasion.

Why Leo Starr? Are you asking me to marry him? I can’t be sure if it Dimitri guy is being straight with you. You know he’s a conman. I don’t want to hear it. Yeah, I just don’t think it’s in your interest such proposal right now. Your blood. Yeah, I just, I just want you to be happy, but. Especially after, you know how I hurt you

each other.

I know that I’m taking a chance here, but. I’m neither naive nor stupid, Sandra. I know that. I know. You can hand yourself up. I’ll shut up now. Well, that’s a relief. Just be careful with that guy. Yeah.

I appreciate your concern.

You know what I don’t appreciate though, is you fornicating all over the bloody office. So if you don’t mind, perhaps some sanitizing that desk over there and anywhere else where your bums may have rubbed against. Yes, ma’am.

Oh, we’ll work out all the details of your contract. Yeah. Um, should we be pleased with the terms? I’m, I’m, I’m sure I will be. Oh no. Oh, I’m so happy about this. Yes, I’m too, today has been, uh, uh, a day. I, uh, I have a new job. Stephanie and I, we found an apartment together. Oh, that’s wonderful. What great news.

Yeah. Um, yeah. Just one thing though, about what, um, Yeah, and it’s really none of my business, but I was just wondering if, um, if, if it’ll be at all uncomfortable for you and Victor with Alex living here, but working for Demaro. Well, you know, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Alex just moved out.

Things just started to get really awkward, so I figured it was time to move out. Plus, I’m ready for my own place anyway. Makes sense. Yeah. But apparently Salem is a hot rental market. Brady was just here looking at this apartment too. But um, Chad and I had already decided to take it. Oh, well then I should say congratulations.

Thank you.

And speaking of awkward, I should probably tell you before you hear it from anyone else. Chad decided to take your old job at Titan. Ah, well good for him. Yeah, he’s excited about it.

I just, I hope this doesn’t set us back, you and me. I mean, why would it? Too bad. You and I have gotten to a really good place, even after everything we’ve. Been through and now with Chad at Titan and you at Demara. Not to mention the fact that he and I will be living together. I just, I don’t want things to change that I’d really want, I’d really like for us to be friends.

I’d really like that too, but for now, I’m gonna go find myself a place to live. See you soon.

No, I’d find you here. Where else would I be? Hm? What’s wrong, Brady? You know damn well. What’s wrong, Chris? Where’s our daughter?

Hey. Hey. Is Maggie thrilled that you accepted her options? She was thrilled. So was I. Me too. Congratulations. Yeah, it’s been a good day. Did um, did the realtor come by with the papers yet? Not yet. Perfect timing, but that’s her. Hey there kids. I have here the keys to your new place as well as the lease for you to sign.

How did you get, what are you talking about? Well, I got ’em from the realtor. She asked if I could drop ’em off on my way home. Yeah, but you don’t live anywhere near here? I do now. I got a place in the building directly across the hall from you guys. Hm.

Hey you. So how did it go with Gwen? That’s something you might expect. She was in an unusually good mood.

Are you okay Chloe? Yeah, I, I’m sorry. I’m just a little bit worried. Um, I ran into Brady when I went to get coffee and he said that Rachel went missing from her camp. She’s missing, that’s terrible. What’s going? Yeah. But he has a pretty good idea as to where she went.

Missing, but what are you talking about? Do they think she ran away? Are they looking for her? Oh, you, you didn’t, you didn’t know. Of course. I didn’t know. I mean, how would I, I mean, you’d never put me on their contact list. What the hell are you kidding? Kristen? Let’s, let’s just not do these mind games.

Let’s not do ’em right now. Okay. Do one who set her up at this camp? Mr. I have full custody, Kristen. Just tell the truth for once. This is for a change. Are you hiding her here or not? I swear to you, if Rachel were here, I would tell you

voicemail. Damn.

Hi, Matty, it’s me. I was really hoping you’d pick up. Um, I wanted to share with you the news in person, um, but I just couldn’t wait to share this wonderful news with my most trusted and loyal friend. Ready?

I said yes to Dimitri and call me crazy. But, um, for the first time in my life, I think I might actually have a chance of real happiness.

What if I was asking you to marry me? You are not gonna gimme grief, are you? For not getting down on bended knee, which would be redundant given what I just did. Uh, no. No. This has nothing to do with the informality of your proposal and everything to do with my old world family and its old world values.

I wish that they were open-minded enough to accept the marriage between any consenting adults, but alas, that is not the case. Now. The codicil is perfectly clear. I must be married to a woman. Oh, I guess I missed that part. Mm-hmm.

The thing is, Gwen really likes you. I think maybe she even loves you. Yes. But I promise you I will take care of Gwen in my own way. But you have to promise me that no one will know about this, especially her. It’ll.

What are you thinking?

Just that I have thrown myself at more men than a groupie at a month long music festival, and they always turn out to be either too straight, too nice. Well, now you know I’m neither there.

Promise me this isn’t just some kind of trick I swear in my family name. For whatever that’s worth. I swear that this is not a trick. Now you have to swear to me, Leo, that no one will know about us by what just happened, but I hope happens again, again and again. I swear on my honor. It’ll be our little secret.

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