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abe, my friend,

best friend of man, could ever have.

Humana been part of my life for such a long time.

Just knowing you were there,

comfort me

and you know exactly what to say to. Help me

get outta my own head.

I wonder if you ever knew what that meant to me and how I treasured of, I’m French.

We gave it our all. Buddy, we, we searched for you. I alone,

and then,

and then Steve and John. Me, you know, doing whatever I could to help. We, and we, we beat the bushes, we, we canvassed the whole damn town, including these docks. So I don’t understand, but I don’t damn well understand

going hell. Why in the hell we can never find you? Before, before

God part.

She So I,

you were such a special man. God was you special.

Pete and I, we’ll both miss you so much.


Gabby, what are you doing in Megan’s room? What the hell are you doing In my sister’s bed?

So just to be clear, you. You just said yes. Yes. And just to be extra clear, yes. Demetri, I will marry you.

Well, Mr. Stock, I’m waiting. Would you mind telling me why you were robbing my ancestral home? Robbing. That is a strong word. Why would you think I was robbing? I. Oh, this isn’t the cork screw I was looking for. Silly me. Speaking of which I hear it’s like Tuscany down in that cell, an abundance of exceptional wines for every pallet.

You may wanna try the kitchen. Yeah. Um, there’s a corkscrew, I think, in the drawer, in the left hand side, right underneath the espresso machine. Will do. Thank you. Great. Leo, that was sarcasm. Oh, and here, I thought you were being gracious and hospitable. Look, I don’t know what you’re doing, but you’re gonna have plenty of time to talk with Salem’s Finest.

You see, I’m gonna call the police. I’m calling.

The judge called us into Tams right after he broke for lunch. Hey, hey, no worries. I uh, got us drinks. Oh good. I see it’s like 95 degrees outside

something the matter, you know, what’s the matter? Sean, you’re on duty. Do you think you should be drinking?

Like Sam through the hour class, so are lives,

oh, come on, Kristin, the police. There is no crime being committed here. I’m just a normal everyday guy. Who’s studying for his sommelier exam in October. Okay. You know, just stop the adorable little yarn before you even put a spin on it. What were you doing forcing your way into that drawer? I. Okay. I’m not studying to be a someone, but it is on my bucket list and I am something of a wine connoisseur.

Mm-hmm. And also a jewelry connoisseur as well. Yeah. I believe it was a little over a year ago when you broke in here and stole my sister-in-law, Abigail’s precious gems. And that was also the night she just happened to be murdered, which I had nothing to do with. And believe me, I have paid the consequences of my ill timed revenge kick witch along with smoking and snorting baby powder.

I’m totally off of now, I swear. So what pretail are you on now? I’m not on anything. I am merely in search of the truth, an honorable and noble pursuit. No. And what truth are you in pursuit of Mr. Stock? I’m trying to get the goods on D V L.

So you mean it, you’ll really marry me. Yes. Yes. I mean, how many languages would you like me to say? Hate in Portuguese or Cantonese, perhaps. No, no, no. English is fine. I’m just, I’m, I’m surprised, delighted, don’t get me wrong, but surprised. Yes. Well, I, I know I, I was hesitant at the beginning, but um,

I changed my mind, obviously when your mother was shot, so you said yes. Because of my mother,

come sit with me. Mm-hmm.

It was partly because of what your mother said when we went to go and visit her in the hospital. What she said about seizing opportunities with courage and not letting life pass you by.

But really it was you. I could see how much you love her and how scared you were to lose her,


it was more to it than that. I just suppose I saw another side to you, Dimitri’s side, that’s tender and. Vulnerable. One that doesn’t really get a lot of air time, if you will.

And I looked at you and I realized that you are. You are not just some criminal mastermind in more than that. You are not just some man who imprisoned Kate on that fishing boat. Or tried to blow up the whole bloody world with an almanian peacock.

You’re human. Dimitri,

a beautiful human at that.

What am I doing here? What? What do you think I’m doing here? Does it look like it’s by choice? Well, I mean, I wouldn’t think you and Stephan would choose Megan wrong for your kinky sex rom. Not funny. And where the hell is Megan? Well, that’s the burning question, unfortunately. See, I came here to see that.

Sick bitch was the one behind Harris’ attempt on Stephan’s life because Lee kept on insisting that she was the mastermind behind it all. So I figured the only way to know the truth is to come here and confront her face to face.

Hi. Hi.

I just thought I’d come down and pay my respects as well.

It’s just so senseless, unfair that he’s gone so soon.

How are you? Oh, well, with the baby, I hope. Yeah, I, uh, I had a follow up appointment with the doctor and she said that everything seems fine. That’s great. I’m sure HJ thinks so too.

Actually he wasn’t there.

Gabby, you were right about me. My just hypnotized me. Long story short, a memory surface of my sister admitting that she was gonna have Stephan killed. Oh my God. That’s psychopath. Mm. I came here to choke the truth out of her. Oh, I came up here to do the same. And it appears she turned the tables on you, but considering she’s recovering from a gunshot wound, how the hell does she manage that?

It’s like you said, it’s 90 something degrees out. I mean, I can’t help it if I’m thirsty Bell. It’s just, it’s a beer. That’s it. John, you’re working and I’m on my lunch break. All right. I’m not drunk.

What? What? Go ahead. Go ahead and tell me what you’re thinking. You know what I’m thinking, what That I, that I have a drinking problem. But then I need to go to aa. Maybe I need to get a sponsor. I need to make amends to the, to the kid whose m and ms I stole in the second grade. Is that just to get him close there?

Huh? Okay. You know, Shawn, I have tried to give you space because I know that you’re in pain. I know that you’re, you’re suffering terribly about what happened with your dad, and I get it. I get that you feel a lot of guilt and regret, and you’re trying to numb that with alcohol. But I am not gonna enable this anymore.

This has to stop. D V L. What the hell is that? Uh, your nephew, Dimitri von Leischner. Does that ring a bell? Well, why the hell would you wanna get the goods on him? Oh my God. Are you hing a schoolboy crush? Perhaps? No. I’m not harboring anything but suspicion and a desire to make sure that my friend Gwen, whom he’s weirdly determined to marry, does not get hurt.

Well, that is a hell of a way to get yourself uninvited from the wedding. Mr. Breaking and entering. Well, maybe you could get a job on the catering staff. Hmm. Well, since I was summarily dismissed from my last catering job, after the hostess caught me eating artichoke cini and her heart-shaped jacuzzi, highly unlikely.

Let’s just get back to the topic at hand, shall we? It is rather presumptuous of you to think that my nephew ISN insincere in his marriage proposal. Oh, please. I have seen videos of kittens riding on robot vacuums that have gone on longer than those two know each other. Don’t you remember any of this? I told you about it when I found you and EJ in the secret room and you said it sounded vaguely familiar.

Are you telling me you have no idea why Dimitri is so eager to get Gwen to say I do? Even if that means deceiving a woman who is apparently a good friend of yours. Are you sure you don’t have a problem with me using Gwen to get what I want?

Oh, Gwen, you just make me so happy whenever I’m with you. I, I always feel like the man that I always was meant to be. You’re the only one that can bring who’s ever brought that out in me, and I promise you. You will not regret this. I bloody hope not. At least not before I publish the engagement announcement in this spectator.

Well, speaking of shall we make it official?

Oh boy.

So beautiful, Dimitri. It’s beautiful.

My beautiful ring for my beautiful bride to be.

Hey, Jay, didn’t go to your appointment with you. Well, he and Kristen went to see your mother to see if she could help them, remember why Megan pulled them into that secret room. But don’t you think EJ could have waited till after you’ve gone to your doctor’s appointment? I mean, considering the scare you had the other day?

He wanted to go to my appointment, but I told him it was more important that he recovered his memory, if that’s even possible, to make his lunatic sister pay for what she’s done. So this never happens again. I’m sorry. Completely none of my business. I was just concerned about you after the scare you had.

Thank you, Eric. But EJ is also concerned about his unborn child and he loves this baby and he loves me

and I love him.

Well, I showed up here and there she was, Megan Demara lying in this bed, helpless, like a little turtle on its back. I had her right where I wanted. She was about to tell me the truth that she si Harris on Stephan. And then somebody grabbed me from behind. Who? Dr. Rolfe. Rolfe. He was the one who did this to you?

Yeah. He surprised me, but I could have taken that bastard easy. So he struggled a little bit and then he managed to get the better of me. So you are saying this isn’t one of those, you should see the other guy type of thing? Unfortunately not. Okay. But wait, what prompted Dr. Rolfe to come back? Apparently he was keeping tabs on EJ and Kristen and when he found out that they had recovered their memories, he showed up here to whisk Megan away to safety.

Bitch didn’t even leave me or applesauce. Do you have any idea where they went? No, I don’t know, but Rolfe mentioned something about a submarine.

I shouldn’t question AJ’s devotion to you or the baby. It’s just. You need your reaction after all those weeks that he left you alone.

I understand. And I, I’m sorry too. I I didn’t mean to jump down your throat. No, you don’t have to be,

can’t imagine the pain you’re going through right now after everything that’s happened with the baby and no. It’s just, it’s just so heartbreaking.

I know this has gotta be painful for you too.

Thank you.

It’s just, I still can’t believe he’s gone. I. And it’s so unfair. He was such a good man, and the only reason this happened was because he was looking out for Paulina and Chanel. I mean, he looked out for everybody that he loved and he always looked out for me, that’s for sure. Like your father. And now I just.

I know. I’ll miss him. I’ll miss him.

Well, EJ shot outta here like a rocket. As much as I wanted to catch Megan. I’m sure she’s at the bottom of the C bite now. No, I used to, I used to date a submariner. I remember him talking about one of the cooks made it to die for her lobster. This, oh, fascinating. You know what, instead of blathering on about C, why don’t you help me outta these cuffs?

Oh, oh, oh, of course. That’s right. Oh, wait a minute. I forgot my trustee. Hacksaw. Yeah. Wasn’t thinking so. Call the cops. Cops. Yeah. Who else? I mean some. I’m sure somebody in the department will take an interest in freeing the commissioner’s sister.

Uh huh. What is that number? You know the number. And as soon as you’re done, why don’t you tell me why you’re even here. Got a dog in this fight, Kate.

You know, I’m fine. Fine. You’re the boss, Sean. You know what? Actually, why don’t I skip lunch too? Hmm. I mean, who needs to eat anyway? Right? And you know what? While I’m at it, why don’t I just go turn in my badge and join a monastery like son, stop. What are you doing? I lost my appetite, bill. And you know what?

And since you’re so tired of finding empty bottles, There you go. I left you a full one.

What was that all about?

You’re remembering something, aren’t you? That is the face of someone remembering something.

In any case, when I do convince Gwen to marry me, it’ll be for richer and not for poorer. You, uh, may be onto something about Dimitri having an underlying agenda. Oh my God, Kristen Deira. If you remember your Prodigal nephew’s real reason for wanting to marry Gwen, then in the name of all that is holy spill the tea.

Please look, like I said before, this is not about me. This is about my best friend she deserves to know, and, and you care about Gwen, right? The two of you were cellmates at Statesville. And I’ve seen the Shawshank Redemption twice. Well, it caught bits and pieces enough to know that the two of you must have had a special bond.

We were cellmates for all of 24 hours. Not sure how much special bonding we achieved. Yeah, Kristen, look, if you know that Dimitri is going to break Gwen’s heart into a million little pieces, You owe it to her to tell me,

I hate to do this, but what? I should go right now. I need to tell my mother. I need to tell her the the wonderful news. Wait, can’t we just. Mm. I don’t know. Can’t we just like track down a, a carrier pigeon or something to give her the message? God. Okay. Right. Yes. Fine. That’s your mother. Something wrong. No, it, it’s just, I don’t know.

I just. Ah, I just thought maybe just, maybe we could, um,

So he’s hitting a bottle hard, huh? Yeah. He’s still struggling with what happened with Beau. Damn. I was hoping he, he’s up on himself on there. Yeah. Well, he’s not, I keep telling him there’s nothing he could have done differently, know that he was just forced to make a terrible choice. I told him that. Told him the same damn thing, but doesn’t say more than I hear.

Yeah, but that’s the thing is he knows nobody blames him. He just can’t stop blaming himself. Okay. The police are on their way. Yeah. I guess we’ll just listen to the sirens. Hmm. Hopefully they get here before I start to chafe. Oh, do you want me to call them? Tell them to stop for some hour along the way?

No, actually, I’d like for you to answer the question that I asked earlier. That’s so funny. I don’t remember a question. Anyway, I have to get going. So stop right there. Okay. See, I know you, I know you very well and I know when you’re hiding something, and I’m guessing it has to do with Megan, and if that’s true, it’s very important that I know.

So tell me. How are you involved with her?

Oh, each, uh,

I was just leaving flowers for Aen. I pumped into Eric. Uh, It looks like a very moving tribute. He was obviously loved by many. But what, what are you doing here? Did you get a chance to see Marlena? I did. Yes. Yes, I did. Uh, your mother’s hypnosis proved quite effective memories of what occurred, and that secret room came flooding back.

And once they did, I took it upon myself to confront Megan Mano, or Mano only to find and much to my displeasure that she’s absconded from the hospital. What, how it appears Wilhelm Rolfe provided a helping hand. Do you have any idea where they could have gone well here? Oh, so I thought apparently Elvis had the same idea that I had because when I arrived at the hospital, I found Gabby Hernandez trust up in Megan’s handcuffs, courtesy of.

Dr. Rolfe, but Gabby did say before Megan was spirited away, that Rolfe mentioned something about a, a submarine, which is why I came down to the docks. But if my sister was here, um, it appears she’s long gone.

How am I involved with Megan? Oh, let’s see. That’s right. She’s the one who tried to have me killed. So you came by to what? Finish her off. No, that sleeping with the fishes isn’t exactly what the monster deserves.

So tell me, which one of you idiots let Megan Hathaway escape

you? You’re right When, and I did bond when we were at Statesville. I taught her everything she needs to know about Texas. Hold. Great. Great. So then you’ll help her. I already have, as I informed my nephew when I got the pardon from the governor, I got one for Gwen as well. So if anything Miss Riz check.

Well, she’s in debt to me. Uh ooh. If we’re talking about debts, then you, Sirina, Deira are in Deto. Tomio. Am I. And how’s that? Well, if I hadn’t been Johnny on the spot and shown up when I did, you and EJ would still be tied up in the secret room. Well then I’ll just make sure to send you one of those edible arrangements.

So that’s it. You de mirrors just close ranks and screw everybody else. We de mirrors protect what’s ours speaking of, are you gonna shove off? What do I actually have to call the police?

Fine, I’ll go. But word of warning. This is not the last you have seen of Mr. Leo Stark. A K a Maddie Cooper. But do not ever call me that. Only when he gets to.

You know, it might not be the, um, most appropriate time to bring up. Mothers. But, um, I think yours would be quite pleased to know what kept her waiting, but perhaps just, um, leave out the specifics of why we were delayed. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I think so. Definitely not. No, I would say we just keep it to, we got held up celebrating.

I know how it’s possible, but somehow you are more enchanting every single time. I,

I can’t wait to,

and why should we wait? We can go to the courthouse right now. We could be legally married by this afternoon. Before they even throw out the first pitch, the Cubs came.

Are you serious? You get married today? Yeah. With the heading of strike while the iron’s hot. Mm. I’m not really sure that that applies to its marriage. Um, and I, I’ll admit, I what

I. Hoping for something just a wee bit more romantic, huh? Well, what could be more romantic than the two of us proclaiming our undying love for each other? Just you and me.

Just you? Me? Mm-hmm. And the county clerk. I mean, it’s not exactly eloping to some nice tropical island. Is it saying our vows under the cover of darkness? I think it’d be nice to have a swaying palm tree close by, perhaps some dolphins doing some sorts in the background. So you want to get married in the screensaver.

Are you suggesting that I’m shallow? Mr. Vaughn Ner? Never. No. I was just teasing because that’s the last thing you are, that’s kind of you.

Honestly, I don’t, I don’t even know what I want, which is why I was hoping for the time to figure it out before we say I do. Really? What’s the hurry darling?

Damn, some young entrepreneurs should, uh, disrupt the handcuff industry. Find something a little smoother on the wrist. Okay, so lemme get this straight here. So, okay, so, so Megan escaped in a submarine. Yeah. I mean, I, I don’t know, obviously, but the Rolf mentioned he had one. Yeah. Well, did he mention, was it yellow?

Was Ringo star waiting to board? Uh, how long ago did they leave? I don’t know, an hour, give or take. Okay, good, good. Maybe there’s a chance I can still catch up with him.

Okay. So if he thinks he’s going to catch up with Megan and Rolf, he’s the one that’s an idiot. Well, the police are on their way and not that it will do much good. I assume Megan is halfway to Bermuda by now. Okay. Listen, I know it’s gonna take time. But justice will catch up to her eventually. One can help.

So, um, how did it go with the doctor? Well, she said the same thing that Tripp said in the er, that the baby is perfectly healthy. Thank God that is, that is brilliant news. Mm-hmm. Oh, that reminds me, I, uh, made arrangements with that, uh, specialist, the perinatologist. I’m flying her back in. I think she’d rather appreciated the first class ticket.

Oh, ej. But I, I told you the baby’s fine. So there’s no needs. I have every faith in your physician. I just, I just wanted to bring Dr. Laurenson back into the fold because I hated that I missed the first appointment with her. Especially since she gave you such excellent news about the baby and over the coming months.

I want to learn everything I can about what we need to do in preparation for bringing our baby into this world, and I want to do that as a couple together.

You’re absolutely right. Of course there’s no rush. It’s just that I’ve been waiting for someone like you my entire life, and I’m a little bit impatient, obviously.

Yes, I know the feeling. It’s just that, um, after one rather disastrous attempt. I’ve never been married before, and so I really, I really wanna make it something special.

I promise you, Glen, it will be. So how does the end of the month sound? It is enough time for you to gather a few girlfriends for a bridal shower in the next couple of weeks and have to make some phone calls, but if it all works out, I think I might have a fabulous destination in mind at the end of this month.

Oh, yeah, isn’t time for my birthday? My, uh, my 40th actually. Oh yes. Um, how’s that relevant? Well, now it’s gonna sound a bit silly, but, um, well, I made a promise to myself a while back that, that I would be married by the time I turned 40, and I hate breaking promises, especially to myself, but my 40, oh, um, well, it just feels like a significant milestone.

Uh, it’s a time where I should finally become the man. I’m meant to be a man who is mature and um, A man who was settled,

a man that you deserve, Gwen,

right then we shall celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday. Right after our very fabulous wedding.

Okay, Dimitri, you gorgeous little international fugitive. Surely you’ve left some breadcrumbs for lady whistleblower, something that will explain why you are so eager to get hitched

Dema. You sweet smelling. Son of a bitch.

Oh no, Leo, focus. You’re here for Gwen. Remember

nothing. Nothing. I feel like Geraldo and Al Capone’s Vault. Hi, Leo. You’re dating yourself.

Oh, I pray that the Salem PD steps up to the plate this time and finds that damn submarine. Well, considering all the havoc that Megan’s inflicted on everyone, I’m sure they’re highly motivated.

Listen, I, I just wanna say that. When you showed up on the docks and saw me hugging Eric, you, you don’t have to explain. Well, I, I feel like I, DOJ you were visiting Abe’s Memorial. It makes sense that you would see comfort in your friend, and that’s all it was. I, I’m really grateful that you understand.

Nicole, we love each other. We’re having a baby together. That’s all that matters to me, and I promise you this,

my priority from now on is you and me and a precious little baby.

Hey, you’re site for Surah. Wow. Hey, tough morning. Hey. Uh, yeah, it was kind of where you in? Uh, the hospital. Oh, the hospital? Yes. I wanted to go by and check up on Command Harris, make sure he doesn’t get into any anymore trouble, you know? You know what though? Macon escaped while I was there. What? Yeah. What did police say?

Well, yes, Shawn, Shawn showed up right when I was leaving. He’s on the case, you know, so hopefully they find her.

Hey mom, it’s me, Shawn. Uh, listen, um, I hate pulling you away from dad like this, but, uh, there’s something that you need to know, but Megan, she’s on the loose again. Look, I like, I hate scaring you like this, but I just need to make sure that you’re being extra careful. All right. The last thing I want is for you and dad to get hurt any worse than you already have been.

Yeah, of course, of course. I love you too. And, um, tell dad, tell dad that I love him and that I’m thinking about him. I’m thinking about him every second of every day and not that, not that he can hear you. Yeah, no. Of co Yeah, of course. I may. Yeah. You know what? Maybe he can, I, I, yeah, I hope so. Listen, so I, if anything changes, I will let you know as soon as possible.

Okay. All right, bye.

Hello? Hello, Kristen, I heard about your ordeal in the Dema Secret Room. Uh, well, nothing a, uh, bitter tasting cappuccino won’t fix. Well, I’m glad to see you are None the worst for wear. Mm. Well, my memory’s still a little fuzzy and, uh, few unsettling dreams, but, uh, other than that, no lasting damage, hopefully.

Oh, how are you? I’m engaged.

I’ve got you now. Z Yvonne Leischner.

Star, how are you doing in my room? What am I doing? I’m about to expose you for the malicious swindler You are? No, no, no. Dvl. The jig is up. You’re only marrying Gwen to get your hands on this money. That’s preposterous. Oh yeah. We’ll see about that. Where do you think you’re going to tell Gwen everything And there’s nothing you can do to stop me?

No, I think there is.

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