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ymmm. That was delicious. Can I have another one? You know it’s all sugar, right? Just 100% sugar. Two — guess who? Uncle chase!

[ Laughs ] What are you guys doing at the bar? Grabbing cocktails before dinner. ‘Cause everybody knows that’s when you have cocktails. Ohh. We know that already, do we? Have you guys seen brook lynn? She bought me a shirley temple. I didn’t realize she was joining us. Uh, that’s okay, isn’t it? Yeah, absolutely. I last saw her out by the pool with tracy. Oh, I better rescue — uh, I better find her. Why on earth would you confess to downloading proprietary information on the deceptor? Why didn’t you just let maxie take the fall? Because I have a conscience, a-a-a-a soul, a shred of decency? And I don’t? And I couldn’t sit and watch maxie and lucy fight. Why not? Because I like them. That’s why I hate doing this so much. Oh, I think you misspoke. You love working at deception. Otherwise, your boyfriend, detective chase, is going to know just what role I played in getting him reinstated at the pcpd. How long are you going to hold this over my head? Ladies. Oh, look who it is. Just who I was looking for. Finn said you were out by the pool. Yeah, we were, but we are done. Good evening, ms. Quartermaine. Detective chase. Busy day keeping the citizens of port charles safe? Anna: So glad you called. I know we haven’t really spoken since my criminal past was splashed across all the newspapers. For the record, that’s not why I haven’t called. No, no, I know. But it’s got to be difficult trying to process how you’re going to be friends with A… basically, a traitor. Uh, no, not for a second. Anyways, how are you handling all that? I don’t know. I mean… I guess I’ve managed to wait out my relevance in the news cycle. It is almost insulting how reporters stop harassing you and just move on to the next thing.

[ Both chuckle ] Count your blessings. Yeah. I feel like my life is probably returning to a new normal. Wait, so you think it’s normal to find the word “murderer” spray-painted on your front door? How are things with trina and curtis? Well, trina — she actually approached me yesterday, and it’s the first time since the wedding, so… oh, my god! Really? That’s amazing! And what about curtis? We…have yet to talk. Oh. And, truthfully, it’s because I’ve been avoiding him. Hey, T. I’m back. Sorry about the interruption. No, it’s cool. You’ve got a club to run. In fact, I should probably get out of your hair. No way, nephew. I’ll always make time for you. I appreciate that. I appreciate you coming to me to talk about you and molly. I know you guys have been dealing with some really heavy stuff lately. That’s an understatement.Well, I just want you to know that if you ever want to talk, I’m here. Thank you. Because, right now, I don’t know how to talk to molly about having a child, or not having a child, without making her feel pressured. Which reminds me — you never did answer my question. How would you feel if molly decides she doesn’t want to have children?

[ Indistinct laughter, chatter in background ] Uh, I got a confession to make. Oh, no. I have to get the phone out, record this, or what? No, no, no, no, no. Um, I-I called you, you know, for dinner under false pretenses. I need a favor. And what is it? Nina and i are getting married… and I wanted to know if you wanted to be my best man.

Great talking to you, grandmother, but chase and I, we have dinner plans, so — romantic night? Just the two of you? Actually, we’re meeting my brother. He and violet are waiting at the bar. Yeah, so we can’t keep them waiting. Good night. How do you know about the spray-paint on my door? How do you think? Valentin. He called me before he left town. Told me about the vandalism at your house. You know, it’s funny. I checked, but there was no police report on the incident. I didn’t make a report. It’s kids. It’s — it’s just a prank. It’s not a major crime. Valentin should not have bothered you with that. Valentin’s worried about you. He feels it’s a bad time for him to be gone, and from what I’m hearing, I agree. Thank you for your concern. It’S… but, surely, as the new deputy mayor, you’ve got bigger things to focus on. How is that going, by the way, your new job? Nice try. No, I’m interested. You’re embarking on a whole new career. I’d love to know all about it. I mean, I haven’t really started yet, so there’s not much to tell. Now back to you. Has there been any fallout from the article? Friends? Family? Well, nobody’s thrilled. Robin — she understands, but emma… mm, it’s a bit more difficult with her. I’m just hoping that, in time, she’ll… give me the benefit of the doubt. And my friends are my friends. And I will always be one of them. I’m very grateful for that. But I do feel that, um, as lucky as I am with the people who love me, there are those that are really angry. And they have every right to be. ‘Cause I… I did hurt a lot of people. That was a long time ago. You’ve helped countless others since then, and what you did was dangerous, no matter whose side you were on. I was on both. That’s the problem. Yeah, well, working undercover is risky and complicated, both physically and emotionally. It takes a toll on you, your relationships, your whole life. Believe me. I know. I know you do. What are you looking forward to in this new job? Well, honestly, I’m hoping it’ll distract me from the rest of my life.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. Yeah. What happened with curtis and the… the kiss. Yeah, that. Yes and no. Well, it looks like the lovely davis women showed up in full force tonight. Well, we sure did. Tj, what are you doing here? Why don’t we have a table over here and let molly and tj have some privacy? Okay, great. I’ll set you up. First drinks are on me. Well, you should know, we are drinking champagne. Club soda for me, thanks. I would expect nothing less. Enjoy your night. Sam, can I talk to you? Yeah, sure. What’s up? Um, I just wanted to check in. How’s drew? How are you? Oh, that’s a good question. Um, man, my head is still spinning. I just don’t know how drew’s plea deal went so wrong. Yeah. I heard that judge might be running for office, so I guess he wanted to prove that he wasn’t soft on white-collar crimes. Yeah, but it still doesn’t justify drew missing three years of his daughter’s life. Molly. I’m sorry. Look, I just came to talk to my uncle curtis. And that’s fine, but — I planned on leaving before you got here. I guess I just — I lost track of time. But you’re here now, so I’m going to head out. You have fun with your mom and your sisters, and I will see you back at home, okay? No, tj. Nothing about this is okay. Uh, yeah. Uh, I’d be honored to be your best man. I appreciate your support when it comes to my relationship with nina. Hey, you gotta do what makes you happy. Yeah. So, uh, when’s the big day? Do you know yet? Uh, sometime in the fall. Oh, wow. Mm-hmm. You’re pretty, uh — pretty close, yeah? Yeah, you know, we wanna keep it simple. Mm, simple? Why is that? Nina doesn’t want a big wedding. Mm-hmm. That the only reason? What? You think no one’s going to show up to my wedding? What? That’s not…

[ Laughs ] Uh, you do have a point there, but, no, that’s not what I was saying. That’s not — so what are you getting at? Are you thinking it’s best to keep a low profile for this wedding because you’re worried there could be trouble? The last time we talked about curtis, you said that you were afraid you might say something out of anger that you didn’t mean. Now, I don’t know what happened between the two of you, but are you still angry about that? Yes. Oh, okay. No hesitation there. Nope. No hesitation here. I am angry, and I’m extremely hurt. The whole situation is — is, um… it’s sad. And I miss curtis. I really do. And I know that we need to talk. But part of me is worried that maybe it’s already too late. I mean, given everything that’s already happened and everything that we’ve done to each other at this point… do we even want to try again? And since you’re avoiding him… no, no, I haven’t talked to him yet. I know that I need to. I totally get why you haven’T…

[ Sighs ] …And why you keep putting it off. It’s like, after so much hurt, you have to consider, is it even fair to ask him to risk his heart again? Are you and finn talking about getting back together again? What? No! N– portia, we’re talking about you. Uh-huh. No, no. Right.

[ Chuckles ] You and finn are getting closer again, aren’t you? Okay, we have been talking about doing stuff together as a family, you know, for the kids. That’s good. Yeah. Yeah, it is. And I don’t think I should push it, though. I mean, this is not just about me and finn. Violet’s happiness is also at stake. And, portia, that little girl wants her dad and me to get back together so badly, she arranged for us to go on a date last night. Oh, a date? Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. That sweet-faced little girl.

[ Chuckles ] She’s absolutely sneaky, is what she is.

[ Laughs ] Yes, she is. And after it was over, finn just kept profusely apologizing for violet having the wrong idea about us. And if he wants to just be friends, then I don’t want to jeopardize that. And if we were to try again and — and for some reason, i couldn’t make it work, I do not want to be responsible for breaking that little girl’s heart all over again. Elizabeth, is it really violet’s heart that you’re worried about breaking, or is it your own? Where’s brook lynn going? Yeah, we thought you found her. How’d you lose her again so fast? She said she had something urgent. Likely. Where’s dad? Uh, he should be here any minute. Grandpa’s sleeping over tonight. Yeah. Do you want to sleep over, too, uncle chase? You can bring brook lynn. Oh, uh, another time. How’s this weekend? Do you promise? So, we meet again. Yeah, well, it’s been a whole 20 minutes, but always a pleasure.

[ Laughs ] Auntie tracy, look. We’re having cocktails. Wow, you’re starting early. It’s not early. It’s almost dinnertime. Oh. [ Sighs ] Well, that’s — that’s not what I meant. Look, I won’t intrude. I just wanna order some take-out ’cause I hate dining alone. Okay. No, you don’t have to eat alone. Daddy, can auntie tracy eat dinner with us? Eat dinner with us? Well, I don’t think she’d — oh, I’d love to. Thank you so much for your kind invitation. Now we’ll have the same number of boys and girls.

[ Stammers ] But brook lynn is joining us. I know. It’ll be uncle chase and brook lynn, me and daddy, you and… grandpa!

[ Chuckles ] Oh, this is going to be fun. Chase: Hey, dad. How’s it going? I can’t beli

I swear, I was not tryingto intrude on your night out. I know you need time. That’s not why I’m upset.

[ Stammers ] Okay, then? I-I’m upset that you felt like you had to sneak out before I got here. Have I made you feel like I can’t stand to be around you? No, you haven’t, but, to be fair, you didn’t seem all that happy to see me. I-I was just surprised. And then demanding to know what I’m doing here at my uncle’s club? I don’t know. I thought maybe this was… like an ambush? Maybe. Molly. Everything is so scrambled right now. But [Sighs] One thing I do know is that I would never want to chase you away. And I want you to know that I understand if — if you need some time away from me. But I don’t need that. What I need is a break from my fertility issues, not from my life partner. Never from you. And I would never want to shut you out. But if you want to talk, we should talk. Nah. Nah, not tonight. You need a break. Come on. Go have fun. Only if you stay. If you insist. Why, god? Why? What have I done to deserve this? Actually, on second thought, god, don’t answer that. Ms. Quartermaine, I didn’t realize you were joining us. Oh, how could I refuse your delightful granddaughter’s invitation? Speaking of delightful granddaughters… how many do you have? He’s talking about me. And you are delightful. Well, now that she’s finally here, try not to lose her again. Never. Okay. I need a drink. What’s everybody having? The shirley temples are delightful.

[ Chuckles ] I’m going to need something stronger. Much, much,

much stronger. I don’t want to hurt finn or violet or my boys any more than I already have. Elizabeth, you’re making it seem like everything that went down was your fault. Wasn’t it, though? No. As I recall, you both made plenty of mistakes, and you both were trying to protect people that you care about, including one another. What if finn does want to try it out again? What if he doesn’t? Look, I know how hard it can be to put your heart out on the line. I let my fear come between me and curtis. And now, I’ll never know what would have happened if I would have just told curtis the truth from the very beginning. And you’ll never know what’s going to happen if you don’t tell finn how you really feel. You’re right. I’m going for it. Oh. Oh, you’re going — you’re going right now.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. I-I-if I — if I don’t do it right now, I’m going to lose my nerve. And I know that finn and violet are having a date at the metro court, so I’m — I’m just going to head over there and see what happens. Okay. Yeah, yeah. No, that’s — that’s a great idea. But why don’t you go home first and take a shower and put something on that you really feel good in, and then meet finn? You can show him what he’s really missing. Yeah, that’s a better idea. Portia’s brother? To get over curtis, you slept with — his brother-in-law. Whoa. Yeah. Yeah, I know. I was there. Ohhh! Had I known who he was, I certainly wouldn’t have told him I recently kissed my ex-husband. Would you have slept with him anyway? No! No. The point is, is that when zeke realized who I was, he told portia about the kiss. No! Oh, god. Which was completely unnecessary. Curtis chose portia. Yeah. He decided he wants to save his marriage, which is the only reason why I was even with zeke in the first place. It’s the only reason? Well, not the only reason. Zeke is charming and funny and… is he hot? Oh! [ Laughs ] Like, stupidly hot. There is no reason he should be related to anyone I know. Wow. It really sounds like you guys clicked.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Yeah, but… but what? It doesn’t really matter now. Why? Did zeke leave town or something? Something went down the night of the nurses’ ball. There were shots fired in the warehouse district. You’ve been beefing up your security detail. I mean, that’s the word on the street. I don’t know what to tell you. Speaking of your security, where’s — where’s dex? Why? ‘Cause he’s joined at your hip. Dad, like, he even was staying with you for a while, wasn’t he? What’s with the questions? I mean, what are you — what are you fishing for?

ou to be my best man — and I proudly accepted. Thank you. But what’s with all the questions? I just — unless the pcpd is trying to pin something on me. No one’s trying to pin anything on you. Dad, we have an agreement, right? Right. You don’t tell me about your business, I don’t ask. But here you are, asking.

[ Chuckles ] I’m not asking you as a cop. I’m asking as your son. Okay, I don’t want details. I just — I’ve noticed some changes in your routine. I have everything under control. You don’t have to worry about it. Yeah, well, I can’t help it. Why? Because you’re a cop? No. Because I’m your son.

[ Laughing ] Auntie tracy, look at this one. Gregory: Oh. [ Laughs ] Hey, uh… are you feeling okay? I guess. I’m sorry my grandmother hijacked our dinner. Yeah, I’m kind of surprised she stayed. You don’t think…? No, it’s a crazy idea. What? I was just wondering, do you think tracy’s lonely? She’s something, alright.

[ Finn speaking indistinctly ] So, tell me, how you doing? How are things going between you, trina, and portia? Well, things between trina and I were getting good, and then I messed up things with portia, so — what do you mean, messed up? Messed up how badly? You know, sam…

[ Sighs ] …I just hope trina and i can get through it. I’ve always admired portia and trina’s relationship, and, subconsciously, I always knew that if I was to establish a relationship with trina, that it would be secondary, right? There’s something about knowing she’s my daughter, that — that I’m her father, her biological father, that just — just makes it different. Yeah, I get that. I mean, before you found out portia is what connected you, now you and trina have your own connection, whether you and portia stay together or not. I sure hope we do. Good. I just — I really hope that trina and I can, you know, learn to be father and daughter, you know, no matter what. You will. How can you be so sure? Because I know you. And that gives me faith that things will work out. Yeah. You know, sometimes, sam, you just… it just — it feels like it takes a lifetime to get to know someone, right? And then you look back and you realize…

[ Scoffs ] …It was just the blink of an eye. Like my father, for instance. I thought I would never, ever let that man back into my life after he abandoned us. And look at us now. I just wish I’d let him in sooner. Exactly. And, sooner or later, trina is going to realize that. And then she’s going to regret all the time that she spent being angry at you and judging you. Because in the end, we never have enough time with the people we love.

[ Locker door slams ] Hi, dr. Robinson. Looking good. Oh, thank you. Heading home? Nope. I’m going out. Good for you.

[ Chuckles ] Is that him? Mm-hmm. Hey, jordan. Zeke. This is my friend, anna. Anna, this is portia’s brother, zeke. Hi. Nice to meet you. Hey. Very nice to meet you, too. Well, I don’t mean to interrupt. Then I guess I’ll see you around. Wow. Okay. Um, actually, I have a phone call that I have to make. Really? Really. Yeah. So, if you’ll excuse me. Sure. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. You don’t have to stay. Oof. Uh…

[ Chuckles ] Jordan, I know my timing was bad coming to your office when curtis was there. You think so? Please, will you hear me out?

[ Cellphone rings ] Hi, anna. Hi, sonny. Um, where are you? I — I have to talk to you about something. I’m with dante right now. We’re just wrapping up dinner at the metro court. I can come to you. Where are you? Well, I’m here, too, actually. I’m out by the pool. Alright, I’ll be there. I know you’re mad at me for telling my sister about you kissing curtis. I’m not mad at you. You sure? ‘Cause you seemed mad. Okay, look, you still seem mad. I was mad at you because you didn’t give me a heads-up. Not because you told portia about me and curtis. She’s your sister, and you want to protect her. I get that. If portia had found out about the kiss and you didn’t tell her, she’d feel betrayed. Yeah. And families shouldn’t keep secrets like that from each other. I mean, you barely even know me, so… well, I’d like to change that. Now that we’ve cleared the air, let’s just start over.

[ Sighs ] I think it’s a little late for that. Doesn’t have to be. But that’s up to you. How about it? Will you give me another chance?

Everything cool with anna? Yeah, she’s good. She just wants to talk to me. Uh, we’re good? Yeah, dad, we’re great. You know, I just — I want you to be careful. You, too. Okay. Uh, anna’s by the pool. You want to say hi? Uh, you know, I would love to, but, uh, I should get out of here. I gotta get dessert home to the kids. Alright. Especially scout. She could, uh, use the pick-me-up. How’s she doing? Uh, not great. She’s doing her best, but not great. It’s tough, you know? Give her my love. Yeah, I will. Same with anna. And — and, you know, keep me posted on what you and nina got going, right? I don’t want to be accused of shirking my duties as best man.

[ Laughs ] Don’t want to mess it up. Alright. I love you. Alright. Love you, too, man. Later. So, brook lynn, how is it being back at deception? What can I say? Glad to be back. Things must be very busy over there, what with the success of your new product. What is it called? The deceptor. Yes, we are very busy. Last time we spoke, you were really excited about focusing on your songwriting. You’ll still be able to do that if you’re working full time? Thank you for meeting me. You look good. Oh, thanks. Better than I did the other night, probably. Thank you for coming over when you did. Really helped me feel a little less lonely. You didn’t have to see me to thank me. No, no. That’s not what I’m doing. I have a message from valentin. So, for what it’s worth, our night together wasn’t just about sex. Not for me. Yeah, well, it was for me. Oh. At least, that’s what I wanted it to be. But it wasn’t? Just that, I mean. See, I-I thought we really had some potential. Like, and before everything else went down and before it all got crazy, I was really looking forward to maybe seeing you again. Yeah? Mm-hmm. Well, for what it’s worth, I felt the same way. Great. Now let’s start over. Look, I just started a new job, and I am beyond busy. Yeah, uh, hello? I’m a lawyer. I’m always busy, too.

[ Laughs ] But…we both appear to be free right now.

[ Sighs ] Have dinner with me. So how’s it going? Tell me about your plans for the shelter. I’m so glad you asked. I had a really interesting lunch with the head of the food pantry. Oh, that’s the place you’re volunteering, right? Yes. Yeah. He really helped me understand the whole manpower end of things, like how much staff I’ll have to hire and what tasks I can give out to volunteers to handle. That’s great. Yeah, I mean, it’s a lot, but I think now that i understand what I’m up against, I don’t know, mom, I think I can pull this off. I know you can pull this off, and I’m very, very proud of you. This may come as a shock to you — oh, gosh. What? Go ahead. I’m proud of myself, too. Mm. Yeah, getting this shelter off the ground is going to be a lot of work. Way more than I ever imagined when I first came up with the idea. But I’m going to see this through right to the end. See, I knew if you found the right thing, that you would soar. Well, I don’t know if I’m soaring necessarily. I don’t even know if I’m on the runway. There’s just so much I don’t know. Okay, so what you don’t know, you’ll learn. And if it’s too much to learn — and it most likely will be — you’ll hire somebody that can advise you. I know this is going to be great. You can do this. Thank you. Oh, brook lynn’s just being practical. It’s always good to have back-up when you’re working in the arts. Well, I hope you keep writing songs, brook lynn. I really enjoy listening to them, especially when chase is singing it. Inspiration happens when it happens. And brook lynn can do anything that she sets her mind to. Whatever it is, it’ll work out. Finn, you’ve been quiet. Hmm? How can you tell?

[ Laughs ] What have you been up to? Oh, uh, besides work, nothing much. Daddy, tell them about your date. Will the shelter provide basic medical care? I definitely want it to. Lgbtqia+ teens really tend to avoid going to doctors because they’re concerned that their gender identity isn’t going to be accepted, but, honestly, I — I just don’t know if it’s feasible. Well, let me know if I can help on that end, or at all. Whatever you need. Thank you. Oh, my god. Tj, you should be on the board. Well, it’s a not-for-profit, so I do need to assemble a board before we break ground — before we do anything, really. Well, honey, you can’t do everything yourself. You’re running a business. You’re the boss. And delegation is the key, right? “Delegation”? Yeah. Who are you and what have you done with our mother? Alright. Delegation sounds great. I — I still want to retain final say, but I also am just worried that I’m not going to be able to be with the kids directly. You know, I’m going to miss helping them. I don’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day. Then schedule it. I mean, plan it. That’s what mom or molly would do. Molly: We totally would. You have to set aside time in your schedule to talk with the kids one on one. That way, you can support the kids who need more structure and the ones who need more freedom. Let’s get the champagne? Curtis: Let’s do it. Yes, let’S. Okay. So, uh… things good with you and molly? Somehow, they are. You were right. We’ll get through this. I don’t know if a kid is in my future, but molly definitely is. Well, I’m glad to hear that. You don’t mind if I take off, do you? Yeah, I’m good. And thank you for listening. Anytime, nephew. So, uh… where you headed? I think it’s time that I take my own advice.

are you ready to dance? Thought you’d never ask. You guys coming? Um, mom and I are going to wait for kristina. Yeah, I’ll be there in one second. I just have to… okay, well, don’t be too long. Well, I’m glad. It looks like molly’s feeling a little better. Yes, I’m very glad that she’s giving herself a break from all the pressure she’s put on herself. We just have to really make sure that molly knows that she’s not alone in this. Molly knows that we all have her back. Of course. I just — I know that it’s their decision, but selfishly, I really hope they move forward with having a baby. Well, I mean, so do I. But if that’s what makes them happy. We’re not going to pressure them into anything, right? No. Of course. Of course. Yeah, I know. I just — I just wish there was something we could do to help them make this decision easier. That’s it. Why didn’t I think of that before? So, you are aware, obviously, that valentin went with laura to help find her son, right? Yeah. Charlotte’s staying with sam and dante. Dante filled me in, but I’m just surprised why valentin would have you pass along the message. I mean, him and I really don’t say much to each other. No? No. Oh, well, um… obviously, I wouldn’t normally be a go-between with something quite so… precarious. Not even for valentin. Why now? I know that you’re involved with a business venture with valentin, or he’s, rather, involved with you. That’s literally all I know. I don’t know any of the details, and don’t think I really want to. But right before he left, he got a message. And, um, knowing that you prefer to do any kind of business in person rather than over the phone, he wanted me to pass on the message. Okay, go ahead. You’re not to speak to anyone new. If your contact person is to change, do not proceed until you’ve spoken to your original contact person. Does that make sense? Yeah. Do you want to tell me what’s going on with valentin, why you would be in any kind of business with him? I don’t know how this is going to work. Only one way to find out, right? Yeah, but then what? This situation is just too messy. When you told me that you were done with your ex, did you mean it? Yeah. We are over. Whatever happens between portia and curtis, I’m moving on. So what’s stopping us from seeing each other?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know, zeke. Reality. I’m sure portia has already given you an earful on why you should avoid me like the plague. I don’t let my family dictate who I see. Do you? I don’t want to cause problems between you and your sister. Portia will cope. Yeah. You think so? I think someone’s tired, and we’re going to be heading home. Come on. But I’m not tired. Oh, we’ll see, sweetie, come on. You got it.Oh, boy. Finn, thank you so much for allowing me to join your family for dinner. It was — it was surprisingly fun having you here. And for me, as well. Thank you. And you. Yes? Uh, you’re a lucky man. I know. Thank you. It’s great to see you, dad. See you at the next tea party.

[ Laughs ] Sounds good. Brook lynn, always a pleasure. You can’t imagine how nice that is to hear. I think I can. Take care, you two. Have a great night. Night, finn. Goodnight. Violet: Bye.

[ Laughs ] Brook lynn, see you at home. Don’t stay out too late. You have to go to work tomorrow. Goodnight, granny. So, what do you say, you and me, we get a nightcap at the pool bar? I’d love to. Great. The sooner the better. There’s something I need to ask you first. Hi. Aunt elizabeth, you lo

Oh, why, thank you, violet. You look beautiful. Thank you. Wait, are you guys leaving? Uh, no. Violet and I are — are heading home. But finn could stay. I can stay? Yeah, you can stay. I can stay. Yeah. Whatever it is, can we talk about it on the way to the bar? Brook lynn, what’s going on with you? Something’s been off with you all evening. I know. And her name is granny. I’m always on edge around her. It’s not just tracy. When my dad asked you about your job, I knew that I was right. About what? Your work at deception. Your heart’s not in it. You don’t want to be there. Of course I do. It’s just — it’s my day job. Exactly. You would rather be writing music and managing artists. So I got to ask — why’d you go back? It solves so many problems. I m– I mean, it’s perfect. I shudder to think. What? Wait, what’s your big idea? I can be molly and tj’s surrogate.

[ Chuckles ] So this is why you’re not taking my calls, huh? On a little date with jordan? Portia, that’s not what’s — what else did valentin say? Gun! Everybody down!

[ Gunshot ]

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