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No, I can’t come to Rockville right now. Yes, I’m aware it is a holiday, but sweep it is reopening tomorrow and you were supposed to make that flower delivery yesterday. Yeah, well, you try running a business after your partner leaves town and your best employee tries to ruin your business.

Did you know my dad? Oh, you’re Theo. You’ve covered son, and you are.

So the eyewitness who saw my dad fall into the water is an actor. Jerry Prentice is his name.

He hasn’t been in much. Just local theater, a commercial. Oh no, look at this. A couple years ago he was on that soap, body and soul.

Oh, well that’s a little better. Do you wanted to see me, Ms. Delo, it’s about time you got here. I have a job for you. What kind of job? Well, I need someone who can pretend to me the true and rifle air to the DeLorean fortune and that.

What is my son doing in one of my life’s stories?

The hell’s going on here.

Nurse King. What are you doing here? I. I, I, I came to say I’m sorry,

like Sam through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Okay, look, I, I get it’s the 4th of July and you wanna spend it with your family, but my family just lost someone really, really dear to us. And, well, my bakery is reopening tomorrow and I, I just really need something good to happen. Okay? So if you can’t help me, I 8:00 PM I will be in the store. Thank you.

Oh, uh, they were supposed to make a delivery yesterday. Flo, they’re coming tonight. As you probably gather, you’re reopening tomorrow. Yeah, that’s the plan. Assuming nothing else goes wrong, what is all this? Uh, just doing my community service. Keeping Salem clean. Yeah, I heard the DA gave you a deal. Lucky break.

Yeah, well, turns out that she had a personal experience with an abusive relationship, so she showed me some mercy. Well, good for you. Uh, I should go, uh, Chanel, uh, hang on, please. What is it?

I just really wanna say how sorry I am.

You’re sorry for what? Well, for your loss. I heard about your husband’s death and I wanted to share my deep condolences. Thank you. That’s very kind. I didn’t know Mayor Carver very well, but he seemed like a decent and caring man. Yes. He was, and you may have been the last person to see him alive.

I thought so. Uh, but it sounds like that guy at the docks was the last one to see him before he met his tragic fate,

body and soul. Never heard of it. Nice try. I know you used to watch it during the day whenever you worked night shifts. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Oh, really? So it was just a coincidence that the TV would be on that channel when I came home. I mean, if you’re watching it, it’s just, just I have to it.

Fine. All right. I, I, I watched it here and there. Mm-hmm. But only cuz I had a crush on that actress, or was her name Sal or something like that. Oh, so you like her, huh? Just cuz she reminded me of you. But baby you are way, way better looking nice, safe. No, but I don’t recall seeing this guy on the show though.

It looks like he was just in a couple episodes. Yes, he gave up his Hollywood dreams and moved back to good old Salem. I gotta be honest. I was kind of hoping for a mugshot and not a headshot. Yeah. He ran him through the system, but came back clean. Looks like he was just an innocent bystander on the docks.

I mean, why would this guy have any reason to lie about seeing my dad fall into the water?

Jerry? Jerry, you’re the witness. You’re the one who saw my dad fall into the river. Yeah, that’s me. But, but what are you doing here now? Uh, I guess I was drawn to come back because I felt guilty. Guilty about what

is an actor?

Doesn’t make sense. I want you to pretend to be Lord Kyle Vaughn Furstenberg bastard, son of lady Charmaine de Laqua, heir to the de fortune. Do you really think that’s going to work? Why not? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t exactly bear resemblance to the Delacroix land. Oh, what difference does that make?

DNA never lies until it does. So Kyle, Brandy, Kyle. Oh, rights. Kyle, you do exactly what I say. And no one will ever be the wiser.

I sure as hell will be.

Look, I felt terrible when I heard the news. I was really praying that Mary Carver would be found safe. We all were the not knowing was awful, especially for my mom and well now we have closure, but Babe is gone.

Look, I’ll never be able to forgive myself with the role that I played in all of this. And I know that Colin had nothing to do with Abe’s disappearance, but I mean, if he would’ve never assaulted him, and if I would’ve never helped him in that stupid revenge block, what ifs are pointless now? Okay. I look, believe me, I, I did my fair share of those when Colin and Sloan’s mother died, and it didn’t change a damn thing.

So now I know all we can do is just keep moving forward.

You know, you were right. You know, but while I was putting up those fires, I guess I was just trying to asage my guilty conscience. Did it work? No, it, it didn’t, and I know that there’s nothing I can do to make up for how I hurt you and your feeling.

I, I feel guilty because I saw your dad fall and I almost got to him, but it was too late and I wanted to jump in and save him, but I. You can’t swim. I, I understand. I know that the last thing my dad would’ve wanted was for you to lose your life while trying to save his. You did what you could, right? You called 9 1 1.


At least you know what happened to her. I’m actually glad that I ran into you so that. I can say thank you for that.

That’s very kind of, you very kind pay me a condolence call. You obviously care very deeply for your patience. Oh, mayor Carver was, wasn’t just a patient. I voted for him in every election. I then volunteered for him on his campaign. Before I ever met him, I felt as if I, I knew him personally. Hmm. Abe had an amazing talent for connecting with people.

Oh, he did. You’re very lucky to have had him for as long as you did. I keep telling myself that doesn’t make the loss any easier. We were supposed to be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. I was there. You know what? I was in the park the day that you got married. You were? Yes. I attended a, a Juneteenth barbecue and I just stumbled upon it to watch you exchanged your vows and then jump the broom.

Oh. It made me so, so happy to be a small part of that day o of your lives. I will never forget Abe Carver and I, I feel blessed to have known him.

What are you reading the statement from Nurse Whitley King? It seems like she was the last person to have seen my dad before he left the hospital. But if her timetable is right, there’s still all that time missing before he showed up at the docks. I mean, Eli, where could he have gone? We checked every security camera in Salem.

Nothing. There’s Ray. I’m not supposed to be looking at this house. Okay, that’s fine. No, I don’t wanna get you in trouble, babe. I’m not worried about that.

Bonnie. Oh, Bonnie, it’s so good to see you. You too, boss. Yeah. Wish you were under any other circumstances. Same. Hi. Oh, you too. Haven’t met. Sorry. This is Detective Jada. Hunter. Lonnie. Detective, please call me Jada. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Abe was a wonderful man. Thank you. And. I really appreciate you working so hard on this case.

Okay. Listen, I’m sure that you didn’t, uh, just come all the way down here to Salem PD to say hello. Well, I was part of it. Right. So, uh, let’s just say hypothetically, if you wanted to take a look at the evidence and I wasn’t there, then, uh, hypothetically that would be okay. No harm, no foul. Thank you for understanding.

I’m sorry. That’s my boss from DC second. Okay.

Oh, I’m sorry. Yeah, I’m really sorry. We. I just wish we had better information on your father, Ray. I know that you’ve gone over this case a hundred different ways. I guess I thought if I just, if I saw the evidence for myself that it would help me to accept what happened. Yeah, but I don’t know. Truth is if even if we did figure it out, nothing’s gonna bring my dad back.

Let’s just get to the credits. So I’m hosting the Party of the Decade at Patterns. You plead it, right? And I expect by the ends of the evening you’ll be welcomed into the family’s exclusive. Oh, what do you get out of this? That’s for me to know, for you to find out.

All right here.

Jerry Prentice. What the hell?

That’s not my son’s name.

That means Pauline’s been lying to me. What else is she lying about?

I gotta get outta here. I gotta get outta here.

Are you still seeing Dr. Evans? Yeah. Therapy is a condition of my probation, but I mean, I would’ve gone even if I didn’t have to. So if she’s helping you, yeah, more than I could have hoped. I’m glad to hear that.

Yeah, and I’m glad to see you moving forward too. Look, Chanel Sweet Bits is a great place and I know that you’re gonna make it a success again. Yeah, I’m gonna try. I hope you found someone’s salad to replace me. I did. She’s conscientious, punctual. Trustworthy.

Sounds perfect.

I mean, her oatmeal, scot cheese, taste like hockey pucks, but we’re working on it. Well, what happened there? A friendly fire. Oh, uh, something like that. I’m actually headed home so that I can shower and change and make it back for the flower delivery tonight. Well, um, go look with everything tomorrow and please tell your mom how sorry I am.

I will. Thanks.

Well, I should be going, uh, nurse King. Before you do, could I ask you a favor? Uh, sure. Now, um, as you said, you may be the last person to talk to Abraham. Um, could you tell me his last words to you? Last words, my daughter Chanel. Told me he was confused. He didn’t even remember who I was. I, I was just wondering if you had the same experience.

Did you, you awake? How are you feeling?

Paulina? Excuse me. I know. I know who you are. You’re my wife.

He said. Your name. He did see, yeah. Y’all on some level, he, he must have remembered you.

Oh, thank you. Thank you. Your an angel. You have no idea what it means to me to hear that. Yes. Yes, of course. I, I, I better be going now off, off to work. Of course, of course, of course. And thank you. Thank you again for, for stopping by. Yes. Of

I hope your husband’s taking you somewhere special for your anniversary. Oh, it’s today. It is. Yeah. Happy anniversary. Thank you. But we agreed not to celebrate it until I am actually free. Oh,

what? What’s wrong? My boss just assigned me to a new case in Arizona. What she Explain your situation to him. I tried, but it turns out this case is tied to some other investigation that I’ve been working on for months. Oh, I can’t believe this. Baby, I’m sorry. I, hopefully it’s just for a day. I, I’m gonna do everything that I can to make sure that I’m back in time for his funeral.

But you, you know, I, I, I know you can’t make any promises, honey. No, I, I understand baby. You, you have a job to do, but I’m a supervised release. You agreed to look after me. Does this mean that I have to, I’ll take responsibility for you. Really? Yeah, of course. I’ll get on with corrections right away. Thank you Ray.

That’s the least I can do. When do you leave? They said that they’ll book me out on the latest possible flight, so at least we have some time to spend together tonight. Okay. Then we just have to make the most of the time that we have. Do you mind if we stop by Doug and Julie so I can say bye? Of course not.

Um, as long as we can make one other stop on the way.

Can I ask you something? Of course. I’m just wondering, since you were the last person to see my dad alive, how did he seem? What do you mean? Like did it seem like he was confused, upset? I’m not sure. Uh, I was pretty far away.

Well, did it look like he just tripped? Pretty much it, it, it all happened so fast. I, I don’t think he was in any pain. That’s what you were wondering. Yeah. You have that up. That’s good to know. Thanks. I wish I could tell you more. I, I wish I could have done more, but you, your dad seemed like a, a pretty special guy.

He was,

and I’m gonna miss him forever. Um, Theo, there’s something I need to tell you. We gotta get outta here. See what’s going on.

Abe, what are you doing? I’m leaving.

No, you’re not.

Oh, great. More cases. I’m sorry. I know, I know. You’re already swamped. Maybe if we had Eli and Lonnie back on the force, I’d be able to get through this stack. Not that I’m complaining. No, no, no, no. Complain away. I’m just saying. I mean, well, we have leash and in custody. Harris Michaels is under observation at the hospital, and then there’s Kristen and EJ Demere’s kidnapping situation, which is fishy to say the least.

Oh man. I just remember, oh no, you got one more assignment. Yeah. What now? Go home, watch some fireworks. Well, come on. No, that’s in order now. I am not saying you have to watch fireworks with me, but if you do happen to, wanna spend your well-deserved time off with yours, truly, you may, um, street location then.

Well, I do enjoy being. Discreet with you, Ms. Hernandez, you’re on.

Jerry, what is it, Theo? You’ve suffered such a terrible loss. And Theo, buddy Eli. Hi. Hi.

It’s a trying your dad, what are you guys doing here? I asked Eli to bring me here so I could see where the accident happened. I, I just, I didn’t know this would be here. So many people loved that.

Dear Jerry Apprentice. Yes. Jerry came because he felt bad about not being able to help dad when he fell into the river. But I, I told him that it’s not his fault that we don’t blame him. Thank you for saying that. Hey, why did you tell my husband you’re on that soap? Body and soul? Oh, it was a long time ago.

Mm-hmm. Well, if he’d known, he probably would’ve asked you for your autograph cuz he is secretly a fan of yours. Lonnie? No. Uh, well this is clearly a, uh, family moment, so I should just go, Jeremy, wait. Before Elia and Eli showed up, you said that you had something to tell me. What is it? Oh, I just wanted to say again how terrible I feel about your dad, and I want you to know how deeply saw her half.

Hey baby. Oh Mama. So how’s the reopening of Sweet Bits coming along? Who is coming? What are you doing on? Figured you’d be there all night getting ready? Yeah, I just came back to shower and change really quick and I’m gonna head back and, um, but. I just, I, I really hate leaving you alone again. I haven’t been alone.

Not for the whole time anyway. Oh, who came over? Oh, Whitley uh, um, nurse King came by to pay her respects really Abe’s nurse. Mm-hmm. She had so many wonderful things to say about him that was nice of her. Mm-hmm. He wasn’t her patient for long, but he really seemed to touch her life. You’ve been lying to me.

Oh, Abe, what are you talking about? Sat theo on Body and Soul, and he was playing Lorna DeLorean’s Bodyguard. And I watched the credits and they didn’t say Theo Carver, it was Jerry Prentice. You see?

Jerry Preis is his stage name, stage name. Apparently there was another actor named Theo Carver. He didn’t wanna be confused with him. Anyway, body, his soul was pretty much his last role, and he moved to South Africa and open up his own business.

I don’t believe you. I don’t believe any of it.

You’re leaving tonight, believe me. I wish I didn’t have to this anniversary. That sucks. I told you, Theo, we’re not celebrating our anniversary. Not until I’m free. Dad wouldn’t want you to wait. You’re playing the dad card. Really, Theo? He’s kind of right. Lonny. What are you saying, babe? I have hours before I need to be at the airport.

Plus we haven’t had a night together, and I don’t know how long. Well, we don’t have to make it about our anniversary. I, I just want to enjoy every moment that I have with you. He’s right. You should listen to him. I’m gonna head over to Pauls Chanel’s reopening her bakery tomorrow, and I’m sure that your mom could use the comfort.

Thank you. There may or may not be lasagna left in the fridge, so it’s not entirely altruistic. Yes. Soon. Easy.

What’s that?

This is my old pile. Bruno dad got him from me at a carnival when I was six. I used to not be able to sleep unless I was holding this thing. I squeeze. I’m sorry, this little, no, I was ripped off. You lived. Lived a tough life.

I think Dad probably thought I was gonna carry all my stuffed animals with me to high school. You’d be very proud if I was gonna leave this here, then

you. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I will be. I love you so much. I love you.

I knew I was gone, but

I don’t think I felt it until right now. I’m sorry, Lonnie. I’m so sorry.

Uh, so it sounds like you and Theo have big plans tonight. Where? Dinner, fireworks on tv. Maybe a game of Canasta. You can’t play Canasta with Theo. Why not? So guys a shark. He’ll take you for everything you’re worth. Okay, we’ll skip the canesta now. Tell me, uh, how’s the new employee at Sweet Bits working out?

She’s okay. Just okay. Well, she’s fine. She’s just not Talia. I, I ran into TA at the square and um, she wanted me to tell you how sorry she feels about Abe and she still feels so guilty. I’m deeply ashamed for her part in all of it. Well enough of that. What do you mean? I mean, Talia is a young woman who was under the spell of a, a very bad man.

So for obvious reasons, my heart goes out to her and I think she should let go of the guilt and the shame and. To focus on being stronger and wiser from now on, making a good life for herself. Oh, that’s, That’s very, uh, kind of you, I, I’ll tell her that if I ever see her again.

Hey, hey. What’s going on? Uh, I’ve been just here to give my parole officer my signed forms. You know, to show I’m doing my community service and my therapy, but I can’t seem to find her anywhere. I’ll take care of it for you. Oh, thanks. So how’s therapy going? Really well, Dr. Evans is the best. Well, I’m glad it’s working.

Yep. She even offered to help me find a job at the hospital when my probation ends. That’s amazing. Now you’ll finally get back to doing what you were trained to do. Yeah. What’s wrong?

And it’s just, I saw Chanel before and she told me she hired this new woman. Are you jealous? Jealous. No. For what? You miss working at the bakery? Yeah, actually I do a lot. I know Chanel never forgive me for what I did, and she shouldn’t, but I mean, GIA, I have to admit. What?

Every time I see her, I miss her too.

Oh, Abe, everything I’ve told you is the truth. No, no, it’s not. Something has felt wrong from the beginning. You know what? Maybe you should lay down, darling. I don’t want, I don’t want to lay down. I want you to tell me the truth right now. Or I’m gonna call the police.

Oh, there you go. Here you go. What did, what did Jesus do to me? Oh, it was just a mild sedative, darling, you drug me. Oh, you were, you were confused and upset. Oh, I can’t let you leave, darling. Not now. Not ever. You.

Toya. Hey, uh, sorry. I realized I never returned this. Oh, thanks. Yeah, I figured you need it. You know, from a replacement.

I am really grateful. To be here with you in this moment, but I miss my dad. I miss our beautiful babies. That reminds me Carver and Jules, they made this for you. I think we have a couple of artistic geniuses on our hands, um, for mommy. Ugh.

Carter did that. Yeah, I love it. Um, but I, I don’t have anything for you babe. You don’t need to get me anything for our anniversary. Just having you here with me. It’s the best gift I could ever receive. Just sucks that we don’t have more time together. I know, but we’ll be together soon enough. You’ll be free.

You’ll be a family again. Yeah, and I’ll never take that for granted again. My freedom, my beautiful family. Just having you guys close to me and not just in my heart. I love you. I love you too.

Thank you.

I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. What are you thinking about?

Last 4th of July, your father was sitting right there where you are now. We were watching. Tv. He was trying so hard to be so strong after Lani had just been sent to prison and you going back to South Africa.

We were watching the fireworks and I looked over

and there was this tear holding down his face.

See, isn’t this nice a perfect night, just the two of us.

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