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hey. Hey. Come on in. Beautiful. Oh, yes, it is. It’s a beautiful day. That too. You know, I have everything I want — a man that I love, I have a wedding on the horizon, and there is barely a cloud in the sky. I don’t see any clouds. Well, just one. Willow’s gonna be home soon. That’s a good thing. But without me. I think my bubble should include nina. Look, I-I know how you feel about her, but if I can only be with a few people each day until my immune system kicks in… yeah. You want your mom to be one of them. We’ve been given a miracle here. Shouldn’t we share it? Not only with the people who deserve it, like your mom, but also with the people who don’t, like mine. You’re not thinking of refinancing the house, are you? No. No. I don’t think I could afford the monthly payment. Besides, I don’t think the bank would refinance me. Okay, good. So we can take the idea of mortgage off the table? Absolutely. ‘Cause I’m selling the house. I appreciate your punctuality. It’s the little things that engender trust. Well, I’m glad you find me trustworthy, but I was on my way to meet a client when I got your urgent message. Have a seat. Thank you. Do you also meet with the quartermaine legal team poolside?

[ Chuckles ] No. They do not have the ability that you do to think outside the box.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you for the flattery, tracy, but it’s absolutely unnecessary. Just tell me what you would like. I’d like to hire you. Hang on. Stop the presses. Did you just say you consider me a friend? Aw, you’re so lucky to have a friend like mac, cody. It’s a wicked world out there. Y-you can easily make the wrong choices, you know?

[ Sighs ] Hey! Is it true? It’s what true? That cody’s been cleared. Olivia texted me the good news. The charges have been dropped. Wow. That is so awesome. You must be absolutely thrilled.

[ Laughs ] I wouldn’t go that far. Okay, listen to me. You are entitled to feel happy for your friend, okay? And we’re gonna celebrate that, all the good news, as soon as we take care of business. Oh, where is maxie?!

[ Chuckles ] Well, that’s a very impressive opening offer, tracy, uh, but I should tell you, I already have all the clients I can handle. Ah, yes, I’m sure a client with the career of sonny corinthos does keep you busy, not to mention carly and all her current legal woes. But I have a feeling that once you hear what I have to say, you’re gonna want to fire all your clients and represent me exclusively.

[ Laughs ] Well, you will notice I have neither accepted your check, nor have I pushed it back across the table. So please continue. I’d like to report a robbery. That’s a matter for the police. I’m not talking about a car or a computer. What I’m talking about is worth a king’s ransom, or if you prefer, a queen. And this queen would like the thieves to pay dearly for what they stole. Well, I’m intrigued. So what was it exactly that was stolen? The deceptor? I don’t get it. Why is this meeting so hush-hush? Are we introducing a new product that’s gonna be bigger and better than the deceptor? Um, actually, you will know soon enough. Um, hey, uh, the twittersphere didn’t have a lot of detail. What happened? How did — how did cody skate on those charges? Yeah, was cody telling the truth? Did gladys really plant that bracelet in his jacket pocket? No. Turns out that the bracelet was just misplaced, and gladys made an honest mistake in blaming cody. Huh. So you and gladys are on good terms, then? Never better. What about you and cody? Dante, dante, dante. You and your wicked world. When we were kids in summer camp, dante was always full of these, uh, stories, urban legends, tall tales of these, uh, these mysterious creatures that were half man, half monster, that’d stalk the forests and eat lost campers. Or so he claimed. Uh, they’re real. They’re real. They look like scott baldwin.

[ Cellphone rings ] -Oh, excuse me. -Ah. Hey, maxie, what’s up? Mac. Is my mom with you? Uh, georgie and bailey lou are with liesl, but I am late for a meeting, and I have no one to watch james. Grandpa, I need my own bedroom. Sounds like you need an entire swat team. No worries. I’m on my way. Problems? Big trouble — the kind that every kid can get into, like every parent knows. Congratulations again on getting those charges dropped. I just hope you can take advantage of it. Martin, did you take my advice about lucy? Oh, yo u mean about, uh,not keeping things from her? Yes. Thank you. Uh, the advice was taken. Glad to hear it. Well, have a nice day. Nice suit. Now that sonny is planning on marrying nina, we can’t keep wishing that she’s going to disappear from our lives. Like it or not, sonny and nina are part of the family. Y-you’ve still backed off on your vow to take down your dad, right?

[ Sighs ] I still haven’t forgiven or forgotten what he did to my mom and our family. But, no, I’m not — I’m not wasting any more time on a vendetta to try and make him pay for the pain that he caused. I’m proud of you for that. But I also just — I don’t want to waste any more time, either. You know, I’ve missed so much already. When I… almost… hey, no. But you didn’T. Okay? You came back to us. Nina is part of us, michael. She’s part of me, whether I like it or not. Look, I don’t expect you to forget or forgive her, but for me… I spent all of those years trying to build a relationship with harmony, despite her many flaws, because I believed she was my mother. Well, nina is my biological mother. Shouldn’t I give her the same consideration? I want to get to know the mother I never had… …and let her get to know me. Yo u know, I can go to ghand speak to willow. Now that she’s had that, you know — this life-changing experience, maybe she could see things different. Thank you. But, no, you can’t do that. That’s exactly what michael said that he didn’t want you to do. And I’m not gonna put you in that position, honey, to — to act as a go-between, plead with willow. If it came from willow herself, that’s one thing. But we both know that she will never give me a chance. Never say never. You thought you lost her before. You found her. And then, again, you thought you lost her to leukemia. That’s right. And what happened? So are you saying where there’s life, there’s hope? Well, sonny corinthos, I never took you as the greeting-card type. No, it’s not that. It’s — it’s — I’m a realist. I’ve seen the toughest guys just kind of melt over holding a baby in their arms. And I’ve also heard that there are women who are not even as big as willow pick up an suv with an injured child underneath. You know why? Because I believe in miracles. It was a miracle that I didn’t die in that river. And where did I end up? Nixon falls, where you showed up. Nixon falls. Well, you’re not only a realist, but you are also a romantic. And i love that about you. But we have to be honest. There are some people out there who think us finding each other wasn’t a miracle, but… …more like a catastrophe. You’re gonna sell the house? Carly, you can’t mean that. Well, I mean, it’s not like I want to, but come on, sam. At the end of the day, it’s just a real-estate transaction. This house is too big for me and donna, anyway. And josslyn — she’s gonna be going to pcu in the fall. Hell, she and trina are gonna move out of the dorms and into an off-campus apartment. This is perfect. Uh, sure, it may sound perfect, but you need to, please, think this through. Oh, come on. It’s not like I grew up in this house. I mean, far from it. And with the money we make off this sale, donna and I will be able to move into a condo off charles street and live off the rest. Okay. Yeah, sure, that — that makes a lot of sense. Except for one thing. What? You keep calling this a house. You’re wrong, carly. This is your home.

You know I am talking to you as your friend, right? So I-I’m just urging you to please consider the consequences of selling this house before you just minimize it down to a real-estate transaction. Okay, I don’t have the luxury of being sentimental. I mean, look at drew. He sacrificed himself for me — his freedom. I mean, sacrificing a house, or a home — I mean, it just seems so small in comparison, sam. Okay, well, speaking of drew, what do you think he would say, knowing what you’re planning on doing with the house? Well, he wouldn’t like it, but he doesn’t have to know. Right, sam? Please don’t tell him. Oh, no, of course I’m not gonna say anything to him. It’s not my place. He’s bound to find out. I know he’s gonna find out. But, you know, by then it’ll be too late. It’s my choice, right? I mean, it’s my decision. Yeah, of course it’s your choice. But… when you put that “for sale” sign out on the front yard, think about how donna’s gonna feel. She loves this house. I know. I know. I know she loves it. And I know she’s gonna miss it. But she’ll understand. Okay. She will. She will. Sure. But will you? Carly, when you and sonny got divorced, the only thing you held on to, the only thing you fought for, was this house. Are you really ready to just let it go? Look, we both know, uh, we can’t turn back the clock. We can’t undo the hurt we caused in the past. But you got to understand something. If it wasn’t for your aunt liesl, willow wouldn’t have had the bone marrow transplant. She — maybe she would have died. You did that for her. You gave her a gift — a gift of your family. And if michael and willow can’t acknowledge that… listen. Your family saved her life.

[ Cellphone rings ] Um… I was — I was just thinking about you. How’s the patient? Well, we, uh, just got the all-clear. Willow’s going home. You must be thrilled to be going home. I can’t thank you enough for all the care that you gave me. It’s all part of the job. No, I may not have worked here as a nurse for very long, but… you went way beyond the call of duty. You were the one who got me to see this… isn’t all about me. I assume you mean being reunited with your little ones? Yes, of course. But also someone else. I was right, wasn’t I? A girl needs her mom. Before willow leaves the hospital, there’s, uh, something that she needs. Of course. Just name it. She needs her mom. As you can see, the file contains a timeline detailing the development of the deceptor and the skyrocketing sales once it was released. Tracy, these documents look very confidential. How did you get them? Ah, home already. I take it you have something for me. Here. All the proprietary information on the deceptor, from the current sales report to the first communications about it last fall. Never mind how I got them. How did deception get them? And do not tell me that they sprang fully formed from lucy coe’s questionable brain. No, no, of course not. A product like this often has years of research and development, but — and yet — and yet, the timeline confirms they suddenly showed up in deception’s files as early as last autumn. Okay. Cards on the table, tracy. Are you saying that the deceptor is stolen intellectual property? I’m not saying it. You are. Yes, cody is my friend, and I am very glad that his name was cleared. Hmm. No thanks to gladys. Yeah. Gladys was pretty useless as my assistant, but she did seem pretty dedicated to nailing cody. Look, from gladys’ point of view, she was just looking out for me. The only crime she made was caring too much. I know you feel loyal to her, but you’re still gonna push for her to end this guardianship over you, right? Yes. I am more determined than ever. And thanks to the help of my psychiatrist, dr. Damon montague, I believe the court is ready to decide I am able to be on my own. In fact, I am gonna go celebrate my upcoming freedom with a latte from perks, if you ladies will excuse me. -Oh. -Oh. So, uh , what were youand scott talking about? Look, I bet you 10 to 1 the words “get rich quick” were involved. Scott and I have a connection, remember? Right. Dominique baldwin. Yeah. Not only was she my mom, but she was also the love of scott’s life at one time. Okay, so why does that connection mean so much to you when the other connection — mac being your dad — how come that doesn’t mean anything to you? How many times do I have to say it? Mac’s better off not knowing.

Mac’s better off? Yeah. Or you’re better off? ‘Cause it seems like whatever you and scott got cooking is on the wrong side of the law. And, look, I-I’m the law, right? I’m the law. And if you’re in over your head, like you kind of have been ever since you fell in that pool — just drop it, dante. Okay? Okay. All right. You want to talk to me? I know who you can talk to. Ah! Grandpa, can I live with you? I’m tired of being the only boy. James! Hey. Go to your meeting, maxie. I got this. Oh, mac. Are you sure? Go, mommy. We got this.

[ Laughing ] Okay. Oh, maxie, I am so sorry I am late. Tell it to the cops. Apparently, they got this.

[ Laughter ] Hey. What kept you? I took a job. What kind of job? The kind I know best. I am not only your grandma. I’m also felicia scorpio, private eye.

Grandma,what’s a private eye? It means that I solve mysteries, like your “hardy boys” books or your “scooby-doo” cartoons. You do what grandpa does? Yeah. Yeah, it’s very similar. Okay, james, now I’m gonna need your help. Can you find me one of your mommy’s old sheets? The rattier, the better. I know where to look. Oh, good job. Um, if this is about cody, you can stand down. The charges were dropped. Oh, that’s good news, mac. But my case has nothing to do with cody. I’m doing this for an old friend. Someone I know? Grandpa, that’s private. Remember? She’s a private eye. And “private” means you don’t talk about it. Yeah, grandpa. Okay, james, now that you are my official sidekick, I need you to spread the sheet out on the floor. And maybe grumpy grandpa will help you if it feels like it. Well, I don’t know how I feel about that title, but, okay, I’ll help.

[ Laughs ] Okay, private eye, here we go. And, uh, well… now what? Next we get to work, and we look for clues… …by sorting through garbage. Awesome.

[ Felicia laughs ] You want me to talk to mac scorpio? Geez, dante, talk about beating a dead horse. You know that he’s literally the last person I can talk to. No, he’s literally the person you’re choosing not to talk to. And he’s your father, man. Look, if scott’s gotten you into some trouble, talk to mac. Tell him. Tell him what’s going on. He’ll hear you out. Maybe he’ll help you get out of whatever mess you’re in. Yeah, well, what if I don’t want out of it? What if I’m the one driving the situation, not scott? You ever consider that? I know, I know. I’m late. I’m sorry. What is this big emergency? Good. You are here now. I can break the news. What news? Well, I don’t know how to say it, really. There’s no easy way to say it, so I’m just gonna say it. We have a snake in our midst. It makes me very happy that a lawyer as sharp as you is thinking what you’re thinking, ’cause it makes me believe the judge might agree with you. Okay. So are you actually accusing lucy and sasha and maxie, and not to mention your own granddaughter, of stealing the idea for the deceptor? I’m not accusing anybody of anything…yet. Well, then what am I doing here? Can you at least tell me who it was stolen from? It is time for you to put your cards on the table. Are you in, or are you out? This house has been my home for a long time, and I’m not gonna deny how much it means to me. It’s the only house that donna’s ever known. And after my marriage ended with sonny and after I lost the metro court, this house was the one thing outside of my kids that I could hold on to. Even now, I can stand in this room, and I can hear every laugh, I can feel every tear, I can even taste every meal we’ve shared. And the memories of josslyn growing up here, the memories of morgan, those memories… they’re gonna be in my heart forever.

[ Sighs ] So are you really ready to let that all go? I don’t have a choice. I mean, I-I’m a survivor, and I have to adapt. And as hard as it’s gonna be to walk out that front door and never come back, that’s what I’m gonna have to do. Nina: When willow finds out that I am the one that turned in carly and drew, any chance that I have of forging a relationship with her is gone. Nina, what’s wrong? I’m, uh — I’m not as brave as I thought I was. I-I’m gonna mess this up. I can’T. I can’t do this.

Excuse me. Are you willow’s mom, by any chance? Yes. Yes, I am. Willow told me she asked to see you. I’m so happy for you and your daughter. But you’re going to need to put this on first. Yeah. Thank you. It was nice meeting you. Okay. Nina. Willow’s ready to see you.

[ Monitor beeping ] I am sorry. You didn’t come over here to hear all my problems… no, don’t do that. …Listen to this. Don’t, don’T. Don’t be sorry. I asked how you were feeling, and I’m glad that you feel close enough that you could lean on me. Carly, it hasn’t always been that way. My loss. Mine, too. You know, I always considered you jason’s friend.

[ Chuckles ] I’m glad that’s changed. See, I’m not just losing a house. I’m gaining a friend. You never lost me. And as far as selling the house, I say we just, like — w-we put a pin in it. We can, you know, just think things through, see if you have other options. I don’t have any other options. And those memories I talked about, they’re not bound by four walls and a roof. They’re gonna come with me wherever I go. And they’re gonna be the foundation I build on. And — and not just the home I create, but the new version of myself. Aw. There we go. There’s that fighting spirit. Yeah. I’ve done this before. I have. And this time, when I’m finished. I’m gonna get back everything I’ve lost. Willow’s amazing. I knew she was tough enough to take on cancer, but to open her heart to nina was — I mean, that’s — well, she didn’t — she didn’t open her heart. She just opened a door. And it remains to be seen if nina will make willow regret it. Considering everything you’ve been through, you look wonderful. Some color in your cheeks again. And your eyes… the staff here have taken excellent care of me. But now it’s time to go home. Yes. You must be… really anxious to get back to, uh, wiley and amelia. And is there anything I can do to help you? As a matter of fact, yes, there is. Once I get settled in at home, I’D… …like you to come for a visit. A snake? Who’s the snake? Uh, it all began with what I thought was just gonna be, you know, a normal, routine report from our it department. But instead, it was anything but routine what they found yesterday — an unauthorized download from our executive shared drive. That download contained data that was highly confidential about the deceptor. Wait, that data is password-protected. Yeah, it was. Only us. We know the password. So you’re — you’re saying one of us logged on to the shared file and stole all the data on the deceptor? Nope. Not what I’m saying. I’m not saying one of us. I’m saying you, maxie. You stole it. Tracy, if I’m gonna take you on as a client, I need more. There’s plenty more where that came from. Ah. I’m not talking about the money… entirely. I-I need to be able to connect the dots, starting with who actually owns the intellectual property rights, and ending with who has them now and how they plan to reproduce the product. I will get you everything you need to proceed, once you let me know that you are truly on board. Otherwi–

[ Chuckles ] Mm-mm-mm. Right. Well, if what you say is true and a judge agrees, then you and whomever you are working with are gonna get a huge payoff. I know. And you will be entitled to a quarter of it.

[ Laughs ] You’re cute. No, uh, I will be entitled to a third. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see other clients. Diane. Tracy. Oh, what the — hello, marty. Weren’t you gonna say hello? What are you doing with all this garbage? Well, we’re looking for evidence. Wait a minute. If you obtained this garbage illegally — excuse me. Garbage is fair game. Depends on how you got it. Well, if you must know, I got it from the housekeeper. It’s the honest truth. Grandpa, what’S…

[Haltingly] Hummingbird cake? Hummingbird cake is a cake that’s popular in the south. Whose garbage is this, anyway? James, do you know what this is? This is the jackpot.

Looks like someone was in a rush to put their bank statement through the paper shredder. That explains why some of the pieces are larger than others. Okay, come on, you two. Let’s see this as a jigsaw puzzle. All we have to do is put the pieces together. Grandpa, what is this? Martin: Why, tracy quartermaine. Long time no see. Uh, the last time our paths crossed — you were behind bars. Yeah. It was that unfortunate misunderstanding with alexis. I don’t believe I ever properly thanked you for representing me. Did I? You know, come to think of it, you didn’T. So, by all means, where do I send the bill?

[ Laughs ] Don’t ever lose your sense of humor. You still with lucy coe? I am. Why do you ask?

Chacun a son gout. Come again? “To each his own taste.” Actually, my dearly departed brother also found lucy coe irresistible. Of course, that was never a match made in heaven. You know, that sounds vaguely like a warning. Mnh-mnh. It’s a prediction. What’s the matter, falconeri? Is that really so hard to believe that your old pal could come up with a plan on his own? Not just some harebrained scheme, but an actual way to hit pay-dirt? I think you’re smart, cody. It’s just your judgment I question. Yeah, well, I can’t afford what you consider judgment. I don’t have a father with the same connections as yours. I don’t have a sam in my life or kids or family or friends. Hey, look, I’m not — I’m not trying to throw myself a pity party here. I’m just saying I’ve had to scratch and claw for everything I’ve ever gotten. Yeah, by choice. ‘Cause you got friends, cody. You got me, you got sam, you got sasha. You have a family. You have a dad. You just got to let them in. Or maybe the money is of more value to you. You think I stole from my own company?

[ Sighs ] No, I don’t really think that. I don’t want to think that. But it was very, very clear. The unauthorized download — that data came from your computer and your computer only. Okay. Y-yes, I access the shared file all the time, lucy. I was looking around in it yesterday, but I definitely didn’t download anything. And brook lynn can back me up. She was with me. Remember? I was surprised to see you. I thought you had the day off. Of course I remember that. Okay. Okay. Good. Fine. Do you remember seeing maxie download anything, or — or anybody, anybody at all, download anything from maxie’s computer? My immune system is still going to be compromised for a little while. And, um, the hardest part will be keeping amelia and wiley at a distance for a few weeks. It also means allowing a small bubble of friends and family to be in the same room with me. And you’re including me in this bubble? I want to be very clear that carly will be part of it, too. I-I asked you this once before when I thought I was…dying. But it’s even more important to me now when I have so much to live for. Feuding and the need for vengeance have to stop immediately. If you want to be a part of my life, you have to make peace with carly. I’m so sorry I’m late. I ran into tracy quartermaine. Ooh. Oh, enough said. But your timing’s perfect. Really. Oh, okay, I guess that’s my cue to go. You’re in good hands. It’s good to see you, diane. You, too. Bye, sam. See you later, carly. Okay. Okay. Because of you, you made sure that I got this house when sonny and i got divorced. Mm-hmm. Now I need you to make sure that I will get top dollar when I put this house on the market. Are you seriously thinking of selling? Please don’t talk me out of it. Please don’t try to do that, because I just went through that with sam, all right? This is the only choice I have. There’s nothing else I can do. Oh, my friend, how you underestimate me.

Okay, yes, my computer may have been the entry point, but why would I download files I already have access to? What would be my reason for doing that? Okay, that is curious. You’re right. But if you didn’t do it, then who did? You know, doubtless you have your own history with lucy. Fortunately, my lady love and I share a great many things in common, including an unshakable faith in each other. That’s adorable. But I was wondering if you would be interested in a little proposition. You can think what you want, but I’ve learned not to count on anyone but myself. And how’s that working out for you? It’s a quarterly bank statement. Look at that. $50,000 is automatically deposited every month. This puzzle isn’t any fun. All the pieces are the same. I’m getting a cookie. Okay. Get one for me, please. Odds are those monthly deposits were made by martin’s biggest client, valentin. Yeah, but why aren’t the checks drawn from a bank here in port charles? You’re right, mac. They come from a town in pennsylvania. Pine valley. I give you my word. My feud with carly is officially over.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Monitor beeping ] Nina, are you okay? I’M… …better than okay. Willow, she — she invited me into her bubble of friends and family.

[ Laughs ] Are you upset by my decision? No, no, no. Never. Look, willow, if you want nina included in your circle, I’m not gonna stand in your way. Because your happiness means everything to me. Everything. Carly: I don’t understand. The equity in this house is all I have. Unless I sell it, I won’t be able to afford anything. Carly, who’s the lawyer here? At least let me make my case. Come here.

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