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Mama, look how beautiful mama.

Oh, just, just put, put a bit all the, okay.

All right. And here is the note.

You can read it.

Okay. Dear Paulina and Chanel, we are very sorry for your unimaginable loss. You are in our thoughts and we are here for you. Whatever you need, always love John and Marlin.

Such good friends. I’ve loved Abe so much. I’m sure they must be grieving too. Um, I should send them something.

No, mama. Right now you just need to take care of yourself. Okay.

Come on buddy. You gotta be out here somewhere.

Is that you buddy?

Hello, John.

I knew that I’d find you. Oh, I gotta tell Paulina. I’m sorry, John. I can’t stay. What do you mean you can’t stay? Goodbye old friend.

No, no, no. Don’t believe. Don’t go Abraham. Abraham. Don’t go.

What are you doing with that paper?

Did you, did you see the paper? They’re saying that my dad is dead. The, they’re saying that Commissioner Hernandez thinks so too. All the people that I need and love, I I just keep losing them. You haven’t lost me, Theo. I’m right here. Hi.

Like Sam through the hour class. So are the of

So does this mean No, I, I haven’t been released from prison, but Eli convinced the warden to grant me a furlough for dad’s funeral. I just have to wear this, honey. Thank God you’re here. I love you. I’m so grateful I could be here. I’m just, I’m so sorry, Theo. I wasn’t here when dad first went missing, and I wish we could have waited together or maybe I could have helped find him.

No, babe, we went over this. There’s nothing that you could have done that Steve, John, or Raf didn’t try. Helis, right? Everybody was looking for him, and even though he’s the most well-known man in Salem, nobody saw him on a single soul. I just, I don’t get it money. I don’t get it either. Hey, but we have to be strong for each other.

Okay. And we have to take care of each other. Okay. Because that is what dad would’ve wanted. Okay. I love you.

You didn’t even come to bed last night. Well, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep,

just be going over this stuff again. I still can’t believe Abe just walked off the docks, fell in the water, and drowned even though all the evidence points to that evidence can be fabricated. Is that what you think happened? It’s just too easy. Sweetness. It’s too pat.

Oh, thank you. You woke up drenched in sweat, calling out Abe’s name. Yeah. They’re one of those damn nightmares.

Do you wanna talk about it?


I was down at the docks and I found. And we, we were, we were face to face. I was talking to him and before I could call Paulina to tell him that he was okay, he was gone. And I, I couldn’t stop cock. I tried it. I, uh, I couldn’t stop on my eye.

No wonder the dream was so upsetting for you. Paulina trusted that Steve and I were gonna find him, and I let her down.

Let him down.

So, did you hear me? What are you doing with that paper? I was, I was getting rid of it before you woke up. Why? Because I didn’t want you to get upset. Why am upset now? I don’t like being handled. Okay. I’ll tell you something terrible happened down at the docks. A local man who had gone missing was found in the water.

He drown? Yes. Yes. Well, at least now his poor family can have closure for weeks. They had been looking for him. Well, I, I feel sorry for them. And for him, but I’m not falling apart. And now I’d like to read that story for myself.

Lasagna from the bistro, from Maggie and Victor, Kiki. How nice we can have it for dinner with the green beans that Julie brought over.

What, just, uh, don’t you think it’s maybe time for you to take a shower and get dressed? Not yet, darling. Not right now. Right now I getting dressed reminds me of just wanting to look my best for my sweet husband, and without him here I. No, I just, I just need to sit here right now. Come, come sit with me.

Sit with me.

No. Excuse me. I’m sorry, Abe. I’m putting my foot down. The details are just too upsetting and the doctor said that we have to keep your stress levels low, you know, to a minimum, so we avoid another seizure. I feel fine. Well, you felt fine before the last one, didn’t you? You know, you’re not the only one going through this.

You know, I’m, I’m, I’m scared. I’m scared all the time.

I, I’m sorry. I, I, I wasn’t thinking, I, I, I know this is, this isn’t easy for you. I, I just can’t lose you. Okay. I get it. I get it. I’m, I’m sorry. Then, then I have to go to work and I have to leave you at home alone. Look, I feel, I feel fine. You, you don’t have to worry about me. Okay. Well, I, I better go and get ready now.

Get ready to go to work.

And believe me, darling, I’m doing this for you. This is what’s best for you.

You are being too hard on yourself. You and Steve did everything you could to find a, obviously we didn’t do enough. Right?

You know what the worst part is?

We gave Pauline hope. We told her, it just doesn’t make any sense how he could have got from wherever he was all the way down to the dock without somebody recognizing him and calling the cops. Don’t you believe that? I still believe that. I don’t know how he could have done it or why he fell in the water, but then you got the hospital bracelet.

His name’s on it. The blood. Most important. You have an eyewitness, the only person who saw him these last two weeks. Finally, somebody sees Abe. And what happens the next minute he falls off the dock and drowns in the river.

So you, you got to see Joseph Carter? I did. Uh, I cannot tell you how wonderful it was just to hold my babies and my arms without a prison matron. Just watching me like a hawk. Yeah. They’re with my mom now. We do wish we could have brought them, but obviously they’re, they’re too young to deal with all this.

Right. But we, we know how much they left their grandpa. Yeah. And we did tell them what happened, but they didn’t seem to understand, which is a, a good thing for now.

They seem to be starting fireworks early.

Oh my God. 4th of July. It’s, it’s your anniversary.

What’s wrong? Are you guys fighting? No. No. Theo No we’re not. You’ve given everything that’s been thrown at us this year. I think, uh, we’re doing pretty damn well. So why did you both seem so we’re gonna say it was your anniversary cause we decided that we’re not gonna celebrate this year. Because of Dad Lonnie.

That is the reason why you should celebrate, you know how happy he was about you and Eli, how, how he love that you two got married and how he was over the moon when the babies were born. I know, I know Theo, but to have champagne and a fancy dinner without him there, I can’t do it. I’m sorry. I can’t do it.

I’m sorry, Lonnie, I didn’t mean to upset you. Come here. Yeah. I think we better our head over to Pauline is You wanna come with us? No, I’ll, um, I’ll come over later. I think she’s gonna wanna spend some time alone with you. Yeah. And there’s something I have to do. What do you mean to Pat? Well, first of all, do you really think Abe was physically capable of getting outta the hospital on his own?

At the time I didn’t think so, but I suppose it’s possible. Okay. Well, S AA did wander off on his own. Salem PD puts out an a p b, and for weeks the cops and a whole army of volunteers search for one of the best known men in the city. And no one reports seeing anyone they even think might have been a and one day, weeks later.

The first person to lay eyes on Ave sees him at the exact moment. He walks into the water and drowns, and then the case is closed, all tied up with the ribbon. Something doesn’t add up, baby.

So you’re saying that if egg was so confused and so out of it, he just, he just walked off a dock into the river then how did he survive the weeks before that? No, he was, uh, not only suffering from Amnesia, he was recovering from a head injury. So what did he negotiate the streets on his own. Would you still think that it was Colin Bedford that did it?

I know maybe he kidnapped Abe, I don’t know. But he was in jail most of the time. Abe was missing if someone wasn’t looking after Abe. I don’t understand how he didn’t end up in social services. And thanks to Abe Salem is very proactive in helping the homeless. You know, you’re really, you really kind of scaring me now.

Oh, I’ll get in.

Theo. Theo, I’m so glad you came over. Oh, Steve, look. Look at Theo. Hey man. Okay. I’m so sorry.

This is, uh, this is a tough day. I, I am sorry that, uh, John and I didn’t come through for your dad and for you. You did your best. I just came to say thank you for the donation you made in my dad’s name to the autism charity. Well, we, we know how important that charity was to your dad. We were happy to do it.

And we really loved your dad, and we love you, and we are here for you.

Well, your executives and your long lunch breaks. Mm-hmm. How you feeling? I tell you, I feel a lot better when I get these bullet fragments outta me. Yeah. How you doing these days?

Hey, hey look, I’m not trying to pry, I’m asking as a friend who’s friend. Mine are Romans. Both of you. I don’t want either one of you to get hurt.

What were you just, now

I was thinking of the moment that I found out I wasn’t the person I thought I was. And how my whole life that I knew I changed in an instant

and there was Abe, one thing in my life was still the same, and it was my friendship with Abraham.

Dammit, doc, I just wish that I could have been as good a friend to him as he’s always had been to me. You were, you were. He always knew that about you. Dammit, doc. I was so damn sure that we were gonna find him. I, I was so damn sure that someone had taken him for whatever reason, they were holding him against his will and, and,

And I was so damn wrong.

Well, I’m off to work now.

I Are you still mad at me? No, not mad. I just, uh, I just get a bit lonely when you’re gone. Oh, well I thought you were catching up on body and Soul. I am, but it would be nice to have people who talk back, you know, I was thinking, couldn’t feel come over and hang out for a while. Oh, I forgot to tell you, uh, Theo had to travel back to South Africa.

What? My son left town without saying goodbye. Well, he stopped by on his way to the airport, but you were resting and I didn’t wanna disturb you, but I would’ve wanted to say goodbye. You should have woken me up. I, I know. I, I, I, you’re right. I, I, I’m sorry. What? What, what about your daughter? Huh? Chanel. My stepdaughter, couldn’t she come by and see me?

I just keep thinking of the heartache got brought to Abraham with my secrets and lies. Mama, you more than made up for whatever heartache you caused him by all the love and support you gave him. He was so crazy about you.

Look at that be.

This is delicious. I know things are hard right now, Theo, but you have to remember to eat. I’ll try. And you know what? If you ever are feeling alone or you wanna talk to somebody, we’re here for you. I know that. Thank you. But I think I’m gonna be okay, especially now that my sister’s here. Mama, you’re not going to believe this.

No, but. What is it now of a, let me guess, a cactus. Well, Eli does say I can be a bit prickly if I haven’t had my morning coffee. Mommy.

Oh. Hi, mama. I’m home. My baby girl, my darling, my precious girl.

Come on, man. What’s the matter with you? What? What, honey? What? I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. From the moment I woke up here, all I’ve been thinking about and talking about is myself, and I know you’re going through this too, sweetheart. It’s hitting me hard too. It doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to me about how you’re feeling.

Look, the only way that we’re going to get through this, and I I, I mean beyond the two of us way, we’re all going to get through this is talk about our feelings, share our feelings. In fact, I think I have an idea.

Paulina must have been thrilled to see Lonnie. God bless Eli for bringing her home. It’s just a furlough. Well, I think it’s really important that your whole family is together for the funeral. Yeah.

When my mom died, I was able to say bye to her, but. My dad, he just, he just went away. He just disappeared and then drowned. I just, I, it, it doesn’t make sense to me. I,

I am so grateful that you’re here, Lonnie. I’m so very, very grateful, even if it is for such a terrible, sad reason. Yeah, I’m grateful too. I am beyond grateful to be free, even if it is for a short time so that I can be here with my mama and my sister and my brother. Thing is, um, some part of me just, it just doesn’t, uh, just don’t feel that.

Dad is really gone. Mm-hmm. It’s so surreal. Yes, it is. It is. And oh, the way it happened. Oh Lord Lonnie, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe, I suppose partly because we, we didn’t get to say goodbye to him. Never got to see him touch him,

and how the hell are we supposed to have a proper home going when we don’t have a body?

Well, Chanel was intending to come over to visit with her. Step, pop, pop, step, pop, pop. Oh yeah. That’s a little, uh, pet name that she has for you. You love it when she calls you that and yet I cringe on you. Say it anyway. As I was just getting ready to say, Chanel has just been so swamped at the bakery, so, so another day is staring at the walls.

What, how luckily for you body and soul is fitting to get better. You’re about to meet Lorna. She’s back Who? That’s Lorna. Lorna is just one of the great soap bitches of all times. And trust me when I tell you, you gonna love to hate her. Check it out.

I know that it would help us all to accept what happened, but given a case like this, there’s just no telling when or. Even if his body will ever be found and yet, and yet what? Sweetheart? They didn’t waste any time declaring him dead, did they? Even though there’s no evidence to prove it for a fact.

Lonnie, no, Eli. I wanna see that evidence for myself. I wanna go down to the station. That’s against policy Mia, but you know, given the circumstances, I’m sure Ray wouldn’t, he wouldn’t mind and I don’t care if he would mind. Can we go now? Oh, wait a minute, darling. Lanie you. You’re out of prison today. It’s your anniversary.

You shouldn’t be spending at a police station, especially since nothing you find down there at that police station will bring a back to us. Mama. I have to see that evidence for myself. Or I will never sleep again. Paulina, look, when she gets like this, you just got I know. I know. There’s no changing her mind.

Tell me something. I don’t know. Thank you.

We’ll be back as soon as we can. Well, I’m gonna walk out with you. I need to head back over to the baby. You call me if you need anything. Okay? You gonna be all right alone. I think I should get used to it, don’t you? Hey, you too. I’m just about to call you. Look who’s here. Oh. Oh my goodness. Oh, good to see you.

I’m so sorry about your dad. Thank you. Good to see you kiddo. Be on. Sorry. I know how hard you work to find him. And you too. I’m very grateful. Dad was a good man. He one of the best. We loved him a lot. He knew that. He used to say. He used to say, okay. Do you wanna talk about this? No, actually, um, I think I should get going now.

Are you sure? You’re all right. Lonnie’s. Someone furlough. I’ll be fine. Lonnie’s here. Please, please give her a love and, and send her love to Paulina as well. Tell her to call us if there’s anything we can do. I will. It was nice to see you all again. Yeah, you too Sweet. Take kid. Come back anytime. Okay.

Goodness. Poor kid.

Damnit. Should have found him. You should have found him. We should have found him. You too are blaming yourselves entirely too much for this. You did everything you could. You searched and searched. Come on. You left no stone unturned. You did your very best. And I’m sure if were here, He would say the same thing.

It’s burned.

So that’s Lorna. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Like I said, one of the greatest soaper bitches of all time, so large than life, so over the top. So outrageous that Susan Lucci and Heather Lockney are fired, their agents. Oh. Oh, okay. I wish I could sit here and watch with you five more minutes, but then I’ll be late for work.

Happy watching. Thanks. Oh, oh, oh. When I come home, I’m gonna need to hear all about your favorite cat fight.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most unstoppable of.

You okay?


it’s just, it’s really weird being back here. So many memories.

Mainly meeting my new partner. And falling in love with him, and him falling even more in love with you. Okay. And, uh, they got married. Mm-hmm. And they lived happily ever after. Okay. Okay. Fine. With a few challenges, but nothing that they couldn’t handle. Mm. Because they were tough. So tough. And so enough,

uh, you know, doc, you’re right. Steve and I, we busted our ass. We did our damnedest to find Abe. You know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking that maybe I’m just blaming myself because it’s a hell of a lot easier than accepting the fact that he’s gone. Yeah. It’s the same for me. Yeah. Hey, did I tell you I had another dream about him this morning?

I dreamt that I found him down on the docks, but he just walked away from me. Didn’t go in the water. He just walked away from me. You didn’t tell me that. I thought I did. Why don’t you tell me about the end of the dream, what, whatever details you can remember.

I was getting on my phone to call Paulina and

I hear Abe say that he was sorry that he couldn’t stay. I said, what do you mean by that? And he just said, goodbye, old friend. And he turned around and he walked off into the fog and I kept calling on him and he was gone.

What is it?

I was thinking that maybe just, maybe this is not really about John’s guilt, the dream. I mean, maybe it’s about. John’s something that, there’s something wrong here. That’s what I’ve been saying. Abe was injured, he had amnesia. How did he survive all those weeks? With no one seeing him looking after him.

Yeah. And this, this witness, the one and only person to see him is the one who watches him go in the water. That means eight had to get from wherever he was all the way down to the dock without anyone seeing him. We need to get back to work.

This is a lab report matching the blood from the pylon to AIDS blood sample that was on record at the hospital. D. Exact match. Exact match. Hmm.

When I first came to Salem, I just, I knew I was my biological father and I was determined to prove it. My mom said, you two weren’t together very long. She didn’t even tell me how you guys met. Well, she almost crashed into my car on her way to singing Friend’s Wedding Dr. Marlena Evans, they went to college together.


she, um, she doesn’t know about you either, Bonnie, didn’t you, you ever wonder who your father was? Of course I did. Probably thought he was some dent.

When your mother left Hannah,

I had no idea she was pregnant.

How could she not tell me I had a daughter?

I was wrong about the d n. But Abe, Abe is your father in every way that counts.

What else is in there? Here’s a statement from Jerry Prentice. He saw your dad go in the water.

What’s this? It looks like a professional photo. Yeah, detective Hunter dug that up. Turns out Jerry Prentice is an actor.

Oh, well that’s a little better.

You wanted to see me, Ms. DeLorean?

It’s about time you got here. I have a job for you.

What kind of job?

I need someone who could pretend to be the true and rightful heir to the DeLorean fortune, and that is where you come in.

Abe: Theo?

Paulina: Oh, Nurse King, what?

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