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Recap written by Eva

Lauren: You saw Phyllis? Oh, my god. How– how was she? How did she seem?

Michael: Oh, you know, same old phyllis. She was wearing a trench coat and dark glasses to avoid being recognized.

Lauren: I would’ve given anything to see her. Oh, my god. It must have been just so surreal.

Michael: Well, that’s one word for it. Behold, behold.

Lauren: What?

Michael: What your best pal walked in on, not to mention, myself, barely clothed.

[ Lauren laughing ]

Lauren: This is so romantic. The candles, the flowers, and ooh, look at this. My favorite champagne. You put a lot of effort into this.

Michael: You are so worth it.

Lauren: Ah, and then phyllis crashes this?

Michael: Yeah. Where she wiped out an entire platter of chocolate-covered strawberries.

[ Lauren chuckling ] Uh, well, you must get an appetite running away from the law.


Lauren: But she has to be terrified to come all the way back here and then wind up in a cell.

Michael: Well, she is, but her only other option is equally grim.

Lauren: Right. Looking over her shoulder, the rest of her life is no choice.

Michael: Or she could put her faith in me, which seems a no-brainer.

Lauren: Honey, she’s scared.

Michael: As well she should be. Do you know what she told me? “Let me think about it.” Before she ate the last strawberry and vamoosed. Now, all I can do is, wait. Wait!

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