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Gabi joins Stefan at the DiMera Mansion and apologizes for being late as she was in a meeting. Gabi says she just left because she couldn’t be late for her own engagement party. Stefan isn’t sure how much of a party it will be since most of the guests can’t make it. Gabi asks why. Stefan explains that Tony and Anna are still out of town and EJ is still on that mysterious business trip. Stefan adds that Megan told him that Kristen decided to take a trip to New York. Gabi finds it odd that Kristen and EJ both left town without telling them. Stefan reveals that what’s more odd is that Kristen left without her phone when they both know she can’t live without it.

EJ and Kristen remain tied up in the wine cellar in the DiMera tunnels. They try screaming for help. Kristen complains that she would have thought someone would have come for a bottle of wine by now. EJ worries that if Megan had her way, Stefan’s probably already dead. Kristen doubts that and says Megan would’ve gloated about it when she was there before. EJ agrees that Megan does love to gloat, so he doesn’t know how she’s fooling Nicole. EJ can’t believe Nicole fell for Megan’s story as if he would leave for a business trip when Nicole had such an important medical appointment that he arranged to see if she can carry their baby to term. EJ hates to think that Nicole is going through it alone.

At the hospital, Eric encourages Nicole to breathe. Nicole fears that she is losing the baby.

At the Brady Pub, Kate looks over her text conversation with Harris Michaels and notes that she hasn’t heard anything since. Kate texts him asking where the hell he is because she needs more information. Li walks by the Pub with Harris’ phone and texts Kate back that everything went according to plan. Li then remarks to himself that it just wasn’t according to Kate’s plan.

Megan watches as Dr. Rolf shocks Harris’ brain. Dr. Rolf assures Megan that Harris will be doing only her bidding from now on. Megan asks if he’s sure that Harris is ready for the job that she needs him to do tonight. Dr. Rolf tells her not to worry and declares that this will be Stefan’s last night on Earth.

Dimitri tells Johnny and Wendy that he’s glad he ran in to them. Wendy points out that it might be a little weird since she was almost Gabi’s sister-in-law but she really likes her and she’s glad that Gabi is marrying the man she loves. Johnny tells Dimitri that they will see him at the party then. Dimitri thanks them and says that Megan is trying to do something nice for Stefan and Gabi, but admits the attendance on the DiMera side might be a little thin. Johnny says they will help with that.

Kate sends a text to Harris’ phone, asking what he did with Megan. Li responds that it’s best she doesn’t know the details. Li then remarks to himself that she’ll find out soon enough. Kate texts back, inviting Harris to the Pub for a drink to celebrate.

Gwen gets dressed for the engagement party. Leo mentions his plan to drink all night unless she gets him in to the party. Gwen says that Dimitri is hoping for a romantic night so she doesn’t want him spoiling that. Gwen comments on Leo not giving Dimitri the benefit of the doubt. Leo argues against Dimitri wanting to marry her after 24 hours and says even he doesn’t move that fast. Gwen talks about them being losers in love but now her Prince Charming has literally fallen in to her lap. Leo complains that she means he’s still a loser. Gwen says she’s had a wonderful bit of luck and wonders if Leo is just a bit jealous.

Gabi and Stefan look over the guest list for the party. Gabi comments on Gwen being there while Stefan points out Chad attending and says at least a few DiMeras will be there. Gabi says Rafe is the only one from her side that’s coming and he’s so busy with Abe’s case that he said he can only stop by. Gabi worries that the party is going to suck but Stefan calls that impossible since they will be there and he plans on having a grand old time, celebrating their love and the fact that they will soon be husband and wife again. Gabi agrees that them being there together is all that matters.

Kristen tells EJ that Nicole is the least of their problems at the moment. Kristen complains that she’s starving and she can’t believe her sister did this to them. Kristen worries about how this is going to end. EJ tells her not to go there but Kristen questions if there is any reason for Megan to keep them alive.

Megan tells Dr. Rolf that Harris hardly looks like a man ready to carry out an assassination later tonight. Dr. Rolf acknowledges that the procedure was taxing but he’s confident that Harris will be ready. Megan says he better be because Stefano would be rolling over in his grave if Stefan handed over his legacy to Gabi. Megan declares that DiMera should be hers and the flies in the ointment are EJ and Kristen. Megan worries that if she lets them go, they will turn her in to the authorities and ruin everything she has planned. Dr. Rolf asks if she doesn’t have faith in him by now and reveals that he knows how to make sure that won’t happen.

Leo asks Gwen why he would be jealous. Gwen complains about Leo being suspicious about Dimitri when they have ruled out that it’s money or his reputation or a green card. Gwen questions what other possible ulterior motive he could have. Gwen suggests it was just love at first sight, insisting that is possible. Gwen says even as friends, she knew when she first saw Leo that she would always love him. Leo accepts that maybe she’s right. Leo then admits that maybe he is a bit jealous that she has found her Prince Charming while no one has flirted with him in the last millennium. Leo adds that he’s still certain that Dimitri is up to something.

Johnny tells Dimitri that they will see him at the Bistro. Dimitri comments that it should be a great celebration as he walks away. Johnny admits he was surprised that Wendy wanted to go to the party. Wendy explains that Gabi is the closest thing she’s ever had to a sister and she doesn’t think Gabi holds what happened with her and Li against her. Wendy hopes Gabi understands that Li kind of lost his mind when Stefan came back because he knew he was going to lose Gabi, so he did a lot of things that he regrets now. Wendy states that Li did so many things to hold on to her, so she’s really glad that Li has come to his senses and realized that he has to move on…

Li texts Kate back as Harris, saying he’s moving Megan to a secure location and will join her for a drink when he returns.

Chad and Stephanie go to the Brady Pub and greet Kate. Chad tells Kate that they just wanted to stop by and see how she’s doing because he knows she and Abe were close. Kate calls it so terrible and she still can’t believe it as she still hasn’t processed it. Stephanie agrees, calling it awful and sad. Stephanie feels kind of wrong to be going to a party. Chad tells Kate that it’s Stefan and Gabi’s engagement party. Chad adds that he didn’t want to go, but Megan can be insistent. Kate is confused and questions Megan’s involvement.

Gabi tells Stefan that she still doesn’t know why Megan wanted to throw them this party. Stefan feels a party is a party. Gabi says they could give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she means well. Gabi tells Stefan that she needs some help getting in to her dress, so they head upstairs together.

Eric encourages Nicole that everything is going to be okay and she’s not going to lose the baby. Nicole argues that he doesn’t know that. Eric points out that the cramps are less frequent and reminds her that the most important thing is to relax. Nicole says she can’t relax because she’s been through this too many times in the past. Eric argues that this is not like then, repeating that the cramps are less frequent. Nicole comments on Eric being so kind and caring when this isn’t even his baby. Nicole brings up what happened with Jada. Eric tells Nicole that he cares about her even with all the ups and downs they have been through, so he’s not going anywhere. Eric says he’s sorry that EJ is not here for her right now, but he is.

EJ tells Kristen that he’s all for finding a way out, but he feels they have tried everything. EJ doesn’t think they are in danger since if Megan wanted to kill them, she would have already. Kristen worries that she’s just waiting for the right time, pointing out that if Megan has no problem killing Stefan then what’s to stop her with them.

Dr. Rolf presents Megan with a syringe of CRS-17, the drug he used to wipe out people’s memory. Megan calls him a genius and declares that if EJ and Kristen can’t remember that she kidnapped them or that she admitted to planning to kill Stefan, then she is free and clear. Dr. Rolf confirms that how much they forget depends on the dose so having them forget the past week will be easy. Megan says they have a little bit of time before the party, so she will take care of EJ and Kristen on her way to the party. Megan declares that is something to celebrate. Megan tells Harris that she will see him there and he better not let her down this time.

Nicole appreciates Eric being there for her but says it’s a lot to ask. Eric points out that she didn’t ask. Nicole feels like she doesn’t deserve to be comforted and like she’s being punished. Eric assures that God doesn’t punish people by scaring them. Eric decides to go see what’s keeping the doctor and encourages her to relax as he will be right back.

Gwen tells Leo not to wait up. Leo tells her to promise to call him if Dimitri pressures her to accept his proposal tonight. Gwen asks him to give it a rest, questioning what he can dig up on Dimitri in the next three hours. Leo feels it’s the ideal time to dig up dirt since all the DiMeras will be out and he can check out the mansion to look for clues and might even come up with a story out of it. Gwen remarks that he’ll surely come up with a story since the DiMera Mansion is murder mayhem central. Gwen tells Leo that no matter how hard he looks, Dimitri has no ulterior motive. Leo says they’ll see about that.

Stefan struggles helping Gabi get the zipper up on her dress. Stefan decides that it’s a sign that maybe instead of putting clothes on, they should be taking them off. Gabi agrees as they kiss.

Megan enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion, on the phone with Li. Megan tells Li not to worry about Kate as she will take care of her next. Li says he just wants to make sure that none of this is traced back to them. Megan tells him to stop worrying because Harris is firmly back on her team, so he will take Stefan out at the party tonight then Li will be free to move on with Gabi and they both get what they want. Li says it was a pleasure doing business with her and hangs up. Johnny and Wendy walk through the town square and come across Li. Li asks what the occasion is for them to be dressed up. Wendy informs him that they got a last minute invitation to Stefan and Gabi’s engagement party but Li says he doesn’t want them to go.

Kate questions what Chad said about Megan. Chad repeats that she insisted they go to the party. Chad assures that he still hates Megan for what she did to Kate. Chad jokes that he hates 90% of the people that are going to be there 90% of the time. Kate asks when Megan sent the invitation. Chad says it was just awhile ago. Stephanie asks if something is wrong. Kate says no and just that she tries to avoid Megan at all costs. Chad suggests staying away from the Bistro for the next few hours then because Megan is hosting.

Megan prepares the syringe of CRS-17 and looks to the portrait of Stefano, insisting that she’s only doing what is best for the entire family. Megan remarks that Stefano never even knew Stefan existed and doesn’t think he would’ve liked him much. Megan states that Stefan is so easily manipulated by Gabi and is very weak, so she doesn’t think Stefano will be shedding any tears over this. Megan then heads for the tunnels but Dimitri arrives and questions what she is doing.

Stephanie asks Kate if she’s sure she’s alright. Kate claims she’s fine and she just despises Megan and Dimitri. Chad says he’s sorry for what they put her through. Kate says that’s all over now thanks to Chad and adds that she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. Chad is grateful that she is. Kate reminds them that they have a party to go to, so Chad says they should go. Chad jokes that the sooner they get there, the sooner they can leave. Kate tells them to have fun. Chad jokes that it’s going to be lit. Stephanie tells Kate to take care as she and Chad exit the Pub. Kate then calls Harris Michaels.

As Harris phone rings, Wendy comments on Li changing his ringtone. She questions him not answering it. Li blows it off as just spam. Wendy asks why Li doesn’t want them to go to the party. Li argues that Stefan humiliated him. Li then decides that if they really want to go, he knows they are very fond of Gabi which Wendy confirms. Li warns them to watch their backs if they go because you never know what could happen in a room full of DiMeras…

Stefan and Gabi lay in bed together after having sex. Gabi says they better get a move on or they will be late to their own party. Stefan suggests they just not go. Stefan points out that everyone else is sending along their regrets so maybe they should do the same as they continue kissing.

Megan claims to Dimitri that she was just going down to get a few bottles of champagne for the party tonight. Dimitri asks what else she’s been up to since he’s texted her about a dozen times. Megan apologizes and says she’s just been so busy planning everything for the party. Megan asks if Gwen has accepted his proposal. Dimitri says not yet, only because they have been rudely interrupted by her overprotective little roommate. Megan complains that Gwen needs to accept the proposal. Dimitri notes that she did agree to come to the party so he’s sure all the engagement excitement will be contagious. Dimitri is very confident that he will be able to convince Gwen to accept this evening. Megan warns that Dimitri better be confident as she doesn’t need to remind him of the small fortune at stake. Dimitri says he will see her later tonight and exits the mansion. Megan then grabs the syringe and hurries in to the tunnels. Leo then sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion through the side door.

Eric returns to Nicole, who informs him that the doctor said the baby is fine. Eric says that’s great and asks what caused the cramps. Nicole says it was round ligament pain and it’s apparently normal so she just needs to take it easy, stay hydrated, and now she feels like an idiot. Eric understands why she would panic because of her rough history with things like this in the past. Eric is relieved that the baby is okay and he’s sure EJ will feel the same way when he gets back from where ever he is.

EJ tells Kristen that he’d be an idiot if he wasn’t a little worried about what Megan might do to them, but he’s more worried about what she might have already done to Stefan. Megan then enters the room and tells them to relax as she hasn’t done anything to Stefan. Megan then announces that now she has all her ducks in a row, so Stefan will be dead within the hour.

Stefan and Gabi walk through the town square. They agree it would’ve been a bad idea to skip their engagement party. Gabi talks about how they get to celebrate and then go home to spend the rest of the night in bed together. Li approaches them and says he just ran in to Wendy, who said she was going to their party so he would like to offer his congratulations. Stefan thanks him and says that’s very kind of him. Li states that he just wants Gabi to be happy. Gabi tells him that she wants the same for him. Gabi asks if Li is alright as he seems a little edgy. Li claims that he just hopes her evening is every bit as lovely as she deserves it to be. Li then steps away to listen to the voicemail that Kate left, where she says she just heard that Megan is throwing a party tonight and questions how that’s possible. Kate wonders what’s going on and guesses she’ll just have to see with her own eyes. Li deletes the voicemail and remarks that he hopes Kate doesn’t get caught in the crossfire.

Kristen questions Megan saying that Stefan will be dead within the hour. Megan explains that she’s throwing the engagement party tonight and Dr. Rolf has worked his magic on her man, Commander Harris Michaels. EJ questions Dr. Rolf being back. Megan confirms that he is, so tonight, Harris Michaels will do the deed and kill Stefan in front of all his friends and family, except for them two. Kristen asks if she’s going to kill them. Megan says of course not as she doesn’t think Stefano would be very happy about that. EJ swears they won’t implicate her and won’t say anything about this if she lets them go. Megan then reveals the syringe of CRS-17. EJ remembers Dr. Rolf trying to use it on Johnny to erase his memory. Megan tells them that as soon as the drug takes effect, she will be back for them. Megan suggests making it as quick and easy as possible.

Leo sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion and records himself talking about it. Leo notes that he couldn’t overhear the conversation between Dimitri and Megan, but given how shocked Megan was when he came through the tunnels before, he bets that they are hiding something down there and whatever it is will reveal that they are conspiring to screw over Gwen.

Chad and Stephanie arrive at the Bistro and greet Johnny and Wendy. Johnny hugs Chad and says he’s glad to see a family member that he actually knows and likes. Johnny introduces Wendy to Chad and Stephanie. Stephanie mentions hearing a lot about Wendy from Tripp and that he mentioned they might be dating. Stephanie says she shouldn’t have said anything given how Wendy and Johnny are on a date now. Wendy admits that she and Tripp did have a date earlier. Johnny asks if they are calling this a date now. Chad decides it’s none of their business. Chad hopes they have a fun night. Dimitri and Gwen then arrive. Dimitri announces that Gwen is his beautiful date and he hopes that tonight she might do him the honor of accepting his wedding proposal. Chad questions that and Stephanie asks if they knew each other from Europe. Dimitri admits they just met but they agree they share a very deep connection, so they hope they can all be happy for them but guesses not. Gwen says they don’t need anyone’s approval. Chad assures they won’t get it from him. Stefan and Gabi then arrive. Gabi remarks that it’s a room full of people that hates them and tells Stefan that they should’ve stayed home.

Harris Michaels wakes up in Dr. Rolf’s lab and asks what’s going on. Dr. Rolf informs him that he has a very important mission to carry out and asks if he remembers what that is.

Leo sneaks in to the DiMera Tunnels. Eric brings Nicole home to the DiMera Mansion and gets her settled on the couch. Eric asks if she wants water or soup. Nicole stops him and asks him not to go. Nicole tells Eric that she knows it must have been difficult for him to be in the hospital with her, so she wants him to know it means a lot. Eric is glad he could be there for her as they hug.

After being injected by Megan, EJ talks about feeling his memory slipping away. Kristen questions how they helped Stefan now. Leo then finds them and asks WTF?

Megan runs in to Kate in the town square. Megan mocks her and says she’d love to stay and chat but she’s late for a very important date. Megan walks away while Kate remarks “mission accomplished, my ass”

Li goes to Dr. Rolf’s lab and asks how it’s going. Rolf says it’s exactly as he said it would be and that Harris is like a heat seeking missile, focused on destroying his target. Li reminds him that it’s only the target because his sister is at the party. Dr. Rolf assures that Harris is programmed to only target Stefan. Li asks if won’t everyone suspect Megan immediately since she brainwashed Harris before. Dr. Rolf informs Li that he took care of that. Li hopes he didn’t let Harris go before he was fully ready like the disaster with Stefan. Dr. Rolf assures that the procedure is complete and Li will be a happy beneficiary. Li declares that Stefan will be gone and Gabi will be his again but this time, his hands will be completely clean.

Megan arrives at the Bistro and welcomes everyone. Megan apologizes for the delay and says that to make this a really special night, she brought a bottle of Stefano’s favorite champagne and it took a little longer than expected but she’s here now. Megan is so glad they are all here too because there is nothing in this world more important than family. Megan adds that she’s so grateful that they have all welcomed her back. Megan is thrilled to host this gathering for her newfound brother and his gorgeous bride to be. Megan says she just knows that Stefano is smiling down on them now, happy to see them all together again. Megan admits that she knows they have their differences but says they overcome them because that’s what families do. Chad mutters to Stephanie that Megan’s an assassin and that’s kind of hard to overcome. Megan talks about all the lost years they could’ve spent together but says she looks forward to the many happy years to come. Megan calls for everyone to grab a glass of champagne to toast the couple. Harris Michaels then arrives. Megan pretends to be shocked and asks what the hell he’s doing there. Harris then pulls his gun out, scaring everyone in the room.

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