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Sharon: Faith, I’m fine. I’m keeping busy, I promise. Well, with all kinds of things. You’re too sweet to call and check on me. I’m supposed to be the one asking you that question.

[ Knocking on the door ]

[ Sharon gasps, sighs ] Hold on, somebody’s here.

Adam: Sharon, it’s me.

Sharon: Oh, it’s adam. Just a minute! Um, I better go. Okay, I will tell him that just for you. Call soon. Love you too. Bye.

Adam: I startled you. I’m– I’m sorry.

Sharon: What kind of jerk shows up at a crime victim’s house this late at night without calling first?

[ Adam exhaling ]

Nick: How are you feeling?

Sally: I don’t know.

Nick: What can I do?

Sally: Uh, nothing.

[ Sally chuckling ]

Nick: Uh, do you wanna lay down or…

Sally: I will figure it out.

Nick: Are you in pain? Is it time for your medication?

Sally: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe.

Nick: I can handle that. I can prep whatever. If you’re hungry, I can get you some food from downstairs.

Sally: Okay, will you just stop, please? You’re hovering and it’s making me really uncomfortable.

Nick: Yeah. Uh, sorry. That’s the last thing you need.

Sally: It’s just an awful reminder that everything is not okay and that is far worse than any physical pain.

Summer: I have a confession that I need to make.

Chance: Am I gonna regret listening?

Summer: Probably.

Chance: Awesome. This is heading in a really great direction.

Summer: It’s my marriage. It might be ending. And it’s all because of the lies I told about my mom.

Michael: She’s gonna be here any minute and I don’t want her thinking that I– I scrimped on all of the romance, so, no. What I need is over the top. Like rocky road ice cream to represent the past, yeah? And then, uh– then, uh– the– some of the– no, all the strawberries, have them dipped in every type of chocolate that you have. And that will illustrate the– the– the sweetness to come. Yes, and, uh– and– and your best wine. And then, whatever– whatever else you can think of. Just– I want– I want everything, I want over the top, all right? Yes. You can do this for me. You can. All right. Thank you.

[ Knocking on door ] Ah, uh… door is open!

[ Michael sighing ]

[ Door clicks open ] Boy. Somebody better do something about the heat in here. It’s hot and getting hotter. Yeah. Does somebody need to be held in a– the hell! Phyllis. (Wheezing)

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Michael: What are you doing here? Where have you been? What did you do? I have too many questions.

[ Michael laughing ] You’re supposed to be on the run, but you seem rather stationary. I mean, in– in a room to which you were not invited.

Phyllis: You worried about me?

Michael: Yeah, of course, I am. I mean, again, what are you doing here? I set up a romantic evening for lauren. She could be here any minute.

Phyllis: Yeah, can we just stall lauren so I can explain to you what’s going on? Please?

Michael: Do you have any idea?

[ Michael scoffing ] No. Of course, you don’T. ‘Cause you’re only worried about yourself.

Phyllis: Michael, I’m sorry. I truly am sorry. Do you think that this has been fun for me?

Michael: I have half a mind to walk right out that door.

Phyllis: Oh, please, don’T. I need your help.

Michael: Damn it!

[ Chuckling ] Oh, it’s good to see you.

[ Michael grunting ]

Phyllis: Ditto.

[ Phyllis chuckling ]

Sally: I– I know I seem like I’m pushing you away right now and I’m sorry. I just– you’ve been nothing but sweet and attentive.

Nick: And that will only stop if you kick me out of here, which I hope you don’T. But if you need some space, sally, I get it. I hope you know, my invitation for you to move in with me doesn’t have an expiration date.

Sally: You know, maybe, I should hold off on making any major life decisions for a bit.

Nick: Of course. Whatever you need.

Sally: You know, maybe, now actually, is a good time for me to kick you out, ’cause I just don’t feel very receptive to nice things right now.

Nick: Well, I could be bad.

[ Sally sighing ] I mean it. Think about how good it would feel to, uh… you know, just get loud and shut me down. Get rid of all those bad feelings you don’t know what to do with. ‘Cause if that’s the case, then you can let me have it. I’m right here. Sticks and stones, fists of fury, whatever. You can get as loud and as mean as you want. Give me your worst. You’re entitled to that.

Sharon: Those were faith’s words by the way. I was just repeating them.

[ Adam laughing ]

Adam: And I bet they came straight from her heart. But, um, she’s right. It is late. I’m– I’m sorry. I, uh– I lost track of time.

Sharon: I’ve been doing the same lately.

Adam: Hmm, well, I wanted to see how you’re doing.

Sharon: I’m fine. Thanks for your concern.

Adam: Huh, well, where is faith? I will, uh, apologize to her myself.

Sharon: She is in michigan. I think she just needed a break from all the excitement.

Adam: And you’re okay being alone here after everything that happened?

Sharon: Who’s alone? I have friends stopping by my house late at night. Mariah and tessa are just the stone’s throw away, and nick, you know him, he practically, moved in. But, um, faith is safe, and that’s what matters.

Adam: Yeah, well, I’m just lucky you bounced back so quickly.

Sharon: I didn’t let cameron break me when he was alive and I’m sure not gonna let him do it now that he’s finally dead.

Adam: It’s easier to process it all if you get some distance from him. You know, the killing. I know what it’s like.

Sharon: I don’t need any distance. I did what was necessary to keep my daughter safe and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Somedays, I cover up because of my moderate With cirkul, your water is deliciously flavored at the turn of a dial, with zero sugar and zero calories. And cirkul has over 40 flavors, so your water can be as unique as you are. Try cirkul at drinkcirkul.Com (michael) copd is harder on the folks around you, I think.

Michael: You’re conveniently forgetting the fact that you, uh… faked your own death and tried to pin it on diane. Making you officially no better than miss diane jenkins, soon to be abbott.

Phyllis: Michael, take that back, please. Really?

Michael: I will not. We thought you were dead. We were devastated.

Phyllis: At least, I know how people think about me.

Michael: There are easier ways to find out.

Phyllis: Yeah? Maybe I should have asked people. Well, people were calling me names and treating me like garbage. You love me, michael?

Michael: Now? Not so much. No. And barging in on a romantic evening doesn’t even come close to making the top of my list of grievances.

Phyllis: Wow. Have you ever wondered what I’m going through?

Michael: Yeah. I’ve heard. It’s been on all the police radios. You killed a man.

Phyllis: He was about to kill me. So yes, I killed him. And everybody presumed I was dead, so nobody would be looking for me, right? It’d be done. I was terrified.

Michael: Understandably.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. And I fought for my life. And I tried to survive and I did. And I didn’t just do it for me, I did it for all of us and everybody who loves me. And I don’t feel bad about it because that man was garbage. Okay? So we could talk about all the grievances you have and you can itemize the criticisms you have of me, or we could talk about how you’re gonna help me before your wife walks through that door.

Michael: I’m not sure I know… how you think I can help you.

Phyllis: Well, you’re a lawyer. I committed crimes. So what do you think I need, michael?

Michael: Hm, a shoulder to cry on? An airline ticket to a country without extradition.

Phyllis: I’m not gonna run anymore.

Michael: You should have thought of that before you reached for the scissors.

Phyllis: Okay, wait a second. Let’s be honest here. Can you tell me something truthfully as a friend?

Michael: Oh, truthfully? Truthfully? Is that what friends do for one another?

Phyllis: Did I lose you to diane? Honestly, are you going to choose diane over me?

Summer: I lied to my husband. I knew that my mom was alive when everybody else thought she was dead. And now, I’m pretty sure that I’m dead to him. There was a moment when I could have come forward and said that diane was innocent. I could have proven it. Okay, there were– there were a few moments that I could have done that, but I didn’T. I– I kept up the charade and I let her sit in jail. Another thing. I– I was the one that my mom reached out to after her memorial service. It wasn’T… daniel, I– it was me.

Chance: Any idea why?

Summer: Because she knew I’d help her no questions asked. Because I’m just as deceitful as she is. You’re not surprised.

Chance: Blame it on my day job. Takes a lot to surprise me these days.

Summer: You know, this is the part where, as a friend, you might say something like… “you’re not a bad person, summer. Everyone makes mistakes.”

Chance: No, I think I’d say something along the lines of, “it’s been very clear now how far you’re willing to go to protect your mother.”

Summer: How much trouble am I in?

Sharon: So, how are you? Is it too soon to talk about the baby? That’s a hurt that never really goes away.

Adam: Hmm. Well, it’s good to know I have so much to look forward to.

Sharon: Trying to push those feelings down doesn’t work either.

[ Adan sighing ]

Adam: Well, it’s doing wonders for you, sharon. Two can play that game.

Sharon: Losing this baby, and then, losing sally all over again, that’s breaking you. You’re having a hard time focusing. You’re not eating and you definitely haven’t slept, am I close?

Adam: Well, it’s my, uh, survival mechanism.

Sharon: Avoidance?

Adam: Whatever works.

Sharon: Look… if you don’t wanna be honest with yourself about what this loss is doing to you, that’s fine. But what about sally?

Adam: I– she has nick.

Sharon: That’s different. You and sally, you need each other, as challenging and awkward as that may seem right now, you two lost so much together. You need to talk about what losing this little girl means to you. How you want to celebrate her or memorialize her. You know, just talk about it. Cry with her.

Adam: I– I can’T.

Sharon: Not even for sally? Isn’t she the woman that you would do anything for? I’m not saying that it’s gonna be easy or that it will happen overnight, but… you need to find a way to forgive yourself.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: And how am I supposed to do that?

Nick: If you don’t get these feelings out, they’re just gonna fester.

Sally: Believe me, you do not wanna see this level of anger.

Nick: I can handle it. Have you met my dad?

Sally: Look, I’m gonna take this mask off and trust me, you’re gonna see what’s underneath it and you’re never gonna wanna see me again.

Nick: You can let go with me. I’ve got you. Pretend I’m someone else then. Disposable. I’m teflon. Pretend I’m adam. The doctors, the universe, whatever, just get it out.

Sally: Look, if I start screaming, I’m not gonna stop. And I’m so scared that this is gonna be my world from now on. Just remembering what could have been, and… that I’m never gonna be that happy again.

Nick: Well, I’m here, sally. I’m yours.

Sally: [ Sighing ] Thank you.

Nick: But you don’t need anyone, right? I mean, not really. You’re tough. You can take it.

Sally: God, but I don’t want to have to take it! Everyone that I’ve ever loved has left me. And I finally wasn’t gonna be alone anymore. Ava was gonna be my world. How do you just get over losing someone like that?

Nick: But you’re resilient. They say–

Sally: Okay, well, they’re– they’re idiots, okay? Ava was my everything. And now, I have to spend the rest of my life trying to forget ’cause that is the only way I see myself getting through this. Forget about the doctors who told me that I was gonna be okay because I want them dead. And adam, who made the decision to let our baby die instead of me and leaving me to live with this pain for the rest of my life? How am I ever gonna be able to forgive him for that? God, and if I hadn’t been so stressed out, then maybe– maybe, she would have had more time. Oh, and trying to forget that I was stressed because of you. Where the hell were you, nick? Keeping me in the dark, leaving me to think the worst and not answering your phone? I mean, you were supposed to make everything okay. You were the one person I could count on. And I get it. I do. I really do. Your family needed you. But what about me? Where were you when I needed you?

[ Sally sobbing, sniffling ]

Nick: It’s okay. It’s okay.

[ Sally sobbing ] (Man) what if my type 2 diabetes takes over?

Adam: I appreciate you trying to help sharon, but everything between sally and me is– it’s over. She hates me.

Sharon: Well, when she first learned she lost the baby, sure.

Adam: I– I went back to see her today and I poured my heart out, uh, hoping to make her understand why I did what I did.

Sharon: How’d that go?

Adam: Um, I’m the loser in the blame game. So, as far as my demons go, let ’em be. I could use the company. Sally and I are going on our separate ways. It just wasn’t in the stars.

Sharon: You two were split when this baby was conceived.

Adam: Yeah, that’s true.

Sharon: I just find it interesting that when the doctors gave you the choice between saving sally or the baby, you chose sally. Is that because you thought maybe, somewhere down the line–

Adam: I– I wasn’t thinking. I wanted them both. I wanted the baby and sally. I never wanted our baby to–

[ Adam sighing ] I made a– a choice with the information that I had. Sally could survive. She could have other children someday if that’s what she wanted.

Sharon: But those children wouldn’t be with you.

Adam: Yes, that is true. I know that. But like many have said, it’s not about me. Sally’s the only one that matters. So, now, life goes on. It’s just– it’s just not the life that I wanted. Look, I should get going, okay?

Sharon: Adam.

Adam: Oh, I, uh– good night, sharon.

Nick: I hope you know how sorry I am. The way everything turned out.

Sally: I know. Me, too.

[ Sally sniffling ]

Nick: Feel good to get all that out?

Sally: Kinda. Yeah. [ Scoffing ]

Nick: You sleepy?

Sally: How could you tell?

Nick: I know you. And I know you really want to get in that bed. You want some help?

Sally: I would love your help.

Nick: Come on. Easy. Easy, easy.

[ Sally groaning ] You want some company?

Sally: Please. Okay.

Nick: Easy. There we go.

Sally: You know, you don’t have to stay the night. I know you’ve had a rough couple of days too, so just– you can go home. I’m sure christian will wanna see his father in the morning.

Nick: I’m not going anywhere until you fall asleep. However long that takes.

[ Sally sighing ]

Chance: Christine wants to bring charges against you the same time we indict phyllis.

[ Summer laughing ]

Summer: Of course.

Chance: I’m sure it’s nothing personal.

Summer: You really said that with a straight face. My mom’s nemesis is in charge of our fate.

[ Chance sighing ]

Chance: You know, summer, i wish I had better news for you.

Summer: Do you have any news at all? I mean, has anybody seen my mom?

Chance: How am I supposed to answer that? As the lead detective or your friend?

Summer: Is there a middle ground in there somewhere?

Chance: There have been no sightings.

Summer: And even if there had been–

Chance: You would be the last to know.

Summer: Great.

Chance: You really don’t know where she is, do you?

Summer: If you do find her, you’re gonna prosecute her to the full extent of the law, right?

Chance: I have no choice.

Michael: You don’t think that I tried not to be her lawyer? I did everything I could to get out of it. Lauren even– don’t start me with that. That woman loves you.

Phyllis: I love her. I can’t wait to see her and all of my friends and hug them and show them how much I love them.

Michael: Hey, good luck with that.

Phyllis: What do you mean good luck with that? Don’t be negative. You probably can’t take my case, right? Because it’s conflict of interest.

Michael: Diane’s been cleared of a crime that never happened. So, yeah. I’m a free agent.

Phyllis: I need you, michael. I need you to take the case. I need the best and that’s you. You have to plead my case, please.

Michael: Well, summer did already offer me the opportunity and I have to say, I graciously accepted.

Phyllis: What? Why didn’t you say something? Why did you let me go on and on?

Michael: Maybe I just needed to get some anger out.

Phyllis: Summer asked you?

Michael: Yeah, she takes after you. She’s inherited that chaos agent gene. She’s impulsive and–

Phyllis: Fearless.

Michael: Fear– fear is good. Fear keeps us alive and out of court. Are you aware of how many laws summer has already broken because of you? Look, if she doesn’t watch her step, she’s headed for big trouble. Oh

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Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. You make it sound like keeping secrets is illegal. Summer’s fine.

Michael: Oh, well, this next endeavor she’s planning is more serious than aiding and abetting a fugitive or even obstruction.

Phyllis: You’re gonna have to be more specific with me.

Michael: The emt that helped you fake your death, she wanted to bribe him to commit perjury to swear that he witnessed you killing stark in self-defense.

Phyllis: Full disclosure?

Michael: No, I shouldn’t be hearing this.

Phyllis: That is true.

[ Michael groaning ] It’s true. He did witness it. He witnessed everything. But getting in touch with him is my plan. Summer has nothing to do with it, really. So take it away from summer. It’s all me. It’s all me, michael. It’s not perjury.

Michael: And what? Incentive? Do you trust me?

Phyllis: With my life.

Michael: Then from now on, you let me come up with the plans. Stark was a bottom feeder. There’s gotta be more we can learn from that emt. He’s got another whole story. The coverup, the bodies in the morgue. Stark’s ease with death. The lengths he’d go through to put his hands on your money. Carson. Carson can testify to his darker tendencies. He can really strengthen your case.

Phyllis: And he saw it all. He did. He knows it all. He knows what I went through and what stark made me do.

Michael: Well, unfortunately, we haven’t been able to locate him. Not even with victor’s help.

Phyllis: Victor’s help? Victor wants to see me in prison, not help get me out of prison.

Michael: Summer asked him to do what he could to find carson. The man has a special place in his heart for that grandkid.

Phyllis: Yeah, I’m sure he does. He doesn’t for me. We hate each other. So let’s keep him out of it. I rely on you.

Michael: You know… sometimes, if we want people to surprise us and we give them a chance, they usually do.

Phyllis: Yeah. And sometimes they surprise us with something good.

Michael: So, let’s change the world so you can come home.

Phyllis: Will you represent me?

Michael: Will you turn yourself in?

[ Phone ringing ]

Nick: I was just thinking about you.

Sharon: I was just calling to say that you can take me off of your list of people to worry about tonight.

Nick: Ah, it doesn’t work like that. Once you’re on the list, it’s a forever kinda thing.

Sharon: Who’s looking after you?

Nick: What is this? You looking for someone to hang out with and you’re just too brave to ask?

Sharon: No, I’m fine. Actually, adam just stopped by to see how I was doing.

Nick: All right. Uh, well, I could, uh, I could come over if you want. I mean, it’s not like I have a job to get to in the morning.

Sharon: What’s happening at newman?

Nick: I was forced into a temporary leave of absence. It seems my personal issues are no longer compatible with the company’s health, so.

Sharon: Well, that’s not the worst thing, you know. Take care of your health and, you know, give it some time. Let things get back into a normal healthy rhythm.

Nick: I’m a dangerous man with too much time on my hands.

Sharon: I have no doubt that you will find a productive way to spend your r&R.

Nick: Well, the only way I want to be productive is to work.

Sharon: Then find something.

Nick: All right, I’ll look into it. Thanks.

Sharon: Anytime.

Nick: Call me if you need me.

Sharon: I will.

Nick: Night. Tv: Try tide power pods with 85% more tide in every pod.

Adam: Thank you. You know, I– I really hope this isn’t becoming a thing. Us sharing a drink and our– our woes.

Nick: Well, one of us could leave.

Adam: Or you could just tell me how sally is doing.

Nick: How do you think, man? She’s– she’s spiky, you know. So it’s not a good time for her if you’re trying to come and make amends.

Adam: Nick, I live upstairs too.

Nick: Yeah. I’m just trying to figure out where your head’s at. You know, you kept showing up to the hospital when sally specifically asked you not to. Then you roll by sharon’s tonight.

Adam: Okay, what is wrong with seeing a friend who just fought her way through hell?

Nick: No, you went there to see if she could fix your life for you while she’s dealing with her own stuff. It’s typical.

Adam: Don’t you think it’s a little late to try to be everyone’s hero, nick? I wasn’t the only one who made a choice that night. You could’ve chosen to stay with sally, be the standup guy that she needed. I mean, you said that you love her, right?

Nick: I do love her. But–

Adam: But only when sharon doesn’t need you. I mean, you put me in charge of sally’s care while you were on your little side quest to bring down cameron. You got to be the hero and I’m the one who took all the blame.

[ Sally sighing ]

[ Sally sighing ]

Phyllis: I gotta make sure you got this.

Michael: Phyllis! Yes.

Phyllis: You know what? I already stayed too long.

Michael: No, you can’t keep going on like this. With no family, no friends, no one you can trust.

Phyllis: It’s really hard.

[ Phyllis laughing ] I don’t like being on the run.

Michael: Stay.

Phyllis: Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

Michael: You’ll be close to people who love you, who miss the heck out of you.

Phyllis: Missing all of you is all I think about. You gotta get me out of this, michael.

Michael: Okay. Okay. We’re gonna take all– all this messiness and put it behind you so you can get on with your life so you could be happy again. So you could walk down the streets of this town with your head held high. Carson, he’ll help. What do you say? With moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,

Nick: Nobody asked what happened that night. But, adam, honestly, I’m really glad you were there to do whatever you could.

Adam: You mean take a kick in the teeth so my big brother can shine?

Nick: Here we go.

Adam: No, really, I– I would really like to know how that feels to be the guy in the spotlight when the credits roll. You know, saved his family from a lunatic. And what does nick do on his victory lap? He swoops in to fix what adam couldn’T. I mean, you’re a hero. And I just get shoved back in the corner where I’m expected to stay until I’m needed.

Nick: That night took its toll on all of us.

Adam: Yeah, but you came outta that sewer smelling like a rose. Even though I did everything right, it all fell apart. How does that happen, nick? No, really. I would like to know because I– I just– I– I really wanna get this right for next time. And we both know there’s gonna be a next time. Someone’s gonna need me to do their dirty work. The stuff that they just don’t have the stomach for. You know, the unspeakable stuff, the decisions that nobody ever wants to make.

Nick: It was an awful night for everybody.

Adam: Yeah, well, it was worse for some.

Nick: And just so you know, I have told sally she needs to find some way to forgive you for something that was not your fault. But this is up to sally. All right? Wherever this goes from here is completely up to her. Now, she has decided that because the baby is sadly no longer here, there is nothing left between the two of you. So, if you ever cared about her, then you’ll respect that and stay away from her.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Thanks for the advice.

[ Nick sighing ]

Chance: I feel like I said a lot of things you didn’t wanna hear and now you don’t wanna be friends anymore.

Summer: Yeah, well, it doesn’t matter. I told you once we get up from this table, the whole friend thing is dead.

Chance: It was fun while it lasted. So don’t worry. We’ll find your mom.

Summer: It’s your job after all.

Chance: You really think that’s the only reason I wanna find your mom? Hm? You know, until she comes back, you can’t move on. All this stuff between you and kyle and the rest of your family, it stays in limbo. But when she does come back, you can then focus on more important things like yourself, your life, what you want.

Summer: You’re right. You know what, you might have helped me after all. We need to find my mom.

Chance: Where the hell have you been? This is what I’ve been trying to do for the past month.

Summer: Okay, well, I’m gonna help you this time. We’re gonna help each other… ’cause that’s what friends do.

Phyllis: Michael, I– I can’t turn myself in yet. I can’t do it. Um… don’t hate me please.

Michael: Never.

Phyllis: All right. But this is a good talk, you know. I’m gonna weigh my options and take everything you said to me into account.

Michael: Yeah, well, don’t take too long. The clock is ticking.

Phyllis: All right. It was good chatting with you.

Michael: Come home.

Phyllis: Well, I will. One day. And what a grand day that’ll be, right?

Michael: Oh, I can’t wait. You know, I hate waiting. Phyllis… I’m gonna see you again, aren’t I?

Phyllis: Let’s make a deal. Work your magic… and I will come back with bells on.

[ Michael sighing ]

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