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[ Breathes deeply ] Ohh! Hoo! You should stretch. I will when I [Inhales sharply] Can breathe.

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Sighs ] You really pushed yourself today. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it was a really good idea to go for that run. I’m glad you think so. All I could focus on was my next breath, that next stride. And for a shimmering moment, I just almost forgot that my father doesn’t know who I am. Sorry. Where’s trina? She’s getting us drinks. Still worried about drew? I’m not worried about him. I know that he can protect himself. But three years in pentonville? It’s just wrong. My mom’s trying to be brave about it. She told me to have fun today. But I can’t help but feel a little guilty about being here. I hear that. It’s hard when someone you love is going through something and you can’t help them. Grandmother, are you sure that I can’t drive you to the airport? That’s sweet of you, honey, but I have a driver, and I will be busy with mayoral business right up until I get there. Is that all you’re taking to chechnya? I used to travel quite a bit, and I got pretty good at packing light. I-I don’t want to sound too repetitive, but I do think that this trip is too risky. Spencer’s right. Besides, we need you here. I understand your concern, um, and I have arranged for some backup for the two of you, uh, while kevin and i are out of town. What kind of… backup? You’ll see. But I feel, uh, quite confident that the two of you will be able to come together and work out your relationship for ace’s sake. I made such a mess of things last night. I-I-I was so worried about him coming home that I just — I pushed him further away. None of us would have fared any better. I know I wouldn’T. You really think so? Ned thinks he’s eddie maine. Not one of us knows how to deal with that. We just hope that he comes to his senses soon. How long you been up? Hi. Uh, an hour or so. Yeah. You seen ned? Um, no, not yet. Should I go check on him? I mean, he has a brain injury. And isn’t it a bad sign if someone with a concussion wants to sleep a lot? Doctors say that rest is the best thing. So… so I called olivia to check in on what’s going on, and she — you know olivia — gave me the rundown. And maybe he’s going to wake up and, you know, remember his life. I don’t know. Yeah. Here’s hoping. Right? Right? Shh. Hey. Good morning. Can someone tell me what I’m doing here?

[ Door opens ] What are you doing? Oh, god. My god. Are you all right? Of course I’m all right. Why wouldn’t I be? Have a look for yourself. -That’s it? -Yeah.

Well, what it lacks in subtlety, it certainly makes up for in style. I guess that happened when I was asleep. You didn’t hear anything? No. There’s no sign of forced entry, so… didn’t set the alarm off. Must just be kids. You think this was kids? Yeah. Probably read the article in the newspaper and knew where I live. Just a prank. Where are you going? I’m going to get something to clean it off. I’ve given it some thought, and I’ve changed my mind on that. I can’t — I can’t get pilar fired. Nannies come and go, right? Mason is a very impatient man, and if he feels like we’re dragging our feet on this, he’s going to come up with some very creative ways to motivate us. Broken bones come to mind. Well, he’s not going to get any information at all if he incapacitates me. Who says it’s your bones he’s going to break? I’m sorry. I’m a little bit tired. Ace was up half the night. Yeah, he’d settle down, or seemed to, and then five minutes later, he would be crying again. And you both got up with him? Why not trade off? I see. Because neither one of you trusted the other to take care of ace. I need more coffee. Esme, we’ve talked about this. I know. You don’t have to do absolutely everything for ace. Look, I just understand what ace needs better than spencer does.

[ Sighs ] Well, good for you. Now, let spencer figure it out so you can get some sleep. Spencer is very good with ace. You’re not wrong. I think that if you could bend just a little, spencer would meet you halfway.

[ Knock on door ] And there she is. Morning! Hey! Good morning, beautiful, beautiful baby sister. Morning. Oh, nice greeting. How are you, huh? I’m good. Very good. Oh. Lucy. Hi. Wow, what a surprise. Come on in. Oh, thank you. Um, I hope this isn’t an imposition. Um, marty told me you were heading to russia today? And we’re here to see you off. I’m so glad that you’re here to help me through this. If there’s anything you need me to do, just ask. Well, you could come inside with me, grab some water. Desperately need to hydrate. Why are you shiny? It’s sweat. We went for a run. Someone chasing you? Ha ha. Funny. What is? Any news on dad? You don’t remember me, uh, bringing you here last night? Of course I do, but I didn’t get a good look around. So when I woke up this morning and saw that view, it was amazing, man.

[ Chuckles ] Really. Nice digs. Yeah. Maybe one day when I’m on tour, I’ll be able to stay in a place like this. I’m glad I can make you feel comfortable. Comfortable? It was luxurious. Really. Thank you for letting me crash here. Any time. Listen, olivia’s like family. Yeah. Yeah. About her. Don’t get me wrong. She seems, you know, like a nice lady. Oh, yeah, she is. But I had to get out of that club last night before I said something I regretted. I don’t know how to convince her that I can’t be who she wants me to be.

If mason lays one finger on avery, I’ll kill him. You refuse to accept how ruthless mason is. There’s no one who’s off-limits. All right, fine. Fine. Do you have an idea? How should we get rid of pilar? We tell sonny that she stole something.

[ Scoffs ] She wouldn’t do that. And he wouldn’t believe it. No. Something else.

[ Door opens ] Oh, good. You’re both here.

[ Door closes ] Unfortunately, so are you. All right, you called this meeting. Let’s get it started. Great idea. So, what you got for me? So how long is the flight to russia? Keep in mind, it — ho ho! Martin! Lucy! What brings port charles’ most vivacious couple by? Uh, well, your uncle marty here is the backup that I was telling you about. Uh, just, you know, here to help out while kevin and laura are away in russia, you know, where americans are advised to leave. Well, that’s fantastic. We could certainly use all the help we can get. How are you with changing diapers? I’ll be acting in a strictly advisory capacity in that regard, you know, someone to call in the middle of the night should trouble arise. Uh, yeah. Oh, and you know what? Um, you can count on me. I mean, although I’m not officially a member of the family, I’m a phone call away any time. Promise. That’s great. Martin, I am curious, uh, have you held a baby before? Spencer, don’t be rude. Martin happens to have many, many, many hidden talents. In fact, you may think he would know nothing about skin care, but he was instrumental in the conception of the new deception product. Oh, now, now, let’s not start. Thank you. Thank you, my little petal blossom. You were. But you were instru– I appreciate your unwarranted and unwavering support. Listen, I don’t see kevin. Where is my newly minted brother-in-law? He’s at the hospital wrapping a few things up. He will meet me at the airport. Ah, so that means you two really will be all by your lonesome. Does that, you know, caring for a baby bring you together? Um, we both love ace, and that is the most important thing. Right, spencer? That’s right. So, dex, how long have you been in port charles? Uh, a little over a year. Oh. So where were you before that? All over the place. I joined the army when I finished high school. I did a tour. When I got discharged, I bounced around, did a bunch of odd jobs, and then I, uh, ended up being the substitute manager at volonino’S. What? Joss never said that. Is that where you two met? Okay. Obviously not. Uh, I met joss when I was working… for sonny. There was a misunderstanding. Oh! No, no, there was no misunderstanding. Joss threatened to call the cops on me. I threatened to call the cops on sonny. Dex was collateral damage, so I changed my mind. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Lucky you. Oh, it wasn’t luck. It was joss. I asked her to cut me a break, and she did. As far as anyone knows, ned is still at sonny’S. Olivia went over there under the flimsy pretext of taking him some clothes. Is that really a good idea? Well, she also took him some dessert pasta, so one can only hope. I understand why olivia feels she has to do this, but I’m just concerned that she’S… going to overdo it? Push him too hard? Drive him farther away? What are the odds? Well, if you’re so worried, why didn’t you stop her? Because olivia is ned’s wife. She’s fighting for her husband. And if there’s a 1% chance that it’s going to work, who am I to stop her? Don’t you think you should get changed? I mean, even a business as slipshod as deception can’t think that that is appropriate office attire. I took the day off. Why would you do that? Because her father almost died and he doesn’t recognize her anymore. Give her a break. She needs it. Look, I am sorry, but I have to go. I have to work this afternoon. Oh, yeah. Because you got your police badge… detective shield. …Back. You must be so grateful that you got to go back to a job you love so much. I sure am. I don’t doubt it, because sometimes work is the best thing for us. Olivia! Come in! Good to see you.Yeah, it’s good to be seen. Keep it together, will you? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Ned: I’ll be in my room. Please — uh, please stay. Just a second. Um… I’m so sorry about what happened at the savoy last night. Yeah, I’m sorry, too. Um… I made you some, um, ricotta ravioli. It’s — you like it. I mean, at least you used to. Uh, it — it, uh, looks really — it looks delicious. Maybe we can have it for dinner? Uh, it’s — it’s actually — it’s a dessert or a — or a — a snack. Just whatever. Just eat it whenever. Uh, I’ll put it in the fridge for now. Okay? You sleep okay? I did. How about you? Not so much. Um, I — I brought you some clothes. Oh. Thank you. Uh, that’s very considerate. I’ll go change. Could you just give me five minutes? Please?

Bye, T. Bye! You two look happy. We are. And you’re okay with dex working for sonny? No, but I know the type of guy that dex really is. One who works for sonny. Yes. But there’s more to him. Yeah, okay. I get it. You see a side of dex that no one else sees. I see a side of spencer that he usually keeps hidden. Really? Anything specific? Okay. Before victor died, he falsified evidence that could put esme in prison. That’s what victor left spencer in his will. Oh, my god. That’s fantastic. Why hasn’t he used it? Because the evidence isn’t real. So? Esme really did commit those crimes. So what’s wrong with setting her up to make her pay for them? It’s only been like five minutes since you last threatened us. You can’t possibly expect results already. You’re sonny’s baby mama, but you can’t get him to talk. For the last time, sonny and I are not friends. Sonny and i have never been friends. You know what? We have a great plan. We just need a little bit of time to execute it. Have I not made it clear the information I need is time-sensitive? What information? Maybe if you told us what you were looking for, things might move a little faster. Anything on pikeman — shipping dates, cargo manifests, anything. So quit stalling. We are working just as quickly as we can. See, I don’t think you are. I know that two intelligent, capable people such as yourselves can do anything you put your minds to. Or maybe you just need a little more motivation.

[ Cellphone rings ] I have to take this.

[ Ringing continues ] What is up with her? Thank you again for coming to tracy with that. I’m so glad that there’s surveillance footage of my dad’s fall. Otherwise, it would be her word against drew’S. Actually, that’s not true. Someone else witnessed ned’s fall. So, um… well, here is, um… here’s, uh, us when we were renewing our wedding vows. And… here’s — here’s one of you. You’re singing at leo’s birthday party. And there’s thanksgiving. If it’s thanksgiving, why is there pizza? You really don’t remember, huh? There’s — there’s always pizza at a quartermaine thanksgiving. Mm. Look, I can see how happy everyone is in these photos, but they don’t mean anything to me. I’m sorry. Maybe just — here, just — just — just keep taking a look. Just look through it. Just pick a page, any page. Just…you never know. Maybe — maybe something will — something will ring a bell. Maybe s– something. Wait. That’s me? Russia? Chechnya? I know the situation is volatile there. Oh, well… okay? I do. But kevin’s going to be there. Oh. Valentin will be there. What could possibly go wrong? I mean, if kevin can’t make the russians feel better about themselves, I’m sure valentin could arrange for a-a group of mercenaries to exfiltrate you. Marty, you’re an optimist after all! What can I say? You bring out the hopeful… just do me a favor. Take care of yourself. I mean it, baby sister. Be careful. I will. You come home to us. Okay. Do you not think that the police should see this? I’m not calling the police, valentin. Why not? Because it’s — it’s a prank. It’s A…juvenile act of vandalism. This is not a prank. This is an attack. And for all we know, this is a — this is a-a warning shot. I think you’re overreacting. And I think you may be underreacting. So until you can face what is, I’m staying. Uh, no, you are going to russia with laura. No, I’m not. Yes, you are going. Listen, we have a situation. This is a threat literally on your doorstep. And I can handle it, thank you, on my own. Because if it’s kids, it’s nothing. It’s not nothing. And it’s not kids. Well, and if it isn’t, then I will handle that, too. But I’m telling you, kevin and laura cannot handle chechnya on their own. They need you there. All right? I love you. And I want to protect you. I love you. And I love that you want to protect me. And I like worrying about you, even if you don’t need me. I think I need you more than I want to need you. I’m listening. I need… your voice. I really like how you make even the most mundane things sound very sexy. Go on.

[ Chuckling ] Oh! I really like the way that you say, um, “breakfast is ready.” Breakfast is ready. I like that a lot. And then along comes a full english breakfast, like 10% larger than it really needs to be. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, darling.

[ Chuckles ] And I like your bad jokes. I’ve never told a bad joke in my life. Okay. Sure.

[ Smooches ] I just need you.

[ Sighs ] Because when I’m with you, I can breathe. I don’t have to watch my back because you’re watching it for me. And also, you — you kind of understand the pain of… past mistakes. Yeah, I do. Is that what this is? You want me to leave as atonement? Some sort of righteous self-punishment for your sins?

What is — are those supposed to be mine? They are yours. Don’t worry. You can keep that. There’s plenty more on nikolas’ body. Oh, come on. A few of my hairs on his jacket? That doesn’t mean anything. Hairs and dna. The cops know that you were the last person to see nikolas before he “disappeared,” so it won’t take them long to come to the right conclusion. You murdered nikolas. Okay, look, e-everybody here in this room, we all understand the stakes. So we’ll — we’ll get you something soon. Promise. I hope so, cuz. I really do.

[ Door closes ] You would really be okay with giving the police false evidence to put esme away? Trina, after everything that girl did to us, yeah, I would, in a heartbeat. So you’re saying the ends justify the means? No. I’m saying that, in this situation, sometimes the system needs a little help to get justice. And I think that spencer would feel the same way. He did. What did you say to esme? Same thing I’m going to say to you. Ace needs both of you. No, I s– I still think that my brother would be far better off if esme was not in the picture, grandmother. Well, you can think that all you want, spencer, but it’s not going to happen. Esme and ace are a package deal. It’s not too late. I mean it. Spencer… we can leave this box locked. We can walk out of here. I know my uncle victor, and there is no good that is going to come from opening this box, trina. Do you really not want to know what this box might be protecting your family from? Esme is not going to disappear, no matter how much you may want her to. Very interesting. When I came back last night — not going to deny it — I — I was looking for some righteous retribution. And then, um, laura and felicia and robert came round and did their best to bolster me up. And I did my best to be appropriately grateful and appropriately receptive, I think. In other words, you couldn’t get rid of them fast enough. I couldn’t get rid of them fast enough. And then when they’d gone, I was left alone with that newspaper and that brutal headline. And I started to think about my entire career, everything I’d ever done. Everything. The — the good… and the bad. And all the people that I love, the people that I saved, people I betrayed. And I realized that even with all of my past spread out across the newspapers, the world didn’t stop. Well, listen, I think you’ve worked hard to make up for the time you spent working for the dvx. You think so? I really wanted to try to balance the scales. You have. Thank you. And with people like you around to remind me of that, I think I’m going to be fine. And if those vandals come back with their spray cans, then I’m going to be here to show them exactly what I’m made of. Ned: I look good. Olivia: Yes, you do. What about the girl next to you? You remember her?

[ Sighs ] It’s on the tip of my tongue. Her name was lois. She’s our old friend from the neighborhood. She — she was actually your manager. Wow. No, I-I-I can’t place her. I guess the bump on my head is to blame.

[ Gasps ] I remember this guitar.

[ Laughing ] Yeah! The guitar?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckling ] You don’t remember your wife or your family. You — you remember a guitar from the ’90s?! Hey, look, look, look, look. I don’t need to upset you any more than I already have, okay? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Where — where are you going? I-I’m getting out of here. Okay? I need some air. I’m not a prisoner here, am I? No, of course not. Thank you. Uh, eddie? Eddie! You know, you’re the only one who calls me that. Yeah. It’s your name, isn’t it? Yeah. But no one here wants to believe that, except you. I hadn’t heard about another witness coming forward. She didn’T. “She” who? Nina reeves was there when ned fell. You could see her plain as day on the security footage. But if nina was there, why wouldn’t she say anything? I don’t know. But it’s weird, right? When am I ever anything but focused? Of course I know how important this is. Do you want to criticize? Why don’t you come here and do it yourself, okay? That’s what I thought. Let me remind you that we are partners. You are not my boss. Good. Now, leave it to me. I will get the information on the deceptor that we need. I promise you.

Drugs. Okay, so family connection or not, sonny wouldn’t like it if he thought that pilar was using drugs. We are not planting drugs on avery’s nanny! You need to stop saying that things aren’t going to work and come up with something that is going to work. Because if we don’t give mason something, we’re going to, oh, uh, what’s the word? There’s a thing that’s going to — die. Yes, that’s what’s going to happen. And then…

[ Cellphone beeps ] …What’s going to happen to your daughter? All right, f-fine, fine. I’ll do it. I’ll think of something, after I spend time with my daughter. This was, uh, clearly a bust, uh, which gave me a lot to think about. So, uh, I’m going to go. Are you sure? Oh, yeah. Ned — I’m not calling him eddie. Ned says he wants space. I’ll give him space.

[ Sniffles ] I just wish I wasn’t so terrified that he was going to skip town. If anyone had to come after me, I’m glad it was you. Oh, really? Yeah. You don’t pressure me like the other two. I’m really, really sorry that this is happening to you. But no one should force you to be someone that you’re not. You’re right. Which is why I’m thinking that… maybe it might be best for everyone if I just left town. Lucy? Hmm? Are we okay? Why ever would you ask me that? ‘Cause I’m getting the distinct impression that you’re upset about that discussion we had regarding marriage. Nope, no. No, no, no, no. I want to believe you. I do. But you’re not exactly acting like yourself. I could say exactly the same thing about you. What on earth — what? You shut me down when I — I was just extolling your virtues to spencer. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on. No, you — no, no. You shut me down. Darling, we talked about this, okay? Deception is your company. You can’t be out there saying that I helped you design the deceptor. Why not? And I didn’t even bring up the pillow talk. There was no bedroom mention. I was very — listen. Please. Just promise me that you won’t tell another soul that we even talked about the deceptor. Okay. If that’s what you want. Thank you. Did victor leave any kind of note that specifically said, “hey, this is the fake evidence that can get esme convicted”? No. So you don’t know for a fact that the evidence is fake. Not for a fact. Okay. Well, we got — we got to go tell spencer. Okay, we can’t do that. Spencer already destroyed the evidence. Really? What is that supposed to mean? Do you really think that you’re going to find my father? Spencer, all we know is that when your father was hiding out — uh, no. When he was pretending that he was dead for three years. He let the whole family believe it. Yes. That time. Uh, it was victor who gave him refuge at his house in — yes, he left my father the home in his will, the home in chechnya. Right. And I may or may not find your father there, but even if I don’t, I may find a clue as to where he is and what he’s up to. But do you really think that it’s worth all of that effort? Yes, spencer, he’s your father. Look, I know that esme manipulated me into trying to separate my father and ava, and I take full responsibility for the part that I played in that. Good. Now, that being said, my father has done some unforgivable things, and I don’t want to risk losing you on the off chance that he is in chechnya. You’re not going to lose me. Okay. And you know something? I think as you get older, you will see that there are few things that are truly unforgivable. People change if you let them. Don’t you two ever stop? Only when absolutely necessary.

[ Scoffs ] Let me know what you decide. I will. Be safe, okay? Okay. Now that he’s gone, don’t you think you should be — why? Why are you pushing so hard? What do you want from deception? And why is it more important to you than your own son? Olivia: Thank you. Sonny, I can’t tell you how much this means. Any time. Don’t give up, okay? Give up? Who are you talking to? Sonny, this is family. I’m going to fight like hell.

[ Cellphone chimes ] You take that. I’ll see myself out.

[ Sighs ] Well, that’s definitely something to… it’s okay. Don’t be scared. I’m leaving. Um… enjoy the ravioli. If you ever want to call me, uh, sonny has my number. That was brutal. Yeah. Um… I’m sure the more you see the quartermaines, the easier it’s going to get. But until then, every time you run into them, it’s going to — it’s going to be tough, because there’s a lot of them. This is why I love life on the road. It’s all about the music, being onstage, making people happy. I mean, that’s — that’s where I’m alive. Yeah. That sounds amazing. You know, I sometimes dream about running away, you know, being free. Well, as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing keeping me here.

Don’t be long. The moment you’re away will be an eternity. Josslyn: I didn’t mean anything. I’m just a little surprised that he decided to destroy that evidence. Well, fasten your seatbelt, because not only did he destroy it, he agreed with me when I said that it would be wrong to use it. Wow. You must be a really good influence on him. Hey, it’s me. Meet me at the pool. I need your help. Something is up with martin. Aha! My driver is here. I really wish you weren’t leaving. Oh, sweetheart. I know you’re scared, but you’re going to be just fine, okay? Don’t be afraid to let people in. I’ll try. Good. All right, well, if you must be going, then I will walk you out. Okay. Um, actually, I think I can manage that suitcase on my own. Be safe, or else I’m coming to chechnya to find you. I love you. I love you, too. Be civil to esme. You can count on me. I hope I’ve convinced you to go and help laura. And, look, forgive me if I’m projecting, but I think that it’s important for you to do this. I think that you need to help her. I do. So then go, find nikolas, and then come back here and find me. Of course nothing is more important than your father. But as much as I hate to say it, there is nothing we can do for him right now. Yes, there is. We have to show him how much we love him, convince him he’s better off with his family. Olivia: I’m sorry, honey. It’s not going to work now. Your dad doesn’t think of us as family anymore. He thinks of us as, uh, strangers… just really pushy strangers. You didn’t have any luck with him? No. Nothing. I really thought that — that looking through some pictures, going through that album might — might trigger something, but, no, nothing, not even a glimmer. I-I just — I just made him feel worse. Okay, so now what? Because we’re not giving up on my dad, so… no, we’re not giving up on your dad. I am going to get my husband back. But [Sighs] We have to figure out a new tactic… just as soon as I figure out what that is. Okay. You heard her. He doesn’t want to see us. So…? I guess I’m going back to work. Sonny! What happened? Where’s ned? I am so sorry. I-I couldn’t stop him. Ned’s gone. What? Uh, I just wanted to say that, um, I’ve given it some thought, and I am willing to work together if you are. For ace. For ace.

[ Knock on door ] Dex: Boss, it’s dex. Come in. Ms. Jerome! Help! What? What is it, pilar? Where’s avery? Avery is gone. She disappeared.

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