Y&R Best Lines Monday, June 26, 2023

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Tucker: So, if we– if we call your line simply Ashley, we still need a name for the corporation.

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: So, what do you think would really piss aJck off? How about, uh, McCall-Abbott Industries?

Ashley: Oh, I don’t like that at all. No, it should be Abbott-McCall Industries.

Tucker: Of course.

Ashley: Right? Because it’s just, you know, rolls off the tongue easier. It’s a much nicer ring to it. You think?

Tucker: All right. How about something a little more expansive?

Ashley: Uh-huh?

Tucker: McAbbott Universal?

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Okay, we gonna serve fries with that?

Tucker: Well, whatever the name is, it’s gotta– it’s gotta send a clear message that we mean business.

Ashley: Right. Right. I think that, um, anything with universal and global in it is just maybe a bit too expansive.

Tucker: How about, um, Tushley?

Ashley: Okay, you’re not gonna stop are you?

Tucker: No.

Ashley: Not until I say yes? It’s a lot of fun talking about this imaginary company that we own together, right? But um, I’d like to know how the inner machinations would actually operate.


Audra: So, something is clearly bothering you. Feel like talking about whatever it is?

Kyle: That’s the last thing I wanna do. Today has been absolutely disastrous. Hell, this whole week has been absolutely disastrous. What I really need is to forget about everything going on in my life. Shut it out. Pretend none of it is happening.

Audra: Yeah, I know that feeling all too well. Been there and I’m happy to help.


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