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Hey, I’m glad I caught you. It’s me. Perfect timing. I just got home from work. Nice. Um, well I was just wondering if you had any plans for tonight? Not so far. Why? I thought I’d take you to dinner. Dinner tonight.

Yeah. Hey. Oh, I’m so glad you’re home. I just got back from court where I gave an hour long summation and three inch heels. Maybe you should take them off. I can’t wait. But the worst part about the summation was that the whole time my mind kept wandering really,

I kept thinking about you really, really?

And you know what I was thinking when I was thinking about you? What’s that?

How I can’t wait to make you a father.

Hi, Pedro. It’s, it’s me again. I, I was just wondering if he just checked in and told you when he might be back. Okay. Thank you. Knock, knock. Hey. Oh, Harold, let me, Chloe, this is such a nice surprise. It was good to see you. You too. I know that you had that appointment with a specialist yesterday. I wanted to know how it went.

Um, pretty well. I mean that the doctor thinks that I can carry this baby to term. That’s great news. Yeah. Nicole, I’m sure you and EJ are just thrilled. Well, I am, uh, I don’t know about ej. What’s that supposed to mean? I, I don’t know. I, I, I haven’t talked to him for days. It’s like he’s fallen off the face of the earth.

Yes. Hello mother. It’s your son, Dimitri, yet again? Yeah, I think it’s a little odd that for the last month you have done nothing but nonstop nag for me to bag a wife so that you get your hands on this funnel, your fortune, and you will not answer my calls or call me back to tell you exactly what it is that you want to hear.

I asked the risk check woman to marry me. She hasn’t accepted the proposal quite yet, but let’s just say I am very confident that she will.

Where’d you get those? The front desk. Apparently they were sent to our room. Now let’s find out which of my many suitors is trying to rekindle my flame. Oh, they’re for you. For me. From who? From whom? Kale Surprise or from Dimitri. Hoping these will inspire you to contemplate my proposal. Anxiously awaiting your answer, Dimitri Ha.

Fat chance dude, like you would consider marrying that guy. Actually, I am considering it.

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So mother, if you give a damn at all about your son’s future, please give him a call back. Hey, uh, wait a minute. Are you Dimitri Von Weisner? I am. And you are Son Cook. Okay. I’ve never heard of you. I co-own the Spectator with Gwen Risk check. Couldn’t help but overhear your phone call just then. So you listened in on a private call.

Well, I listened in when I heard you say the word, a risk check, unusual name caught my attention. It was still a private call. Well, I only caught the tail end. You know the part where you said that you asked her to marry you.

You’re seriously considering marrying that tectonic twat. You don’t even know him. Well, I know him well enough in the biblical sense. You slept with him once and now you’re thinking of tying the knot. What does he have a magic penis? Well, it didn’t pull a rabbit out of a hand. Okay, then if he isn’t David Copperfield of the bedroom, why would you even think about marrying this guy?

Yeah, I’d love to have dinner with you. But I do need some time to get ready. Okay. Well, what do you say? I pick you up in one hour. Perfect. See you then.

Hey, Chanel, what’s the matter? It’s, it’s, Is he still missing? No, he’s, he’s dead.

You asked Gwen to marry you. You, you barely know her. She only interviewed you once. Oh, well it was an in-depth interview. You called her that risk check woman. Yes. If I’d called her my darling dearest Gwen, my mother would’ve no idea who I was talking about. Ah, and you seem to be more interested in my affairs to call than my own mother.

No contrary more to me. I don’t give a damn about you all your affairs. It’s Gwen. I’m worried about, obviously, and my question to you is, Mr. Cook, why do you care who Gwen marries?

I don’t understand why it’s considered to be so crazy to want to marry an attractive man. He finds me interesting and he, he wants to spend time with me. I’m an attractive man. I find you interesting. I wanna spend time with you, but I don’t think you should marry me. Yes, Matty. Dimitri and I don’t sit around gossiping about fashion and Harry styles tattoos, and how long have I been saying I need to just get over Sandra and finally move on with my life?

Well, it’s one thing to sleep with someone on the rebound, even to have a rebound thing, but you can’t have a rebound marriage. This is not a rebound. And the reason why I took so long to get over Xander is because I’ve just been waiting for the right man to just come along. And you think Hare Dimitri, who you’ve known for a nanosecond, is the right guy?

He might be. He, I mean, he takes all the boxes off, doesn’t he? He’s tall, he’s rich. He’s, he’s really handsome and he’s so romantic. I. He’s so romantic and after all, my beyond dysfunctional relationships, I have to say, it’s really nice to be the one being pursued like Katniss in the Hunger Games. I haven’t seen that, so I don’t understand the joke and I don’t plan to anyway.

God bloody hell, Matty look after the way I grew up and you know that. That’s why I’ve always thought that there was something wrong with me, and Dimitri understands that. Because he lived that as well and he sees me for me, who I am and he still wants me anyway. Look, Gwenie, I get wanting to have that kind of connection with someone, but I also get all too well how painful it is when you find out it was all just an occlusion.

What’s he saying? What I’ve been saying all along Gwen. This guy, he, he’s playing you. Why can’t you see that?

So EJ disappeared on this mysterious business trip and you haven’t heard from him since? Well, I’m, he texted me a few times saying that the trip went longer than he expected. That’s it. Well, when I asked, he said that he couldn’t go into detail. I mean, I, I. I get it. You know, Demira business is confidential.

Nicole, you are having that man’s baby. He doesn’t have to share his business affairs, but he does need to call you to see how you’re feeling, how you’re doing. I agree. I do. It is just that something’s off Chloe. I mean, he was so excited to have this baby and he was concerned about me and, and he’s the one who pushed me to go see the specialist, you know?

And now not only could he not be bothered to go to the appointment and he didn’t even bother to call to see how it went. Oh honey, I’m sorry. I just. I wanted a better father for my baby.

So you think we made a baby? Well, if we didn’t, it wasn’t due to lack of effort, we can always try again. You know, double our odds. Hmm.

You really want this, don’t you?

Sorry, Eric, I just can’t risk losing you to Nicole if this baby ends up being yours. That test has to come back negative.

Oh, I just, I know how bad you want this and how important it’s to you. Listen, having a baby, I mean, raising a child, it’s, it’s a big commitment. It’s a lifetime. I hope you’re doing this not just for me. No, I’m not. I

I want this for myself too. I want this for both of us.

Trip. I didn’t hear you come in. Oh, you were on the phone. I didn’t wanna interrupt you. So was that Johnny? Yeah. Sounded like you two were making a date. He asked me out to dinner tonight. Damn. Yeah, he beat me to the punch. You know I was gonna offer to make you dinner when you got home, but, uh, So I get for showering first.

Mm, sorry. So when are you expecting him? He’s picking me up in an hour. Okay. Then that gives us plenty of time for what hour date?

My God. What, what happened? I, I called Eli to see if there was any updates and he told me that, well, that they found blood on the docks and Abe’s hospital bracelet and that, and now he’s on his way to go. Tell Lonnie. Did they, did they find a body? No, but there was a witness who saw him go into the water and he never came back out.

And they, they haven’t found him, but they, they. They, they think you drown.

I just can’t believe it. It just, it doesn’t seem real. Abe was, uh, he was a great guy. He didn’t deserve this

well. Um, I should go. Um, Eli said that Jada and Ray were on their way to tell Mama, and so I, I, I have to be there so that she’s not alone. You sure you’re okay to drive? I have to be, I, I have to be there for my mom. She needs you in one piece. Come on. Lemme take you

Eric. I meant what I said before. Both my parents are dead Collins in jail probably for a very long time. I mean, the odds of him having kids are pretty slim. I’ve got no cousins. I’ve. I know uncles or aunts when she’s, I really have no extended family, so if I wanna be surrounded by family, I have to create that for myself.

I’m a big family and they drive me crazy, and I can’t imagine life without them. I envy that my family. You know, which is pretty obvious was messed up. But raising a baby with you would gimme a chance to kinda move past all of that, you know, make up for the mistakes that my family and die made.

It’s, I just feel like it would be, Chance at redemption. Yeah. That, in other words, I mean, if I, if I can be a good mom, maybe I can be a good person.

You know what may, maybe I, I’m being too hard on ej too hard. You literally just said it was his idea for you to see that specialist and then when the appointment comes, he just flakes. Well, I, I mean, he had a good reason I. A business trip. Look, it’s, it’s the company. It’s, it’s the de mere legacy. It means a lot to him.

And it’s not like I didn’t know exactly who he was when we got back together. I mean, I was married to the man twice, so. You’ve accepted him. Flaws and all

I have. Okay. And I think that you should accept the fact that I have done the same with Sander.

I care who grand marries because we used to be involved. In fact, we were nearly married newly. It didn’t work out, obviously. Obviously. Yes. Your law seems to be my gain. Sander. Xander. Yes. Xander. That does ring a bell. And yet you said you never heard of me. Well, it didn’t register at first, but now it does.

Yes. Gwen told me all about your history. She told me all about how you hurt her and now how she’s doing everything in her power to move on from you.

You think Dimitri’s playing me. For God’s sakes, Quinnie, I’ve been saying that all along. Why is my thinking that this guy is a devious dirt bag news to you? Why is my thinking that his wanting to marry you is not coming from a pure place and that schmuck’s heart surprising to you? Okay. Okay. It’s not a surprise to me.

I know that you have not trusted Dmitri from the start, but what you are not seeing here is that the relationship has changed. Oh, I’m seeing it. It’s gone from casual and terrible to serious and alarming. Will you just listen to me please? Me writing a favorable article about Dimitri is one thing, but him marrying me, I mean, how is that gonna earn him Any respect?

I’m an ex-con for God’s sake. I’ve screwed over half of the people that I know. Not to mention the fact that I don’t have a bloody dollar to my name. So what on earth do I have to offer him? How does he benefit from making me his wife? Can we have a date? I mean, you said Johnny’s not picking you up for an hour, right?

Right. But. I need time to get ready. It takes you a whole hour to get ready. Uh, no, but even if I hurry, it’s won’t be long before Johnny gets here. Okay. Then it’ll have to be a quick date. Come on. I don’t know. What do you say? We mean back here in 15 minutes for a 45 minute date. I bet you I can show you a better time in 45 minutes than Johnny could over a three course meal.

Okay. You’re alone. I’ll see you in 15 minutes.

What does me dating EJ have to do with you dating Xander? Well, if you know, if you’re okay with all the things that ejs done, Do you think that you should lighten up on Xander? You were kind of hard on him the other day with good reason. For God’s sake, Chloe, he kidnapped me and Holly and, and Bonnie and Susan, and he left you with a murderous drug, Lord, in Mexico I know.

And EJ kidnapped Sidney. Remember that? Look, we could spend the rest of this night cataloging all of ejs and Sanders crimes and. Trying to figure out who’s more appalling or whatever. But for the sake of our friendship, please, I think we should stay off of that topic. I, I think we should refrain from commenting on each other’s person of interest.

So you’re telling me that Xandr is likely to remain your person of interest. Possibly. So how serious is it? You don’t wanna know if it’s serious. You wanna know if I’ve slept in it well, have you? Not yet. Ah, I bet you’re going to.

Gwen and I had a complicated relationship. Complicated by the fact that she lied, cheated and fed my fiance psychosis, inducing drugs to sent her to a mental institution. Huh. So you were in a relationship with Gwen and had a fiance. It was a very complicated relationship. Yes. And it’s over now, and the fact that you still work with Gwen doesn’t change the fact that you have no right.

To anything in her personal life. That’s not your call. Well, let me put it this way for you, Xander. I don’t like it when people comment, let alone interfere. In my personal life, these people, they usually regret it. I make sure of that. Well, that’s wonderful. We have something in common cuz if someone hurts someone that I care about, then I do still care about Gwen.

They also end up regretting it, and I also make sure of it.

Look, I don’t know what Dimitri wants, but he sure as hell must, wants something. Wow. You really know how to flatter a girl, don’t you look gwenie. It’s not your self-esteem I’m worried about. It’s your happiness. I am trying to protect you from being a jilted bride. Again. That’s it. Darius. I married Darius because he needed a green card.

Maybe that’s what Dimitri needs since he’s from Transylvania or whatever. He’s not from bloody Transylvania. And where is he from? Last chance Iowa cut and shoot Texas. By the way, those are names of actual places I Googled. Weirdest American city names, committed them to memory to use for an occasion just like this.

Wow. How very, very clever of you. And now back to the point, it doesn’t matter where Dimitri’s from because he’s in this country legally, how legally, and even so maybe his visa’s about to expire or maybe just maybe he actually loves me and he does wanna spend the rest of his life with me. Did you ever think of that?

What are you thinking? Mm. I’m thinking I’m starving. Me too. You want to go down and get some dinner in the pub? Sure. But first, why don’t you call your mother? My mother? Why? Well, remember I told you a few weeks back. That I’d suggested the four of us having dinner. Yeah. You can invite her and John and we can tell them the good news that we’re trying to have a baby.

No, not on the first dinner. Maybe we should just kind of ease them into this. Okay. You’re right. You know what? I will call my mom and ask her if she and John are available for dinner tonight. How’s that? Mm-hmm.

Hey, mom, the reason why I’m calling is because Sloan and I wanted to know if you and John will join us for dinner tonight. What? What happened? What happened with Abe? Mama? Mama, you home?

I don’t think she’s here. Yeah, well, Eli told me that, that Jada and Ray were coming by. So what if she doesn’t know what happened to Abe

Jada? Hi. Um, yeah, yeah. Eli told me about Abe. Um, but I, I just got home and my mom’s not here. You did? Okay. Um, thanks for letting me know. It’s, it’s okay. Johnny’s here. Okay, thanks.

They, uh, they talked to your mom when they told her. She insisted on going down to the dock, so, They’re there with her now. Okay. Uh, you, you, you want me to drive you over there? Jada said that as best if I just stay here. That way when Mama comes home, she isn’t alone. But you, you don’t have to stay though.

I, I’m sure you probably already have planned, so it’s really okay. No, it’s not. I’m gonna stay here until your mom gets back.


You look very lovely. Thanks. Ready for our date.

Okay. This one. Ah, okay. Okay.

What? Yeah, how did you do that? Carefully. Okay.

Which one? No. Oh yeah. What? Ret. Nice and quick.

Okay. Yeah, I saw that one coming. I usually don’t lose at this game. Oh really? Yeah.

Of course it is possible that Dimitri loves you. You are eminently lovable. It’s just not likely. Because you are eminently cynical. I am protective of my best friend is what I am. And look, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just saying as someone who knows a thing or two about cons, I can spot one a mile away and gwenny this dude is up to something.

I will bet you my favorite Rainbow Chino shorts.

Is that a threat? It’s more like a promise. What are you gonna do? You’re gonna run a nasty article about me. Oh, that’s right. You haven’t been in town long enough to know about my past careers, have you? Well, I’ve had a few past careers myself. Great. I hope that experience serves you well, cuz if you do anything to hook win, spectator’s gonna be the least of your worries.

Look, I don’t know what’s gonna happen between Xander and me. We haven’t been together that long, obviously, and that would be a big step. And you mean sharing a bed with the man you already share an apartment with? Uh, okay. All right. Whatever you and Sander do is your business. Okay. Thank you for acknowledging that.

Mm-hmm. And speaking of, I have to go Sander’s picking up some dinner from the P, but I love you. And I hope that EJ comes home soon. Yeah, me too. Been a little lonely lately. Well, aside from whoever is hanging out in here, well, I’m always here for you all. I know. Thank you. Love you too. Yeah, yeah. Thanks for letting me know.

I’m sorry too.

Bye. Geez. What happened? Someone saw Abe Carver fall off the docks this afternoon. They’re sending divers in. They presume Dead. Dead. Oh my God. I’m so sorry. Has he just been wandering around this whole time? I’m not sure why. Oh. Cause I was thinking about what this means for my brother. I mean, when Abe went missing the, the first thing I thought of was, you know, Dick Collin killed him.

But if this all happened this afternoon, I mean, well, Collin’s in jail, this could be really good news for him. I’m so sorry, Eric. I was so insensitive. I know what Abe meant to you and your family and, and Colin caused them so much pain. I’m sorry. Yeah, I need to, but listen, I understand you love your brother.

Oh, no. What Nicole? He was like a father to her. She’s just, I know. I, I had no idea. She’s gonna take the snooze really hard when she finds out. I mean, she go see her. You want me to go see Nicole, Eric? She’s gonna need a friend right now. That’s very kind of you. And as you know, as a lawyer, you probably shouldn’t let that get around, but you’re a good purse.

No, you did it. I mean, you packed a whole date into 45 minutes. Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. If you know the date’s not over yet. No, no, no. You can’t leave out the kiss. Goodnight


Hey, Johnny, are you on your way? Um, no, actually, uh, I, I ran into Chanel and she just found out that Abe is dead. What? Oh my God. Yeah. Um, I mean, you know, I saw her, she, she was so upset. I, I didn’t want her to drive. So I’m here at her mom’s apartment now. Um, she’s with the police, her, her mom. I mean, um, look, I, I don’t think I can leave Chanel alone.

No, no, of course not. And I don’t know when Pauline’s gonna be back, so I’m not really sure when I can get over there. Okay, Johnny, don’t worry about it. I’ll do it some other night. No, no. I’ll be there. No, look, I can’t imagine how Chanel must be feeling right now. You have to stay with her and you can’t just run out when her mom gets there.

You’re right, you’re right. I, uh, I can’t, um, I’m really sorry. Don’t be, I’m just really glad that you were there when she needed to. Thanks for being so understanding. I’ll, uh, I’ll call you later.

Was that Wendy? Yeah. Yeah, it was. Did you two have plans for the night?

I, I can’t believe it. A, was one of my dad’s best friends. Seemed like a lot of people left him, especially Chanel. I mean, she lost her own dad a while ago and he was the only father she had left.

Johnny, it’s so good of you to be here with me, but honestly, you don’t have to stay. Look, don’t worry about me. Okay. Look, I am happy to stay for as long as you need me. Sure. I’m sure there’s no way I’m leaving you.

Oh, hey, I, uh, got the spicy chicken sandwich extra pickles. Oh, thank you. Did you remember the hot sauce? Of course, yes. Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, sure. You seem a little distracted. Yeah, I guess I have, I kind of a weird runin outside the pub. Really? Yeah, I was one. Dimitri v Ner. Looks like he and Gwenna getting married.

Did it ever occur to you to just. Keep your doubts to yourself and just wish me the best. I don’t keep my doubts to myself because I wish you the best, and marrying that card. Carrying conman would be a train wreck, a plane crash, a tsunami, followed by a winter ice storm, followed by a catastrophic typhoon.

Hi. Hi. Hi. I hope you don’t mind me stopping by. No, not at all. Oh, I see you got my flowers. Yes. Um, did. Um, they’re so lovely. Although next time you might wanna spring for a larger arrangement. Leo, weren’t you just leaving? No, I wasn’t.

Oh, he doesn’t bother me. One learns to simply ignore Ladies in waiting. Ignore me at your own peril. Von Leischner, by the way, I Googled that name. It’s derived from the German word fleisch, meaning meat, and the suffix’s man, meaning man. Thus, the word means butcher synonymous with terminator, slaughterer slayer.

Take your pick. What brings you by Dmitri? I was just in the neighborhood and I was wondering now that you’ve had a bit of time to, uh, think about it, would you do me the great honor of becoming my wife?

Oh, here’s to hoping you’re in there, baby. So I don’t have to feel so guilty about what I did to Eric’s paternity test. Uh, then again, maybe there’s no reason to feel guilty. Maybe EJ really is the father of Nicole’s baby. After all. Ej, I know you’re busy, but if you could let me know

if you, if you have. And the idea when you’ll be back,

dammit. Damn it. Dammit. The father of my baby does not walk through that door. In the next five minutes, I am gonna scream.

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