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What are you thinking, my love? Are you going to give me a thrill, go for another dip in the pool? Uh, no. No, I couldn’t possibly. You know, what do they say — that 20-minute rule after you eat? Something like that. After you eat? You haven’t touched your burger.

[ Sighs ] That’s true. But I absolutely devoured your hummingbird cake. You know what? Hm? You are my hummingbird cake.

[ Sighs ] Okay. What is it, lucy? What’s wrong? Why do I get the feeling something’s weighing on you? Whoa. Is the storm over, or should I hide under the desk? Hi, brook lynn. I am sorry it’s so messy in here, but my assistant just quit so she could “find herself,” whatever that means. So now I find myself drowning in the extra work that comes with the success of our company. I don’t even know if I’m going to have time to eat lunch. Well, I had a feeling, so I brought lunch to you. Didn’t you say that you and lulu used to have lunch together all the time back in the day? Yeah, we did. That’s so sweet of you. Thank you. Hey, didn’t you ask to have today off? What are you doing here? Aunt tracy! Scout. Wow. I’m — I’m sorry. Leo’s not here. Olivia took him to the park. Or if you’re looking for our resident horse whisperer, I think he’s probably out mounting a defense for something else he’s done. At least that’s what I would bet on. Well, we’re — we’re not actually here for my mother or for cody. Oh, well, to what do we owe this visit? I asked them to bring my daughter to see me. Hey. Hi. How was the pool? It was fine. I saw dex, and i got to catch up with trina. Oh, great. Why didn’t you stay there? Well, trina had things to do, and I wanted to check on you. I’m fine. How could you be? The judge giving drew three years? Not in spring ridge, but in pentonville? When there’s a deal in place? What’s the judge’s problem? I don’t even know where to begin. Apparently, judge kim saw an opportunity to be tough on a so-called “privileged defendant.” If by “privileged,” you mean “decorated navy seal” who — who just helped save a bunch of people from victor cassadine in greenland. That doesn’t count for anything? Judge kim didn’t want the public to think that drew was going to get away with a white-collar crime because he had done some heroic things. But three years? And no one even got hurt? I-I don’t even know what to say. Yeah, you do. So you should say it. You think I made a huge mistake by not turning in sonny. I appreciate you sending your goon away, but I would have appreciated even more if you’d called him off before he tracked me down and manhandled me back here.

[ Stammers ] Nobody — nobody wants to hurt anyone. It’s just, sonny is worried about you. Yeah, well, I’m not a problem for you anymore. In fact, I’m not a problem for anyone in this town anymore. So if you’ll excuse me, I got a train to catch. You’re not going anywhere. Avery?! Avery, where are you?! Ms. Jerome, we’re here to help. What are we dealing with? Someone’s taken my daughter. Yeah, everything’s taken care of.

It’s no secret what i think.I mean, do you regret not giving the feds the evidence against sonny? No. It’s a line I can never cross. But I do see the consequences to drew, and I can understand why you would say, “I told you so.” That’s not really our style, is it? Calling each other out like that? I mean, probably because we agree on most things. Except this. Listen, I may never 100% agree with you about sonny, but I’ve had a change of heart since the last time we talked about him. I mean, what you said really opened my eyes. I think I have been a little too focused on defending you and protecting dex. I…think I did lose my way a bit. But, to be clear, I just — I cannot forgive him completely for what he did to our family. But if you and michael are willing to let go of your anger, then so can I. I mean, at least for avery and donna’s sake.

[ Whispering ] That makes me so happy, josslyn.

[ Chuckles ] I think I just struggle because sonny, I mean, he’s just guilty of so much, but he gets to walk around free, and now drew’s going to prison for three years. Scout has already been without her father, and she’s about to lose him again. Sam must be going crazy about this. Thanks for the hug. Hey, guess what? I saw a bunch of new flowers in monica’s garden. They just sprouted up. They’re so beautiful. Maybe dante would love to see those. Sure, daddy. Yeah, go show him. Yeah, let’s do it. This way. Alright. Thanks. I’m, uh, sorry I couldn’t be at your hearing yesterday. It’s probably a good thing. It wasn’t exactly a crowd-pleaser. Wait, what am I missing? You didn’t see the news? Obviously not. Some of us can’t watch the news 24/7. What happened at the hearing? Well, the judge rejected the plea deal. Instead of six months at spring ridge, I got three years in pentonville. That’s unconscionable. That is a miscarriage of justice. I agree, but it’s what the judge imposed and I plan to comply. The real question is, how are we going to break this to our daughter? I thought I would come in and help out with the social. You know, so many people are engaging with the brand online now because of the deceptor. Are sales really that crazy? Oh, brook lynn, you have no idea. What are you looking at? The shared-drive file that shows all the various products that we’re selling. You can see over the last three weeks, we’ve had to up the number of deceptor units we’ve produced, and we’re still selling out. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m sure there’s a limit. We’ve just not reached it yet. That’s really amazing. I mean, you guys have obviously hit a sweet spot. The more you sell, the more word of mouth, the higher the engagement. Good. Yeah, the difficult part is, it’s just hard to keep up. I have not had time to find a new place to live. You’re looking for a house? I’m a mother of three kids. I think I’ve made a two-bedroom apartment work for a really long time.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. I need a bigger house with a backyard, and, honestly, it’s something I should’ve done years ago. Well, especially because you’ve been raking in the dough for quite some time now.

[ Chuckles ] So why do you think you haven’t? Um… …’cause of nathan. I see where this is going. Just for the record, sonny, I borrowed your computer last night and did some online research about you. Oh, quite the eye-opener. I’m sure it was. You didn’t mention that you had a kid with olivia. Yeah, it was a long time ago. His name’s dante. He’s a police detective. He’s grown up with a family of his own. You also didn’t mention that, uh, well, you have this professional reputation. Are you going to break my legs now if I don’t stay here in port charles and keep olivia happy? Olivia and I have a lot of history. It’s surprising how far I’d be willing to go for her. But I know olivia. She would want her husband in one piece. Now, as far as my professional reputation, some of the stories are true, some are not true. But on that note, I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Thanks. Alright, tell me what happened from the beginning. Avery was with me. You’re her nanny, correct? Yes. Pilar rodriguez. Avery loves this spot. We come here at least twice a week. I turned my back for one second, and she was gone. Okay. Williams, can you take ms. Rodriguez’s statement? We’re losing time, right? They say that the first 24 hours after a kidnapping is the most important. Isn’t that what they say? It’s possible that avery just wandered off. Look, I did it all the time when I was a kid. I drove my dad nuts. At this point, there’s — there’s no reason to believe that avery was kidnapped. Oh, you don’t understand. I have every reason in the world to believe someone kidnapped her. And why’s that?

You probably didn’t find this when you were doing your research last night, but I have connections to every industry in port charles. Music venues, radio stations, even boutique record labels near charles street. Okay. You got my attention. Now, I can’t make you be part of the quartermaine family, but because olivia and brook lynn are so important to me, as long as you stick around port charles and you let them know that you’re nearby and safe, I may introduce you to the right people. And who knows? They may even sign you to a record label. But the offer only stands if you stay in town. What do you say? Ava, do you have a reason to believe someone would want to hurt your daughter? If mason lays one finger on avery, I’ll kill him. You refuse to accept how ruthless mason is. There’s no one who’s off-limits. I mean, avery’s father is — is sonny corinthos. He has too many enemies to count, right? That makes all of his kids targets. That includes avery. You can’t just assume that she wandered off. Okay, I’m going to call this in and get a pcpd missing child alert. We’re going to find her. Promise.

[ Sighs ] Sonny. Hey, you two. Look at this. This is amazing. I had no idea you were going to be at the pool today. What a wonderful coincidence. Well, it was sort of a last-minute thing. I mean, I’ve got some paid days off coming, and, out of the blue, felicia insisted that I spend one of them enjoying the pool. We insist that you join us. Please. You know, mac, I have had my mind set on a poolside piña colada all morning long. Would you get one for me, please? Coming up. Thank you. That sounds absolutely yummy. Um, could I have a poolside piña colada, too, please? You still got half your first one.

[ Scoffs ] Look at this.

[ Laughs ] Mmm. Mmm-mmm-mmm. They just disappear so fast. Where do they go? Please? Okay. Hey, also, it would give you a chance to maybe bond with mac. Bond with mac? That’s important because…? Because mac and felicia are my best friends. And ever since I got divorced from doc, I just haven’t been as close to them. I mean, you know, you lose out on those couple outings and it would mean so much to me if the two of you hit it off. So please maybe have small talk at the bar, get us some lounges, pretty please? Your wish is my command. Mac. Two more large ones. Okay, lucy, the coast is clear. Shall we discuss why you really asked me here? I’m so rry. I didn’t mean tobring up an emotional subject. No, no, it’s fine. My apartment, it’s just — it’s where nathan and I met. On new year’s eve.

[ Breathes sharply ] He showed up to sublet it, and I was leaving town. We talked for a few minutes and then went our separate ways. Looking back, it — it was the night that changed my life. And then nathan and i fell in love. And that apartment is where we shared our life together. That’s also where nina and i planned his funeral. Never thought of it that way. I know when I move into a house, I’m going to make memories with my kids there. Great memories. But I’m not going to make any new memories with nathan. My apartment, it’s become like an adult emotional support blanket.

[ Voice breaking ] I’m afraid to let it go. Well, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. But sometimes change can be good, right? Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, look at us. Can you even remember a time when we couldn’t stand each other?

[ Laughs ] And now you’re bailey’s second mom, and I trust you with my life. You really shouldn’T. Tracy: Drew, I know we don’t have any use for each other, but my brother is turning over in his grave about this. Tracy, there’s nothing to do about it now. Wrong. You can change your plea and throw carly under the bus. Josslyn, I haven’t given up hope, okay? We filed an appeal. There has to be some way to set this right. Hey, carly. Hey, josslyn. Carly: Hey. Josslyn: Hi. I was just telling josslyn how we filed an appeal on drew’s behalf. And now that the hearing is over, will you be able to represent him? I cannot, because your case is still being settled. Although, I do have some good news. I will take anything right about now. As of tomorrow, your accounts will be unfrozen. Oh, thank god. Oh, thank god. Yes, thank — thank god, indeed. However, the courts have determined a financial amount that you’re going to have to pay as restitution for your part in drew’s crime. Mom, how much do you have to pay?

I know. And I tried to talk the judge down. He would not budge. He assessed you the maximum fine. $5 million? That’s — that’s my entire savings. And that’s not counting property taxes and food and insurance and bills — hey, listen, listen. I have my trust fund. No! Josslyn, drew didn’t make this sacrifice so the financial burden lies on you. What — what about — what about michael? Or — or sonny? I’m sure they’d help. Oh, no. No, no. That cannot happen. Tracy, I’m not going to relitigate this, okay? The judge imposed a sentence. I have every intention of serving it. Nothing is final. Not with a sharp lawyer and deep pockets. You have both. You know, I hate to say it, but I actually agree with tracy. Thank you. Wait, what? The deal you made with the U.S. Attorneys was for a six-month sentence at spring ridge. Now that that deal has been altered, maybe there is a little wiggle room for you to change your plea to not guilty. But what good is it going to do? I mean, the outcome is still going to be the same unless I say that carly — it was all her idea — which, obviously, I’m not going to do that — this is for the best. For who? For carly, not for your daughter. Look, scout has a loving and a safe home with you and with dante, okay? And, yes, I know she’s going to miss me, and it’s going to kill me to be away from her again, believe me, but the disruption is minimal. Taking the deal even with the extended prison sentence, it’s — it does the most amount of good for the most amount of people. The most amount of — for what? And you’re supposed to be the sacrificial lamb for the greater good? How is that fair? Well, nobody said life was fair, sam. Self-sacrifice is a highly overrated virtue. I violated the rules, everybody. I’ve got to pay the penalty. The least I can do is face the consequences. What about the consequences for carly? Why are you the only one being punished? Drew: Sam, you got to drop this. Mommy, daddy, why are you fighting? What do you mean I shouldn’t trust you? I just mean I’m no angel. Don’t you think I know that? We were coconspirators when we passed off my baby as yours. Yeah, but that was for a good cause — to protect bailey louise from peter.

[ Telephone rings ] Hold on one sec. Hello? Oh. Okay, yeah, I’ll be right there. That was distribution. They’re having an issue. They’re having a hard time keeping up, as well. This might take a minute. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Still logged in to the shared file. Oh, maxie, you shouldn’t make this so easy. There’s the deceptor file with all the deceptor information. Just have to copy and paste.

[ Exhales slowly ] If I accept your offer and sign with a local label, how do I know they’ll make me a priority and not focus on some local indie nonsense? Because if I introduce you, you will be a priority.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Ava. Sonny, I’m — I’m at the park with pilar. Someone has taken avery. What do you mean someone took avery? She was with pilar, and then suddenly she wasn’t with pilar. And the cops think that she might have wandered off, but I have a really bad feeling. Send me a pin. I’ll be right there. I got to get out — no, I heard. Go. I love you.

Wow. Four in a row. Perfect. And a great location to get a tan. Oh, yeah.

[ Sighs ] On the other hand, you can’t be too careful about uv radiation these days. So , uh, is lucy forcing usto become fast friends? Chief of detectives, remember? It’s my job to figure out people’s motives. Well, let’s put it this way. I wouldn’t put it past lucy to try to re-create the same couples dynamic she enjoyed when she was married to kevin. Yeah, the four of us had a lot of fun. Yeah, so I hear. You know, about that, I-I’m sure that dr. Collins is happy with my sister these days, but I have to confess, I-I’m more than a little surprised the good doctor would be willing to walk away from somebody as wonderful as lucy. And I know she’s made her fair share of mistakes, but I just naturally assumed he’d be as charitable and forgiving as she is.

[ Laughs ] Did I say something funny? Lucy? Charitable and forgiving? Obviously, you’ve never crossed her, and I wouldn’t advise you start now. So you said martin has been acting strangely. How so? Okay. Actually, it’s really been ever since I got out of the safe house. But it’s especially glaring these last few days. Okay, give me some examples. Okay, so his phone rings — he doesn’t answer it. He sends it right to voicemail, and he won’t let me know who called. And then he’s especially cryptic about all business matters. And the way he — he just clams up as soon as I say, “oh, you helped me invent the deceptor,” no, clams up. Bizarro. What do you mean? I mean, when I’m telling people, I’ll say, “martin and I had this great talk, and he inspired me to create the deceptor.” And so I try to acknowledge his contribution? Mm-hmm. Unh-unh. Shuts the conversation right down. Is it possible that he doesn’t want to hog the spotlight from you? I mean, you did do all the legwork. Yeah, you’re right. But, no, I-I thought of that. But you know how I do. I take pride in being in touch with the universe. So what is the universe telling you? Something is very fishy. And I just — I really just do not know what to do… sure you do. That’s why you asked me to meet you here. You want me to spy on your boyfriend. I promise, mommy and daddy –we weren’t fighting. Sure sounded like a fight. Yeah. Honey, that’s just because mommy and daddy were a little scared. Yeah, do you remember how scared you got when I let you stay up and watch “the wolf man” with me and rocco that night? Mommy was really mad. Yeah, she was.

[ Chuckles ] Wolf man wasn’t the only one in the doghouse that night, right? Daddy, why are you and mommy scared? Well… I think “scared” is probably not the right word. More like a little worried. About what? Here, let’s sit down. Come on. Okay. There you go. Good. Okay, um… do you remember when daddy told you that he made a mistake at work and the police weren’t very happy about it? Well, um, yesterday, I went to court and because of that mistake that I made at work, I have to go to prison for a little while. Mommy had to go to prison a long time ago. Danny and I went to visit her. It was scary. It can be scary, yeah. I mean, it’s, um… it’s hard to have to stay there, but your mommy came home, and — and so will I. Are you sad? I am sad. Mostly because I’m going to be away from you. But sometimes in life, you — you got to do things that you don’t like to do. So I’m going to go, and I’m going to make the most of it. And when I get out, the first person I’m going to see is going to be you, my love. Promise? I promise. Hey, scout. How about you show me those beautiful new flowers? I can come and visit you, right, daddy? Every weekend. Rain or shine, baby. Carly, if you have economic ties to sonny, that will only force both of you under the forensic financial microscope together. I can’t believe this. Trust me, trust me, that would not end well for either of you. Diane, what about michael? Michael sailed through this whole debacle unscathed, but if the sec starts looking in his direction, say, hypothetically, did he know what you and drew were up to? Understood. Alright, good. Because if michael offers a sum of money to a party involved in his company’s insider trading, even if that party is his mother, that will force the sec to ask even more questions. In the grand scheme of things, it’s only money. Drew’s losing his freedom. Scout’s losing her father.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Okay, I have to go…

[ Sighs ] …Finalize paperwork with the feds, so just wish me luck. Carly, I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but this is actually a good deal.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs ] What are you going to do? What happened? Mr. Corinthos, I’m so sorry. I turned my back for two seconds, and she was gone. Alright, that’s not important right now. Right now, what — what is important is we find avery. Frank, check around. See if you can see anything, find anything. Come back and let me know. Got it, boss. Corinthos, my team’s got this. Yeah, well, so does my team. I’m just warning you, if there are other elements at play, there is a risk that your presence could elevate the situation. You know what, detective? I don’t care how you feel about my business, but right now, I am a parent first. I’m going to have dante get involved if that’s what — sonny, you need to listen to me. There’s something that you need to know. Austin: You all looking for someone?

Avery, are you alright? I was so worried. Contact dispatch. Tell them to cancel the missing child alert. Sweetheart, what happened? Where did you go? Okay, so I-I was out for a run, and I saw this little one running around by the pond all on her own. I saw a bunch of balloons in the air, like 10, and I wanted to see where they were coming from. And I could tell that something was up ’cause there was nobody around, there’s no adults, pilar wasn’t anywhere to be seen, and, luckily, she remembered me and saw me as a familiar face. And so I-I asked her if she would allow me to go get her a balloon in exchange for bringing her to find pilar. Avery, don’t do that again. Do you understand me? Never run from mommy, daddy, or pilar. You know better than that. Yes, daddy. Let me tell you something. You never let her out of your sight. A call came up on my caller id as my grandmother, but when I answered, it was a telemarketer. And when I looked up, avery was gone. I’m so sorry. I… it’s alright. It’s alright. I was scared out of my mind. Everything’s going to be okay. I’m going to take avery home with me. When you’re finished with the police, you just come by. Is that alright? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s great. Thank you. Alright, come on. Bye, sweetheart. I don’t want you doing that again. You understand me? Where was avery when you spotted her? Austin: She was on the south side of the pond by the boathouse. I-I usually run around the meadow, and then I go around the pond. And I was coming around, and I saw this little girl. Nina: It’s, uh, sonny. He just texted. Um, they found avery. She’s — she’s alright. She just wandered off and — chasing a balloon. Oh, my god. I am so relieved. Can’t imagine. Having kids? Must be terrifying all the time. Which is why I never wanted that baggage in my life. Well, you’d be surprised how children can make your life a lot more meaningful, even if it’s painful. Yeah, well, I need the room and the time to follow my passion — music. And part of me feels that, even if I stick around port charles, being near these kids who think I’m their old man, I could grow soft, turn into someone like the man they think I am. Right. I think it’s great that you’re considering sonny’s offer. Being a big fish in a really small pond — there’s nothing wrong with that. How so? Well, you know, the boutique labels here, there’s no national reach. There’s no touring infrastructure for you like there is in L.A. And in the city. Stay here, it’s just for the love of music, right? You play in people’s basements and living rooms. But if you go out there in the world, you just will be chasing fame… and glory… and attention. That’s not what you want, is it, eddie? Sorry that took me so long. I… brook lynn? Oh, drew, I just feel so horrible about your sentence. Mnh. That judge was just so arbitrary and unfair. The opposite of justice. I just wish it didn’t have to be this way. Oh, me, too. Believe me. Me, too. But I-I have to say, your support, all of your support, it really means a lot to me, so I thank you guys. I, um… I should check in with carly. I, um… we should — I don’t want tracy… yeah. …To corrupt our daughter for too long. Mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, sam, um… what you said to scout about visiting me in prison on the weekends, are you — are you sure that’s going to be a good idea for her? Yeah, she was able to handle it when she came to see me, so… I mean, she’s made of steel, like her mom and dad. Hey, if you happen to get into any trouble in there, let me know. I might be able to help. I’ll do it quietly, obviously, so as not to alert anyone to the fact that you have connections in law enforcement. I appreciate that a lot. Honestly, the — the best thing that you can do for me is, you know, what you’ve been doing. Be present for scout. That means a lot. Done. Thanks, man. Okay. Good luck. $5 million. $5 million. That’s a fortune. Okay, but I’ll figure something out. I’ll get a job. I mean, I’ll — I’ll get a job. I just haven’t because I thought I was going to get the metro court back, but it’s been a year. I’ll get a job. That’s my reality now. You — okay. You don’t deserve this. Please let me help you. No. And I don’t want you to worry about me.

[ Scoffs ] I will figure it out. When I came to port charles, I had absolutely nothing. I started on the bottom, and I clawed my way to the top. I mean, this is a setback, right? It’s a blip in my life. I am carly spencer. I will get every single thing back that I lost. I promise you that.

well, you know, I mean, I really only asked you here to confide in you, my very, very best friend in the whole entire world. I would never dream of suggesting, you know, I don’t know, maybe you put back on, for the benefit of me, that P.I. Hat of yours, and, um, perhaps try to get to the bottom of all the mysterious circumstances plaguing my relationship. Okay, well, if that’s the case, forget I ever brought it up. It’s okay. No, no, no. Okay, you win, you win. It’s fine, really. I-I just need to know what is going on, so please, please, my friend, will you help me? Of course. Okay, and who knows? You know, it might just end up being a big fat nothingburger. In the spirit of our new friendship, let me give you a piece of advice. Lucy doesn’t hold a grudge too often. I mean, she forgives a white lie, a transgression, even a crime. But the ones she never forgives are the ones who dismiss her, who think she’s stupid or easily manipulated or lacking agency. I see. But the two of you are equals, you’re on the same level, so I don’t see a problem. Martin: Oh, god.

[ Groans ] Hey, janine, it’s maxie. Uh, is brook lynn in her office? She left her salad in my office, and I was going to… uh, what do you mean she didn’t come in today? I just saw her. Ah, home already. I take it you have something for me. Here. All the proprietary information on the deceptor, from the current sales report to the first communications about it last fall. Last fall? Wow, that’s a lot sooner than we thought. We? You’re holding out on me. Are you working with someone else to take down deception? Yours is not to ask questions. Yours is to do as I say, or else. When you say you’re going to figure it out, I believe you. You should. The world may be kicking us while we’re down, but I kick back. 10 times harder. We’re going to get through this.

[ Knock on window ] Hey. Hi. Come here. Good to see you. Yeah. Good to see you. I’ll give you two a second. Okay. I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all day. Now that I’m here, it’s just, uh… it’s all happening so fast, you know? This is where we say goodbye. You’ve given me something to think about.

[ Sonny chuckles ] Nina! Hi, sweetheart! Oh, my gosh! What happened to you? Are you okay? Yeah, she wandered off, but she’s doing great. Oh. How about we go into the kitchen and get a snack? Okay. Alright, let’s go. Come on. You must’ve been scared there for a second. Now you must know how your family, uh, feels. Except I’m a grown man, and I don’t owe the quartermaines anything, just like the quartermaines don’t owe me anything. Look, sonny, I, um — I have some reservations about staying in this town and about how much a local label could actually accomplish for me, but that being said, a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. So I am willing to give this arrangement a chance — for now. Thank you both for answering my questions. Right place, right time, right? I can give you a ride home if you need one. Thanks. Miss jerome — we’ll finish this conversation tomorrow. Well, I mean, lucky for you, I was around when your nanny was out to lunch — you son of a bitch. You set this whole thing up, didn’t you?

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