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And I’m kind of knocking with breakfast. Those two in grapes will have a little bit more appreciation, but no. EJ ate a bit, but Kristen turned her nose up at everything I brought down. So high maintenance in their defense. Megan, I think it’s safe to assume being held captive isn’t the most enjoyable of pastimes.

Lee, we cannot have two turn coats on the loose now, can we? They cast their shadow across my bright vision of the future. I got what’s coming to them that makes them a tad cranky and impatient, and so be it. Oh, speaking of impatient, how’s it all going? Tell me you’ve got good news for me. I do. I’ll be leaving soon.

Well, if we arriving any moment, great. But you just make sure that he knows what we expect of him. Brainwash shares Michaels. I know. And soon, so will he. Excellent. Once I have Michaels under my control again. Nothing can stop us.

Hey, so we have a lot to discuss. Yeah. First, tell me about your friend, the mayor. Any news on his disappearance. No, no. I just talked to one of the detectives and they have nothing. Mm. Which really calls me because Megan Hathaway still free to stalk the streets, and he had Abe, a really good guy, really runs the best of us.

He’s nowhere to be found.

Oh, I think I need to go lie down. Can I give you a hand? Yeah. I think I need it.

You, you don’t seem very steady. Do you have like a, a cane or anything to help you out?

What do you mean? I mean, this is a, this is a new suit. Is is my tie to wife. Your clothes are fine then the problem is that ugly ass hospital of yours. Oh yeah. No. Paulina doesn’t like it either, but, but what do you want me to do? I, I’m still unsteady. I mean, the last thing I wanna do is wipe out walking down the aisle at my own wedding.

Well, that’s a good thing. Your best man’s got you covered. You that

something wrong. Paul pops,

you keep calling me Pops.

You’re not my son.

Thank you so much. All right. Appreciate it. Bye. Phil, please gimme about three minutes and I’ll come and talk to you. Um, before you go back in there, can I just ask. Why are you questioning that nurse about my dad?

When, when I reviewed the case file on the day that your dad disappeared, I saw that Ms. Whitley King left the hospital early and I wanted to know why. What’d she say? She said that she wasn’t feeling well. Do you believe me?

I’m sorry, Abe. F B I breathing down my neck. What choice do I have?

Poor baby. You’re gonna have to die. Hi.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Hey, hey, um, I’m sorry. Um, I tried calling but you didn’t pick up. Uh, yeah, I was, I was in the shower. I’m, I’m lucky. I, I heard you knock. Yeah,

me too.

Okay, but what if he starts asking me about his life? Oh, or mine. Oh my God. You’re an actor. Just improvise. Improvise. You’re right, right, right. Just make some stuff up. Like talk to him. Your your guys. Do guy talk. That’s just the amnesia talking pops. Look, I, I, I’m your son Theo, and I, I love you a lot. Uh, but you’re just really not yourself right now.

I may not.

And I just had just now a vivid memory of my wedding day, and it was as bright as day, and I was talking to my best man. My son

and it wasn’t you. Uh, you’re really starting to worry me, pops. Um, let me get you a glass of water. All right.

So much for these acting skills. Oh,

Now, here’s the thing. When a hospital employee is sick, the protocol is to leave immediately. So she did the right thing. But what got my attention is that when Ray questioned her, she didn’t even mention it.

Agent Grant, I I, I’m very sorry to bother you. Uh, I really must get home. Is there anything else that you need from me today? Is everything okay? Yes. Well, a actually, no. Uh, my cat is sick as I, as I told you, and, uh, my neighbor has to leave and so I must get home and tend to him. He’s very old and very feeble, so.

Yeah. Um, sure. Yeah, you can go. If I need anything, then you’ll hear from me. Oh, no problem at all. Right. Bye bye. Bye bye now. Mm-hmm. Thank you for coming in. Oh, thank you. No, thank you. Wow. Is it just me or does she seem super anxious?

Yeah, I’m sorry. I seem a little, um, Yeah, once I heard the news, I dropped everything and I rushed over here. Come in please. Yeah. Thanks. Um, so yeah, so Bell came to the station. She was looking for you and uh, I don’t have all the details yet, but evidently Trask is willing to cut a deal. A deal. Hmm. What does that mean?

It means that Talia probably won’t have to serve any jail time. Are you kidding? Oh no. Oh my God. Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah. Oh, I can’t believe this. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you so much. Yeah.

Oh, Lee, if my heart didn’t belong to another man, I would kiss you. Not necessary. I assure you. So you’re positive everything’s secure with EJ and Kristen. I am. EJ is away on a fictional business trip, so all I have to do is send text messages to his dopey girlfriend and Stephan with his phone. And Kristen, no one’s looking for her except for her daughter.

And all she does is text, preteen, dribble. So I’ve just parked her phone in a drawer and on to more important things. As I told you, I’ll be meeting Ralph shortly, right. Just remember it’s imperative. But he understands that time is of the essence. So whatever he needs, he has it. There’s something he needs that we haven’t discussed.

The commander himself, well, don’t worry about that. He’s well within our grasp and he will do away with Stephan while we keep our hands clean and in her grief. Gabby will turn to me. She will indeed, and my little brother, Stephan, well, he’s in for quite a surprise. Am.

Oh, I’m sorry. I, um, no, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have, uh, brave. If you hadn’t, I would’ve jaya sh Just listen, listen to me. Okay. I, I, I wound up running into Kate downstairs and we started talking. And, and maybe she told me what I wanted to hear, but what she said, it, it really, it really changed my perspective.

What would she say? I mean, she said that, you know, what we do at work is one thing and what gives anyone the right to police what we do in the privacy of our own homes. It’s, it’s nobody’s business. And, uh, I think Kate is. Absolutely right.

So look, I appreciate your concern for my friend, but we have other pressing things to talk about. Like Shawn ruining your plan to grab Megan. Yeah, well, she was armed, he was drunk. I had to get Shawn out of there. She could have killed him. She could still kill him. I mean, she’s still free to create whatever chaos she wants to, and she also knows that you’re coming after her.

So how do we proceed now that you’ve lost the element of surprise? Kate? I’m, uh, I’m well aware of the situation, Kate. That’s why I’ve already prepared for my next encounter with Megan before I even left the property.

Oh, you have to go. No problem. Chat for now.

I didn’t hear you come in. Hmm. Obviously not. So what’s this big surprise you have in store for me? Well, I’ll just say that there are bad surprises and good surprises, and this one is in the latter category somehow. I’m not comforted by that. Fine, I’ll tell you, spoil sport. Hmm? It has to do with the party that I am planning to celebrate your engagement to.

Gabby, you told us about that. It’s hardly a surprise. Ah, but not when I was gonna keep you in the dark until the main event. But I would like to say I wouldn’t make any plans for tomorrow night if I were you. Oh, well thank you. And now that you know. I guess I’ll have to figure out another surprise for you tomorrow night.

Feel, I suppose that anyone would be anxious if they’re being questioned by the fbi? Yeah, I guess, but I don’t know. She seemed super nervous when I was talking to her earlier in the waiting room. Really? Yeah, like her hands were shaking. So what did she say? You know about not telling Rafe that she left early Liberty and my dad disappeared.

She just didn’t think it was important.

What are you thinking? Maybe it was important and that’s why she didn’t say anything, Eli. Somebody took my dad from the hospital that day and Nurse King’s whereabouts are unaccounted for. So I just hope that you’re not ruling her out. Hey, uh, here, go pops. Uh, drink some water and you’ll be, I don’t want any damn water.

I wanna know who the hell you are. Pops. I’m your son. Who else would I be? Hello there. Oh, hi there. How are my two guys? How’s my father and son duo? Did you have fun catching up? No, we did not. Um, actually there’s kind of a problem. Paulina uh, pops keeps saying I’m not who I say I am. What? Oh no, what are you talking about?

Of course. That’s your son, Theo. That’s a damn lie. He is not my son. I don’t even know him well. Well darling, you’re getting all worked up. You know, let me go and get you some water. I don’t want any damn water.

I want the truth.

Paulina, I had a very clear. Memory of our wedding day. Your best man has you covered. That’s what my son said. My real son, not this damn posture. So now, now I am starting to question everything.

Theo, I’m not ruling anyone out just yet, including Nurse King, but the issue here is evidence. Okay. So what about security cameras? They’ve gotta be all over the place in that hospital. I checked the cameras. Nothing. Hey, yeah, that, that brings up a good point because Nurse King would know where the cameras are and how to avoid them.

But Frank was given Ms. Willie King’s Hospital record. I mean by the looks of this thing. It’s immaculate. I mean, there’s not one negative word in here. She’s caring, compassionate. It’s a model nurse. So we just give up on her. She’s a good nurse. So that’s it, dear. I know this is hard, okay? It’s hard for me too, but I promise you I’m not ruling anyone out just yet.

She also said that file says at all. No, I never said that this file says at all. In fact, before she got here, I put in a request to have a background check on her.

Fuck. Let’s go in the room and see where the FBI turned up. Promise you if she’s telling stories, it’s not gonna hold up under FBI’s scrutiny.

Oh, darling, you, you, you’re getting worked up over nothing. There’s a simple explanation for everything. There is nothing simple about this. Wow. This, he’s, this is not an imposter. This is your son, Theo. And your other son was also at your wedding? My other son, yes, Brandon. He was your best man, and you just are your memories getting all mixed up.

See, doesn’t that make sense?

Grief, I hope you know that I would never do anything that could jeopardize your career. Of course. I know that. Of course. I was just, I was shocked to hear you say that because I was thinking the same thing. Don’t tell me Kate got to you too. No, no, no. It wasn’t Kate, it was Eli. Yeah, he asked about us cuz um, I guess it was obvious, you know, but he is a detective and he also had been through a similar situation with Lonnie, although they were partners, he was not her boss.

Right. But they were meant to be. And even now. Even now, nothing can stop him. I mean, he is patiently waiting for her to get out and talking to Eli just got me thinking this doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter about a rule or a law or anything. If it is meant to be, then it will be. So what are you saying? We’re meant to be.

I’m saying

I wanna find out.

Welcome home. What happened? Why are you wet? One of the hazards of traveling via a submarine. You came in a submarine, princess Gina, some point of fact, a fine mode of transportation, especially when one wishes to arrive by stealth. You understand if I’m a little wary of running afoul of the authorities given my hasty departure last time after deprogramming stuff in the mirror?

Well, Let’s hope your skills in that department haven’t rusted with time. Ah, it cut but be to mess with that poor man’s brain yet again. Relax. Relax. This isn’t about Stephan. You recall Commander Michaels, I assume the Navy Seal. Megan ve had me back on. Mm-hmm. She needs him back under her control.

Well, don’t leave me in suspense. How have you prepared for your next encounter with Megan? After, uh, getting Shawn out of the house, I placed a small tracking device on her car. I mean, she can’t stay cooped up there forever. Eventually she’ll come out and she’ll be mine.

I am sorry. I spoiled the surprise, Megan, but I guess it’s just as well, right? EJ won’t be back from his business trip by tomorrow, so I wouldn’t worry about EJ crashing your party. I would like to include Kristen though. Have you seen her? Kristen? Yeah. Kristen, her sister. Blonde lady roaming around here a little.

It’s funny, I, I poked my head in her room and her bed looked like it hadn’t been slept in. You wouldn’t know anything about our whereabouts, would you?

Well, we can’t keep anything from you, can we, I’m afraid. Um, Kristen is indisposed tomorrow evening as well,

so Kristen won’t be there. You know this because, I saw her leave. She said goodbyes and she headed outta town last night.

I don’t understand. Well, the door, the front door is right through there, and she crossed the threshold out into the world and closed the door behind her. Oh, Megan, you know very well. That’s not what I mean. Ever since Kristen has been back, all she’s wanted is custody of her daughter back. That’s all she talks about.

And so now you’re telling me just out of the blue, she books a vacation somewhere. I said that she left town. I didn’t say she was going to The Bahamas and she has not given up on her daughter. Quite the contrary. She’s taken a proactive step. You more than anyone else should know that Damira has cannibalized all of the competent lawyers in town here.

So she’s headed to New York to see if she can find a custody lawyer who can grind Brady Black into the ground. And she had quite a significant list to go through, so I shouldn’t imagine that she’ll be home anytime in the next few days. Maybe weeks. So you said she left last night? I did. If you were alone when I came in here, who’s that extra breakfast plate?

Belonged to

tell me. Mr. Shin says, what does Megan ha have up her sleeve this time? If I remember correctly, her last escapade was about an elixir for eternal youth. She goes by De Marina, and all you need to know is that she requires a unique talent to fulfill a very ambitious plan. So the question is, Dr. Rolf, are you up to the task of getting Michael’s back under her control?

My boy, this would be child’s play. I could do it in my sleep.

That was, um, better than I imagined. I’ll admit, I’ve done a bit of imagining. Me too. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

So now what? Well, I don’t, I don’t want us to keep imagining, you know, being together like this. I, I want it to keep happening. For real. Me too. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah.

All right, so let’s see. Whitley King, born in Scottsdale, Arizona. Youngest of five. Father was a pastor, mother school teacher. She paid her own way through college and nursing school. I mean, it’s, it’s all pretty unremarkable. Uh, she’s on her own now, so she’s a loner. Now. Now she was married once, divorced, widowed, just a couple of years back, and no kids.

Anything else? I’m sorry, man, but this just isn’t the profile of a criminal.

Theo. I know you had your hopes up. But upstanding citizens don’t just turn the crime without a reason. And by the looks of it, this woman doesn’t have a reason.

Well, sweetheart, does that clear everything up? Hell no. It’s just the opposite. Why the hell didn’t you tell me I had another son? Why would you keep that from me, Abe? I know I should have told you sooner. I know, but. But, but you haven’t seen Brandon since the wedding. Um, actually, he doesn’t really approve of us, and I’m sorry to say, but the two of you had a falling out and I, I just didn’t wanna bring this up.

You had so much going on and I didn’t wanna share that tension with you. And I just, it would’ve seemed cruel, you know, but now it’s out in the open and, uh, Hopefully that just clears everything up now,

I suppose. Yeah. Yeah. And you,

I owe you an apology. I was, I was harsh with you before. That’s okay. Pops. Um, I’m, I’m just worried about you and, uh, I want you to get better. You know what, Theo, you’ve had such a long flight coming in from South Africa. You must be exhausted. Let’s get you to the hotel and rest up. Yeah, I am feeling a bit tired.

Yeah. Let’s, I’ll walk you out. Sure. Alright, come on. See, you see Pops? Yeah.

You are so lucky that he has another son. I, I leave you over two minutes and damn it Jerry, I told you to improvise in case something happened. What? I tried, improv is hard. Okay. You know what? Forget it. Just don’t have any time to waste. There’s something else I need you to do for me,

and don’t worry, there’s no improv. Just wait here for a second. There’s something I gotta go to first. Jerry,

what are you doing?

Don’t worry, darling. This won’t take long.

Oh, what won’t take long. I need to get a blood sample from you. Blood sample. Yes. Right before I came home, I got a call from the hospital. They want you to come all the way back down there just to get one little sample. I told him that you’re doing very, very well, but just not quite well enough to make that trip all the way back down there for something I could do right here in the comfort of our own home.

Okay? Okay.

Okay. Here’s an option. How about we never get out of this bed? And we just, we just leave the world and it’s stupid rules behind tempting, but

we both have jobs to do. So here’s another option. Okay. How about at work? We are consummate professionals committed to the forest. Mm-hmm. But behind and closed doors we’re committed to each other. Oh, I like that option a lot.

You gotta get back to work. No, no, no. I have to get back to work for you. You have to get that rest that I ordered you to get. Oh gosh. Mm-hmm. I knew you would find a way to pull rank, but you know what? Hmm? To complete that game, huh? And I am not going to let you leave without giving me another kiss. Oh, okay.


There we go. All done. I’ll just run this down to the hospital. You know, I could go with you, huh? I think I’m feeling up to it. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You stay here and rest. I insist I’ll be back at two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Oh, I know you’re probably going stir crazy in here, but do this my way. It’s gonna be best for all of us.

Now listen up. This is what I need you to do. I was alone when you got here. But before that, my son, Dimitri was here and we were having breakfast fussy eater that he is. He turned his nose up at the breakfast sausages. Ah, I see. He is lost then. Good to know. I’ll make sure to include it on the menu for your last meal.

Your last meal is a bachelor before your wedding day sausages. Better write that down so I don’t forget.


quite the shopping list, Ralph. That was the last time I performed work like this was under trying circumstances to say the least. Lots of proper tools. This time, instead of having to resort to a collection of kitchen implements and pub paraphernalia, not too much to ask in exchange for my talents, I suppose not.

Plutonium. If you want my work to stick this time, I need everything on that list. Everything okay? Okay. Relax. You’ll get it. Excellent. That is the subject. Now, we’ll make him available to you very soon. Is it really today to reconsider Megan’s fate? I mean, honestly. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense to disappear her into parts unknown if she’s just gonna escape and make her way back here.

Okay. Okay. Take my word for it. Once she’s gone, she’s not coming back. Is that arrogance or confidence? Michael’s experience.

What is it? It’s Megan, she’s leaving the house as we speak. I better go. Good luck. Luck will have nothing to do with this.

I guess Megan already left. I was gonna ask her if she thought there was a small chance Christian could make an appearance at our engagement party, but you’re right as you always are. I should just call her myself. All right. I’m gonna give her a ring and uh, let you know what she says. Love you.

Why the hell would Kristen go to New York without her phone

friend Michaels. You following me?

We have unfinished business. Megan,

your moments are numbered. Megan Deir, you Smart, evil witch. First sign of insanity. Hey, Jayda, talking to yourself. I’m in. Uhha. Right. Although I’m not sure that you heard what I was saying. Oh, I, I didn’t actually. Right, right. I was just bemoaning the fact that my son Rex really gets in touch with me. You know, the doctor.

Right, right. Mm. So, um, is that rave that I saw leaving before? It was actually. Mm-hmm. So did you take my advice?

Alright, let’s start from the beginning. Tell us everything you saw.

Hey, Brandon. No, no, there still no news about that. But I was at the station a couple of minutes ago when Eli and Raf got a call. Yeah, leave. I think, well, they rushed out to check it out without telling me much about it, but, um, hopefully we’ll finally get some answers.

You are gone for a long time, Pauline. I’m sorry Hun, but I wanted to wait for your test results and, and. You passed with flying colors. Good news. Oh, I was walking way over there when I saw someone by the edge of the docks and he looked, uh, totally out of it. What do you mean out of it? Uh, wobbly, like unsteady.

And then the next thing I know, uh, he just stumbles and hits his head on one of the pylons. And, and then splash right into the drink. And then I, I ran over here, but he must have sunk like a stone because I, I can’t swim otherwise I would’ve jumped in after him. Mm-hmm. And no one else was around. Uh, I called for help, but no one came.

All right. You stay here. We’re gonna check this out. Hey Ray, look at this. Yeah. It’s blood. It’s fresh.

Oh God, what’s this?

What is it?

Abraham Carver.

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