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How about I just sit here and you show me… and then I’ll watch? Okay. Legs straight. Cross over. And then crack your back. Just stretch it out. Yeah, I’m not gonna do that. Looks like it hurts. Well, you have to do something. No, I’m not gonna do that. You’re not gonna warm up? I’m not. No — confession. I asked you to meet me here because I didn’t think you would be able to. I didn’t think you — you would be free this evening. Really? Hm. Well, the joke’s on you because while, yes, carly’s case has been infiltrating many of my evenings, she is not facing a prison sentence. So here we are. Warm up. Carly’s very lucky to have you as a lawyer. Yep. But carly’s not the reason I thought you wouldn’t be free. Well, then what is? I was assuming it was…

[Singsong voice] Robert. So, we’re all in agreement? Yeah, absolutely. I think we go in there and we persuade anna to join us at the savoy. She’s been cooped up for a long time at home. And, well, remember what valentin said. No matter what, don’t take no for an answer. Um, can you smell something burning?

[ Sniffs ]

[ Door opens ] Anna. What are you doing? Just burning my past. Hey. Are you — are you warming his bottle? Um, you know, now that it’s officially summer, I was thinking I’d just make popsicles out of his formula, so I’m freezing it. Please tell me you’re joking. Obviously. I guess since laura and kevin aren’t here, I’ll have to share my good news with you. You’ve decided to turn yourself in for your many crimes? I just got my first paycheck. Ohh! Spencer: Honest pay for honest work. How does it feel? It felt great. Until I saw the amount. I was hoping it would be more. Yeah. I’ve been there. You worked? Mm-hmm. At kelly’S. It is a shock at first, but you get used to it. Yeah, well, here’s hoping. So how is the job? Um, well, you know, ace is loving daycare, and everyone at the daycare adores ace. I mean, who wouldn’t? He’s adorable. No argument there. And the invader staff seems to hate me much less now that I am transferring calls to the right people — mostly. That’s great. What? I’m just not used to you being nice to me. Well, uh, you know, grandmother asked the two of us to get along, at least while she and kevin are away, so… y-yeah, well, I mean, that’s just it, isn’t it? I mean, laura’s the reason we’re managing to get along even this well. I mean, and — and now laura’s going to chechnya to track down ace’s father. I’m just afraid that this is all gonna fall apart.

[ Ace fussing ] Where’s ned? Brook lynn: Maybe they just took him for some tests. No, he’s gone. No. He has to still be here! He doesn’t know who he is, so he wouldn’t even know where to go, right?! Right? How’s carly handling this? Well, how do you think? She’s ready to go to war for drew. War with who? I mean, look. This — even if — if ned’s responsible, he doesn’t even know who he is. Yeah, that’s convenient for ned and the worst possible outcome for drew. Ava, I didn’t plan for this to happen, but now that it has, I mean… there is a tiny part of me that almost — almost — feels sorry for carly. What is she going to do without drew for three long years? I know. It’s just — I feel so awkward. A-ava. L-let me call you back, okay? Just the person I’ve been looking for.

Are you insane? Do you realize how rarely the wsb gives out commendations? Yes, but it’s useless now, isn’t it? No, it isn’T. But you didn’t burn this newspaper instead. Look. I’m so sorry. I don’t mean to be rude, but I really intended to spend the evening alone, okay? Or you could come along with us to the savoy and maybe have a good time? You haven’t been out of the house in days. How do you know that? We’ve been surveilling you. Valentin reached out to us. He’s worried about you. Well, that’s just because he feels guilty. You know, we’re not spending his last night in port charles together, so… he told us that you insisted that he spend his last night with charlotte before he left for chechnya with kevin and me. Yeah, okay, so, apparently this is coming as a shock to all of you, but I am not very good company right now. Anna. Look. I have been enlisted to get you to come along to this club tonight. Now, the basic idea was valentin’s, and you know how much I despise him. So why don’t you come along and endure it? If I can do it, you can do it. That sounds like a lovely invitation. Just come with us. I don’t want to! I want to stay here — with my thoughts and my fire, alright? And you’re fine, right? Yes. Really? Yes. Then… what are you doing reading trash like this? Every word of it is true. I was a double agent. And innocent people were hurt because of me. And I really think that it’s about time I dealt with that. I have not been seeing robert. You said “have not,” and not “haven’T.” And when you do that, something’s wrong. I just don’t wish to discuss it. That’s all. Alright. I’m not gonna meddle. I’m just gonna pry. What happened with robert? Absolutely nothing! He chose holly. Holly left town. And that, as they say, is that. So if he chose holly, why did she leave town? I have no idea. Well, did robert say that he chose holly? No. He just didn’t call and he didn’t write. Ergo, he was at home nursing a broken heart. And as you know, I am nobody’s rebound. And as you know, I don’t wait by the phone. Hell no, you don’T. Mm-hmm. You deserve better.

[ Chuckling ] Damn right. Okay. I’m exhausted. Let’s go. You didn’t do anything! That’s how I exercise. You didn’t exercise! Let’s go get something to eat. You can’t eat! You haven’t exercised! Well, wait for me! Watch me. Alright, alright, alright. Grandmother wouldn’t have left us here alone if she didn’t think that we could handle it, esme. I’ve been doing everything that I can to share in this responsibility with you. Yes, you have been really helpful. I’m just wondering, will your commitment be the same when laura’s not here? I mean, what happens when it’s just you, me, and ace?

[ Knock on door ] Here. Will you please take him? I’ll get that. No, no. I-I’ll get it. Don’t listen to her. I’m not going anywhere. I thought you were staying in tonight. Here’s ned’s wallet. There’s no cash. Do you know if he was carrying any? I-I don’t remember. I don’t know. Alright. I’m gonna go talk to the nurses. Ned would not have left G.H. Eddie maine, however, is foolish, immature, and thoughtless. You know what? You know what? That is still my husband that you’re talking about. Yeah, well, in the immortal words of eddie maine, “lady, I don’t know you.” Okay. Listen! If they didn’t take dad for tests, maybe he just went for a walk or is raiding the vending machines, okay? We don’t know that he left the hospital. Chase will find out for us. This is not a reason to panic. Give it time. You were looking for me? Yeah. Let me buy you a drink, and you can tell me all about this place. The savoy? Yeah. Well, like, what kind of talent do you bring in here? And how are the crowds? They’re good, depending on the band. I-I’m sorry. I just have to ask you. Aren’t you supposed to be in the hospital? Ohh. You think you know me, don’t you? Well… you don’T. But you will soon. You and anyone else with a lick of taste and an ear for good music. My name’s eddie. Eddie maine. Nina. Nina reeves. Pleased to meet you, eddie. Nice to meet you. Let’s get that drink… nina reeves. Michael: At the moment, he doesn’t even know who my mom and drew are or the fact that he turned them in to the sec for insider trading. I was a silent partner in l&b records when eddie maine was touring. Ned lived a double life, but he always knew who he really was. Yeah, and now he thinks he’s eddie. How sure are the doctors? You think he’s lying? I didn’t say that, but I need to see it for myself. Well, here’s your chance. Let the good times roll.

uh, fine. They printed the truth. But it’s all ancient history, and you’ve more than atoned for all of it. Have I, though? I-I feel as if I threw myself into work so I wouldn’t have to face the truth of what I did… and that if I ran fast enough or far enough, then my past wouldn’t catch up with me. Right? And now it has. Oh, anna, you’re not running from your mistakes. If anything, you’ve owned up to your past. Laura: Look at it this way. Think of all the times you put your life at risk to help others. Now, were you doing that because you wanted to atone or because that’s just who you are? Some people may never know, but the fact is those acts of heroism and — and all the good that you’ve done, that can’t be denied. Laura’s right. You’re still a hero. I’m also a traitor. And you’ve called me that. And I just don’t want to involve you all in this by association. You know what, robert? Why don’t you, uh, go ahead and get us a table at the savoy? That’s a good idea. We’ll meet you over there. I’ll see you out. Yeah. What ever happened to not taking no for an answer? Yeah, well, we still haven’T. Get us a good table. Not too close. Perhaps for drinks, too? Oh, of course. Yes. I know what this looks like. But I’m not wallowing. Alright? I’m not. I think you’re taking stock. Yeah, I think that’s what I’m doing. Thank you for understanding. Of course. But what I don’t understand is why you’re shutting us out. Ned: I’ve been away from port charles for a while, so I’m just trying to get my bearings. I’m trying to find all the happening spots in town. What’s going on? Nina: Hey, honey. T-this is eddie maine. And he was just asking about the music scene here in port charles. Eddie, this is my fiancé, sonny corinthos. Oh! Well, I must say, your fiancé is one lucky guy. Yeah, I am. I apologize if I overstepped. What do you mean? Don’t worry. You didn’T. How about you let me buy you a drink? You know, I was just wondering why you’re in a nightclub when you just got out of the hospital. Now, how’d you know about that? Oh. Right. Well, sonny, hospitals are for sick people. Uh-huh. And lucky for me, I’m not sick. Right, right. So why don’t you let me buy you a drink? Michael, my son. We were j– michael. Eddie. Hey. Nice to meet you. Likewise. We w ant to hear all about yourmusic stories and everything. Weren’t you gonna make that call for me? Yes. Yes. Thank you for reminding me. It’s a business thing. I’ll be right back. Right. Excuse me. Uh, so, what — what kind of music do you play?

[ Line ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Come on, olivia. Pick up.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Scoffs ] This is the last thing I need. It’s nina. I can’t even begin to think about the metro court right now.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, my god! Just stop! Okay. I spoke to one of the nurses, and… don’t panic, but ned checked himself out.

[ Gasps ] How could they let him do that? He signed a form saying he was leaving against medical advice. What name did he use? If he signed out as eddie maine, they should have put him in a straitjacket instead of letting him run free.

[ Cellphone rings ] Okay. It doesn’t matter how he got out of here. The fact is that he’s gone and we got to figure out where. Ned would not have left the hospital. Eddie maine is probably busking on a street corner somewhere. What? I just wish I could think you were wrong. Well, where do musicians hang out?! You guys keep brainstorming. I’m gonna call this in to the station, see if they can help track down ned. Okay. That was nina. Oh, my god. She’s calling you?! What is her problem?! She found dad. Where? Where is he? At the savoy. A nightclub. Why didn’t we think of that? We better go before he tries to break loose again. Come on. Let’s go. Well, can’t nina just keep him there? Well, how?!

We couldn’t! Am I in trouble? Did I forget something? No. You didn’t forget anything. Oh. Okay. But I know how busy you’ve been, and I thought maybe we can have a chill night in. And I-I even brought some snacks. Well, it’s so good to see you, snacks or no snacks, but… are you guys gonna watch a movie? W-we — we haven’t decided yet. Well, I mean, there’s a lot of movies and shows on streaming right now. Yeah. Y– there — yeah. You guys don’t mind if I join you, do you? Um…

[ Trina and spencer chuckle ] I’m just kidding. Okay. I am going to go feed ace and then give him a bath, and then it’s bedtime for both of us. Um, isn’t that right, little guy? Want to go to bed?

[ Cellphone beeping ] Oh, there’s that timer. Sorry. I’ll, um — I’ll grab that. Oh, no, no, no. You have company. I’ll do it. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Wow. What? Just — it’s just a shock to the system to see you and esme together like this. Like what? Just… on the same side, like you used to be.

Right now I’m a front man without a band. Need to get one together. You got representation? No, not currently. I’m gonna put out some feelers, though. It’s been a while. Yeah. I know how that is. I’m sure — you know a few people in the music business, I’m sure, right, dad? Yeah. I don’t see why I can’t reach out. You’re not into music, are you? Uh, sure, yeah. Yeah. Really? Yeah. What was the last show that you went to? Uh, actually, phideaux. Right here on the stage. Phideaux. Never heard of him. Well, you should. But, then again, that was a long time ago. Since then, I’ve been kind of busy taking care of my family and running the business.

[ Chuckling ] Oh. Right. All business. You’re all business, aren’t — life is short. You got to live a little, kid. Right? Relax. How’d it go? Uh, great. Uh, the issue is headed to — to the press. Issue? I run a magazine. So, eddie, what do you think of the savoy? After some of the dives that I’ve played in, this place is a palace. And, look, you’re the mayor of port charles. You should not be seen with me. What if someone were to take our photo? I don’t care about that. Well, maybe you should. You know? You’re a politician. Yeah, you know, I didn’t get elected to office by trying to hide my past. And I am well aware of the complexity of yours. And I would be honored to have my picture taken with you. I would challenge anyone to compare the good you’ve done against the wrongs they’re writing. It’s no contest, anna. I appreciate that. And I knew, of course, that you wouldn’t turn your backs on me, no matter how much I want you to. But it isn’t about what other people think of me. This is what I think of me. And I had come to terms with my past and even the crimes that I was part of, you know? Because of my work as an agent, I felt that somehow I was balancing the scales. But now I’m no longer an agent, and I won’t ever be again, I realize that I’m not ready to let go of that part of my life. Because I feel like my work isn’t done. I invested in a small record company back in the ’90s. One of the co-owners was a friend of mine from the, you know, old neighborhood. Very ambitious. And she brought in two singers. One of them made it really big. Uh, I don’t know what he’s doing now. He’s just living the crazy life, I guess.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Uh, I am so sorry. I got another work call. Okay. You see? A beautiful woman like that, and she can’t even enjoy a night out. Take my advice, michael. Don’t let work consume you! Ned. Good to see you. Glad to see you out and about. I’m sure olivia’s delighted. Um, corinthos. A word? Hey, my friend. I’ll be right back, okay? Right. How can I help you? Well, I’m curious. Mm-hmm. Why does sonny corinthos need someone else to fight his battles for him? What battles are we talking about here? You’re gonna have to narrow it down. Okay. No problem. Well, actually, it is a problem… when you start using diane miller — diane miller? What are you talking about? Excuse me, district attorney. You’re not accusing my client of something without his attorney being present, are you? Esme and I are in no way on the same side. We’re just trying to make the best of a very, very messed-up situation right now. That’s fine. In fact… I’m glad your living situation is more…tolerable.

[ Chuckles ] Unfortunately, it means that you and i have less time to spend with one another, and for that, I am really sorry. I felt terrible when I had to leave curtis’ birthday party early.

[ Sighs ] What? Something happen?

[ Scoffs ] When is something ever not happening with my family? My family… which curtis is. Care to get more specific?

[ Exhales deeply ] Curtis and I were just starting to get closer and learn how to talk to one another… and he did something that really upset my mom. Do you want advice, or do you just need me to listen? I don’t think anybody can give me advice on this. Well, then, listening it is. Just an informal chat. Nothing official. I still don’t know what we’re chatting about, and at this point, I’m starting to lose interest. I don’t like the fact that you’re using diane miller to get confidential information from me.

[ Stammers ] Let me handle this. By all means. Where’s ned? He’s with sonny and michael. Alexis: Can’t take you anywhere. Where is he? Nina, where is ned? You said he was with sonny and michael. Well, he was. He was just here a second ago. What, you lost him?! Olivia, he can’t be far. We’re gonna find him. Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the savoy!

[ Cheers and applause ] Alright. So, I have some good news and, of course, some bad news. First, the bad news. Unfortunately, our opening act, caterwaul, got stuck in customs.

[ Patrons groan ]I know, I know. But the good news is, our headliner, the retrobates, will be out in just a few…minutes. Um, excuse me, sir. You can’t be up here. Well, if you need an opening act, I’m the man. How are ya? Poor charles! How’s everyone feeling tonight?

[ Applause ] Yeah! Port charles! How are we all feeling tonight?! Come on! Make some noise!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Okay. Everyone having a good time? Let’s get this party started! Ned! Come down from there! Oh, I don’t know that song, but here’s one you might recognize.

[ Guitar strums ] Ned!

[ Patrons gasp ] Ned! Ned! You’re okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m okay.

[ All murmuring ] I’m alright. I’m alright. Nina. Thank you so much. If you hadn’t called me, we would have never found him. I-I’m just glad I could help. Well, thank god he’s not halfway on his way to vegas by now. Ned’s gonna be fine. He’s sitting with michael. He’s gonna be okay, I think. Just needs some water. Look. I’m good, right? The crowd’s all warmed up. I need to get back out there. No, no, no, no. Hey, hey, hey. Look. The crowd can wait. And so can you. Sonny, he won’t listen to me. He thinks he’s someone else. He thinks I’m a complete stranger! It’s that bad? Yes. He doesn’t remember anyone. He didn’t remember brook lynn or tracy. He denied leo to his face. I mean, my — my little boy was devastated. I’m sorry. What do you want me to do? He doesn’t trust me. He doesn’t trust anyone in his family. Because you want him to be somebody he doesn’t remember being. I was talking to him. He didn’t seem all that — wait, wait, wait. Y-y-you didn’t mention that you knew him before? Not yet. Is that right…?

[ Clears throat ] Sorry. I just came to grab ace’s binky. Did you give him his bottle? Yes. And you turned on the noise machine? Maybe he needs to be swaddled. No, he’s too old for that. I came here to grab a pacifier, not attend a forum on parenting strategies. If I need anything, I will call you, but don’t hold your breath. So sorry about that. What were you saying? No. It’s okay. No, it’s not okay. I don’t like the way that she just spoke to you.

[ Sighs ] She’s tired. And if someone who didn’t have kids gave me unsolicited parenting advice, I would also be a little upset. Oh, no. Now I’ve got you defending her, as well. I told you. It’s alright. Except for that — okay. Yeah. Alright. Fine. I just don’t like it. I don’t like this whole…situation. Yeah, neither do I. I don’t, either. But this is how it’s got to be for ace — for now. Until we can find a way to get rid of esme. Just in case. We just have to find real evidence, evidence that we can trust. And once we do that, esme will be out of our lives forever. What the hell was that about? I hate the fact that corinthos thinks he can use you to get to me. Use me? Like you and holly used me? Or is that different? My goodness. You think so little of me, don’t you? No. It’s because I have so much respect for you. Oh, do you, now? And I hate the fact that sonny uses you to do his bidding. Okay, well, let’s get very clear. For one thing, I don’t do anyone’s bidding. I protect my clients. Like sonny. You know who I work for! For heaven’s sakes! I needed some information, so, yes, I asked you for it. Did sonny corinthos also need that information? Well, that’s attorney/client privilege. How convenient. And accurate. Besides, what do you care? I care probably a whole lot more than you realize. As an agent, as a cop, right, I felt that I had a purpose, like I-I was where I belonged. And now I don’t have that anymore, I — I’ve been asking myself the question… you know, what now? I completely understand. Felicia: So do I. In our own way, we all have had to reinvent ourselves. Yeah. Have you talked to valentin about it? I did, but, you know, I don’t want to burden him because he’s leaving with you. Um, I could tell him to stay here with you. No. Don’t do that. Please. You need him. I mean, I know you’re very capable, but a U.S. Government official isn’t supposed to travel to chechnya. Valentin — he has a lot of contacts there, and… and he speaks the language. Yeah, I think you really need him. Well, to be honest, I was really surprised when he offered to go with me, and it actually meant a great deal to me, so… and right now I-I need all the help I can get. Good. That’s settled, then. I’m gonna come with you to chechnya.

You know how much I value our friendship. Our…relationship.

[ Chuckling ] We don’t have a relationship, robert. Last time I checked, we were simply two colleagues who occasionally find ourselves on opposite sides of a courtroom and, even rarer, on opposite sides of a dinner table. It doesn’t have to be like that. Would you be saying that if holly hadn’t left town? You are absolutely right. I can’t wait for that day. Sorry to interrupt again, but ace won’t go down for bed. What is that silly song you sing to him? It’s not a silly song, esme. You just don’t sing it right. Okay, well, why don’t you sing it to him and I will listen so I can try and learn it better? Or is it too much asking you to sing to your baby brother? You know what? You guys seem to have your hands full. I’m just — I’m gonna take off. No. Stay. Please. No. It’s okay. You go sing your silly song to your brother and put him to bed. Trina, I — I don’t want it to be like this. Neither do I. But it’s not gonna be like this forever. Right? And with her track record, we won’t have to wait for long. I can’t really imagine what this must be like for you. I know that you don’t remember me and that you — you don’t want to be pressured into — into feeling things that — that you don’t feel — or — or — are you sure this is a good idea? Olivia wanted to talk to ned alone. Olivia: …That we love was in an accident… well, what do you think now that you’ve seen eddie maine up close? Ned is not faking it. No matter how I feel about him, he would not put his family through this. Olivia: …But we know that you were. Just come back to the hospital. Why? I’m not sick. But — but you just got dizzy on the stage and had to be helped off! I was — I was a little dehydrated, but I just had some water and I’m — I’m right as rain. No, no. What you had was a major head injury and — and chest compressions!

[ Guitar plucking ] And — could you stop tuning that thing?! It’s not even yours! Well, whosever it was, they shouldn’t have left it on the stage. Yeah, just like a man with a head injury who doesn’t know who he is should not be just walking out of a hospital! I couldn’t stand being in that hospital room one more second, being told what to do, when to eat, when to sleep, being told who I am or who I’m not. I know who I am! I know that — I know that you think that you do. And, please, if you can’t come home for me, I understand, but… but please believe me. Your kids are your kids. Could you do it for your kids? Look. I appreciate what you’re trying to do. And I think I even know what you’re going through. And I’m truly sorry. I am. That I’m causing you pain. I don’t want to hurt anyone. Then stop! But I can’t be someone I’m not. Right. And you can’t love someone that you don’t know. You upset about something? Yeah. Well, it’s just I hate seeing ned’s family in so much pain. That’s what I love about you. You got a big heart. Yeah.

oh then you take me by the hand I feel better again oh I feel better now ned, please! It’s “eddie.” Please. O-okay. Eddie. Eddie. If — if you’re not going back to the hospital, could you please just come home? Or you know what? You know what? Why don’t you come back to my place? Come back to my place. You can even have your own room. I appreciate the offer, but I, um… it doesn’t feel right to me. I need to be on my own. Shh. Okay, well, I will call you tomorrow and we will set up an actual date? Yeah. I would like that.

[ Ace fussing ] Esme: Shh. I know. I know. Hey, spencer. Where’s ace’s piggy? Spencer, the piggy. Go find the piggy. I know the way out. Okay. Spencer: Believe it or not, esme, the toy pig is in the toy bin. Please give him to me. Thank you. Hey. Lullaby and good night in the sky stars are bright wild roses in bloom fill with fragrance the room lay you down now and rest may your slumber be blessed

[ Indistinct conversations ] Olivia, I’m gonna pick him up and I’ll bring him back to my place. Thank you. Go after him. Please. Please. Yeah, yeah. Of course. Of course. Thank you. Alright. You good? Yeah. Come on. Okay.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sobs ] I-I have a lot of contacts, you know, more than valentin. And I was kind of thinking, you know… why have one fallen wsb agent when you can have two? Anna, you’ve just been accused of being a double agent. How do you think it will look if you suddenly just… take off? And go to chechnya? Of all places! I thought you didn’t care about optics. I don’t care about how this looks for me. I’m worried about how it looks for you. Do you think that this would somehow make my reputation look worse? I think it will look like you’re running away. Well, what am i supposed to do, then? What am I supposed to do? I help people. That is what I do. It’s who I am, laura! And if I’m not an agent for the wsb, who am I? You don’t need the wsb to give you purpose. There are plenty of people in the world that could use someone like you on their side. Maybe you’d be one of them. Oh, are you kidding me? Before all this happened, you would have been my first phone call. But it did happen. And now helping me will do nothing to help you. Okay. Anna. I promise you… you will find a new path. It may even find you. I know that ned and I have been at odds lately.

[ Chuckles ] Not anymore. Because he’s not ned. I know. Olivia. Olivia. But he will be again. Alright? I-I promise you, I’m gonna do everything I can to help you and ned through this, okay? Okay. Where’s my dad? He left. I tried to get him to come back home, but… well, we have to find him. He’s not safe out there. Sonny went after him. He’ll look after him tonight. Okay. Well, that’s great. Well, what about tomorrow night and the night after that? And the night after that and the night after — chase: Then we will cross that bridge when we come to it. In the meantime, I have a feeling that eddie maine can handle himself. I don’t get what holly’s leaving had to do with anything. I specifically asked you to call me when you had decided who you wanted to be with. And you never called. That’s because holly left town. So you thought your decision had been made for you. Robert, answer me this. Do I look like someone who would appreciate being chosen by default? Exactly. See, it’s just not good enough. And I can’t believe you thought it ever would be.

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