Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, June 21, 2023

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Sharon: Hey, detective. This is a surprise.

Chance: Yeah, I was gonna say the same. I went by the ranch to check on you two and they said you were here. I figured after yesterday, you’d at least take one day off.

Sharon: Well, we talked about it, but we decided it was best to stay busy.

Faith: As opposed to sitting at home and thinking about that maniac cameron almost blowing us up. Which didn’t happen, thanks to you. The other best thing that we could do is get you some coffee and a couple of those butterscotch scones that you love, on the house.

Chance: Oh, come on, that’s not necessary.

Faith: You saved our lives. Scones are definitely necessary


Sharon: Oh, good morning, Adam.

Adam: Oh, great. No cops when you need them, but they always show up bright and early for their donuts.

Sharon: Adam, please–

Adam: Where the hell were you and the GCPD when Sharon and Faith needed you? I swear to god, if anything would have happened to them, it would have been on your head, chance. Hi, I’m Darlene

Adam: I mean, how many clues did you miss? I heard the psycho was staying at the athletic club. I mean, what a clever hideout. Nobody would ever think to look there.

Sharon: Adam, okay, that’s enough, all right? You don’t know the whole story. Chance was a hero yesterday.

Adam: A hero? Really?

Sharon: Yeah, if he hadn’t arrived when he did, faith and i might not be here right now.

Adam: Well, maybe if he had found Kirsten sooner, faith wouldn’t have been kidnapped at all.

Faith: Be nice. You and chance actually have a lot in common.

Adam: Okay, somehow I doubt that.

Faith: You risked your lives to save mine. So, like it or not, you’re both heroes in my book.

Adam: No, I’m no hero.

Sharon: Give me a minute. Hey.

Adam: Hey. I’m sorry for the lack of manners back there.

Sharon: Well, you’ve been through a lot in the last 24 hours.

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