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Ashley: Look at this little boys club. Such a joke.

Jack: I think the joke’s on you for allowing tucker to worm his way back into your heart.

Ashley: Really? Well, you got sucked into diane, didn’t you? Just like that.

Billy: No, it’s you. Tucker has suckered you.

Ashley: You know, I’ve had enough of you, billy. Why don’t you just take a walk?

Jack: Who the hell are you talking to like that?

Ashley: You don’t really have any business, do you? Sitting behind that desk, pretending that you know how to run a company, considering your long history of poor judgment calls. Didn’t you pass out when you were 16 in the snow? You almost died because you were drunk. Granted you were just a kid, but not that long ago, didn’t you lose the what, the company yacht in a poker game? I mean, seriously, Billy, I don’t think you should even be a part of this conversation, so…

Billy: You know I disagreed with her, jack, so, I guess, that’s what I deserve.

Jack: I’m afraid our sister is so blinded by her hatred she can’t think straight. Pretty soon, she’s going to come to regret that.


Ashley: I’m sorry. I can’t do it. I can’t stand here and talk about our family and love and especially our father with Diane standing here. I just– I appreciate what you’re doing, Traci. I really do. I understand that you’re trying to mend the cracks in our family, but something just–

Diane: Oh, Ashley, please, just stop. I will leave–

Ashley: Good.

Diane: And then you can all speak together, maybe more freely as a family.

Jack: That is more than gracious of you, sweetheart.

Diane: Yes, family first. And good luck hashing this all out. And whereas ashley might be determined to get you all to choose sides, just know that that is– that is not what I want.

Kyle: Thanks, mom.

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