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 Well, thank you for agreeing to see us this morning. I know how busy you are. I am. So let’s keep this short. Okay, short. It is, uh, as we’ve discussed, my client has agreed to testify against Colin Bedford in exchange for some certain considerations. Actually, I’ve changed my mind about that. Excuse me. Yeah.

I think it sets a terrible precedent for a truly dangerous criminal to be given a walk in exchange for pointing the finger at our co-conspirator. Okay, well, it’s not your job to decide whether she’s dangerous or a criminal. It’s the court’s job. And in court I will present an open and closed case that will put Ms.

Hunter away for a long, long time.

I hope that if we went over everything again, maybe. So maybe we’d find something that we’d missed and all we missed was a night’s sleep. Yeah, thanks. Now they said the academy, that missing person cases go dry after three days. It’s been missing now almost three weeks. Rafe, we’ll find him. Yeah,

that that’s great. I will. Thank you so much. That was the Salem Health Department. They’re letting me reopen sweet bits. That’s wonderful, baby. Oh mama. I’m sorry. It wasn’t news about Abe. I keep saying to myself any day now, his memory will come back. The doctor said it could, and my, my phone will ring and it will be him.

I’ll go wherever he is and bring him home.

Time for breakfast time. Breakfast from my baby. Here we go. Here we go. Bon Appit boat meal again. Well, it’s, it’s heart healthy, and I want you to live a long life. Well, facing this every morning is going to seem like a long life. You know, when we renewed our vows yesterday, I promised to love you through sickness and health, and I’m gonna do my best to make sure that it’s mainly in health.

Wasn’t it nice to say those words again? Yesterday? Would’ve been nicer if we’d had our family there. Oh wow. That means you’re gonna really like the surprise that I have for you. Bacon. Oh, it’s better than bacon. Your son is back in Salem,

Theo. Oh my God. It is so good to see you again. Hi Kate. Oh, honey, I wish it was under circumstances. Me too. Listen, I uh, I heard your speech at Juneteenth. No, no, my, that was my dad’s speech. No, honey, you made that speech your own. He would be so proud of you. Do you think he’s gonna be okay? Of course I do.

You know how strong he is? Right now I know that he is working on getting back to you. I wish that I could be so short.

Theo thought you told me he lived overseas. He did, but he came back home because of your situation. So I’m going to see him. That’s right. You know, I’m thinking if I can see my son, my own flesh and blood, then I can remember him and then I can remember everything.

Like Sam through the hour. So are the days of lives.

You know, your dad and I had known each other for a long time, but I think I really got to know him. When thanks to me, you were in the hospital fighting for your life. No, I think that was, thanks to me being shot. Yeah. But that was my fault, you know? No, he never left your bedside ever, except of course when the doctors would, would make him leave your room.

I watched him go through parent hell, and he never wavered. I think, I think it was his love for you that we’ll do to come back and I, I really believe that that same love is gonna wheel him back to you. I hope you’re right.

I’m sorry, I, I have to go. Someone needs me right now. Okay. Phil, what is it?

Now, Abe, listen to me. I I don’t want you to get your hopes up. You know, you may not remember him right away, and that’s okay. I keep telling you these kinds of cases. Sometimes they just take time. Wait a minute, why isn’t he here? I mean, if he came here to see me, why? Why didn’t he come straight here? Well, because seeing him right away is gonna be stressful for both of you.

He wanted me to break it to you first, and so I did. And I just texted him and he’s on his way.

Eli. Whoa. What’s happening man? Wow. It’s good to see you. Hey, you doing hi? Looking good, man. Thanks. You too. Uh, hey, um, this is, uh, Jada. I don’t think you two, I’m sorry. Detective Hunter, this is, uh, Eli Grant. F b I used to work at Salem pd. Nice to meet you. Same here. Yeah. He’s also Abe’s, uh, son-in-law. Oh.

Figured. I’d come by and see if there’s any, anything I can do to help. Great. Well hopefully a fresh pair of eyes will help us find something that we missed. Yeah. This is everything we got. All right. You guys been pretty thorough? Oh yeah. Yeah. We spent the night going over everything, but, uh, nothing’s jumping out at us.

So, uh, let me walk you through So far. No, no, no. Jada, you go home. You’ve already been here all night. Well, so have you go home, get something to eat and get some rest. That’s an order. Has he always been this wishy That’s one of his best qualities. So, go on. I’ll let you know if something happens here.

Please do. Okay, Eli, it was great meeting you. Hopefully you can bring us some luck. Yeah, have a good one. See ya.

She’s great. She’s great. She’s been through a lobby. She never gives up. She’s not real. Ask that to the team.

What, what with the look? No, no. It’s. I’m, I’m happy for you. Oh, you’re, you’re okay. You’re happy for me? Yeah. She seems like you know. Good girl. Clearly there’s something going on between you two.

I know you’re not gonna deny it.

All I said was that Jada has an incredible work ethic and that she’s been a real asset to the team. And yeah, you know, it’s been intense between us because we have been working so closely together, especially on this case, and I have worked a lot of big cases and as intense as they’ve been. I don’t recall us ever holding Nance when I walked in.

Y’all were holding Nance.

Okay, fine. Mm, fine. All right. Jada and I are, we’re attracted to each other, but we also both know that nothing can come of it.

Jada. Hi. Oh my God, Kate. Oh my goodness. I am so glad to see you alive and back. Well, how do you think I feel, you know, this probably shouldn’t be the first thing I say to you, but you look like you’re feeling a little rough. Well, don’t sugarcoat it. Well, I’m just saying you dragged yourself in here. Did you have a night on the town?

Yeah, a night on the town at the station house going over Abe’s case. Oh yeah, I know. I’m so sorry. Of course. Of course. I’ll tell you. It’s just a nightmare, isn’t it? I’m just praying that he is somewhere alive and well. Yeah, we are all praying that. Ralph and I spent the night going over yet again.

Everything that we have, right. You know, um, I hope you’re a personal relationship isn’t going to be a distraction, you know, working on the case now, why would it be? Well, I mean, I have to admit that I do read Lady Whistle. Lowers column every once in a while. And, uh, recently she reported that you and Ray were seen being affectionate in the office.

So kissing you mean? Yeah. Well I wasn’t being so blunt. I mean, but it’s not like I had put stock in idle gossip anyway. Well, it’s, it’s not idle gossip. It’s, it’s the truth.

Big mama’s packing to go home. And of course she wouldn’t even hear of me trying to help. She’s pretty upset about going home before we found aid. What’d you say? Nothing important. Are you okay? Yeah, yeah. I, uh, was just about to post the job opening at Sweet Bits, and then I got caught in a bag. Kind of dejavu reminded you of Talia?

No, I didn’t need to be reminded. I ran into her yesterday. She’s out on bail. Did she threaten you? No, nothing like that. She was putting up posters asking if anyone had seen Abe, why would she be doing that? She was probably trying to help her case so that the DA will go easy on her. Wait, but you said that Talia, let me handle this.

My client and Colin Bedford are not co-conspirators. Yes, Talia committed some crimes at his instigation, which means that he is responsible for everything Talia did at his behest. But let’s not forget that on his own, he held a gun to Chanel Dupre’s, head to coerce Paulina Price to jump off a five story building.

Do you really think a guy like that should walk? Because without my client’s testimony, without your client’s testimony, I still have a rock solid case against Bedford. Ms. Hunter’s own sister, a Salem police officer is an eyewitness to what happened on that roof, and Paulina Price will testify to his attack against Mayor Carver, which will give me enough to lock your boyfriend up for a very long time.

He’s not my boyfriend. Not anymore. Well, that’s probably for the best I’ve heard. It’s hard to keep a relationship when each of you are serving long sentences in different correctional facilities. Oh, watch it more. I’ve got your confession to your own sister about you drugging those biscuits. And trashing Paulina Price’s office, which means I can use your own words to prove to the judge and jury that you are guilty as hell.

Okay? There is no need to pile on Melinda. Oh, am I supposed to be polite to her? I am a fit and healthy woman. And your drugs that you put in those biscuits sent me to the emergency room. Heaving my guts out all night long. It could have killed a child, a senior, anyone with a compromised immune system. Did you even think about that?

Did you? Okay. Did you think about the fact that she actually saved Chanel and Paulina’s life and nearly died in the process? You would’ve never been on that roof in the first place if it wasn’t for your client. Look, I don’t take my job lightly, and I’ve gone over and over the evidence. And there is nothing there that indicates any kind of leniency.

Okay, here’s something new.

I got Jack. There you go. Okay. I’m a little nervous. I, I just hope I, I, I hope I recognize him. If I don’t, I, I don’t know how that make him feel. Oh God. I told him about your condition. He’ll understand. You seem a little nervous. Maybe just a little. Are you and Theo getting along? Well, to be honest, we don’t really know each other that well.

I’ll get it.

Well, here he is, your son, Philo. Hello Pops.

I also think that Toya is working some angle trying to convince everyone that all the things she did were Colin’s fault. Is that what she said? No. No. She apologized and tried to take responsibility for what she did. So tell me this, are you thinking of forgiving her?

Oh, I’ll get it. Hmm.

Hey y’all. Oh, I’m so glad you’re here, honey. Hey, I came as soon as I got your text. What’s up? Oh, mama Price is uh, leaving for Florida this morning and she wouldn’t leave us saying goodbye to you. What she actually said was, I have to see that handsome face of his. One more time.

Is this my son? Yes it is. It’s uh, good to see you again, pops. Thank you for coming. No problem, sir. Uh, you really don’t remember me? I am, I’m sorry. I, I don’t, well just give it time. You two just need to get to know each other again. Theo, sit down.

Uh, yes. Would you, uh, like some coffee? Uh, no, I’m good. Oh.

Uh, uh, so, uh, how was your flight? Uh, it was good. Long. Yeah? Yeah. So, uh, where, where are you living now? Uh, south America, South Africa. I, uh, sorry, uh, a major jet lag. I had a layover in Brazil. I got mixed up. You, you had a stop over in Brazil on a flight from South Africa. That’s, uh, Boy, that’s way out of the way.

I, uh, got a deal. Cheap flights. Huh? Must have had it whole day. You know, you know what aid You are always so good at geography. You know me. I get lost on my way to the hospital sometimes. Oh, pops. Would you mind if I had a talk with Paulina out in the corridor? Why I, I don’t think that’s necessary. Paulina, right, please.

Yes. Excuse us. Let’s talk.

You didn’t tell me that The guy you were talking about was the mayor. What has she been with? Amnesia. He’s no fool. I mean, he’s not only good at geography, but he knows damn well there’s something going on. Because like an idiot. You said that you were from South America. I gave you Theo’s background. I didn’t have time to read all that stuff you sent and, and I, I didn’t expect to get grilled or, or that or that.

What? That he’s a good guy who needs help, needs his real family. I’m sorry, I can’t do this. You mean nothing can come of it? She’s single, right? She is. Okay. Well so are you. What’s the problem? Good jobs. Okay. Look, I know from experience that two cops getting together isn’t easy, but Lonnie and I proved that it’s possible.

You and Lonnie were partners. I’m Jade’s boss. Okay. And there are now new regulations in place. Fraternization with a subordinate is now grounds for dismissal. Yeah. Forgot about those new regulations. Mm-hmm. That sucks, man. Yeah. Uhhuh. And I know you’re looking at me right now and you’re thinking, oh man, this guy.

He’s got some real bad luck when it comes to women. Oh no. Yeah, I was not thinking that bad. You were. Cause I saw you. All right. You were and you’d be right. Yeah. Well, I am happy for race, happy for you. Well, there’s nothing to be happy about. I mean, the only reason he kissed me was because he was high on those tainted biscuits.

Well, whatever the reason, I don’t know. It seems like when you talk about him, there is a little something there. Okay. Maybe. Yeah. But I mean, we work together and, and plus the city council has all these guidelines. Oh, screw the guidelines. Are you kidding me? You know, I was just telling Eric and Sloan, life is short.

You know, we don’t wanna waste what little time we have. You’re just waiting. You’re just getting older, right? I mean, if you’re interested, you should go for it.

What is that? In a second? Talia, do you take responsibility for drugging those biscuits? Yes, I do. And do you also take responsibility for breaking into and vandalizing MS Price’s office? Yes, I do. You’re just making my case for me. Talia, are you also currently under the care of a psychiatrist? Yes. Um, Dr.

Melina Evans. This is a signed affidavit by Dr. Evans detailing the nature of the relationship between Talia and Colin, and I truly believe this changes everything.

The worst thing about being in a abusive relationship is the shame that we feel. I. A man treats us badly and somehow we still believe it’s our fault.

Years later, we think we’re past it and comes back like malaria. He not only makes us feel unworthy of his love, but of anyone else’s, you keep saying. We and us.

My ex-husband, Mr. Trask, he was a very, um,

shall we say, controlling man. I was so afraid of him. So cow. That I denied the existence of my own daughter. I kept, kept her a secret, um, from him, from the world.

Uh, sometimes I still wonder how I found the strength to break away from him.

I am so sorry. I I’m so sorry that you both have had to suffer like that.

So it’s, it’s clear though, Melinda, that you understand what Talia’s been through, and I, I know that that was really painful for you to share.

What do you think this means for her case?

You are back already. Your mom would not let me drive to the airport. So we got our taxi. And don’t worry, I slept a driver, a 21. Big mama wasn’t looking that way. He’d get more than Bible verses for a tip. Good for you. So Theo, you, you had breakfast, what would you like? No, nothing for me. Thanks. It was great to see your mom again, but I’m afraid I’ve gotta get going.

I’m gonna head down to the police station. I’ll find my dad.

So you really think I should go forward with Rae? Okay. Full disclosure, Ray and I have, uh, a little bit of history. We actually dated for a while. It was years ago. And, uh, even though I had issues with a lot of things that he did, I will say he’s one of that rare breed, a good man. But the work thing don’t, you can just make the work thing work out, you know?

I mean, I would suggest no more p d a in the office, but when you and Rave are in the privacy of your own home, Pass off the city council or anyone else’s business. Right.

Okay. Please. Those are all the witness statements. Like Jada said, maybe a fresh pair of eyes see something we missed. Speaking of eyes, you could barely keep yours open. Why don’t you take your own advice, go home, get something to eat, take a shower and get some rest. I’ll call you if I need anything. I’m actually too tired to argue with you.

That’s cuz you know I’m right. Mm-hmm. Right’s. Good to see you, bro. See you too. I’ll be back this afternoon. Don’t set an alarm. Mm.

You can’t back out on me now. You agreed to do this. Plus I paid you good money. This is a great challenge for an actor. I’m an actor, not a con man. I’m not asking you to con anybody. And wait a minute. Didn’t your grandmother get help when she was in the hospital? Here we go. Yeah, that’s right. Here we go.

Your grandmother had no health insurance, but thanks to me. She got the help that she needed. And what did it cost her? Nothing. Right? Nothing because I doctored her intake form so she could get the help she needed. So you owe me. Jerry, big time. You have been accepted into the family since you’re feeling so sorry for Pops.

I only wanted you to act like his son to help him with his recovery, but it’s not gonna help him. I mean, I can see that it, it’s only confusing him. Listen to me, Jerry. I’m a nurse and I’m his wife, and I know best. You can’t walk away from this besides what would happen to your career if this came out.

Okay, but what if I do? If he starts asking me about his life or fine, oh my God, you’re an actor. Just improvise. Improvise. Yeah. Right, right, right. Just make some stuff up, like talk to him. Your, your guys. Do guy talk sports or something? I don’t know.

Hello? This king? Yes, this is she. This is Agent Eli Gran the fbi. I’m investigating the disappearance of Abe Carver. I need you to come down to the police station right away. Oh, I, I can’t, my cat is sick and I can’t leave him. Okay, then I’ll, I’ll come to you. No, no, no, no. That’s not necessary. I’ll just have a neighbor come over.

Mm-hmm. I’ll see you soon.

Look, um, I, I need you to go in there and, and, and just be with him. I, I got some place I gotta go. Hey, look, you’ve spent an hour and I, I won’t take that long. Um, I’ll give you an extra hundred. Look, I, I, I, I need you to stay with him and I gotta go, alright? Okay. Okay. See and cash. Remember, I,

I’m back pops. What were you talking about out there? Where’s, where’s, where’s Paulina? What’s going on here?

Hey. Hey. Hello. Hey. Oh, how’s Shawn? Uh, he’s not doing great. He’s still reeling after everything that happened in Greece. Oh, well that’s understandable. Yeah. On top of that, he’s feeling pretty guilty about not being able to help find Abe. Oh, you know what? Tell him not to worry. Eli’s here. We got it covered, but, uh, is there anything I can do for you?

Uh, actually I’m here to see Jada. I have news about Talia’s case. I will file my recommendation with the court community service, and, uh, probation and continuing to see Dr. Evans.

Thank you so much. I never expected this to happen. If there’s anything I can do, You can keep going to therapy and work on your self-worth. Get to a place where you can feel that you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect so that what happened with you and Colin Bedford will not happen again.

So we were talking about Talia before Theo showed up. Are you thinking of forgiving her hearing Talia talk about Colin. It wasn’t just the things he said or did, it was more about the way he manipulated her. He played on her insecurities, took advantage of the way she felt about him to get her to do things that she didn’t really wanna do.

Emotional abuse, like what Ray did to me, Colin’s father did to me. Yeah, all too similar. So you think Charlie was a victim in all this? She loved Colin and she was afraid that she’d lose him if she didn’t do what he. Told her to do. And as, as much as I hate what she put you through, put us all through, she’s in pain, real pain, and it’s going to take her a long time to get over it.

What, you didn’t answer me, what did you have to talk to her about? Uh, okay. Okay. Uh, Paulina got a call. She, uh, had to run an errand. You still didn’t answer my question. What did you and Paulina have to talk about alone? Um, uh, you want the truth? Um, I asked her if my showing up here. Upset. You see? I mean, I mean, yeah.

It, it, it’s, it’s weird. I don’t know how to talk to you when you don’t, when when? I don’t remember you. Yeah. I’m sorry. It, it is weird. I’m sorry. Hey, it’s, it’s not your fault, so I guess we just gotta try to get to know each other again. It’s okay if I sit. Yeah, of course. Of course. Please do.

So, uh, how about those white socks?

Oh, excuse me, aren’t you Abe Carver son? Theo? Yeah, I am. Do I know you? No, no. I, I was one of your father’s nurses. I, I was there, uh, the day your stepmother was trying to jog his memory. Oh, he’s such a wonderful man. What a terrible thing to happen to him. Yeah, I was. Yeah. So why are you here? Oh, uh, uh, I received a call, uh, from the fbi, uh, agent grant to come down.

Yeah. Um, I’m actually here to see him too. Really? Oh, but you weren’t even here when your father went missing? No, not as a witness. Eli is my sister’s husband and my dad’s son-in-law, my friend. I’m here to help him and we’re not gonna stop until we find my dad.

You seem a little nervous. Yeah. You know, I just don’t know why they called me down here. I mean, I told the police everything I know. So. Ms. King? Yes, that’s right. Yoo. I need to speak to Ms. King. Yeah, that’s okay. I’ll wait this way. Nice to be.

Thank you Ms. King for coming in. You gotta have a seat right here. Okay.

Thank you. You’re welcome. I’ll be with you in just a second.

You know, as, as I was telling, uh, Abe carver’s son outside, I’ve, I’ve already told the police everything.

Now you can tell me everything, you know. I was going over your statement about the day Abe Carver went missing. You were on duty, right? Well, uh, yes. Yes, I was. Uh, but as I told the police, I, I didn’t see anything. Well, you, you couldn’t have, did you, excuse me, because you left work early hours before the end of your shift, and I’d like to know why

you, okay.

Just a little bit overwhelmed. I still can’t believe I’m not going to prison. Seriously. Thank you so much Ms. Brady. No. Well, not always, but sometimes the prosecution and the defense work together to get it right. Um, I just went to the station to tell your sister the good news, but she’d already gone home.

Well, should I call her? I, I think Rafe was going over there to tell her

Jayna open up. I got some good news

after all the terrible things that Colin Bedford did. He still denies taking Abe out of the hospital. Yeah. And the police say they’re sure that he didn’t do it, but we both know that Eli won’t give up until he finds Abe and he makes sure that whoever did take him pays. Um, I, I was sick that day, so I went home early.

Like your cat? Huh? What? When we spoke on the phone, you said that your cat was sick. Oh, right. That’s right. He has ringworm. Aw. What was wrong with you that day? The day that Abe car went missing? I, uh, well, I was feeling like I was getting the flu. I had a slight fever. Uh, and you know, I can’t be around patients.

I. Like that. So, you know, you didn’t mention that in your statement. Oh, well, I, I didn’t think it was important. No, it’s not for you to decide what’s important and what’s not, which is why you’re gonna tell me everything that happened on that day. And this time you’re not gonna leave anything out.

I’m sorry. I’ll be right back.

Kitchen grant.

Eli is my sister’s husband and my dad’s son-in-law, my friend. I’m here to help him and we’re not gonna stop until we find my dad.

God, help me. I don’t have a choice. A carver has to die.

White socks. I, I, I think I’m a cuts fan. No, I’m sorry. I forgot. No, no, no. I’m, I’m, I’m sorry. I, I know this is hard on you. I.

Oh, I’m sorry. I just, all of a sudden I just got a, I just got a headache. I think I, I think I need to rest. Okay. Can I give you a hand? Yeah, I think, uh, I think I’m gonna need it.

You don’t seem very steady. Do you have like a cane or anything to help you out?

So what, what do you mean? I mean, this is a, this is a new suit. Is is my tie too wide? Your clothes are fine dad. The problem is that ugly ass hospital can viewers. Oh yeah. Well, Paulina doesn’t like it either, but what do you want me to do? I’m still unsteady. I mean, the last thing I wanna do is wipe out walking down the aisle of my own wedding.

Well, it’s a good thing your best man’s got you covered. Beer bad.

Something wrong, Paulina.

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