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Belle and Talia meet with Melinda. Belle thanks Melinda for meeting with them and goes over how Talia has agreed to testify against Colin in exchange for her freedom but Melinda reveals that she has changed her mind and no longer wants to trade one dangerous criminal for another. Belle argues that it’s not Melinda’s job to determine whether she is dangerous or a criminal. Melinda declares that in court, she will present a case that will put Talia away for a long time.

Rafe and Jada go over the files in Abe’s missing persons case. Rafe talks about hoping they would find something that they missed if they went over everything again but they didn’t. Jada encourages that they will find Abe and holds Rafe’s hand.

Paulina sits at home as Chanel finishes a call with the health department. Chanel informs her that they are going to let her reopen the Bakery but Paulina continues to worry about Abe.

Whitley brings Abe oatmeal for breakfast. Abe remarks on having this every day. Whitley pretends to be Paulina and talks about renewing their vows. Abe says it would’ve been nicer if their family was there. Whitley then says she has a surprise for him and announces his son is back in Salem.

Theo goes to the Brady Pub where Kate greets him, saying it’s so good to see him but wishes it was under better circumstances. Kate praises Theo for delivering Abe’s speech at the Juneteenth celebration. Kate encourages Theo about how strong Abe is and that he’s working on getting back to him. Theo wishes he could be so sure.

Abe tells Whitley that he thought Theo lived overseas. She responds that he came back home because of his situation. Abe asks if he’s going to see him. Whitley says that’s right. Abe feels maybe seeing his son will lead to him remembering everything.

Kate tells Theo that she and Abe have known each other for a long time, but she really got to know him when Theo was in the hospital, fighting for his life after being shot. Kate talks about Abe never leaving Theo’s side and she watched him go through parent Hell. Kate thinks Abe’s love for Theo is what willed him to come back and she believes that same love is going to will Abe back to him. Theo hopes that she’s right. Theo then gets a text and says he has to go because someone needs him right now. Kate asks what it is but Theo rushes out of the Pub.

Whitley tells Abe not to get his hopes up because he may not remember Theo right away and that’s okay because these cases just take time. Abe asks why Theo isn’t there now. Whitley says seeing him will be stressful for both of them, so he wanted her to break the news to him first. Whitley adds that she just texted Theo and he’s on his way.

Eli surprises Rafe at the police station. Rafe hugs him and says it’s good to see him. Rafe introduces Eli to Jada, noting that he’s also Abe’s son in law. Eli figured he’d come by and see if he could help. Jada hopes a fresh pair of eyes may help. Jada shows Eli what they have and says they spent the night going over everything but nothing is jumping out at them. Jada wants to walk him through everything but Rafe tells Jada to go home and get some rest and he’ll let her know if anything happens. Jada reluctantly accepts and tells Eli it was good meeting him and she hopes he can bring them some luck. Jada then exits. Rafe tells Eli that Jada is great and she’s been through a lot but never gives up and she’s a real asset to the team. Eli tells Rafe that he’s happy for him as she seems like a good girl and there’s clearly something going on between them. Eli tells Rafe that he knows he’s not going to deny it. Rafe argues that he only said Jada has an incredible work ethic and has been a good asset to the team. Rafe admits it’s been intense between them because they have been working so closely together. Eli says they have worked a lot of cases and they never held hands, but when he walked in, Rafe and Jada were holding hands. Rafe then admits that he and Jada are attracted to each other, but they also both know that nothing can come of it.

Jada goes to the Brady Pub where Kate greets her. Jada hugs her and says she’s so glad to see her alive and back. Kate comments that Jada looks like she’s feeling a little rough and asks if she had a night on the town. Jada says they spent all night at the station going over Abe’s case. They sit together as Kate calls it a nightmare and prays that Abe is somewhere alive and well. Jada repeats that she and Rafe spent the night going over everything they have. Kate hopes their personal relationship won’t be a distraction to working on the case. Jada asks why it would be. Kate admits that she reads Leo’s column and he recently quoted that Jada and Rafe were being affectionate in the office. Kate says she doesn’t put stock in gossip but Jada admits that it’s the truth.

Paulina informs Chanel that Olivia is packing to go home and she’s pretty upset about leaving before they found Abe. Chanel is distracted on her phone and asks what she said. Paulina asks if she’s okay. Chanel explains that she was just about to post a job opening for Sweet Bits Bakery and it gave her a bad case of deja vu. Paulina guesses that it reminded her of Talia. Chanel informs Paulina that she ran in to Talia as she’s out on bail and was putting up missing posters for Abe. Paulina questions why she was doing that. Chanel guesses she was trying to help her case in hopes that Melinda goes easy on her.

Belle argues with Melinda about Talia and Colin. Belle says that Colin is responsible for everything Talia did and brings up that Colin, on his own, held a gun to Paulina’s head while trying to get her to jump from a roof. Belle asks if Melinda really thinks a guy like that should walk. Melinda argues that she has a rock solid case against Colin without Talia’s testimony since Jada was an eye witness which will give her enough to lock up Colin for a long time. Melinda mocks that it would be hard to keep a relationship while they are in separate prisons. Melinda brings up that she has Talia’s confessions to drugging the biscuits and trashing Paulina’s office, so she could use her own words to prove that she’s guilty as hell. Belle says there is no need to pile on. Melinda questions if she’s supposed to be polite to Talia when her drugged biscuits sent her to the emergency room and could’ve killed someone. Melinda asks if Talia even thought about that while Talia holds back tears. Belle argues that Talia saved Paulina and Chanel’s lives while risking her own. Melinda argues that they never would have been on the roof if not for Talia. Melinda states that she does not take her job lightly and she’s gone over the evidence. Belle presents Melinda with a paper that she says is something new.

Whitley moves Abe from his wheelchair to the couch. Abe talks about being nervous and hoping that he recognizes Theo. Whitley encourages Abe that Theo will understand his condition. There’s a knock at the door and Paulina then brings in someone else to pretend to be Theo.

Chanel tells Paulina that she thinks Talia is trying to work an angle that everything was Colin’s fault. Paulina asks if that’s what she said. Chanel admits that Talia apologized and tried to take responsibility for what she did. Paulina asks if Chanel is thinking of forgiving Talia. Theo then arrives and hugs Paulina. Theo says he came as soon as he got Chanel’s text and asks what’s up. Paulina explains that Olivia is about to leave and she refused to without seeing Theo one more time.

Abe tells “Theo” that he’s sorry that he doesn’t remember him. Whitley encourages that they just need time together. “Theo” talks about his flight from South Africa and gets it mixed up with South Africa while Whitley tries to cover. “Theo” asks to talk to “Paulina” outside so they step out, leaving Abe confused. “Theo” complains that she didn’t tell him that this was the Mayor and argues that he knows something is off. Whitley blames him and says she sent him Theo’s background while he complains that he didn’t have time to read all of that and he didn’t expect to get grilled. He argues that Abe is a good guy that needs help and his real family. “Theo” tells Whitley that he’s sorry and he can’t do this.

Eli questions Rafe saying nothing can come of this when he and Jada are both single. Rafe brings up the jobs. Eli says he knows from experience that two cops getting together isn’t easy but he and Lani proved it can work. Rafe argues that they were partners while he’s Jada’s boss and there are new regulations in place that call for grounds for dismissal. Eli admits he forgot about the new regulations. Rafe knows Eli must be thinking he has real bad luck when it comes to women and he would be right.

Kate tells Jada that she’s happy for her and Rafe. Jada explains that the only reason Rafe kissed her was because he was high on those tainted biscuits. Kate feels that when Jada talks about Rafe, there may be something there. Jada says they work together and brings up the guidelines. Kate says screw the guidelines and mentions how she was just telling Eric and Sloan that life is short, so they don’t want to waste the little time they have or else they’re just getting older. Kate encourages Jada to just go for it if she’s interested.

Belle asks Talia if she takes responsibility for drugging the biscuits and vandalizing Paulina’s office. Talia confirms that she does. Melinda says she’s just making her case for her. Talia then reveals that she is under the care of a psychiatrist, Marlena Evans. Belle hands Melinda a signed affadavit from Marlena, detailing their relationship and says she truly believes that this changes everything. Melinda reads it over and states that the worst thing about being in an abusive relationship is the shame you feel. Melinda reveals that her ex-husband was a very controlling man that she was so afraid of, to the point that she kept her daughter a secret. Melinda admits she sometime wonders how she found the strength to break away from him. Belle tells Melinda that she’s so sorry that they both have had to suffer like that, but it’s clear that Melinda understands what Talia has been through and she knows that was really painful for her to share. Belle asks what Melinda thinks this means for Talia’s case.

Chanel and Theo return to Paulina from sending Olivia off in a taxi. Paulina offers Theo breakfast but he declines and says he has to get going to the police station to help find Abe.

Jada questions Kate really thinking that she should go for it with Rafe. Kate admits that she and Rafe have a history as they dated years ago and even though she had issues with a lot of things he did, she will say he’s a rare breed and a good man. Jada brings up the work thing. Kate thinks they should just make that work out. Kate suggests no more PDA in the office but what they do in the privacy of their own homes is no one else’s business.

Rafe gives Eli all the witness statement and repeats that maybe a fresh pair of eyes will see something they missed. Eli notes that Rafe can barely keep his eyes open, encouraging that he should take his own advice and go home, get something to eat, and rest. Eli says he’ll call if he needs anything. Rafe admits he’s too tired to argue. Rafe tells Eli that it’s good to see him and he’ll be back this afternoon. Rafe then exits the room. Eli opens up the folder on Whitley’s witness statement and begins to read it.

Whitley stops “Theo” and says he can’t back out on her now as she paid him good money and calls it a great challenge for an actor. Jerry argues that he’s an actor, not a con man. Whitley claims that she’s not asking him to con anybody. Whitley brings up his grandmother having no health insurance, but thanks to her, she got the help she needed in the hospital so he owes her big time. Whitley claims that this is only to help Abe with his recovery. Jerry argues that it’s only confusing him while Whitley says she is Abe’s nurse, so she knows best. Jerry asks what to do if Abe starts asking questions. She encourages him to just improvise and make stuff up. Whitley then gets a phone call from Eli, who says he is investigating the disappearance of Abe Carver and he needs her to come to the police station right away. She claims she can’t because her cat is sick and she can’t leave him. Eli says he’ll come to her then but Whitley then says she’ll just have a neighbor come over and she’ll see him soon. Whitley tells Jerry to go be with Abe because she has to go somewhere. She offers him an extra $100 to stay with Abe. Jerry reluctantly agrees as Whitley hurries off. Jerry then heads back inside to pretend to be Theo. Abe asks what they were talking about, where “Paulina” went, and what is going on here.

Belle goes to the police station and sees Rafe. Rafe asks how Shawn is. Belle says he’s not great as he’s still reeling from everything that happened in Greece and on top of that, he’s feeling guilty about not being able to help find Abe. Rafe tells her to tell Shawn not to worry as Eli is there, so they have it covered. Rafe asks if there’s anything he can do for Belle. Belle responds that she’s actually there to see Jada as she has news about Talia’s case.

Melinda tells Talia that she will recommend probation, community service, and continuing to see Marlena. Talia thanks her and says she never expected this to happen. Talia asks if there’s anything she can do. Melinda instructs her to just keep going to therapy, work on her self worth, and get to a place where she can feel that she deserves with kindness and respect, so that what happened with Colin will not happen again.

Paulina reminds Chanel that they were talking about Talia before Theo showed up. Paulina asks again if she’s thinking about forgiving her. Chanel says that hearing Talia talk about Colin and how he manipulated her and took advantage of her to get her to do things that she didn’t really want to do. Paulina calls it emotional abuse, like what Ray did to her. Chanel relates it to what Colin’s father did to her. Paulina asks if she thinks Talia was a victim in all this. Chanel acknowledges that Talia loved Colin and was afraid that she would lose him if she didn’t do what he told her to do. Chanel hates what Talia put them all through, but knows that Talia is in real pain. Paulina adds that it will take a long time to get over it.

Abe asks Jerry again what he had to talk to “Paulina” about. He tells Abe that she got a call and had to run an errand. Abe asks again what they had to talk about alone. Jerry claims that he asked her if him showing up here upset Abe and says it’s weird as he doesn’t know how to talk to him when he doesn’t remember him. Abe agrees that it is weird and says he’s sorry. Jerry says it’s not his fault and guesses they just have to try to get to know each other again. Jerry sits down and asks Abe about the White Sox.

Whitley goes to the police station and recognizes Theo. Theo asks if he knows her. Whitley says no but that she was one of Abe’s nurses and she was there when Paulina was trying to jog his memory. Whitley calls Abe a wonderful man and calls it a terrible thing that happened to him. Theo asks why she is here. Whitley explains that she got a call from Eli to come down. Theo reveals that he was here to see Eli too, explaining that Eli is Abe’s son in law , so he’s here to help him and they are not going to stop until they find Abe. Theo notes that Whitley seems nervous. She says she just doesn’t know why she was called down since she already told the police everything she knows. Eli then comes over and tells Theo that he needs to speak to Whitley alone. Theo agrees to wait as Eli takes Whitley in to the interrogation room. Eli thanks her for coming in and has her sit down. Whitley repeats that she already told the police everything. Eli says now she can tell him everything she knows. Eli says he was going over her statement about the day that Abe went missing and she was on duty. Whitley confirms that she was but she told the police that she didn’t see anything. Eli notes that she couldn’t have because she left work early, hours before the end of her shift, and he’d like to know why.

Belle returns to Talia and asks if she’s okay. Talia says she’s overwhelmed and can’t believe she’s not going to prison. Talia thanks Belle. Belle says that sometimes the prosecution and defense work together to get it right. Belle mentions that she went to the station to tell Jada the good news but she was already gone. Talia asks if she should call her but Belle says she thinks Rafe was going over to tell her.

Rafe goes to Jada’s and knocks on the door, saying he has some good news. Jada then answers the door in a towel.

Paulina tells Chanel that after all the terrible things Colin did, he still denies taking Abe out of the hospital. Chanel says the police say they are sure he didn’t but she knows that Eli is going to find out who did and make sure that person pays.

Whitley claims to Eli that she was sick that day so she went home early. Eli brings up Whitley saying her cat was sick earlier and asks what was wrong with her on the day that Abe went missing. She claims she felt she was getting the flu so she couldn’t be around patients like that. Eli notes that she didn’t mention that in her statement. Whitley didn’t think it was important. Eli says that’s not up to her and asks her to tell him everything that happened that day without leaving anything out. Eli then gets a call and says he’ll be right back. Eli answers the call and exits the room. Whitley thinks back to Theo saying that they are not going to stop until they find Abe. Whitley declares to herself that she doesn’t have a choice and that Abe Carver has to die.

Abe tells Jerry that he thinks he’s a Cubs fan. Jerry claims he forgot. Abe apologizes and knows this is hard on him. Abe then gets a headache and thinks he needs to rest. Jerry offers to help Abe up but notes that he doesn’t seem very steady and asks if he has a cane to help him out. Abe then stops and has a flashback to a conversation with Theo about his walking cane before his wedding. Abe looks confused as Jerry asks if something is wrong.

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