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Young & The Restless Transcript


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Chance: Sharon, step away.

Faith: Mom, I thought he was going to kill you.

Sharon: It’s okay. I’m all right, sweetheart.

Chance: He’s dead. There’s no pulse.

Nick: Thank god, he’s out of our lives forever.

Chance: Did he hurt you? Are you okay?

Sharon: I’m fine. It’s faith. He has her wired with explosives.

Faith: Help me. Please help. Get these bombs off of me!

Chance: No, don’t touch them. Don’t touch them. They could blow.

Sally: Last thing I remember, I was talking to elena and I had headache, and… I was short of breath… did I pass out?

Adam: Um, I– I need to– I need to talk to elena and your doctors, I– to get more information. To understand all of the details, but I think, right now, you just– just need to rest.

Sally: You’re scaring me. Is something wrong? Is our little girl okay?

[ Sighs ] Where is our baby?

[ Nate sighing ]

Nate: You know… we might have to cut back on some of our “corporate suite” meetings.

Victoria: And why would we do that? It’s one of my favorite perks.

[ Both laughing ]

Nate: I want to be able to give work my full attention during nick’s leave of absence.

Victoria: Oh. Well, I’d say, that’s even more reason for more after-hour sessions, right? I mean, given how closely we’ll be working together, and I’m not just gonna be discussing newman media with you, I’m gonna need you to be weighing in on all things newman.

Nate: Ooh, all newman, all the time.

[ Clicks tongue ] I like the sound of that.

[ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Unless, of course, you find me too distracting.

Nick: Sweetheart, I know. As much as I want to just rip that explosive belt off you, we have to be very, very careful. I– I feel like if i breathe too hard, it’ll go off.

Chance: You two, step away, let me take a look, okay? All right. Can you tell me how he got this on you? Do you remember?

Faith: I don’t– I don’t know. I must have been passed out. I didn’t even realize that he’d done anything until he was threatening to set it off.

Sharon: The detonator’s over there. Nobody’s touched it. Can’t we just take the belt off of her?

Chance: No, it looks like these packs are rigged with sensors, so they could detonate on the spot. Also, wireless.

Faith: What does that mean?

Chance: Well, they could be triggered from a cellular or rf transmission point. The trigger could be anywhere. It might not even be here.

Sharon: Okay, so what do we do?

Chance: Well, before we take this off, the explosives are gonna have to be carefully deactivated. One by one.

Nick: And you can do that, right?

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Adam: Sally, you need– you need to rest, okay? You can’t get worked up like this. The doctor said that you still gotta to watch your– your blood pressure.

Sally: You’re hiding something. This is my body, I clearly had a c-section, I–

[ Sighs ] I don’t feel great.

Adam: Well, that’s– that’s because you– you need to rest.

Sally: No, I’m not gonna relax until I have answers. What is going on? I– I remember the pain, and I remember, it kept getting worse. And then, I clearly, passed out. So, please… just tell me what happened.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Do you, um– do you remember when you were being admitted and elena said there might be a chance that they have to induce labor?

Sally: Yeah. ‘Cause of the preeclampsia?

Adam: Yes. Well, unfortunately, that happened and you lost consciousness, so they had to make a decision to do a c-section.

Sally: Okay, but the baby’s not supposed to be– supposed to be born ’til at least, 37 weeks.

Adam: Yes. It’s early.

Sally: She must be tiny.

[ Chuckles ] But that’s okay, ’cause they have really great neonatal intensive care unit, I checked.

Adam: Uh…

Sally: Okay. Okay. Um, I– I really need to be with our baby, so if she’s too little, then you can just have them bring me to her, and if not, you can…

[ Breathes deeply ] …Just take me to her.

[ Adam sniffles ] Okay, well, if you’re not going to– no, no. If you’re not going to help me–

Adam: Sally, stop, stop.

Sally: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Adam: Look at me.

Sally: No. No, no, please, just don’t–

Adam: During the c-section, there was a– there was a complication.

[ Sally breathes deeply ]

Sally: Well, that’s to be expected, right? With a pre-term birth and, you know, premature babies they– they thrive all the time and she’s strong. She’s strong. She’s got my spirit and your mother’s strength and she’s a spectra and she’s a newman and she is a warrior and she can handle anything this life… has to throws at her.

[ Sniffles ]

Adam: Not everything.

Sally: Are you telling me that our little girl… she’s not here?

Adam: She didn’t make it.

[ Sniffles ] And I am so sorry.

[ Sally sobbing ]

Nate: Is everything okay?

Victoria: Thanks. Yeah, just can’t stop thinking about nicholas. He was so excited to have faith home from school, and now, he’s got to deal with this cameron kirsten nut.

Nate: Hm. Yeah. He and sharon must be going out of their minds.

Victoria: I just hope he doesn’t do his usual thing.

Nate: What’s that?

Victoria: Try to take care of everything on his own.

[ Sighs ] He tends to fly off the handle and make things much worse.

Nate: Yeah, I heard that about him. Think he’ll do that again with this kirsten guy?

Victoria: He already has. That’s how he ended up in jail.

Nate: Right, but this guy is still causing problems. Why don’t they just call the police?

Victoria: They did. Chance, general, city police, even my father’s security team, they’re all trying to help.

Nate: Okay.

Victoria: It’s so nerve-wracking.

Nate: Well, it sounds like they have a lot of backup. And chance is well trained for situations like this. We just got to believe they’ll be able to get this guy and bring him to justice.

Victoria: I want to believe that.

Nate: Gimme that.

[ Victoria sighs ] Let me help you get through this. Whatever you need, I’m here for you.

Victoria: Thank you. I feel better already. Thank you.

Chance: When I was in the military, I had some training in disarming explosives like this.

Sharon: Hear that, faith? We couldn’t ask for a better person to do this.

[ Tools clattering ]

Chance: I’m gonna need some light, somebody’s got it?

Nick: Yeah, I got that.

Chance: Let me see this one. That’s great. Thank you. Okay, faith, I understand this is scary, but I’m going to need you to stay very still, all right? I’m going to work as fast as I can, but we’re in this together, okay?

Faith: If the bomb goes off, we both die? I trust you to keep me safe.

[ Chance sighs ]

Nick: You okay, chance?

Chance: Yeah.

Sharon: This isn’t like in spain. You didn’t have a chance to diffuse the explosive then, but you do now.

Chance: [ Sighs ] Okay, why don’t you two step back just in case?

Nick: No way, man. I have the light.

Sharon: And I have faith’s hand, and we’re not going anywhere. Type 2 diabetes? Discover the power of 3 in the ozempic tri-zone.

(Oh, oh, oh, ozempic!)

Nate: I know how to support you at work, but right now, I feel a little useless. I want you to be able to lean on me.

Victoria: You just being here, it helps. I don’t want to let my mind go to worst case scenarios.

Nate: Then don’T.

Victoria: You’re right. Until I hear something concrete from nick or my mom, I’m– I’m not going to waste any time worrying. It’s out of my hands anyway.

Nate: That is right.

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: It’s not like it’s in my control at all. Cameron, he’s a wild card. There’s no telling–

Nate: Okay, stop, stop. You’re spending time worrying about something you have no control over. And I swear you just said you weren’t going to do that.

Victoria: Ah, you’re right. You’re right. It’s just that this situation is a powder keg. And nick landed in jail. He didn’t even lay a hand on cameron. My brother is a very fierce protector, but once that– that instinct is triggered, I mean, he doesn’t think rationally, he just reacts.

Nate: Okay, nick can be a loose cannon, but those situations involve nick acting alone. But this time, they brought in the authorities. Even a madman like cameron kirsten won’t stand a chance against that much protection.

Faith: How much longer?

Chance: Well, I have to cut the wire connected to the signal receiving antenna from each pack, one by one, so I know it’s tough to be patient, but you’re doing great.

Faith: So you’ve worked on this kind of bomb before?

Sharon: I’m sure chance has seen all kinds of things in his military work. Right, chance?

Chance: Yeah. Yeah, I’ve seen similar. Okay. I’m going to cut the first red wire now and what I need you to do is, don’t breathe in too deeply, okay?

Faith: Okay. So, basically, don’t breathe?

Chance: Yeah, basically.

Faith: Ready when you are.

Chance: Okay.

[ Faith gasping ] All right. Five more to go.

Sharon: Well, now that you know it’s the red one… I mean, unless–

Chance: Why? You think cameron’s devious enough to change the pattern?

Faith: I love you both so much for being here with me, but if this doesn’t work–

Sharon: It’s going to work.

Faith: I don’t want all of us to die.

Nick: That’s not going to happen.

Chance: Just gotta figure out this logic. You got the black, white, the red. The red is the obvious. The red worked.

Sharon: Chance is so smart. You know, he’s skilled, he’s very brave. He’s going to make sure that this works. He’s going to get us out of this. I know it. And I’m going to hold your hand until he does so.

Faith: Dad.

Nick: I’m not going anywhere. You never abandon your kids. I would do this for any of my children. That’s what a father does.

Sharon: And that’s what a mother does, too. And one day, you’re going to learn how that feels.

Chance: I got the red, the white and the black. Or is it red, black, white?

Sally: This can’t be true.

Adam: Sally, I am so sorry.

[ Sally sobbing ] But it’s true. She didn’t make it. Our baby’s gone.

Sally: No. But how? But how? No, we were just talking about names and imagining exactly what she’d be like. We said that she was going to be strong willed and she was going to be a fighter and how can all that be gone? How can it be over? Because I wasn’t– I wasn’t even awake for her birth. I’ve never even met her.

[ Sally sobbing ]

Adam: I know. It all seems like a bad dream. I know.

Sally: No, this isn’t real.

[ Grunting ] It’s not real. It’s not real.

Adam: This isn’t good for you I need you to take some deep breaths, okay? Your body has been through a lot and you’re not out of danger. I really need you to rest.

Sally: No! No! Everyone kept telling me to rest and it didn’t help!

[ Grunts ] It didn’t help. I just need to figure out what happened. I need to know what happened, okay? I took– no, I took all my vitamins and I took my medication, and I tr– I tried so hard to be healthy and to not get stressed out and I clearly didn’t do enough.

Adam: No, no, you– you cannot think that way, okay?

Sally: No! Why? Why did I lose consciousness? Because if I had just been awake, I could have fought more and she wouldn’t have had to do it on her own and I could have helped her and we could have survived. We could have survived together. Listen to me, stop, stop! You did nothing wrong.

Sally: Then why? Why is our little girl gone?

[ Sobbing ] Why? I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

[ Nate chuckling ]

Nate: You are the strongest person I’ve ever met, but you don’t have to do this alone. Whatever happens, I’m here for you.

Victoria: Thank you. I appreciate that. I’m going to take you up on it. I know. Everything’s going to be okay.

Nate: No question.

Victoria: But this situation, it’s– it’s going to take a toll on nick. He’s going to need to spend some time with faith. I think he’s probably going to need to take some time off.

Nate: Maybe. But he might also want to keep working. So let’s just… take this a step at a time and pray for the best outcome.

Victoria: Yeah. I don’t think I’m going to sleep anytime soon, though.

Nate: Do you wanna go home?

Victoria: No. That doesn’t feel right either.

Nate: Okay, um… how about we go back downstairs for a nightcap or some tea and wait for nikki with an update?

Victoria: Yeah, I like that. I don’t want to stay cooped up here anymore.

[ Nate chuckles ] I’m really glad you’re with me, though.

Nate: Me too.

[ Sally hissing in pain ]

Adam: Or maybe the nurse can, um, give you something to help you sleep.

Sally: Can you just send nick in, please?

Adam: Nick’s not here.

Sally: You didn’t call him? Adam, I’ve had enough of your stupid competitive games. Seriously…

Adam: That’s not what happened.

Sally: Are you that selfish that you are pushing nick away when I need him most? Please, I don’t care if he’s dealing with cameron. I don’t care if he’s dealing with cameron. He deserves to know.

Adam: Okay, I’ve called him. I’ve left him voicemails. I’m not trying to shut nick out. I’ve even reached out to our father to try to get in touch with him.

Sally: And he hasn’t answered?

Adam: Not yet.

Sally: Okay, then, something must be wrong.

Adam: Look, it’s late. He probably already has his phone off.

Sally: Yeah, we both know that that is not true, okay? He would be here. He would be here if he could be.

Adam: There’s probably plenty of reasons why he didn’t get his messages. He– he could be away from his phone or– or the battery might be dead.

Sally: Or he’s just dealing with his real family.

Adam: He is taking care of the cameron kirsten situation. We know that. But once he gets the voicemail, he will be here. It’s what he does.

Sally: But what if he can’t be?

Adam: It’s not an option. He shows up when people need him and you need him now. So, I promise you that he will be here for you.

Chance: It’s black. That’s got to be it. All right. I got this.

Sharon: Oh, my god. See, we’ve got this, faith. We’re almost there. We’re almost there.

Faith: In the movies, it’s always the last wire that makes the bomb blow up, but that’s not true in real life, is it?

Chance: Movies are seldom accurate.

Faith: That’s not a no.

Chance: All right, can I get you over here with the light?

Nick: Yeah. Yeah. You know, faith, you’ve been gone at school so long, you missed some of my new material. Two guys walked into a bar, third guy ducked. Get it?

Faith: Dad.

Nick: Right, right, you’re not supposed to laugh or even move.

Faith: That’s not why I didn’t laugh.

Sharon: No one would laugh at that.

Nick: All right.

Faith: Then, tell me something real. Something I can look forward to.

Nick: All right, how about this? Sally’s baby girl is going to be here pretty soon and she’s going to look up to you even more than christian does.

Sharon: And she’s gonna get to grow up playing with baby aria.

Faith: Double the fun. I love that.

Sharon: She’s going to be a very lucky little girl because your dad loves to spoil girls more than he does boys.

Nick: Not true. I’m an equal opportunity spoiler.

Faith: You are not.

Nick: All right, that might be true. I am looking forward to spoiling her. It’s one of the greatest joys in my life.

[ Chance sighs in relief ]

Chance: Okay. It’s done.

Sharon: What?

Faith: You mean it’s over?

Chance: Right, take it easy. We’re gonna take it off of you, and dispose of this…

Sharon: Oh, my gosh.

Chance: …Very carefully.

[ Sharon sobbing ]

Sharon: Oh, my baby. You did it.

[ Both sobbing ]

Nick: You did it. You’re one brave young woman.

Faith: We did it. When migraine strikes, you’re faced with a choice.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Chance: I can think of a lot better places for this celebration, so why don’t you get faith out? I’ll take care of everything down here.

Sharon: Are you going to arrest me?

Nick: No way. He knows it was self-defense.

Faith: She was protecting me.

Chance: I was here. I saw everything. Kirsten attacked you and you reacted out of self-defense. I would have taken him down myself, but I didn’t have clear shot. I couldn’t risk hitting you. Hey. Do not for a second question whether or not you did the right thing.

Nick: Absolutely. You didn’t just save her, you saved all of us. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if you didn’t have that knife.

Sharon: That was your idea, nick, thank god.

Nick: Well, come on, let’s get you two home. Thank you.

[ Chance sighs ]

Chance: I should leave you down here with the rats. Hey, get down here. We’ve got to lock up this crime scene. Move out a body.

Adam: I left another message.

[ Sally sighs ]

Sally: Something’s happened to nick, I know it.

Adam: Look, I know that you’re upset that nick’s not here, but we don’t have any reason to believe anything happened to him. Victor would have called.

Sally: Stop trying to tell me not to worry. You told me that everything was going to be okay with the baby and then…

Elena: Sally… I’m so sorry. My deepest sympathies for your loss.

Sally: God, “my loss.” I’ve said that so many times in my life, but now it just sounds inadequate.

Adam: Sally, you should know that elena and the doctors did everything that they could.

Elena: It’s okay. I understand that words are hardly comforting at a time like this.

Sally: I’m sorry. I really appreciate all you’ve done. I’m just–

Elena: You’re in shock and that’s to be expected. How are you feeling?

Sally: I don’t know. Just numb. I can’t really feel anything I just– nothing seems real.

Elena: Okay. Adam, would you mind stepping out of room? I want to talk to sally alone.

Adam: If it’s okay with sally. I’ll be right outside if you need anything. I’m not going anywhere.

Sally: Thank you.

Sally: You were in the delivery room?

Elena: I was.

Sally: I need to know what happened. How did this happen? Was there nothing that you could do to save my baby?

Faith: I’ve never been so relieved to be home in my life.

Sharon: Yeah, me neither.

Faith: And I’ve never been so happy to see you, grandpa.

Victor: My sweetheart, I would have been right by your side if the police had let me into that sewer entrance.

Nick: That’s what I was talking about earlier, faith. It’s what fathers do. They protect their children for the rest of their lives.

Victor: Come here. I’m so happy that everything worked out.

Sharon: I hate to think of the other ways things could have gone.

Nick: Let’s not do that, sharon. We’re all safe. That’s what matters.

Victor: You know, I’m going to call your grandmother, tell her that everything is all right. Okay? She’s worried. Okay. Okay. Be right back.

[ Nick sighs ]

Sharon: Faith, you must be exhausted. Do you want some water? Or some tea? Want something to eat? When was the last time you had a meal?

Nick: I could get a pizza delivered.

Sharon: Or we have a lot of leftovers, we can heat something up.

Faith: I know I should be hungry, but I can’t think about food right now.

Sharon: You’ve been through a trauma, so your body doesn’t know what it wants. But I know what you need. You know what? I am gonna make you some soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. No one can resist that.

Nick: Let me handle that. You two relax.

Faith: Please, can you both just sit with me for a bit? I promise that I will eat, but I think that I just need you guys to be able to be where I can see you right now.

Nick: Whatever you want.

Sharon: We’re right here and we’re not going anywhere.

Faith: I love you both so much.

Sharon: We love you, too. That’ll never change.

Faith: Mom, how are you doing? You must be freaked out with what you had to do.

Sharon: Having you here with me, being able to have you in my arms, that is all the comfort I need.

Nick: Your mom is one brave, strong woman, that’s for sure.

Nick: I think about what cameron forced me to do… choose between the two of you. That was sick and demented.

Sharon: No one should ever have to make that choice.

Nick: Well, faith is right. I am worried about you and what you had to do tonight. And what kind of milk?Uhh, oat milk. Depression is more than just sadness. My doctor told me there are multiple symptoms. I don’t enjoy the things I used to love. I feel guilty when I shouldn’T. I have low energy, trouble thinking, co

Audra: Hmm. I see you’ve come from the “corporate suite.” Burning the midnight oil? Your work ethic is impressive.

Nate: You can roll back that little attitude.

Audra: Right. Because I– I assume victoria is not too far behind you.

Nate: She’s freshening up and joining me for a nightcap. Not that it’s any of your business.

Audra: It is our business, remember?

Nate: Right. I have some news to report on that front. The personal issues nick’s facing.

Audra: You mean the reason he may have to take a leave of absence?

Nate: It turns out the situation is dangerous.

Nate: This stalker from sharon’s past is in town. He’s out of prison and has been terrorizing nick’s family.

Audra: Oh, my god.

Nate: And victoria is determined to make him take some time off, even if everybody gets through this crisis okay.

Audra: But what if that’s not what he wants to do?

Nate: I don’t think she’s going to give him a choice.

Audra: Well, that puts you in a strange position.

Nate: How so?

Audra: Well, it was one thing when nick was stepping aside because she was worried his arrest was going to be bad press, but now, I imagine you must feel some conflict, maybe remorse? You know, getting your big chance because of nick’s troubles.

[ Elena sighing ]

Elena: Sally, I am so sorry this happened. I have seen it way too many times and I can’t begin to imagine how overwhelmed you must feel right now.

Sally: I just feel like there’s an anvil sitting on my chest. Like there’s this hole that could never be filled.

Elena: I want to be honest with you.

[ Sally exhales ] What you’re feeling right now is probably going to intensify before it gets better. You might feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster and that’s because the grief you’re feeling is exacerbated by what you’re going through physically. Right now, your hormones are plummeting. It could take weeks or months to start feeling like yourself again. So, I want you to give yourself grace, okay? And I want you to accept all of the support that you can. Now, I know you must have a million questions for me. And most of them, there will be no good answers for.

Sally: I just have one question. What did I do wrong?

Elena: You didn’t do anything wrong. This was not your fault.

Sally: How can it not be, though? I’m her mom. I had one job. I was supposed to nurture her until she came into this world and I failed.

Elena: Sally, I understand telling you not to feel this way isn’t very useful right now, but I really do wish I could take that feeling away.

Sally: If I had been awake in the delivery room, could I have saved her?

Elena: No. There was nothing you could have done differently. And your medical team, we did everything that we could. This was a high risk situation and the complications put both you and the baby in danger. That’s why there was no time to reach out to the next of kin. And adam had to make choice in the event it came to that.

Sally: What– what do you mean a choice? Adam– what?

Elena: If we were only able to save one of you, adam had to decide. You or the baby.

Sally: Adam had a choice?

[ Adam sighing ]

Sharon: I’m fine. I promise. The only person I’m worried about right now is faith. You’ve been through trauma and you’re going to need someone to talk to so you can process it. Tomorrow morning, we’re going to make some calls.

Faith: I can’t think about that right now. I’m exhausted. I just want to lie down.

[ Door clicks open ]

Victor: Faith, my darling, your grandmother is obviously very concerned, wanted to be here, but I told her you all need some rest, so she sends her love.

Sharon: Thank you, victor. Right now, I am going to take faith upstairs into her big, warm, safe bed and I might just join her there.

Nick: I’ll bring up a snack.

Faith: Thank you both.

Victor: Come here, sweetheart. Okay. You go up with mummy, okay?

[ Nick sighing ] Boy, boy, boy.

Nick: This is not how I saw this ending with kirsten at all, but at least he can’t terrorize us anymore.

Victor: I am just happy that sharon got rid of that son of a bitch.

Nick: Yeah, I’m just worried how she’s going to handle this once the shock wears off. Knowing what she had to do in the sewer, seeing his lifeless body, I know what it takes to grapple with killing someone and I just hope chance remembers that and that’s how he files his report. I’d hate to see her dragged through any court process.

Victor: You know that we’ll be here for anything she needs. I’m going to come back up to the ranch to talk to your mother. She’s worried, obviously. Very worried. You’re going to stay here or what?

Nick: Yeah. I just got to make sure everything’s settled so they feel safe and secure.

Victor: I’m gonna make sure that extra security will be around the house. If you need anything, let me know, right?

Nick: Yeah, thanks, dad, for everything. I know tonight was hard on everyone.

Victor: Yeah, my boy. By the way, before I forget, adam tried to reach you. He’s very concerned. He wants to talk to you, all right?

Nick: Yeah, I’ll call him. Thanks, dad.

Victor: Okay.

Nick: Give mom a hug for me.

Victor: I’ll sure do that.

[ Adam clearing his throat ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Adam: Where the hell have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you all night.

Nick: It’s a long story. I’ll fill you in later.

Adam: How’s faith and sharon?

Nick: Everyone’s safe. Cameron’s been taken care of. The threat’s gone.

Adam: Well, that is a relief.

Nick: Please tell me you didn’t tell sally what was going on with faith. I didn’t want to add any more stress for her.

Adam: I kept it to myself.

Nick: All right. So, what’s going on? Why’d you call?

Nate: I’ll admit, I don’t love the circumstances. Nick is helping his family through a crisis and I feel for him. He and I have always been friends until lately. He’s decided I’m too power hungry for the newman family business.

Audra: Well, if victoria forces him to leave and installs you in his place, that’s not going to help. Have you thought about how to handle it?

Nate: First things first. Let’s hope everyone’s okay. That’s what’s important.

Audra: Yes, but what about what comes after that? If victoria gets her way, which she usually does, you’re going to have to deal with nick.

Nate: If victoria needs me to step up, I’m here for that. So that means I need you to step up as well. So, I hope you’re not having any qualms. Is that what’s behind all these questions about my moral code?

Audra: No. Just making sure you’re not having second thoughts. You know I’m ready. You can count on me at a moment’s notice.

Nick: Okay. Good. I appreciate you, audra.

Adam: Have you listened to your voicemails yet?

Nick: I haven’t had a chance, adam. I just saw all your missed calls. What’s going on? Is sally all right?

Adam: Sally is okay. Um, but there’s been a– a development. We should really talk in person. I know it’s late, can you– can you get away now?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Man, I– I hate leaving sharon and faith right now. They’re really shook up. Are you with sally right now at the suite?

Adam: I’m– I’m with sally, um, we’re at the hospital.

Nick: The hospital?

Adam: Yes, she, uh, wasn’t feeling well so I brought her in.

Sharon: Nick, is it sally? You should go to her. We’ll– we’ll be fine.

Nick: All right. I’m on the way. I’ll get there as fast as I can.

Adam: How is she?

Elena: This isn’t going to be easy. Losing a baby is one of the hardest things I’ve seen in this job. But what about you? How are you doing? You lost a baby, too.

Adam: And I just, um… it just doesn’t seem real.

Elena: Yeah. It happened so fast and you had to make a really tough decision right in the moment.

Adam: Yes, when you asked me, it was something I never imagined having to do.

Elena: Well, if there’s anything you need, you let me know. And if there’s any questions I can answer to help you navigate this, just tell me. I’m here for both of you.

Adam: Thank you. Hey, sally. I just– I just talked to nick. Everything’s fine. And he’s going to be here soon, just like I said he would, but I’m going to sit here just in case you need anything.

Sally: How could you do this? How could you let our baby die?

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