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[ Romantic music ]

Brooke: The colosseum has withstood the test of time. It has. It’s endured so much, just like you and me. Please tell me you believe in us.

Ridge: I want to.

Liam: Yeah. Okay, so obviously a direct flight is not gonna work. What do you– what do you have in terms of connections? Do you have anything? You do? That– okay, that’s fantastic. So, now what– what time would that put me in rome? No, no, no, no, that’s– that’s way too long. I can’t wait that long. I– I know that you’re trying, I’m not saying you’re not trying. I– I’ll call back. You know that when I text you, you don’t have to drive all the way over here, right?

Bill: You reschedule a meeting, you tell me you’re flying to rome and not to tell anyone. You think I’m not gonna check in on my son? What the hell’s going on?

Liam: I’m– I was trying to fly to italy to be with my wife.

Hope: What do you think?

Thomas: It’s like your fourth or fifth draft, right?

Hope: Yep. I’ve been working on it on and off for a few weeks now.

Thomas: I wouldn’t change a word.

Hope: Really?

Thomas: Yeah. Really. I mean, the way that you talk about your line and what you wanna do, how you wanna help people, you wanna help the environment and young women through fashion. Just the inspiration that it shows and– and that– the spirit that you have that comes through in every single word, it– any person who hears this tomorrow is gonna love you even more than they already do.

Hope: I needed to hear that.

Thomas: They’re gonna love you.

Hope: No, they’re going to love us because this was a team effort and sure, I might have had the vision, but you– you were the one who brought it to life with your creativity and your imagination. I mean, thomas, sometimes I don’t think you even realize how talented you are.

Thomas: Thank you.

Hope: Like I said, I mean, we’re hope for the future now and there can’t be one without the other and I am just so, so grateful to be here in this magical city with you.

Bill: You’re going to see hope?

Liam: That was the plan. Yeah, I mean, I already spoke to eric and donna. They agreed to watch the kids. I– I was trying to make it to– to the press event, but I can’t– I can’t find a flight that gets out of here soon enough.

Bill: I’m confused. Wyatt said you were staying with us.

Liam: No, I said, yeah, he did– I said– I did tell him that, but then I– I changed my mind last minute.

Bill: Why? What happened?

Liam: I just– I just realized I wanted to be over there with my wife. Why? Is that weird?

Bill: Well, no, of course, it’s not weird. I know how proud you are of hope and what a big deal rome is to her and her line.

Liam: Yes, it is. It’s a big, it’s a huge deal and I wanna be there to share that moment with her. I was just– no matter how much I want it to happen, I don’t– I don’t think it’s going to.

Bill: You think you might be forgetting something.

Liam: What?

Bill: My jet.

[ Bill chuckling ]

Hope: What are you doing?

Thomas: You know, there’s nothing like being in rome to make you inspired. You walk down the streets and you get, like, the amazing food, the– the– the awesome people, the architecture, the history, the art, it’s just so much to bring it out of me. What?

Hope: Nothing. I just, I– I like seeing you like this. I mean, you’re never more alive than when you’re sketching. Oh, or when you’re teaching douglas something new.

Thomas: Ah, or him teaching me because we have an incredibly smart kid on our hands.

Hope: Mm, that is very true. Incredibly smart and incredibly kind.

Thomas: Yes. Yes, he is. Um, you know, I– I think– I think I wanna do something special with him. You know, I– I– I– I wanna, like, take him somewhere, just the two of us. Maybe we can go camping or something. Make up for some of the time we’ve lost.

Hope: I know he would love that, but he also understands how important this is for both of us and I don’t think he holds it against us.

Steffy: Who’s holding what against who?

Thomas: We were actually wondering what happened to you two.

Carter: It’s insane. Everyone wants a sneak peek at the collection. Not that we give it to them, but.

Steffy: They wanna see it and they’re willing to do anything for it.

Carter: So you guys ready to check out the location for tomorrow? Make sure it’s everything you have in mind?

Hope: Well, I am sure it’s perfect because how could it not be? We’re here in rome and I can’t imagine a better backdrop for our collection than this.

Brooke: Well, just trust me. Let me lead the way.

Ridge: You’re gonna lead the way?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: You’re gonna get us lost.

Brooke: Well, that’s true, but not when it comes to you and me. Come on, let’s go.

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Carter: Okay, so I’ve coordinated with the photographer and the digital team, hair and makeup as well. They’re all set.

Steffy: Carter and I have been schmoozing with the press.

Carter: It’s no secret there’s a crazy buzz about the showcase tomorrow.

Steffy: How’s your speech coming along? Is it wrapped up?

Hope: Uh, mostly.

Steffy: Oh, I thought you would have nailed it by now.

Thomas: Well, you know hope. She, uh, she wants to make sure every word counts. It’s an opportunity to really reach a lot of people and so she’s choosing every word carefully.

Carter: Mm. Sounds like someone’s gotten a sneak peek.

Hope: Well, I wanted thomas’s feedback. You know, if anyone understands hope for the future and in particular, this collection, it– it would be my lead designer.

Thomas: Well, thank you, but I could never put it in the words that you have. You have this eloquence and passion. It’s incredible and everyone’s gonna love it.

Steffy: You two just love singing each other’s praises.

Thomas: Well, we’re a team, right? So we respect each other’s contributions. Do you have a problem with that?

Steffy: No, no, just an observation.

Hope: Well, one thing I do know for certain is that we wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for thomas. I mean, we all know hope for the future was struggling. Steffy was about to pull the plug and–

Steffy: I– I didn’t want to do that, hope.

Hope: Well, I know, obviously. You would have if you wanted to, but you didn’t because you knew that your brother could turn it around. And you were right. I mean, I mean, thomas, you jumped back in and you practically turned things around overnight.

Carter: And here we are. A day away from showcasing some of your most beautiful, elegant designs to the world in the most beautiful, elegant city in the world. Doesn’t get better than that, right?

Thomas: Tomorrow is gonna be amazing, but not just because of my designs. Also because of hope’s speech. It’s gonna be amazing and you’re gonna kill it. I have no doubt.

Liam: Hope and thomas in rome together, it’s just not an imagery that inspires a ton of confidence in me. That’s all. Whatever, it doesn’t– I know I sound paranoid.

Bill: No, son. You are looking out for the woman you love and I would do the exact same thing.

Liam: Yes. Yes. I do love her. I love her so much, which is why it is so frustrating that she lets her guard down when it comes to thomas. And she– you know, she doesn’t see it that way. She– she says that she would be the first one to read the signs if he started to relapse and she would, you know, take the appropriate steps or whatever.

Bill: Right, cut him loose if he crossed any lines.

Liam: Yeah, but, like, that’s not how it works. I mean, they are so entwined at the office, you know? Like, as hope puts it, we are hope for the future, which I’m sure thomas loves hearing. And plus they co-parent douglas, which means–

Bill: They’re connected on many different levels.

Liam: Yes. And it would be so easy for him to misread that. You know, to start reading into things, to– to let his obsession fester again and I just– I– this is why me being in rome with hope, it just, it might be a nice little reminder to thomas, like, don’t– don’t go there.

Bill: Then you should definitely go.

Liam: Yeah, I should, I should definitely go. But, dad, see everything I just said, that’s not even the reason I should go. The real reason I should go is because I just want to be there with my wife. I wanna support hope.

Bill: It’s understandable.

Liam: Also, I think maybe after the event, hope and i could spend some much needed private time together. Connect a little bit, recharge. I think we need that so badly at this point.

Bill: Say no more. It’s done.

Liam: What’s– what’s done?

Bill: I’m headed to europe anyway. Jet’s ready to go. You and I are going to rome.

Brooke: Now, this is statue garibaldine. You like?

Ridge: I like.

Brooke: Okay, what is that twinkle in your eye?

Ridge: I had an idea. I think it’s a really good idea.

Brooke: Uh-oh. I’m afraid to ask.

Ridge: How about this? How about you wear one of hope’s gowns tomorrow at the preview?

Brooke: That is my daughter’s line.

Ridge: I know, but think of this: Mother and daughter are together, the press would eat this up. I mean, look at you. You’re as beautiful as the city. You’ve been the face of forrester for so long. What do you say? I need you. (Man) what if my type 2 diabetes takes over?

Bill: Hey, sarah. Uh, listen, we got a slight, uh, change in the flight plan. Still going to stella maris, but we’re gonna drop my son, liam, off in rome first. Yeah. Okay, thanks. All right, done.

Liam: Father of the year right here. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Thank you.

Bill: Happy to do it, son. All right, let’s go. Let’s get you to the jet and off to rome to see hope.

Liam: Yeah!

Carter: There it is, where we are holding the preview. Piazza navona, home of the magnificent statue of the four rivers created by gian lorenzo bernini, one of the greatest baroque artists of his time.

Steffy: Wow. I’m impressed.

Carter: So what do you think, hope? Will this work for showcasing your line?

Hope: Yes, I– I do think that this is going to work. Absolutely. I mean, how did– how did you get this to happen?

Thomas: Yeah, and did you just memorize the whole brochure before or what happened there?

Hope: You know, I actually did read that piazza navona was created as a race track by a roman emperor.

Carter: Well, that fits because I’ll be racing around from now until the showing, so that works.

Steffy: Carter, what you pulled off is nothing short of miraculous. Locking this place, the contracts you got signed and notarized. I’m confident tomorrow is going to be a huge success.

Thomas: Yeah, well, how could it not be? With all of us and with hope, front and center.

Ridge: So you’re sure you know where you’re going?

Brooke: Uh, yes. Uh, no. But since I’m a history buff–

Ridge: A history buff? Since when?

Brooke: Since today.

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: This is…

Ridge: A cannon.

[ Brooke laughing ]

Brooke: It’s more than just a cannon. This is il cannone del giancolo, a very important cannon. It goes up at the same time every single day since 1842, but not during the second world war.

Ridge: No, huh? You are a history buff and a tour guide. This is amazing. What else? What else you got?

Brooke: Okay, you’re making fun of me.

Ridge: Yeah. No. Can’t make fun of somebody like you, who’s gonna be in the preview tomorrow.

Brooke: Since you’re making me do that, I’m gonna make you do something. You’re gonna put on a roman suit of armor and you’re gonna model with me.

Ridge: Yeah, I know.

Brooke: Oh, wait, better yet. You’re gonna wear a roman toga and you’re just gonna totally titillate the ladies.

Ridge: Yeah? No one needs to see that.

Brooke: I wanna see that.

Ridge: Where are we going?

Brooke: Uh, well, I know my nav was saying we’re nearly there.

Ridge: Nearly where?

Brooke: Nearly where I was taking you. Mm-hmm.

Ridge: You’re lost, aren’t you?

Brooke: Maybe. But there is one destination that I’m sure of. It’s you and me and our future together.

If you have this…

Sarah: Filed the new flight plan as you requested. Rome, then onto stella maris.

Bill: Thanks, sarah.

Liam: And like when are we taking off?

Sarah: Just doing final checks and waiting for clearance from atc.

Bill: Perfect. All right, relax, will you? We’re gonna have you there on time.

Liam: You’re a lifesaver. You know that right?

Bill: I need to know that, yes. Just call me dollar cupid. All right? Anything for true love.

Liam: Well, I tell you what, dollar cupid, thanks for working your magic. Hope is gonna be so surprised to see me.

Steffy: Okay, so we’ll have staging over here, easy access for entrances, and did you get the addition for pascal? He’s coming from cellino.

Carter: Yep. I have a contract ready just in case.

Steffy: Great.

Thomas: I am so excited and proud to be a part of this and it’s all because of you, hope.

Hope: I really couldn’t have done it without help, so thank you for being such an amazing partner. You are the gifted man behind my line and behind me.

Ridge: My love for you will never die. It’s not a question.

Brooke: But?

Ridge: But if we have to try so hard to make something work, maybe it doesn’t exist anymore.

Brooke: Ridge…

Ridge: Aren’t you tired of it? The pain and the heartache we keep causing each other over and over again? Trying to find a way to protect you, protect me, protect our kids. You understand that, right?

Brooke: Yeah, I understand.

Ridge: So this idea of coming to the city, any city, even here and thinking that we’ll find a love and that– that we will fall into each other’s arms, I just… I just don’t see it.

Brooke: This eternal city, it offers eternal love. Look, I am here to represent forrester. I’m also here to support my daughter and your son and watch their success, but I’m really here for another reason. Because I want to be able to believe that this could be a new beginning for you and me. I believe that. I want to be your logan again and I just need to get you to believe it, too.

[ Dinging ] If only I could show you a sign.

[ Cannon firing ]

[ Cheering & applauding ]

[ Brooke laughing ] See? A sign!

[ Cheering continues ]

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