Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Jack: How are you two gentlemen doing this glorious morning?

Adam: Well, jack, you are in a good mood given the circumstances.

Jack: Oh, circumstances be damned. Everything’s coming up roses for me. Personal life and professional.

Victor: Ain’t that something? You know, I think you’ve been around your own perfume too much. You seem delirious.

Jack: Oh, how so?

Victor: You let my son go and you put billy boy abbott into his position. And I understand that you are engaged to of all people, diane jenkins.

Jack: I am sorry, victor. Nothing you say can possibly spoil my mood this morning.


Sharon: You would think that you brilliant college kids could come up with a better name for your dorm cat than Borgnine. Don’t you think?

[ Faith laughs ]

Faith: But when you see him, he’s totally a Borgnine. Definitely not a fluffy or a felix. Where is Borgy anyway? He wasn’t upstairs. I thought he was down here.

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