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Ashley: I gotta tell you, it’s kind of strange that you’re so laser-focused on getting married.

Tucker: Hmm. I just– I want… validation. Affirmation of… I want the ring on my finger also to– to say to the world, “ladies, I’m spoken for. I am out of circulation.”

Ashley: Oh, that ring really stopped you from circulating before, didn’t it?

Tucker: Yeah, I know. I know what it’s like to lose you now so I’m not gonna let that happen. And when you set the date, I’ll know

you’re finally ready to let me into your life, and when you say the** vows, they’ll come from your heart, and they will be forever.

Ashley: Hmm. Well, then. You think you know me so well.

Tucker: I do know you so well. You wanna know the kicker? Not only will marrying you be a dream come true for me, but it will give me the legal maneuverability to take over jabot. Totally throw jack and diane off their game.


Victor: How’s Faith?

Nikki: Well, Sharon, you were right. She wouldn’t budge. When I asked her to sleep up at the main house tonight, she said nobody is going to scare her out of her own home.

Nick: That’s my girl. As stubborn as her grandpa.

Nikki: Well, I guess if a guard is here, I can live with that.

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