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There. How was your shower? It was pleasant enough. I suppose. That shower head though, that’s a bit much. A bit much. It’s supposed to be the Costa Rican waterfall experience of a lifetime. Did it at least wash off the sickly sweet smell of incessant fawning. On Earth is that supposed to mean? Well, here I am reading your interview with a murderous kidnapper who comes off like Mahatma Gandhi, thanks to your gushing and flattery.

Oh, you read my interview? I see. Well, that’s a step up from you perusing photos of the shirtless Hemsworth Brothers, can I read you my favorite quote with his scores of crimes against humanity being well-documented and a rap sheet that would make Al Capone blush. You can only imagine my astonishment at discovering that Dimitri Vaughn Leischner does indeed have a heart.

Well, it looks like someone dialed up the charm to an 11 last night. If you’re referring to yours, truly, my charm does not have a dial. It lives at an 11. Uh, well, from what I’m reading, it seems you made significant headway in regards to Operation Seduce and Mary Gwen Rizek. Yes, I believe I have. Although, I must admit, I’m a little surprised not to find Mother waiting here on tenor Hooks ready to hear all about it.

You really think it’s a smart idea for you to be here? Don’t worry, Mr. Chen. I waited patiently until all of your little roomies scurried off, and I knew you were alone. It’s vital now that we continue our conversation, why was our call cut short? Is someone walking on you? Yes, actually, I was rudely interrupted when my brother EJ overheard our plan to eliminate Stephan.

Stepan Stephan up. Stepan, you need to let me in. Our sister Megan came crazy. She tied me up in the secret room, but I escaped. Stephan, listen brother, I overheard her Ploting to kill you. Stephan open the body door.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Brother. Brother,



It was a dream. God. It was just a dream,

but now I’m stuck in a nightmare on my own.

Tommy come, oh, uh, Stefan, why don’t you use a battering ram next time? I, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you. You want to tell me what this is about, Nicole? Because the way you were knocking made it sound like that it was a matter of life and death. Well, I’m. I’m looking for ej. Do you know where he is?

Megan? Oh, shoot. Heartless psychopath. You better go find another island to go hide under because when I get out of here and wrap my hands around your neck. Dear sister, you’re gonna be sorry you never came back from the dead.

With the love of God. Megan, why would you tell EJ about our plan to off Stephan? No, you didn’t hear me. I said EJ overheard me on the phone. Of course I wouldn’t choose to tell him. Okay. Okay. What exactly did he overhear? He overheard that I said, my brother is not long for this world. I. And being the self-absorbed narcissist that he is.

Of course he assumed that I was talking about him. Did, did he know it was me on the other end of the conversation? No, no, no, no, he didn’t. So then I explained to him he had the wrong brother and that it was actually Stephan that we were planning to do away with, and that it might work out in his best interest as much as mine.

Okay. So did he go for it? It felt promising briefly, and then he had a sudden attack of conscience. Where are you going to warn Gabby and Stephan?

Look at what you’ve made me do.

Followed by a sudden attack of being vase.

Well, I have no idea where your mommy is this morning, but why don’t you come and sit next to Auntie Kristen and tell me all about it.

So did you get on your knee and. Ask for Ms. Riz check’s hand in marriage, or are you waiting for an actual date with her? I’m, uh, I’m sensing the slightest tinge of disapproval. Oh, come now. I’d be quite the hypocrite to disapprove. And you doing whatever you need to do to attain your goal. Huh? Even if that means deceiving a woman who is apparently a good friend of yours.

Huh? Are you sure you don’t have a problem with me using Gwen to get what I want? You know what? How about in the future you stop reading my interviews and you go back to looking at pictures of the shirtless heworth brothers. Oh, come on Gwen. I’m just teasing you. No, you were questioning my journalistic integrity says the girl who didn’t hesitate to use blackmail to wrestle control of the spectator away from her old man.

Hey. If memory serves. That was your idea. One of my more inspired ideas at that. But we are straying way off topic. Yes. For good. I hope. No, no, no. Miss Heda hopper wannabe. Not until you explain to me why you went so easy on that scoundrel. Who is so, so easy on the eyes.

Look, Mr. Von Ner and I sat down and we had a rather nice chat. No, I had a roommate once who had a cat named Dimitri. Hello. I thought you wanted to hear about my lunch with the scoundrel. I do, I do. I’m just processing my distress over being exiled from my home. This room that we share so that the two of you can have one-on-one private time.

And when I returned hours past midnight dying to be debriefed, you weren’t even here. You wicked little gat about you. So tell me, after the bistro, did he take you to the hop word on the street? Is that Mr. Von Leischner can cut quite the rug for your information? No, we stayed here and we ordered room service.

Oh hmm. And did you eat your meals in bed under the cubbies? Of course. Not such restraint. Oh no. We sat down and ate in chairs and then when the interview concluded, I made a beeline for the office, wrote up a quick article to get into the morning edition. Hmm. It’s like all the president’s men minus the mutton chops and newsrooms.

What were we supposed to watch that the other night? I know you Gwenie and your article is dripping with subtext. I didn’t have to read much between the lines to know that you’ve got a thing for Dimitri. God, stop it. I barely know him. Yeah, and I know you better than anyone else on the planet. Lady Gwenivere over his Czechia.

So don’t try and pollute lady whistleblower’s air with your lies and deception.

Okay, fine. Yes. He’s quite attractive. I mean, who wouldn’t, who doesn’t? Nobody with eyes and a libido. Yes, exactly. But even beyond that, I, when I was talking to him and getting to know him, I, I realized we have so much in common. Oh, so the two of you were kindred spirits, huh? I wouldn’t go that far, but I would say that there was.

Definitely a connection there.

I actually happen to, like Gwen, she’s smart, savvy, gutsy, but I’m the one who got her the pardon and she owes me not the other way around. Right. Mm. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I, uh, I enjoyed her company. Oh yeah. She, uh, she, she seemed to really listen to everything that I had to say, and she even related to a number of my life experiences.

You mean? You mean the life experiences you no doubt tailored to me hers, the ones that were laid out in detail in the dossier that your mother gave you. Fine, yes. I may have embellished a few details and told her what she wanted, but Okay. Just. Be careful that it doesn’t turn into marriage gate with a reporter breaking her own story.

Well, that’s not gonna happen. Oh, in any case, when I do convince Gwen to marry me, it’ll be for richer and not for poorer. You do know, you do know that, um, mommy dearest, uh, has some big, bold plans of that inheritance of yours. No, she hasn’t made much of a secret about that. No, mommy dearest has a plan for everything.

Absolutely everything.

Nicole. I don’t know where EJ is. Have you checked between the couch cushions? This is serious, Stephan. Okay. EJ has made it abundantly clear that he’s not my keeper, so why should I be his? Because you’re his flesh and blood. Look, last night he sent me a text saying he had to go out of town for a last minute business trip, and I haven’t heard from him since.

I’m worried about him, Stefan, and I thought maybe you might know something. Well, I don’t, Nicole. And the fact that I don’t, and the fact that you don’t should tip us off to one thing, and that is, as we speak, EJ is probably up to something, uh, what’s the word, underhanded. Damn ropes. Okay, come on. Come, come on.

Deep breathy J. Deep breath. Calm. Calm. You’re gonna have to use every bit of your strength to free yourself and get out of here so you can warn Stephan about that at our sister of ass.

Okay? Okay. Okay. So E j’s tied up. In the secret room underneath the Demer Mansion seemed like the logical place to statue him. How’d you even know about it? I thought you never lived in that house. Well, I learned about it last year when I dispatched my beloved boat to relieve Kristen or that rare orchid.

In hindsight, I wish I had never actually sent him here to Salem. If I hadn’t, perhaps, then everything would’ve turned out differently. As much as I. Delight in hearing about all the questionable decisions you’ve made in your past. I’d rather talk about the current offering of choice that will preclude destroying my future.

Because if EJ tells anyone, EJ has been taken care of, your Honor, it’s immaterial. He’s my problem not yours. You. My handsome co-conspirator. You need to focus your full attention on eliminating Stephan so that you can eventually reunite with Gabriela Hernandez. Now, isn’t that what you want?

So how are we gonna do this? How? How are we going to eliminate Stephan?

Wait, you’re not thinking I’m the one who’s going to kill him, are you?

Ah, finally. Yeah. Sorry I’m late. Well, you should be, since you’re the one who called this meeting. Yeah. So am I correct in assuming that you gave some thought to what I proposed the other day? I have. And I’m in excellent. Megan Hathaway has to be dealt with before she has the chance to hurt somebody else.

Well, I’m so glad that you came to your Senses. Commander Michaels, obviously, we agree that she’s a minister to society, so when she’s soundly sleeping in her unmarked grave, I’m not, I’m not gonna kill her. Okay. So I. I don’t understand. I’m confused. You just said that you’re on board for getting rid of her and I still am.

In all my years of being a seal, I’ve learned that there’s more than one way to make somebody disappear.

I don’t see why you’d be put off with the concept of murder, Mr. Chin. Have you forgotten that? You’ve already made an attempt on my brother’s life when you pulled the plug on him and Dr. Rawla, which is why if Stephan Demara is the victim of foul play, I’d be the chief suspect. Prison may be a great place to, you know, finish Moby Dick, but I hear the food is pretty bland.

Well, good thing you’re not going to have to find out, but, but you just said that I was leading you astray, Mr. Shan. I would not trust an important job like this to an amateur assassin who couldn’t even get it right the first time. No, Mr. Shan, we need someone. With ice in their veins. Someone who is trained to kill and willing to kill, and I know just who that someone is.

So you’re gonna exile Megan permanently to a place she can’t ever leave and she’ll never hurt another soul again. So are you talking like a, a black side? Unless, unless you know the better. Okay. I’m fine. I’m fine. But the one thing I do know is that I’m gonna sleep a lot better once I know that woman is Spanish.

Yeah. You and a lot of other people. Indeed. But you do know we have to keep gifts between you and me. Okay. Yeah, of course is my husband, for better or worse, is a man of conscience. I mean, he believed that Orus had killed me and still he stopped Steve and John from Avening my death by killing Orus. So if he finds out about our little plan, as much as he loads Megan for what she did to me, he will definitely try to stop us.

Understood. You know, another thing I was thinking about too seems rather like cruel and unusual punishment to separated mother from her son. So as long as you have Megan blindfolded in an unmarked van, I’m thinking might as well pick up Dimitri and take him along for the ride.

So Dimitri flashes you as baby browns as pearly whites. Maybe breaks out a van Leischner and you go softer on him than a goose feather pillow. Wrong, not to mention very unfair and disrespectful. I will have you know that I asked him some very hard questions, but something else got real hard during that interview.

I swear. Matt, hold on. Let’s see. Let’s see. Uh, no, actually I don’t see any mentions of how he kidnapped Kate Roberts or threatened to blow up half the houses of Parliament in Europe or Salem itself, for that matter. The little speck on the map that we call home and nothing about, and this is highly significant to me, obviously, but how he manhandled yours truly.

And last but certainly not least, not a single hard question about his psychopathic mother. What. I think you were just a tiny little bit jealous that he’s interested in me and not you. Oh, breaking news. Gwenivere. As much as I adore you forever, I hate to hold the stop sign up to this little ego trip of yours, but it’s obvious to anyone with two eyes that Dimitri has an ulterior motive.

Oh, and what might that be? Prey. Tell my sweet little darling Misanthropic friend. It’s not misanthropic ness, miss. Whatever. I’m quite fond of. Most of humanity. Well, you anyway, but to answer your question, I don’t have a crystal ball, so I don’t know what lies ahead for you and Dimitri, the dastardly, but I would swear on my life that that dude is not motivated to charm that cute little tushy of yours and swear that the two of you are separated at birth because he thinks you’re the BE’S knees, which you are, but that’s irrelevant.

It’s because he has some sort of grand and sinful plan. Oh, like all great leaders before her. Your mother is wisely circumspect on the particulars of global Agen enemy, though I did hear her mention something about amassing an army of sorts with Harris Michaels at the helm, whatever that means. Uh, I guess it means that someone fell asleep in front of the history channel one too many times.

Man, mom, just, she sounds, sounds delusional. Grandiose. Yeah. I guess nothing new there. Yeah. Well, she can hand me a helmet and stick me on the trenches for all I care. Oh. I only intend to stay on my sister’s good side so that she can assist me in the resources necessary to regain full custody of my daughter.

Wow. So you’re going the legal route this time. That must be a whole new, exciting feeling for you. Oh, it’s gonna be a challenge to say the least. Brady has his little lawyer slash sister in his corner to keep me away from Rachel, and she is an attack dog, and I need an attorney to put a muzzle on her.

Unfortunately, it has been a challenge convincing someone to represent me. If only you had a hotline or a an app for this dilemma? No, no. I actually have someone in mind who might that be. Sloan Peterson, though. She is sleeping with Brady’s brother, Eric. Well, that sounds like a conflict of interest to me.

Mm. Which I am confident that I can mitigate. You see? Dimitri, you are not the only one in this family who can turn on the charm. You know, I have heard Madame Mozel Peterson has a weakness for a, uh, very rare vintage champagne. A 96 Louisie owns put Mm, yes. And we have some in the cellar just collecting dust.

So, If I can turn on said charm and present her with said bottles, then I am quite sure that she’ll accept a retainer in. Bubbles.

Are you insinuating that EJ is involved in some plot that I don’t know about? Right Nicole? It is certainly within the realm of possibility, don’t you think? No, I don’t think, and that, and this can’t be what’s happening because EJ and I are supposed to have an appointment with a specialist in about an hour to discuss if or, or how.

I can carry this baby to term and he did a lot of research to find this doctor, so I’m just trying to understand how he could suddenly be Mia. It doesn’t make any sense. Okay. Nicole, I hate to break this to you, but do you think that maybe just maybe. Killing my chances at Demara is more important to EJ than having this baby with you,


Putting aside your comprehensive knowledge of my rather checkered history with members of the opposite sex, how many bruises and bumps has my self-esteem and my ego sustained? I mean, what possible objective could Dimitri hope to achieve by charming me? Let me put my thinking cap on for a second. Hmm, I’ve got it.

Maybe the glowing article he’d hoped you’d write about him, which you in fact did. I mean, you can’t buy press like that. Oh, can’t is a strong word. Are you saying that the only reason he was interested in me is, was to use you to rehabilitate his reputation? Ding, ding, ding. Well, okay. I mean, yes, it did. It did occur to me, but I, I made sure to maintain the utmost professionalism and he seemed, he seemed really genuine.

No, I’m, no, I’m not diluting myself here. I. There was a definite attraction. There was this, it was like an electricity. It was so palpable. I’m telling you, I could feel it.

Because Dimitri is as cold-blooded and as manipulative as his mother and that son of a bitch. And I mean that literally might not have actually tried to kill me, but he did hold me hostage and he did force me to the head A boatload of fish was, was not only disgusting, it was totally moralizing. So yes, I would like to see that little mama’s boy just cut off at the knees.

I, I, I understand. I do, but making two people disappear. Well, yeah. I mean if it’s a matter of a incept in shovel, if Dmitri disappears along with Megan, it increases the risk substantially. So what are you saying? That’s what I’m saying. You bring the sun into the mix. It could complicate the mission to neutralize the mother.

I know you had Michael’s brainwash once, but I thought the is a D programmed him. I did, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t reprogram him to do my bidding, and that Lee is where you come in. Not my area of expertise, I’m afraid. However, you can secure someone whose area of expertise it is. I’m thinking, Dr.

Wilham rolls. I trust you know where he might be. You want me to bring the good doctor back to Salem? I do indeed. See, that’s not much to ask. Really. Rather simple, isn’t it? So let’s play this out. Dr. Rolfe programs Commander Michaels to murder Stephan and then OneLA. You and I both get exactly what we want.

Consider it done.

Stephan, you don’t know your brother like I do. I know him well enough to know that he’s a pompous. Ass, or shall I say pomp is rs. What does that have to do with him standing me up for something that’s important to both of us? Like I said, Nicole, nothing is more important to EJ than screwing me up. Oh, damn it Stephan.

I am not gonna wait into your sibling rivalry. I know this baby means too much to EJ to just blow off this appointment so he could love a grenade into this family feud. EJ has moved heaven and earth to get us this appointment with this doctor, and I know I trust that he’s gonna be there by my side for it.

Kristen, thank God you’re here. What? Who the hell did this to you with SCA and stuff in? No, it wasn’t that I, our bloody sister, Megan, but maybe you already know that. Excuse me. Maybe you were a part of this. I knew you two had your heads together plotting something. Oh my God. I had no idea what she was planning.

I just came down here looking for some champagne. Thank God you did. Okay. I know rational thought is not her strong suit, but did she give you a reason why she tied you up down here? She wanted to stop me from stopping her from killing our brother, Stephan.

As a thought experiment. Let’s just say I’m wrong, which I’m not. Almost never am. Let’s just say that Dimitri is vibing with you the way you’re vibing with him. Even if that were true. Aren’t you still licking your wounds from your ZA to break up? Yes, but I suppose I am, but. I mean, it’s not the worst way to get over someone.

Is it having a sexy, dangerous, probably very rich hotty to distract you. A sexy, dangerous, probably very rich Heidi who has made it clear he wants to kill me. Your best friend or so you claim it’s not a claim. It’s true. But think about it, Matty, if I can keep spending time with Dimitri and he thinks of me as the.

Bees knees, or however you put it, then I might even be able to talk him out of wanting to throw you against or through a wall every time he sees you. And maybe just maybe I can show him that you are not the obnoxious, incredibly annoying person that he and everybody else on this planet seems to think you are.

Okay. I’m not ruling out the possibility of dealing with Dimitri, but right now we just need to stay focused. I’m getting rid of Megan. Okay. Megan is the more pressing threat. No doubt. So what’s your, your time schedule? Well, why put off until tomorrow, which you can get done today. Okay. Call me when you’re done.

Aj, where are you?

Hi, aj. It’s me again. You know, at first I was really pissed off that you skipped town and didn’t return any of my phone calls or texts, but now I’m, I’m just worried I’m. I’m at the hospital for our appointment about the baby. Hopefully you just lush your phone and you’re on your way.

Well, well, well brother off to the office. Someone’s gotta keep this company running. Little Birdie told me EJ took another day off. Must have found a couple of palm trees in a hammock. Well, I hope he’s enjoying every moment of it. Life is fleeting and one day we’re all gonna look back and have tons of regrets.

All those woulda, coulda, should us. So live it up while you can. Seize the day as much as I’m enjoying this little Ted talk, Megan, I can’t help but wonder if you’ve had a chance to go over the proposal Gabby and I put together for you.

Well, it definitely sparked some ideas and left me with a few burning questions, but that time is precious and I don’t wanna keep you. Mm. We’ll talk later, right?

Assuming you’re still alive.

Hello, Donny.

I read the article in The Spectator Impressive. It seems that Ms. Rizek is already smitten with you. It oozes out of every sentence. Thank you. Well, uh, to be honest, I’m quite smitten with her as well. Wonderful. Well, perhaps you ought to go see her. Keep the momentum going. Perhaps I will. You know, before I go, uh, mother, I was just speaking to Aunt Kristen and well, she mentioned something.

She mentioned that she were putting together an army. What exactly is it that you’re doing, mother?

Whatever I do my. It’s with you in mind. So you just go sweep that British journalist off her feet and move us closer to our goal. Right.

By the way, where is that sister of mine now? Oh, she, uh, she said something about grabbing a bottle of champagne from the basement. Yeah, I’m sure if you checked, she’d still be there right now. Bye mother.

Why would Megan wanna kill Stephan? Would you be so kind as to undo these bloody nods while we play 20 questions we need to him? Yes.

Okay. These are. Oh my god, these are tied pretty tightly. Yes, I’m well aware of that. Uh, speaking of difficult, not to mean, there was this, um, game that Brady and I used to play. Oh, no, no, no. Not now, not ever. Fine fight. Fine, fine, fine. Just go on about Megan and her motives. She said she was motivated to eliminate Stephan because she wanted to reshuffle the family power dynamics.

Oh God. That it would be some sort of means to whatever twisted ends, she’d conjured up in her disease brain. Well, I need to find something to cut those ropes with, so just hang tight. I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Sorry, but I cannot support this burgeoning fake romance between you and the venomous bond leischner, even if you could convince that creep to solve all the world’s problems, including climate change, inflation, threat of nuclear war, and rehabbing my reputation. Okay, fine, fine, fine. You’ve made your point.

I sure as hell hope so, because I see a whole lot of ambivalence in those big, soulful eyes of yours. Well, I’m fighting that ambivalence. Okay. I mean, what if your instincts are right, Matty? What if he’s just playing me like a fiddle just to get good press? What if I’m acting like a silly little school girl who has a crush on the jock who can’t even remember her name?

Hey. Hey, uh, I wanna thank you for letting your divorce with Gabby go through so smoothly. She and I are, uh, you know, yeah, I know soon to be married. I’ll keep an eye out for my invitation. I’s knew Gabby would end up with the love of her life.

Speaking of you, thank you. I told Gabby her happiness means a lot to me, so, um, When’s the big day? End of next month.

Well, congratulations.

Thank you.

Too bad you won’t live long enough to say. I do.

So, is it fair to assume that you no longer have any queries about whether or not our system, Megan, is utterly unhinged? You know, I swear I had no idea what she was planning. Okay. I’ll admit, I will admit that when she pitched the these grandiose ideas of picking up where Stefano left off and conquering the world, I did go along with it.

Oh, but she is so much more deranged and sadistic than I thought. You know what? We could be her next victims after she’s done with Stephan. Seems inevitable, but at this point, Nicole might just push Megan outta the way to get to me first.

I need to finally,

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