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Nikki: Your assistant told me you were covering for sharon.

Nick: Yeah. I’m just checking on a few things and I’m gonna get the staff up to speed, then I’m gonna head out to the ranch and check on sharon and faith.

Nikki: Have you calmed down since you went at it with your father?

Nick: Went at it, mom? Hardly. I’m just sick of dad’s fixation with sally. Not with cameron in town and making all these threats. Right now, sharon’s making sure that faith gets out of town herself and I think it’s breaking sharon’s heart.

Nikki: Honey, you really need to do something about that hand. It could be broken.

Nick: Will you leave me alone about my hand, mom?

[ Nick sighs ]

[ Cameron groans ]

Cameron: It– it’s kind of sweet how protective you are of your ex-wife. A little sad because she no longer wants or loves you, but super sweet.

Nick: You are gonna stay away from sharon and faith, and you will be gone by the morning

Cameron: Or what?

Nick: You don’t wanna find out.

[ Cameron chuckles ]

Abby: Oh, my gosh. Did you see dominic with that little hand drum?

Devon: I did.

[ Abby laughing ] It’s actually starting to sound like music.

Abby: Almost. Yeah. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Devon: Did you see that picture that tucker sent earlier of dominic in class waving his little wand around, trying out conducting? It’s the cutest thing in the world.

Abby: So cute. I think we might be a little bit biased though.

Devon: Oh, well. Definitely biased for sure.

Abby: I don’t know, I just, I can’t stop wondering.

Devon: Hm.

Abby: Tucker hasn’t missed a single music class and that is not easy on the eardrums. I mean, is he really just trying to prove to our family that he wants to be a part of all of this? Or is this some sort of angle that he’s using? Look, I know. I know it feels like I’m being negative and I should just be grateful that he’s doting on his grandson, but.

Devon: I know. He’s– he’s tucker and he is not the most trustworthy guy in the world.

Abby: Especially where my mom is concerned.

Devon: Yeah. Well, maybe it’s time that I put my plan into action.

Ashley: Right?

Tucker: Right.

Ashley: Cheers to us.

Tucker: Yes.

Ashley: Hmm. We have to tell abby and devon about our engagement before they hear about it from somebody else, okay?

Tucker: Okay. How about, “hey, abby and devon, we’re engaged. For real this time.”

Ashley: They’re not gonna be happy about it.

Tucker: Who cares?

Ashley: Well, I care. They were very upset when they found out you were moving in with me. Remember that?

[ Phone chiming ] Oh.

Tucker: Ah! Speak of the devil.

Ashley: Wow.

Tucker: Talk about timing.

Ashley: “Society in 30. Early dinner with devon and me. My treat.” Is that what you got?

Tucker: That’s what I got.

Ashley: Oh.

Tucker: That forces the issue, doesn’t it?

Ashley: Yes. Do we accept?

Tucker: What do we have to lose?

Ashley: The timing is interesting though, don’t you think? Is this a coincidence?

Tucker: It could be that they found out about the engagement and wanna stop the wedding. But it’s not up to them, is it?

Ashley: I can’t take any more fighting, honestly. There’s so much on my plate with this jack and diane thing. I can’t take it.

Tucker: Well, okay. What are you gonna do if they do object? You gonna put the wedding on hold indefinitely?

Jack: Hmm. A preemptive promotion, huh?

Diane: Well, you can’t deny that kicking me up the corporate ladder would send a powerful message to ashley and tucker.

Jack: It might also set off world war iii.

Diane: Well, your sister is to blame for that. What? Threatening to oust you from jabot as long as I’m in the picture?

Jack: Have you given any thought to what position might be suitable?

Diane: Well, my number one requirement is I wanna work closely with my fiancé.

Jack: Ooh, I like that.

Diane: Hmm. But since you asked, I understand that our chief talent officer is set to retire at the end of the month.

Jack: Ha! That’s right. Brenda is retiring. Any key hires go through her desk.

Diane: Yes. It’s a key position. And I know that hr has been interviewing possible candidates, but they’ve yet to fill the position. I would like to throw my hat in the ring if you think that–

Jack: You had me at your fiancé. And yeah, the more I think about it, the more that’s a perfect job for you. I can’t think of anyone shrewder at reading people.

Diane: So you’ll recommend me?

Jack: After everything you have been through in the last few months, feeling like you had no future, I want you to dream big. And yes, I can make this happen.

Diane: Good. Hmm.

Summer: Thanks for meeting me.

Daniel: Uh, how bad did it get after kyle saw mom in the hotel room? I mean, I stayed with her for a little while after I was half expecting to hear sirens and have a swat team show up at the door.

Summer: Well, keep listening.

Daniel: Are you saying kyle turned her in?

Summer: He found out that I knew where she was all this time and that I didn’t say anything.

Daniel: Oh, god. Summer, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.

Summer: I don’t know how we come back from this, but honestly, the only thing that I could think about in that moment was saving mom. So she and I did the only thing that we could.

Chance: All right. Hotel security’s gonna pull the surveillance footage for me.

Kyle: Oh, it’s not like they’ll find anything. Phyllis knows all about cameras and how to avoid ’em. It’s not like she was on her own either.

Chance: You know that’s twice now, man. You’ve come pretty close to incriminating your wife. Is there something you wanna tell me?

Kyle: I hate this. That’s what I wanna tell you.

Chance: Yeah, you’re in a, uh, tough spot, man. I get it.

Kyle: Okay. If there was any other way, but the truth has to come out. Summer has known where phyllis was for weeks. I can only assume she helped her escape. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

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-During an asthma attack,

Ashley: We can’t be sure if abby and devon even know that we’re engaged, so let’s just cross that bridge when we get to it.

Tucker: Let’S. Very reasonable.

Ashley: Yeah. Then again, knowing abby, if she knew, she would definitely voice her opinion because she’s not shy, if you haven’t noticed.

Tucker: I have. So, you think this is just a coincidence? Just a friendly invitation for the four of us to get together?

Ashley: Maybe. We had a nice time when the four of us ended up at neil’s lounge, right? Wasn’t that kind of okay? Wasn’t it, right? It sounds like fun, maybe, to do this.

Tucker: Hey, and I love fun things, man. I love ’em a lot more than things that aren’t fun.

Ashley: Me too.

Tucker: I know.

Ashley: Okay. Here we go. Oh, “we…”

Tucker: “We–”

Ashley: “…Would be delighted.”

Tucker: “We’d be delighted.” Ugh! That’s brilliant.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: You know, it’s possible they won’t believe a word of it, or at least they’ll be suspicious.

Ashley: Yeah. Or both. Because we did tell them about, you know, the fact that we were considering a fake engagement purely for shock value.

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: I think the best thing to do is just be open and honest about both motives, right?

Tucker: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: You know that us being married just strengthens us in case diane becomes a problem at jabot. Although that has to be private information, you can’t tell anybody.

Tucker: Devil’s advocate though. Are we being, uh, unfair to abby by putting her in the middle of all this and making her keep up our pretense with the rest of the family?

Ashley: Honestly, she’s gonna wind up there anyway if diane getting kicked out of jabot becomes an issue with the board. Thankfully, my daughter’s very adept at straddling the fence because she’s both an abbott and a newman. But you know what? Honestly, she’s very much her own person, so she’s not gonna just blindly follow my lead. I guess tonight, we’re gonna find out whether or not I have her support, huh?

Tucker: Yes, we are.

Ashley: Okay. Fingers crossed.

Tucker: Fingers crossed.

Devon: All right. Louise is all settled in with dominic.

Abby: Excellent.

Devon: Yeah. Um, hey, you know that the original plan was just for me to spend one-on-one time with tucker to find out where his head’s at with your mom, right?

Abby: Yeah, but it won’t hurt to have some backup, right? I mean, you shouldn’t have to subject yourself to that all alone.

Devon: No. I mean, it’s not torture to hang out with the guy. He’s got a couple good qualities.

Abby: Okay. If you say so.

Devon: It’s true. The hard part comes when he shows his true colors and then you have to question everything he says or does.

Abby: Yes, that part would be torture, having to second guess everything your father says. But tonight, you won’t have to be doing it alone. I will be there. You will have a second pair of eyes and ears to zero in on tucker. We won’t let him slip anything past us.

Daniel: So mom’s a fugitive again out there racking up more crimes. What the hell is wrong with her?

Summer: She offered to turn herself in to save my marriage, but I told her no.

Daniel: Why would you do that?

Summer: Because she needs more time to figure this out.

Daniel: Summer, that was a mistake. We need to be handling this out in the open, not encouraging her to run and hide from the cops. I mean, it’s just making things worse for all of us.

Summer: I wasn’t about to let her sacrifice her freedom for my– chance.

Daniel: Chance at what?

Chance: I’m done playing games. Where’s phyllis?

Nick: Sorry, mom. I– I don’t mean to snap at you. I’m not upset with you. I’m just frustrated.

Nikki: It’s okay. So, did punching the wall solve anything?

Nick: You know, I think you’ve asked me that like a hundred times since I was six.

Nikki: And I’ll keep asking you that until you give me the right answer.

Nick: I don’t know. I don’t know if punching the wall solved anything, but it may have bought us some time.

Nikki: Is there an update? Is cameron still in town?

Nick: I haven’t heard anything, mom, so I have to assume he is still here.

Nikki: And you will let the police and your father’s security team deal with it, right?

Nick: Yeah. Whatever works.

Nikki: Darling, I understand that you’re worried. You wanna protect your family, but please don’t forget how dangerous it got last time.

Nick: Mom–

Nikki: Cameron kirsten is an animal. He needs to be handled by professionals. If he can hurt you, he will, and he will be trying to do major damage.

Cameron: Genoa city P.D.? I’d like to report an assault. Around here, we like to keep things simple and honest.

Ashley: You’re very relaxed.

Tucker: I’m very relaxed.

Ashley: They’re here.

Tucker: Uh-oh.

Abby: Hi. Oh, thank you.

Tucker: Hi. How you doing?

Abby: Hi. How are you?

Devon: Hey, you two.

Abby: Mom!

Devon: What’s going on?

Tucker: Hey, son. How’re you?

Abby: You look beautiful.

Ashley: Oh, my gosh.

Abby: Hi.

Devon: Hi, ashley. How are you?

Ashley: Good. Really good to see you.

Devon: You look beautiful.

Ashley: Oh, thank you.

Abby: Thank you.

Devon: Yeah.

Ashley: Woo!

Abby: Woo! Well, um, thank you for sending that picture of dominic at his music class.

Tucker: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Devon: Boy’s a natural

Tucker: Yeah. And not only at the drums. Did you see the footage of him conducting?

Abby: I loved it. Yeah.

Tucker: He’s a natural born leader, so it’s in the genes.

Ashley: Right. Yeah.

[ All laughing ]

Abby: Oh, well, um, let me just tell you, the chef has outdone herself this evening. Um, there is a duck and scallop special that is out of this world.

Tucker: A duck and scallop together special. So it’s like a duck stuff– stuffed with scallops?

Abby: Or separately, you know. However you like it.

Tucker: Okay.

Devon: Should we get wine for the table or you guys want cocktails? What do you think?

Tucker: Yes.

Abby: Oh, why limit ourselves?

Devon: That’s why I love you.

Abby: Ooh.

Ashley: Okay. Stop. Anyway, we were both so happy that you invited us now because we have such great news.

Devon: Really?

Ashley: Yeah.

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: We’re getting married.

[ Tucker chuckling nervously ]

Tucker: Don’t everyone talk at once.

Devon: Yeah. No. I– I don’t know if we believe you, that’s all.

[ Laughing ]

Abby: I mean, is– is this real or is this for–

Tucker: It’s–

Abby: Diane and uncle jack’s benefit?

Tucker: It’s very real. And the wedding is going to happen very soon.

Ashley: Yeah.

Diane: How about to new opportunities?

Jack: How about to our new life together with lots of opportunities?

Diane: Hmm. No matter what ashley says.

[ Both laughing ]

Kyle: Where’s summer? Is she here? I need to talk to her.

Jack: No, I haven’t seen her.

Diane: Neither have I.

Jack: Hey, what’s wrong? What’s going on?

Kyle: I can handle it.

Jack: Kyle! Kyle! You can’t expect us to sit back when you’re this upset. What’s going on?

Diane: Yeah, we’re here for you. What is it?

Kyle: Okay. I wish I didn’t have to tell you this, but I can’t keep it to myself any longer.

Daniel: I have no idea where our mother is.

Chance: You sure about that?

Daniel: You wanna hook me up to a lie detector?

Chance: What about you?

Summer: I don’t know where she is either.

Chance: Okay. Well, I know she’s been laying low at the athletic club. She’s not there anymore. And I bet you’re the one that hustled her outta there. It’s a big mistake, summer.

Summer: Daniel, will you give me and chance some privacy?

Daniel: No. No, I don’t think I wanna do that. We agreed that we were in this together, remember?

Summer: Look, I don’t wanna drag you any deeper into this. Please.

Daniel: Listen to her. Give her a fair shake.

Chance: As long as she’s honest.

Daniel: Call me.

Summer: I really thought you were on my side there for a second.

Chance: No, I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now I know you’ve been lying to me this whole time. We had an agreement. You knew that I would be as fair as the law would allow.

Summer: That’s the catch though, right? “As the law would allow.” I don’t regret any of my actions. Stark forced my mom to do everything that she did, but there– there’s no way to prove it because he is dead now. Chance, she’s in an impossible position. How can the law help her now?

Chance: There is always a way.

Summer: How? Tell me.

Chance: Summer, I can’t do anything if you don’t tell me the truth. We were supposed to be helping each other, all right? We had a relationship built on trust and right now, you don’t trust me and I sure as hell don’t trust you. Ultomiris is for adults with generalized myasthenia gravis

Summer: Once kyle found us, mom knew that she wasn’t safe anymore and she took off the minute that he left. She could be anywhere by now.

Chance: Summer, by refusing to cooperate, you know you’re making this so much harder on phyllis and yourself? You do realize I could arrest you right now, right? Yeah. False statements, obstruction, aiding and abetting a murder suspect.

Summer: Do what you have to do, but I still can’t tell you where my mom is because I don’t know.

Chance: [ Chuckling ] You are playing a dangerous game right now.

Summer: This is not a game to me. You wanna know where she is? Give me a guarantee that she won’t be arrested.

Chance: I can’t do that. Especially now that you’ve admitted you know more than what you’re saying. You’re taking a big risk withholding information like this, I hope you know that.

[ Phone ringing ] Chancellor. Yeah. Thanks. Um, I’m on it.

Summer: Was that about my mom?

Chance: You really expect me to tell you after you’ve given me nothing?

Kyle: Phyllis has been hiding out in a suite at the athletic club.

Diane: What?

Jack: I’m calling the police right now.

Kyle: No, I already did. Chance and I went there. She’s gone.

Diane: How did you know where she was?

Kyle: Summer led me right to her.

Jack: Wait. Summer knew where she was?

Kyle: Has for a while.

Diane: Are you serious?

Jack: She has been lying to us this whole time?

Kyle: She begged me not to tell anybody, but I’m not giving phyllis a free pass. This has to end.

Diane: Yes, it does.

Kyle: Summer has been betraying all of us for weeks. Summer not only knew phyllis was alive, she’s known where she was long before any of us found out.

[ Diane scoffing ]

Abby: How are we supposed to know that this is real? Because it– it feels fake. I mean, are we just supposed to take his word for it?

Devon: Yeah. ‘Cause we’ve been through this before too. And you– you know that marriage is a sacred thing, right?

Tucker: Yes. Of course, I know that. And I’m making a lifelong commitment.

Abby: Hmm. Yeah. Well, meanwhile, my mom is just sticking it to diane.

Ashley: Okay. Just hold on a second, abby. All right? As tucker said, there are real, real feelings here.

Abby: Oh, yeah. Like vindictiveness, hatred, irrational fear. Those are all real feelings. But this is really about diane, right?

Tucker: Well, your mother is right to have her suspicions about diane’s motives.

Ashley: Yes, I am. I’m very right. She’s a danger to our family and to our family’s company.

Devon: How is she dangerous? She’s on trial for murder, right?

Tucker: You guys didn’t hear?

Ashley: Oh, boy.

Devon: Hear what?

Abby: Hear what?

[ Tucker laughing ]

Ashley: Phyllis faked her death. She did.

Devon: What?

Ashley: She faked her death and she’s still somewhere, I don’t know, wandering around.

Tucker: No one knows where. And the police have proof that she’s alive and so they’ve dropped the charges against diane.

Ashley: Yeah.

Devon: What are you talking about?

Abby: Wait, are– are you serious right now?

Devon: There’s no way that happened.

Ashley: Yes, it happened. I mean, it’s fantastic that phyllis is alive, obviously, but now, diane is so full of herself. I mean, jack doesn’t think she can do anything wrong, so she’s more of a threat than ever before.

Chance: You don’t hear too well, do you?

Nick: Excuse me?

Chance: Nick, I told you not to take matters into your own hands when it came to kirsten. I thought you knew how important that was.

Nick: What the hell are you talking about?

Chance: Did you go to this guy’s hotel room, nick?

Nick: Yes, chance. I did. To talk to him.

Chance: There wasn’t an altercation?

Nick: What are you getting at?

Chance: Let me spell it out for you, man. Cameron kirsten has filed a complaint. He would like to press charges against you for battery.


Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Devon: Huh. So, now that diane has been proven innocent, you guys just want torment her?

Ashley: I’m trying to protect my family’s company, devon.

Abby: That’s a terrible reason to plan a wedding.

Tucker: Ashley and I know better than either of you what diane is capable of, so.

Ashley: Exactly. She wormed her way into a job at jabot when nobody wanted to hire her. I know what she’s gonna do next. She’s gonna convince my brother to bring her on somewhere in senior management, and she will use that position to wreak havoc within the company.

Abby: Honestly, mom, what can diane really do with uncle jack and billy in charge?

Devon: Yeah. I mean, she doesn’t really have any business experience, so how would she cover her tracks?

Abby: Unless there’s something that we’re missing?

Ashley: We wanted to share this information with you because obviously we want– we want you to know what’s going on in our lives. Please keep it private. Please. If this becomes an issue with the board, I’m hoping that I can count on your support, abby.

Abby: Support? What’s going before the board?

Ashley: I’m hiring tucker to be a part of our senior management team. And I’m also floating the idea of removing jack as ceo.

[ Abby exhaling ]

Abby: I knew it. I knew you were behind this. You are using my mom all over again.

[ Summer sighing ]

Daniel: Hey, where is our favorite detective?

Summer: I was trying to plead my case with him.

Daniel: Any luck?

Summer: I thought that maybe I was getting somewhere, but then he got this phone call and he shot me a look, and then he just walked off.

Daniel: Did he say what the phone call was about?

Summer: I’m guessing it was a lead about mom and he took off after her.

Daniel: This is exactly what we don’t need. Mom getting scared and skipping town because she’s afraid she’s not gonna be treated fairly.

Summer: Well, it’s probably exactly what happened. Daniel, we might not ever see our mom again.

Daniel: No, do not go there. We are not gonna let that happen.

Nick: Cameron’s a liar and an opportunist.

Chance: And yet you charged into his room and you let him have it. You played right into his hands.

Nick: Let him have what? I showed up. I gave him a piece of my mind and told him he had to leave town.

Chance: You assaulted him, nick.

Nick: You wanna know what happened or not?

Chance: Look, I have to take you in. I have to read you your rights.

Nick: What are you talking about? Sharon and I told you what kind of guy he is. He framed sharon for murdering her ex-boyfriend. He is a psychopath.

Chance: That doesn’t make it okay for you to go beat the hell out of him.

Nick: I didn’t do that. I did not hit him.

Chance: Then what was said? What happened?

Nick: I told him he had to stay away from everyone in my family and that he had to leave town. That’s it. He has done nothing but terrorize sharon and stalk my daughter. He killed her cat. Was i supposed to just let that go?

Chance: You were supposed to let me handle it.

Nick: Well, you didn’t handle it, chance. You should heard him with all this crazy talk. He said he was gonna try and seduce sharon.

Chance: Is that when you hit him?

Nick: Who’s not listening now?

Chance: I know what you said, nick, but I have been told otherwise.

Nick: This is the truth.

Chance: Nick, we have been here before, man. We’ve been here. I gave you the benefit of the doubt when ashland was killed. I can’t do that again.

Nick: I was just making a point, all right? But clearly, he is not leaving town. This is his next desperate move.

Cameron: Detective chancellor.

Chance: Kirsten.

Cameron: Wait. You’re just gonna stand here like chatting with my assailant? Or maybe you wanna arrest him at some point, huh?

I have type 2 diabetes,

Abby: All this talk that you are a changed man was just a pack of lies.

Devon: Yeah, man. Are you– this is– you’re trying to pull a stunt like this? Really?

Abby: How are you not disgusted by this selfish, manipulative man?

Ashley: It’s not easy. However, you’re wrong about him. He’s had nothing to do with my plan for jabot. If anything, he’s tried to talk me out of it on many, many occasions.

Devon: Really?

Abby: Is this you talking or him?

Tucker: She’s telling the truth. I have been pushing her to walk away from jabot and leave it to the abbotts, start something new with me, but if this is what she wants, I’m all in.

Ashley: It’s true. And if anybody’s using anyone, it’s me. Tucker says he loves me. He wants a real marriage. Listen, I wanna protect my family’s company, so don’t blame him, okay? I’m the one that made this call.

Chance: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Nick: Let me look at you. Whoever did that to you, I’d sure like to shake his hand.

Cameron: Like you don’t know who did this to me.

Nick: You’re a liar. I never touched you.

Cameron: You didn’t touch me? Look at my face. Look at his knuckles.

Chance: Okay. All right. Let me see your hands.

[ Nick chuckling ] Yeah, it’s pretty banged up, nick.

Nick: This didn’t happen from punching him.

Chance: How’d it happen?

Nick: Like I said, he was running his mouth, so I hit the wall out of frustration.

Cameron: That’s true. He hit the wall with his first punch, but the next three after that? Look at this. What? Do I need any more proof?

Abby: I, uh, please forgive me. I didn’t realize.

Ashley: You didn’t ask. You just assumed.

Tucker: Well, you can understand why she would jump to the worst possible conclusion with me. I’ve given her lots of reason to doubt me and–

Ashley: That’s true.

Tucker: And my intentions over the years. So if I were in her shoes, I’d do the same. Both of you.

Devon: Well, let me say that I’m sorry I misjudged you as well.

Tucker: No apology necessary.

Abby: Look, I’m happy that you’re not on board with my mom’s whole fixation with diane, but I’m not happy that you’re trying to tempt her away from jabot. That’s her legacy. She earned it.

Ashley: I agree with that. And I’m not planning on going anywhere. And I’m not planning on letting jack hand over the keys to the kingdom to diane. And that’s why I’m very happy I– I’ve got this man’s support.

Kyle: Summer shut me out. She was in so much pain, or so I thought, and I pleaded for her to let me help, but she lied and lied and lied some more. She could not have hurt me more if she had stabbed me in the heart. So tell me, how am I supposed to get past that?

Jack: How long did you wait before you called the police?

Kyle: Until the initial shock wore off. Then I knew what I had to do. I had to tell them, even though summer is now in trouble, all caught up in phyllis’s mess.

Jack: You– you did the right thing. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but she had to know there were consequences. And then she broke your heart. This is inexcusable.

Diane: You’re– you’re right. But try to see this from summer’s point of view. How can we blame her for protecting her mother?

Kyle: After what phyllis has done? After what they’ve both done? How– how can you be so understanding?

Diane: No, I– I understand what summer did. Phyllis, not at all. Think about it. She put her children in a terrible position. Forcing them to lie to people they love.

Kyle: No– no one forced summer to lie to me.

Diane: Phyllis did. She knew that summer would do anything she could to protect her mother. Summer didn’t have a choice. All right, all right, kyle. Kyle, think about it. What if the situation was reversed and you had to choose between phyllis and your own mother? Who would you protect?

The thought of getting screened

Devon: All right. Should, uh, we get round two?

Abby: He means drinks, uh, not fighting.

Tucker: Yeah, I think it’s time we said our goodbyes.

Ashley: Yeah.

Abby: Really?

Tucker: YeaH.

Abby: I mean, ’cause we haven’t even gotten our food yet.

Ashley: I know, but we’ve given you so much to absorb in such a short period of time. A lot of stuff.

Tucker: Yeah. Next time. We’ll go somewhere with dominic and we will stay away from wedding talk and business talk and we’ll keep it nice and neutral.

Ashley: Yeah.

Devon: Okay. That’s a good idea probably.

Tucker: All right.

Devon: Yeah. Thanks.

Abby: I, um, I’d like to talk about this more with you. I mean, in private. I don’t wanna fight. I just wanna understand.

Ashley: Of course. And– and I love you. And thank you for the cocktails. And thank you for listening.

Abby: You’re welcome. I love you.

Tucker: Talk to you later.

Devon: Good one. Yeah.

Abby: Good night.

Tucker: Yeah. Good night. Thank you for the invitation.

Ashley: Bye-bye.

Devon: See you, guys.

Abby: Oof! Okay.

[ Devon laughing ]

Abby: Whose idea was this again? Oh, never mind. That’s right. It was mine.

Devon: Yeah. It did not go the way we thought, did it?

Abby: Those two baffle me.

Devon: Oh, me too.

Abby: I– I don’t know who I’m more worried about. Your dad using my mom or my mom using him.

Diane: I am not condoning what summer did, obviously, but we shouldn’t judge her too harshly. She must have been scared to death.

Jack: You’re holding summer blameless? She could have told us at any time, saved us a world of torment.

Diane: And phyllis could have prevented this whole thing months ago. I guarantee that any torment that we’ve been feeling, summer has suffered twice as much. She’s not the villain here. She’s as much of a victim as any of us. I am trying to empathize with what our daughter-in-law has been going through.

Jack: Well, you are a better person than I am.

Diane: Well, first of all, no, I’m not, but summer must have been overwhelmed by the circumstances. Circumstances that her mother created to save her own skin. If we should blame anyone, it’s phyllis. Kyle, I am so sorry. My– my heart aches for you because you have been badly hurt, but so has your wife at the hands of her own mother and that is really unfair. I– I– I think summer deserves our compassion and our forgiveness.

Kyle: You are… amazing.

Diane: Don’t say that. I’m not. I just know that you and summer have something that is really special and I– I don’t wanna see you toss your marriage aside just because her mother is a destructive narcissist. Kyle, I’m not even sure you realize how valuable and– and unique your relationship is, but I just, I don’t want you to lose someone who truly loves you.

Kyle: I– I just don’t know if I can turn the other cheek. There’s been too many lies and too many days of watching her suffer and blaming myself for not being what she needed. Summer didn’t just choose phyllis over you. She– she chose a lie over our marriage. How am I supposed to get past that?

Daniel: Okay. Okay. Let’s just take a breath here and decide our next move.

Summer: I can’t even think about that right now. I might have just lost my mom and my husband.

Daniel: I can’t do anything for you and kyle, but if we put our heads together, maybe we can figure out a way to help mom.

Summer: Everything that we have tried so far has completely failed.

Daniel: So we try again and we keep trying until we find something that works.

Summer: Daniel, she is facing murder charges and there is absolutely no way to prove that it was self-defense. Unless… what if there was a witness? Somebody that saw everything that went down between her and stark that night. Who– who is willing to corroborate her story that– that it was self-defense?

Daniel: Summer, there are no witnesses. Nobody else was there. You know that.

Summer: Yeah, but the police don’T. We’re the only ones who have actually talked to her. There’s a lot of details that the cops don’t know about and stark isn’t around to refute them.

Daniel: This does not sound very feasible.

Summer: Just listen to me. What if– what if– what if there was someone who was willing to come forward for the right price? Who– who is willing to swear that they saw everything?

Chance: Nick, you admitted that you went to the guy’s hotel room. You exchanged words. Your hand is beaten up. His face is beaten up. I have to take you in, man. I’m sorry.

Nick: Fine. I’ll go to the station when I’m ready. I’m gonna go to the ranch first and make sure that sharon and faith are safe.

Chance: No, I will make sure they’re safe, okay? I have to take you, man. Once you go through booking, make sure you call victor, get him on the phone.

Cameron: Sounds like somebody’s getting special treatment ’cause they got a special last name.

Chance: Shut up. Come oN. Come on. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to hire a lawyer and have one present with you while you are being questioned. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you. Come on, come on, come on.

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Audra: Some people are afraid of their own desires. It’s like they’re ashamed to admit how badly they want something.

Sally: [ Groaning ] Ah!

Adam: What– what is it?

Sally: [ Groaning ] Oh, I don’t know.

Nick: What’s going on?

Sharon: It’s faith. He took her. He took our baby.

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