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you’re not dressed yet. Sweetheart. One of the upsides of being a gentleman of leisure is not having a set schedule, but you do have an appointment to keep.

Lunch with Ms. Rizek? Ah, yes. That I’m not going.

Yes, this is Gwen Rizek. I’m phoning to confirm a reservation for lunch, right? Yes. It’s for two people at one o’clock. Um, and just so you know, my um, guest is Mr. Vaughn Ner. Dimitri Von Ner. So I would please like a very quiet, nice table in the corner. Private one. Thank you. Well, everything’s set with my interview with the mysterious Mr.

Von Ner. I’m telling you, Matty, this is going to be the spectator scoop of the century. How nice. So while everything’s coming up, roses for you. My life is over.

Yeah. Well, okay. Thanks Jada. Keep me posted. Okay. Sounds like there’s no news. Yeah, she says. They have no new lease. I mean, I don’t get it. How does the mayor of a town just vanish? Beats me? What about that, that Colin Bedford guy, the one that put Abe in the hospital? I mean, he’s in custody, right? No, he was just bl.

When he said he had information about where Abe is, he’d say anything to cut a deal with the cops. Yeah. Are they sure? Sloan Peterson is his lawyer and his sister and she says he doesn’t know anything. Uh, you know, I wouldn’t leave anything out of the two of them, his mouth, so. Well that is a good point, but Bedford’s in a whole lot of trouble.

If he did have Abe stashed away, I do believe he’d say so. I just, I, I think it’s ridiculous. Okay. There’s no way that Abe could have gotten out of that hospital on his own. So someone must have helped him. Someone must have seen him. That’s what I keep telling myself. Yes. Yes. Julie, I’m back in my hospital bed now.

No, no, no, honey, you don’t need to come. No, I’m fine. Well, I’m, I will be once they find out who really took Abe and where he is. Oh,

uh, I, I’ll come back after your call. No, no, no, don’t go. I need to talk to you.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are days of our lives.

Well, you know what, I, I can’t sit around here twiddling my thumbs any longer. What are you gonna do? Well, I’m gonna go talk to John and Steve and, uh, offer my help. Well, I don’t see them turning you down. Me neither. See you later. Oh, no, no. Please be careful. Bring him home. Will do. Hey Michaels. Hello, Kate Roman, we heard you were back in town soap.

Are you coming by for early lunch or no? No, I just, uh, wanted to see if you heard anything from Megan Hathaway. No, I haven’t heard of Peep since she came by the other day. Fuck you, me. Well, Steve says that, uh, that’s reading your bet. Yeah, I thought I would, you know, I thought I’d keep an eye on her. Felt like it’s the least I could do, but I’m assuming that you would prefer it if I just stayed away in mind of my own business.

Really? Do I have to remind you that it is not long before you turn 40? You mean for the umpteenth time? And the codicil to the will says that you, that if I am not married by the time I turn 40, I will not inherit a scent. Yes, mother. I know it has been emblazoned in my brain. Thanks to you not to mention that I read it all right here.

Where did you get that in your room? Where else, and you felt to mention a few pertinent details? Which details? Well, for one, that I need to remain married for at least a year. That’s not all. Let me see. Where’s my absolute favorite part? Uh, yes. Here it is. Now, if it is found that Mr. Von Leischner has entered into this marital contract under false pretenses, then he loses every penny, which means that not only do I have to marry this rice chick woman, but I have to remain married to her for at least a year, and I have to act as though I am besotted with her.

You don’t have to act besotted, just turn on the charm. Romance a bit. Would that be the worst thing in the world? I just got out of prison. I am ensconced in this mansion. I thought maybe I could have a little bit of fun. That might prove difficult if I’m playing the part of the devoted husband.

Okay. Tell me, my darling, why do you think that your life is over? I went to see my mother in Statesville. Why on Earth would you do that? I honestly don’t know. But you loathe her with good reason. I mean, what possessed you to go over there and see her? I mentioned her to that lady cop when she was grilling me.

Jada Hunter. Jada Hunter told you to go and see your mother? No. It just made me realize that I hadn’t visited mommy dearest once since they put her in the slammer. And so you just thought you’d take care of that today? Then did you get it over with mainly, gosh, I can see by your mood that it went swimmingly.

Did you two have a row? Please. I learned a long time ago not to contradict Diana when she’s ranting. Today’s rant was entitled, why Leo Stark is a worthless human being that nobody could ever possibly love.

I’m gonna have to call you back, Julie. Um, oh, yes. Okay, bye. Oh, um, thank you for waiting. Yes. Um, what can I do for you? Um, My name is Paulina Price, but of course, I’m sure you already know that. Yes, it’s, it’s, it’s here on your chart. I know who you are. You do? Mm-hmm. My husband suffered a head injury a few days ago, and they brought him here, and while I was waiting to hear how he was, I saw you taking care of him, and I just want to say thank you.

For what? For everything that you did for Abraham. Oh, I’m just a nurse. That’s what we do. Oh yeah. I know that is not easy. Most people give credit to the doctors for saving people’s lives, but it’s you nurses that take care of people around the clock. I don’t know what me and Abraham would’ve done without you.

Ms. King,

you there? I know that voice. I really need to talk to you. It’s important.

Ms. King is the police.

I’m gonna go now and I’m gonna lock the door behind me. I want you to listen to me very carefully. I don’t wanna frighten you, but that. Man that attacked you is still out there and he, he’s been impersonating a cop, so it’s very important not to open the door, especially if the cops show up. Okay.

Well, you, uh, you probably hate me. Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Look, Harris, I may have hated what went down with you and hope and my brother, but I’m in your debt. You stuck your neck out. For my wife, you saved Katie from Megan and that son of hers and for that, for that I will always owe you.

Perhaps Ms. Rizek isn’t the woman of your dreams. But isn’t inheriting a vast fortune worth being married for one tiny little year to a wife you don’t love? And what exactly do I need this vast fortune for? We seem to be doing pretty well around here, Dimitri. This might look like a mansion, but it’s actually a pool for sharks.

You and I have no choice but to share the demure fortune. With Tony, ej, Stephan, Kristen, Chad, and any other illegitimate child that shows up at the door

and every single one of those sharks wants that fortune for themselves, but none of them can touch the von Leischner fortune. That my darling is all ours. Ours. That is right, my dear Ours. This was part of the plan when I married your father. You’ll be sharing that money with your mother.

Come on, Mattie. How many times have you told me that your mum is a conniving bitch? Honestly, why should you believe a single word that she says? Maybe because it’s true. Stop that. I mean it. Nobody has ever loved me. Excuse me. What about me? You’re my friend. I’m talking about lovers. None of them have ever stuck around.

Well, there was Darius. Yeah. Who was gone the minute he got his green card? And Craig, I was only in that one for the money. Well, yes, maybe at first. But then you developed feelings for him, didn’t you? And look how that turned out.

There was that one night in Vegas with Chris Hemsworth, though. He spent the night with Chris Hemsworth. All right. It was an impersonator, but still he had no trouble raising his hammer, but even he was gone right after the breakfast buffet.

Honestly, I do feel like there was something between Sonny and me, but then Will came back like he always does, and they made up like they always do. What was I thinking? Sonny is a married man. There was never any hope, but that’s what I’m talking about. Every guy I ever go for is either married straight or using me for my American citizenship.

I hate to say it, but maybe Diana was right.

It was an honor taking care of a man like your husband for, as I said, I was just doing my job. Well, I think being a nurse is more than just a job. It’s a calling. Oh, it was a joy taking care of the mayor, and I’m just so sorry that all those terrible things happened to him and that awful attacker, who possibly is the one who kidnapped him?

Yes, yes. Colin, Colin Bedford. He’s a sick, dangerous man, but turns out. He wasn’t responsible for Abe’s disappearance. How do the police know they do? That’s all that matters. Oh, are there any, um, other suspects? No,

I have no idea where my husband is. How he is, I don’t know. I never even see him again.

Dear, dear.

Hello. Is anyone there?

Okay, well I was just leaving to go help John and Steve look for Yeah, sure. Good luck with that. You will call me if you get any information. Will do. Yeah. Bye.

How about at lunch now? Uh, no thanks. I’m, I’m good. You know, now that I’ve come back to Salem, I just gotta really, um, figure out my life. What’s that mean? Yeah, well I’m, I’m staying at my parents’ old place. Don’t know how long I can stay there, so, you know, if I wanna get my own place or rent a place, I’m just gonna have to figure out a job.

Well, I might be able to help you with that one. Yeah. How so? I would happily pay you to get rid of Megan Hathaway.

Are you listening to what I’m saying? Yes, mother. I am. I am. I’m just. I’ll admit, I am not relishing the prospect of having to share my inheritance with a platoon of Damaris. There you go. You see, finding this corso was the best thing that’s happened to us in a long time. Oh, see now there you go again with that US word.

And yet, I’m the one who is being forced to marry a woman that I just met. Now you listen to me. I have sacrificed plenty for you over the years. Just think opportunity to,

how long have you and I been friends? Oh, let’s see. We met in 2006, so if you take 23 and then you subtract the six. Oh, of course I’m not, I’m not asking you to do the math. You big knob. I was just pointing out that I know you really well. Yeah, and so I know everything your mother said about you is simply not true.

Easy for you to say she’s not your mother. Oh, come on mate. If we’re playing bad mother poker here, we both have a winning hand in this.

My mother convinced me that my father didn’t care if I lived or died. That’s why I turned out like this. I drugged. My sister went after her husband. Thanks to dear old mom, I was convinced that if I were to get anyone to love me, I would have to trick them.

So you know what? Everything that our mothers have said about us, it is absolute rubbish. I love you so much, Gwynnie, and not a single trick made me feel that way. Just your genuine adorableness. I catch you Mady.

Doesn’t really help us in the romance department though, does it? No. What you and I need is for two handsome, well-heeled strangers with great asses to show up one day and sweep us off our feet. That doesn’t happen very often though, does it now? Exactly. Should I repay you? Go upstairs, get dressed, have lunch with Ms.

Rizek and turn on the charm. Must I? Yes. Now. Okay. Okay. Look, the sooner you propose to her, the sooner we get all that lovely money. This is why I adore you, mother. You never sacrifice your own dignity upstairs. Okay, now. So what are your plans for all that lovely money?

Don’t you worry about your husband, all right. He’s gonna be just fine. You can’t possibly know that you’re right. I can’t, but I’m a woman of faith and my faith has gotten me through so, And I know that you are a woman of faith too. I usually am, but then, oh, Frank, is there news about A, I’m sorry, what? Well, then why are you here?

I’m here because I was told that Ms. King was here. I need to speak with her.

Well, I must be, must be the guy who, who attacked me. I hope. Hope he’s gone. I hope he’s gone. But if not, I, I have to defend myself. Well,


I guess I have to wait. Let’s wait till Paulina comes home.


what do you think you’re doing here? Cassandra? You and I are gonna have it out once and for all.

Yeah. Dashing handsome strangers. Well, they only turn up in romance novels, don’t they? I think we might be setting our sights too High pointer. No, no, no, no, no. I don’t want you thinking that way. I believe, and it might just be the three cups of coffee I just had. That’s making me feel frenetic and wound up in a good way.

That true love is just around the corner for both of us. Oh, so it’s just the caffeine then talking, is it? No. No. Well, I mean, maybe the caffeine is helping me to feel optimistic, but it doesn’t negate the fact that I am envisioning great romantic futures for both of us. Us. Oh, besides, we have a backup plan.

If neither of us find a man, we just marry each other. Resorting to Eves dropping. Now are we. Did you have a glass pressed in a wall? Oh no. Your voice carries. See, I heard it all the way out from the garden. Oh, into horticulture. Now, are you, I do have something of a green thumb, but guess what we’re talking about?

You, Megan, and I already know about your plant to take over the world and, uh, how are you going to use the vonner money? Don’t you think it’s time I learned what you’re going to do with it?

Uh, okay. Um, let’s define, get rid of, do I convince Megan to leave town or do we take it a step further? Okay. Well, first of all, I don’t need you to play games with me. You’re not going to make me feel guilty. Megan tried to kill me and then she sicked her brainwashed henchman on me. No offense. No none taken.

And if though hadn’t had a last minute change of heart, I would be dead right now. Okay. So I think you can imagine how I feel about Megan coming back into Salem with her demented wealth and putting down roots. I mean, obviously you think she’s up to something or you wouldn’t be keeping your eye on her, would you?

Do you think that, uh, she’s gonna try to kill you again? I don’t wanna wait and see. I just wanna have her neutralized first. Okay. Why don’t you just tell me exactly what it is that you want? Oh, I think you know what I want, and it’s not just about my life. She had plans for Marlena and Kayla. Should you consult with them about your plan?

That would be a waste of time. Neither of them has the killer instinct. I’m the only one ruthless enough to take care of this situation. Ah, yeah. Have you going mad? I want justice and I do it myself, so be it.

Ah, what are you raving about now? I know you read the ballot box. Charlamagne Delacroix. You are not gonna get away with stealing the election from me. Well, I don’t know what you mean. Oh really? You can’t stand. Rhett loves me and not you, and you’re gonna do anything in your power to make sure that you are voted Woman of the year.

Woman of the year, that’s what they’re fighting about. Accuse me of whatever you want. You have no proof and I’m going to be Woman of the year, whether you like it or not.

You wanna talk to me? Uh, you’re a policeman, right? Commissioner? Commissioner Hernandez. And, uh, just came from your apartment. There was no one there. So I came here. I also left you a message yesterday and never called me back. Oh, I, I, I’m sorry. I had my phone turned off. I’m a little behind in my payments.

I see. Okay. Well, um, it, what can I do for you, uh, commissioner? Well, it seems as though you may have been the last person to see Mayor Carver before he disappeared.

Okay, lemme get this straight. You have the killer instinct, but you want me to do the killing? Well, it’s not like you haven’t done it before. If you’re talking about the jobs I did for Megan, I wasn’t right up here. I was brainwashed. Okay. Okay, but you still have it in you, right? You’re a Navy seal, you have advanced combat training.

Yeah. Megan is evil, but she’s not exactly an arm combatant. She isn’t exactly a frail flower now, is she? She tried to ruin your life. She almost cost you your freedom, right? Yeah, pretty much. Okay. So we both know what she’s capable of and we both know sooner or later she’s going to be back at it and that could be a problem.

Mm-hmm. But your problem is money, and I have loads of it.

Why pay me or anybody else. Your husband was a cop. I’m sure he would love the chance to get even with Megan. Okay. I love my husband dearly, but my take on morality is situational. His is absolute. He stopped to John and Steve from killing Orpheus, who’s a monster. There is no chance I could convince him to kill a woman like Megan, even though she may be evil incarnate, which means I’m left with you.

I have done some far out stuff, but never plan to take over the world. So Megan, spell it. How are you gonna do it? Well, do I pass inspection? Oh, you clean up so well. Only a bespoke suit would do all the work for me. Now, how am I going to convince this reporter who is interviewing me that I barely know that I’m mad about her and that she should marry me?

You’re really gonna do that, is he? I am sure you have. Many ways to charm women. Yes, but my aim has never been marriage. What have I just told her? Why I needed to marry her? Have you forgotten about the clause that specifies you must be sincere in your intentions. What little clause is that? Do shut up.

And it may not even be difficult. Apparently Ms. Rizek is desperate for a new man in her life, and I heard something to the effect that Xander Cook used and abused her. You see, she’s primed and ready

and now so are you. What’s this? Well, it’s everything you need to know about the fair mis wrist check. When did you have the time to put this together? I needed some background on my future daughter-in-law, didn’t I? Especially if I was going to expediate the process. Oh, mother, when did you become such an incurable, romantic?

I hope you know, I will be expecting a gigantic six Kara Diamond engagement ring from you. Oh, you think I’m kidding? Of course I do. I’m not. I seriously think you and I should consider tying the knot, then we can have a huge wedding invite everyone we know, invite everyone. We don’t know. Why on earth would we do that?

The bridal registry gwenie with our taste. We’d make a killing. Yes, except for nobody likes us enough to pay a single penny on gifts. Ugh, killjoy.

Oh, I’m so sorry. Are my efforts to cheer myself up boring you? No, it’s not that. It’s just I have to finish getting ready. If I’m going to make it to this interview on time, fine. Go have your glamorous interview. I’m gonna stay here and watch Bunny and Soul. Well, tell me what happens next when I get back.

Oh, Gwenie. When you meet Mr. Vonner, you may not wanna mention my name. Okay. Why is that? We have something of a troubled past. Remember the whole Almanian peacock debacle? He kind of threatened to kill me over that. That was him? Mm-hmm. Oh, for goodness sake, my lips are sealed.

Nobody told me Ms. King was the last person to see Abe, not even Ms. King. Are you accusing me of something? No. No. But, uh, you were working this floor yesterday when Abe regained consciousness, and then shortly after he had regained consciousness, he disappeared. And according to the duty roster, He was assigned as one of your patients?

Well, I have a lot of patients that I see too. Right. Yeah. Okay. We’ll try and think through the day. Was there anyone around that would’ve been suspicious, someone lurking around that shouldn’t have been? No. No. Nothing like that? No. You remember taking care of her? Did you? You’re awake. How are you feeling?

Paulina? Excuse me. I know. I know who you are. You’re my wife. Well, yes. Yes, I remember it well. There was something

you might be able to see a woman of a year away from me. But I will not let you steal my man. Rhett loves me and only me, don’t embarrass yourself. Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Desperately holding onto a man who doesn’t love you. You think that Rhett loves you? Oh yeah, I do. The only reason you were able to get your claws into red was because he had amnesia.

So this plan of yours, is it already in motion? Oh, yummy. Yeah, you’re stalling, which makes me believe that you’re having your doubts about it. You underestimate me. Mm. You underestimate the number of enemies you’ve made in this town. So if you want them to bend to your will, you’re gonna have to have an army on your side.

Yes, that’s right. And every army needs a commander. Mm. Well, it sounds like you have someone in mind. That’s right. One who recently arrived right here in Salem.

So Commander Michaels, do we have a deal?

Whatever Megan did to me. I can never be hit, man. Now clearly you are back on the side of the angels. Hmm? Traval. I’m not, yeah, I’m sorry. You’re gonna have to find somebody else. I, okay. Well, you should probably keep your guard up. Though sooner or later Megan is gonna take action against you. Maybe. Hope that could be true, and I don’t like to be backed into a corner.

Okay. It’s just give it some thought. I think you’ll realize that I’m telling the truth and he’ll come around.

Gwen, did you order room service?


Well, I went into Mr. Carver’s room to check his vital signs, and I noticed that he was conscious and very, very confused. That’s what Chanel said. Um, I told him not to worry that he was gonna be just fine, and then I left to notify his doctor of his change in his condition. Okay. And then I didn’t see him again after that.

You don’t remember anyone hanging around outside his room? No. No sir. And that Colin Bedford was handcuffed to his bed. Oh gosh. I wish I could be more, have more help. Yeah. Well, thank you for your time and if you need anything, you just ring that call back. I’ll come running. I don’t want you to know that the mayor is in my prayer

so. This red character at Amnesia and left this woman for that woman.

You enjoy your moment in the sun, honey. Because you may win this award tonight, but you will never truly be Woman of the Year. You’re talking nonsense again. Oh, you just wait. I might have a little. Ace up my sleeve. What Ace?

What Ace? We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news regarding the 2008 mayoral election. We are going live to Carver Campaign headquarters. There’s been a lot said about me and my family during the course of this campaign. Some of it’s true, some of it’s not true, and over the next several weeks I will delineate fact from fiction.

But tonight I want to assure all of Salem. That I am committed to making life in this city better for our children and our children’s children. I am honored. And humbly accept this position as your mayor. Woo.

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