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Dimitri sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion in his robe as Megan walks in and comments on him not being dressed yet. Dimitri remarks that he doesn’t have a set schedule. Megan reminds him about having lunch with Gwen but Dimitri responds that he’s not going.

Gwen is on the phone, confirming her reservation for lunch with Dimitri. Leo enters the room. Gwen tells him that everything is set for her interview with Dimitri and declares that it will be the Spectator’s scoop of the century. Leo remarks that while everything is coming up roses for her, his life is over.

Roman and Kate eat together at the Brady Pub. Roman finishes a call with Jada and informs Kate that they have no new leads. Kate doesn’t get how the mayor can just vanish. Kate asks about Colin. Roman says he was just bluffing when he said he knew where Abe was. Kate asks if they are sure. Roman explains that Sloan is Colin’s lawyer and sister and she said he doesn’t know anything. Kate says she wouldn’t believe anything from either of them. Roman points out that Colin is in a lot of trouble, so if he knew something, he’d say so. Kate doesn’t understand since Abe couldn’t have gotten out of the hospital on his own so someone had to have helped him and someone must have seen him. Roman says that’s what he keeps telling himself.

Paulina talks on the phone to Julie, assuring that she’s back in her hospital bed and she doesn’t need to come as she is fine, or she will be when they find out who really took Abe and where he is. Nurse Whitley then enters Paulina’s room. She says she’ll come back after her call but Paulina stops her and says she needs to talk to her.

Abe watches Body & Soul tapes at Whitley’s until Rafe knocks on the door. Abe pauses the tape and tries to get up but cannot.

Roman tells Kate that he can’t just sit around, so he’s going to talk to John and Steve to offer his help. Kate hugs Roman as she tells him to be careful and to bring Abe home. Harris Michaels then enters the Pub and greets them. Roman mentions hearing that he was in town. Kate asks if he came for an early lunch. Harris says he came to see if they’ve heard anything from Megan Hathaway. Kate says she hasn’t heard anything since she came by the other day. Roman notes that Steve said that’s the reason Harris is back. Harris felt keeping an eye on Megan was the least he could do. Harris guesses that Roman would prefer he stay away and mind his own business.

Megan reminds Dimitri that it’s not long before he turns 40. Dimitri assures that he’s aware and reveals he was reading over the will and noted that Megan left out some details like the fact that he has to remain married for at least a year and if it turns out that his marriage was under false pretenses, then he loses every penny of the inheritance. Megan encourages him to just turn on the charm and asks if it would be so bad. Dimitri complains that he just got out of prison and wanted to have fun which might be hard if he’s playing the part of the devoted husband.

Gwen asks Leo why he thinks his life is over. Leo reveals that he went to see his mother in prison and he honestly doesn’t know why. Gwen argues that he loathes her with good reason so she questions what possessed him to go see her. Leo explains that he mentioned his mother to Jada while she was grilling him and it made him realize that he hadn’t been to visit her once since she went to prison. Leo says that his mother ranted about why he’s a worthless human being that nobody could ever possibly love.

Paulina tells Julie that she will call her back and hangs up. Whitley asks what she can do for her. Paulina tells Whitley that she knows who she is and that she saw her taking care of Abe in the hospital, so she wanted to thank her for everything she did for Abe. Whitley says she’s just a nurse and that’s what they do. Paulina says most people credit the doctors for saving lives but the nurses do it around the clock. Paulina comments that she doesn’t know what Abe would’ve done without Whitley.

Rafe continues knocking on the door and asks if Whitley is there. Abe recognizes his voice. Rafe says it’s important that he talk to her. Abe thinks back to Whitley instructing him not to answer the door, especially if the cops show up.

Harris guesses that Roman probably hates him. Roman says he wouldn’t go that far. Roman says he may have hated what went down between Harris, Hope, and Bo, but he is in his debt because Harris stuck his neck out to save Kate from Megan and Dimitri. Roman declares that for that, he will always owe him as he and Harris shake hands.

Megan tells Dimitri that inheriting a vast fortune is worth being married for a year to a woman he doesn’t love. Dimitri asks if he really needs the fortune when it looks like they are doing pretty well. Megan remarks that the DiMera Mansion is a pool for sharks since they have to share the DiMera fortune with Tony, EJ, Stefan, Kristen, Chad, and any other illegitimate child that shows up. Megan adds that every one of them want the fortune for themselves, but none of them can touch the Von Leuschner fortune as that is all theirs. Megan calls it part of the plan when she married his father as he’ll be sharing the money with her.

Gwen asks Leo why he should believe a single word that his mom says. Leo suggests that it’s true that nobody has ever loved him. Gwen asks what about her. Leo says she is his friend but when it comes to lovers, none of them have ever stuck around. Leo complains that every guy he ever goes for is either married, straight, or using him for his American citizenship. Leo declares that maybe his mother was right.

Whitley tells Paulina that it was an honor to take care of Abe but claims she was just doing her job. She says it was a joy to take care of the mayor but she’s so sorry about everything that happened to him and that his attacker may have kidnapped him. Paulina says it turns out that Colin wasn’t responsible for Abe’s disappearance. Whitley asks how the police know. Paulina says they just know and that there are no other suspects. Paulina cries that she has no idea where her husband is, how he is, or if she’ll ever see him again. Whitley hugs Paulina as she cries.

Rafe continues knocking at Whitley’s door, asking if anyone is there. With no answer, Rafe gives up and walks away.

Roman tells Harris that he was just going to help John and Steve with Abe. Harris wishes him luck with that. Roman tells Kate that he will call her with any information and kisses her goodbye as he exits. Kate and Harris sit down together. Harris talks about figuring his life out now that he’s in Salem. Kate asks what that means. Harris explains that he’s staying at his parents old place and doesn’t know how long he can stay there, so if he’s going to get his own place then he will have to figure out a job. Kate says she might be able to help him with that. Harris asks how so. Kate informs him that she would happily pay him to get rid of Megan Hathaway.

Megan asks Dimitri if he’s listening to her. Dimitri assures that he is and admits he’s not relishing having to share the fortune with all the DiMeras. Dimitri continues to complain about having to marry a woman that he just met. Megan argues that she sacrificed so much for him over the years and this is his chance to pay her back.

Gwen and Leo talk about being friends for 17 years. Gwen says she knows him really well, so she knows that everything his mother said about him is not true. Leo says that’s easy for her to say when she’s not her mother. Gwen talks about how her mother convinced her that her father didn’t care if she lived or died. Gwen declares that anything their mothers have said about them is absolute rubbish. Leo tells Gwen that he loves her and says they both need handsome strangers to show up one day and sweep them off their feet.

Dimitri asks Megan how he should repay her. Megan tells him to go upstairs, get dressed, have lunch with Gwen and turn on the charm. Megan encourages that the sooner he proposes, the sooner they get all that money. Dimitri remarks that she never sacrifices her own dignity as he exits and heads upstairs. Megan turns around as Kristen entered through the side door and questions what her plans are for all that money.

Whitley encourages Paulina not to worry about Abe and says he’s going to be fine. Paulina argues that she can’t possibly know that. Whitley talks about her faith getting her through so much. Rafe then enters so Paulina asks if there’s news on Abe but Rafe says there’s not. Rafe reveals that he’s here to talk to nurse Whitley.

Abe guesses it must be the guy who attacked him, pretending to be a cop at the door. Abe hopes he’s gone but says if not, he has to defend himself. Abe gets a headache and guesses he has to wait until Paulina comes home. Abe then resumes Whitley’s tape of Body and Soul.

Gwen tells Leo that handsome strangers only show up in romance novels, so they may be setting them up too high. Leo insists that he believes true love is out there for both of them and that he envisions them having great romantic futures. Leo then says if neither of them find a man, they can just marry each other.

Megan accuses Kristen of eavesdropping but Kristen says Megan’s voice carries and she heard it all the way out in the garden. Kristen says she already knows about Megan’s plan to take over the world and how she’s going to use the Von Leuschner money.

Harris asks Kate if she wants him to get rid of Megan by convincing her to leave town or by taking it a step further. Kate says she doesn’t need him to play games with her as he’s not going to make her feel guilty. Kate reminds him that Megan tried to kill her and then stuck her brainwashed henchman on her. Kate adds that if Bo didn’t have a last second change of heart, she would be dead right now. Kate says Harris can imagine how she feels about Megan coming to Salem and putting down roots. Kate adds that Harris obviously thinks Megan is up to something or he wouldn’t be keeping an eye on her. Harris asks if Kate thinks Megan is going to try to kill her again. Kate responds that she doesn’t want to wait and see so she wants to have her neutralized first. Harris asks Kate to tell him exactly what she wants. Kate thinks he knows what she wants. Kate states that it’s not just about her life since Megan had plans for Marlena and Kayla. Harris asks if she should consult with them about her plan. Kate says that would be a waste of time as neither of them have the killer instinct. Kate declares that she’s the only one ruthless enough to take care of the situation.

Abe continues watching Body and Soul.

Whitley questions Rafe wanting to talk to her. Rafe informs her that he just came from her apartment and there was no one there, so he came here. Rafe adds that he also left her a message yesterday but she didn’t call him back. Whitley claims she had her phone turned off and asks what she can do for him. Rafe states that it seems as though she may have been the last person to see Abe before he disappeared.

Harris questions Kate having the killer instinct but wanting him to do the killing. Kate points out that it’s not like he hasn’t done it before. Harris reminds her that he was brainwashed. Kate feels he still has it in him since he’s a navy SEAL with advanced combat training. Harris argues that Megan is evil but isn’t exactly an armed combatant. Kate feels she’s not exactly a frail flower. Kate reminds Harris that Megan tried to ruin his life and almost cost him his freedom. Kate says they both know what Megan is capable of and that sooner or later, she will be back at it. Harris admits that could be a problem. Kate points out that his problem is money and she has loads of it. Harris questions why pay him instead of somebody else. Harris points out that Roman was a cop and would love the chance to get even with Megan. Kate states that she loves Roman but her take on morality is situational while his is absolute. Kate brings up that Roman stopped John and Steve from killing Orpheus, who is a monster, so there’s no chance that she could convince him to kill a woman like Megan, which means she’s left with Harris.

Kristen tells Megan that she’s done some far out stuff, but never a plan to take over the world. Kristen asks Megan how she’s going to do it, but Dimitri returns to the room after getting dressed up. Dimitri questions how he’s going to convince Gwen to marry him. Kristen can’t believe he’s really going to do that. Megan is sure he has his ways to charm women. Dimitri points out that his goal has never been marriage. Dimitri suggests just telling Gwen why but Megan reminds him of the clause that says he must be sincere in his intentions. Kristen questions the clause but Megan tells her to shut up. Megan tells Dimitri that it might not be difficult since Gwen is desperate for a new man in her life. Kristen brings up that Xander used and abused Gwen, so Megan says she is primed and ready. Megan then hands Dimitri a folder that has everything he needs to know on Gwen, referring to her as her future daughter in law as Dimtiri then exits.

Gwen jokes with Leo that she’ll expect a giant engagement ring from him. Leo says he’s not kidding and suggests they should consider tying the knot. Leo thinks they could make a killing on gifts at the bridal party but Gwen points out that nobody likes them enough to spend a single penny on gifts. Gwen says she has to finish getting ready to make it to her interview on time. Leo decides he will stay there and watch Body and Soul. Gwen says he can tell her what happens next when she gets back. Leo adds that Gwen might not want to mention his name to Dimtiri, since they have a past and he threatened to kill him over the Alamainian Peacock. Gwen is surprised that was Dimtiri but then says her lips will be sealed.

Paulina complains that nobody told her that Whitley was the last person to see Abe, not even Whitley herself. Whitley questions if she’s being accused of something. Rafe says no but she was working the floor when Abe regained consciousness and then shortly after, he disappeared while assigned as one of her patients. Whitley says she has a lot of patients. Rafe encourages her to think back to the day and asks if there was anyone suspicious around. Whitley says there was nothing like that. Rafe asks if she remembers taking care of Abe. She recalls checking on Abe and Abe imagining that she was Paulina. Whitley then tells Rafe that she remembers it well, but says there was something.

Abe continues watching Body and Soul where the two actresses in the show are fighting over a man who had amnesia.

Kristen asks Megan if her plan is already in motion. Megan doesn’t answer so Kristen believes she’s having doubts about her plan. Megan says she underestimates her. Kristen feels Megan underestimates the amount of enemies she’s made in this town, so if she wants them to bend to her will, she will need an army on her side. Megan agrees and says every army needs a commander. Kristen says it sounds like she has someone in mind. Megan says it’s one who recently arrived in Salem.

Kate asks Harris if they have a deal. Harris states that whatever Megan did to him, he can never be a hitman. Kate remarks that Harris is clearly back on the side of the angels, but she’s not. Harris apologizes but says she will have to find someone else. Kate warns Harris to keep his guard up because Megan could come after him or Hope. Harris agrees and admits he doesn’t like to be backed in to a corner. Kate suggests Harris just give it some thought as she thinks he will realize she’s telling the truth and then he’ll come around.

Dimitri arrives at Gwen’s room but is shocked when Leo answers the door.

Whitley recalls going to check Abe’s vitals and he woke up very confused. Whitley says she told him he would be fine and then she went to notify his doctor of his condition. Whitley claims that she did not see Abe again after that. Rafe asks if no one was hanging around outside of his room. Whitley says no and that Colin was handcuffed to his bed. Whitley claims she wishes she could be more of a help. Rafe thanks her for her time. Whitley tells Paulina to just ring her bell if she needs anything and says that Abe is in her prayers.

Abe pauses off the tape of Body and Soul, going over how one of the characters had amnesia and left one woman for another. Abe then resumes the tape. The recording was then interrupted by a press conference from Abe’s 2008 mayoral campaign. Abe is shocked as he sees himself and realizes that he is the Mayor.

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