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It’s actually really good. Yeah. Mm-hmm. You got some mad skills, Mr. Cook? Well, if I say so myself, it does pair rather nicely with the champagne. I’m sure it does. You know the French stole the idea for champagne from the Scotts Champagne. There’s no way That’s true. It’s absolutely true. Ah, Scottish people invented all kinds of tasty things.

We invented hamburgers, pizza, okay, you’re literally just making things up. Now. Why would I do that? Scottish or famous inventor as, what else did we come up with there? Zippers, hoverboards. Kissing. Kissing. The Scott’s invented. Kissing. Well, maybe we just. Perfecting it.

Oh, I’m just glad this time you didn’t slap me,

yo. I just wanna make sure that all units know unequivocally, this is our top priority. It’s all hands on deck situation. Okay, well keep me posted.

Oh, well, how’d the arraignment go? I may bail. Yeah. Good. Yeah. Well, your sister will be relieved. Yeah. Well, it helped that Talia expressed great remorse for her actions, and I assured the judge that she will testify against Colin. Right. Well, unfortunately that will all be moot if we can’t find him. What do you mean if you can’t find him?

Call and escaped.

Wait. You can’t just put me in jail. I’m an innocent civilian. I didn’t do anything wrong. You had contact with a known fugitive and you failed to report him to the police. I was scared. Okay. I was shook. Look, look at what he did to my phone. I was worried he would do the same thing to me if I ratted him out to the fuzz.

You sure you weren’t keeping quiet so you could write about this in your column? You know, clout chasing as they say. What? No, no, I wasn’t chasing any clout. Detective, please do not put me in jail. I am not suited for it. It won’t come to that Leo just so long as you tell me every detail about your encounter with Colin Bedford.

Thank you. Yes, I am more than happy to help, but is there any way you can leave my name out of it? I do not need another target on my back. Another one. Believe it or not, Colin Bedford is not the only evil European dreamboat who might be out to get me. A couple of summers ago, I incurred the wrath of one of Salem’s, shall we say, newer bad boys, Dimitri Von Weisner.

Sorry, me. I’m gonna have to side with your boy on this. I’m gearing up for a custody fight and showing up in court with my nephew on my arm is not likely to win many brownie points with the judge. Pathetic. Oh, relaxed mother. Plenty of fish in the sea. Yes, but most of them are not suitable for you to marry Dimitri.

If we’re not gonna keep it in the family, then we have to be very careful finding you an incredibly special woman to marry. Yahoo. Anyone home The door was open. I’m looking for Dimitri Vonner. I’m Dimitri. And you might be Gwen first check editor in chief at the Spectator. Ah-ha. So you’re a reporter. Mm.

And also my friend, but I take it you’re here on business. Yes, I am. I’m, um, actually hoping to get the scoop on your nephew. He’s, uh, was in quite the stir and um, I’m sure that our loyal readers would love to know a bit more about Mr. Tall, dark, and Handsome. Well then it seems that you’ve come to the right place.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives

sister. Hmm? You have yet to introduce me to your charming friend here. Oh. Oh. Well forgive me. Um, Gwen, this is my sister, Megan Damara. Megan Gwen, pleasure to meet you. Likewise. So how do you two know each other? Um, but you like to tell her or shall I? Oh dear. Um, well, Uh, Kristen blackmailed me into helping her escape police custody.

Such a good friend, good friend that I am. I returned the favor helping Gwen out of a jammer too, including obtaining her, pardon when we were at Statesville together, which I am still very grateful for. And, uh, forgive me if I’m being too intrusive, but what brought you to prison?

Well, um, my sister Abigail, your Uncle Chad’s. Deceased wife was being a bit of trouble, and I mean that with absolutely no disrespect at all. She was a wonderful woman. I still grew her loss actually, but being at a very vulnerable time and place in my life, I perceived her to be quite a threat. Um, so sort of shipped her off to a deserted island,

but, um, she was eventually rescued, wasn’t she? Um, yeah, but when she found out that I was responsible for shipping her to said island, well, you get the picture. Sure. Yeah. It sounds like, um, Well, it sounds like it was a trying time for you. Yeah, it was more trying for Abigail actually. It’s something I will always regret doing to her, but anyway, enough about me.

How about you? I have been following your story, Dimitri. I find it quite fascinating and I would really love to get an interview with you. Sorry. But I’m not interested in doing press.

Let’s not be so hasty.

What happened after he destroyed your phone? He just walked away. The creep. Do you remember in which direction? West? No, east up left. I’m, I’m directionally challenged. Needless to say, I didn’t follow him since he was the one with the gun. Okay. Uh, is there anything else that I should know? That’s everything.

I swear you’re well then. Thank you for your time, Mr. Stark. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait. I answered all of your questions. So, in the interest of reciprocity, I think it’s only fair, you answered some of mine bad. What? Your sister, Talia Hunter.

Wait, Colin took the mayor hostage. Well, we don’t know that for sure, but it’s, it’s a hell of a coincidence. This is all . Yeah. I mean, Chanel and Paulina must be so freaked out. Are there any leads, Jane’s questioning a potential witness as we speak?

Just when I’m starting to forget what that felt like. I can’t believe you slapped me again and I can’t believe you kissed me again. And Gwen’s not even here to witness it. So it’s not for her benefit. No, it wasn’t. It was for your benefit. For mine, I meant for our benefit wasn’t a performance. I meant it.

I, oh, no, Chloe, I just, I’ve been feeling kind of a vibe between us and I thought you were feeling it too. Was I wrong

actually, if I’m being honest, you weren’t completely off base.

So I, I wasn’t imagining it. You, you did feel a spark too, right? Maybe.

Okay. Yes. I, I did feel it. And not just tonight. Ever since you and I moved in here together, I’ve sensed that there’s, you know, something between us. Yeah. See, I’m just happy to know. I’m not going mad. You don’t seem too thrilled. It’s because I’m not Well, why is that? I mean, I mean, you said you were moving on from Brady and that that ship has sailed, so That’s true.

Brady and I don’t have a future together. What’s the problem? The problem is, ugh. I hate that I’m attracted to you.

Listen, Talia, I just want you to know that Colin’s escape has absolutely no bearing on your situation. Okay? Your bail’s been granted and you’re free to go. You just need to be very careful. Yeah. I just can’t believe all this is happening. Like what was Colin thinking? Hopefully the police will find him and they will come back.

Safe and sound. Pray to God that you’re right. Listen, I, I have to go home, but, um, do you have any questions? No, seriously, just thank you so much for all of your help. Yeah, of course. You have my number. Don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything. Okay.

Anywhere? No, not yet. So you don’t have any idea where Colin might have gone? No. I, I mean, I suppose he might be going back to New York, but then again he doesn’t have many friends there to speak up. Right. Okay. Well, you think on it, if anything comes to mind, he let me know, right? Yeah, of course. All right.

Wait, before you leave, um, I owe you an apology.

What questions do you have about my sister? Well, how are things looking for her? I do know she was arrested for being Colin Bedford’s partner in crime. She wasn’t his partner. No. From what I hear, they were regular Bonnie and Clyde, and I don’t mean Lockhart in Weston. Or maybe I do. Those who both did go to prison for killing people.

My sister didn’t kill anyone, but she did trash Paulina’s office and drug those biscuits. I wouldn’t say her hands are exactly clean in all this. Well, that’s because Colin was extremely manipulative and she was naive. She didn’t know. Well, it’s not like she didn’t have a choice. You didn’t have a gun to her head.

Well, that’s easy to say if you’re not being abused. Okay. Are you saying Talia was trapped in an abusive relationship? Can I quote you on that?

Mother, please. I’m suffering from some serious jet lag, and the last thing I need right now is to be grilled by the fourth estate jet lag to meet Tri Dira. We do jet lag. After all. This isn’t just any reporter, Ms. Rice, check risk check. Yes, that’s what I said. Is a friend of your aunt, I’m sure she doesn’t have a malicious agenda.

No. No, of course not. Honestly, I, I just want to get your story out there and there are already some quite, uh, uncharitable rumors floating about. I would just like to give you the opportunity to clear them up. Okay. Well, the thing is, I don’t give a damn what people think. So let the rumor mill churn. Are you sure that’s wise?

Would you like to just give it a thing? Thank you so much for the opportunity, but my answer is no. My son. Can we please have a private word together

if we must?


Listen to me, Dimitri, you do not want to miss this golden opportunity. What do we hear, what people say about us? This is not about pr. This is about making that reporter the future. Mrs. Von Leischner.

Congratulations on your immunity deal, Kristin. Very impressive. How you managed to keep pulling rabbits out of your hat. Ah, well, I am no magician. It’s, oh, thanks to my sister this time. So you made an ally, have you? Mm-hmm. Maybe you don’t trust her. Of course not. She is a dememer. Yes, as is her son.

Obviously. He seems to be feisty. I guess that’s a word for it. Yeah. Well, I’m quite feisty myself too, if you haven’t noticed, and, uh, I’m very determined to get that interview. I’m going to do everything in my power to make that happen.

You can be serious. You want me to marry that? That rice checks woman Riz check. And you rejected my other idea. So, because I won’t marry my own aunt, now I have to marry the next stranger that walks in off the street. She’s hardly a stranger. She and your aunt were prison mates. So she’s a fall mother.

This is, this is even worse, Dolly. Her crimes are child’s play compared to what you and I have done. That is not the point. The point is, oh, wouldn’t you want me to be. In love with the person I’m going to marry. That is a luxury that we don’t have time for. If you want to inherit the enlo or forcing, you have to be married by the time you are 40, which is fast approaching.

So forget about love and go in there and convince Lois Lane to marry you as soon as possible. I’m sorry, Lois Lane, but this interview is over. Actually, I’m more of a Clark Kent. Okay, fine. Maybe I am a Lois Lane. Well, besides, don’t you want your sister’s side of the story to be told, especially since you know she was being abused?

I shouldn’t have told you that. Look, I get it. I know people don’t like talking about that stuff, but I can relate. My father was physically abusive. Well, this was more like emotional abuse. See, I can relate to that too. My mother was the queen concert of all forms of emotional manipulation in blackmail.

If you ask me or my therapist, a woman should wear a crown. Look, I, I appreciate your empathy, Leo. I do. But I can’t continue this conversation with you right now. I need to focus on finding Mayor Carver and Mr. Bedford. Sure. Of course. And I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but I do have a journalistic responsibility to print what you’ve already given me.

I understand I can’t stop you from printing what you’re going to print, but as someone who’s been abused yourself, I would hope that you would have some idea of what my sister is going through, so hopefully there’s a, a heart in there somewhere and you keep my sister’s name out of your call.

And why do you feel it’s, you owe me in apology? I don’t know. I mean, for one, you went to the hospital because of me. Hmm. And I don’t know, you just, you spent so much time and energy looking for the person responsible. And if I would’ve just said something sooner, you know, if, if minute my guilt, things wouldn’t have gotten as bad.

So I, I just wanna say that I’m, I’m really, I’m really, really sorry. Okay. I appreciate your apology. I respect you taking responsibility for your actions. I just wish I could say the same thing about Colin. Yeah. You know, all this time I thought he was the victim, you know, because of like what happened to his parents, and that’s how I kept rationalizing.

What he was asking me to do for him, but I swear, I, I swear I never thought that he was this dangerous. Okay. I, I never genuinely thought that he was gonna hurt anybody.

Well, something tells me that he hit it pretty well. Yeah. Obviously I just feel really bad that I dragged my sister into all of this. I know. This is like a really bad look for her that I’m caught up in like this huge scandal. Yeah. Well, Jada doesn’t care about that. She cares about you. She loves you. Why?

She hired the best damn lawyer that she could find. Now my advice, I wanna make things up to your sister. You do whatever the hell bell tells you to do. Okay?

Oh my God. What the heck? Howdy, howdy, howdy. Sean, you’re home. Why didn’t you tell me you were flying back? I’m sorry. It just, you know, things, uh, just all happened very quickly. Have you been drinking? Uh, yes. And if you ask me, not nearly enough,

Sean, what’s going on? Did something happen with your dad? Nope. He’s uh, Still in a coma. Nothing’s changed. It’s all quiet on the Western front. So then why are you guzzling all this beer? Um, be, that’s a good question. Let me, um, hold, let me think about that one. Um, Maybe it’s because I shot my dad and I put him in a coma.

Okay, come on Sean. Listen, I’m gonna say this to you for the umpteenth time. It was an accident and everyone knows that, and everyone has tried over and over to get you to know that, so you’ll stop torturing us. Accident or no accident Bell, my old man is hanging on by a thread, not to mention my wreck of a mom who can, who’s just doing everything that she can just to try to stay positive.

Okay. Every day goes by, I gotta sit there and I gotta see her suffering, knowing that there’s nothing that I can do to help her. In fact, you know what? I think that, I think that I just made things worse. So that’s the reason why I came home. Sean, your mom does not blame you for what happened? Yeah, maybe not consciously.

Okay. In any case, After we got my dad situated, I just felt that it was best to, to make myself scarce. Well, from what you’ve told me, he’s got a, a team of world-class doctors and, you know, maybe they’re gonna find a way to bring him back to us. I just, I hope, I hope that Megan doesn’t find out where he is at.

Oh, come, my mom, she’s, she’s got enough on her plate as it is. Uh, yeah. About Megan. Um, EJ told me that she’s actually back in Salem. Wait, what? Yeah, she’s staying at the Damir mansion.

No. No. Where are you going? Where do you think I’m going? I’m gonna go give that bitch a piece of my mind. Yes, mother. I am well aware that there is a time crunch, but I’m not turning 40 tomorrow. I’d like to, you know, explore my options. What options. You’re not seeing anyone. And the last romantic encounter you had with Billy Reid was all an act.

Am I correct? You really don’t see how crazy this is, do you? Well, maybe a little crazy is what we need in this fortuitous situation, Dimitri, that inheritance money is rightfully yours. And let me let you in on honorable secret. I have big. Plans. Plans that require significant funding. So you need to put a ring on her finger, but why this woman, mother?

I mean, I’ve only known her for two minutes. I don’t know anything about her. Well, let me bring you up to speed. She is successful, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, but she has a delightful accent. That’ll be a wonder to wake up to every morning. What more do you need to know? Oh, I don’t know off the top of my head.

Uh, do you have a priest in mind for the ceremony or maybe we go with an Elvis impersonator? Oh, and you know what be helpful is, uh, knowing whether or not the bride to be is, uh, single. I did not see anything on her finger, but nail polished. So as far as I’m concerned, she’s fair gain. Now go in there and sweep that woman off her feet.

Well, you are taking this whole reporter thing very seriously. Yes. Well, I, I think I do have quite knack for it. I think I get that from my dad. Oh yeah. It’s too bad that you couldn’t bond with him over it. I mean, considering you did steal the paper from him and my friend Jennifer, my dad and your friend Jennifer, do have another paper in Boston that they’re running and they’re just fine.

Thank you for asking. Not that you cared. So you have a knack for being a reporter. I mean, good for you. How is it working with your, uh, ex? It’s the least enjoyable part. Especially considering the fact that he’s insisted that he bring on his little bird. He must mean Chloe Lane. Mm. The boring third rate singer, which my precociously perceptive child calls the evil one.

How do you know? Well, my Precociously Sharp eye daughter, uh, told me that Chloe and Zander were playing house together. Oh. Oh. And then I saw them yesterday and uh, they were kind of cussing up together. Oh.

You know, Zander says that there’s nothing romantic going on between them, but. To be honest, I think it’s just a matter of time before they have a romp in the hay. 10. Well, selfishly, I am relieved that that human barnacle has finally detached herself from Brady. I am sorry for you. They’d have to deal with her.

Oh. But if you want, I could, um, give you some pro tips on how to disappear the love, some pitch. I mean, if that is, if you wanna get back with Sander. I really appreciate that, Kristen, but that is literally the last thing I want. Oh, I said so yes, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to hop off the Zander.

Merry go round. Since he’s not really serving me anymore, given his very fickle nature, I need to put the rate behind me and move on with my life. Maybe even find someone new.

I don’t understand. Like why would you be upset about having feelings for me? Because you are you I clears it, right? Huh? Oh, come on, Xander. Like you can’t figure it out. You left me in the clutches of a Mexican drug. Lord, you, you shot Brady. You locked Nicole in a shark cage and, and you’re the literal clown who kidnapped Susan and Bonnie.

Well, that seems all your PowerPoint presentations missing is the slides. Look, if I’m so bloody awful, why do you have feelings for me? Because I’ve, I’ve seen another side of you. I’ve been sneaking peeks at me in the shower. Have you?

No, boy, just mean I’ve seen another side of you as a human being. You know, when you confessed your remorse about Susan’s death, I could tell that you really meant it. I guess there is a little heart. In there and you’ve gone to bat for me with Gwen and getting me that job at the paper, and you’ve just, you’ve been really kind to me and ugh.

And then you go and make me this beautiful dinner.

Are you saying that you might actually like me after all clothing? Like, like, like me, Todd, help me. Well, if that’s the case, I have a suggestion. Stop fighting your feelings cause that’s always a losing battle. Put down your harpoon and just

give into what your heart desires.

Ah, this, this is a really bad idea. We, we would live together. We work together. This could get really complicated, really fast. We’d have to commit to anything, Chloe, but we just take it day by day, see where it goes. Yeah. Especially since you’re still getting over Brady. And what about you? Are you really over Sarah?

Mm-hmm. And I told you I was, look, it’s like what you were saying to me about you and Brady still have feelings for her, but I know that ship is sail. Speaking of ships, I just realized that I’ve been involved with like half of your male relatives, Brady, Phillip, Damos, Victor’s godson, Daniel, sorry. So I should learn from my past mistakes and just swear off all Kiki men since it never seems to work out.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m the best in the whole bunch and you’ve never been with me. Seriously, Chloe, I think we should stop overthinking this. I say we try that kiss again and this time. Don’t focus on what you should or should not feel, and then you’ll have your answer. Are you sure you wanna risk getting slapped again?

I’m willing to take my chances

at this point. Dear Reader. You probably believe you’ve heard everything there is to know about Colin Bedford and Talia Hunter’s sorted tale of revenge, but you would be mistaken for lady whistleblower. Half uncovered the latest, greatest juiciest new bombshell to date. According to Talia’s sister, detective Jada, hunter Talia has been the victim of emotional abuse inflicted upon her by Mr.

Bedford. Talk about a twisted relationship.

Select all.

Delete. Oh, I hate having a conscience. Damn you, detective. Oh my God. I am so happy that you may be, I heard about Colin, um, was Leah Stark? Give any hope. Ah, not really. When Leo ran into call and he was still wearing Officer Henshaw’s uniform. Hmm. And there was no sign of Mayor Carver. Great. So we’re back to square one.

Oh, I’m, I’m so sorry guys. Don’t, don’t worry about it. We’re not gonna stop until we find them. Yeah. I mean, is, is there anything I can do to help or, yeah. Yeah, you can go home, lock your door, and then let the police handle this. Yeah. You know Ray’s right. Colin is probably very upset with you about turning on him.

You need to be very careful, Talia. I’ll have one of my officers give you a left home. Okay? Thank you so much. Yeah, listen, if you hear anything from Colin, call me right away. Okay? Yeah.

We’re so sorry for the delay, but have wonderful news. After a brief but uplifting pow wow. My son has decided to do the interview. Isn’t that right? Mere? Yes, that is correct. But like I said, I’m pretty worn out for my travel. So if we could please schedule Liz for some other time. Yes, yes, of course.

Whatever is convenient for you. What about tomorrow? You too can have a nice chat over dinner. Um, could we perhaps make it lunch? I’m, I’m quite anxious to get this story out before the intruder descends, you know? Well, either way, we’ll gather your contact information from Kristen and we’ll send along the details.

Right. Okay. Brilliant, brilliant. Um, I look forward to hearing your story. Mr. Honner. Please call Dimitri.

I am so glad that this worked out. Something tells me that this lunch is gonna be an exciting opportunity for both of you.

Sean, no. Give me the keys. Well give you, give you my keys. What? What are you, are you the valet now or something fell. You’re in no condition to drive and confronting Megan right now is not gonna change anything. Be Listen to me. My dad. My dad is fighting for his life because of that bitch. Right. She messed with his head and she, she kept him from his family.

You think that she doesn’t deserve to, to answer for that? Of course I do, but there’s nothing that we can do right now, so just give me the keys.

You know, I suppose that as much as I’d like to, I, I, I can’t, I can’t place the blames squarely on Megan’s shoulders because, Because I’m the one that pulled the trigger.

Sean, just, why don’t you put that down and come to bed? Why? Hmm. I got two beers left, and you know what they say? No soldier left behind Sean. I really think that you’ll feel better if you get some sleep. I said, no Bell now will just leave me the hell alone.

What’s the verdict? He was nice. Nice, nice. Hmm. Now I was kind of hoping for steamy or lovely or Please. And to whisk me away to Paris. Okay. You’re gonna have to settle for Nice for now. Okay. Okay. Nice. It is. Please. I didn’t get slapped this time. That’s progress, isn’t it? No, don’t push it. Okay. Well, in the name of not pushing it, I am not gonna kiss you again, even though I really wanna, so, um, what should we do?

Any ideas?

I think that we should. Get back to that dinner.

Look, I’m, I’m sorry that I snapped at you. Okay. I’m sorry, but look, I just, I want to be left alone. Well, you’re drunk. And you’re not thinking straight, and the last thing you need is to be alone. Listen, I’m fine. I’m fine. You’ve got my keys. You know I’m not going anywhere. I’m gonna be right here. Okay. So just, just please, just go to bed.

Okay. I’ll wait up for you.

I love you.

So Kristen, do you have any ideas where Dimitri and Gwen can dine together tomorrow? Why not Should leave that one detail up to me mother. What about shenanigans? Is that place still open? No, it went under years ago. Rather fitting though. Considering what you two are plotting, whatever do you mean? Ah, my Spidey sins tell me that you believe that you found Deri here.

A wife subtlety was never my mother’s strong suit. That’s very discerning of you, Kristin. Yes. I believe that Gwen, what’s her name, will be a pseudo means to an end. Oh, how romantic quote from Wordsworth. What’s most important to me and Dimitri is that he inherits what’s rightfully his, and if it turns out to be a love match between he and this charming British woman so much, the better.

There you are. Here I am. So how did it go with z Yvonne Leischner? Did you get lost in his eyes and have trouble finding your way home? Even better. He offered to give me an exclusive interview at lunch tomorrow. You lucky double. How did you manage to score such a hot story with an even hotter hunt? Some gwenny magic, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I’m over here with Bks for my column tomorrow. Oh dear. No big scoops for Mattie. I had one, a great one. In fact, it was, but someone had to go and guilt me out of it. God, why would I say anything to that idiot? Much less that TA was in an abusive relationship. Oh, look, I, Leo Stark is relentless and provocative and.

You were obviously upset. Thanks for trying to make me feel better. But we both know that he’s going to print every word that I said. I mean, it’s, it’s Leo Stark, right? Yeah, that’s Leo Stark. Listen, if what you said ends up in his column, we’ll deal with it. Okay? Thanks. Yeah, and listen, if you wanna go be with your sister, I understand.

No, I, I’ll go later. Right now the best way to help my sister is by finding Colin and Abe. Otherwise, she can take the fall for everything that Colin made her do. Well, that is not gonna happen, I promise. Well, let’s find that bastard.

Thank you so much for sending me home officer.

God, I could use a long hot shower.

Officer Shaun.

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