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[ Siren wailing ] Esme: Come in. Drew, hey. Hey, hey. I heard the dna test came back, so come on. Well, it’s official. I’m trina’s father. What?!

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations, man. Thank you. Wow, that is the best thing in the whole world. How do you feel? Man, I —

[ Exhales deeply ] She’s a gem. I hit the jackpot, right? Yeah. I got goose bumps. Look at that. I do. I do. I mean, trina’s just such an amazing young woman. Yeah, you know… I do have my regrets about all the time we had apart. Well… but, hey, I’m looking forward to future. That is the curtis that I know right there. Are you — is that why you’re here right now? Am I barging in on some daughter time right — no, no, trina’s staying with josslyn at carly’S. Okay. Okay. So she’s not ready to come back home yet? No, but I am. I moved my things in.

Really? Why you sound so surprised? Well — well, because last time we talked, you said — you said that you were kind of conflicted about your feelings. So does that mean you got everything figured out? I’m zeke. Jordan. But like I said — no, no, no. I heard you loud and clear. I’m just gonna get my drink, and I’ll go.

If that’s still what you want. A tequila soda and a lime. You’re awfully sure of yourself, aren’t you? I’ve always had my way with people. Only child? Uh, no, I have a sister. Why? Hmm. Well, it’s been my experience that many overconfident people have grown up as the sole focus of their parents. Hmm. Well, my confidence and i will leave you alone. Enjoy your drink.

[ Monitors beeping ]

[ Door opens ] Good evening, willow. How are you holding up? I just started my shift, but I wanted to check in on my very favorite patient. You doing okay? Yes, clara, I… I don’t think I can be anything other than absolutely grateful. Grateful is good, but a bone marrow transplant is a very difficult procedure. It’s okay to say you’re in pain.

[ Sighs ] Okay, then, uh… it hurts way more than I expected. I just can’t find a comfortable position to sit in. Well, if it’s any comfort, that’s a common reaction.

[ Exhales deeply ] Now, we just have to find some ways to distract you.

[ Chuckles weakly ] Would you like it if I had your mom come in? My mom? Yes. She’s been camped out here 24/7, barely left your side. I’m sure she would love to see you, if you’re up to it. Laura: Hey. Hey. Got a minute? Of course. What’s up? I need to talk to you about something. As opposed to in about 30 minutes, when I get home from work? Yeah. Yeah, it’s that important. Okay. What is it? Oh, it’s — it’s that important.

[ Chuckles ] I’ve made a decision about something. Um, I know you’re gonna try to talk me out of it, but I’m not gonna change my mind. Okay. Hit me. I’m going to look for nikolas. Or more specifically, I am going to russia to look for nikolas.

Can’t believe chase has been gone for so long. And you know what? He isn’t your waiter. We can’t talk around him. Then why not wait till we’re home? I was going to pull you aside tonight, but then I saw you lounging here by the pool, getting absolutely nothing constructive done. And you haven’t brought me anything yet on the deceptor patent. I’m sorry. Don’t apologize. Don’t make excuses. Fine. Oh, is it chase? Is what chase? Is he too much of a distraction? Because I can tell him that it was me who made the phone call to get him reinstated. Shh! Keep your voice down, okay? Yes, you are the one who called the ccrb to have them look at his case, but chase got himself reinstated. He’s not gonna like it either way. And by the way, brook lynn, really, a policeman? He’s a detective. Uh-huh. Those law-and-order types are so hung up on the rules. Yeah, imagine that. You just need to do your job, okay? And do it fast. I’m just — I’m worried. About what? You. Whatever you have planned. Look, maxie, sasha, and lucy are my friends, and I’m not gonna do anything to hurt them. Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Are you reading the report that I just finished reading? Uh, with the initial numbers for the sales of the deceptor? It almost seems too good to be true. Oh! Too good to be true? Oh, pooh. Come on. That deceptor is flying off the shelves because it’s a fantastic product, and we marketed it, we promoted the heck out of it, and so we deserve to celebrate. What, without brook lynn and sasha? Yeah, just us for now, but then we can celebrate again tomorrow. Maybe mimosas in the morning and champagne for sunset. And, you know, taking that product, the phenomenon that it is, back to home & hearth, that was such a genius idea. Whose idea was it? Oh, that’s right. It was mine.

[ Cork pops ] Ahh!

[ Both laughing ] So, what brings you in today? Um, I have a really sore throat, and my whole body aches, and so I just wanted to make sure that it’s not strep, both for my baby’s sake and so that I don’t spread it at work. Work, huh? Yeah. I, um, got a job at the invader. At least, I think I still have a job. Things didn’t exactly go very well my first day.

[ Chuckles ] And spreading an infection to the whole staff of the paper might be the last straw? Exactly. Okay, um… let’s take a look at you, then. Already working, huh?

[ Thermometer beeps ] Uh, yeah. I wish I didn’t have to. I hate the idea of leaving ace. Well, do you? I mean, do you have to work? I mean, ace is a cassadine. Well, I mean, ace is my son, and I want to make sure that spencer can’t take him away from me by claiming I’m unfit or lacking the resources to raise him. Well, that’s exactly my point. I mean, you do have resources. In the eyes of the law, anyway. W-what do you mean? I can’t give up. I need to at least try to work things out with my wife. I think moving back in, that’s a great first step. Baby step. I’m still in the guest room. Okay. Okay, nothing wrong with taking things slow. Yeah. It just sounds so weird, taking things slow with my wife. I think it sounds smart, man. I’m happy for you. Yeah, well, I just wish everybody felt that way. Oh. Jordan? Yeah. Portia had told her that I moved back home before I got to break the news to her. Aw, really? Yeah. Man, I sure hated for her to find out that way. Yeah, I know you did. That’s not good. I’m sorry, man. So jordan was really upset?

[ Sighs ] She accused me of using her to sort out my feelings. I gotta be honest, I can’t even be mad at her, because that’s valid. Yeah, but not what happened? Not at all, man. I would never intentionally hurt jordan like that. Sometimes, in order to do what’s right, you gotta — you gotta hurt the people that you love. Honey, are you okay? Did I say something to upset you? No. No, I-I — I-I just, um… I have been working double shifts. Whether I come in at dawn or midnight, your mom is always here looking after you. Really? Is that so hard to believe? Do you two not get along?

[ Chuckles weakly ] The thing is…

[ Grunts ] Last year, I found out that the woman who raised me my entire life, the woman I called “mom,” turned out she wasn’t my biological mother after all. Oh, honey, I’m so sorry. That must have come as quite a shock. It did. The woman who I thought was my mom, harmony, I think it’s safe to say that she was a very damaged human being, lost and looking for guidance. She was easily manipulated, easily fell prey to the wrong people. She wasn’t always the protector a good mom should be. I think she tried, but, still, somehow… she was your mom and you loved her. Yeah, I did, even though she let me down over and over again, and even after I found out she wasn’t really my mom. It’s crazy. I — I… my first instinct is to always defend her. Nikolas has been missing for months. Why the sudden push to try and find him now? I think something is wrong, and I think he may need my help. And I found out that there’s a property that the cassadines own in chechnya. He may very well be there. Well, there may be a cassadine property in russia, but that doesn’t mean nikolas is living there.

[ Chuckles ] I know that. I do. It’s just that it’s the only lead that I’ve got. I just don’t believe that my son would completely abandon both of his sons. I — I think that either he is being held against his will or that maybe he’s fallen into some kind of a deep depression. Either way, he needs help. I’m his mother. I’m gonna help him. Yes, you are, and you should.

Okay, to… worldwide domination. Ooh, I like that. Okay, and cruelty-free cosmetics. Oh, I like that, too. Okay. To the deceptor.

[ Glasses clink ]

[ Both laugh ] Really? I mean, that’s it? You’re not gonna fight me on this? You’re not gonna tell me how dangerous chechnya is? You already know how dangerous it is, and I know that once you’ve made up your mind, there’s no point in trying to talk you out of it. Thank you for understanding. I understand all too well. That’s why I’m going with you. Rumor has it that the feds are gonna be offering carly a deal if she gives them sonny. But they haven’t approached her yet? No, it doesn’t even matter. Anybody that knows carly knows that she would never do that to sonny anyway. I mean, they’ve — they’ve been through a lot together, but when it comes to protecting their family, nothing trumps that. So, if giving up sonny is not an option, what is? They will likely pit carly and me against each other. No prison time if you testify against carly, and vice versa. Damn. Only one of you can make that deal. And I think carly might be considering it. Oh, thank you. I’m sorry if I was rude. No, don’t apologize. I appreciate a woman who’s direct. Most men say that, and then… then what? Someone do you wrong? My mood is my own fault. I did something stupid. That doesn’t sound like you. You don’t even know me. Convince me I’m wrong. I kissed my ex. Ah. And then he promptly went back to his new wife. Ooh. Yeah, so…

[ Laughs ] Like I said, stupid. But you know what? What? I told myself I wouldn’t waste another minute, so — and I know you just got one, but… can I buy you a drink? I’m a mom. Three blessings. And on our best days, we can do spectacular things — get everyone fed, off to school, hold down a job, stop the pain from hurting. But we’re only human.

[ Sighs ] And on our best days, we just do what we can. But when we have those rough days, those days when that little voice is screaming in our heads to just run away, we have to forgive ourselves for not being perfect and just know that’s what we can do as moms. I don’t know this harmony, but I can tell that you still love her.

[ Chuckles ] Now, maybe she didn’t have great parents. Maybe when she got you, she thought she’d improve on what she was taught as a little girl. That’s the best we can do as moms — strive to do better for our little ones, not repeat our mother’s mistakes, because we don’t want to make those same mistakes again. So we just strive to do our best so that we can leave things better for the next generation of moms.

why is that? I knew this was a solid concept, but I never dreamed deception would be so successful. Maxie jones, you need to dream bigger. And if you don’t mind me saying so, you really do need a bigger house. What? Come on, we gotta move you on up. Okay, okay, I know. I’m living with three kids in a two-bedroom apartment. That’s insane. But it takes time to find a new place to live, time that I do not have. Okay, that’s why they made computers, though. You know, I don’t do much realtor work these days, not with all this, but I do have access to the fabulous real-estate website still. Why don’t we take a deep dive and scoop you up a dream house?

[ Both laugh ] Okay. You’re acting like I want you to murder someone. As if that’s out of the realm of possibility. Brook lynn, this is just business. Well, maxie, sasha, and lucy are great bosses, and deception’s doing really well. Well, all that’s gonna change, and soon. What just happened? I thought you might need some water. Willow: Thank you. I don’t mean to be nosy… but I have to assume that the woman who’s been here every day looking after you, making sure you get your pain meds the minute they’re due to be given, is your biological mom. How did you find her? Oh. No. [ Laughs ] She’s not my mom. She’s my mother-in-law. Really? As devoted as she is, I could have sworn she was your mom. Well, that’s carly, and I love her dearly. And she has a really big heart. Well, good for you. I never got along with my mother-in-law. That’s too bad. I’m so thankful to have carly in my life. Well, I’m sure she’s thankful to have you in her life. It’s just a shame that your biological mom died without you getting to know her. My biological mom is alive and living right here in port charles, but I want nothing to do with her. Well, drew, I get that carly wants to put the kids first, but you’re my guy. I know you, and I know you feel the same way. Absolutely. Are you kidding me? I’ve missed out on so much of scout’s life already. The last thing — the last thing — I want to do is miss out on more. Is there some scenario where you and carly could beat the charges together? Yeah, well, I’m working on it. Nothing concrete yet. Alright, well, just know that my offer to help still stands. I know that, and I appreciate it. But it does seem so extreme. What does? Well, the merger between aurora and elq never happened, so nobody made any money. Just the opposite, actually. Okay, so is this one of those slap-on-the-wrist deals where you do community service or pay a fine and then everybody’s on their way?

[ Exhales deeply ] Not likely. Not if the us attorney’s office wants carly to flip on sonny. Okay, let me get a big “ahh.” Ahh. Good. Okay. Accepting financial support from your baby’s father, it doesn’t make you unfit.

[ Sighs ] I’m just terrified that I’ll lose ace. You have rights, esme. But, anyway, as far as your throat, it does look irritated. I don’t think it’s strep, though. But we’re going to do a culture just to make sure, okay? A-and what about the muscle aches? You endured a horrible ordeal when ace was kidnapped, right? Well, so did you. Yeah. Yeah, I did. And I had trouble sleeping. I had trouble eating. Did the same thing happen for you? It was awful. I mean, my baby coming home was all I could think about. I think you’re under a lot of stress right now. I did have a panic attack at work yesterday. How are things going at home? I’d imagine living with spencer and laura is pretty tense, right? I mean, it’s not the best situation, no. Um… I actually tried to leave the other day. Have they threatened to cut you off if you decide to leave town? Uh, just the opposite. Spencer says he’ll follow me wherever I go.

You want to go with me to chechnya? What about your job? What about your job? I got jordan ashford to agree to take on the job of deputy mayor, so the city is left in very good hands. And besides, there’s e-mail and there’s zoom if there’s any kind of an emergency. Well, I have plenty of vacation time banked.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Wait a minute. What about esme and spencer? Don’t we think they need a little bit of supervision? That’s really more like refereeing, and they are adults. They have to learn how to figure things out sooner or later. They can’t just keep coming to you or me to do it for them. Do you really want to leave spencer and esme to their own devices? Yeah. How about I see if alexis and her daughters are okay with being on spencer watch? Oh, I like that. Okay. I can always ask sonny to keep an eye out, too. Then it’s settled. We’re going to chechnya.

[ Laughs ] It looks like it is. Okay. Okay. We’ve got to find somebody who can speak the language and who knows how things work in that part of the world. Right, um… where do you think one would find such a person? I know who to ask. Oh, look at this one. Look at that three-car garage. It’s got a beautiful patio off the master suite. Giant pool. Gorgeous, sexy jacuzzi. Beautiful. What — look at the chandelier. Look at the — you could throw the most beautiful parties. It is gorgeous. And look at that kitchen! Wow. Wow! But, lucy, why are you showing me mcmansions? I can’t afford any of these. And besides, who has an outdoor pool in upstate new york? It’s so impractical. You say impractical, I say necessary. You know, swimming is very, very good exercise. Lucy. Okay, maybe it’s a little extravagant. I have three kids. Extravagant for me is not eating their leftovers for dinner. Very cute. Okay. Didn’t we just agree, though, that you’re gonna dream bigger, think bigger? That’s what I’m trying to get you to do. Come on, dream bigger. Okay, I need a bigger house… mm-hmm. …So that all of my kids can have their own rooms. Georgie will be over the moon, and james, he’ll finally stop bugging me. Wait a minute. Wait for it.

[ Gasps ] Okay, look at this one. Look at it. Oh, tree-lined neighborhood. It says “good schools,” excellent schools. Big backyard. Wow. Four bedrooms, three baths, and walk-in closet. Did you say three bathrooms? Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Okay, talk about the lap of luxury. I am in love. And, look, it even has a little white picket fence. Ohh. Aww!

[ Both laugh ] When did I start liking white picket fences? Does that mean I’m a grown-up now? I think you become a grown-up when you became a mother. But you know, you do you. You get to do whatever you want and what you think is right.

[ Both laugh ]

[ Gasps ] Wow! I love it. So, the mechanic tells me, “a rabbit ate your engine.”

[ Both laugh ] Not possible. Actually, it happens a lot more than you think, especially in the snow. The engine is still warm, and the rabbit is looking for a source of heat, so it curls its way up by the engine and starts chewing on the hoses. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] When they popped that hood, rabbit fur everywhere.

[ Laughs ] So not a fan of bunnies, huh? Uh, no. Not anymore. Where are you from? How do you know I’m an out-of-towner? I’d remember if I’d seen you before. Alright, well, you got me. I’m new to port charles. This place is starting to look better by the minute. Wow! Nina reeves is your mother? I read crimson religiously. Oh, it’s a shame she didn’t get a chance to raise you. I mean, I’m not sure it’S… really a bad thing. Harmony had her faults, but nina…

[ Sighs ] …Is a train wreck. Oh, honey, I don’t believe anyone’s all bad — or all good, for that matter. We’re all flawed and imperfect. Some of us give in to our good instincts. Some of us give in to the bad ones. Life is complicated. But it sounds to me like the universe wants you in each other’s orbits. Nina’s aunt liesl saved your life with the bone marrow transplant. I think the universe wants you in each other’s lives. No, no. Nina’s made too many mistakes that every time I give her an inch, she takes a mile. Yet you forgave harmony for her mistakes.

[ Sighs ] Is nina really that unforgivable? Yes. Yes, that’s — that’s exactly what I’m saying. So, if you were to get a call saying that nina had died in an unexpected car accident, how would you feel?

This house, it does seem perfect for me. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, an amazing kitchen, good schools. But, lucy, can I really afford it?

[ Sighs ] Come on. Look around you. Think about what an amazingly successful year we’ve had here at deception together. Right, but what about next year and the year after that, and the year after that? Okay, okay, okay. That’s a valid point. But all we’re going to have to do is come up with more and more products, new and better products, and we can do that together, as long as we just put our minds to it. Come on, maxie. Live for today. To living for today. Mm-hmm. And to deception. To deception.

[ Laughs ]

[ Glasses clink ] I hope you don’t mind that I got your phone number from brook lynn, but I have a problem with something, and you were the perfect person to talk to about it. Oh, no, no, no. It’s not official city business. No, it’s personal. Uh, my son has been missing for a few months now, and I have reason to believe that he might be in a home in chechnya. And the thing is, my husband and I don’t speak russian, and we have never been to that part of the world, so we were sort of hoping that you might know someone who could act both as a translator and as a guide. So, would you happen to know anyone who would fit that bill? Uh, well, kevin and I would like to leave as soon as we can. In my opinion, you need to do what’s best for you and that baby. I agree, but laura does have a good point. I mean, I can’t take care of ace all by myself, and if I leave town, then I’ll have to get a full-time job. But maybe not. People need money to eat and to buy clothes and put a roof over their head. Yes, of course, but do you honestly think that spencer would let his baby brother go hungry? I don’t want to be dependent on anyone. I respect that, I really do. But maybe moving out of port charles with your baby would be better for you. Sounds to me like you’d be more comfortable without ace’s family watching your every move. The situation is just so untenable. You know, at some point, something’s gotta give. And thank you for talking this out. I know that you have enough on your plate, so I really appreciate it. Well, it is awkward being in my own house and staying in the guest room. Yeah, I — I bet it is. But I owe it to myself and to portia to hang in there, make it work. I’m proud of you. And that kiss, man, it just confused everything and it brought up feelings that were better off buried.

and the truth came out about who she it was just a question.

[ Monitors beep ] You don’t play fair, do you? It was just a question.

[ Sighs ] When harmony died and the truth came out about who she really was and all the bad things she’d done, I still miss her, and I never stopped loving her. And, yes, I wish she were still alive. Your biological mom isn’t dead. No, she’s not, and she very badly wants to be in my life and my kids’ lives. And if nina were to die tomorrow…

[ Sighs ] …I think I would feel another loss, like I did with harmony. But with nina, it’s — it’s so much more complicated. Does it have to be? My relationship with my mother wasn’t perfect, but I would do anything to see her again.

[ Pager beeping ] Oh. Oh. I gotta go. I’ll see you later, sweetheart. Thank you, yuri. What? Did yuri say he can’t help us? Just the opposite. He’s between jobs. He said he’d love to help us. That’s excellent. For the first time in weeks now, I-I actually believe there’s a chance that I will see my son again. Someone is gonna call you with the result of your throat culture. And in the meantime, here’s a prescription. It’s gonna help you manage your pain. Thank you. So just, you know, eat healthy, fluids and nutrient-rich foods. Okay. So, take care of yourself and that baby. Will do. And, um, I’ll think about what you said. I really hope that things work out with you and portia, man. I really do. Well, time will tell. Drew, let me know if you need anything. Only if you do the same. You got it. See you, man.

[ Sighs ] Hey, it’s drew cain. Um… we gotta move up the meeting regarding the sec. I… I want to talk about a deal. Where’s tracy? Gone. More pté for us. Ugh, I hate pté. Really? Me too.

[ Both chuckle ] So, uh, what’s going on with you and your grandmother? I wish I knew.

[ Sighs ]

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